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BIM 360 Field

Path Acquire BIM 360 Field solution

ENR 400 General Contractors or GCs with 75 million +annual revenue
CEO, COO, VP of Operations, VDC/BIM Manager, CFO, CIO

Manual entry and processes consumes time, are prone to error, and do not reduce rework
Cant track safety and quality programs at the executive level
Commissioning process is manual and incomplete
No insight on field management across projects, including subcontractor performance for C-level

How do you currently manage processes in the field today, such as safety, quality, and
commissioning? What are some of your challenges?
Do you have a lot of manual and time consuming processes in the field?
Can you effectively track adherence and performance of your safety programs?
Can you measure field construction efficiency across your project portfolio?
Do you spend a lot of time gathering and organizing handover material for a project?

Are you finding What if you were able to
Topic 1: Manual Field Processes
your current processes require pads of paper and
rolls of drawings?
you have to re-enter field data in the office?
critical field information isnt available to the rest of
the project team
track progress of extended teams progress and

Topic 2: Quality and Rework
that QA/QC checklists are getting buried in job
binders and paperwork?
you dont have a way to gather and analyze the
data you need?

Topic 3: Safety
safety inspections arent consistent?
documenting deficiencies is a very manual
its difficult to track compliance with contract

Topic 4: Commissioning
...its difficult to track the teams status and progress
through the commission process
its difficult and time-consuming to gather and
When managing work in the field
access the latest field data, wherever and whenever
needed whether online OR offline
create and manage issues and checklists on an iPad
in the field
see immediately the current status of all of the issues
on the project
schedule work for team members to complete at
specific dates and times.

When running a QA/QC process
implement and enforce an enterprise quality program
gather field information immediately and recognize
trends to reduce costs and time
understand subcontractor quality performance

When implementing a safety program
have custom reports to increase transparency of
project safety and understand trends
leverage iPads to access current project documents
and quickly inspect with preconfigured checklists
document deficiencies with pictures, sketches, mark-
ups, and electronic signatures

When in the handover process
reduce time required for commissioning
track, filter, and report on equipment by name, status,

BIM 360 Field

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organize handover data
data is being lost in the handover process
or company to manage startup and test sequences
create handover documentation as a digital asset
connected to BIM or as a standalone data asset

Business Value
What is the impact of
Personal Value
What is the impact of
Improving safety, quality, and commissioning
Capturing all system and equipment information
electronically, right in the field?
Having insight into subcontractor performance,
QA/QC, and safety trends?

Viewed as a leading, progressive firm, delivering high
quality projects which meet/exceed safety and
performance expectations.
Viewed as having the ability to win projects by
providing owners with a complete, electronic
handover package.
Not spending 2+hrs a data reentering data /
something about quality of life. Also these guys will
typically spend part of their weekend preparing
reports for the Monday team meetings. Those reports
can be automated with Field.