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How to check earthing using digital multimeter

1. Set digital multimeter knob on 750VAC( < 220VAC)
2. Measure the voltage across Phase(+) and Nuetral(-). For eg measured voltage = 217VAC.
3. Then place multimeter's BLACK probe on Earthing first (Center big hole in the female 3 Measure
voltage between earthing and phase. For eg measured voltage = 220VAC.
4. Measure voltage by placing RED probe on Earthing and BLACK probe on Nuetral. Measured vo
5. Check the difference of voltage between step 3 and step 2. i.e 220-217 = 3.
6. The check the difference between step 5 and step 4. I.e 3 - 2 = 1. So good earthing valu If it is less then
earthing is bad and if it is more then earthing is high.