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El Salvador: A Brief Summary

El Salvador has a population of 6,108,590. It is About 90 percent of Salvadorans are
mestizo; 9 percent claim Spanish descent. Mestizos are mix of American, Indians, Europeans.
The population of El Salvador increased from 1.9 million people in 1950 to 4.1 million in 1975
and 4.7 million in 1984. The population would have doubled in each quarter-century since 1950.
This high growth rate was a result of three main factors characteristic not only of El Salvador but
also of Central America as a whole a rapidly falling death rate a continued high birth rate, and a
young population a high proportion of the national population under age twenty .

El Salvador’s flag is made up of blue strips top and bottom white one going throw the middle
with a picture on that white strip. The blue bands represent the pacific and Caribbean sea while
the white one represents the land in between. In the white strip is a coat of arms rounded as an
emblem. Which says around it.

The flag was adopted September 27, 1972. They based there colors on the blue and white flag of
Federal Republic of Central America. When they had an idea of a flag it drew the
idea of a battle to all the countries.

El Salvador government and economy
El Salvador government is made up of constitution that they adopted on the 20th of December
1983.the president is put up for a five year term. witch he is also the head of state and head of
government .Legislative assembly is elected for a three year term. The principal parties are the
National Republican Alliance the Christian Democratic party and the Farabundo Marti National
Liberation Front. The country is divided administratively into 14 departments.
El Salvador is a republic country. El Salvador celebrates there independents on September 15
.on this day there are parades and fireworks parties there is tons of stuff going on every bay
celebrates because it is a big deal about their president that is why they celebrate.

El Salvador economy has been agriculture but the greater percent of people are in service and
industries. Half of the land of El Salvador is made up of crops and pastures. corn is the major
crop but also rice, beans, oilseeds, and sorghum are grown; coffee and sugar are the major cash
crops. Food and beverage is important and petroleum, chemicals, fertilizer, textiles, furniture,
and light metals are some of El Salvador's leading manufactures.

Offshore products, coffee, sugar, shrimp, textiles, and chemicals are El Salvador's exports. The
leading imports are raw materials, consumer and capital goods, fuel, food, petroleum, and
electricity. The United States is the largest trading partner of el Salvador.

El Salvador beach resorts
el Salvador beach resorts are nice but to not travel outside the resort at night because you might
get robbed if so do what the robber’s tell you and you will be fine. They have butiful beaches
and rooms great food the people at the resort are very welcoming .
The rainy season is in between may and November. The dry season December and April
most people go one big holidays like Easter if u want to got hen u better book a head.

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