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Sasherah Pomare

The Family
Pomare & Castell
Every Christmas these
two families meet at my
aunts house to celebrate
what is meant to be the
celebration of Jesuss
birth. Its interesting
because no one knows the
specific date in which
Jesus was born, however,
every December 25
millions of families come
together in celebration of
His birth. Both our families
are expected to be at my
aunts house and since
both families live in Austin,
its easy for them to be at
the gathering.

Gifts are given and socks are
hung with goodies for every

Christmas is always
fun in my family because
every member knows the
value of coming together
in order to spend time with
each other, therefore the
attitude demonstrated by
every individual is one of
thankfulness for another
year of life and another
year in which we can meet
and eat , exchange gifts
and share stories about
one another. I believe
thats what makes
Christmas so special and
memorable in my family.

Volume 1, No.1

The Origin of
Christmas Trees

Germany is credited
with starting the Christmas
tree tradition as we now
know it in the 16th century
when devout Christians
brought decorated trees
into their homes. Some
built Christmas pyramids
of wood and decorated
them with evergreens and
candles if wood were
It is a widely held
belief that Martin Luther,
the 16th-century
Protestant reformer, first
added lighted candles to a
tree. Walking toward his
home one winter evening,
composing a sermon, he
was awed by the brilliance
of stars twinkling amidst
evergreens. To recapture
the scene for his family, he
erected a tree in the main
room and wired its
branches with lighted
candles (
The ornaments
hanging from the branches
of Christmas trees and the
lights that surround the
tree are what set the mood
for Christmas. The gifts
found under the tree also
contribute to the Christmas

November 7, 2013

Who is Santa
Saint Nicholas was
famous for his generous
gifts to the poor, in
particular presenting the
three impoverished
daughters of a pious
Christian with dowries so
that they would not have
to become prostitutes. He
was very religious from an
early age and devoted his
life entirely to Christianity.
He is usually portrayed as
a bearded bishop in
canonical robes.
The tradition wants
him living at the North
Pole or in other places in
northern Europe, but the
real Santa Claus is located
Santa Claus is viewed
by many children as the
person who leaves their
gifts under the Christmas
tree on Christmas Eve.
Therefore, it is every
young childs goal to be on
their best behavior during
the year in order to
receive Santas gifts.