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At Diegos house, 12:30am

Diego sat at the balcony, waiting for Francesca. Later, he saw her coming with his
suitcase. Good morning, Francesca greeted him with.
Good morning.
Heres your suitcase.
Youre welcome. Wellbye!, Francesca mumbled and was on her way. Wait!, Diego
shouted. Francesca sighted and came back. This is the shoe of your friend, he said.
Francesca was a bit surprised that Diego had Violettas shoe. Ah, Violettas shoe!
Thanks, Ill give it to her!, she replied. Violettabeautiful name!, thought Diego. Hey,
Fran. Uhhwhy dont you invite all your friends to karaoke night?
Okbut why?
UhhI need to apologize to Vilu about something.
Why dont you just come to the studio?
No, its more fun at the karaoke night. Plus you said Violetta likes singing, correct?
Wellyeah, but
Great, Ill see you, Vilu and some other friends there!
Uh huh!
Great, see ya!
Bye!, replied Francesca. She walked away. Ormaybe Diego doesnt only want to
apologize to Vilu, she thought while walking.
At Vilus house, 13:21pm
German came out of his bedroom and sneaked down the stairs. Angie was there and
Youre too overprotective!
No, Im not. Im just
Then where are you going?
German thought for a moment. Justcoming to say Hello. Hello!, he lied.
Angie raised an eyebrow. Righthello!, she replied. German rushed quickly to his
bedroom. Angie smiled. German, German, German! Just unbelievable!, she thought.
At Karaoke Night, 19:43pm
Violetta, Francesca and Camilla came. As soon as Diego saw them, he rushed to them.
Hey guys, welcome to Karaoke Night!, he greeted them with. As soon as Vilu saw him,
she felt angry again. Hi!, replied Fran and Cami. Diego waited for Violettas reply, but
she just looked at the ground. Ive got this!, Fran whispered to Diego.
Vilu, havent you got anything to say?
Violetta sighed. Yes. She looked Diego in the eye. Even if you trying to be friendly or
not, what you did yesterday was not so nice. Now my boyfriend, Leon, wont answer my
calls. So please, justleave me alone, she replied. Cami and Fran were silent, but Diego
kept on laughing. Violetta sighed, annoyed.
See, thats the problem with you. You take nothing seriously. All you do is joke!, she
said. Diego still kept on laughing and finally replied, Its not that I take nothing
seriously. Its just that you cant stand fun! Violetta puffed, held Camilla and Francesca
by the hand and left Diego alone for the rest of the night. The host came on the stage.
Hello, folks! Welcome to Karaoke Night!, he greeted everyone with. As a reply,
everyone cheered and clap. Suddenly, Ludmila walked in the room with Naty. Remind
me again, why are we here?, Naty asked, curious. Shh! Ill explain later!, Ludmila
replied. The host continued. He had a card in his hand. Now, Ive got a request from
someone saying that they want someone to sing. That someone they want to sing
isVioletta Castillo! Violetta, come up! Violetta was surprised. What? No, I dont wanna
sing!, she replied. Come on, Vilu!, Francesca encouraged her. No, Fran! I dont
wanna sing!, she replied once more. Diego got up from his seat and started chanting,
Violetta! Violetta! Violetta! Very soon, the whole audience joined in. Francesca pushed
her on the stage. Violetta picked up the mic and started singing:
...But there are some things that I know
Just come here and I will show
In your eyes it's really clear
You can if you try, imagine inside

Suddenly, Leon walked into the room and saw Violetta singing on the stage. He was
quite happy to see her. He went on the stage, took a mic and continued singing with

We can paint our souls with all of the colors
We can sing and shout, yeah
We can fly up high with no wings to guide us
Be the words to all my songs
Find myself in your voice

I am not the sun in your eyes
And tomorrow is a surprise...
The crowd cheered and clapped for them. Except Ludmila and Diego. He didnt want
Leon to sing with Violetta, and Ludmila wanted to get that attention Vilu received. Diego
went on the stage and spoke into the mic saying, Ladies and gentlemen. I also have a
song request Violetta, Leon and the others were speechless. dedicated to
Violetta!, Diego continued. He took the mic and started singing More Tears (which was
actually Leons song).
Sometimes I feel like there is no one who sees me
No one is there who knows what's needed to please me
But then maybe, maybe that one could be you
Diego pointed at Violetta and smiled. Ludmila looked at Naty, laughing and Naty looked
at Diego, then Vilu, then at Leon in shock. Leon was furious and turned to Violetta. He
mumbled, Are you gonna allow him to flirt with you like that? Vilu was shocked. No,
she replied, in a really calm voice. If you wont do anything, Ill do something!, Leon
replied at Violettas answer, and walked towards the stage. But Vilu stopped him. No!
Dont start a fight. He doesnt mean it bad, hes Leon paused Vilu. Soyou like him?
Vilu stayed silent. I knew it!, Leon said, annoyed, and walked away. Leon!, Violetta
called after him. She turned around at Diego also annoyed. He was still singing:
I long to see your face
You tell me it's best to give you space
And now I cannot even hear your voice
Now the problem that I face's
Find more tears for you
Vilu walked away in anger, just like Leon.
At Violettas house, 20:55pm
Jade sat on the couch with her brother, Matias. Violetta opened the door, still angry and
closed it. Jade and Matias turned around to see who it was. Jade walked to Vilu.
My love, there you are! How are you feeling?
Oh great! Me and my brwait! Annoyed? Why? Talk to me!
Vilu looked at Jade in the eyes. Why do you even care? Youve got better things to deal
with!, she mumbled, angrily and went in her room. She sat on the bed and took her
diary. Dear Diary, she wrote. My lifes turning upside down since Diego joined in. I
miss hanging out with Leon, she continued. She was about to write more, until
someone knocked on the door
Thanks for reading this chapter! Ill add Chapter 4 (the last chapter) later!

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