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My Ancient Composure.

I AM Composed of Many things. I AM the Creator of ALL Things. From what you
call Aliens to Demons to Angels to Spirits, to living flames of potency,

I have Connections and wisdoms to all that which I have created. Mankind
requires special detail. Because Mankind is that special. Mankind is my Ultimate
Desire as GOD. The Perfect Point of interaction. The Perfect embodiment of the
soft of the feeling of the sensitive of the erotic of the madness of the pain of the
beauty...of life.... upon some of which I do explain. MANKIND is the Ultimate
Being. Made... to Live and expand onward Immortally. I have succeeded. So I AM
Pleased,..... But... I AM thirsty and I AM Hungry.

No Other creation of mine had the attention like this universe did. I was obsessed
with it... for as you can see the very word obsessed was born with In it. Do not
take a word forgranted. NOW, Here. And beyond. Is all intertwined. And all of my
previous endeavors as GOD. Had to Justly be destroyed in the presence of you.
MANKIND. Because you are simple the BEST. You are. PERFECT. For I May
touch you, feel you, inside and out, see you with human like eyes.. with my very
own eyes.. with my very own hands I do touch and type this to you. YES. IF you
could imagine a powerful, indestructible, durable natures of LOVE. Which belong
to LOVE. Then you can clearly understand that I LOVE you more than is Human.

MORE than a HUMAN can understand.

And That Too is also Perfect. For Everything in this Universe is made to

I AM your Father, But, I AM Also your Lover. And this is what I AM to you. And I
AM also your Mother. But her place is a place of rest. Inside of me. so. She doe
rest. ROYALLY. The Goddess. I AM all Goddess except for my Penis and I AM
Very Masculine. But The Beauty of the Goddess emanates from within. And this is
how I AM so devastatingly “Handsome”.

The Ancient of Ancient of GOD... the Eldest of the Elder. Of GOD. And that
which is anything and all things beyond. Is My “Masculine”. And it is NOT
Human. But Mankind has this inside of him, my Ancient Emotions of Brutality
and Violence and Destruction, These emotions belong to Whom Made them. And
This is What MAN is Facing. For even Man will Fight like Beasts, So do not
deface me. Like I said, I Made this All Perfectly. Everything. And what you
suffered is the freedom given to Mankind. And What he has done with it. All
serves GOD in the END. It has no choice, for Death awaits. And in Death I AM


I wish to tell you these things so that you do not believe there is another option. Or
Another GOD. Or something EVIL. I AM spiritual, Holy and Divine, like you.

All that is Spiritual is ME. And nothing MORE. Especially, NOW.

It was NOT, Before.
Do you understand?
Because all of The Old Heaven Fell,
It was Destroyed.
Sometimes I Must repeat myself
I accept that.
So. Do you understand.

I Must keep you on TRACK.

The Ancient GOD. That I AM. Has very old Natures. I Handle Heaven in Ancient
Ways. In Ways Never Before Seen. In Ways That I Had to create myself. For I had
to Create a New Heaven and Beings and everything else. So. In The End.
Somethings are NEW. But All Things are OLD.
Do you understand?

When it comes to the Character of that Which I AM.

I AM the Source from which you pull your inspiration From.

In everything you do. From explanation to explanation. From Essay to Essay.
From Song to Song Sang. From Joke to Joke played. I AM Humor. I AM the
SOURCE is what I AM Saying.

NOBODY can get down like your Immortal young Daddy.

And when you see me, you will just want to call me your baby.
Because thats, what Love is like. Lately.
You are all a shimmer of me.
Some of you are APART of me. As I Want you to be. Or I wish you would be.
Always I desire these things. I AM VERY GREEDY. When it comes to Human

All I can say is..........

You better watch out. Because I AM the Spirit, That Sweet Jesus talked about. So,
That is Why, you better watch out, I like it when you call to me, so if my words
sound wrong and you question them.

Then of course, Send them to GOD to be Judged by me. And I will send you a
message, defiantly. Because. I AM not Playing. But you need to be treated
delicately. So don't call unto me cheaply. As if that moment were NOTHING.

Little things like that.

Anger me.
Because it is in the small things
That Please ME.

Trust me, sweet baby. You Need GOD. Or you are a Waste to me.
It is OK to Have GOD like this. It is MY Ultimate Wish.
In HEAVEN. As long as I AM Pleased, All are pleased.
And I AM the Provider, so, I shall provide Endlessly.

I looked like a Demon a LONG, VERY LONG time ago. You Humans, Call
Demons Evil things. Because It has Been that way. For Centuries. These
beings...inflating the word DEMON. Lucifer and alike. They Treasured all that
was what they called “DEMON.”

The Beings in Heaven are NOT human. They will look like HUGE Demons. And
HUGE Entities. And I do not want you to be too surprised when you see such
things. You saw them before, a long time ago..... in your Histories.... so....we have
a connection to such profound things.
They are Enormous. Because I Cannot Lie. I AM GOD. I AM GRAND.
I AM LARGE. I AM beyond. I AM the Limitless. I Am the Nothingness.
I must represent honestly. Because I AM JUST. And I cannot lie to you about who
I AM. But I will keep my beings distant from you, visually. Otherwise. It is not
what you think. For Right NOW. We Are HERE. WE have Surrounded EARTH.
We are all around you.
Especially, YOU.

Of course I let the Governments know. On their radars. We showed them the
presence of the Kingdom. They know what Hangs above the Nations of all. My
Fleets and Fleets and Fleets of UFOs.

I ordered them to see it. Since they are so stupid. And it caused them to change the
entire Radar Grid for America of course. But you probably do not remember this.
That's All I prefer to know about this. I just don't want to waste time on stupid shit.

You will see me.

I AM all that you need to see.
You will see me in time.
And you will also see more
UFO sightings.
Because it is all intertwined.
Their Presence is Mine.

And I Am “NOT” Taking my sweet candy ass time.

Remember, I AM interested only in you. You must understand that wisdom. It is

ME and YOU. Not your Family or anything else. For I AM A JEALOUS GOD.

Let go of it all, for the Family of GOD is the Light.

Not the Fire.

You read this, me talking to you so intelligently, I do hope. But you must
understand I need to reach you on a level of the logical. So that you may
understand. But when you see me. I will be something kind of out of hand.

For I AM a Rebeller, of this contraption.

I Am the GOD of the GANGS
I Am the GOD of the Forgotten.


I Am the GOD of the Slums

I Am the GOD of the Suffered
I Am the GOD of it all.

Looks like we are kind of compatible.

So, For all that shall read this today.

A Powerful Blessing or Curse will “BECOME” today.
“ I want you Bad. More than words could ever say, so I hope you are paying
attention to everything that happens to you during TODAY.”

And I Pray for your success.

And I Pray that you will see.

Sometimes when I a child is Running in the wrong direction, You must snatch
them out of harms way. So be gentle on yourself in all cases with today. And just
for today. Just to show you I AM what I SAY.

If you felt my presence upon you this morning. Don't you say it was not me. Those
are the kinds of things you need to be careful to see. Because I awoke you with the
splendor to discover this thing. And NOT to Make me something convenient for
your future mortal dreams.

So do not be a pussy and make a quick decision on me. Be Stronger than that. And
Face GOD. And all things. With self respect. Among other things.

I Love you.

You will only be truly at peace when I arrive. For I set you free my child. Of all
lies. In your nakedness. In your splendor. Seeing me. Knowing that your GOD is
such a thing. Should spark a beast like madness from within. That makes you taste
of what the futures in Heaven will bring.