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Special thanks to all

ministry partners and

friends who have in one
way or another played a role
in this mission trip!
Thanks for all your
OJ mission trips have always been a walking on water experience for meit is always uncertain and it takes
a great leap of faith, trustng that God will accomplish things according to His loving will. This years OJ, God
has again lead me to take a great step upon the unknown waters as He lead me where He wanted to. An
event which will stay in me for a very long tme happened during the campus tme.
Our 8 member team was divided into four pairs with each pair
assigned to a specifc school. We were assigned to EVSU
(Eastern Visayas State University) which is the largest campus
within the Eastern Visayas region, amountng to more than
12,000 students. At frst it was a huge challenge for me. How
can I be Gods instrument in such a large campus, teeming
with students from all walks of life? But faith involves trustng
Gods hand, believing that if He lead me there, He surely has a
plan, all for His honor and glory.
My partner, ate Roue, and I, met with the President and one
of the student leaders in EVSU, Grazel. She is a 5
year Civil Engineering student. In a way, God used her as an
instrument to push us, to push me, into doing what He has called me to do.
As soon as we met Grazel and made a few introductons, she immediately approached a group of students in
the admin building. I thought to myself, wait, Grazel what are you doing? She just approached the group and
asked if we can have 10-15 minutes of their tme! I was mind blown! I wasnt ready for this. Well, we mostly
won't be ready, arent we? When facing a situaton, we ofen wait and get ready. But through this, God taught
me that there is no tme to get ready. You are ready. I have prepared you and there is no perfect tme but
So I took up the challengewalking on the unknown waters, if I may put
ithumbly asking God for wisdom and help, we approached the group,
which consisted of frst year students (16-17 year olds) 5 females and a
male. We opened up the tme by playing a game, Aninag, which is a set
of pictures. Well ask questons and the group will choose a picture that
will best answer that queston. Through Aninag, we were able to know
more about the students, their struggles, what their desires are. We
were also able to gauge their relatonship with God. All throughout the
conversaton, we saw how hungry and open they are to hear the word
of God. We didnt hesitate then, and opened up to share the gospel of
Salvaton through Jesus Christ.
The six students all received Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior and four of them were willing to be used
by God in their campuses to share to others what they have received too!
In the end, its really not about us. Its all about God. It was Him who brought us there. It was Him who
allowed us to meet those students. It was all Him! To Him be the glory and praises forever. Join us as we
contnue to pray for Giselle, Michelle, Girlie, Rose Ann, Jarvis, and Lucille.

Trip Duration:
13th - 19th April 2014

1. Sharing the gospel using
the 4 Spiritual Laws
2. Transitioning from casual
conversation to sharing the
3. Importance of discipleship.
4. Effectively disciple to
multiply disciples
according to the principles
of 2 Timothy 2:2
Apri l 2014

**Sharing in the KV training.
Spirit lead me where my
trust is without borders,
let me walk upon the
Would you join me in
Upcoming academic year,
2014-2015: I will be a
clinician this year, praise
God! A more forward step
towards becoming a dentist.
Please pray for strength and
wisdom to learn the things I
need to learn, compassion
and heart for my future
patients and Gods
provision, financially and
for patients, as it is difficult
to get patients for specific
Tindog Tacloban! Lets pray
that God will continue the
mighty work that He has
started in the place. Lets
pray for the student leaders
of the different campuses in
Tacloban, and the people
who received Jesus as their
Lord and Savior.
July Tacloban Trip: Yes!
I will be back! :) This time
with a team of young adults
from Malaysia (Operation
Arise! Tacloban), in
partnership with YWAM
Tacloban. Please pray for
provision and protection
and that God will use this
Contact Details
+63 9178 5421 12
1608 Pilar Hidalgo Lim St.,
Malate, Manila 1004
Day 1: Touchdown Tac. Dinner
with Staf
We arrived at Tacloban around
4pm and had dinner with the
stafs who work with the
students in diferent universites
within the city.
They told us about the campus
demographics and what to
expect of each campus. We even
had the chance to pray for the
stafs who were working round
the clock since the devastaton
of Yolanda/Haiyan.
Day 2 & 3: Campus Time!
For two consecutve days, we
went to four campuses Eastern
Visayas State University (EVSU),
Leyte Normal University (LNU),
Saint Paul University, and
University of the Philippines (UP)
Tacloban. We got to know
students, talk with them and
share the gospel with them. For
those students who were
available, we follow-up and
challenge those who received
Jesus as their Lord and Savior and
invited them for bible study. In
total, 166 were exposed to the
gospel and 140 commited their
lives to Jesus. To God be all the
Day 4: Training
We had KV Training for the Key
Volunteers (KVs) or those
students who commited to serve
God in their campuses.
Day 5: Medical Mission at
We went to Burauen, a small
village about an hour ride from
Tacloban. We shared the gospel
with patents while they waited
in line. I also assisted the
dentst as she did tooth
extractons. Truly praising God
for the experience :)
Day 6: Training of Student
In this training, leaders of each
campuses were taught of the
basic CCC terms and principles
and what the heart of campus
ministry is all about. Through this
training, the leaders were able to
fully grasp the vision of CCC
which is to Build movements
everywhere untl everyone knows
I was really thankful to God that
He allowed me to use what I am
learning in school to help others
and to serve Him. It is truly my
desire and prayer that God will
use my future career as a dentist
to reach out to others and help
fulfill the Great Commission!
There is so much more to tell about the mission trip,
even more, the work to be done. God is not fnished
with Tacloban, and defnitely, God is not fnished
with me yet. I believe He is stll calling me to
contnue the work that He was began and He is
sustaining in that town. And so just like what
Captain Douglas MacArthur said as he lef for the US
during the rage of World War II,
I shall return.
I never thought that God would call me back to
Tacloban, again, where the strongest typhoon in
history, Haiyan or locally known as Yolanda, had
hit the islands on the 8th of November 2013.
When a call from our student organizaton,
Campus Crusade for Christ came, asking for
students who are willing to go and build the
kingdom of God in that place, it was a closed deal.
I was defnitely going back.
Being a part of this mission trip has been a great
privilege to be used mightly by God, meetng
with people who have lived to tell the story of the
devastaton while understanding that everything
happened because God has a wonderful plan, and
to be able to minister to the people and just share
the love that God has for them while being
encouraged by their lives and stories.
Throughout the whole week in Tacloban, I never
failed to see Gods hand at work in the area.
Truly, Tacloban is a very blessed place, and its
people are precious in the sight of God. Whatever
may be the reason behind Yolanda, all I am sure
now is that God used it for His honor and glory.
Wherever You will call me
Not held back. Entire. Complete. Whole.
OJ Tacloban 2014