Sean McDougall, Mathieu D’Aquin, Gerd Kortuem
Using the power of open data to empower young people
Turn schools into centers
for community energy
Empower students to
become energy community
Use the power of open data
to jump-start community
energy projects
EnergySchools Platform

• Crowdsourcing energy data from
student’s homes, as a form of active
• An analytics engine for making
sense of collected data in the
context of open data: NEED, HEED,
UK Energy stats, GB emission stats,
• Energy learning platform
EnergySchools Platform

Pooling energy data from network of
• Aggregated demand
• Aggregated savings potentials
• Comparisons between schools
-> creating a foundation for
community energy projects: group
buying, dynamic demand response,
collective generation …
)*$+ ,%&%
Open Data
• NEED (both public aggregated statistics and the annonymised dataset): As a base for the building characteristics
and their relationship to energy consumption, especially the efficiency of different measures should factor in the
computation of the energy efficiency score.
• HEED might be used with a similar purpose as above, but is less open.
• The Energy consumption in the UK data (
the-uk, OGL) will also be used to tune the model for the energy efficiency analytics.
• The CSE's Energy consumption data (domestic) (
consumption-data) includes useful data to tweak the model with information about relationships between socio-
economic categories and energy consumption.
• The CSE's GB household emissions dataset (
emissions- dataset) can similarly be used but focusing on emissions.
• Open Data from Ordnance Survey (OS Open Data License) and OpenStreetMap (ODbL) can be used for
information about the location of the houses and schools, and to calculate distances between them to measure
the impact of students' transportation
• can be used to obtain the location and characteristics of schools (including capacity)
• NAPTAN (OGDL) can be used for the location of public transport access point, used to check the availability of
effective ways of transport to the school
Social Impact
Sean McDougall, Mathieu D’Aquin, Gerd Kortuem

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