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According to the Publications Department, it will be two years before the new
A. completes B. is completed C. will be completed D. completed
2. The President’s plane touched down in Meico !ity on "ednesday, two days after
A. would ha$e arri$ed B. had been to arri$e C. was due to arri$e D. arri$es
3. %y the end of this month &… a member of this club for ten years#
A. will be B. will be being C. will ha$e been D. was
4. Helena’s not really a party animal, so & doubt whether she……##
A. comes B. will come C. will ha$e come D. had come
1. & was wondering if you … to go running with me#
A. wanted B. had wanted C. would want D. wants
2. & didn’t realise &’d left my file at home until the meeting …
A. will start B. has started C. started D. had started
3. & was going to ask her for a date, but & …#bring myself to do it#
A. don’t B. didn’t C. couldn’t D. hadn’t
4. The noise stopped as soon as the Head Teacher… into the room#
A. walks B. walked C. was walking D. has walked
1. &’$e been getting stabbing pains in my back …
A. so far B. for a while now C. up to now D. now
2. How long did you say you …these pills'
A. take B. are taking C. ha$e been taking D. takes
3. (am was a difficult child who …do anything his parents asked him to#
A. couldn’t B. wouldn’t C. mightn’t D. won’t
4. Mary has two sisters, … is married#
A. neither of whom B. neither of which
C. none of whom D. none of which
1. )ou ……#ha$e finished your homework already*
A. mustn’t B. can’t C. wouldn’t D. won’t
2. &’m really happy in my new +ob, & ……ha$e found a nicer company#
A. couldn’t B. shouldn’t C. wouldn’t D. shan’t
3. … you hear anything, let me know#
A. !ould B. "ould C. (hould D. May
4. The earth-uake is one of the most feared natural ………
A. phenomena B. phenomenal C. phenomenas D. Phenomenons
1. & … go to the bank# & ha$en’t got any money#
A. must B. mustn’t C. may D. needn’t
2. .o reporters …approach the scene of the accident#
A. might ha$e B. were allowed to C. needn’t D. mightn’t
3. )ou … go to the post office# &’ll go later#
A. needn’t B. might C. must D. shall
4. "hat time… & pick you up from work'
A. mustn’t B. will C. shall D. couldn’t
1. & was watching tele$ision … the doorbell rang#
A. when B. as soon as C. +ust D. while
2. )ou will soon … to li$ing in the city#
A. be used B. used C. get used D. uses
3. & … to the supermarket# Do you need anything'
A. go B. went C. am going D. will
4. & don’t remember … that shop before#
A. see B. to see C. seeing D. saw
1. The teacher made me … after school#
A. to stay B. stay C. staying D. stood
2. &t is difficult … a good +ob these days#
A. to find B. finding C. find D. will find
3. My father … to be a teacher, but now he has retired#
A. is used B. got used C. used D. got
4. The film was … funnier than & epected#
A. $ery B. e$en C. by far D. far
1. .o announcement about the results …# so far#
A. is ha$ing B. has made C. has been made D. was made
2. He was ner$ous# He … for this moment all his life#
A. had waited B. had been waited C. has waited D. has been waiting
3. .o information … to the new staff yet#
A. has gi$en B. had gi$en C. was gi$en D. has been gi$en
4. (he hasn’t finished her homework yet, and …
A. & ha$e either B. neither ha$e &
C. & ha$en’t neither D. either ha$e &
1. &n !ustomer (er$ices we are used to ……complaints#
A. dealing with B. dealing to C. dealing into D. dealing at
2. & apologi/e……#
A. for being late B. for late C. for be late D. be late
3. A lot of children … to boarding schools in the old days#
A. are sent B. is sent C. were sent D. sent
4. "ho are you going to ……when the election comes'
A. $ote in B. $ote for C $ote at D. $ote
1. Mrs# Pollock is $ery …cats#
A. fond of B. kind of C. kindly D. fond
2. Mr# 0ohnson is … honest man#
A. a B. an C. the D. none
3. &f you’$e finished, & …for the bill#
A. can ask B. ask C. asks D. asked
4. 1ienna is …its classical music concerts, which are popular with tourists#
A. famous about B. famous for C. famous in D. famous at
1. & thought the eam would be really difficult but in fact it …ha$e been easier#
A. mustn’t B. couldn’t C. shouldn’t D. shan’t
2. The guests were -uite ner$ous because they …
A. were $ideoing B. $ideoed C. were $ideoed D. were being $ideoed
3. )ou …ha$e worked here longer than me, but that doesn’t mean you can treat me like
A. must B. could C. may D. ought to
4. Mrs# 2obinson … great pride in her cooking#
A. gets B. finds C. has D. takes
1. Here is the latest news … about the election#
A. They are B. &t is C. There are D. There is
2. & ha$e called … but you wouldn’t answer#
A. two times B. second time C. twice D. two time
3. %ooks … from the library much too often#
A. steal B. stolen C. are stolen D. stealing
4. The children … where to play football#
A. ha$e not been told B. were not been told
C. has not been told D. was not told
1. They … to the airport like that# The plane was delayed by se$eral hours#
A. didn’t need to rush B. didn’t ha$e to rush
C. needn’t rush D. needn’t ha$e rushed
2. My bicycle has disappeared, someone … stolen it#
A. should ha$e B. would ha$e C. must ha$e D. can ha$e
3. The doctor … possibly lea$e the wounded lying on the pa$ement#
A. wouldn’t B. mustn’t C. needn’t D. couldn’t
4. "e asked him to lend us his car but he …
A. won’t B. shouldn’t C. wouldn’t D. can’t
1. This sonata … by Mo/art#
A. has been composed B. was being composed
C. was composed D. will be composed
2. "hile & was tra$elling on that bus & …
A. picked my pockets B. had my pockets picked
C. got my pockets picked D. ha$e got my pockets picked
3. & asked him what he … repairing#
A. is B. was C. will be D. has been
4. "e could see … at the /oo#
A. kangaroos B. kangaros C. kangaroo D. kangaroo’s
1. 3ne shouldn’t make a fool of …
A. himself B. oneself C. themsel$es D. herself
2. )ou … strike a match, the room is full of gas#
A. mustn’t B. needn’t C. mayn’t D. don’t ha$e to
3. & think we’d better lea$e the restaurant as soon as we … the bill#
A. paid B. will pay C. pay D. ha$e paid
4. This is the last time we … you before we lea$e#
A. see B. ha$e seen C. are seeing D. saw
1. & … blind if & did not see what she was like#
A. could ha$e been B. should ha$e been C. must ha$e been D. will ha$e been
2. They … better hurry up if they want to catch the train#
A. should B. would C. had D. need
3. He … as much food as he can eat#
A. will B. has to C. needs D. might
4. The whole town … in recent years#
A. was rebuilt B. will rebuild C. is being rebuilt D. has been rebuilt
1. They claimed they … not know you#
A. do B. does C. did D. done
2. & was trying to find out what those words …
A. mean B. are meaning C. were meaning D. meant
3. &t is … to 4ermany#
A. two days dri$e B. a dri$e of two days C. a two days’ dri$e D. a two day dri$e
4. & … for a used car# !ould you recommend me one'
A. look B. ha$e looked C. looked D. am looking
1. The %rowns are not at home, they … to the cinema#
A. may go B. might go C. might ha$e gone D. may be going
2. They asked where … #
A. ha$e the boys disappeared B. the boys disappeared
C. the boys had disappeared D. had the boys disappeared
3. This bed … in#
A. hasn’t slept B. wasn’t slept C. isn’t slept D. hasn’t been slept
4. "e … light a fire, it was a nice, warm e$ening#
A. needn’t ha$e B. couldn’t C. didn’t need to D. ought not to
1. !andidates … answer all -uestions#
A. are to B. ought C. need D. ha$e
2. "hat they … is being punished for their deeds#
A. ha$e B. need C. must D. should
3. .othing … until he came#
A. will be done B. has been done C. has done D. had been done
4. &t was announced that the plane … ten minutes late#
A. will be B. is C. can be D. would be
1. & wonder if you …by plane#
A. ha$e e$er tra$elled B. had e$er tra$elled C. ne$er tra$elled D. didn’t tra$el
2. )ou may choose …cake# Take the one you like the better#
A. either B. all C. both D. neither
3. They started building the house two years ago and … it yet#
A. ha$en’t finished B. hadn’t finished C. didn’t finish D. don’t finish
4. %y net (unday, my father … a whole month without smoking a cigarette#
A. has been going B. has gone C. will go D. will ha$e gone