Hi Larry


The applicant has submitted a Definitive Subdivision Plan application. We
expect that the applicant will submit a Site Plan Review for Cluster
application sometime in the next few weeks. The SPR-C application is
required for a Cluster Subdivision.

The Planning Board issued an RFP for a consultant to perform a third party
review of the Definitive Subdivision Plan and Site Plan Review applications.
We expect to receive responses to the RFP tomorrow (Friday, May 30

The Planning Board will schedule a public hearing, probably sometime in
July, to begin its review of the two applications. The Board is likely to need
more than one (and possibly several) public hearing sessions to complete its
review of these applications.

The Board has 90 days from the date of submittal of the Definitive
Subdivision Plan to “take action” on the DSP application. According to state
law, the applicant and the Board may make an agreement to extend the 90
period for review, but this discussion and possible subsequent agreement has
not yet occurred.

The Board has a more flexible timeframe with regard to the Site Plan Review
application. It is obliged to open a public hearing within 65 days of receiving
a SPR application, but it can then keep the public hearing open for as long as
is required to obtain enough information to make a decision. Then it has 90
days after the close of the public hearing to render a decision on the SPR

This process could last for several months.

The Planning Board must approve the Definitive Subdivision Plan and the
Site Plan Review for Cluster by a concurring vote of at least 2/3 of the
membership of the Board, but no less than 5 members. See Planning Board
Rules and Regulations:


The Board may require modifications of the Plan that has been submitted.

A final decision is unlikely to be made until at least the end of August and
possibly after that time.

I hope this is helpful.


Christine M. Brestrup, Senior Planner
Planning Department Town of Amherst

Town Hall 4 Boltwood Avenue
Amherst Massachusetts 01002
413-259-3145 brestrupc@amherstma.gov

From: Larry Kelley [mailto:amherstac@aol.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2014 7:33 AM
To: Brestrup, Christine
Subject: The Retreat

Hey Christine,

Now that Landmark has handed in the "Definitive Subdivision" what are some of the next
steps? PB has hired a consultant to go thru it and make recommendations, yes? How
long will that take? Will there be more "Public Hearings"? Is so about when?
Does it take a simple majority to approve and allow them to build or two-thirds? Can PB
force more modifications or is it an all-or-nothing thing at this stage?
And when do you think a final decision will be made?