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Excepts from J an Spiller’sAstrology for the Soul
Aries or First House
What to develop
Trusting one?s impulses
Constructive self-interest
Moderation in giving
What to Change
Seeing oneself through others? eyes
Debilitating selflessness
Being Mr or Ms Nice
Obsessive attachment to fairness and justice
Co-dependence: attachment to external harmony
?Tit for tat? mentality
Overall things to avoid or what Aries North Node needs to be aware of:
A preoccupation with justice. Aries are very giving people by nature, yet their need for justice and absolute
fairness is abyssal. Start with ?playing fair? with themselves by not giving more than they feel comfortable
doing and know that nothing will be reciprocated. An unending search for an ideal, committed partnership. The
feeling of completeness they are seeking can only be achieved individually; and not a by-product of a
relationship, no matter how wonderful the other person is.
By going their own direction, the appropriate people will be drawn into their life support them
The Real Wants and Desires of Aries North Node
To experience happiness, harmony, fairness, and support with one person whom they love.
To achieve this, they first must be that kind of partner to themselves. By learning about themselves, and
understandthey true needs and desires, they will attract this in their mate.
They need to find what make and brings them joy and do those things that are self-nurturing. This will make
them have sense of balance.
Taurus or the 2nd House
What to Develop:
Awareness of boundaries
Taking things one step at a time
A sense of self-worth
Awareness of personal values
Honoring expressed needs of self and others
Enjoying the five physical senses
Awareness of nurturing from Mother Earth (Taurus isan earth sign)
What to change
Attraction to crisis situations
Over concern with other?s business
Inappropriate intensity
J udgmental tendencies
Preoccupation with the psychological motivations of others
Resistance to cooperating with what others want
Destroying something in order to eliminate one part
Obsessive-compulsive tendencies
Overall what to avoid? a need to seek self-worth through others.
What is really wanted: to merge with someone else?s energy and feel mutual empowerment.
For this to happen: Taurus north node people must first get in touch with their own values? Must become strong
within themselves, aware of what they want, and tune in to what is real and meaningful for them.
The challenge is to establish their own energy systems and figure out who they are as individuals. As their
energy becomes stronger, they will automatically attract mates of similar energy with whom they can form
successful partnerships.
Gemini or Third House
Qualities to Develop
Healthy curiosity
Asking questions to learn how others think
Seeing both sides of a situations
Communication of internal dichotomies
A positive approach to life and other people
Purposely cheering up others
Using a non-threatening approach when expressing ideas
Openness to new ideas and experiences
Seeking factual informational before making decisions
Character Traits to Lose
Assuming others know ?where they?re at?
Thinking one knows what others? views into account
Careless spontaneity
Taking shortcuts
Taking oneself too seriously; having a ponderous approach to life
Acting on intuition without checking the facts
Resisting ideas that are foreign to one?s belief system
Prejudging present situations on thebasis of past experience
Traits to Watch For?to Avoid
Self-Righteousness can lead them into the endless search for Truth. Since it?s impossible to be ?right? all the
time, they never feel good about themselves. Because they argue that they are right, theypush others away.
With enough humility and openness to really listen to others? view points, they can get to know others which
will help them feel more connected.
Cancer or Fourth House
Characteristics to Develop
Noticing and validating feelings
Nurturing and supporting others
Building one?s own foundation and security
Honest disclosure of feelings and insecurities
Accepting others? foibles and fluctuating moods without judgments
Staying centered in one?s own feelings
Characteristics to Release
Needing to control everything and everyone
Compulsion to take charge without fully understanding the situation
Ignoring the process; being too focused on the goal
Feeling completely responsible for everything
Hiding feelings and fears in intimate relationships
Doing things to gain respect or admiration from others
Taking care of others? feelings and neglecting one?s own
Doing what is ?socially acceptable? rather than what is totally honest
Thinking that things have to be difficult in order to be important
Cancer North Nodes or the Fourth House people must to realize their need to be in control and that in reality,
they can?t really control people or situations enough to feel that it?s safe to be themselves. They tend to
inappropriately seize others? responsibility by taking charge of situations in other people?s lives without being
asked. This comes from a great demand for acknowledgment. Others won?t be able to give enough recognition
to their satisfaction. These people will not have enough confidence to feel safe from vulnerability. At some
point, they will have to risk in letting others know the truth about their insecurities, along with the fears of
abandonment and rejection. After doing this, they will actually gain total safety by revealing their feelings
through taking charge of them at a deeper level.
They want is absolute control over every area of their lives at all times. Power to succeed is the ultimate goal
and an insatiable need. By being in touch with their insecurities, feelings and sharing the truth about this is the
way to attain this goal.
Acknowledging their insecurities will give Cancer North Node people a stable base to create success in the
outer world, since they are no longer fighting or resisting the truth about who and what they really are.
Releasing this hidden agenda gives a calm, inner assurance of accomplishing their goals. This will also help
develop an awareness and support of other?s feelings as well as for themselves.
Leo or the 5th House
Characteristic to Develop
Willingness to take ?center stage?
Following one?s heart?s desires
Strengthening one?s willpower
Taking risks
Relating to the childlike quality in others
Enjoying life-having fun
Looking at life as a game
Developing an ?It?s up to me? attitude.
Characteristics to Release
Yielding to peer pressure in order to ?belong?
Detaching from emotional situations
Waiting for others to prompt one?s own actions
Excessive daydreaming
Running away from confrontations
For Leo North Node, an awareness of the overriding needs to feel the acceptance of peers. Friends can?t give
enough support for them to break out as individuals and take advantage of the exciting opportunities life brings.
Becoming their own best friend and encourage themselves to go after their dreams that will make them
They tend to get wrapped up in finding out more knowledge and they can?t get enough of it to push them
forward. They want to have ensured successful creative action and continue to go with the flow, waiting for
happiness to come to them. Risking it all and creating their happiness is key and the knowledge will come with
Leo North Node people really want to receive love. They have an endless need to experience loving energies
from others. When they give love to others, all the love they want will come to them. Through the use of
creativity to contribute to happiness of others, they create the audience they are looking for. Leo North Node
knows they are on the right track by the applause and approval they have by others.
These people can accurately use their gift of objectivity to see the games being played around them. The best
use of this gift is in intensely creative projects.
Virgo or Sixth House
Characteristics to Develop
Bringing order to chaos
Creating routines
Focusing on the here and now
Acting on feelings of compassion
Being of service to others
Analyzing and categorizing
Gaining self-confidence through experience
Taking risks in spite of fears
Noticing and valuing details
Characteristics to Release
Being a victim (or having a victim consciousness
Confusion and disorientation
Avoidance of planning
Escapism/addictive tendencies though?
drugs, alcohol, excessive sleep, unhealthy relationships
Feelings of inadequacy
Vagueness (not wanting to commit)/inaction
Giving up
Virgo North Nodes people tend to have a victim consciousness. Others can never give enough reassurance to
overcome their inner feelings of helplessness or paranoia. Only when they stop and reevaluate through
introspection with themselves will they understand what they have been doing. This process will help them
discover what outer structure they need to create in order to give themselves inner strength and purpose. This
will help stop the endless search for a mentor or savior whom they can blindly and to when they can surrender
to. However life has shown them that inward surrender will not make the external world orderly and productive.
To achieve their goals, they need to organize their lives in a way that fits them to make them feel safe and
security. The more they actually participant in life, the more they will find what they are looking for within
themselves?.confidence and self-worthiness.
To get what Virgo North Nodes really want is security in peace and oneness, they must service others in the
here and now. They tend to focus on the Universal themes of life and want to get lost in this reality. Shifting
their focus on participation and services will restore order in situations surrounding them.
Scorpio and 8th House
Characteristic to Develop
Self discipline
Choosing constructive change
Releasing whatever causes stagnation and low energy
Eliminating non-useful possessions
Enjoying things without having to own them
Accepting support from others (ideas, money, opportunities)
Enjoying high-risk situations that make one feel alive
Awareness of others? psychology (desires, wants, needs and motives)
Openness to partnering, supporting, and merging power with others
Characteristics to Release
Attachment to comfort and the status quo
Overconcern with accumulation and ownership
Questioning past decisions
Getting bogged down in sensual appetites
Repeatedly doing things one way (the hard way), knowing there is an easier way
Resistance to change and others? input
Scorpio North Node?s focus is comfort, through accumulation of money and possessions.
These people will never have enough money and personal property to afford to bond with another and feel their
needs are completely being met.
What they really want is money and accumulating financial resources and material possessions to gain a sense
of comfort and stability so they can really begin to live. To achieve this goal, they must be willing to form
partnerships with others, finding others who have similar values and resources (money or talent) that they can
share. When Scorpion North Node uses their talents to enhance their partner?s energy, truly linking with others
as a team, then success is there.
Sagittarius or the Ninth House
Characteristics to Develop
Reliance on intuition, prophetic abilities, and invisible guidance
Speaking from one?s Higher Consciousness
Developing a sense of freedom and adventure with spontaneity
Direct communication free from censorship
Trusting oneself
Spending time alone and in nature
Intuitive listening or hearing the meaning behind the words
Characteristics to Release
Second-guessing what others are thinking
Perpetually seeking more information
Saying what others want to hear
Invalidating intuitive knowing with logic
Impatience ~wanting immediate answers, validation
Trusting others? perceptions and thoughts instead of one?s own.
The biggest issue for Sagittarius North Node/9th House is the need for mental security. They want to say all the
right things, so others will like them and agree with them. They got on endless search for the Truth to figure out
what to do.
Sages need to trust their own intuition and trust and act out of the own truth through integrity, which will draw
the right people to them to help gain that security and peace of mind that they search. These people never have
enough information. Their thirst for knowledge and spiritual ?truth? keeps them distracted, instead of simply
trusting their inner guidance.
Feeling a connection with others is what Sages/9th house people really want. They want to be understood,
appreciated and supported for who and what they are. When they speak through their intuition, all the right
words come as do the right people who are attuned as they are.
Capricorn or Tenth House
Characteristics to Develop
Self- control
Approaching life from an adult position
Staying goal oriented
Sensible approaches to problem solving
Keeping commitments and promises
Letting go of the past
Accepting responsibility for success
Characteristics to Release
Insecurity leading to inaction
Limiting self through fear
Using the past to avoid the present
Isolation-spending too much time at home
Lack of self-respect
Avoidance of personal risk
Controlling others through emotional overreactions
Capricorn North Node/10th house people need to become aware of their dependence. Their desire to be taken
care of which can lead them into a trap of endless searching for security. Emotional dependencies with others
that forces people into becoming a basis for their security. They need lots of reassurance to feel safe and need to
gain the ability to act like an adult and take charge of their own lives.
By recognizing they can take the risk and full responsibility for the consequences, they can gain self respect,
assurance that they are looking for. Once they do this, they will feel secure and have control of their destiny.
Capricorn North nodes need to take charge of creating what they want for themselves and pursue their goals,
helping them gain that much wanted secure and much needed self-respect.
Aquarius or 11th House
Characteristics to Develop
Objectivity (seeing the total picture)
Desire for friendship
Making decisions for the group?s best interest
Willingness to share unconventional ideas
Willingness to champion humanitarian causes
Active participation in groups
Awareness of equality
Relating to others as individuals, apart from their specific roles
Creating win/win situations
Recognizing how others are special
Characteristics to Release
Insistence on getting one?s way
Making changes just to exercise authority
Attachment to taking risks (romance or gambling)
Willfulness and stubbornness
Attachment to the need for approval
Melodramatic tendencies
Doing what?s expected instead of following one?s heart
Unbridled passion- going to extreme
Unawareness of others? importance
Prideful responses based on fear
Aquarian North Node need to aware of their needs for approval from others. They need to risk disapproval and
be true to self and nontraditional ideals in order to develop the deeper and more satisfying of self approval.
They never feel free to dedicate themselves to humanitarian concerns unless they can forget their personal
desire. When they add their considerable gifts and abilities toward making universal causes successful, their
efforts are energizing and rewarding for everyone concerned. If Aquarian North Node people dedicate
themselves to a larger cause, they will find that the Universe will fulfill them on the personal level as well. They
need to mindful of the old adage: ? Be careful of what you ask for, you may just get it.?
Overall, these people want to be loved and in love. They need to learn to go with the flow, to tell the Universe
what they want and let life bring others who will recognize and adore them. Learning to receive love naturally,
to be open to opportunity and response to those who come into their live to love them.
Pisces or 12th House
Characteristics to Develop
Being nonjudgmental
Surrendering anxiety to a Higher Power
Freeing the mind through meditation and self-reflection
Focusing on the spiritual pathway
Trusting in positive outcomes
Acknowledging connection with the universe
Welcoming change
Characteristics to Release
Hyper anxiety reactions
Obsessive worry
Exaggerating the importance of details
Critical first reactions
Fault finding ? making others wrong
Excessive anxiety over making mistakes
Being Mr. or Ms. Perfect
Staying in unpleasant situations
Pisces North Node people need to be aware of their need for order and unending search for perfection. This
need for perfect order helps them feel secure in themselves, yet this can cause continual tensions. Their ideal
life or others? ideal is never good enough to let go of the control, postponing love and joy in their lives.
They need to accept that the universe?s plan is the best around for all around and let it unfold in divine timing
perfection. The only place they create perfect order is within themselves, by surrendering to the Higher Power
and trusting that everything is in order as it should be. Pisces North Node must blindly trust the Infinite and
accept everything contributes to their greater good and happiness.
Pisces North Node want to be right all the time and for everyone to follow their plan?because ?they know best.?
They first need to accept that they don?t know the plan and need to turn away from rigidity physical and
material planning for themselves and everyone else. Trusting and surrendering to the Higher Power?s wisdom
will change their situations to be alignment that they really want.
Pisces rules enlightened states of consciousness, the oceanic feeling of oneness with all life. The life purpose is
to nurture that state and make it part of their daily experience.
**Excerpt from J an Spiller’s”