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Office of Distance Education • (O) 361-825-2122 • (F) 361-825-3666
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi • 6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5779
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 - 5779
WebEx – Hosting a Meeting
1. Open a web browser and access the university WebEx website at
a. An account is needed to schedule/host a meeting.
b. For information on requesting an account and scheduling a meeting, see guides and videos at:
2. Click Host Log In on the upper right hand corner of the WebEx web page and log in.
3. Click on Meeting Center tab to view a list of meetings for the day.
4. Locate the meeting you will be hosting and click Start.
5. If WebEx plugins or software has not previously been installed on a computer, a set up screen will be
a. If you are on your own computer, then follow the steps displayed on the screen to install the
b. If you are on a university computer, then click the Run a temporary application.
c. Notice the yellow pop-up area at the bottom (IE browser). You will need to click the Run button.
6. Once a person has logged in WebEx, the interface is displayed with the Audio Conference window open. If
computer has a sound card, with available speakers/headphones, and a microphone; click the Call Using
Computer button to use computer audio, if not select Use Phone.

7. When you select Call Using Computer, an audio test screen will pop up so you can test the speakers and
8. A person could always switch to using a phone to call in by clicking Leave Audio Conference
and click Use Phone for the dial in information.
9. Once you have completed the log in setup, the WebEx interface screen is displayed.
10. The large white area in the middle with 3 icons is the main display area.
11. If there is a desire to record the meeting, the host will need to click the Record button in the top right. The
record panel will open up and can be used to pause or stop the recording.
12. The Audio Conference icon can be used to reopen the Audio conference test and options
13. The Invite and Remind icon can be used to send an invitation to participants.
14. The camera icon next to participant name can be used to turn video image on and off.

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Office of Distance Education • (O) 361-825-2122 • (F) 361-825-3666
Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi • 6300 Ocean Drive, Unit 5779
Corpus Christi, Texas 78412 - 5779
15. If you or other participants have video on, then image will be displayed in top right of screen.
16. The microphone icon can be used by the host to mute and unmute participants.
17. Participants can use the Chat area to ask questions or to chat with other meeting participants by selecting
a particular individual's name from the Sent to list, then pressing send or pressing enter.

18. Host can pass the controls to participants by hovering over the blue/green ball next to names then left
click and dragging the ball to another participant. If controls have been passed to a participant they now
have the ability to present a document, show their desktop, a file, or a website from their computer.
19. To share a file, desktop or an application:
a. Click the arrow next to the button that will
either say Share Application, Share Desktop, or
Share File, depending upon what was selected
during the last session.
b. This will bring up a menu for you to select what
you want to share.
20. To share your Desktop and be able to display a website, file or document:
a. Click Share My Desktop from the menu.
b. WebEx will immediately show what is currently on your desktop.
c. You can open up a web page or other items to present.
21. To view WebEx tools while sharing your desktop move your mouse pointer over the green area on the top
of the desktop. Select the desired WebEx menu item or
a. Click the red circle to stop sharing and to return to the WebEx interface.
b. To allow participants to interact and control the file being displayed and or manipulate your
desktop; click Assign, select Pass Keyboard and Mouse Control, select a participant’s name. You
can take back controls the same way.
c. To make another person the presenter; click on Assign in the menu, click Make Presenter, select a
participant’s name. You can take back presentation capability the same way.

22. On the main WebEx interface the Host can use the End Meeting button to end the
meeting when finished.