ASDA The one stop shop for every need Planning, Tools and Techniques in developing a Market Strategy

Submitted to Mr. Hakeem Ajonbadi- Senior Lecturer CECOS London College, London, UK In the Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Diploma in Management Studies NQF Level 7, Leading to MBA, Wales University Prepared by Anup Lal Shrestha Date 13/10/2009 College Registration Number- CLC 42247

Task 1 Investigate the Planning and Range of Tools and Techniques involved in developing a Market Strategy. Using marketing principles, theories and concepts critically evaluate a range of tools and techniques used by a retail store of your choice. You should begin with general evaluation of their marketing strategy and then consider each of the following: An assessment of the importance and the use of information in their marketing strategy. An analysis of how the global context has been incorporated into their marketing strategy. A reflection on how the retail store has embraced e-business strategies in their marketing.

Introduction The purpose of this assignment is to partially fulfill the requirements for MBA program and address three tasks stipulated by the assignment brief for unit 17Strategic Marketing Management. The assignment is produced in the form of business report. The first part of report shows understanding and application of the Planning Principle and Range of Tools and Techniques, involved in developing a Market Strategy of ASDA in Task 1. The second part involves in examining a range of marketing strategy options for The Ford Motor Company for Task 2. Lastly, the third section of the assignment to explore the implications of changes in the marketing Environment for organizations for Airline industry like British Airways to assess the impact of the environmental changes in the UK economy in particular and world business environmental changes in UK also regarding the private label of Argos which is becoming the threats for the products with their brand.

Task 1

Company Profile ASDA became the one stop shop for all the needs of customers as was started with the vision of founding fathers. It has become the number one supermarket chain located in the UK. It has got the wide variety of offer food, clothing as well as general merchandise items for its customers. The company came together with Wal-Mart in the year 1999. In 1920s, the history begun when Asquith family owned the butchers shops at Knottingely. The two brother Fred and Peter who took over the business who were also the founders of ASDA. The two company’s Craven Dairies Ltd. and West Riding Dairy Farmers merged in 1949 to establish the Associated Dairies & Farm Stores ltd. was only in 1965 that the company got its present name when Associated Diaries came together with Asquith. As per records of 2007 the company has a share of 16.8% in the grocery market of UK. The simple white and green colors were the format of ASDA. There were many super centers in the UK when it became one of the subsidiaries of Wal-Mart. Today, there are total of 21 such supermarkets in the UK alone. The company brought into the market “ASDA Living” which was the general store of the company in 2003. They sold a range of products including clothing, toys, home electronic products, health products, home appliances, as well as beauty products. The company has joined hands with the Compass group that has coffee shops in a few of the stores of the company. Mission and Objectives ASDA aims to be the Britain’s Best value retailer exceeding customer needs always. Its purpose is to make goods and services more affordable for everyone. Their values show what the company believes. These values include • respect for the individual • aiming for excellence • good customer service New colleagues receive a detailed induction into all three of these. Marketing Plan ASDA has got its extensive plans to fulfill the future for customer satisfaction. • To provide goods and services that are cheap and affordable to consumers or the public. • To reduce the cost objectives of their items/products • To recycle their waste • To package their products well • To support voluntary services

ASDA was the second largest supermarket chain in the United Kingdom (U.K.). Positioned as a value for money store, it sold groceries, apparel, CDs, books, videos, and other household items. ASDA, which was taken over by Wal-Mart in 1999, had used the formula of Every Day Low Prices (EDLP) to gain market share in the British retail market. The initiative proved successful for a few years, but stopped yielding results as competition increased. In 2005, ASDA’s sales declined and market share fell from 16.7% in 2004 to 16.5% in 2005.

Task 2 Company Profile Ford, a global brand with a global visionWho doesn't know the Ford automobile brand, the namesake of the slightly less famous name of Henry Ford and long time company confirming the good health of the North American economy? During these one hundred years of existence (the company was founded on 16 June 1903) the group got its first taste of the glory days in 1908 with the launch of the first vehicle in the automobile industry, the mystic Ford T painted in one colour, black. It's no exaggeration to say that Ford is now very much part of the world economic climate.Far from intent on basing operations on a unique brand and type of automobile, the group embarked on a series of buyouts. This gave the company the deeper rooted presence it enjoys in the automobile industry today.They are also involved in credit operations with Ford Credit and the production of spare parts and lubricants via MotorCraft.Their brands include Ford, Volvo, Mercury, Lincoln, Jaguar, Mazda, Land Rover, and Aston Martin. Mission Ford Motor Company is a worldwide leader in automotive and automotive-related products and services as well as in newer industries such as aerospace, communications and financial services. Our mission is to improve continually our products and services to meet our customers’ needs, allowing us to prosper as a business and to provide a reasonable return for our stockholders, the owners of our business. Values How do we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to success for the company are these basic values:

Our people are the source of our strength. They provide our

corporate intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality. Involvement and teamwork are our core human values.


Our products are the end result of our efforts, and they should be

the best in serving our customers worldwide. As our products are viewed, so are we viewed. Profits: Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide customers with the best products for their needs. Profits are required to survive and grow.

Conclusions The business sector in which ASDA works is highly competitive. Supermarkets need to keep customers loyal. ASDA keeps them loyal by having a good effect in the places in which it works. Recommendations Every business needs lots of information to grow bigger or improve its services and facilities, in the same way I recommend the company to start the business to overseas countries like my home country- Nepal, so that every human beings wants shopping in such a good place with cheap price. The quality of any services department relies as much on product itself as it relies on the staff that it acquires. The staff is selected on merit and proper training of the staff is a must for ensuring quality. Proper incentives are also required to keep them motivated and agile. References ASDA’s Corporate site, The Times 100, The Times 100 Edition 11, Wikipedia, Corporate Watch, ASDA’s Advertising Site, Financial Online Journal,

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