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North Node in Aries —South Node in Libra

Traditionally, theNorth Node in Ariesgives great physical courage and daring. It may make you rash, but
fortune will favor your boldness. The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in Libra may mean protracted lawsuits are
an important part in your life or that you will at some point be separated from your home. As you grow older,
you stretch farther and farther to reach your North Node in Aries which makes you self-assertive,
independent, and full of life force. In previous lifetimes you abdicated responsibility for your own life to
others, letting partners make all the decisions for you. Now you are here to be an individual, and
circumstances in your life will always conspire to force you into decisive action made after little or no
consultation. Until you begin spiritual or psychological work on yourself, you may not know who you are
except in reference to others. If you are unconscious, you will tend to think that what others want is what you
want and will try to make yourself happy by doing what others are doing. This leads to deep depression.
You still retain the past life habit of seeing both sides of very issue. When presented with a decision, you may
analyze the various perspectives until you are literally sick of yourself. Exhausted from your own paralysis,
you will finally resort to bold action and tap into that primal Aries energy. You can be irrational in your
relationships, which causes you problems. The issue usually stems from your attempts to be fair to everyone.
Every sign except thenorth nodein aries knows this is virtually impossible. You hesitate to take the
leadership roles you know you should pursue because you are afraid of dealing with the disharmony that may
result form your decisions. However, leadership roles are the best thing for you. Especially in the work
arena, you should take charge whenever the opportunity presents itself. In addition to fearing conflict, another
problem that makes relationships difficult for you is being too rational in your approach. Using your head may
land you an appropriate mate, a prestigious position, and the birth of children at convenient times, but it also
leads to a life without love and passion, which isn’t much of a life at all. In previous incarnations you
approached the world through your mind. You came into this lifetime with a well-developed intellect and are
certainly capable of deep thought. However, you incarnated not necessarily to think but toact and to exert
your personal force onto the world around you. As a carrier of thenorth nodein aries, it is your birthright to
put yourself first. “I” is your key concept. In fact, some of the greatest commentary on self-consciousness in
Western Civilization comes from individuals with the north node in aries placement, includingSocrates,
Descartes, Sigmund Freud, and Carl J ung. Reading can help you develop and is likely to become more
important to you as you age. If you put too much emphasis on your South Node, you may be afraid of being
alone, are overly concerned about your appearance, indecisive or even a doormat. To activate your Aries
energy, try something new. Any outdoor activity is likely to be beneficial (hunting especially), as are contact
sports such as boxing, karate, football and hockey. Traveling by yourself is also good for you. You might
also like the National Guards, scouts, or any other organized regime. Careers indicated for the north node in
aries placement are fashion design, artistic endeavors of all kinds, editing, publicity, and sports.
North Node in Taurus —South Node in Scorpio
With thenorth nodein taurus, it is usually said the individual will enjoy the arts and find great pleasure in
love. It can also indicate pessimism and hesitation, which should be overcome. The Dragon’s Tail in Scorpio
connotes an individual who seeks shortcuts to success and a lack of courage. In the past, as thenorth nodein
taurus, you lived through the hell of death and rebirth. You had powerful sexual urges that led to questionable
relationships or practiced witchcraft. Often, there is a spillover effect into the current lifetime. You may find
that each day brings a different crisis. Self-discovery is called for in thenorth nodein taurus. It will lead you
to develop new values and create the place of inner peace which you so desperately desire. From your past life
experiences, you find it difficult to believe that others are not out to take advantage of you or at least have an
agenda. If you are not spiritually developed, you may still seek to revenge yourself for various real or
imagined wrongs. You do this my creating scenarios that destroy your relationships, the demise of which you
blame on the helpless victims of your manipulation. You have very intense feelings which, if not channeled
constructively, can lead to outbursts. Thenorth nodein taurus wants stability, but unconsciously act to create
chaos because it is a familiar feeling for you. You are in control of your life, but you may not be conscious of
it. As you mature, you will find a way to deal with the emotional seas inside you and take responsibility for
creating the life you want. You may have a hang up about having to start at the bottom of a profession, resent
having to prove your worth, be contemptuous of money, sport a “give me” attitude, or feel that you can only
prosper by taking from others. Time and again you come up short and blame it on others. Some individuals
with this placement invest all their energy in one resource, usually intangible. This is a risky life strategy.
You want the good things in life and can be jealous of those who have nice possessions. You are here to learn
the value of material things. Save some of your energy for yourself: do not deplete your health, money,
physical or sexual energy. Keep always a little for the proverbial rainy day. This is how you build your own
resources. Only when you take the time to invest in yourself will youfinally create the stability you seek.
Take the habit of husbanding your resources. Replenish depleted accounts. Avoid waste. Budget wisely and
you will find a greater happiness than you have ever known. You are here to transcend base urges: lust
becomes love, continual rebirth becomes peace, and jealousy of others’ possessions becomes resourcefulness.
Gardening, cooking, music appreciation, sewing, painting, and a hobby of valuable collectibles are all
recommended for individuals with north node in taurus. Take an interest in one or some of these. It may help
your soul on its journey.
North Node in Gemini —South Node in Sagittarius
Traditionally, thenorth nodein gemini is considered very lucky and powerful. It indicates you have a fine
mind and true friends. The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in Sagittarius brings over-confidence and the need for
caution. After many lifetimes spent on long journeys or in solitude with nature, you have incarnated to join the
rest of the society in the city. In the past, you were quite wild and not used to striking the kind of bargains
with others that urban life demands. You find it difficult to tame the wanderlust within you and may resist
formalities for many, many years. Others who know you have already recognized your need to do many things
at once. As a carrier of thenorth nodein gemini, you are also loath to take on responsibility, and some people
do see you as a flake or perhaps some sort of mountain man who accidentally wandered into the city.
However, the more you try to free yourself from the demandsof modern life, the deeper a hole you make.
You are in a mutually beneficial relationship with the other members of society, and the sooner you start to
appreciate your friends and neighbors the better. Though you have wisdom, you don’t know how to shareit.
You have so much to say, but words often fail you. Martin Schulman describes people with thenorth nodein
gemini placement as “shouters in the library.” There is still a part of youthat never quite accepts the
constraints of civilization. You need to learn how to communicate appropriately to be understood. This is
why you have such a desire to educate yourself. While in past lives you lived on your own, in this lifetime you
will be dependent on others. Perhaps for your very life. Circumstances will force you again and again to learn
new customs, practice your manners, and try to see the world through the eyes of others. Though your body
might fight you, eventually your mind will win. Thenorth nodein gemini placement means you will become a
sophisticated and cultured specimen of your civilization. If you are too heavily using your South Node, you
might find yourself always leery of others curtailing your freedom. Or perhaps you leave when there’s the first
sign of trouble lest you get tied down or “bummed out” by something. You might be sarcastic or arrogant.
Maybe you are uncomfortable around your peers or have ablind faith in academic learning. Or maybe you get
along with others, but only by relating to them as their teacher or guide. Good antidotes for balancing such
Sagittarius energy include keeping a dairy, taking shorter trips, and any activity that emphasizes manual
dexterity and agility. Fencing, dancing, tennis, and golf are all sports you’re likely to enjoy. Recommended
careers for the north node in gemini placement are journalism, work in the media, short story writing,
linguistics, and flying. Aboveall, stay away from repetitive and boring tasks. These will bring out the worst
in you. Seek out positions that call for adaptation, but avoid creating a life situation where you jump from job
to job without developing a career. You came into this lifetime with a great deal of truth and spiritual
knowledge to share. This is learning you accumulated over lifetimes of study and developing your intuition.
Now you must must learn how to spread the “gospel” as you see it. You will either be loved or reviledby
those you reach with your message. It’s not easy task. Some of the most controversial figures of our time
show just how divisive north node in gemini can make a person. Ariel Sharon, Oliver Stone, Che Guevera,
George Bush, Andy Warhol, O.J .Simpson, Salman Rushdie, Camile Paglia, Dr. Ruth, Robert Mapplethorpe,
andBertrand Russell all have north node in gemini. Like them, you must learn to join the society of man,
exchange information with your peers, and broadcast your higher truth, creating admirers and critics as you do,
but mostly making friends.
North Node in Cancer —South Node in Capricorn
Traditionally, thenorth nodein cancer has been considered a lucky placement. It gives good judgment and
insight. However, the corresponding South Node in Capricorn signifies a high strung nature and trouble with
love relationships. Key words for theNorth Nodein Cancer are domesticity and mothering. Many famous
individuals with thenorth nodein cancer placement are known for their home life or work with children, such
asMaria Montessori, Mia Farrow, Brad Pitt, J oseph Kennedy, Michelle Obama, and Sarah Palin. Sometimes
heavy family responsibilities manifest in your life to help you develop the nurturing and emotional qualities
you incarnated to experience. Form past life time experiences, you bring with you a strong sense of ambition
and pride. In your own mind, you are at or near the top of an elaborate social caste system. If you were not
born into what you consider your rightful place, you may prefer to marry “up.” You came into this world
knowing how to lead and organize. You can see how that innate talent played out in the lives of Cesar
Chavez, Alfred Nobel, Queen Elizabeth II, Otto von Bismark, Claus von Staffenberg, Fidel Castro, and Phil
J ackson, all known for their executive ability. However, you must be careful, for if you do not use your
energy to nurture others but just for the sake or order, you will fall into the dark side. Adolf Hitler, Vladimir
Lenin, Robespierre, and Papa Doc Duvalier – leaders whose names are literally synonymous with terror —
share thenorth nodein cancer placement, too. Witness the massive destruction caused by their desire to
“maintain order.” I hope you take it seriously when I encourage you to “let go.” Most people with this north
node in cancer placement find it hard to shake the need for recognition, and may overwork themselves to attain
martyrdom or exaggerate the difficulty of their tasks in order to gain attention. Because of a strict upbringing
or perhaps just soul memory, you may not be able to tolerate anything less than total perfection from yourself.
In very extreme circumstances, you may make yourself sick in order to get out of dealing with situations with
the potential to require you to confront an inadequacy of yours. Growth will come when you learn to “let it
be.” Life experiences will teach you eventually to become more natural, value your emotions and instincts,
and to appreciate the natural cycle of life. In this lifetime, your greatest accomplishments will be of a personal
nature. You know exactly how to take. Now you will learn to give. It is not uncommon for people with this
placement to be institutionalized as children. This may include a long hospital stay, residing in an orphanage
or boarding school, or severely cold parents who treated you as a status symbol rather than a warm-blooded
human being. They may have encouraged you to become an opportunist and taught you to value the material
over the spiritual. Nurturing professions are favored for you. Nursing is an obvious choice. Interior
decorating and different types of child care or work with children are also strong possibilities. There are many
professional comedians with the north node in cancer placement, among them Mel Brooks, Harpo Marx,
Charlie Chaplin, Stephen Colbert, Hank Azaria, Harvey Korman, and Rob Schnieder. Perhaps you, too, may
make some money from your wonderful sense of humor. To balance your nodal energy housekeeping,
landscaping, genealogy, yoga, and history are all recommended hobbies for the north node in cancer. As you
let go of your control issues and move into your emotional body, you will find yourself connecting with others
more and more and enjoying the experience. It is important that you establish a family of some sort and that
you be industrious. It’s important that the carrier of the north node in cancer placement avoid any reflexive
tendencies to withdraw into isolation. You are here to nurture the group and take comfort in being part of a
family. Trust the life process and your instincts. You may never attain the station in life to which you think
you are entitled, but in your home and family you will find a far great happiness than you could ever have
North Node in Leo —South Node in Aquarius
The traditional interpretation of north nodein leo is the ability to realize one’s desires. It also connotes good
taste and a liking for the finer things in life. The Dragon’s Tail in Aquarius indicates someone who is easily
lied to and has trouble discriminating. It may foretell infidelity on the part of the individual or his/her partner.
As thenorth nodein leo, you incarnated in this lifetime to learn the value of creating a life for yourself. Once
you set sail for a certain course, little can stop you. You are determined and are capable of great fortitude.
Begin your journey and others may follow you, for you have strong leadership ability. It is not uncommon for
someone with this nodal position to live a rags to riches story, such as those in the novels of Horatio Alger
who shares this nodal placement. Lee Iacocca, Arthur Ashe, Ingrid Betancourt, and M.C. Hammer are all real
life examples of natives withnorth nodein leowho embody this energy. In the past, you had many friends, but
friendship will only weaken you in this lifetime. When you need them most, none will be found, for you are
here to learn to be an individual and independent. Avoid any tendency to feel sorry for yourself when others
“abandon” you. Some famous people that share thenorth nodein leo placement and found themselves
abandoned or outcast by peers are J anis J oplin, Bobby Fischer, Malcolm X, and Lenny Bruce, all of whom
went on to considerable accomplishment. The path in the life of the north node in leo is to become goal-
oriented, and the universe will support you in developing inner strength. Deep down inside you need to see life
moving along a certain path with an intended destination. When others don’t fall into lockstep with your
march, you find them difficult to tolerate. You will no doubt spend much time alone. You may even be a
hermit at one or more points in your life. You will find happiness by dedicating yourself to higher principles.
The soul of the north node in leo craves dignity, which service to humanity can bring. Once you put yourself
to work helping the brotherhood of man, you will more easily resolve the familiar conflicts that made your
early adulthood difficult. While you spent too much time achieving things for others in the past, you are here
to create for yourself in this lifetime, yet you must still serve the world in some way. Confidence is another
key concept for the carrier of the north node in leo placement. In previous incarnations you dissipated your
energies on social engagements and utopian causes, you should now dedicate yourself to using all your
creative energy to achieving some great goal for the good of mankind. This means living in a time continuum
of past, present, future. Resist the temptation to daydream of what could be. Dare to be bold and
individualistic today and you will surely “win.” Shyness is not for you. If you spend your time involved in
other people’s messes, are egotistical or ruthless, spiteful of other’s successes, or tend to shock people without
real cause, you have yet to balance your energy. While you are here to be an individual, you are not here to
be a rebel or a dictator. You will bring out the best in yourself by meditating on what your values are, then
determining how best to channel your considerable talents towards furthering them. Finally, you must achieve
these within the context of society. While you are an individual, you are not here to turn your back on others.
You may even believe strongly in equality and egalitarian principles in the abstract. You will find as you age,
however, that Orwell was right: some are more equal than others. Your birth right is to claim credit for your
considerable achievements. Be flamboyant in accomplishing tasks. Cultivate your individual personality.
Others will notice your magnetic presence. Take leadership positions when they are offered to you. This is
vital for the north node in leo. Do not be afraid to organize the world around you, for you are here to create a
stable life yourself and others, and to be recognized for your efforts.
North Node in Virgo —South Node in Pisces
The traditional interpretation of north nodein virgo is that it gives the individual “fine aspirations.” It is
idealistic yet also concerned with the mundane. Many people born with thenorth nodein virgo placement
choose writing or poetry as a career. Famous examples include Charles Dickens, Emily Dickinson, Michael
Crichton, Anne Rice, Kurt Vonnegut, andPercy Shelley. These nodes also make the native prone to platonic
love affairs, and it does not favor marriage. (Confirmed bachelors George Clooney and Hugh Grant share
thisnorth nodein virgo placement with you.) Dragon’s Tail in Pisces means instability in affections and
perhaps deceit in love. It also indicates suffering. This would have happened in a past life. In past lives you
had a tendency to escape, perhaps through drugs or alcohol, or maybe just by daydreaming. You had little to
go on except your instincts and may not have had any success at all in life. You carry with you that feeling of
inner confusion and a lack of confidence. It is through work that you will build yourself again. It is important
for thenorth nodein virgo to develop goals and work towards them. You will find a constant distraction in
others’ sufferings. In fact, you feel the pain of all those around you as a result of so much suffering yourself in
a past life yourself. Only when you begin to discriminate between those whom you can really help and who
deserve your help and those who are beyond saving will you make any progress in your own life. If you have
let others drainyou of your energy so that your own plans and schemes have suffered, this is your South Node
dragging you down. Begin to use your intellect to rule your emotions and you are on the path to happiness.
People will try to rely on you, for you still radiate a strong compassionate nature which draws others to you,
especially the weak and hopeless. Until you know yourself better, you may feel compelled to say “yes” to all
of them. When you being to say “no” you will lay the foundation for a stable life. Your health will improve
greatly. Once you establish a routine, hold down a job, and start thinking clearly about life in a detached way,
you will be able to help many, many people. But until then, stopping to feel others’ pain will only drag you
down. Because you are highly sensitive, you may carry a hurt inside for years, nursing your upset feelings.
Stop it! You will be given the chance to forgive those who have “wronged” you and doing so furthers your
soul growth. You may often be more disappointed than hurt by others since you have such high ideals and a
desire for perfection. As you learn to be okay with yourself, you will learn to be okay with others, too.
(Although do be wary of falling into the old habit of overlooking truly unacceptable behavior.) It is important
for the north node in virgo to pay close attention to detail. This will help you make good decisions and drain
the swamp of your tumultuous emotions. You are here to develop your mind and learn discrimination. This
requires you pay close attention to the world around you. If you fail to focus, you will find yourself mixed up
in a series of misunderstandings or even tragedies. The universe will not support you in glossing over things
or going with your gut feeling any longer. Some recommended antidotes for those struggling to balance their
Piscean and Virgo energy include word processing, gardening, studying history, writing, public speaking, and
science. Anyone with prominent Virgo energy would be a naturally gifted administrative assistant. These are
all great career paths for the north node in virgo. You are bound to be disillusioned at some point in your life.
Take this as a lesson. You can make the world a better place, if not for everyone then at least for some. But
this can only happen when you resist others’ attempt to manipulate your good nature. Act on clear thinking
rather than feeling and instinct, and realize that not all suffering is unavoidable. Above all avoid the
temptation to retreat into your dream world. The north node in virgo carrier is here to learn to serve others, but
first you must clearly ascertain what they really need. This requires a strong mind to go with your loving heart.
North Node in Libra —South Node in Aries
Traditionally, northnodein libraconnotes harmony in life and a refined intellect. It is good for all affections,
including children and spouse. The Dragon’s Tail in Aries indicates someone who acts without thinking and
though he may have physical courage is inconsiderate about his actions. Favored careers are hairdresser or
barber, lawyer, diplomat, artist, interior designer, or airline crew member. You chose to incarnate with
thenorthnodein libra nodal position to balance manylifetimes of strong individuality in which you were
focused on building yourself up in physical courage, confidence, and action. You are now here to learn self-
sacrifice. You will not achieve much of anything on your own in this lifetime. Cooperation should be your
mantra. From past lives you have the tendency to be self-centered, vain, and autonomous in your decision
making, regardless of the consequences. You might also be closed minded by nature or change your mind out
of restlessness. Martin Schulman explains of these individuals that the south node in ariesis always pushing
them forward but that once they arrive at their intended destination, they realize they are only half-way there,
and unable to finish without the help of others. Until you embrace partnership, you will always find
impediments to your success. Before you learn to work with this energy, you may have the frustrating
experience (repeatedly!) of seeing those around you have, attain, or receive those things which you desire. In
fact, the universe may take what is precious to you and give it to someone else until you learn to share
willingly. You have an innate ability give those around you the energy to make their own dreams come true.
This so you can learn the joy of helping others. Another challenge for you, as a carrier of thenorthnodein
libra, is learning to commit whole-heartedly to something. If you are unconscious, you may find yourself
involved in somethingthat you now blame for ruining your life, such as an unwanted pregnancy or marriage at
an early age. You use this as an excuse to not become totally involved with those around you and become
frustrated because there are no fast and easy solutions. You must cultivate patience. Thenorthnodein libra
placement is also known for diplomacy. Do not attempt to fight for the things you want. Negotiate.
Compromise. Talk. Think things through. Make a strategy and stick it out. Avoid taking sides. Rash behavior
is a recipe for losing for you in this lifetime. Be especially careful to follow the spiritual path laid out for you.
For an imbalance of this energy is quite likely to manifest as physical illness.
North Node in Libra examples
You may find it helpful to think about the lives of these famous people who share the north node in libra
placement: J ohn McEnroe, Sarah Ferguson, Madonna, Simon Cowell, Magic J ohnson, Karen Blixen, and
Dick Cheney. They are all strong individuals who, with age, seemed to temper their bold and rash behavior.
Deep down inside you want nothing morethan to create and dwell in a harmonious world. This only happens
when you put others first. This is the key to your happiness as the north node in libra .
North Node in Scorpio —South Node in Taurus
The traditional interpretation of thenorth nodein scorpio is that it gives the individual great stamina and a
drive to succeed. The Dragon’s Tail in Taurus indicates sensuality and a material preoccupation. It may also
be a sign of physical laziness. In the past, you focused on the importance of the material world. You spent so
many lifetimes doing manual labor that you are accustomed to doing things “the hard way.” At your worst,
you refuse to observe and learn from those around you, having to discover the danger of things which others
can appreciate through watching. You have what can be an insatiable desire for sensual pleasures and nice
things. If you are not careful, you can become possessive and materialistic, hoarding all items that cross your
path. You do not need these things in your present incarnation, and the sooner you learn to let go, the better.
You have suffered substantial damage to the ego in previous lifetimes from thenorth nodein scorpio
placement. You come into this life with a great need for respect and the desire to prove yourself worthy of it.
This is so intense that if others indicate you are lacking in some essential quality, you may become depressed.
Your task in this lifetime is to reach for the regenerative powers that lay dormant within you. It is no
coincidence that Franz Kafka, born with the thenorth nodein scorpio placement, wrote a famous story
calledMetamorphoses. You are destined to transform yourself completely. Let go – of old habits,
unnecessary “junk,” false beliefs – and you will begin the path of spiritual growth. Burn your bridges as you
move forward for you do not need to ever look back. While you may have the natural tendency to husband
resources as a bulwark against life’s vicissitudes, you are better off giving and receiving help from others. If
you are not spiritually aware, you may still find yourself trapped in the thinking that you should not give
without there being something in it for you. You can cure this by participating with others in joint ventures.
You have developed over many lifetimes a great deal of will power. However, the emphasis in this
incarnation will shift slightly to self-discipline and insight. Avoid simple formulas for success. Spend your
time getting to know yourself and understanding your own psychological issues and analyzing the true and
complex motives of others. This is your path to happiness. Resistance to change is the biggest obstacle to
spiritual growth for thenorth nodein scorpio. Your soul remembers the pleasures of a routine life spent in
great luxury. Without material well-being you may feel threatened, insecure, and materialistic. This is when
you resort to being possessive and stubborn. However, the longer you dig your heels in, the worse the
eventual upheaval will be, for you are destined to undergo continual transformation. Be forewarned that
resistance will be very costly. Learn to welcome change as away of life or you will find yourself in one crisis
after another. There is some sadness in the north node in scorpio nodal placement. As Martin Schulman
writes, this individual “would like to rest, thinking his soul journey is over. So tired is he, from past life
memories of the yoke of his earthly burdens, that whatever the cost he would like to feel settled.” But settling
is not in your future. Rather, your karmic destiny is transformation, in the process of which you will be
stripped of all that is dear to you. You may give it up willingly like fellow claimers of the north node in
scorpioJ ean Paul II and Osama Bin Laden, or have it taken from you, like Mohamed Pavlavi, the last Shah of
Iran, or Emperor Hirohito, both born with the north node in scorpio placement. The transformation may be so
severe that you spend the end of your life alone, stripped of everything but your physical self, like your nodal
sister Marlene Dietrich, who was bed-ridden and living in seclusion her last ten years on earth. However, there
is cause for happiness in the north node in scorpio placement, too, for as Schulman says “out of the symbolic
death of all he ever possessed will come his new life.”
North Node in Sagittarius —South Node in Gemini
Thenorth nodein sagittariusforetells great happiness and good relations with close family. The Dragon’s Tail
in Gemini indicates difficulties with distant relatives and possible disputes over money. This would have
happened in past lives. In past lives you were superficial, changing your mind and opinions frequently. To
balance your fickle and mercurial previous nature, you incarnated to learn loyalty and autonomy in this
lifetime. Your soul experiences have left you fearing commitment to any one point of view, since you have
learned over time to see the truth in both sides of an argument. You never gave wholly of yourself and thus
were free to speak one way one day and another the next. You may still have the tendency to try on changing
demeanors and opinions with those you meet until you get from the listener an acknowledgement that you
have finally spoken “the truth” (as they see it anyway). Such behavior will not get you far in this lifetime.
You must strive to ascertain and speak your own truth which will come to you through intuition and the higher
mind. At some point in your life you will have to choose between living in the city and the country. This
mirrors the deeper choice you must make between living a stimulating life among many acquaintances and a
life of contemplation and solitude. Your greatest task in this lifetime is to seek the truth. This means leaving
behind your love of trivia, gossip, and rumor. Appearances are no longer as importance as substance. For
thenorth nodein sagittarius, it’s vitally important to be natural and real, and deemphasize the urbane and
sophisticated. If you are undeveloped spiritually, or perhaps very young, you may look on higher education
with suspicion. You may not want to learn any more than you already know, no matter how little that is. You
may have no goals that reach beyond tomorrow, be immature, bigoted, or sarcastic. Perhaps you cut off your
life’s potential by marrying at a young age and starting a family. Another negative use of these nodes is
someone who enjoys travel, but only to places that seem familiar. The soul of thenorth nodein sagittarius will
be happiest when you teach or otherwise share what you know. For a carrier of thenorth nodein sagittarius,
religion and philosophy will be especially interesting to you and are fields that may prove good for a career.
Publishing and adult education are also positive. In your free time learn astrology, dream work, palm reading,
and travel to foreign countries. Pets are also beneficial for the north node in sagittarius. In short, expand your
horizons. Independence and solitude are the hallmarks of the life of the north node in sagittarius carrier. You
are restless and should be curious, ever seeking that higher truth which will set you free. Avoid a tendency to
become dogmatic or to change your opinions to please others. Your task in this lifetime is to develop for
yourself and by yourself a unifying philosophy of life. This will give you direction and provide meaning, and
it is unlikely this will happen before your first Saturn Return at about age 28. Fellow truth seekerswith the
placement of north node in sagittariusincludeVoltaire, Frederick Nietzsche, and Antoine de Saint-Exupery.
As the philosopher said, a man must ask himself two questions in life: Where am I going and who will go with
me? Your soul is here not just to find the answer to these questions, but to be sure they are asked in the proper
order. Think for yourself, Centaur. No one can keep up witha four-legged creature. Others’ opinions are only
going to slow you down.
North Node in Capricorn —South Node in Cancer
TheNorth Nodein Capricorn has traditionally been interpreted as a sign of prudence, caution, introversion,
and even cynicism in an individual. It can also bring wealth. The corresponding Dragon’s Tail in Cancer is an
indication of a fickle love nature. You have spent many lifetimes as home, mastering the domestic arts. You
have now incarnated to have a career and climb the ladder of success. Maturity is the key spiritual concept of
thenorth nodein capricorn placement. You mayfeel as if you’re always an adolescent of some sort, trying to
become an adult with real responsibility but hampered by baby feelings inside. You may have very strong
feelings of patriotism and a desire to work for your country, which you may see as your extended family.
People with thenorth nodein capricornnodal placement are sometimes known for being very diplomatic, as
the Cancer South Node gives them insight and sensitivity. J ohn F. Kennedy is a good example of the use of
this energy. The biggest challenge of thenorth nodein capricorn placement is learning to let go. Your soul
habit has been to absorb emotions and drop them in an inner sea of self-pity and longing. Endings are difficult
for you, and your relationships, like your feelings, tend to be endless. The cure is to move from a personal life
to a public one and one way to do that is to stand for some traditional value you hold dear and let the chips fall
where they may. Deep down inside you know that you are destined for great accomplishments but have
trouble believing your kids or spouse or parents or whoever else is at home can make it through the day
without you. A good way to get past this is to read biographies of public people you admire and to take baby
steps towards a career. If you rely too heavily on your Cancer energy, this can lead to an unsuccessful life,
hypersensitivity, immaturity, out of control emotions, self-pity, and a fear of authority. You dream of being
objective, yet at your worst, you are a bottom less pit of insecurity. Some cures for what ails you include
mathematics, taking responsibility for your life including your childhood, accepting leadership positions,
chess, and yoga. The perfect antidote for your insecurity and immaturity is competence. You must take on
tasks which improve your confidence and allow you to move in the direction of taking charge. Once you
harness your Capricorn energy, you will be amazed and amaze others with your accomplishments. Business
giantsOprah Winfrey, J ack Welch, andKirk Kerkorianall share thisnorth node in capricorn placement with
you. At the heart of most of your issues is the concept of judgment. You fear the final day, whether you
imagine it to be spiritual or more mundane, when you will be called to fully account for your actions.
This may be at the root of your reluctance to embrace adulthood or even admit your real age. Yet
eventually you find the fortitude to face it. Carrying the north node in capricorn means it may take you
half a life of whining and feeling sorry for yourself before you rise to meet the challenge you set out for
yourself upon incarnation, but once you do, you will live a model life. Q
North Node in Aquarius – South Node in Leo
Traditionally theNorth Node in Aquarius, Dragon’s Head in Aquarius, brings good luck in personal
affections, especially with friendships. The Dragon’s Tail in Leo gives the individual a strong but rash nature,
and plenty of courage. The spiritual calling of theNorth Node in Aquariusis to be of service to the group.
Any work that affects society rather than an individual is favorable. Whatever the chosen profession, this
person should develop “the common touch” and may become a beloved figure who champions the cause of the
little man. Famous examples includeAlbert Einstein, Tony Blair, Benazir Bhutto, Larry king, Ralph Nader,
Hank Aaron, William J ennings Bryan, Frank Capra, and Garry Marshall. The great struggle in your life is to
turn the regent within you into a commoner. In prior lives, you were the center of some universe. You may
retain the soul habit of looking down on others or devoting energy to being seen with famous people. You
have chosen a different life for yourself this time around. The sooner you stop name dropping and start
mixing it up with regular folk the better. While you once saw the world as a kingdom, you must now adjust
your thinking. Meditate on seeing the world as a brotherhood of equals. In this lifetime happiness will only
come when you subordinate your needs for those of thegreater good. While you may unconsciously seek
recognition and the chance to make a substantial and unique contribution, the universe will not support you in
any endeavor which is motivated by ego. Even if you were able to contribute some great individual talent to
the world, it would not satisfy you. You are here to be a self-less humanitarian, and only that will make you
happy. As hard as that may be to swallow at first, the more you try it, the more you will like it, for only by
putting the needs of the group first will you begin to curb that massive and insatiable ego inside you. Your real
issue is a lack of detachment. If you’re not careful, you may eat your young. Experiment with distancing
yourself from others. You don’t need to get involved with everyone you meet. Treat your lovers life friends.
Then treat your acquaintances like friends. Then behave as if your family members are friends. It may seem
odd at first, but give it a whirl. You will finally find the stability you seek not through melodrama but
rationality. Independence is key to your spiritual growth. You are naturally self-centered. You must decide to
refocus your energies elsewhere. Any pursuit which moves your attention from yourself to the group or
humanity at large is going to be a positive experience for you. With North Node in Aquarius you are bound
to have a grand adventure in life, but what you need to learn is that this won’t happen until you let go. You
have a special soul task to bring order to a chaotic world. The first step is to understand that world, and that
requires some space and distance for observation. Use your mind to apprehend the universe. Be ruthless in
your rejection of feelings that conflict with empirical data. As you develop an orderly, open, and intellectual
approach to life, you will find satisfaction in being a member of the group. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised
to discover that many of your wishes come true after all.
North Node in Pisces —South Node in Virgo
Traditionally thenorth nodein pisces connotes an individual with great vitality and good fortune with
children. The Dragon’s Tail in Virgo indicates trouble with the mental side of life. It may mean a hyper
critical attitude that leaves no room for appreciation of beauty. In past lifetimes, you were uber picky, even
judgmental, and you bring this perspective with you into this incarnation. But it will pass away as you grow
older. The longer you live, the more you will realize how rigid you have been. There is a world beyond what
you can sense, and following the information you receive from your higher guidance will allow you to
transcend the limits that have kept you in a prison of your ownmaking. Possessing thenorth nodein pisces,
your need for structure is so great that you may make yourself sick with tension. You are prone to bouts of
nervousness and irritability. There is only one cure: plungeinto the cosmic ocean. Stop thinking and start
feeling. Here is where your healing begins. You are probably asking yourself as you read this, “How does
that work?” You must avoid exactly that type of analysis if you are to find happiness in this world. You were
born with an innate sense of danger. You are distrustful of the world and question the qualifications of experts
and others who attempt to make sense of our physical surroundings. You may even fear that everything
foreign brings disease. The only antidote is faith for thenorth nodein pisces. Many people with thenorth
nodein piscesplacement have sexuality issues. They may be physically present but emotionally absent during
intercourse. You may go through periods of sexual deprivation. You incarnated to ponder the mystery of how
each individual is part of the Cosmic Whole. Each person is a cosmos unto himself, yet each is a discrete and
unique piece of the universe. You must stop perceiving separateness and meditate on interconnectivity. If you
are stubborn and resist this lesson, all your carefully laid plans will fall apart. At your worst, you are stubborn
and scattered at the same time. You are incapable of setting priorities, and may have self-destructive
tendencies. Perhaps in childhood you were shamed or taught guilt, for it is typical of north node in pisces
carriers to live with such feelings buried deep inside them. At your best you are a healer, using means
metaphysical or conventional, such as Mary Baker Eddy, Edgar Cayce, Florence Nightingale, and J onas Salk,
who share this north node in pisces placement. Or you might use the energy to reach out to others in distress,
like other north node in pisces carriers Bob Geldof andDiane Fossey. Sadly, many people with this node are
so critical that they do not even like themselves. This makes relationships difficult, for no matter who you are
with, you are always there, too. It is not uncommon for these individuals to become workaholics, which
allows them to avoid relating for the most part, or to stay in destructive relationships since they are so terrified
of beingalone. In addition, an unbalanced Virgo South Node person may be bigoted, impossible to please,
critical of others, and petty. Water sports, especially fishing, may enhance your life greatly. Magic or the arts
are also good. Imaginative writing can bebeneficial, as well as an interest in medicine or literature. Good jobs
for you include sales, painting, interior decorating, chef, and gymnast. Avoid any career which requires you
to focus too heavily on details. It is important that you come to accept yourself as you are and to ponder your
place in this vast universe of ours. You fear emotional connections with others, yet this is your path to
enlightenment. Feel. Have faith. Trust in your instincts. Do this and you will achieve your greatest potential:
saving others.