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O n e H o u s e a t a T i m e

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M a r l e n e L e n t o n , C a t h o l i c S o c i a l S e r v i c e s
one house at a time
2011 annual report
with truck with truck 1
we drove loads of we drove loads of
furniture to homes furniture to homes
and changed lives and changed lives
In Kind *
Income Total: $115,828
* In Kind income includes donated storage, office,
office supplies, phone and internet.
& Fundraising
Expense Total: $122,614
2011 Financial Highlights
57% increase in income
21% increase in individual donors
522% increase in foundation support
empty homes
are now full of furniture. 522
are now sleeping on beds.
mission and vision
One House at a Time (OHAAT) is a nonprofit organization that helps families establish
(or reestablish) a self-sufficient life by providing them with the necessities of a
functional home environment. We envision a world free of cultural and societal barri-
ers where communities are united in and transformed by a commitment to compassion
and generosity.
2011 accomplishments
In 2011 OHAAT accepted referrals from over 75 agencies and organizations located
throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs. Our top five referring agencies
were Turning Points for Children, Intercultural Family Services, Catholic Social
Services, Northwest Human Services, and the Philadelphia Anti-Drug/Anti-Violence
Network. Over the course of the year, we fulfilled 288 referrals, bringing furniture and
household items to families in need.
Last spring OHAATs board of directors decided to phase out our furniture bank and
focus all efforts on our Beds for Kids program. We could no longer keep up with the
growing demand of both programs, and the board felt that Beds for Kids served a more
critical need. Since November 2011, Beds for Kids has been OHAATs sole program.
Weve continued to deliver new beds with donations of sheets and blankets to children
who would otherwise be sleeping on the floor.
OHAAT took on increased expenses in 2011
with the addition of a part time executive
director and the growth of our Beds for Kids
program. Reserves covered the $6,786 def-
icit. Former Board Vice-Chairman Becky
Sedmak began as Interim Executive Director
in August 2011 with a one year term.
Note: These financials are a projection only.
OHAATs complete financial statements and
IRS Form 990 will be available in May 2012.
For more information about OHAAT and our
Beds for Kids program, go to
You can also find (and like) us on Facebook
2007 2008 2009 2010 2011
350 350 351
Beds for Kids Growth
Number of Beds Delivered by Year
Every time something came off the truck she exclaimed, This is for us?
When we asked if she was excited about sleeping in her new bed that night,
she said, I'm going to sleep right now!
He looked up with wide eyes and said, I never slept in my own bed.
Last January we set the goal of delivering 500 beds in 2011. Thanks to our generous
donors and dedicated volunteers, we surpassed this goal, delivering 522 beds (a 49%
increase over 2010)!

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