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Maximizing production through experienced analysis, innovative

equipment, intelligent controllers and sophisticated software
The Lift Experts
Production optimization
Artifcial Lift
Production Optimization
Artifcial-lift systems

Capillary technologies

continuous rod

Electric submersible pumping systems

Gas lift

Hydraulic lift

Plunger lift

Prime movers

Progressing cavity pumping

Reciprocating rod lift

Sucker rods

Surface pumping units

Artifcial lift

Control systems

Flow measurement

Reservoir monitoring


Subsea production
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When choosing a form of lift, Weatherford uses its extensive suite of
lift offerings to design the most appropriate system for your well. For
gas-well deliquifcation, we have developed the Unloading Selector,
a simple online process that analyses the data you provide and then
produces an unbiased recommendation as to which form of lift is best
suited for your well. In addition we provide intelligence-at-the-wellhead
with specifc controllers for each type of lift and intelligence-at-the-
desktop with our detailed analysis software for maximum optimization.
However, optimization is more than just control and analysis. It is a
systematic approach to operating wells, managing feld operations and exploiting
reserves effciently.
To that end, we provide tools to comprehensively optimize wells at an individual
and feldwide basis that follow the optimization cycle, including:
• Monitoring well activity and reservoir changes
• Quantifying data received
• Controlling well operation based on the well’s current state
• Analyzing the artifcial-lift system related to the current well status
• Designing the artifcial-lift system based on the well’s current and
projected characteristics
• Managing operations work fow
Integrating optimization
Only Weatherford offers optimization, products and expertise for all forms of lift. We provide
unbiased system recommendations based on an exacting analysis of reservoir data. Matching
the system to the task ensures better control of lifting costs and enhanced reservoir recovery.
Control Measure
Artifcial Lift Production Optimization
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Selecting the right lifting confguration and system for a specifc well
or feld requires an in-depth analysis of well conditions, feld and client
requirements, equipment capabilities and associated costs. Weatherford
specialists bring together their expertise across all forms of lift to
determine the most cost-effective solution and system/equipment match
for maximum performance and production enhancement.
Form of Lift Rod Lift
Pumping Gas Lift Plunger Lift Hydraulic Lift Hydraulic Jet
Maximum operating depth TVD
Maximum operating volume
6,000 4,500 50,000 200 8,000 20,000 60,000 500
Maximum operating temperature
Corrosion handling
Good to
Good to
Excellent Good Excellent Good Excellent
Gas handling Fair to good Good Excellent Excellent Fair Good Fair Excellent
Solids handling Fair to good Excellent Good Fair Fair Good Fair Good
Fluid gravity (°API) >8 <40 >15 >15 >8 >8 >10 >8
Servicing Workover or pulling rig
Wireline or
workover rig
catcher or
Hydraulic or wireline
Workover or
pulling rig
Capillary unit
Prime mover Gas or electric Compressor
Well’s natural
Multicylinder or electric Electric motor
Well’s natural
Offshore application Limited Limited Excellent N/A Good Excellent Excellent Good
System effciency 45 to 60% 50 to 75% 10 to 30% N/A 45 to 55% 10 to 30% 35 to 60% N/A
Values represent typical characteristics and ranges for each form of artificial lift.
Parameters vary according to well situations and requirements and must be
evaluated on a well-by-well basis.
Systematic approach to artifcial-lift solutions
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Lift systems
Reciprocating rod pumps
Pumping units
– Conventional
• Ampscot
• Maximizer
– Enhanced geometry
• Maximizer II
– Beam-balance
– Long-stroke
• Rotofex™
– Low-profle
– StrapJack
– Nitrogen-over-hydraulic
– COROD continuous
– Sucker
• Tempered
• Quenched
• Normalized
• Ultrahigh strength
– Connectors
– Pony
– Services
• PRO/KC makeup
– Insert
– Tubing
– WellPilot RPOC
– WellPilot VSD
– LOWIS software
• Monitoring
• Trending
• Analysis
• Work fow management
Reciprocating rod-lift systems
We combine multiple technological systems and feld-experienced personnel
to provide the best confgurations for any feld. Our rod-lift solution offers
complete optimization of your well from the pumping unit and downhole pump
selection through wellsite automation and data analysis. By integrating rod-pump
controllers (RPCs), variable-speed drives (VSDs), remote diagnostic software and
communication systems, we enable operators to effectively optimize their production.
We offer a wide range of pumping units, providing specifc solutions for high-
effciency, long-stroke, low-profle and nonelectric power sources. Specifc rods
are available depending on the confguration of the well. Sucker rods of various
strengths and composition can be considered for the particular requirements of the
well. Our COROD
continuous rod is a choice for many modern rod-lift systems.
More than just offering the right pump size, we provide multiple types of
downhole pumps, including insert, tubing and Fluid-Packed

pumps. Once a
pumping system is confgured for a well, a WellPilot
rod pump optimization
controller (RPOC) or VSD is used to control the pumping system to match infow
and production. LOWIS

host-based software provides the detailed analysis that
enables operators to fne-tune the operation of the pump, predict and react to
pending problems, monitor performance of the well in real time, manage work
process of well activities, and create better designs for the pumping, based on
historical information from the well.
PRO/KC is a registered trademark of Permian Rod Operations.
Artifcial Lift Production Optimization
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Progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems
We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of PCP systems including an
unrivaled selection and application experience.
Drive heads are available in electric or hydraulic formats, and pumps are
designed for the vast differences in conditions that can be found in PCP
applications. Even specifc stators can be chosen based on the temperature
and properties of the fuid produced.
Our new HiPer

elastomer has extended pump life in a coalbed methane (CBM)
well from 3 to more than 18 months. Our DuraSeal

stuffng box provides the
confdence required to operate your pump safely for an extended period. We
have more than 500 boxes in the feld, and many have been running for more
than 400 days.
We provide intelligence-at-the-wellsite with our WellPilot
VSD, downhole
sensors and surface instruments designed for PCP operations. Intelligence-at-
the-desktop is provided through LOWIS

and WellFlo
software that monitors,
analyzes, controls and designs the lift system.
Our WellPilot VSDs prevent over torque of the rods and enable the well to
be pumped at maximum rates without pumping off and damaging the pump.
Downhole pressure and temperature gauges at the intake and discharge of the
pump provide further precision for the controller and the well analyst to properly
operate the pump. The information from the controller, gauges and other sources,
such as well-testing data, are used in LOWIS software to monitor and analyze
the function of the well. The data collected in LOWIS software is used to adjust
the design of future pumping systems for that well. Additionally, WellFlo software
provides nodal analysis for new and existing wells.
Progressing cavity pumping
Drive heads
– Electric
– Hydraulic
– Conventional
– Extreme conditions
– Insertable
– Sucker
– DuraSeal rotating stuffng box
– HiPer nitrile elastomer
– Agitating autoclave
– Gauges
• mPOD

• sPOD

– WellPilot VSD
– LOWIS software
• Monitor
• Analysis
• Trending
• Work-fow management
– WellFlo software
• Nodal analysis
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Plunger-lift systems
We offer different types of plungers from conventional to high-tech to
accommodate various well conditions like high-ratio oil and loading gas wells.
Our lift experts can look at the composition of the liquid and the amount of gas,
pressures and well confgurations to design an optimal system. In conjunction
with bumper subs, lubricators, controllers and accessories, we offer complete
plunger-lift systems, optimized for your success.
The recent release of our new SafetyLift

plunger system is just one example of
the innovations that we provide our plunger-lift clients. The SafetyLift plunger can
effectively operate below a subsurface safety valve in deepwater applications.
Additionally, our WellPilot
plunger-lift controllers manage the release of the
plunger to the precise time that the well has built enough pressure for another
cycle. The controllers use pressure measurements and built-in logic to determine
the best time to cycle the well. The controller operates in one of four user-
selectable control modes, including A/B valve (normal mode), pressure mode,
Murphy mode and 3-valve mode. Historical data are stored in the controller,
including but not limited to the number of plunger travels, total plunger arrivals,
plunger travel time and accumulated sales time. Additionally, LOWIS

provides analysis tools for the operator to fne-tune the well to deliquify gas
wells and provide maximum gas or fuid production, as well as electronic fow
measurement (EFM) operations.
Plunger lift
– Brush
– Combination
– Fixed-brush
– Progressive

– RapidFlo

• Fixed-brush
• Padded
– Spiral
– T-pad
– Subsurface safety valve
– Single outlet
– Dual outlet
– Cold weather
– Bowen union
Bumper springs
– WellPilot plunger lift
• F-15
• F-22
– LOWIS software
• Monitor
• Analysis
• Trending
• Work-fow management
• EFM management
– Stops
– Drop tools
– Pull tools
– Auto-catch assembly
– Latching solenoid
– Spring tester
Echometer plunger-fall services
Artifcial Lift Production Optimization
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Gas-lift systems
Our gas-lift systems feature an
extensive range of compatible
equipment available for
use with continuous and
intermittent fow applications
and with wireline- and tubing-
retrievable deployments. Our
products, including valves,
mandrels, latches and kickover
tools, offer the fexibility to
provide the right equipment and system solution for every gas-lift requirement.
Our experience enables us to be innovative in our thinking, and our engineers
are always working to improve existing designs and create new and useful tools.
For deepwater, high-pressure and highly corrosive well environments, we
designed the double-valve external (DVX) side-pocket gas-lift mandrel, which
is now being used in installations throughout the world.
We not only offer our experience and innovations, but we also provide support
through a suite of design and analysis software to aide in the selection of valve
types, port sizes, depth settings and much more. Our software is available and
applicable throughout the life of your reservoir.
To enhance further your well’s performance, we offer intelligence-at-the-wellsite
with controllers that can handle single or multiple wells for injection control and
parameter monitoring. The solution provides access to continuous real-time data,
controls the constant gas injection based on controlled set point, and supports
orifce-meter and turbine-meter gas measurement. It provides a well stability profle
(heading detection) and an alarming interface for a gas-lift specifc control unit.
We have the most advanced software for designing, monitoring and
troubleshooting production issues. With ReO
software, you can model the entire
feld and optimize the gas allocation across all wells for maximum production
feldwide. WellFlo
systems analysis software provides a powerful and simple-to-
use standalone application to design, model, optimize and troubleshoot individual
oil and gas wells. WellTracer

technology gives you a snapshot of your well’s
performance by injecting a small volume of carbon dioxide (CO
) into the gas
supply to detect the presence of multiple-lift points, the depth of an operating
valve and even-injection gas leaks into the production tubing. We also have
industry-standard software for designing gas-lift systems and unloading modeling.
With an extensive selection of sizes and materials, plus value-added products
and solutions, our clients maximize ultimate reservoir productivity and realize
increased operational effciency.
Gas lift
Gas-lift valves
– Injection-pressure operated
– Differential-pressure operated
– Production-pressure operated
– Pilot operated
– Constant fow
– Orifce
– Reverse-fow check
Gas-lift mandrels
– Wireline-retrievable side-pocket
– Tubing-retrievable gas lift
Communication and isolation devices
– WellTracer gas-lift surveillance tool
Subsurface safety valves
– WellFlo software
• Design
• Nodal analysis
• Troubleshoot
– ReO software
• Field-network management
• Injection-gas management
– DynaLift

• Unloading simulation

– i-DO
Kickover tools
Injection systems
Pack-off equipment
WellTracer is a trademark of Appsmiths Inc.
Electric submersible pumping (ESP) systems
We offer a complete solution—not simply parts and components— to enhance
production over the life of a well or feld, as well as improve our client’s system
run-life and overall proftability. Our experienced personnel understand there is
more to providing a fnely tuned ESP completion than just excellent hardware.
Our ESP team uses their experience in design, engineering, installation and
optimization to provide a full-time ESP support structure and ensure maximum
returns from your investment.
Our total solution provides wellsite intelligence, historical references and remote
optimization. At times, the ESP solution can react to changing fuid levels and
return to normal operations without the operator having to intercede. With the
remote terminal unit (RTU) storing the short-term data and the remote software
collecting, trending and providing analytical displays of that data, the user is
aware of temporary changes in the system. These changes can be compared
over time to identify trends that provide a method to predict potential problems
and take proactive action to avoid impending expensive repairs.
Our ESP solution provides intelligent control at the wellhead, as well as
monitoring, analysis and control at the desktop. The result is improved ESP
performance and increased proftability. We currently have hardware and
optimization software installations used in many locations around the world.
Electric submersible pumping
Downhole monitoring
Intakes and gas separators

• Monitor
• Analysis
• Trending
• Work-fow management
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Artifcial Lift Production Optimization
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Hydraulic-lift systems
Recognized for fexibility and the capability to operate in high-volume, high-
depth environments, our hydraulic-lift systems provide extraordinary fexibility
in installation and operation to meet a broad range of artifcial-lift requirements.
Offering jet and piston hydraulic-lift systems—ranging from operating depths of
5,000 to 17,000 ft (1,524 to 5,182 m) with volumes from 50 to 25,000 BFPD—
our hydraulic-lift capabilities are designed to maximize production and reduce
lifting costs.
Our hydraulic jet-lift pumps provide proven performance in almost limitless
applications covering a wide range of depths, volumes and well conditions. With
no moving parts, our jet-lift pumps provide greater reliability and serviceability,
which is a real plus in remote locations. Its shorter length also provides easier
passage through problematic boreholes.
With our simple method of changing the pump size, our experts can customize
your jet-lift pump to maximize your returns. This technique is accomplished
through our proprietary jet-pump sizing program (JEMS), an evaluation modeling
software. JEMS simulates anticipated downhole conditions and performance
ranges for every possible scenario, enabling us to prescribe the precise nozzle
and throat sizes. We then provide you with a performance chart refecting the
highly effcient and cost-effective system for your well.
Hydraulic lift
Subsurface pumps
– Jet
– Piston
– Kobe
– Kobe B
– Kobe D
– Oilmaster

F, V and 220
Surface systems
– Hydraulic pumping
– Jet-lift
– Frac-fowback recovery
– Oilmaster power unit
– RamPump

– Unidraulic

– JEMS sizing program

Capillary injection-lift systems
We provide advanced chemical technology and injection services, resulting in
safer and more effective production enhancement for clients worldwide—onshore
and offshore.
Our chemical services group offers Engineered Chemistry
solutions for virtually
any downhole condition that one encounters, and our proprietary injection
equipment has been designed with safety and service life in mind.
We maximize your well’s production while protecting your tubulars—reducing
your workover needs and eliminating batch treating and shut-in time. Our
expertise places chemicals at the precise point in the amount needed, eliminating
chemical metering and saving chemical costs.
In addition to an outstanding training program and skilled operators, there are
important and unique safety features built into all of our capillary string units.
Only Weatherford equips every capillary string unit with a hydraulically controlled
blowout preventer (BOP), instead of a conventional single-element packoff.
In felds around the globe, production declines are not always the result of
reservoir or wellbore issues. Sometimes completion factors, such as fow areas
cause reduced production—and our patented internal critical velocity reduction
plus (iCVR+

) and Xtra-Lift

systems provide solutions.
These proprietary Weatherford technologies are designed for extended
perforated-interval gas wells. They combine the best attributes of fow-area
reduction and foam-lift assistance by reducing surface tension and density
of produced water.
These solutions reduce the well’s critical velocity and improve production rates.
Capillary injection
– Truck-mounted units
– Skid-mounted units
– Hydraulically controlled 10,000 BOP
– Auxiliary air
– Tool systems
– Extended reach cranes
– Wellhead wash-down kits
– 5,000 psi (34.5 MPa) hydraulic pumps
– Candidate selection software
– WellFlo
critical velocity
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Artifcial Lift Production Optimization
The Weatherford advantage
Put Weatherford’s experience, comprehensive technical support and integrated
product supply to work for you today.
The objectives are fundamental. But they are often diffcult to achieve. At
Weatherford, we do it every day by using every asset at our disposal—
engineering, software, hardware, delivery and maintenance.
Our industry-leading experience and technology ensure that your reservoir
benefts from the optimal-lift solution. At every step in the asset’s life, we
provide powerful resources that ensure wells and facilities are operating at peak
performance levels.
Our lift experts work closely with your engineers to manage changing reservoir
conditions. At each step, we support your decisions with unrivaled service and
high-quality, innovative equipment. With our full selection of lift and optimization
systems, your reservoir benefts from the most appropriate lift solution throughout
the asset’s life. And our global resources put equipment inventory and maintenance
capabilities close at hand for a fast response—onshore and offshore.
For more information, contact us at or visit us at
The Lift Experts
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Artifcial Lift Production Optimization