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Tale of a Hero by Future Games Walkthrough by MaGtRo October 2010 Gameplay: The main menu has new game, load game, save game, options, quit and credits. Options has details and sound volume adjustments and subtitles and voiceover selections. Left mouse button is for actions while right mouse button is for information. Double click hastens move to net screen. !ight or left mouse click speeds up dialogues. There are "# saved game frames. THE MONTER Olaf has been hired to take care of the monster that lives in the cave. Olaf climbs down the rope to the cave. The rope breaks and his $ companions leave him to his fate. Make a! escape route" #a$e e!tra!ce% Look around where Olaf fell. Take the leather and rope from the ground. Olaf has a knife in inventor%. &o left to the boulder. The boulder blocks the entrance to the cave. Olaf wants to move it to have an escape route. Tr% to move it' it(s too heav%. )amine the ground in front of the boulder. *t is soft cla% and jagged. &e!% &o right to the net cave. Olaf sees the monster asleep at the right end of the cave and reali+es that it is a Dolsimian, a dangerous opponent rather than a mud monster the villagers told Olaf. Get '(!e% Look around. ,heck the table at right. Take the fork. Tr% to take the stone bowl but it makes a noise that disturbs the monster(s sleep. ,heck the vase beside the minor cage at left. One vase is empt% and the other is corked. -se the knife on the cork .or the fork from the table/. Olaf tasted it to know that it is filled with good wine. &o left to the statue. 0ee that the statue is that of an unfinished dolsimian. Take the ladle hanging from the scaffolding. Take the pumpkin on the ground beside the basket of stolen fruits. &o right to the lantern and take a stone. &o back to the vase with wine. -se the ladle on the wine and eamine it in inventor%. *t is leaking. *n inventor% combine the knife and pumpkin to get a pumpkin bowl. -se pumpkin bowl on the vase with wine. *t is too big. -se the ladle on wine and then use the ladle with wine with pumpkin bowl to get a bowl of wine. Mo$e the boul)er: Take the leather that is on top of the small cage left of the vases. )amine in close up the strong bar of the small cage left of the vase. ,ut the " strings1attachments of the strong bar with the knife. Olaf ties the strings automaticall% to make a long string. Take the strong bar. &o back to the boulder. -se the bowl of wine on the jagged earth in front of the boulder. Olaf automaticall% makes 2 trips to get wine to soften the earth. The boulder moves. 3 black smoke flies in. Topple the boulder completel% using the bar or tie it with the rope and automaticall% pull. The escape route is clear and sunlight shines in the cave. Take care of the mo!ster" *ear! ho' to take care of the )ols(m(a!: &o back to the den at right and to the statue. Olaf calls out to the black smoke. Learn that the monster is named 4og. 0moke% is a curse on 4og(s famil% for 2 generations. Learn that 4og(s famil% are good stonemasons and 4og is the most talented of them. 4og(s weak point is sunlight. 0moke% gives a plan using the leather above the entrance to the cave. 0moke% laughs and changes color. &o back to den and Olaf notices the cr%stal above 4og. &o back and talk to 0moke% about the cr%stal. 4og placed it there to stop 0moke%. 5mm... &o back to the cave entrance at left. *f the boulder is toppled, see the leather on the ceiling at right. )amine the leather on the ceiling several times and Olaf wants to get closer. Get the la))er% &o back to the den and see the ladder beside the sleeping 4og. Tr% to take it and 4og stirs. Moths: &o left and talk to 0moke%10tink% about light sleeper. Learn about the moths 0moke% uses to suck happiness from 4og. The moths are diverted to the lamps placed b% 4og. 0ee a lamp held b% the statue. -se a stone on lamp to break it. -se leather to cover the lamp close to the statue and the one beside the table. 0ee the moths converge on the cr%stal above 4og and the cr%stal is dimmed. Talk to 0moke% again. 0moke% works on 4og. &o to 4og and take the ladder. Olaf leaves the ladder b% the statue but has a ladder icon in inventor%. +repare the trap: &o left to the entrance room. -se the ladder on the leather in the ceiling. ,limb the ladder. )amine the leather. 0ee construction of branches around the leather and a crack on the wall at left. -se the fork on the crack to get bent fork. *n inventor%, combine the bent fork and the string to get bent fork with string. -se bent fork with string on the leather and Olaf hooks it on the leather. 6atch what happens. 4og is trapped between the $ sunlights. Olaf chats with 4og. Olaf talks to his sweetheart, 3lia. W,M+ ,N& +R-+OG,*, 0omeone is outside and knocks on the door. Olaf doesn(t wake up. 3 spell causes light and noise. Olaf wakes up and goes out. Talk to 7ripogala. Dulevar, king(s magician needs Olaf(s help. &iant 8rugell, the ice giant and brother of the fire dragon 3rioch kidnapped the 8ing(s daughter )rea. 8rugell wants revenge on 8ing 3uglemius and Olaf(s famil% for killing 3rioch. 7ripogala wants to talk to Olaf in her shack at the swamp up north. &o back inside the hut and go to bed. Olaf thinks about his future. Olaf.s home% Olaf sees the open door. Look around the cottage. ,heck the pantr% door on the floor. *t is locked. There(s a locked casket at bottom left corner. )it the hut and look around. ,heck the well, rooster, boat and barn. There(s a wheel b% the barn and a pole b% the right side of the hut. ,heck the bench with a basket on top. 3lia left breakfast for Olaf. !ead the message. )at the contents of the basket and get empt% basket. )it the homestead. 'amp% 9e at the :ist% ;alle% map. &o to the swamp. Look around. There is a sign1rune and iv%1 berr% on the stone archwa%. &o deeper in the swamp and Olaf can(t stand the smell. &et off the swamp. Get someth(!g to help '(th the s'amp smell" -!!: &o to the inn. Look around outside. ,heck the well and the manger. )nter the *nn. Look around. 0ee a mortar beside the counter and a catfish on top of the door to kitchen. Talk to :asek, the innkeeper and 3lia(s father. Learn about the scent and mask that :asek uses when he goes to the swamp. &et the scent recipe. :asek threw the mask awa% and it landed in the well. Learn that sa%side nuts are found in the swamp. 3lia locked the pantr% door in order for Olaf to clean his house. :asek wants his sickle sharpened. Take the sickle from the table on the left. Take the string from the central post. +repare the sce!t a!) get the mask" #lea! $essel f(lle) '(th 'ater% &o back to Olaf(s home. ,heck the bucket on top of the well and Olaf fills it with water. ,lick the bucket of water and then go back inside the cottage. Olaf comments using the pitcher on the table for collecting ingredients. Take the pitcher. -se the pitcher on the bucket of water on the well outside and get pitcher filled with water. #harcoal: &o inside the cottage and take charcoal from under the pot on the cooking area. *n inventor% combine charcoal and pitcher filled with water to get unfinished scent. ,rtor(a! apples% Herbar(um: ,heck the books on the wall and get a herbarium. Learn that 3rtorian apples are called b% peasant 1 meeshpon or toader. Olaf has some juice down in the pantr%. F(!) the pa!try key% ,lean the house b% taking care of the dirt% dishes on the table b% left wall' picking up the net on the chair b% the door and taking the dirt% clothes off the chair at center of the room. &et pantr% ke%. -se pantr% ke% on pantr% lock. &o down to the pantr% and see 0moke%. Talk to 0moke%. Olaf will look for a job for 0moke%. Take :eeshpon juice from top of the barrel. Take old bag from right wall. Onl% the strap is not rotten. *n inventor% combine :eeshpon juice and unfinished scent. #rushe) says()e !uts: Ope! the locke) casket% &o upstairs and look close at the locked casket at bottom left corner. ,heck the lock. ,hecked the cracked pitcher at right. Take the casket ke% under the pitcher automaticall%. -se the ke% on the lock. Open the casket. Take the oil and the whetstone. Take the fishing rod at the corner behind the table with the cracked pitcher. -se the whetstone on the sickle in inventor% to get sharpened sickle. Get ays()e !uts% &o to the swamp. ,heck the 0a%side shrublet on the limb of the tree at right. *n inventor% combine the sharpened sickle with the pole. Olaf automaticall% takes the pole from the cottage and ties the sickle on the pole with the string taken from the inn to get pole with sickle. -se pole with sickle on the 0a%side shrublet. 7ick up the 0a%side shrublet and Olaf takes the 0a%side nuts. &o to the inn and use the 0a%side nuts on the mortar beside the inn(s counter or :asek. ,ombine the crushed 0a%side nuts with unfinished scent to get scent. Mask: )it the inn. ,heck the well and see the mask hanging on a twig inside the well. -se the fishing rod on the mask. *t smells. )nter the inn and give the dirt% mask to :asek. )it the inn. Then go back inside and ask :asek about the mask. Talk to :asek and he asks a favor. Take the basket of food for Old ,arrot right of door. &o home and place the basket of food on the bench. &o back to the inn. 3lia is angr%. )nter the inn and talk to :asek. 5e gives the clean mask. F(!) +r(pogala" 'amp% &o to the swamp. -se the scent with the mask. &o to deeper part of swamp and automaticall% use the scented mask. #rossroa): Look around and see ruins and broken bridge. +r(pogala% &o left and see a shack. 0ee a stump on the roof of the shack. )nter the shack and be ama+ed. 7ripogala made Olaf breathe better in the swamp. Talk to 7ripogala. Learn about the ruins, 8rugell, 6ater of Life and :%korus Tercilius :agnus, the seer. :%korus is buried close to a marker made up of cla% inside the stone circle. Olaf needs to get water of life to awaken the dead :%korus the seer. &o to the table and take the statuette from the guardian table that snarled. Look around the chamber. Take the tin from the floor beside the cauldron above heated stone. W,TER OF *-FE ,N& M/0OR1 F(!) the Water of *(fe" )it 7ripogala(s home. &o right to crossroad. Take dried resin from base of the tree at right. &o right1east and see a temple shrine that is in much better shape than others. *t is surrounded b% thorn% bushes. Make a path through thor!y bushes% &o back home and see a broken flail returned b% ,arrot%. !ead the note that is attached. *n inventor% use the knife on the old bag taken from the pantr% to get strap. Look close at the broken flail. -se the strap to fi the flail. &o back to the swamp and the shrine surrounded b% thorn% bushes. -se the flail on the thorn% bushes. E!ter the shr(!e% &o upstairs. Look around and see openings at the perimeter of the floor. *nside the openings are jewels. 3t the center is another opening 1 it is empt%. Take the piece of walling from the floor. ,heck the stone face on the pedestal. ,heck to look close at the pedestal. 0ee a statuette similar to the one taken from 7ripogala. Turn the statuette. 7lace the statuette on the slot at left. Turn the statuette and see that it doesn(t turn. -se oil taken from the casket at home on the slot. 7lace the statuette back on the greased slot. Turn the statuette. 0ee lightning flashes from above and hits the central opening. 3t the same time and for a moment onl%, a tile at right side of the floor is highlighted. *mmediatel% click on that highlighted tile. !epeat if the tile turns dark. 0ee a crack on the right top side of the tile. -se the knife on the crack at top right side. Take the cr%stal inside the hole. 7lace the cr%stal at the hole at the center of the floor. Turn the statuette on the pedestal again. 0ee lightning strike the cr%stal. )nerg% flows from the cr%stal to the openings at the perimeter. 3 stair going down is eposed. hr(!e% &o down. Look around and see < gargo%les on the edge of the empt% basin. !ead the stone plaque1table on the wall. Learn that %ou need to give offering to the goddess. ,heck the statue of the goddess with a begging hand. The other hand is broken and is on the floor. 7ull the begging hand down and hear a hissing sound from panel at the side of the chair. !epeat pulling down the hand to check the panel. 0ee that it is ver% thin to use the knife on. Ope! the pa!el% Take the stone hand from the floor. &o upstairs and see root on the ivies on the wall. -se the knife to get a root. )it the temple and go to the crossroad. *f %ou have not taken resin from the base of the tree at right, do so now. &o left to enter 7ripogala(s shack. *n inventor% place the resin in the tin cup. 7lace the resin in the tin cup on the heated stone under the cauldron to get melted resin. &o back to the goddess statue at the Temple of 6ater of Life. Look close at the panel. *n inventor%, dip the hand in the melted resin. -se the hand with resin on the panel. 4ow %ou have a handle on the panel. -se the glued hand1handle to pull the panel. 0ee that the pipe has a hole. That is what made the hissing sound. eal the hole a!) get 'ater flo'(!g% *n inventor% use the knife on the root to sharpen one end. -se the sharpened root on the melted resin and then use that root with resin on the crack in the pipe. That seals the pipe. 3utomaticall% pull down the begging hand again and see water flow for a short time out of the gargo%les( mouths. -se the cartwheel taken from home to weigh down the statue(s begging hand. That fills the basin with water of life. -se the empt% pot on the basin to get water of life. Mykorus the eer" F(!) a!) re$($e Mykorus% )it the temple and go to the crossroad. &o down to swamp borderline. 0ee the sign on the archwa% carved in stone and covered in cla% mentioned b% 7ripogala. 6hile standing behind the archwa%, go left to the path and see :%korus( grave with the spire described b% 7ripogala. -se the water of life on the soil in the enclosure 1 grave of :%korus. Oh m% 1 he(s a mushroom. Get a)$(ce% Talk to :%korus completel%. 5e would not give a reading even after reviving him. 5e wants peace. Learn what caused the scar on his face 1 slugs. &o back to the deeper part of the swamp. 3t the crossroad, see teen% bark boats on the shoreline and click on slugs on the ground. -h oh= The slugs are going south towards :%korus. &o back to :%korus and tell him about the slugs. 5e asks for protection and in return he will give a reading. +rotect(o! for Mykorus% Olaf mentions his rooster as guard. &o back home and take the near catatonic rooster from the fence. 9ring the rooster to :%korus at his grave in the swamp. Oka%, the rooster is not the best guard. &o back home and down the pantr% cellar. Talk to 0moke% and give him the promised job. >ollow 0moke% back to :%korus at the swamp. 0ee the 0moke%1rooster take care of the slugs. *mpressive. Mykorus. rea)(!g% :%korus reluctantl% gives a prediction. 8rugell(s ic% breath can cause snow storm and his magic club controls shape of ice. There are ?? artifacts that can be used against the titan. @ alread% has malicious owner. One possibilit% left, &od(s 9reath. *t has the probabilit% of death in A out of ?B cases. Dulevar of &roeden 8ingdom has it but it was on Dragon 7ride that sank. The ship is in a cliff in an ocean' nearb% is a temple built b% water sprites. &R,GON +R-&E ,N& M2ORG-N Get a 'h(te catf(sh scale" *ear! ho' to sur$($e u!)er'ater% &o back to 7ripogala and talk to her about the shipwreck. &od(s breath is a medallion that controls wind. 7ripogala will look for the shipwreck but Olaf has to get a white catfish scale to be able to survive underwater. &o back home and look at the books in the shelf. Take the 9estiar% and read it. Learn about Titans, ,hildren of the )arth and 3nimals of :agic. Learn that after death white catfish .Coliantr1white sheathfish/ looks like a plain catfish ecept for a white scale on the tail. The scale has to be a gift from the fish to keep its magic qualities. Get the catf(sh% !emember where we saw a catfish. &o to the inn and look close at the catfish above the entr%wa% to the kitchen. *t has a white spot at the tail. ,lick on white spot. Talk to :asek about the fish. Learn that Olaf(s father caught and gave it to :asek. :asek doesn(t want to part with it because empt% space above kitchen doors brings bad luck. &ive the stone hand glued to the panel to :asek. 3fter some fast talking, :asek agreed. Olaf takes the catfish off the wall. Get the scale% &o to the temple1shrine in the swamp. &o down and place the catfish in the water of life. Olaf releases the catfish in the water at the crossroad. The fish swims awa% before Olaf can ask for the scale. Olaf checks his hand and sees that the catfish left the white scale. 1!)er'ater temple" &o to 7ripogala and talk to her. 0he sends Olaf to a temple underwater. The portal sta%s open for $ da%s. ,ltar: &o to the .D/ altar at back wall of the temple. Look close at the displa% .fenestela/ on a stand with $ fishes. :ove .click/ the wheel at the base of the tablets. 0ee a stor% illustrated in stone. The titans and sea people fought for the content1artifact of the casket. 0ee the icons of the titans and sea people. $ important representatives of both sides negotiated truce. The $ nations built the temple and ehibited the artifact here. The net tablet was taken. Take the ke% on the last turn of the wheel. Look at the displa% stand on the right. *t is empt%. *(ght: 0wim down and check the glowing stone at right of the floor of the temple. *t cannot be pulled out b% hand. Temple gate% &o right and check the locked gate. Look close at the panel lock right of the door. -se the ke% taken from the altar on the hole of the ornament. The gate opens. 4ote the scratches on the floor caused b% the gate(s closing. #rossroa)" There is now a map in inventor%. !ight click it to get a closer look. !ight now the onl% place shown is the temple. &o to bottom screen .D/. Look around. We(r) creature% Look close at the .D/ stone structure at center of the crossroad. 0ee a reddish brown weird creature with pseudopods. to!e format(o!s: ,heck the stone formation at back center of the crossroad. There is a passagewa% at right part of the formation. #asket: )nter passagewa%. 0ee a wooden casket. *t is barel% holding together. 7ick up the stone on the seafloor behind Olaf. Look close at casket. -se the stone on the casket and then on the lock. ,lick to tr% and take casket. Olaf will take it later when needed. &o back to the temple either b% swimming or use of the map. 7lace the casket on the scratches on the floor b% the gate. Turn the ke% on the ornament hole panel right of the entr%wa%. Olaf closes and opens the gate. 5ear the cracking sound of the casket. Look at broken casket. Take the goblet. 0ee old sailor(s clothes. ,lick on clothes and take the coruscant .shin%/ object under the clothes. *t is the sacred s%mbol of the sea god 0asamon. Tre!ch% &o back to crossroad. &o forward through the .D/ path left of the stone formation and be at the trench. 0ee the shipwreck at left. There are skeletons around the seafloor. The trench is ahead. +ut the )am!e) souls to rest% &o forward towards the shipwreck and be stopped b% the ghosts1damned souls of the sailors of Dragon 7ride. -se the sacred s%mbol taken from the casket on an% skeleton. Olaf eorcises the sailors. -tems% Look around the sea floor. ,heck the .D/ latrine at right. Take the gauntlet and remains of sp%glass beside the latrine. ,lick on the skull inside the hole of the latrine. * can also imagine. 0ee and tr% to take a cauldron buried in the sea floor close to the left stone formation. &rago! +r()e sh(p'reck% &o to the shipwreck. The trench is now in the map. 0ee one soul not eorcised. Talk to ,aptain 5alden. 5e was under orders from 8ing 3uglemius. 5is bones were scattered b% sharks and the eorcism works onl% on skeletons. 3 promise keeps him here. Learn about Olaf(s father, 5alvard of )agle :ountains. Learn about the war between the king and his brother in law and subsequent banishment of 5alvard and his famil%. Onl% the 8ing(s daughter )rea spoke out for the famil%. Learn that &od(s 9reath was taken b% the dragon that sank the ship. The :jorgin, the water dragon is down the trench. 5is oath to the &oddess of the -nderworld is that the% won(t rest while the countr% is threatened b% enem% from the north. The enem% from north is 8rugell. M3org(!.s ca$e% &o right and down to the trench. Down at the bottom of the trench, there are $ paths: one up .down to trench/ to the mirror and right to :jorgin(s cave. &o right and see a window on the wall and right to corridor. Look through the window and see a snoring :jorgin. 0ee &od(s 9reath on displa% on the right side of the back wall. Olaf wants to lure :jorgin out of his lair and get allies to help him fight the water dragon. !emember the temple tablets. The Titans were at war with the sea people. E, #RE,T1RE &o'! to tre!ch% &o back out of the cave. &o up to Edown to trenchE. M(rror: 0ee a mirror on the rock at bottom right. Tr% to take it and Olaf sa%s he can(t hold it and swim. We(r) grass% ,heck the weird grass left of the light at center rock wall. 0omething is in the grass that wriggles. Tr% to take what is hidden there and find out that it burns like fire. -se the gauntlet taken from the latrine above the trench on the stinging grass. &et a case that fell off the Dragon 7ride. ,heck the case in inventor%. !ight click the case to get pliers out of the case. &o back to the cave and then go up to the trench rim. Mass(f: &o to crossroad and then right to a stone mountain1:assif. ,heck the underwater creepers on the base of the mountain. -se the knife to get a creeper1rope. There seems to be an opening behind the creepers. -se the knife again on the creepers to make an opening to the cave. )nter the opening and see that it is ver% dark inside. &o down the corridor and bump into something. Get l(ght% &o back to the temple via swimming or map. &o to the glowing stone at back wall. -se the pliers taken from the case hidden b% the stinging grass to get glowing stone. &o back to the opening at base of massif. Mass(f corr()or% )nter the opening and use the glowing stone. Olaf leaves it here to make a light. 0ee strange web blocking the wa%. -se the crawl1through at bottom left of the strange web. &o down the corridor and be at the opening at other side of the massif. 0ee sponge on top of the rock at center. -se knife to get sponge. Nomas the 'hale a!) M(!(k(! the shy f(sh" &o out at right. &o down the cliff. Talk to 4omas the whale. Learn about the 4autisans, the sea people that built the temple with the Titans. 4omas will help Olaf against :jorgin but 4omas can(t leave here because of :inikin, the small %ellow fish hiding under 4omas( flipper. :inikin has separation aniet%. Olaf sa%s that he will find a friend for :inikin. Learn about 3pidulas, 4autisan warrior and :jorgin(s mortal enem%. 3pidulas has a magic jewel that gives him power. Olaf tells 4omas about a mirror for :inikin. tatue.s leg% &o right screen and see a giant statue(s leg. 0ee a Twisted Oddit% that looks like script at center of the ocean floor. 4el(a!a5 the #lam at tatue.s hea)% &o right to the head of the statue. Look at statue and Olaf calls it a 4i. Talk to the clam that is on the rock structure at left. 3fter the screeching done b% the clam, its mouth cramps. Olaf sa%s that he will tr% to help. #rab at tatue.s leg% &o back down to the statue(s leg. 0wim to the left and be stopped b% a voice. Talk to the crab. 5e made the sign to alert about the clam 1 9eware of the babbling shell. 9efore the crab answers an%thing he wants food. F(!) foo) for crab% &o to crossroad .via map and then go below the shipwreck/ and look close at the rock structure at center of the ocean floor that has the weird creature. We(r) creature: 0ee that the weird creature .spitlaughter/ has 2 pseudopods. ,lick on the correct order of pseudopods to get all of them retracted in the bod%. This is a random pu++le. The spitlaughter spits out a nugget. *mmediatel% take the nugget. 4et time %ou need a nugget, just click on the spitlaughter and automaticall% get a nugget. Flashf(sh% &o back to the opening of the massif at right. 7ass through the crawl1through. 3 flashfish jumps out of the hole at left, +aps Olaf and steals the nugget. -se the sponge taken from the other opening of the massif on the hole. &o back and automaticall% take another nugget from the spitlaughter. &o through the crawl1through safel% now that the flashfish1thief is plugged in the hole. #rab% &o to the crab at statue(s leg area. &ive the nugget1spitlaughter matter to the crab. Talk to the crab completel%. Learn the cure for the clam. ,atch a flashfish and +ap ;eliana. The sea cucumber b% nearb% statue heads secretes adhesive when surprised. Learn about the temple and loss of artifact. 1!cramp the crampe) clam" 2 tatues% &o right to statue(s head and then right again. 0ee a bust of a 0ea people and a giant fish statue. 4ow that the crab mentioned about the sea cucumber' take a sea cucumber from the sea floor between the $ statues. #atch a flashf(sh% &o to the massif corridor with the strange web and the flashfish. *n inventor%, combine the sea cucumber and remains of the sp%glass taken close to the latrine at the top of the trench to get sp%glass with lime. -nclog the flashfish hole on the wall to get back the sponge. -se sp%glass with lime on the hole as replacement for the sponge. &et another nugget from the spitlaughter1weird creature at the crossroads. &o back to the massif corridor. -se the nugget on the sp%glass with lime plugging the flashfish hole. Olaf calls out to the flashfish. &otcha= &et a flashfish. Help 4el(a!a% &o to ;eliana the clam at the statue(s head area. -se the flashfish on ;eliana the clam. Talk to ;eliana completel%. Learn that the old crab lived with 3pidulas for a while. The magic jewel is not a precious stone but is a sorcerer that changed form. *t is that old crab. #rab: &o to the statue(s leg and look for the old crab. *t is gone. Get a fr(e!) for M(!(k(!% Ru(!s% &o right to statue(s head and then right again to be at the $ statues. &o down to bottom screen and see ruins. The area is now in the map. 7ick up the stone block at middle of the floor between the ruins. &o back to the $ statues at right screen. Glo'(!g f(el)% &o right of the $ statues area and see a field of glowing plants. 6atch as one of the seeds rises to the surface and eplodes spreading the seeds. Get a pla!t balloo!% &o down and see a plant up close. Look close at glowing plant. Tr% to use the knife on the stem of the plant but Olaf sa%s it will shoot up to the surface at once. -se the piece of creeper taken from opening of the massif on the stem of the plant. -se the cauldron taken from the top of the trench b% the shipwreck on the stem with creeper. -se the stone block taken from the ruins beside the $ statues on the cauldron. -se the knife to cut the stem. Take the improvised underwater balloon. Get the m(rror% -se the map and jump to shipwreck b% trench. &o down the trench and the up path to the Edown the trenchE. -se the underwater balloon on mirror to get hooked mirror. ,lick on hooked mirror to raise it up. Take mirror. M(!(k(!.s fr(e!)% &o to 4omas and :inikin. &ive the mirror to 4omas. 0ee :inikin looking at itself on the mirror. ,+-&1*, F(!) ,p()ulas" &o to ;eliana the clam and ask where 3pidulas is. 3pidulas lives in a tower above 4autisia. Tra$el to to'er% Talk to 4omas and he brings Olaf to the tower of 3pidulas. The location is now in the map. To'er: 8nock on the tower door and no one answers. &o to the back of the tower. Look through the window. Octopus% 3 frightened octopus comes out of the tuft of sea grass below the window and goes to the rock1den at left. Look at the den of octopus. 0ee that the octopus is hiding a strap with a clasp. Tr% to take the strap. 4o dice. Take the strap% -se the sea cucumber on the tuft of sea grass under the window. &o left to the back of the tower and then come back. Look close at den of octopus again. The hiding octopus is stuck on the sea grass. Take the strap from the den of the octopus. !ight click the strap in inventor% and see that it is a conch with headgear. Ea$es)rop% -se the conch with headgear on the front door of the tower. Overhear 3pidulas looking for his ear trumpet. Olaf needs to return the ear trumpet to 3pidulas so that he can hear his door knock. Retur! ,p()ulas. ear trumpet" +lace the trumpet (!s()e the to'er% &o to the back of the tower twice. 0ee that the window above has a crack on it. *n inventor%, combine the flashfish and the conch with headgear. *nsert the flashfish with ear trumpet through the crack in the window. 7lace the sponge on the hole to plug the crack. Make the flashf(sh s'(m to ,p()ulas% -se the map to go back to the temple or shipwreck. 4omas brings Olaf to the cliffs. 0wim back to the get nugget from the weird creature1spitlaughter at the crossroad. -se the map to go back to 3pidulas( tower. -se the nugget on the door of 3pidulas( tower. 0ee Olaf insert the nugget under the door and calls the flashfish. 5ear 3pidulas chase and catch the flashfish with the ear trumpet. ,p()ulas% 8nock on door. Talk to 3pidulas completel%. 5e eiled himself here awa% from what(s left of his people. Learn about the animosit% between the titans and nautisans. Learn about the loss of the artifact, the 3mulet of 6utglias and the war that resulted. 3pidulas agreed to help if Olaf brings his jewel back. The jewel is >enintair, the old crab and the close friend of 3pidulas. FEN-NT,-R ,N& M-N-0-N" -se the map to go back to the temple. :inikin and the mirror is not here. 4omas is worried. F(!) a 'ay to locate the crab a!) M(!(k(!% &o right twice and talk to the clam about :inikin. Learn about blue starfishes. Talk to 4omas about the blue starfishes. 9lue starfishes show directions b% changing colors. The% can find an%thing missing if the% touch something or someone it is related to. The% can be found b% green starfishes. 4omas brings Olaf to the 3toll caves. *t is top left of the map. +(ck up (!k em(tter% Look around. 0ee an odd creature beside Olaf. Tr% to take the creature. *t emits ink. &o left and see interesting stones on the ocean floor beside the hot spring. Tr% to take some. *t(s hot. -se the goblet1chalice taken from the crate b% the crossroad earlier on the red hot rocks. -se the red hot rocks on the odd creature1ink spitter. *t unsticks itself and falls. Take the ink spitter. earch the ca$er!s% &o through the opening on the overhang of the cave. 0ee green starfishes on the floor. &o left1deeper into the cave and see a room full of glowing stems. *t is ver% bright in there. -se the ink spitter on the glowing stems. 6hen the room darkens, see a dark opening at bottom right side. &o through that opening to another cave, out to sea and eventuall% be at a shore. 6lue starf(shes% 0ee blue starfishes on the sand floor. Take a blue starfish. The first one has some green spots on it. Take another blue starfish. 0wim back to the sea and go left. The ebb tide has gone down leaving Olaf stranded on this side of the cliff. 0wim back to the shore. Olaf sta%s the night and speculates that blue starfishes are like butterflies and that the green ones are still in the caterpillar to pupa stage. The net morning, Olaf sees the hull 1 remains of the blue starfish he got last night. Take another blue starfish. ,lick to go to the sea. 0ee the hatched blue starfish 1 it looks like a crawling butterfl%. Olaf takes the creature for 4omas. 0wim back to sea and go until 4omas. F(!) M(!(k(!" 9ack at the cliffs, Olaf touches the blue starfish on 4omas. ,heck the starfish and see that one arm changed color. 3utomaticall%, 4omas and Olaf swim to where :inikin is supposed to be. Outside the massif opening, 4omas sta%s outside. )nter the opening and see the little %ellow fish behind the strange web. 0tud% 1 right click the strange web and see that it is made up of live organisms. &o outside and talk to 4omas. F(!) Fe!(!ta(r5 the ol) crab" 4omas brings Olaf back at the cliffs. &o right twice to ;eliana, the clam. -se blue starfish on clam. &o back to 4omas. Olaf and 4omas swim to Ewhere the blue starfish pointsE. ,heck the bunch of big boulder at right. &o to place starfish points to. Fe!(!ta(r: Talk to magic jewel1crab. Learn about the plant ;eliana chews that speeds things up. Learn that he left 3pidulas and that 3pidulas and :jorgen were best friends first half of their life. Their teacher was a kraken named 5edarius. Olaf devised a plan. The old crab sits on the arm of 3pidulas and shoots the magic against his opponent. Olaf tells the crab to release onl% weak magic. 5e also planned to get the &od(s 9reath while the $ are fighting. Then when he has &od(s 9reathe he will threaten them and be the common enem%. Olaf takes the >enintair1old crab in his bag. 4omas delivers them to 3pidulas( tower. ,p()ulas: 8nock on door and talk to 3pidulas. GO&. 6RE,TH Get (! M3org(!.s )e!" M3org(!.s la(r% !ide 4omas to the cliffs. 5ear sounds. 0ee 3pidulas and :jorgin dueling at glowing field. &o to :jorgin(s den b% using the map and jump to shipwreck b% the trench. M(rror: &o down the trench and go up1north. 0ee the mirror here. ,lick on the mirror to speculate that :jorgin eats planktons because he cannot hunt an%more. &o back up and enter the cave at right. ,ontinue down the corridor and look around :jorgin(s lair. ,heck the junk at bottom left and take some gold junk. Turtle: &o right and see a turtle eating sea weed. 1!)ersta!) the turtle% Talk to the turtle and reali+e that she speaks so slowl% that she cannot be understood. !emember what crab said about clam and the speed herbs she eats. &o to clam at statue head area ..jump to ruins and go left/. Take plants of speed beside clam. &o back to :jorgin(s lair. ,heck the sea weed the turtle is eating. ,heck the dragon ship at right. Olaf faces the dragon ship and the turtle chews more. Then 1 as soon as the turtle gets seaweed, place the plants of speed on the pile of sea weed beside her. Talk to turtle. +ass the turtle% ,onvince turtle that %ou are :jorgin(s friend. 0he asks questions about :jorgin. 6hat does :jorgin eatD *f %ou alread% saw the mirror outside the cave 1 answer planktons. 6hat is on :jorgin(s flagD !emember the displa%1fenestela at the altar in the temple. 3nswer titan(s head with snake hairs. 6ho was :jorgin(s teacherD !emember the stor% told b% >enintair, the old crab. 3nswer 5edarius the Titan. The turtle believes that %ou are :jorgin(s friend and %ou can now pass through. Get Go).s 6reath" Get (! M3org(!.s treasury% Look around the slides, machine and glass door of the treasur%. Look at the slides on the floor. *t is made out of tiles. 0liderD ,lick or tr% to move a tile and see how a slider should be solved. Look close at slides again. -nder the tiles are sprigs. ,heck the sprigs. 6eigh each of the sprigs with one of the " pieces of gold junk taken from the pile of gold at :jorgin(s lair outside. Take the fragment off the tile at top left. 7ress the button at top left. The glass door of the treasur% opens. M3org(!.s treasury% Look around. ,heck the eit and reali+e that the glass door closed. ,heck the pedestal bottom left. *t is empt%. &od(s 9reath is not here and was taken b% :jorgin to battle. ,heck the golden lamp on another pedestal. :/ ,heck the gold pile. Tr% to take something. ,lick on gold pile second time and get the missing tablet from the displa% at the altar in the temple. Look at it and reali+e that the artifact that went missing is a blue starfish. !emember what %ou speculated about blue starfish, green starfish and the hatching. ,lick on the gold pile again and get a scepter with a diamond. Look close at scepter with diamond in inventor%. -se the knife on the diamond to remove it. -se the diamond on the window at left and Olaf cuts a hole on the window. &o through hole. top the battle% -se map to go to glowing field. Talk to 3pidulas. -se the blue starfish on 3pidulas. That(s sad. &o to the temple. 7lace the blue starfish on the shrine1empt% p%ramidal displa% at right. )it the temple and talk to 3pidulas. 5e gives &od(s 9reath and a cr%stal shell. &o back inside the temple and stand on the portal. M(sty 4alley% 9e back in 7ripogala(s place. Talk to her. &o back home and talk to 3lia. )nter the hut and Olaf automaticall% changes clothes. Talk to 3lia again. &o back to 7ripogala. 0he sends Olaf to 8rugell(s *ce 7lains. Learn about the Deves, blue skinned people. The warming potion will keep Olaf warm from free+ing breath. 0R1GE** #heck the $(llage" Look around the village. There are < empt% huts and one locked one. *ocke) hut% The locked one on the left has smoke coming out of the hut. Look at the lock. *t has a small hole at the center. Take the shovel at bottom left. Ma!ger% ,heck the snow% bump beside the middle hut. -se the shovel on the snow% bump. -ncover a manger. Look close at manger and see salt crust. -se knife to scrape and then get salt. kull h(ll% &o right and see a hill with a skull on top. The wa% up is made up of ice and cannot be climbed with no help. There are $ signs planking the wa% up. ,heck the left sign with a bear on it and take the lamp with no oil inside. -ce Mou!ta(!% #re$asse: &o to back area towards the crevasse. ,heck the wreckage at right. *t is the outrigger of the ship. &o inside the crevasse. ,heck the e%es peeking out of hole at left. *t is a snow cat with " kittens. mall sto!e portal% &o down to a stone portal with a s%mbol. *e$er: ,heck the lever at left. *t is fro+en. -se salt on the fro+en lever. Look close at lever and see that it can be moved forward, middle and back. 6hen the lever is pushed back, the door opens. Foyer: &o inside. ,heck the large door at right. *t must be 8rugell(s entrance. ,heck the chains seen through the hole on the wall. *(ttle )oor% ,heck the little door at center. ,heck the red stain and Olaf thinks it is blood sacrifice. ,heck the slot at right. 3 lever is missing. Turn the knob and then click on door. *t is an elevator shaft 1 dumbwaiter. Take the pin off the inside of the door. ,lose door and take the knob now. That lock looks familiar. (ck &e$e 'oma!% Ope! locke) hut% )it the room and crevasse. &o to the locked hut and look close. -se the knob taken from the little door on the lock. Turn the knob and enter the hut. -!s()e the hut% 0ee a sick Deve woman in bed. Talk to the woman. 0he wants drink. Look around. Take a bowl from the table in foreground. -se the knife on the fur on right bed to get piece of fur. ,heck the stove and the coal scuttle beside the stove. The coal scuttle has dr% animal droppings in it. -se the piece of the fur on coal scuttle to get dr% droppings. +a!try: Open the little door at below the eit. 0ee meat hanging. -se knife to get meat and then use knife again on the fat at top part of the meat. Take fish from bowl. Water: )it the hut. -se bowl on the snow heap right of the door to the Deve(s hut. &o back inside the hut. 6ait a few seconds and the water in bowl will melt. Do not use the bowl of snow on stove or the bowl will break. &ive the bowl of water to sick woman. Fuck= 0he wants fire water. #l(mb the h(ll to the skull hut% )it the hut and go to the skull. Olaf checks the path going up between the $ signs. &o back and talk to the sick woman about the ice path up to hut. 0he sa%s there are crampons under bed. ,heck underneath each of the < active beds to get crampons. )it and use crampons on the path between the $ signs. kull hut% Look around. 0ee carvings on the perimeter bones. Take the basket beside the perimeter bones. Look at space behind stairs. :ove the fur with blue stripes. :ove the chipped bone and take the bo. Take the eplosive cr%stals and the skin of brand%. -!format(o!% &o back to the Deve woman and give the brand%. Learn about her wanting to kill 8rugell. The wa% to 8rugell is pass small passage, large passage, lab%rinth and then 8rugell. 8rugell sa%s darkness is coming. 8rugell killed her son. 0he sa%s the lever of the small door is in the skull hut. ,heck the aromatic potion on the open bowl above her head. 3sk Deve woman about the aromatic potion. Take the kamimiki, h%pnotic potion. *(ght the lamp% *n inventor%, right click the lamp and see it in close up. -se fat on the slot on the back of the lamp. -se filled lamp on stove to get burning lamp. Get )umb'a(ter le$er% ,limb up to the skull hut. &o upstairs to the top level. ,heck the bowl and get lever. F(!) 'ay to 0rugell" Get outr(gger% &o back to the crevasse. -se the dr% droppings on the ice holding the outrigger. Light the dr% droppings with the burning lamp. Take the outrigger. Ope! large )oor% &o inside the crevasse and to the open small stone portal. 7rop the open door of the stone portal with the outrigger. Look close at lever left of the open door. 7ull the lever to forward position. &o inside to the fo%er area. 0ee that the large door is open and the beginning of the ma+e. Ma7e map% 6e need more info about the ma+e. &o back to the sick Deve woman and ask about the ma+e. 0he mentions about !eul stor%. !eul is owl. &o to skull hut and click on carving on perimeter bone. Olaf reads about lost Deve and bear' and the subsequent reunion of the bear with her cubs in the village. Go through ma7e% -sing the stor% clue, go inside the crevasse. Look close at the snow cat(s hole and tr% to stroke the snow cat. Olaf is scratched. *n inventor%, combine the h%pnotic potion with the fish. &ive the fish with h%pnotic to the snow cat inside the hole. Take the cat and the kittens. Olaf puts the kitties in the basket. &o inside the stone portal 1 fo%er. -se the lever taken from the skull hut on the slot right of the little door. 7lace the basket of kitties inside the dumbwaiter. ,lose the door and pull the lever to send the basket of kitties up to 8rugell(s lair. &o to large door and Olaf releases the cat. 0ee paw prints on the snow. >ollow the paw prints. Olaf automaticall% leaves marks to show his wa% back. Get to 0rugell" 6arbs: &o towards the staircase and 8rugell. 3 sound alerted 8rugell and he throws his club. &o forward again and a barrier of barbs blocks the path. ,heck the runes of the club 1 ,lubplusfive. Tr% the knife on the barbs. -se the eplosive cr%stals on the barbs. 3utomaticall%, get " barbs. Take the stone on the ice floor at left. to!e colum!% ,heck the cube on top of the shelf at right. ,lick on that Ewa% aroundE left of the cube. The stone column at right is now activated. Look close at the stone column. 0ee veins on the column. ,lick on an intersection of the veins and see " weak spots. -se knife on the " weak spots. " small cuts in ice are made. -se the " barbs on the small cuts in ice. -se the stone to hammer in the " barbs. #ube: ,limb up to the cube and wa% around. 0ee that wa% around is blocked b% barbs also. ,heck the penguin and swordfishes. ,heck the cube and Olaf tries to push the cube. -se an eplosive cr%stal on the space under the ice cube. The cube falls to the floor. Take the cube. -se the cube on the barbs. -se eplosive cr%stal on the cube placed b% the barbs. The cube flips over and smashes some barbs. 7ush the cube to make a path. #o!fro!t 0rugell% &o upstairs and Olaf automaticall% drinks the warming potion. Talk to 8rugell. 5e blows cold air on Olaf and Olaf is encased in ice. The ice covering Olaf melts. Taunt 8rugell. 8rugell blows more cold air. -se &od(s 9reath on the turbulent snow in front of Olaf. The snow blows back to 8rugell and his legs are encased in ice. ,heck the base of the ice column right of 8rugell. 4ote that it is hollow. 4ote also that ever% time 8rugell growls, the ice stalactites above shake. The% react to the sound. 4et time %ou encase 8rugell in ice, use &od(s 9reath immediatel% on the opening at base of the hollow ice column right of 8rugell. The sound breaks off a stalactite. 4ote that there(s a crack beside the dropped stalactite. 6hen possible, use an eplosive cr%stal on that crack. 8rugell falls to the ground. +r(!cess Erea% &o to the entr%wa% on the left. ,heck the black mirror. 0ee the petrified princess. ,lick on the princess and Olaf does the traditional wa% of waking up a princess. -h oh= The stor% twists. 7rincess )rea makes Olaf understand 8rugell. 0rugell: Talk to 8rugell and learn what this is all about. 8rugell was tr%ing to destro% the ;amorian 9ond. The ;amorian 9ond is a magic amulet that controls Titans. 7ripogala wants to rebuild the cit% of Tor destro%ed b% the Titans. The Titans were slaves of the rulers of Tor. 3 plan is formed. 0he cannot use the portal within the area unless she drops the amulet spelled b% )rea. Outside the crevasse the protection on the amulet is gone. The witch has to be trapped in the area. Reco$er the 4amor(a! 6o!)" +rop o! )oor% )nter the elevator control room 1 mouth of the giant head. ,heck the reflection in the EmonitorE. Olaf remembers the outrigger prop on the door. ,heck the $ levers. Olaf takes the basket from the dumbwaiter1elevator. Talk to 8rugell again. 5e mentions another wa% to the stone door with the propped outrigger. )it through the secret passage left of the stairs and be at the village. &o to the crevasse and the stone door. &o inside to automaticall% take the outrigger and close the door. Heate) )oor% 8rugell closes the large door. 7ripogala is trapped. 0he starts to burn the door. -se &od(s 9reath on the heated door. The door needs continuous cooling and Olaf makes a plan. 5eat the knife on the door. -se the white hot knife on the ice floor in front of the door. -se the outrigger on the cut on the floor. *n inventor%, use knife on fur to get leather strips. -se &od(s 9reath on the outrigger on the ice. 3utomaticall% tie &od(s 9reath on the outrigger using the strips. G($e the '(tch a cho(ce% &o back to 8rugell b% going to the village and clicking on the secret passage .hut at bottom left/. Talk to 8rugell about the plan using the eplosives. &o to the room in the mouth of the giant head. *n inventor%, combine the eplosive cr%stal and the warming potion. -se the eplosive pack down the elevator1dumbwaiter. Olaf sa%s that the elevator is blocked. )it and go down the hall. Take 8rugell(s club. 7lace the club in the dumbwaiter and automaticall% take the eplosive pack out. Talk to 8rugell and get him to make ice barbs with his club. &o back in the mouth elevator room and see that the club made a crevice in the dumbwaiter. Take the club out of the dumbwaiter. -se the eplosive pack in the destro%ed dumbwaiter. Take the 4amor(a! 6o!)% &o through the secret passage left of the stairs. &o to crevasse and door. Olaf takes the &ods 9reath. Open door using the lever and enter the fo%er. 0ee 7ripogala(s shoes and clothes. 7ick up the ;amorian 9ond amulet. Truces: &o back to 8rugell and the princess. Learn what reall% killed the witch. Talk to 8rugell. Learn how he and his brother were born. Learn also about the Deve(s son. 8rugell promises not to be a threat an%more to the &reoden )mpire thus releasing ,aptain 5alden from his oath. &o to the room upstairs where the 7rincess was found. Take the cr%stal on the floor that will protect Olaf from the cold weather. &o downstairs to leave 8rugell. Olaf sa%s goodb%e to the witch.

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