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Drew Maddox

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Mrs. Newman
Process Paper

When conducting all of my research for my website, I went to Ms. Semple’s
research page. From there, I used most of the resources offered such as Britannica,
JSTOR and Gale World History in Context. These resources were able to give me a
lot of the information that I needed to create an acceptable website, but wasn’t
perfect. For some information, it would only give me information on all of China
instead of my specific city (Shenzhen). For example, when looking for
demographics, the sources on Mrs. Semple’s page did not give me anything on
demographics, so I had to search for a reliable sight on Google for mostly statistical
There was a lot of decisions when organizing my website the way I did. To
start, I put the “history of Shenzhen” as the first page so viewers could first get
familiar with the city and learn about it some before diving into all of the
information of what it’s like today. Then, I had “past and present maps” and
“migration trends” as subpages under Shenzhen’s history because seeing past maps
compared with present maps gives the viewer an idea of how the city has
developed. Additionally, seeing migration trends could give them an idea of how
people migrated towards the city. The next main page is the city’s “political
organization” and has two subpages, “demographics” and “transportation modes”.
After learning about the history, it is important to learn about the structure of the
city and some statistics about it, which is why “political organization” is the next
main page and “demographics” and “transportation modes” are its subpages. After
Drew Maddox
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Mrs. Newman
“political organization” comes the page about economy. Economy is the next
essential thing to learn about after history and politics so that is why it is the third
main page and has a subpage of “Natural Resources” since natural resources play a
role in Shenzhen’s economy. Finally, the last page is about Shenzhen’s sacred sites
since religion is another main thing that people enjoy learning about and focusing
Shenzhen went from being a town of 30,000 thousand residents to one of over ten
million in result of people of both Chinese and foreign descent passing through it while
on their way to Hong Kong. It took about twenty-five years to transform from a green
rural area to one with an uncountable amount of skyscrapers/billionaires and it has both
an economic and political importance for China. In the 1980’s Shenzhen was nothing
more than a few houses among much trees and grass and no shortage of nature.
However, as the years past, more and more people started visiting China’s most famous
city, Hong Kong, and there was no other way to get there than passing straight through
In only twenty years, Shenzhen gained almost ten million residents and went from
a small town with much greenery to a mega-city with endless skyscrapers and is now
home to 51 out of the top 200 businesses in the world.