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NAME__Haley Vargas_______________________________________________________

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1. Select a different font to answer each question.
2. Type your answers right in this document. It will likely be forced onto another page but the header will follow
3. You may use GIMP and/or your notes to answer the questions.
4. Save this document as “last name_final” to your “H” drive.
5. Post this to your website on the “Assessments and reflections” page.
7. Get the first part of your final from me and staple this to it. Turn it in before you leave this exam period.
8. You will be graded based on a 5 point rubric for each question based on:
-Relevance (did you answer the question asked?)
-Use of specific details
-Thoughtfulness. Time taken to reflect
-Construction and organization of thoughts. Did you communicate effectively?

1. Describe 3 different “dialog” windows that you used. Include the name of the “dialog” window, and
at least 2 details of HOW you used it. Throughout the year, I used the Paths, Layers, and Toolbox “dialog”
windows. The Toolbox allowed me to quickly perform basic tasks and is where all of the tools are found in
GIMP. Here I could change the color, add text, etc. I used the Layers palette to put multiple things together into
one photo. You can see each individual layer as well as lock and hide them so things don’t get confusing. I used
the Paths tool to add text around any curve I wanted to make. If these boxes got lost, I went to windows
recently closed docks/dockable dialogs to retrieve them back.

2. Describe 3 different tools that you used to make a selection in GIMP. List them and describe HOW you
used them. Which one did you use the most and WHY? When adding a path to text, I used the little red box
at the bottom of the Paths box to add the path to a selection. This created the selection for me to add to it. I
made a selection by going on the individual layer itself and locking all of the others. I made selections with the
Free Select Tool which allowed me to pinpoint the specific areas of a photo that I wanted to work with. I also
used the Fuzzy Select Tool to make selections. I probably used the Free Select Tool the most because it seemed
to be the most helpful. We did a lot of work which required removing the backgrounds from photos so I usually
selected areas around the photos to delete them after adding an alpha channel. However, the Fuzzy Select
Tool worked well in removing the rest of the background that was hard to get with the Free Select Tool. I used
the Free Select Tool a LOT especially when I was knew to GIMP to draw pictures with (landscape clouds, rocks,
NAME__Haley Vargas_______________________________________________________
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30 pts.

shark fin, etc.).

3. Describe 3 different ways to adjust the color and/or contrast, lightness of an image in GIMP.
You can adjust the lightness by increasing or decreasing the opacity in the Layers panel. You can adjust the
colors and contrast by going to colors  color balance/hue/saturation/ brightness/contrast /colorize. You can also
adjust this by going to filters  light and shadow, etc.

4. Describe a project that used TEXT in two different ways. Describe the basic techniques used.
BE SPECIFIC. A project that used text in two different ways was the inspirational poster that we did. We chose
one word that best described the person that we chose, and made the text large/wide so we could fit images
inside of it. It was a long tough process because GIMP doesn’t like me! You repeatedly had to lock layers, resize
images to fit inside the letters, merge the images together, etc. The second way that text was used in this project
was with the quotes. We went online and found a quote said by that person and typed it up in word (at least
that’s what I did). I copied and pasted it to the image I was working on and resized it. I reduced the opacity
and changed the mode of this text layer to make it noticeable but at the same time not stand out too much.

5. Describe 2 different projects/lessons where we used GIMP to simulate camera techniques. Name
the project AND how it simulated what can be done with a camera (an SLR). In our rule-of-thirds lesson, we
used GIMP to help us understand what we would be doing with a camera. The point of the rule-of-thirds
guideline is to keep the subject out of the center. You showed us how much better the photo looks if the subject
is somewhere along where the lines meet. On a camera the grid comes up for you so you can be sure to take a
decent photo. We also did a lot of stuff with lighting through GIMP. You took photos of us and we edited the
colorizing on GIMP to make it look better. We learned the importance of having good lighting when taking a
photo. When using a camera, whether in the dark or outside, you can decide what type of shutter speed to use,
low or a high ISO, etc.

6. Which project was your favorite? WHY? What skills, tools, and techniques did you use? I really liked
the inspirational poster. I have it on my wall. I like it because it was something that we kind of got to choose on
our own. We got to pick someone that we admire and I think it’s cool how we put images inside letters. The
light quote on top of the image looks cool, too. I used a bunch of tools for it (image merge, text, word, layers,
NAME__Haley Vargas_______________________________________________________
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30 pts.

scale, etc.) The technique I used was trying a bunch of different things until GIMP decided to give up and do
what I wanted it to do. After a little bit I got it. I tried to make the colors flow together so that it wasn’t