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Donnell Bretherick is a

seasoned professional with

years of experience in the
evolution of Project
Controls. As a Sophomore in
college, she followed sound
advice to join the Union and
beginning working in the
trade. She was placed on
the local wireman ticket
working at the TVA Browns
Ferry Nuclear Plant.
After graduating with a BS in Electrical
Engineering, Bretherick was challenged at
every turn in a career path dominated by men.
In her first professional post as an engineers
assistant, Bretherick was tasked with the most
mundane of tasks: organizing, planning, and
executing budgetary and reporting functions
for work performed by the team. In a time and
place where computer based scheduling was
still a distant hope, she excelled in her new roll
diving through mountains of paperwork.
Ultimately, she realized not only did she love
her new job, she was really good at it.
Over time, Bretherick honed her craft as a
scheduler and planner, shifting from paper-
based to computerized systems. She increased
her skills, eventually attaining the highest level
of certification as a Master Scheduler and
Senior Project Engineer.
Over the past 10 years of her career, working
as a Master Scheduler, she
continually sought the known
edges of capacity in Primavera
and pushed past those edges
to identify a higher level of
operation, leading to software
improvements now part of the
current version. Her reputation
precedes her as the scheduler
of choice when time and
resources are severely limited
in both the planning and
execution of the project.
Through strategic planning and execution,
Bretherick empowers management with the
confidence to make accurate assumptions
regarding execution and completion of projects
to capitalize on available opportunities with a
simple to understand, straightforward to
following and standardized schedule.
Her standardized methodology has been
tested, tried and proven over many projects
crossing a number of industries. This
methodology will greatly improves overall
planning, forecasting and results for both
resources and on-time project completion. It
provides the foundation and tools to build CPM
Primavera P6 schedules and part of her secret
to success for Turnarounds/Outages/
Shutdowns she will share as part of the
Most Primavera certification class offer basic
navigation instruction and certify the user to
provide junior scheduling support and data
entry services, lacking in the area of true
scheduling. A true scheduler not only knows
how to operate the program but must know
how build a workable schedule that owners can
rely on to produce results and one you can
take pride in producing.
Bretherick will complete her PhD in Project
Engineering in 2014 through acceptance of her
dissertation, Critical Event Earned Value
Management (CEEVM): True Progress and Cost
1222 7th Avenue North - Nashville, Tennessee - 37208
Simple. Straightforward. Standardized.
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