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More 50 Phrasal Verbs [give, go & look

Multiple-choice exercise
Choose the correct answer for each question. Be sure to read the text at the top of the screen to see
my comments to your answer!
Show questions one by one
1. Whenever I want to stop doing these exercises, my teacher suggests that I ... .
A. ? go over
B. ? go out
C. ? go on
D. ? go around
2. After the hostages had been in captivity for two weeks, the terrorists finally decided to ... to
the police.
A. ? give himself up
B. ? give oneself up
C. ? give themselves up
D. ? give out
3. When my younger daughter told me she was bored, I told her that she should ... some sort of
A. ? go on
B. ? go in for
C. ? go out for
D. ? go round
4. At the political demonstration the activists were busy . . . tracts against the government.
A. ? give out
B. ? gave out
C. ? giving up
D. ? giving out
5. My mother always told me: "If you don't succeed at first, try again and again. Don't . . ."
A. ? Give in
B. ? give out
C. ? give up
D. ? Give yourself up
6. Whenever we have an argument, my little brother always . . . first. I am much too obstinate to
stop resisting.
A. ? give in
B. ? gives in
C. ? give out
D. ? give himself up
7. After the peace talks, the Secretary of State . . . the information that the Peace Treaty would
soon be signed.
A. ? give out
B. ? gave in
C. ? gave out
D. ? gave up
8. It really irritates me, when I don't know a word and my teacher, instead of TELLING me the
translation, pushes the closed dictionary towards me and says: "...".
A. ? Look at it
B. ? Look for it
C. ? Look it up
D. ? Looking up
9. We were waiting for our new house, so we were glad that it ... so fast
A. ? went into
B. ? go up
C. ? went up
D. ? go on
10. My parents are taking me to New York for my next holidays; I am really ... the trip.
A. ? look forward
B. ? looking forward to
C. ? look forward to
D. ? looked forward to
11. When you have to do a research paper for Biology, for instance, you have to ... all the
specialized books your teacher suggests.
A. ? go on
B. ? go in for
C. ? go into
D. ? go up
12. After my little brother was born, my parents told me that I would have to ... him. I had to
babysit every single day!
A. ? looked after
B. ? look for
C. ? look after
D. ? look at
13. I thought my English dictionary was lost, and I ... it all over the house. Finally I found it - under
my bed.
A. ? looked after
B. ? look for
C. ? looked at
D. ? looked for
14. My parents had a lot of children, so sometimes there wasn't enough food to ...
A. ? go round
B. ? go up
C. ? go over
D. ? go in for
15. When we go to an art museum, it is usually to ... the works of art.
A. ? look for
B. ? look at
C. ? look up
D. ? look after