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Present Continuous 1: with Present Meaning

I am working
Look at these sentences. The ing form of the verb
She is learning Chinese. 1 Add ing for most verbs
You are reading this book. talk talking
You arent playing football. eat eating
Are you working hard? drink drinking
These verbs are in the ask - asking
present continuous. 2 For verbs that end in e
!e make the present drop the e then add ing.
continuous with the verb come - coming
to be and the ing form of write - writing
the verb. dance - dancing
POSITIVE love - loving
I am "#m$ coming % For verbs that end in
&e'(he'It is "#s$ coming vowe) * consonant doub)e
!e'+ou'The, are "#re$ coming the )ast )etter.
E!"TIVE get - getting
I am not "I-m not$coming sit - sitting
&e'(he'It is not "#s not$ coming shop - shopping
!e'+ou'The, are not "#re not$ coming stop - stopping
#$ESTIOS ote:
Am I coming. !e norma)), use the short
Is he she it coming. form in conversation.
Are ,ou'we'the, coming. Hes talking.
heyre not listening.
!e use the present continuous Im staying in a hotel this
" to ta)k about what is happening at week.
the moment C for things that started in
!e "uiet# The baby is sleeping. the past and are continuing
ake an umbrella# Its raining. now.
% for things that are temporar, Shes studying medicine.
$ere on vacation. $e are renting She wants to be a doctor.
a car for a few days. Im learning the piano. %ts
very difficult#
$hat are you doing?
Present Continuous &or'sheet
ame: !ra(e:
1 &rite the ing form of these verbs)
1 wash washing
* ta)k /////
+ go /////
, come /////
- take /////
. make /////
/ move /////
0 shop /////
1 stop /////
12 p)an /////
11 sit /////
1* get /////
1+ break /////
1, )augh /////
1- sta, /////
* Com34ete the senten5es)
Complete the sentences with the ing form of the verbs in the bo&. he first
one has been done for you.
answer cook )earn p)a, read
sing ta)k te)) tr, watch write
1 !hat-s she doing. (he-s watching T0.
* Listen1 (he-s //////.. an o)d (panish song. It-s beautifu).
+ I-m //////.. a rea)), interesting book at the moment.
, &e-s //////.. a )etter to this sister. &e-s //////.. her about his
new 2ob.
- !hat-s he doing. &e-s //////.. the piano.
. !hat are ,ou doing. I-m //////.. ,our 3uestion1
/ &e-s in the kitchen //////.. dinner.
0 !here is 4ane. (he-s //////.. to her sister on the phone.
1 !e-re //////.. French before our vacation there.
12 I-m //////.. to )ift this bo5 but it-s ver, heav,.
+ &rite senten5es)
%ts Saturday afternoon. You are looking out of your window. $rite sentences
about what you see. 'se the present continuous.
6i)) ' wash his car (ome chi)dren ' p)a, footba)) in the park
!ill is washing his car. Some children are playing football in the
1 7rs. 4ohnson ' sit in her garden.
* 7r. 4ohnson ' p)a, the piano.
+ The sun ' shine.
, Three dogs ' swim in the river.
- A cat ' s)eep in a tree.
. (ome men ' ta)k near the post office.
/ 9r. 4ones ' work in her office.
0 A po)iceman ' wa)k down the street.
1 Fiona ' take a photograph of her brother.
12 (ome bo,s ' eat ice cream near the schoo).
11 (ome birds ' f), over the park.
1* A )itt)e gir) ' ride her bic,c)e.
1+ 4ane and :eter ' drink coffee in the bar.
1, 7aria ' shop for her dinner.
1- 7, son ' ta)k to his friends on the phone.
, &rite the (ia4ogue)
Your brother (red telephones you and asks you lots of "uestions. You are
very busy but try to be nice to him. $rite the dialogue.
Fre(: ,ou ' watch T0
)re you watching *?
7ou: ;o ' I not watch T0. I ' work Fred
+o, %m not watching *. %m working, (red.
Fre(: ,ou ' read a maga<ine
7ou: ;o ' I not read a maga<ine. I ' read a book about =ng)ish
grammar Fred.
Fre(: ,ou ' eat choco)ate
7ou: ;o ' I not eat choco)ate. I ' tr, to understand the present
continuous Fred.
Fre(: +ou ' )isten to the radio
7ou: ;o ' I not )isten to the radio. I ' do m, homework Fred
Fre(: +ou ' p)a, the piano
7ou: ;o ' I not p)a, the piano. I ' write the answers to this
e5ercise Fred.
Fre(: +ou ' )istening to me
7ou: ;o ' I not )isten to ,ou. I ' put down the phone Fred.
- &rite 8uestions an( answers)
!hat ' ,ou ' do?$hat are you doing?
I ' c)ean ' m, shoes?% am cleaning my shoes.
1 !hat ' ,ou ' eat?
I ' eat ' a sandwich?
* !hat ' she ' watch?
(he ' watching ' a fi)m?
+ !hat ' ,ou ' write?
I ' write ' a )etter to m, cousin?
, !hat ' ,ou ' drink?
I ' drink ' some )emonade?
- !hat ' the, ' read?
The, ' read ' >rammar !orkbook 1?
. !hat ' she ' do?
(he ' make ' bread in the kitchen?
/ !hat ' ,ou ' )ook for?
I ' )ook for ' m, ,e))ow socks?
0 !h, ' ,ou ' )augh?
The cat ' eat ' ,our dinner1?
1 !here ' he ' go?
&e ' go ' to the )ibrar,?
12 !hat ' the, ' )isten to?
The, ' )isten to ' the radio?
Present Continuous *: with Future Meaning
&e-s arriving tomorrow.
1) Look at these sentences. Im buying a new bicycle
Shes going on vacation tomorrow. tomorrow.
Theyre moving to a new house ne&t year. sub2ect * am ' -m ' is ' -s
Are you coming to the party tonight? ' are ' -re * not * the
These verbs are in the present continuous. ing form of the verb for
6ut here we are not ta)king about the a negative sentence
present. !e are ta)king about the future Im not going to the
"tomorrow ne5t ,ear tonight$. party. %ve got a
This is the second use of the present toothache. %m going to
continuous. the dentist.
*) The verb form is the same as when am ' is ' are * sub2ect
we ta)k about the present. * the ing form of sub2ect *
am ' is ' are * the ing form the verb for a 3uestion
of the verb for a positive sentence Are they meeting im
at the airport? Hes
arriving at ../01.
1. !e use the present continuous to ta)k When are you going to
about our p)ans for the future. Sweden? 2n 3onday or
Im going to university ne&t year. uesday?
Were getting married in 2ctober. When are we playing
*) !e often put words )ike when and tennis? his week or ne&t
how at the beginning of a present week.
continuous 3uestion to ask for infor- How are we getting
mation about the future. to the airport? !y ta&i?
1) &rite senten5es)
his is Sally hompsons diary for tomorrow. $rite sentences about her day.
'se the present continuous. he first one has been done for you.
@ABB a.m. take the dog for a wa)k
CABB a.m. have breakfast
DABB a.m. go to the bank for some mone,
1BA%B a.m. make some bread
11A%B a.m. bu, some fruit at the greengrocer-s
1ABB p.m. meet 4oanna for )unch
%ABB p.m. wash some shirts
%A%B p.m. take the car to the garage
EABB p.m. c)ean the windows in the kitchen
FAGE p.m. p)a, s3uash with 4enn,
CA1E p.m. cook dinner for the fami),
DA%B p.m. wash up
11ABB p.m. have a shower
11A%B p.m. go to bed
11A%1 p.m. go to s)eep1
)t 4 shes taking the dog for a walk.
1) ////////////////////////////
*) ////////////////////////////
+) ////////////////////////////
,) ////////////////////////////
-) ////////////////////////////
.) ////////////////////////////
/) ////////////////////////////
0) ////////////////////////////
1) ////////////////////////////
12) ////////////////////////////
11) ////////////////////////////
1*) ////////////////////////////
1+) ////////////////////////////
1,) ////////////////////////////
+ow write ten sentences about what you are planning to do tomorrow.
1) ////////////////////////////
*) ////////////////////////////
+) ////////////////////////////
,) ////////////////////////////
-) ////////////////////////////
.) ////////////////////////////
/) ////////////////////////////
0) ////////////////////////////
1) ////////////////////////////
12) ////////////////////////////
*) &rite senten5es)
%ts 5anuary and you are making plans for the year. $rite sentences to
describe what you are doing in the ne&t few months. 'se the present
Februar, I ' f), to 4amaica for a vacation.
%n (ebruary %m flying to 5amaica for a vacation.
1) 7arch I ' fish in Hanada.
*) Apri) I ' )earn (panish in 7e5ico.
+) 7a, I ' take m, boat down the Ho)umbia.
,) 4une I ' get engaged.
-) 4u), I ' make a fi)m for m, fami), back home.
.) August I ' wa)k across the Interstate 6ridge.
/) (eptember I ' get married.
0) Ictober we ' c)imb 7ount &ood together.
1) ;ovember we ' bu, a house.
12) 9ecember I ' se)) m, boat1
+) &rite 8uestions an( answers)
$rite "uestions and answers. 'se the present continuous.
!hen ' ,ou ' do the e5am. I ' do the e5am in 4une
$hen are you doing the e&am? % am doing the e&am in 5une.
1) !hen ' she ' go to (eatt)e.
(he' go ' to (eatt)e on Tuesda,.
*) !hen ' the train ' )eave.
The train ' )eave ' at ha)f past three.
+) !hen ' ,ou ' p)a, go)f with Fred.
!e ' p)a, ' tomorrow afternoon.
,) !hat ' ,ou ' do ' tomorrow.
I ' c)ean ' the house.
-) !hen ' ,ou ' meet ,our gir)friend.
I ' meet ' her ' at one o-c)ock.
.) !here ' ,ou ' meet ,our unc)e.
I ' meet ' him ' at a cafJ.
/) !hat ' ,ou ' do ' tonight.
I ' wash ' m, hair.
0) !here ' we ' have ' dinner tonight.
!e ' have ' dinner at that new 0ietnamese restaurant near the
1) !h, ' ,ou ' not come to the part,.
I ' stud, ' for m, e5ams.
12) !h, ' ,ou ' not stud, tonight.
I ' go ' to a part,1
,) &rite 8uestions an( answers)
$rite "uestions with how and the present continuous.
hen write answers.
&ow ' he ' get to the movie theater.
How is he getting to the movie theater?
&e ' there ' b, ta5i
Hes getting there by ta&i.
1) &ow ' we ' get to the airport.
!e ' there ' b, train
*) &ow ' we ' get to ;ew +ork.
!e ' there ' b, p)ane
+) &ow ' the, ' go to the is)and.
The, ' there ' b, ferr,
,) &ow ' the, ' get to the top of the mountain.
The, ' there ' b, the ski )ift
-) &ow ' the :resident ' come to the meeting.
(he ' here ' b, he)icopter
.) &ow ' ,ou ' go to the supermarket.
I ' there ' b, bus
/) &ow ' ,ou ' get home.
I ' there ' b, car
0) &ow ' I ' get home.
+ou ' there ' on foot1
-) Com34ete the (ia4ogue)
Complete the dialogue by putting the verb in parenthesis in the correct form
of the present continuous.
9ane: !hat "1 do$ ,ou ne5t week.
"4i5e: !e)) I "* go$ to Los Ange)esK but (tan "+ come not$.
9ane: !hat ", do$ he.
"4i5e: &e "- paint$ the kitchen and ". teach$ at schoo).
9ane: "/ 0isit$ ,ou an, friends.
"4i5e: +es. I "0 sta,$ with some o)d schoo) friends. The, work in
L.A. The, work for a movie compan,. 6ut ne5t ,ear the, "1
start$ their own business.
9ane: "12 change$ (tan schoo)s ne5t term.
"4i5e: ;o. &e "11 stop$ teaching.
9ane: !hat "1* do$ he.
"4i5e: ;e5t ,ear he "1+ stud,$ again. 6usiness (tudies.
9ane: !h,.
"4i5e: &e "1, go$ into business with m, friends in L.A.
9ane: (o ,ou "1- move$ to L.A.
"4i5e: +es. +ou usua)), go to Ha)ifornia. "1. go$ ,ou this ,ear.
9ane: ;o. 6i)) "1/ work$ in Longview a)) through the summer. &e
"10 design$ a new bui)ding for a sma)) computer chip
"4i5e: "11 bui)d$ he it as we)).
9ane: Ih no. A big (eatt)e bui)ding compan, "*2 do$ that.
"4i5e: Interesting work though.
9ane: +es. !e)) en2o, L.A.1