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Atlas of Nigeria. Photograph. Wikipedia. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This map shows the population in each state of Nigeria including Lagos

Balogun, Ishola. "Urban slums in Lagos Mega City." Vanguard. Last modified January 11, 2014.
Accessed May 7, 2014.
Overpopulation has been a big problem in Lagos for so long and it has been affecting
everyone. This source shows how the government is trying to have their people live a
little more comfortably and to be removed from the slums. It shows how the government
wants to make a transformation,

Cocks, Tim. "Insight, The Struggle to Tame Africa's Beast of a Megacity." Reuters. Last
modified October 23, 2013. Accessed May 7, 2014.
This source shows to sides of Lagos... The good side and the bad side (A.K.A) The push
and pull factors. It was interesting to find out what opportunities people in Lagos can
have by working in industries and organizations. Crime was a major push factor that I
saw in many other articles. The percentage of crime has been going up which can draw
people away.

Diversity in Culture. Photograph. All That is Good Good About Nigeria. Accessed May 28,
This photo is of the Shango festival which is another sacred site

The Durbar Festival. Photograph. Goge Africa. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This shows a group of men on horses at the Dubar festival which is the one of many
sacred sites.

Duthiers, Vladimir. "Lagos of the Future, Megacity's Ambitious Plans." CNN. Last modified
August 22, 2012. Accessed May 7, 2014.
This source was helpful to know the struggles Lagos have trying to deal with
homelessness. This website explains clearly what specific situations people go through
like losing possessions and homes and jobs.

The Effects of Corruption in Nigeria. Photograph. Naija Gists. November 18, 2012. Accessed
May 28, 2014.
This image presents a cartoon that makes an example of how there is

Ehidiamen, Jen. "Public Transportation in Lagos State." CPAFRICA. Accessed May 20, 2014.

Ellicott, Karen. Nigeria. Accessed May 12, 2014.
Lagos has so much history and how it became independent. This website presents very
old ethnic groups that go way back to when the British invaded. I found this source
helpful and I acquired a good piece of history that can be helpful for me in the future.

Fashola Destroys Slums in Lagos, Leaving Thousands Homeless. Photograph. Nairaland Forum.
Accessed May 28, 2014.
This photo presented the struggle kids have to face living in the slums but the girl in the
image seems to be happy.

"Festivals in Nigeria." Online Nigeria. Accessed May 11, 2014.
This source was very helpful to learn more about their culture and how festivals can be
sacred sites. There are many religious festivals the Nigerians celebrate which are mainly
holy. I also obtained the percentage of religion and how there is a bigger population of

Food for Thought. Photograph. The British Empire. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This image was taken when Lagos hadn't gained its independence.

Getting Around. Photograph. About Lagos. Accessed May 28, 2014.
These images showed me the way transportation is conducted in Lagos and what the
buses and taxis that roam the city look like.

Homeless Okada Riders Sleep on Their Bikes. Photograph. PM News. October 17, 2011.
Accessed May 28, 2014.
Photo of a motorcycle group that are homeless and can only sleep on their bikes

Kay, Chris. "Nigeria Housing Shortage Rising With Slum Demolition Mortgages." Bloomberg.
Last modified February 10, 2014. Accessed May 7, 2014.
This source gave me an understanding of what Lagos's major land resource which is oil. I
also found out that they are one of the top oil producing states. This source gave me
insight on their economic position.

Lagos. Accessed May 19, 2014

"Nigeria." World Atlas. Accessed May 13, 2014.
The maps presented too me showed clear information for me to get a really good
understanding of the geography and physical features. Lagos is so big that map shows all
kinds of features that are so detailed because of it being overpopulated. This source is
important to what Lagos history and geography for travelers.

"Nigeria Demographics Profile 2013." Index Mundi. Last modified February 21, 2013. Accessed
May 11, 2014
Learning the demographics of a country you are researching can be very helpful to get to
know more in depth information. It was a good resource to have and it was easy to
understand because the information was so clear.

"Nigeria: Lagos, the Mega-City of Slums." Irin. Accessed May 11, 2014.
Corruption in the government has been affecting the country. People are losing their
homes and jobs because of the governments carelessness. I think this source explains
more in depth crises that give the viewers more knowledge and it grabs their attention.

Nigeria's Demographics. Photograph. Africa Wiki. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This image presents the division of religion in Lagos. The highest is the religion of Islam

Nossiter, Adam. In Nigeria's Largest City, Homeless Are Paying the Price of Progress.
Photograph. New York Times. March 1, 2013. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This image shows the homeless people in Lagos. It shows how these girls have to travel
to junkyards to find supplies to build homes.

Okolie, Ifeanyi. The Suspects and Exhibits. Photograph. Gbooza. December 3, 2010. Accessed
May 28, 2014.
This picture presents the flow of crime in Lagos. And the photo is of a gang of men.

Overcorwding. Photograph. Opengist3. November 21, 2012. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This photo presented the many buildings and the types of crowding that is going on in

Population Pyramid for Nigeria. Photograph. Demography at Brockport. Accessed May 28,
Another graph of the population within age groups for males and females. There are more
males in Lagos

Salami, Yemi. British Colonial Architecture. Photograph. Transnational Architecture Group.
April 2, 2013. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This image shows the architecture back when the British were in control

Sheets, Connor Adams. Lagos, Nigeria's Oto-Ilogbo Extension Slum. Photograph. International
Business Times. November 27, 2013. Accessed May 28, 2014.
This photo helped me get the understanding of how thousand of people who are poor in
Lagos live and what type of environment they are in.

Vitullo-Martin, Julia. "Lagos, A Megacity on the Brink." Untapped Cities. Last modified
October 23, 2012.
Transportation really helps those in need of it. Living in a Megacity like Lagos really is
in need for businessess. Lagos provides the best transportation business for that big
population to have. This source help me gain information that there are pros to living in a
megacity and some things just make it easier.

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