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Project Report Synopsis

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Name of the Programme : Post Graduate Diploma

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Title of the Project : “A Study on Consumer buying behavior
towards choosing a particular Brand of decorative Paints at Hyderabad.



The purpose of the study is to know the Consumer purchase decision towards selecting a
particular brand of decorative paints.. This study helps in considering the important
factors such as Customer preference, Brand loyalty, Satisfaction from using a particular
brand of paints and their problems and recommendations in bettering the brand.
The use of Decorative paints increased a lot in the recent years. Taking this into the
consideration many companies have started introducing decorative paints along with the
normal paints to grab the paint market. Now the consumer is confronted with a number of
brands to choose. The study focuses on knowing the brand perception towards decorative
paints and knowing the brand loyalty of the customers for a particular brand.


“A Study on Consumer buying behavior towards choosing a particular Brand of
decorative Paints at Hyderabad.

3) AIM:
This study is important from the point of view of the company as well as the customers.
The Paint companies must place importance towards customer needs and preferences
from time to time to know the changing perception about its store image and also can
design new strategies to meet the consumer demand and increase its market share from
other competitors. It is important to know the changing attitude of customers from time to
time. Hence this research proved beneficiary to find out the better ways to serve the
customers and retain their loyalty. The study is aimed in knowing the factors that
contributes towards buying from a particular brand of decorative Paints at Hyderabad.



1. To study the consumer buying behavior onwards choosing a decorative brand of paint.

2. To study the factors that influence in choosing a particular decorative Paint brand.
3. To do a comparative study between different brand of decorative paints.
4. To know the kind of problems faced by the customers in purchasing a particular brand of
decorative Paints.
5. To know the suggestions and opinions of Customers which may help in providing better
quality, durability and service in future.

The study is confined to the analysis of factors that influence in buying a brand of paints. It
assesses the factors which made the company top in the market and the reasons behind to whose
this brand only. It also brings out the satisfaction of the customers in the following attributes-

 Quality & Durability
 Range of Products & colors
 Price& Offers and discounts
 Supply & Home delivery
 Service quality
 Relationship with supplier
 Packaging

The scope this study is to understand the behavior of customer in buying a particular
brand of decorative paints. There may be so many factors such as service, cost and
convenient location. The scope of the study is limited to the Customers preferring a
particular brand of paints at Hyderabad city only taking only 100 samples for the study.


Research Design:

The research design to be used for this project is exploratory and descriptive. The exploratory
research will be conducted using secondary data.

The descriptive research will be conducted through personal interviews with Customers buying
different brand of paints using questionnaire.

Data Collection

Primary Data: Primary data will be collected using questionnaire

Secondary Data: The secondary data will be collected from company Sources, internet,
magazines and books.

Sampling Design

Sampling frame:
The sampling frame will be taken from the residents of Hyderabad.

Sampling Procedure: The Sampling Procedure to be used is Simple Random sampling by
choosing the respondents from different convenient locations in Hyderabad.

Sample Size: The Sample size is limited to 100 respondents.

Sampling units: The customers buying paints will form part of the Sampling units.

Data Analysis:

Data will be analyzed used using Charts, Graphs, Cross Tabulation and Percentages.

Field Work:

This involves meeting with the Customers buying different brand of paints.

e) Limitations:

1. The Sample size is limited to 100 respondents
2. The survey is limited to the customers buying paints from stores in Hyderabad city only
3. The opinion of the respondents may change later based on their perception and changes
in store service.
4. The time period of research is limited to approximately 40-50 days.


1. What is the customers preference towards buying a paint Brand?
2. What factors influence them in buying paints ?
3. What are the views and opinions of the customers towards buying paints?
4. What are the steps do the Company must take to attract Customers in buying their brand?
5. What are Suggestions and Views provides by Customers?


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Review of Literature
Chapter 3: Research Methodology
Chapter 4: About the concept – A study on decorative paints.
Chapter 5: Industry Profile
Chapter 6: Company Profile
Chapter 7: Analysis & Interpretation
Chapter 8: Findings and Conclusion

 One week for collecting information on decorative paints.
 One week for collection of Literature review using journals, magazines and
other articles from new papers.
 One week for analysis and interpretation of data on tables, charts etc.
 One week for Project report documentation & Preparation