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NAME_Magan Krichbaum

_______/30 pts
30 pts.


1. Select a different font to answer each question.
2. Type your answers right in this document. It will likely be forced onto another page but the header will follow
3. You may use GIMP and/or your notes to answer the questions.
4. Save this document as “last name_final” to your “H” drive.
5. Post this to your website on the “Assessments and reflections” page.
7. Get the first part of your final from me and staple this to it. Turn it in before you leave this exam period.
8. You will be graded based on a 5 point rubric for each question based on:
-Relevance (did you answer the question asked?)
-Use of specific details
-Thoughtfulness. Time taken to reflect
-Construction and organization of thoughts. Did you communicate effectively?

1. Describe 3 different “dialog” window that you used. Include the name of the “dialog” window, and
at least 2 details of HOW you used it.
Three different “dialog “windows that I used are toolbox, layers, and tool options. I used
these dialog windows by clicking on the drop down of the windows in Gimp and double clicked
on the ones I wanted. I used the toolbox for all the gimp tools, the layers to have access
to the layers I wanted, and to the toolbox so that I could change the way the tools were if
I wanted to do so.
2. Describe 3 different tools that you used to make a selection in GIMP. List them and describe HOW you
used them. Which one did you use the most and WHY?
Three different tools that I used to make a selection in Gimp are the free select tool,
ellipse select tool, and the rectangle select tool. I used these by clicking on which I
wanted to use and then on what part of the photo I wanted to select, then used the button
The one I used the most was the free select tool because I wanted to select just
what I wanted to change and the other two select tools were hard to do so.
3. Describe 3 different ways to adjust the color and/or contrast, lightness of an image in GIMP.
Three different ways you can adjust the color/ and or contrast, lightness of an image in
NAME_Magan Krichbaum
_______/30 pts
30 pts.

Gimp is by using the color balance, hue saturation, or levels found and adjust the slides
under the color drop down.
4. Describe a project that used TEXT in two different ways. Describe the basic techniques used.
A project that used text is the Inspirational Project. This project used text in two
different ways because I had to type out the word I was going to use and then add
pictures through an alpha channel.

5. Describe 2 different projects/lessons where we used GIMP to simulate camera techniques. Name
the project AND how it simulated what can be done with a camera (an SLR).
Two different projects/lessons that we used in GIMP to stimulate camera techniques are,
The Motion Meat Yard, and The Gerstein Project. The Motion Meat Yard stimulated what
can be done with a camera by me using my phone and taking the picture while I was
taking a picture with something moving. The Gerstein Project stimulated what can be
done with a camera by taking pictures of different objects that showed different
elements of art.

6. Which project was your favorite? WHY? What skills, tools, and techniques did you use?
My favorite project was the “Swap Project.” The Swap Project was my favorite project
because I experienced criticism good and bad from my classmates which made me make my
work better. Some tools that I used from Gimp are the different filters, different
opacity and the scale tool. I used unity in this project by picking and blending things
so that they went together.