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National Compressor Exchange specializes in remanufacturing industrial and
commercial compressor for refrigeration and transportation.
Our seven-part re-manufacturing process ensure that you will get a reliable
compressor for your needs.
We also have a large variety of reciprocating compressors from York and Trane.
We are also able to to replace the internal part of the compressor and offer you
the machines when you need them.
We also have Schnacke-Grasso belt drive compressor .These belu are used in
compressor and air-conditioning .
These type of compressor works in the range of 227 to 283 Kelvin.
Different Processes Used for
Compressor Fabrication
All internal and external parts including rods,cans,pistons and crankshafts are
totally removed.This also include fittings plate and all electrical components leaving
the compressor casting completely stripped.
All cast iron components and bodies are burned in an air oven for degreasing .
Once all oils and metal particles are burned then they are placed in a shot peen
machine to clean the casting.This process is environment safe and do not use
chemical . QC also check all casting.Surface with any marks are put in the lapping
Different Processes Used for
Compressor Fabrication
Directly from QC , the compressor are ready for the assembly and all internal
parts are QC stamped along with the compressor .All cylinder are QC approved .
Torque specification ,tolerances and clearances pertaining to each assembly are
Testing & Quality Control:-
All pre-qualified internal part are matched to each compressor casting and
crankshafts are thoroughly checked.The final step for QC is to scrutinize
specification.Once completed the compressor is forwarded to the assembly.
Different Processes Used for
Compressor Fabrication
After cleaning ,all internal parts are checked for tolerance and approved for
assembly .Terminal plates are completely disassembled .They are torqued using a pre-
set torquer tool which automatically stops at exact pound required by the
There are basically three types of machining namely
1) Cylinder Boring 2)Cylinder finishing 3)Cylinder Inspection
Different Processes Used for
Compressor Fabrication
Welding Department:-
Our firm has fully equipped welding department which is skilled in submerged
arc welding and argon gas welding.We also built crane,hermetic cans . In the near
future we will be building strolls.
Finished Product Line:-
1)Leak Detection:-This is done by a highly sophisticated helium detection
system. Simple soap is no longer effective that are on market today.
2)Evacuation and painting:-The manufacturers are then painted to match
manufacturers original colors
National Compressor Exchange of New York
75 Ondordonk Ave .Ridgewood,Queens,New York-11385