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1. Assistance to Self Help Promoting Institutions (SHPIs) for promotion and
linage of SH!s 1
"# Micro Enterprise $e%elopment Programme (ME$P) 2
&# Sc'eme for Financing of matured SH!s for Farm and In%estment Acti%ities 3
(# Sc'eme for pro%iding tec'nological support to N!Os 4
)# Sc'eme for supporting Acti%it* +ased !roups 4
,# Sc'emes for support to federation 5
-# Incenti%e for promotion of .oint /ia0ilit* !roups (./!s) of SF1 MF1 2enant
Farmers1 Oral /essees and S'are Croppers under Farm Sector 5
4# Support under Financial Inclusion Fund (FIF) 6
"# Support under Financial Inclusion 2ec'nolog* Fund (FI2F) 7
&# Farmers5 Clu0 as +usiness Facilitators (+Fs) 8
(# Esta0lis'ing 6e0 ena0led Financial Ser%ices Cell at R3$SE2I 8
)# Support for certificate course for +usiness Correspondents (+Cs) and +usiness
Facilitators conducted 0* Indian Institute of +aning and Finance (II+F) 9
,# Aut'orised Functionaries of 7ell8run SH!s as +C1 +F 9
-# Financial /iterac* 9
4# Rural Entrepreneurs'ip $e%elopment Programmes (RE$Ps) 10
"# Sill $e%elopment Programme1Sill 3pgradation (S$Ps) 11
&# Sc'eme for strengt'ening of Rural Haats 8 Financing t'roug' Panc'a*at
Ra9 Institutions (PRIs) 13
(# Setting up of Mareting outlets (Rural Marts) 14
)# Solar Home /ig'ting S*stems 14
,# NA+AR$5s support for setting up of clusters 15
-# Capital Su0sid* cum Refinance Sc'eme for installation of Solar Off8!rid (P'oto :oltaic
2'ermal) and $ecentralised application under t'e .a7a'arlal Ne'ru National Solar
Mission of t'e MNRE; !oI
<# Credit lined capital su0sid* sc'eme (C/CSS) for tec'nological upgradation of
Medium and Small Enterprises = !oI sc'eme
4 Farm Inno%ation Promotion Fund (FIPF) 17
" Rural Inno%ation Fund (RIF) 18
& Farmers5 2ec'nolog* 2ransfer Fund (F22F) = Farmers5 Clu0s 19
( 3m0rella Programme for Natural Resource Management 20
) 2ri0al $e%elopment Fund 21
, 2ec'nolog* 2ransfer > Pilot Pro9ects under F22F 22
- 6aters'ed $e%elopment Fund 23
4# Refinance Sc'emes of NA+AR$ = S2 (SAO) Polic* 27
"# Sc'eme for E?tending Financial Assistance to Sugar 3ndertaings "<

&# Interest Su0%ention Sc'eme 28
4# Rural Infrastructure $e%elopment Fund (RI$F) 29
"# NA+AR$ Infrastructure $e%elopment Assistance (NI$A) 34
:II# :I//A!E $E:E/OPMEN2 PRO!RAMME (:$P) 3 5
4# Cooperati%e $e%elopment Fund 36
Refinance Polic* "A4484" 38
a# Capital In%estment Su0sid* Sc'eme for Commercial Production 3nits of
Organic inputs under National Pro9ect on Organic Farming 39
0# Sc'eme for Integrated $e%elopment of Small Ruminants and Ra00its
c# $air* Entrepreneurs'ip $e%elopment Sc'eme
d# Esta0lis'ment of Agri Clinics and Agri +usiness Centres (ACA+Cs) 47
e# Sc'eme on Pig $e%elopment 49
f# Central Sector Sc'eme on Sal%aging and Rearing of Male +uffalo Calves 51
g# Centrall* Sponsored Sc'eme for Esta0lis'ing Mot'er 3nits of Rural
+ac *ard Poultr* 54
'# Centrall* Sponsored Sc'eme on 3tilisation of Fallen Animals 56
i# !ramin +'andaran Bo9ana 1 Rural !odo7n Sc'eme 58
9# Sc'eme for Strengt'ening of Agricultural Mareting Infrastructure; !rading and Standardisation 60
Since its inception; NA+AR$ 'as 0een stri%ing for t'e de%elopment and prosperit*
of rural areas# E%er* *ear; 7e rededicate oursel%es to t'e cause of rural poor#
+ans; !o%ernment $epartments and our N!O partners 'elp us in ac'ie%ing t'is
goal# 6e s'are our ideas 7it' 0aners and !o%t departments in %arious fora including
S/+C and 7or in unison# It 7as in one suc' forum t'at I got a reCuest for a
'and8 0oo on sc'emes implemented 0* NA+AR$# 6e 7ored on t'at reCuest
and I am immensel* pleased to present to *ou a read*8reconer t'at presents a gist
of all important NA+AR$ sc'emes as also t'e !oI sc'emes under
implementation 0*
2'is 'and80oo; I am sure; 7ill ac'ie%e t'e o09ecti%es for 7'ic' it 'as 0een
created# 2'e sc'emes co%ered in t'e 0oolet range from s'ort8term needs under
Production Credit to /ong 2erm credit needs under in%estment credit and rural
de%elopment# 2'e circular num0ers 'a%e also 0een furnis'ed for furt'er
references# 6e plan to circulate soft copies as 7ell to ena0le 7ider circulation#
DEno7ledge is Po7erF and s'aring it maes it gro7 manifold# I 7elcome *our
%alua0le suggestions and 7is' t'at t'is pu0lication pro%es to 0e useful and 'elpful to
all our colleagues in t'e field of agriculture and rural de%elopment#
$r :enates' 2agat
C'ief !eneral Manager & .une "A44

I. Micro Finance
Self Help !roup (SH!) is a small; economicall* 'omogeneous; %oluntaril* formed
group of unreac'ed rural poor; 7'o sa%e and mutuall* agree to contri0ute to a
common fund to 0e lent to its mem0ers as per group decision#a
NA+AR$ started t'e SH!8+an /inage Programme (SH!8+/P) in 4GG" for
pro%iding t'e SH!s 7it' +an credit# NA+AR$ sees t'e SH!8+/P as part of an
o%erall arrangement for pro%iding financial ser%ices to t'e poor in a sustaina0le
manner and also as an empo7erment process for t'e mem0ers of t'ese SH!s#
NA+AR$ 'as instituted dedicated Funds as also $epartments at Head Office and
Regional Offices to pursue %arious de%elopmental initiati%es in micro finance related
acti%ities; t'e details of 7'ic' are furnis'ed 0elo7H
1. Assistance to Self Help Promotin Instit!tions "SHPIs# for promotion an$
lin%ae of SH&s
Formation; /inage > Nurturing of SH!s
Salient feat!res
Formation of SH!s 'a%ing mem0ers'ip of 4)8"A; credit linage of t'ose groups
7it' +ans and e?tending 'and'olding support to t'e groups t'roug' capacit*
0uilding training programmes on SH! concept; 0oo 7riting etc#; 0esides
monitoring t'ose groups o%er a period of A& *ears#
Partner Aencies
N!Os; RR+s; Cooperati%e 0ans; 3r0an Cooperati%e +ans; Farmers5 Clu0s;
:illage 6aters'ed Committees and ot'er Communit* +ased Organisations
Elii'ilit* norms for N&Os
(i) E?perienced in communit* 0ased acti%ities#
(ii) 2o 0e in e?istence for atleast & *ears and not 0lac listed 0* an* Central 1
State !o%t# agenc*#
(iii) Office 0earers of N!Os s'ould not 'old an* pu0lic office and s'ould not 0e
office 0earers of an* political part*#
Financial Assistance
`()AA per SH! for a period of & *ears in case of N!Os
` ")AA per SH! for a period of & *ears in case of +ans
` <AA for promotion; ` "AA for stationer* and ` &AA for monitoring per SH!#
(2otal ` 4&AA per SH!) for a period of & *ears in case of Farmers5 Clu0s
(Ref# No#N+H MCI$H <<G1 Pomotional !rant (Polic*)1 "AAG84A dated &A Octo0er "AAG)

+. Micro Enterprise De)elopment Proramme "MEDP#
2o pro%ide supplemental support to de%elop 1 upgrade sill and 0usiness acumen
of SH! mem0ers for taing up Income !enerating Acti%ities (I!As)#
Partner Aencies
N!Os and +ans
Salient feat!res
Matured SH!s (2'e groups 7'ic' are in e?istence for atleast A& *ears and 7'o
'a%e a%ailed one1 t7o c*cles of 0an loan) are gi%en training t'roug' N!Os1
R3$SE2Is for a period ranging from & to 4& da*s; in t'ose acti%ities in 7'ic' t'e
mem0ers are eit'er 'a%ing sill or 7illingness 7'ic' could lead to income
generation for t'em#
(RefH No#N+H MCI$H4)G-1 ME$P1 "AAG84A dated "( Fe0ruar* "A4A)
SH! mem0ers engaged in income generating acti%it*

,. Sc-eme for Financin of mat!re$ SH&s for Farm an$ In)estment Acti)ities
2o facilitate mem0ers of matured SH!s to di%ersif* t'eir income generating
acti%ities; 0* meeting t'eir credit reCuirements for farm production 1 in%estment
Partner aencies
Salient feat!res
+ans 7ill e?tend term loans and cas' credit limits to SH!s e?clusi%el* for farm
production and in%estment acti%ities co%ering agriculture and allied acti%ities#
+ans; in turn; are e?tended refinance at concessional rate of interest 0*
NA+AR$; 7'ic' is repa*a0le in ) *ears#
(Ref# N+H MCI$H&,( > 4"<G1 SH!84 (Polic*)1 "AA,8A- dated 4- .une > "A Octo0er "AA,)
SH! mem0ers engaged in group acti%it*

.. Sc-eme for pro)i$in tec-noloical s!pport to N&Os
Strengt'ening of MIS on SH!s 0* t'e N!Os for effecti%e monitoring of t'e groups#
Elii'ilit* Norms
and N!Os 7'o 'a%e 0een granted assistance under SHPI pro9ect of NA+AR$
'a%ing a stoc of minimum of ")A SH!s promoted 0* t'emsel%es 7ill 0e
e?tended financial support upto ` )AAAA18 for purc'ase of computer 'ard7are1
(RefH No#N+H MCI$H 4A"<1 Inno%8!en1 "AAG84A dated ") No%em0er "AAG)
)# Sc-eme for s!pportin Acti)it* Base$ &ro!ps
Formation and nurturing of groups engaged in similar economic acti%ities to
impro%e efficienc* and for getting 0etter remuneration for t'eir produce in t'e
Partners-ip instit!tions/aencies
N!Os; +ans; Federations; FCs; Communit* o7ned companies etc
Salient feat!res
Informal groups 7it' ) to "A mem0ers in eac' group engaged in similar economic
acti%ities 7ill 0e e?tended support from NA+AR$ t'roug'
(i) grant; 7'ic' 7ill co%er e?penditure on group formation; training > e?tension
(ii) loan; 7'ic' 7ill co%er in%estment credit and 7oring capital needs#
(RefHNo#N+I MCI$H 4(,-1 SH!841 "AA<8AG dated &A Marc' "AAG)
SH! group meeting

0. Sc-eme for s!pport to Fe$eration
2o de%elop leaders'ip Cualities and mae SH!s self8reliant#
Partners-ip Instit!tions/Aencies
N!Os1SH! Federations
Salient feat!res
2o 0e e%ol%ed 0ased on t'e needs of SH!s and not 0e in%ol%ed in financial
intermediation# Federation to 0e registered#
(Ref#No#N+#mCI$#4A&<1SH! (Federation)1 "AA-8A< dated "A Sept "AA-)
6omen SH! meeting in progress
1. Incenti)e for promotion of 2oint 3ia'ilit* &ro!ps "23&s# of SF/ MF/ 4enant
Farmers/ Oral 3essees an$ S-are Croppers !n$er Farm Sector
2o augment flo7 of credit to farmers in agriculture > allied acti%ities and to micro
entrepreneurs1 artisans1 indi%iduals in NFS acti%ities and to ser%e as collateral
su0stitute for loans pro%ided to groups#
Partner aencies
+ans; N!Os; Farmers5 Clu0s; E:Es; A2MA; PRIs; !o%t $epts; Producer
Association; Artisans !uild; $ept of SME etc#
Salient feat!res
J (84A indi%idual 7ill come toget'er to a%ail 0an loan on indi%idual 0asis or
t'roug' group mode against mutual guarantee; in lieu of collateral securit*#
J 2'e Promoting Institutions 7ill 0e gi%en a grant assistance of `"AAA per ./!
o%er a period of & *ears for formation and financing of ./!#
J As per t'e instructions of !o%ernment of India; crop loans to t'e e?tent of
`&#AA la' per ./! mem0er can 0e e?tended K -L p#a; on t'e lines of its
interest su0%ention sc'eme for crop loans#
J !o%ernment of Earnataa 'as e?tended t'e 7ai%er of stamp dut* pa*a0le on
./! loan documents in respect of non8farm acti%ities also; 7#e#f A4#A(#"A44
(RefH No#N+# MCI$H <,)1 Inno%# ./!1 "AAG84A dated "& Octo0er "AAG)
(RefH No#N+# MCI$H 4A,&1 Inno%# ./!1 "AAG84A dated & $ecem0er "AAG)
(Ref# No#N+# MCI$H G"-1 ./!1 "A4A844 dated A- Octo0er "A4A)II#

II. Financial Incl!sion
1. S!pport !n$er Financial Incl!sion F!n$ "FIF#
2o meet de%elopmental and promotional inter%entions
Partner Aencies
+ans; insurance companies; Post Offices; Rail7a*s; N!Os; MFIs; SH!s;
Farmers5 Clu0s; training and researc' organisations etc#
(i) 2raining of +usiness Correspondents1 +ranc' Managers
(ii) Capacit* 0uilding of stae 'olders
(iii) promotional support to institutions lie Resource Centres; Farmers Ser%ice
Centres; R3$SE2I etc#
(i%) Promotion and nurturing of SH!s
(%) Support for setting up of Rural Credit +ureaus
(%i) An* inno%ati%e products; processes and protot*pe for FI
For training and capacit* 0uilding; t'e Cuantum of assistance per mem0er is as
stipulated 0* NA+AR$# Ho7e%er; for 0ans t'e ma?imum assistance is as underH
(i) ,AL for Commercial +ans
(ii) <AL for RR+s
(iii) GAL for Cooperati%es#
For ot'er organisations t'e percentage of assistance is as decided 0* NA+AR$
from time to time# 2'e support for setting up of resource centres; Farmers5
Ser%ice Centre; Credit +ureau etc# is as decided 0* NA+AR$#
(Ref#No# $o# N+H MCI$H "4- > &AG FI8A41 "AA<8AG dated 4( Ma* "AA< > " .une "AA<)#

+. S!pport !n$er Financial Incl!sion 4ec-nolo* F!n$ "FI4F#
En'ance in%estment in Information Communication 2ec'nolog* (IC2); stimulate
transfer of tec'nolog*; increase t'e tec'nological a0sorption capacit* of financial
ser%ice pro%iders; encourage an en%ironment of inno%ation and cooperation
among stae'olders for promoting financial inclusion#
Partner Aencies
+ans; insurance companies; Post Offices; Rail7a*s; N!Os; MFIs; SH!s;
Farmers5 Clu0s; tec'nolog* ser%ice pro%iders; etc
(i) Encourage user friendl* tec'nolog*
(ii) Funding support to tec'nological solutions aimed at pro%iding afforda0le
financial ser%ices to t'e disad%antaged sections of t'e societ*
(iii) Conduct of studies; seminars etc# relating to tec'nological inter%entions#
S!pport for implementin t-e Financial Incl!sion Pro(ect t-ro!- IC4
sol!tion for5
"i# Commercial Ban%s H Support 0ased on %ia0ilit* gap for " *ears su09ect to a
ma?imum of ,AL of t'e %ia0ilit* gap#
"ii# For RRBs 8 support 0ased on cost of smart cards and POS de%ices su09ect
to a ma?imum of <AL of t'e cost# 2'e support for ot'er purposes 7ould 0e
decided 0* NA+AR$#
(Ref#No# $o# N+H MCI$H "4- > &AG FI8A41 "AA<8AG dated 4( Ma* "AA< > " .une "AA<;
N+H FI$1 "&",1 FI8A4 dated 44 .anuar* "A44;
N+H FI$1 "&,<1 FI8A4 dated 4< .anuar* "A44;
N+H FI$1 "<&"1 FI8A4 dated A& Marc' "A44 ;
N+H FI$1 "GA&1 FI8A4 dated A( Marc' "A44;
N+H FI$1 4<1 FI8A41"A4484" dated A, April "A44)#

,. Farmers6 Cl!' as B!siness Facilitators "BFs#
For e?tending financial ser%ices and strengt'ening Farmers5 Clu0
Partner Aenc*
S!pport for capacit* '!il$in of FCs mem'ers an$ pa*ment of commission
to FCs f!nctionin as BFs.
<AL of t'e cost of capacit* 0uilding su09ect to a ma?imum of `4,AA per candidate
for & da*s# Support for commission as per actual 0usiness su09ect to t'e limit
fi?ed 0* NA+AR$#
(Ref#No#N+H FI$H G-&1 FI8A41 "AAG84A dated M .anuar* "A4A)
(Ref#No#N+#FI$#",(&1EE1FI8A41"A4A844 dated G Fe0ruar* "A44)
.. Esta'lis-in We' ena'le$ Financial Ser)ices Cell at R7DSE4I
2o pro%ide information on credit ser%ices a%aila0le from financial institutions along
7it' comparati%e anal*sis of interest rates; EMIs; processing fees etc#
Partner Aencies
2raining Institutes1 R3$SE2I
For purc'ase of computer; printer 3PS; eCuipment reCuired for +C1 +F; facult*
support etc can 0e supported#
Ma?imum assistance of ` &#") la'
(Ref# No#N+H FI$H )<1 FI8A"1 "A4A844 dated 4G April "A4A)#

8. S!pport for certificate co!rse for B!siness Correspon$ents "BCs# an$
B!siness Facilitators "BFs# con$!cte$ '* In$ian Instit!te of Ban%in an$
Finance "IIBF# / con$!cte$ '* FINO Fintec- Fo!n$ation "FFF#
2o create a pool of competent and trained persons 7'o could 0e emplo*ed as
+Cs1 +Fs 0* 0ans
Partner aenc*
Support to meet t'e cost of certification course of II+F 1 FFF 0* candidates 7'o
'a%e successfull* completed#
-)L of t'e course fees `(AAA per candidate (II+F)
`"")A18 per candidate (FFF)
(RefH No#N+H FI$H "&G1 FI1 (-(!)1 "AAG84A dated 4A August "AAG#
(Ref# No#N+H FI$H 4G,A1 FI1 (-(R)1 "A4A844 dated 4( $ecem0er "A4A)#
0. A!t-orise$ F!nctionaries of 9ell r!n SH&s as BC/ BF
2o ena0le SH!s to function as +C1+F and strengt'en t'e SH! mo%ement#
Partner aenc*
Support for capacit* 0uilding of SH! mem0ers acting as +C1 +F
<AL of t'e cost of capacit* 0uilding su09ect to a ma?imum K `4,AA per candidate
for & da*s#
(Ref#No#N+H FI$H )(<1 FI8A41 "AAG84A dated 4G .ul* "A4A)
1. Financial 3iterac*
2o educate rural masses on t'e financial products and ser%ices to en'ance t'e
demand side of financial inclusion programme#
Parnters-ip aenc*
N!Os implementing %arious promotional programmes of NA+AR$#
As 7ould 0e decided 0* NA+AR$#
(Ref#No#N+#FI$#4-)<1 FI8A41"A4A844 dated 4A $ecem0er "A4A)# +ac to Inde?

III. Non:Farm Sector
1. R!ral Entreprene!rs-ip De)elopment Prorammes "REDPs#
RE$Ps are programmes t'at support capacit* 0uilding of rural unemplo*ed
persons to ena0le t'em to set up t'eir o7n enterprises
RE$Ps are conducted for a particular sill and unemplo*ed rural *out' are
trained in t'ese programmes#
2raining period ma* %ar* from a minimum period of ( 7ees to a ma?#
period of < 7ees#
2'e trainee to 0e 7it'in t'e age limit of 4< and )A *ears
Eac' programme to 'a%e a0out ")8&A participants#
Programme to 0e conducted 7it' t'e support of N!Os
N!Os s'ould 0e a registered and 'a%ing an e?perience of minimum & *ears#
Programme ma* 0e residential or non residential#
N!O s'ould 'a%e necessar* infrastructure; facult* support of t'eir o7n or
in%ite guest facult*#
!rant co%ered for preliminar* e?penses; rent for 'all; 2rg material; +oarding
c'arges; stationer*; 'onoararium to facult*1guest facult* andot'er e?penses#
Incenti%e is a%aila0le for 'and'olding after training and settlement of trainees#
Handloom 7ea%er

+. S%ill De)elopment Proramme/ S%ill 7pra$ation "SDPs#
Sill $e%elopment 1 3pgradation programmes aim to de%elop ne7 sill and 1
or upgrade 1 di%ersif* t'e e?isting sills of 2rainees#
3seful for persons in rural areas looing for 7age emplo*ment or
li%eli'ood opportunities eit'er t'roug' group or indi%idual acti%ities
Artisans at 7or
Eligible members Elii'le Instit!tions
Indi%iduals Rural Financial Institutions
!roups Ci%il Societ* Organisation
Panc'a*ati Ra9 Institutions
3nemplo*ed Bout'
2raining Institutions lie R3$SE2Is1RSE2Is
Silled 1 3nsilled /a0ourers
Master Craftsmen1 6omen
Retired 1 $isa0led Soldiers +usiness Associations
6ar 6ido7s Semi8!o%ernment
Rag picers
Prisoners released from .ails
Elii'le Acti)ities
All economic acti%ities in farm and non8farm including ser%ice sectors#
6omen engaged in income generating acti%it*

Selection Committee
Representati%e of t'e agenc*; $$M1$$O of NA+AR$; /+O of t'e district; select
t'e candidates#
D!rationof t-e prorammes
S$P H " 7ees to , 7ees and a0o%e upto a ma?imum of < 7ees
RE$P H Not less t'an ( 7ees
4erms ; Con$itions
!rant assistance ma* 0e recalled on non8utilisation1%iolation of terms
Proportional reduction of grant in case of drop outs
Programs to commence 7it'in & mont's of sanction of t'e assistance
Ill!strati)e list of Prorammes s!pporte$ in t-e past
Home Care Nursing
$ress $esigning P'otograp'* > :ideograp'*
Interior $ecorati%e crafts !arland Maing
6oolen Enitting 27o 6'eeler Repairing
+at'i > +loc Printing
Mat Maing
$omestic > Electrical Appliances +ag Maing Repair
Papad 1picle maing
Patc' 7or
Radio > 2: Repairs
+an9ara em0roider*
Articificial .e7eller* Maing 6elding and Fa0riction
Pearl Processing Computer Hard7are
Food processing
+eaut* Parlour
Motor re7inding > pumpset repairing
Furniture maing1carpentr*
Soft to*s maing; etc
Masonr* > Plastering
+am0oo crafts maing
A +an9ara Em0roider* Cluster Product

,. Sc-eme for strent-enin of R!ral Haats : Financin t-ro!- Panc-a*at
Ra( Instit!tions "PRIs#
En%isages financial assistance to PRIs lie !rama or 2alu panc'a*ats to de%elop
a ne7 rural 'aat or impro%e an e?isting rural 'aat in t'eir 9urisdiction on pieces
of land clearl* o7ned or 0eing transferred to t'em for t'e said de%elopment#
Assistance of a ma?imum of `) la' in t'e form of a grant is to7ards meeting of
cost to7ards infrastructure 1 amenities in t'e 'aat lie open retail platforms;
open s'elter against sun and rain o%er t'ese platforms; po7er; drining 7ater
and sanitation facilities and fencing of t'e premises#
Assistance is to co%er GAL of t'e total estimated e?penses; 0alance 0eing met
0* t'e concerned PR institution#
2'e clearance for t'e Panc'a*at5s proposal from 'ig'er PR aut'orities including
t'e ena0ling pro%ision in t'e PR Act is compulsor*#
Panc'a*at can mo0ilise additional sources for its proposals from Nilla Panc'a*at;
State !o%ernment etc#
Panc'a*at to commit itself to complete an* pending 7ors after t'e grant
assistance from NA+AR$ is utilised from its o7n or ot'er sources and manage
t'e da*8to8da* affairs including re%enue income from t'e 'aat 0* forming Rural
Haat Management Committee consisting of representati%e of NA+AR$;
concerned PR institutions; local entrepreneurs etc#
An important criteria for e?tending t'e assistance from NA+AR$ is t'at t'e land
o7ned and proposed to 0e de%eloped 0* t'e concerned Panc'a*at as a ne7
Rural Haat s'ould atleast 'e 1<<< S=. m in area# For impro%ing an e?isting
rural 'aat; t'e said criteria is not insisted upon#
2'e release of t'e assistance 7ill 0e in installments 0ased on progress of t'e
7or and t'e %erification of t'e same 0* NA+AR$#

.. Settin !p of Mar%etin o!tlets : >ent!re Capital S!pport for 3ocal
Mar%etin "R!ral Mart#
En%isages grant assistance to a group of rural entrepreneurs lie SH! mem0ers;
artisans etc; to 0ridge initial %ia0ilit* gap in income and e?penses 7'en t'e* set
up an outlet for mareting t'eir produce locall* in %illage centres; near0* to7ns
etc# for t'e purpose of co%ering initial losses
Co%ers costs under mont'l* rent for t'e premises; salar* of one salesperson; a
small sum for initial pu0licit* for t'e %enture and miscellaneous e?penses#
Presentl*; for a retail %enture at a $istrict Head Cuarters; assistance 7ill 0e
ma?imum of `4;();AAA18 (`-);AAA for rental e?penses for 4) mont's; `();AAA
for sales persons remuneration for 4) mont's and `");AAA for miscellaneous
and pu0licit* e?penses) released in installments at an inter%al of ) mont's#
For Rural Marts at non8district Head Cuarters; ma?imum assistance 7ill 0e
`GA;AAA18 (`();AAA for rent e?penses for 4) mont's; `&A;AAA for sales persons5
remuneration and `4);AAA to7ards pu0licit* and miscellaneous e?penses)#
Sc'eme also 'as an incenti%e of `4A;AAA or `4);AAA for an N!O etc#; 7'ic'
promotes and facilitates t'e setting up of t'e mart#
2'e Mart is e?pected to sta0ilise and 0rea8e%en in a 4) mont' period co%ering
t7o 0usiness c*cles#
8. Solar Home 3i-tin S*stem
2o propagate a7areness a0out Solar Home /ig'ting S*stem under en%ironmental
a7areness and reduction of drudger*; etc#
Elii'le instit!tions
RR+s1 Cooperati%e 0ans
Installation of "A demonstrati%e Solar Home /ig'ting units at pu0lic places and
organiOing "A a7areness camps#
Amo!nt of s!pport
`4AAA for a7areness camps and )AL of t'e cost of demonstration units#
(Ref circular no# N+# $P$# NFS# 4)"G1 Rural Ha0itat1 "AA<8AG dated G Sept "AA<)

0. NABARD6s s!pport for settin !p Cl!sters
Cluster is a geograp'ical concentration of rural artisans engaged in similar
producti%e acti%it* 7it' s'ared infrastructure; marets and ser%ices#
2'e artisans of t'e same cluster are faced 7it' common opportunities and
2'e o09ecti%e of cluster de%elopment is 'olistic de%elopment t'roug' planned
inter%entions to ac'ie%e t'e aim of raising t'e income le%el and t'ere0*
li%ing standards of artisans#
NABARD s!pports t9o t*pes of cl!sters : Participator* an$ Intensi)e
In t'e participator* cluster; NA+AR$5s inter%ention 0udget could 0e upto `
4) la' co%ering a period of t'ree *ears and in t'e intensi%e cluster; t'e
0udget could 0e upto `4 crore; co%ering a period of ) *ears#
A cluster could co%er a minimum of "AA 0eneficiaries and a ma?imum of )AA
Areas for cluster de%elopment 8 Agri > Allied acti%ities; Food Processing;
SME and 2raditional arts8Handlooms > Handicrafts#
2'e cluster de%elopment Strateg* 7ill 'a%e t'e follo7ing stagesH
Identification of t'e Cluster
Identification of C$A(Cluster $e%elopment Agenc*)
Cluster $e%elopment facilitator
Conduct of +aseline Sur%e* > $iagnostic Stud*H (to find t'e gaps in
infrastructure; sills; tec'noog*; design; Credit mareting and ot'er
linages to effecti%el* address t'em t'roug' planned de%elopment
$ra7ing up of Action Plan
Implementation of Action Plan
Re%ie7 of monitoring (concurrent)
E%aluation > documentation of c'anges as a result of our inter%ention
E?it Polic*H At t'e end of t'e pro9ect period of & or ) *ears or after ac'ie%ing
t'e o09ecti%e 7'ic'e%er is earlier; NA+AR$ 7ill 7it'dra7 from t'e Cluster#
2'e cluster de%elopment programme of NA+AR$ is a compre'ensi%e
strateg* aimed at 'olistic de%elopment of t'e cluster t'roug' planned
inter%entions to ac'ie%e t'e main o09ecti%e of raising t'e income le%el >
t'ere0* li%ing standards of t'e artisans#
Planned inter%entions in%ol%eH Social; 2ec'nological; infrastructure and
financial > mareting inter%entions# 3nder tec'nological inter%entionsH t'e
artisans are gi%en sill de%elopment1 upgradation programmes and ME$Ps

1. Capital S!'si$* c!m Refinance Sc-eme for installation of Solar Off:&ri$
"P-oto >oltaic 4-ermal# an$ Decentralise$ application !n$er t-e 2a9a-arlal
Ne-r! National Solar Mission of t-e MNRE? &oI
2o promote ecologicall* sustaina0le gro7t' 7'ile addressing India5s energ*
4ime perio$
Currenc* of t'e sc'eme 7ill 0e co terminus 7it' P'ase I; 7ef 4 No% "A4A upto
Marc' "A4&#
Salient Feat!res
Eligi0le capital su0sid* to 0e released upfront to t'e 0ans on release of
dra7al application after sanction of loan to 0ans
/oan repa*ment period 7ill 'a%e a loc8in period of & *ears from t'e date of
dis0ursement of t'e first instalment of t'e 0an#
"AL of pro9ect cost 7ill 0e margin mone*#
/oan to co%er 0alance after reducing eligi0le capital su0sid*
Rate of Interest on soft loan component is )L and repa*ment period is )
No interest on su0sid* component#
(Circular reference no# N+#$P$#NFS1 SH/S841 444,1 "A4A844 dated 4 No% "A4A)
@. Cre$it 3in%e$ Capital S!'si$* Sc-eme "C3CSS# for tec-noloical
!pra$ation of Me$i!m an$ Small Enterprises A &oI Sc-eme
2ec'nolog* upgradation of SSIs to ena0le t'em to compete in t'e maret#
S!pport to p!'lic sector 'an%s? RRBs? Coop 'an%s? P)t sector 'an%s
Credit lined in%estment in Plant and Mac'iner* of SSIs under appro%ed sectors1
3oan ceilin = `4AA la'
Rate of s!'si$* = 4)L of in%estment in Plant and Mac'iner*; su09ect to a
ma?imum of `4) la'# +ac to Inde?

I>. NABARD Promotional F!n$ Sc-emes
1. Farm Inno)ation ; Promotion F!n$ "FIPF#
Elii'le Acti)ities
i# S'ould 0e in t'e conte?t of economic and financial sector reforms and t'eir
ii# Ma* fall 7it'in t'e domain of agriculture and allied sectors onl*#
iii# +e inno%ati%e; e?perimental and demonstrati%e in nature leading to commercial
i%# Ma* in%ol%e de%elopment of ne7 products; protot*pes1 tec'nolog*1 patenting1
e?tension support for tec'nolog*; no7ledge; information; mareting; etc#
%# S'ould result in impro%ement or increase in farm producti%it* and or simplification
in agricultural processes and practices# Ho7e%er; t'e same 7ill not co%er or
include fundamental researc'#
%i# 2'e proposals to lead to creation of sustaina0le emplo*ment opportunities
(direct1 indirect) in agriculture and allied sector#
Broa$ O'(ecti)es : FIPF5
i# 2o demonstrate 0ana0ilit* of ne7 concepts in agriculture and farm sector#
ii# 2o e?tend support for de%eloping proto8t*pes and for furt'er de%elopment to
mae it commercial#
iii# 2o support acti%ities connected 7it' maret sur%e* for potential assessment1
maret accepta0ilit* for ne7 agricultural products#
i%# 2o pro%ide support for acCuiring inno%ati%e tec'nolog* from reputed researc'
institutions and also for o0taining patents
%# 2o pro%ide e?tension support for mareting1 dissemination of no7ledge relating
to ne7 products#
%i# 2o support inno%ations in I2 to tae no7ledge in different sp'eres to t'e rural
%ii# 2o pro%ide support on t'e analog* of %enture capital for inno%ati%e ideas 8
tec'nological and managerial (lie suppl* c'ain management) in farm sector
for furt'er de%elopment#
%iii# 2o support an* acti%it* 7'ic' 7ill furt'er increase producti%it*; flo7 of credit;
maing no7ledge a%aila0le to t'e %illages 7'ic' could result in impro%ed li%ing
standards for t'e rural poor#
(RefHNo#FIPFH $P$8FS14")&1FIPF1"AA,8A- dated A&#4A#"AA,)

+. R!ral Inno)ation f!n$
&!i$in Principles of t-e f!n$
2'e acti%ities must 'a%e t'e rural poor in t'eir focus and must 0e inno%ati%e; J
e?perimental and demonstrati%e in nature leading to replica0ilit* and
commercial %ia0ilit*#
2'e acti%ities funded ma* in%ol%e de%elopment of ne7 products; processes;
protot*pes; tec'nolog*; patenting and e?tension support#
Appropriate action researc' and studies contri0uting to 0etter understanding J
of rural de%elopment issues; polic* and process implementation ma* 0e
4*pe of Pro(ects t-at can 'e s!pporte$ !n$er RIF
All inno%ations and related acti%ities in t'e Farm; Rural Non8Farm and Micro8
Finance sectors can 'a%e access to t'e RIF# Assistance from RIF 7ill 0e a%aila0le
for all acti%ities 7'ic' are in eeping 7it' t'e guiding principles of RIF and
specificall* t'ose 7'ic' pro%ide tec'nolog* and sill upgradation; inputs suppl*
and maret support leading to promotion of %ia0le enterprises; sustaina0le
emplo*ment; infrastructure de%elopment; impro%ed flo7 and access of credit to
rural entrepreneurs#
3ndertae inno%ations so as to impro%e efficienc* of credit deli%er* and ot'er
support ser%ices to t'e rural resource poor leading to commercialiOation of t'e
idea t'roug' licensing or ot'er7ise#
Preferre$ Sectors
$r* land 1 rain fed farming; Inno%ati%e rain7ater 'ar%esting for rural d7ellings;
Rural energ* from 0iomass1 agricultural 7astes; 2ec'niCues for increasing t'e
%alue of crop residues and non8crop 0io mass; Communit* regulation of
distri0ution and use of 7ater and energ*; Storage de%ices for agricultural and
rural products; Inno%ati%e met'ods of managing Common Propert* Resources;
Materials and designs for rural roads and Rural sanitation and 7aste disposal#
Indi%iduals; N!Os; Communit* +ased OrganiOations; SH!s; Farmer5s Clu0;
Panc'a*ati Ra9 Institutions and Corporates 7'o 'a%e t'e e?pertise and 7illingness
to implement inno%ati%e ideas for impro%ing t'e Cualit* of life in rural areas ma*
Financial S!pport
Support a%aila0le under RIF can 0e in t'e form of loan 1 grant1 incu0ation fund
support; or a mi? of all t'e t'ree components# 2'e support 7ould 0e need 0ased;
cost effecti%e and dependent on t'e reCuirement of t'e pro9ect; also taing into
account some financial in%ol%ement 0* t'e proposer# 2'is 7ill 0e decided on a
case8to8case 0asis#
(Ref#No#$P$8NFS14-A(84-&<1RIF8,<G1"AA<8AG dated 4G#AG#"AA< (Circular No# 4-&1$P$8

,. Farmers6 4ec-nolo* 4ransfer F!n$ "F44F#
Farmers6 Cl!'5
O'(ecti)es of Farmers6 cl!'
J 2o tae inno%ati%e initiati%es to 0ring a0out an attitudinal c'ange amongst
0orro7ers in t'eir outloo to7ards t'e concept of credit 0* propagating t'e
fi%e principles of D$e%elopment t'roug' CreditF#
J 2o de%elop rural areas t'roug' credit; tec'nolog* transfer; maret a7areness
and capacit* 0uilding#
J 2o organise farmers to facilitate access to credit; tec'nolog*; marets and
e?tension ser%ices#
J In order to capitalise on t'e emerging agri 0usiness opportunities; Farmers5
Clu0s (FCs) need to 0e upgraded as Federations of Farmers5 Clu0s or
Producers5 Companies#
J `4A;AAA18 per annum for t'ree *ears to eac' FC promoted 0* commercial
0ans; RR+s; co8operati%e 0ans and grass root le%el organisations (N!Os;
PRIs; E:Es; Post Offices; etc#) for promoting and nurturing of FCs#
J 2'e FC promoting agencies ot'er t'an 0ans are also granted promotional
incenti%es K `";AAA18 or `&;AAA18 depending upon t'e area for facilitating
promotion of FCs#
(RefHNo# $P$8FS1FCP1G<"1"AA<8AG dated &A#AG#"AA< (Circular no# 4-<1$P$8FS8A)1"AA<)

.. 7m'rella Proramme for Nat!ral Reso!rce manaement "7PNRM#
J 2o integrate NA+AR$5s e?isting and future Natural Resource Management
(NRM) efforts into a streamlined approac' of participator* inter%entions 7it'
t'e aim of mainstreaming 'olistic; and financiall* sustaina0le li%eli'ood
solutions into rele%ant pu0lic polic* frame7or and financial instruments for
impro%ing t'e li%eli'oods of rural poor#
J 2o support planning and promotion of rational use; conser%ation and
impro%ement of natural resources essential to continuous and self8sustaining
li%eli'ood opportunities#
J 2o support and stimulate ne7 and inno%ati%e initiati%es aimed at impro%ing
t'e stoc; Cualit* and producti%it* of t'e natural resource 0ase and li%eli'ood
"i# Core / priorit* areas
a# Soil and 7ater conser%ation (including 7aters'ed programmes; dr*land
farming s*stems)
0# Plantation and 'orticulture (tree 0ased farming; +am0oo 0ased farming;
7adi de%elopment; organic farming; energ* plantations)
c# Forestr* acti%ities (re'a0ilitation and management 1Communit* Forest
management; 0iodi%ersit* conser%ation)
d# Farming s*stems management (including li%estoc and aCuaculture
e# Climate c'ange adaptation 1 Clean $e%elopment Mec'anism (C$M)
"ii#S!pplementar* / s!pport areas incl!$in for9ar$ an$ 'ac%9ar$ lin%aes
an$ li)eli-oo$ eneratin acti)ities5
a# Processing; storage; mareting;
0# Critical rural infrastructure (including rural roads; minor irrigation; drining
c# Rene7a0le energ* (micro1mini8'*del; 0iomass 0ased po7er generation;
0iofuels; 7ind8po7er; solar po7er)
"iii# Information ; Bno9le$e Manaement "IBM# an$ Capacit* B!il$in
"i)# 4-e financial pro$!cts
/oan 0ased products for t'e eligi0le sectors1 acti%ities# 2'ese loan 0ased
products ma* carr* some add8ons in t'e form of grant for sill and capacit*
0uilding and some ot'er infrastructure supports 0ased on t'e merit of
pro9ect# 2'e programme intends to offer custom designed pacage of
financial assistance comprising loan and grant to t'e c'annel partners#
Elii'le Aencies "C-annel Partners#
2'e pro9ect implementing agencies (called C'annel partners) 7ill 0eH State
!o%ernments; +ans; Corporates (including Producers Companies); N!Os and
(Ref#No#N+#$P$#FS14-A"13PNRM841"AA<8AG dated 4-#A"#"AAG (Circular No# &(1$P$8FS8

8. 4ri'al $e)elopment F!n$
O'(ecti)es of t-e f!n$
J 2o create replica0le models of integrated de%elopment of tri0al families; on
participator* 0asis; t'roug' adoption of sustaina0le income generating acti%ities
0ased on potential of t'e area and t'e tri0al needsI
J 2o 0uild and strengt'en tri0al institutions 7'ic' 7ould ena0le t'e communities
to 0e partners in polic* formulation; e?ecution of programs and impro%e social
and economic statusI and
Pro(ect Components
J Orc'ard de%elopment (fruit1 plantation1'er0al crops > forest plants) as t'e
core component#
J Soil conser%ation in t'e 6adi > 6ater resources management (conser%ation
and use)
J Sustaina0le agriculture#
J Human resource de%elopment (communit* de%elopment);6omen
de%elopment t'roug' components suc' as drudger* reduction measures; on8
farm and non8farm income generating acti%ities and formation of self 'elp
groups for inculcating t'rift and credit 'a0its#
J Communit* Healt'#
J Micro8enterprises for landless people#
J Processing > mareting
J Ot'er au?iliar* components to do%etail 7it' a0o%e acti%ities#
Nat!re of s!pport
J Support could 0e in t'e form of grant1 loan or a 0lend of 0ot' as found
J 4AL of t'e Pro9ect support ma* 0e pro%ided as loan to t'e Pro9ect Implementing
Agenc* (PIA); for onlending; to inculcate good credit 'a0its among t'e
participants# 2'e loan period and rate of interest for on lending to t'e pro9ect
participants 7ould 0e decided at t'e time of sanction of t'e pro9ect#
J 6illing State !o%ernments could 0e in%ol%ed 7it' a stipulation t'at t'e* ma*
contri0ute )AL of t'e Pro9ect Cost# 2'is contri0ution can also 0e in t'e form
of loan from t'e 2$F repa*a0le 0* t'e !o%ernment o%er a period of ,8< *ears
7it' t'e interest rate to 0e decided from time to time#
(Ref#No# $PS8FS1+8&A&A8&A,)12$F84"1"A4A844 dated 4G#4A#"A4A)

0. 4ec-nolo* 4ransfer ; Pilot Pro(ects !n$er F44F
Main o'(ecti)es of t-e f!n$ H
2o undertae an* ne7 or inno%ati%e acti%it*; 7'ic' 7ill result in increasing J
farmers5 income t'roug' increased production; producti%it*; reduction in costs;
demand led di%ersification; maret participation; %alue addition etc#
2o impro%e production and producti%it* of farmers t'roug' pro9ects lie J
Sustaina0le Agriculture; S*stem of Rice Intensification and Master Farmers
t'at 'a%e 0een introduced on pilot 0asis in order to impro%e t'e production
and producti%it* of t'e farmers#
2o facilitate adoption of appropriate tec'nologies t'roug' 2raining8cum8 J
E?posure (2>:) %isits; demonstrati%e pro9ects or suc' ot'er acti%ities#
2o disseminate appropriate tec'nologies and commercial intelligence t'roug' J
direct contacts; literature; %isuals etc#
2o undertae acti%ities suc' as financial literac*; credit counseling and ot'er J
related acti%ities#
2o organiOe farmers into informal associations; .oint lia0ilit* groups; producer J
groups; producer companies or ot'er 7a*s for self8'elp; collecti%e approac'
for commercial transactions; net7oring 7it' t'e %alue c'ain and financial
(Ref#F22FHNo# $P$8FS144-1F22F1"AA<8AG dated 44#A,#"AA< (Circular No# G(1$P$8FS8A&1"AA<)
(i) /EA$ CROPS8 Ref No# $P$#FS1"<<A1$P$8FS(Poilic*)1"AAG84A dated "G#A4#"A4A
(ii) SRI8 Ref No# $P$#FS14G4"84G(41$P$8FS(F22F8SRI)1"A4A844 dated "4#A-#"A4A (Circular8
(iii)Master Farmers5H $P$#FS1"4(48"4-A1$P$8FS(F22F8FC Master farmers)"A4A844 (Circular8

1. Waters-e$ De)elopment
Components of Waters-e$ De)elopment
J Soil 1 /and Management (Conser%ation and 3se)
J Rain 6ater Management (Conser%ation and 3se)
J Afforestation
J Pasture (Fodder) $e%elopment
J Agricultural and Horticultural $e%elopment
J /i%estoc Management
J Rural Energ* Management
J Human Resource $e%elopment (Communit* $e%elopment)
J Empo7erment of 7omen t'roug' Self Help !roups (SH!s)
J Income generation acti%ities for economicall* 7eaer groups
J Emplo*ment generation
Waters-e$ De)elopment F!n$ "WDF#
6aters'ed $e%elopment Fund (6$F) 'as 0een constituted in NA+AR$ 0* t'e
!o%ernment of India 7it' a corpus of `"AA crore; eCuall* contri0uted 0* NA+AR$
and t'e !o%ernment of India# 2'e corpus stood at `44A" crore; as on &4 Marc'
"A4A; 7it' augmentation of funds 0* NA+AR$#
O'(ecti)es of WDF
2o spread t'e message of Participator* 6aters'ed $e%elopment t'roug' acti%e
in%ol%ement of !ram Panc'a*at or local Self Help !roups 1 N!Os I
J 2o unif* t'e multiplicit* of 7aters'ed de%elopment programmes 7it'in t'e
frame7or of a single national initiati%e I
J 2o create t'e necessar* frame7or to replicate and consolidate t'e isolated
successful initiati%es under different
programmes in !o%ernment; Semi8
!o%ernment and N!O Sectors and
J 2o operationalise t'e Fund in close
coordination 7it' t'e !o%ernment of India
and t'e State !o%ernments#
:6C meeting in progress

Feat!res of WDF proramme
J Selection of %illages t'roug' ( da*s5 Cualif*ing PS'ramadaan5 0efore consideration
of t'e pro9ect to s'o7 t'e commitment; interest and 7illingness of t'e %illagers
to tae up t'e pro9ect I
J People5s participation and contri0ution in terms of la0our; in%ol%ement of people5s
organisations for successful implementation and sustaina0ilit* I
J Capacit* +uilding P'ase (C+P) 8 a proof test for Competence and Commitment
(i#e#; focus on learning 0* doing) I
J Empo7erment of 7omen and landless I
J Preparation of net 1 sur%e* num0er87ise treatment plan I
J First priorit* is for area treatment to 'old t'e rain 7ater in t'e soil profile itself
(i#e#; catc' t'e rain 7'ere it falls) and lesser priorit* for drainage line treatmentI
J Pro9ect implementation on Pridge to %alle* approac'5 8 treatment measures are
implemented from t'e top portion (ridge) to %alle* portion I
J Farmers5 contri0ution at minimum of 4,L of t'e unsilled la0our cost t'roug'
free la0our; cas' or ind I
J Social discipline 0* 7a* of 0an on tree felling; free graOing and culti%ation of
7ater intensi%e crops lie sugarcane; 0anana and padd* I
J :illage 6aters'ed Committees (:6Cs) to 0e responsi0le for planning;
implementation and super%ision of 7ors I
J N!O 1 Pro9ect Facilitating Agenc* (PFA) to support :6C tec'nicall* and
manageriall* for smoot' implementation of t'e pro9ect#
Str!ct!re of t-e Process
2'e indi%idual 7aters'ed pro9ect is implemented in t'e follo7ing t7o p'asesHM
J Capacit* B!il$in P-ase "CBP# or Proofin Stae "P-ase:I#
2'e aim of t'e C+P is to esta0lis' t'at %illage communit* can 7or toget'er
as also associate 7it' t'e facilitating agenc*# 6ors in a0out 4AA 'a in t'e
identified 7aters'ed area is taen up for implementation under t'is p'ase#
2'e duration of t'e C+P is generall* t7el%e mont's# After successful
implementation of ,AL of t'e programme sanctioned under C+P; t'e
concerned N!O in%ol%ing t'e farmers and t'e %illage communit* 7ill prepare
t'e Pro9ect Feasi0ilit* Stud* Report (FSR) for launc'ing t'e Full Implementation
P'as (FIP) for t'e remaining 7aters'ed area# 2'e preparation of t'e FSR is
taen up concurrentl* 7it' t'e implementation of t'e C+P#

J F!ll Implementation P-ase "FIP# "P-ase:II#
Onl* t'ose C+P pro9ects; 7'ere N!Os and 6aters'ed Communities
satisfactoril* pro%e t'eir capa0ilit* to carr* out 7aters'ed de%elopment as per
t'e 6$F norms; enter t'e Full Implementation P'ase (FIP)# 2'e programme
for FIP is sanctioned 0* t'e Pro9ect Sanctioning Committee (PSC); 0ased on
t'e Feasi0ilit* Stud* Report (FSR) prepared 0* t'e N!O and t'e :illage
6aters'ed Committee (:6C) along 7it' t'e recommendation of t'e State
!o%ernment 1 Nodal $epartment#
Role of Ban%ers In Financin In Waters-e$ Pro(ect Areas
$e%elopment of 7aters'ed offers a good scope for financing %arious income
generating acti%ities in 0ot' farm and non8farm in 7aters'ed areas#
(A# Nee$ for en-ancin cre$it flo9 in 9aters-e$ / rainfe$ areas
2'e ma9or 7ors in%ol%ed in t'e 7aters'ed are farm 0unding; 7aste 7eirs; 0oulder
0unding; mini percolation tans; dr*land 'orticulture1 farm forestr*; etc# E?ecution
of soil > 7ater conser%ation measures results in t'e impro%ement in soil status;
increase in ground 7ater ta0le1 soil moisture a%aila0ilit*; crop producti%it*; c'ange
in t'e cropping pattern and o%erall impro%ement in t'e standard of li%ing of t'e
people in t'e 7aters'ed# In order to mae efficient use of conser%ed resources;
furt'er in%estments 0* t'e farmers for introduction of appropriate production
s*stem (i#e# crop80ased1 tree80ased1 non8farm acti%ities; etc#) are reCuired#
2'erefore; t'e institutional credit support is reCuired for taing up t'ese acti%ities#
"B# Potential acti)ities for financin in Waters-e$ / Rainfe$ areas
After completion of t'e treatment measures; t'e indi%idual farmers 'a%e to tae
up furt'er de%elopments on t'eir lands 0* t'eir o7n resources in order to en'ance
t'e producti%it* of crops 0* adopting recommended dr*land tec'nologies 1
pacage of practices; c'ange of cropping pattern; etc# In order to generate
additional income; t'e farmers 'a%e to tae up allied and non8farm acti%ities#
For t'ese in%estments; farmers 7ill reCuire institutional credit support# 2'e
follo7ing are some of t'e potential areas 1 acti%ities 7'ic' can 0e considered for
financing in t'e 7aters'ed areas de%eloped under an* of t'e programmes in t'e
State (i#e# NA+AR$ 6$F; N6$PRA; $PAP; Su9ala; etc#)
i. Land development In!sit" moist"#e $onse#vation
ii. %#omotion o& 'ate# (a#vestin) st#"$t"#es
iii. %#omotion o& D#ip and *p#in+le# s,stems

iv. -an+ silt appli$ation
v. .lte#native land "se s,stem
vi. D#,land (o#ti$"lt"#e
vii. D#,land se#i$"lt"#e
viii. /e#mi!$ompost p#od"$tion 0, t(e &a#me#s
i1. 2se o& Imp#oved 3a#m e4"ipments
1. 5e$(a#)e o& t(e 6o#e'ells
1i. %#omotion o& Dai#, a$tivit, 'it( &odde# p#od"$tion
1ii. %#omotion o& small po"lt#, "nits
1iii. %#omotion o& Non!&a#m a$tivities
1iv. %ost!(a#vest &a$ilities 7ma#+et ,a#ds8 'a#e(o"ses 9 $old sto#a)es8 (andlin)
e4"ip et$.:
1v. %#o$essin) "nits &o# val"e addition to t(e $ommodities p#od"$ed.
2'e a0o%e mentioned acti%ities are indicati%e and not e?'austi%e# 4AAL NA+AR$
refinance is a%aila0le if t'e financing is made on 7aters'ed 0asis and t'e claims
are su0mitted accordingl*#
"C#Approac-es for financin in 9aters-e$ areas
2o reduce transaction cost; 0aners ma* e?plore t'e possi0ilities of lending
t'roug' groups %iO#; :illage 6aters'ed Committees; SH!s; .oint /ia0ilit* !roups
(./!s); etc# 2'e groups1 farmers (small farmers; tenants; etc#) t'at presentl*
recei%e little or no institutional finance 7ill need increased credit to tae up %arious
income generating acti%ities# 2'e credit needs of suc' groups1 farmers 7ill 'a%e
to 0e considered in totalit* +ac to Inde?

>. Pro$!ction Cre$it S!pport
1. Refinance Sc-emes of NABARD 5
NA+AR$ pro%ides refinance to RR+s and to SC+s on 0e'alf of $CC+s against
t'eir s'ort term lendings for production and mareting of agricultural crops;
agricultural and allied acti%ities; pisciculture; certain appro%ed purposes and
medium term con%ersion loans# S2 Refinance is also e?tended to SC+s 1 $CC+s
for financing 6oring Capital (6C) needs of Primar*1Ape?1Regional 6CSs (for
production 1 procurement 1 Mareting 1 2rading8in8Barn) > indi%idual 7ea%ers 1
Handloom 6ea%ers5 !roups# A ta0ular representation of t'e %arious sc'emes is
gi%en 0elo7 H
(As on 4st Ma* "A44)
Sr Interest
No. P!rpose Aenc* rate C "D#
1 S2 8 SAO SC+s (
+ S2 8 SAO RR+s (#)
, S2( SAO) 8 Pledge of securities SC+s G#)
. S4 : ot-ers : Cooperati)es
i Mareting of Crops SC+s <
Ii Procurement of agricultural inputs
iii /a0our Contract > Forest /a0our Cooperati%e Societies
i% Financing indi%idual Rural artisans of PACS
% Agricultural; allied and mareting acti%ities
%i Pisciculture
%ii Industrial Co8operati%e Societies (ot'er t'an 6ea%er5s)
(Primar* Industrial Coop# Soc# as 7ell as Regional
State le%el Federation)
8 S4 : Ot-ers : RRBs
i Mareting of Crops RR+s <
Ii Pisciculture
Iii Certain appro%ed purposes ot'er t'an SAO
0 S4 : Wea)ers
i Production and mareting of clot' 0* Primar* 6ea%er5s
Co8operati%e Societies SC+s -#)
ii Procurement > Mareting and suppl* of *arn 0*
Ape?1Regional 6CS SC+s -#)
iii 6oring capital reCuirement of SH$Cs > SHn$Cs SC+s G#)
i% 6oring capital reCuirements of SH$Cs C+s G#)
% Financing of P6CS C+s G#)
1 Me$i!m:term "Con)ersion# loan SC+s1RR+s )#)
@ 3on 4erm 3oan
Reim0ursement loans to State !o%ernments for State <#)
contri0uting to t'e s'are capital of t'e cooperati%e !o%ts
credit institutions #
C 4-e rate of interest an$ terms an$ con$itions on refinance is s!'(ect to re)ision from time
to time.
(Ref#No# Circular No#N+#PC$1Polic*1"4A)1IS1"AAG84A dated 4G#"#"A4A >
(N+#PC$8Polic*14","1IS "A4A8441"A4A844 dated 4)#4"#"A4A)

+. Sc-eme for EEten$in Financial Assistance to S!ar 7n$erta%ins
"SEFAS7#? +<<1
2'e Sc'eme 7as introduced 0* t'e Ministr* of Consumer Affairs; Food > Pu0lic
Administration; $epartment of Food > Pu0lic $istri0ution; !oI 7it' a %ie7 to
impro%ing t'e liCuidit* position of sugar factories for ena0ling t'em to clear sugar
cane dues of "AA,8A- and "AA-8A< sugar season# All sugar mills t'at 7ere
functional during "AA,8A- and "AA-8A< sugar seasons 7ere eligi0le to 0e co%ered
under t'e sc'eme# 3nder t'e sc'eme; t'e 0ans 7ere ased to e?tend medium
term loan (eCui%alent to t'e notional Central E?cise dut* pa*a0le on total
production of sugar during "AA,8A- and "AA-8A< sugar seasons) to sugar factories
7it' ( *ears duration and t7o8*ear moratorium 7it' 4"L interest su0%ention
pa*a0le 0* t'e !oI#
Standing crops Rice culti%ation in progress
(Ref#No# Circular No#N+#PC$#(SugarCell)14---1A#-)(+#-)1"AA-8A< dated 4(#4"#"AA-)
,. Interest S!')ention Sc-eme5
2'e !o%t# of India interest su0%ention sc'eme for crop loans upto `& la'
dis0ursed 0* t'e Cooperati%es and RR+s at -L per annum is routed t'roug'
NA+AR$# Interest su0%ention is pro%ided to 0ans on t'eir o7n in%ol%ement of
funds in dis0ursement of suc' crop loans # Furt'er; incenti%e is 0eing pro%ided to
farmers for prompt repa*ment of loans# For t'e *ear "A4A844; t'e rate of
su0%ention for 0ans and farmers 'as 0een re%ised to 4#)L and "L respecti%el*#
:egeta0le culti%ation +ac to Inde?

>I. R!ral Infrastr!ct!re De)elopment
1. R!ral Infrastr!ct!re De)elopment F!n$
Infrastructure de%elopment is a necessar* precondition for integrated rural
de%elopment# 2'e de%elopment of an* region is directl* proportional to t'e
infrastructure inde?# Rural Infrastructure mainl* includes i) Agriculture (irrigation;
rural godo7ns; rural marets); ii)Rural Connecti%it* (rural roads; 0ridges) and iii)
Social Sector (7ater suppl*; sanitation; rural energ*; education; 'ealt')#
In order to encourage Cuicer completion of t'e rural infrastructure pro9ects; t'e
!o%ernment of India set up a DRural Infrastructure $e%elopment FundF (RI$F) in
NA+AR$ from April 4GG); 7it' an initial amount of Q "AAA crore made up of
contri0utions 0* 7a* of deposits from sc'eduled commercial 0ans operating in
India# Since t'en; t'e sc'eme 'as 0een
continued as indicated in 2a0le 0elo7;
7it' t'e announcement of corpus in t'e successi%e union 0udgets .
4ranc-e Fear Amo!nt (Rs crore) Rate of Interest (L)
RI$F :
RI$F @
RI$F @I:
RI$F @:
RI$F @:I
Sanction of Pro(ects 2'e pro9ects pertaining to eligi0le sectors under eac' RI$F
tranc'e are su0mitted 0* t'e State !o%ernments t'roug' t'eir Finance $epartment
to NA+AR$5s Regional Offices (ROs)# 2'e pro9ect proposals are appraised 0* t'e
Regional Office 7it' t'e 'elp of Consultants 0* conducting des and field appraisal#
Appraisal reports su0mitted 0* t'e ROs are t'en scrutinised 0* State Pro9ects
$epartment at Head Office 0efore placing t'e same to Pro9ect Sanctioning
Committee (PSC) for consideration of sanction#
4GG)8G, ";AAA 4&#AA
4GG,8G- ";)AA 4"#AA
4GG-8G< ";)AA 4"#AA
4GG<8GG &;AAA -#AA
4GGG8AA &;)AA -#AA
"AAA8A4 (;)AA -#AA
"AA48A" );AAA -#AA
"AA"8A& );)AA ,#)A
"AA&8A( );)AA ,#)A
"AA(8A) <;AAA ,#)A
"AA)8A, <;AAA ,#)A
"AA,8A- 4A;AAA ,#)A
"AA-8A< 4";AAA ,#)A
"AA<8AG 4(;AAA ,#)A
"AAG84A 4(;AAA ,#)A
"A4A844 4,;AAA ,#)A
"A4484" 4<;AAA ,#)A

Criteria for selection of pro(ects
J S'ould 0e of 'ig' priorit* to state go%ernment
J S'ould 0e completed in &8) *ears
J Economic Rate of Return (ERR) s'ould 0e more t'an 4)L
J +enefit Cost (+C) ratio s'ould 0e more t'an 4 at 4)L discounting factor
Borro9in Instit!tions
State !o%ernment; Panc'a*at Ra9 Institutions (PRIs); Non8!o%ernmental
OrganiOations; Self8Help !roups; etc#
No$al Department for RIDF
2'e Finance $epartment of t'e State !o%ernment acts as Nodal $epartment for
operationalising RI$F# 2'e pro9ect proposals are routed t'roug' t'e Finance
$epartment onl* and no proposals are accepted directl* from an* ot'er $epartment
of t'e State !o%ernment# All ot'er related items of 7or lie su0mission of dra7al
applications under sanctioned pro9ects; release of loan; e?ecution of documents;
repa*ment of loans; etc#; are attended to 0* Finance $epartment of t'e State
Elii'le acti)ities
2'e eligi0le acti%ities co%ered under t'e RI$F can 0e 0roadl* classified into t'e
follo7ing Sectors 8
Aric!lt!ral Sector Pro(ects "RIDF loan G8D of 4FO#
4# Minor Irrigation Pro9ects 1 Micro IrrigationI
"# Soil Conser%ationI
&# Flood ProtectionI
(# 6aters'ed $e%elopment 1 Reclamation of 7aterlogged areasI
)# $rainageI
,# Forest $e%elopmentI
-# Maret Bard 1 !odo7n; Apna Mandi; Rural 'aats and ot'er mareting
<# Cold storage; Pu0lic or .oint sector cold storage at %arious e?it pointsI
G# Seed 1 Agriculture 1 Horticulture FarmsI
4A# Plantation and HorticultureI
44# !rading and certif*ing mec'anisms suc' as testing and certif*ing la0oratories
4"# Communit* irrigation 7ells of irrigation purposes for t'e %illage as a 7'oleI
4&# Fis'ing 'ar0our 1 9ettiesI

4(# Ri%erine Fis'eriesI
4)# Animal Hus0andr*I
4,# Modern A0attoirI
4-# Medium Irrigation Pro9ectsI
4<# Mini H*del Pro9ects 1 Small H*del Pro9ects (upto 4A m%)I
4G# Ma9or Irrigation Pro9ect (onl* t'ose pro9ects alread* sanctioned and under
"A# :illage Eno7ledge CentresI
"4# $esalination Plants in Coastal areasI
""# Infrastructure for Information 2ec'nolog* in Rural areas
Social Sector Pro(ects "RIDF loan @8 D of 4FO#
4# $rining 6aterI
"# Infrastructure for Rural Education InstitutionsI
&# Pu0lic Healt' Institutions including mo0ile 'ealt' clinicsI
(# Construction of toilet 0locs in e?isting sc'ools; 7'ere necessar*; speciall* for
girl students; so as to impro%e t'e amenities a%aila0le in sc'oolsI
)# DPa* > useF toilets in rural areas
,# Construction of Angan7adi Centres
-# Setting up of E:IC Industrial Estates1Centres
R!ral Connecti)it* Pro(ects "RIDF loan @< D of 4FO#
4# Rural RoadsI
"# Rural +ridges
P-asin "Perio$ of implementation#
J P'asing is normall* " to & *ears for smaller pro9ects in di%ersified sectors
J Ma?imum p'asing of ) *ears for pro9ects related 7it' ma9or and medium irrigation
and ot'er stand8alone pro9ects in%ol%ing RI$F /oan of ` )A crore and more#
J Ma?imum p'asing period of & *ears for all ot'er pro9ects#
H!ant!m of 3oan
/oans 7ill 0e a%aila0le as per t'e follo7ing norms for sectors co%ered under RI$F#
Sr. Sector / Acti)it* RIDF loan a$missi'le as
D of elii'le pro(ect cost
4 Acti%ities related to Agricultural Sector Pro9ects G)L
" Social Sector Pro9ects <)L
& Rural connecti%it* Pro9ects <AL

C!t:Off Date
E?penditure incurred on or after A4 April of t'e corresponding *ear 7ould 0e eligi0le
for reim0ursement under t'e respecti%e tranc'e# Ho7e%er; pre8appraisal e?penses
suc' as e?penses incurred on pro9ect preparation and cost of detailed tec'nical
sur%e*s; incurred prior to t'e cut8off date; ma* 0e reim0ursed su09ect to a ceiling of
A#)L of RI$F loan sanctioned; pro%ided suc' 7or 'as 0een outsourced#
Minor Irrigation Rural Maret Bard
Release of F!n$s
Mo0ilisation ad%ance 1 Start up ad%ance K "AL of t'e RI$F /oan sanctioned under
t'e pro9ects is released to t'e State !o%ernments on con%e*ing acceptance of t'e
terms > conditions of sanction 0* t'e State !o%ernment; 0efore incurring e?penditure
on t'e pro9ects for procurement and suppl* of materials; etc# /oans are released on
reim0ursement 0asis against t'e actual e?penditure incurred in e?ecution of
sanctioned pro9ects# RI$F loans are released to t'e State !o%ernments 0* Regional
Offices of NA+AR$#
Rate of Interest on loans
2'e State !o%ernment 7ill 0e reCuired to pa* interest as decided 0* Reser%e +an
of India; on loans dis0ursed under %arious tranc'es# 2'e current rate of interest is
Repa*ment perio$ of loans
Eac' dra7al 0* t'e State !o%ernment 7ould 0e treated as a separate loan and
7ould 0e repa*a0le in - *ears inclusi%e of a grace period of " *ears; i#e#; eac'
dra7al 7ould 0e reCuired to 0e repaid in A) eCual annual instalments after t'e
grace period of " *ears# Interest 7ill 0e pa*a0le during grace period#
Important 4erms ; Con$itions
a# 7se of loan amo!nt
2'e State !o%ernment s'all utilise t'e loan amount solel* and e?clusi%el* for
t'e purpose for 7'ic' it is sanctioned 0* NA+AR$#
'# EEec!tion an$ completion of t-e pro(ects
2'e State !o%ernment s'all e?ecute and complete t'e pro9ects for 7'ic' t'e
loans are granted 7it'in suc' time as stipulated in t'e sanction letter#

c# B!$etar* Pro)ision
J 2'e State !o%ernment s'all mae adeCuate pro%ision in t'e 0udget as ma*
0e reCuired for t'e smoot' implementation of t'e sanctioned pro9ects# An
undertaing to t'is effect s'all 0e gi%en 0* !o%ernment to NA+AR$#
J 2'e State !o%ernment s'all mae suita0le 0udgetar* pro%ision for timel*
pa*ment of interest and repa*ment of loan installments#
J 2'e State !o%ernment s'all meet cost escalation; if an*; out of 0udgetar*
$# A$ministrati)e Appro)al
Administrati%e appro%al s'all 0e accorded 7'ere%er reCuired 0* t'e State
!o%ernment for t'e re%ised cost in respect of t'e pro9ects sanctioned so t'at
funds can flo7 uninterruptedl*#
e# State &o)ernment6s o'liation to ens!re smoot- proress of t-e 9or%
J 2'e State !o%ernment s'all tae all suc' steps as ma* 0e found necessar*
to remo%e an* legal or ot'er procedural 'urdles in t'e smoot' implementation
of t'e pro9ects#
J State !o%ernment s'all ensure completion of land acCuisition process in all
respects at t'e earliest in order to ena0le timel* completion of t'e sanctioned
H!alit* Control an$ Pro(ect Monitorin
2'e Pro9ect Implementing Aut'orit* s'all undertae des1field monitoring and Cualit*
control tests as per t'e internal instructions 1 manual of Implementing $epartment#
2'e reports of t'e inspecting officer 1 Cualit* control tests and compliance t'ereto
s'all 0e retained on record 0* t'e Pro9ect Implementing $i%ision# 2'ese reports
s'all 0e made a%aila0le to NA+AR$ 7'ene%er reCuired#
Pro(ect Monitorin
A Hig' /e%el Committee (HPC) under t'e C'airmans'ip of C'ief Secretar*; of t'e
State !o%t# and comprising 'eads of all implementing $epartments and NA+AR$
s'all re%ie7 t'e progress of t'e pro9ect at Cuarterl* inter%als# Furt'er; t'e $istrict
/e%el Re%ie7 Committees 7it' t'e C'ief E?ecuti%e Officer; Nilla Panc'a*at as
C'airman; representati%e from NA+AR$ and officials concerned from t'e
implementing $epartments as Mem0ers; 7ill re%ie7 t'e progress of t'e pro9ects at
t'e district le%el# 2'e State !o%t# s'all undertae periodical monitoring and
concurrent1e?8post e%aluation of t'e pro9ect 0* an independent t'ird part* agenc*;
to e%aluate t'e pro9ect on t'e %arious parameters#

+. NABARD Infrastr!ct!re De)elopment Assistance "NIDA#
NI$A is a ne7 line of credit a%aila0le for rural infrastructure in%estment to state8
o7ned institutions; 7it' sustained income streams; 7'ic' can repa* t'e loan
directl* to NA+AR$; 7it'out depending upon 0udgetar* resources of t'e State
!o%ernment# 2'is 7ill reduce t'e pressure on State !o%ernment 0orro7ings;
0ut at t'e same time; assist in maintaining t'e pace of creation of rural
Hi-li-ts of NIDA
J Reduces de0t 0urden on State !o%ernment +udgets
J $irect line of credit assistance and de%elopment assistance to State8o7ned
institutions 7it' adeCuate income streams#
J Sustaina0le interest rates; cus'ioned against interest rate fluctuations
J Fle?i0le tenure; to ease pressure on repa*ment
J Customised terms and conditions to suit e%er* need
J NA+AR$5s uniCue Credit support; tec'nical and de%elopment; aimed at
en'ancing RoIe of infrastructure#
Areas i$entifie$ for financial an$ tec-nical s!pport !n$er NIDA 5
J 6are'ousing and Storage RS6Cs are eligi0leS
J $air* $e%elopment
J Po7er Sector
J Agri Mareting; Cold C'ain; etc#
J Irrigation
J Rural 2ourism
J Education
J Healt'
J Sanitation
An* ot'er infrastructure in%estment 7it' income streams adeCuate to repa*# +ac to Inde?

>II. >illae De)elopment Proramme ">DP#
4-e Concept
NA+AR$ 'as formulated t'e :illage $e%elopment Programme t'at in%ol%es
preparation of :illage $e%elopment Plans t'roug' a participator* approac' in%ol%ing
NA+AR$; financial institutions; !o%t# agencies; N!Os1 :As and t'e %illagers
t'emsel%es# 3nder t'is programme; %illages are identified for a particular state 0ased
on criteria of 0ac7ardness and accessi0ilit* from district HTs and 'olistic
de%elopment is ensured# :$P is a con%ergence programme of different agencies
7oring at t'e %illage le%el#
4-e Process
A nodal agenc* is selected 0* NA+AR$ for implementation of t'e :$P and t'e
$$M of NA+AR$ 'elps t'e RO in monitoring t'e programme# A :illage $e%elopment
Committee is constituted at t'e %illage le%el to closel* monitor and follo78up t'e
implementation of t'e programme#
Smoeless c'ul'as
2'e Plan including t'ree8*ear action plan is reCuired to 0e prepared 0* nodal1
implementing agenc* co%ering t'e follo7ing 0road areasH
(i) Creation of infrastructural facilities 7it' support from State !o%ernment1 PRIs;
etc# or under RI$F from NA+AR$#
(ii) 2raining and capacit* 0uilding for li%eli'ood acti%ities 7it' support from NA+AR$1
!o%t1 0ans#
(iii) $e%elopmental acti%ities 7it' credit support from 0aning institutions#
(i%) Formation of communit* 0ased organiOations (SH!s1 ./!s1 Farmers5 clu0s
(%) Promotional support in t'e form of grant or soft loan assistance#
(%i) Promotional acti%ities lie conduct of meetings of :illage $e%elopment
Committee (:$C); a7areness programmes; sensitiOation programmes;
e?posure %isits for farmers; pu0licit*; etc#; 7it' grant support from NA+AR$#
(%) An* ot'er acti%ities1 programmes1 sc'emes to 0e undertaen specificall* ot'er
t'an t'e a0o%e#
(Ref#No# $O No#N+#CP$#!C$#()G1)(8+1"AA-8A< dated G#(#"AA-
$O No#N+#$P$#FS#G<1:$P1"AA-8A< dated 4&#(#"AA-
No#N+#$P$#FS#GAA1:$P8&1"AA-8A< dated "(#<#"AA-
No#N+#$P$#FS#H84,(-8,-,1:$P8G1"A4A844 dated )#)#"A4A) +ac to Inde?

>III. Instit!tional De)elopment
Cooperati)e De)elopment F!n$ "CDF#
2'e Cooperati%e $e%elopment Fund (C$F) esta0lis'ed 0* NA+AR$ for de%elopment
of t'e Cooperati%e structure 'as since 0een modified to address t'e emerging
needs# 2'e acti%ities eligi0le under t'e C$F 'a%e not onl* 0een 7idened 0ut t'e
assistance in real terms 'as also 0een en'anced# 2'e assistance is e?tended 0*
7a* of grant8cum8loan or on grant 0asis depending upon t'e t*pe of assistance
soug't for# 2'e ne7 sc'emes eligi0le for assistance under C$F are as gi%en 0elo7H
CDF rant
Elii'le CDF Sc-emes "Ne9 Sc-emes# assistance
No instit!tions "Rs.#
4 Infrastructure de%elopment# PACS <A;AAA
Safe; Counter; Office furniture name 0oard 7it' logo;
face lift to office; mo0ile p'one to secretar*
" Esta0lis'ment of Computer /a0s in ACS2Is# <;AA;AAA
CC+s 'a%ing 4) $estop PCs; One net7or printer; /C$ Pro9ector;
Port s7itc'; Patc' panel; small rac ; ca0ling 7it'
proper la*out 7it' casting to a%oid interference; Anti
on case to
:irus Soft7are licenses; and Soft 7ares 1 OS etc#
case 0asis
& Con%ening *earl* State /e%el Seminars on important (;)A;AAA
issues rele%ant to Cooperati%e Credit Institutions in t'e
Onl* seminars 7it' focus on t'e States issues 7ill 0e
supported# 2'e seminar is to 0e con%ened 0*
concerned SC+ eit'er alone or in association 7it' an*
National or State le%el institution of repute#
( Introducing a s*stem of Mo0ile .o0 2rainer (M.2) in ACS2Is
Salar* and 2A > HA e?penses of t'e mo0ile facult*
mem0er (unto Rs# )A;AAA18 per mont') for t'ree *ears;
one time grant of Rs# 4 la' onl* for purc'ase of training
aid (one laptop and o%er'ead pro9ector)
Ma?imum of
) Assessment of 2raining needs of :arious categories
Rs# ( la' for
of staff and ot'er functionaries of Cooperati%e +ans#
& tier SC+
Consultation fees c'arged 0* +IR$1R2Cs or an* ot'er
and Rs# 4#,A
training institute of repute
la' for t7o
tier SC+1

CDF rant
CDF Sc-emes "Ne9 Sc-emes# assistance
, Reim0ursement of e?penses incurred 0* Cooperati%e <A;AAA per
+ans for pu0licit* and pu0lic a7areness programes1
campaigns on programmes of national importance lie
Financial Inclusion; EBC norms etc#
Pu0licit* e?penses for special1national programmes lie
Financial Inclusion; ECC etc# 7ill 0e co%ered# Not for
t'e 0ans normal programmes and products
SC+S 1
<AL of total
- Reim0ursement of e?penses for o0taining of ISO
$CC+s outla*# 2o 0e
(International Standards Organisation) certification for
decided on
t'e Cooperati%e +ans#
case 0* case
0* NA+AR$
< E?posure %isit of PACS mem0ers; +oard mem0ers and
$CC+ staff mem0ers# $CC+s
2ra%el cost; 0oarding1/odging c'arges; stud* material;
cost of team leaders tra%el and 0oarding and lodging;
'onorarium for tec'nolog* pro%ider and miscellaneous
3p to -";AAA18
G Reim0ursement of e?penses incurred 0* Cooperati%e
0ans for conducting t7o to t'ree da*s special training
programmes for +oard of $irectors#
/odging and 0oarding; stationer*; reading material and
ot'er administrati%e e?penses su09ect to ma?imum of
Rs#4"AA18 per participant per da*#
4A Reim0ursement of e?penses incurred 0* Cooperati%e 3p to ,A;AAA18
SC+s 1
+ans for conducting t7o8t'ree da*s special training
programmes for +ranc' Managers of SC+s and programme
/odging and +oarding; stationer*; reading material and
ot'er administrati%e e?penses su09ect to a ma?imum
of Rs#4AAA18 per participant per da*
(Ref No# N+# HO# I$$# 14,-,1C$F8(1"AAG84A dated A( $ecem0er "AAG) +ac 2o Inde?

IJ. In)estment Cre$it
Refinance Polic*
Aenc* EEtent
Rate "As
Refinanc on ,1 Ma*
+<11# K
Commercial 4# Net NPA of 0an not e?ceeding &L 4AAL for t'rust
of net loans and ad%ances areas (Minor
outstanding as on &41A&1"A4A and micro
irrigation; 7ater
"# +an in profit during "AAG84A
sa%ing > 7ater &# Nil accumulated losses as on
upper ceiling
conser%ation &41A&1"A4A
4# Net NPA of 0an as on &41A&1"A4A Automatic
J &L 8 unrestricted refinance Refinance
J & to4AL 8 refinance at )L a0o%e
pre%ious *ear
'us0andr*; 7it'out
J 4A to 4)L 8 refinance at same le%el
SH!1 ./!
upper ceiling
as pre%ious *ear
J A0o%e 4)L 8 not eligi0le
"# +an in profit during "AAG84A
ACA+C; agro
&# Nil accumulated losses as on &41
7aste land
State 4# Net NPA of 0an as on &41A&1"A4A
G#") de%elopment;
J )L 8 unrestricted refinance Refinance Cooperati%e
J ) to4)L 8 refinance at )L a0o%e
dr* land Facilit*
pre%ious *ear
farming; 7it'out
J 4) to "AL 8 refinance at same le%el
upper ceiling
as pre%ious *ear
farming; agro8
J A0o%e "AL 8 not eligi0le
forestr*; seed
"# Compliance 7it' Sec844 (4) for SC+1
CC+s and CC+ 7it' audit class A or
tissue culture
0* !o%t# !uarentee or
alternate securit* (7ai%ed for production;
under A class
4# +ased on reco%er* percentage as on mareting
State Automatic
G#") &A1A,1"A4A
infrastructure; Cooperati%e Refinance
J -AL and a0o%e8 unrestricted
Facilit* for
implements; and indi%idual
J )A to -AL 8 refinance at )L a0o%e
$e%elopment pro9ects
pre%ious *ear
+an upto 2FO of J &A to )AL 8 refinance at same le%el
energ* sources
as pre%ious *ear ` )A la'#
J /ess t'an &AL 8 not eligi0le
and financing in
"# Audit class A or + as on &41A&1"A4A areas
&# Refinance against !o%t# !uarentee
or alternate
4# S'ould 0e a sc'eduled
Primar* 3r0an
"# Net NPA not e?ceeding &L of
G#") Cooperati%e
loans and ad%ances outstanding
+ans Facilit*
&# +an in profit during "AAG8
(# Nil accumulated losses as upper ceiling
)# Audit classification A or +
U Interest rates are su09ect to re%ision from time to time +ac to Inde?

a. Capital In)estment S!'si$* Sc-eme for Commercial Pro$!ction 7nits of
Oranic Inp!ts !n$er National Pro(ect on Oranic Farmin
O'(ecti)es of t-e sc-eme
2o promote organic farming in t'e countr* 0* maing a%aila0le t'e organic inputs
suc' as 0iofertilisers and fruit > %egeta0le 7aste compost and t'ere0* 0etter
return for t'e produce#
J 2o increase t'e agricultural producti%it* 7'ile maintaining t'e soil 'ealt' and
en%ironmental safet*#
J 2o reduce t'e total dependence on c'emical fertilisers 0* increasing t'e
Cuantum of Cualit* 0iofertilisers 1 compost a%aila0ilit* in t'e countr*#
J 2o con%ert t'e organic 7aste in to plant nutrient resources#
J 2o pre%ent pollution and en%ironment degradation 0* proper con%ersion and
utilisation of organic 7aste#
Implementation5 Ministr* of Agriculture (MOA) to implement t'e pro9ect t'roug'
National Centre of Organic Farming and its Regional Centres#
2'e sc'eme pro%ides credit lined and 0ac8ended capital in%estment su0sid* for
ne7 units and t'e e?isting units for e?pansion1reno%ation as descri0ed 0elo7#
Biofertilisers / Biopestici$es 7nit Fr!it ; >eeta'le Waste Compost
")L of t 'e total cost of t'e pro9ect su09ect &&L of t'e total cost of t'e pro9ect or
to t'e ma?imum of ` (A la' per unit; ` ,A la'; 7'ic'e%er is less#
7'ic'e%er is less#
2'e su0sid* for e?pansion 1 reno%ation of t'e e?isting units 7ill 0e restricted to
")L of t'e actual e?penditure to 0e incurred 0* t'e promoter to7ards e?pansion1
reno%ation su09ect to t'e ma?imum ceiling prescri0ed for eac' acti%it*; 7'ic'e%er is
NA+AR$ releases su0sid* to t'e units financed 0* Commercial +ans; Regional
Rural +ans (RR+s); State Cooperati%e +ans (SC+s); State Co8 operati%e
Agricultural and Rural $e%elopment +ans (SCAR$+s); Sc'eduled Primar* 3r0an
Cooperati%e +ans (P3C+s); and suc' ot'er institutions 7'ic' 7ill 0e eligi0le for
refinance from NA+AR$#
NC$C ma* release su0sid* to pro9ects financed 0* it in t'e cooperati%e sector

2'e original 2FO sanctioned 0* t'e 0an or t'e actual e?penditure incurred 0* t'e
promoter; 7'ic'e%er is less; 7ill 0e reconed for deciding t'e amount of su0sid*
su09ect to %erification 0* t'e .MC#
Elii'le Financin Instit!tions
2'e eligi0le financing institutions under t'e sc'eme are
i) Commercial +ans; Regional Rural 0ans (RR+s); State Cooperati%e +ans
(SC+s); State Co8operati%e Agricultural and Rural $e%elopment +an
(SCAR$+s); Sc'eduled Primar* 3r0an Cooperati%e +ans (P3C+s); Agricult ural
$e%elopment Finance Companies (A$FCs); Nort' Eastern $e%elopment
Finance Corporation (NE$FI); and suc' ot'er institutions 7'ic' 7ill 0e eligi0le
for refinance from NA+AR$#
ii) Cooperati%es 7'ere t'e* see loan from NC$C#
4erm 3oan
)AL of t'e pro9ect cost can 0e raised as term loan from t'e financing 0ans# As
t'e su0sid* is 0ac8ended; eligi0le amount of t'e su0sid* (")L) 7ould 0e initiall*
allo7ed as term loan to t'e 0eneficiar*# 2'e repa*ment sc'edule 7ill 0e dra7n on
t'e total loan amount (including su0sid*) in suc' a 7a* t'at t'e su0sid*
amount is ad9usted after liCuidation of net 0an loan (e?cluding su0sid*)# 2'e
financial institution ma* pro%ide 7oring capital separatel* for undertaing t'e
0usiness 0* t'e entrepreneurs#
(RefH NA+AR$ Ho Circular No &41 IC$8)1"AA) dated 4, Fe0ruar* "AA))

' Sc-eme for Interate$ De)elopment of Small R!minants an$ Ra''its
O'(ecti)es of t-e Sc-eme
Integrated de%elopment of small ruminants and ra00its 7it' a focus on commercial
rearing; impro%ing production performance of nati%e 0reeds; facilitate mareting
and encourage %alue addition#
Elii'le Persons
Rearin !nits 5 Indi%idual farmers; SH!s : preference for traditional s'ep'erds;
7omen; SC and S2s#
Bree$in !nits 5 Indi%idual farmers; N!Os; Companies : preference t'ose 7'o
'a%e organiOed t'e farmers into groups for taing up rearing of small ruminants
and ra00its#
Pro(ect costs? f!n$in pattern? etc.? are i)en
Ceilin on Ceilin on 4otal
s!'si$* "for capital s!'si$*
S4? -ill* an$ "for eneral
O!tla* "
states incl!$in
cateor*# 3a%-#
4 Rearing of 4#AA ")L of t'e &&#&&L of t'e
4AL Rest
outla* su09ect to
outla* su09ect
and goats a ma?# of to a ma?# of
((AV") `");AAA18 ` &&;&AA18
" S'eep and ")#AA ")L of t'e outla* &&#&& L of t'e
")L Rest +an
goat su09ect to a outla*su09ect to a
ma?# of ` ,#") ma?# of `<#&&
()AAV")) la' la'
Margin Minimum
")L of outla*
&&#&& L of outla*
& Ra00it "#")
4AL Rest +an
su09ect to a ma?# su09ect to a ma?# rearing
of ` A#), la' of `A#-) la'
+an /oan including su0sid* not less t'an )AL of 2FO# For pro9ects of SC1S2; 'ill* and
Nort' Eastern Region; t'e 0an loan including su0sid* s'ould not 0e less t'an )<#&&L of
t'e 2FO at t'e time of sanction#

Elii'le Financial Instit!tions
Commercial +ans; Regional Rural +ans; State Cooperati%e +ans; State
Cooperati%e Agriculture and Rural $e%elopment +ansH and suc' ot'er institutions;
7'ic' are eligi0le for refinance from NABARD.
Implementation of t-e sc-eme5 2'e sc'eme 7ill 0e implemented 0* NA+AR$;
State /e%el Sanctioning and Monitoring Committee (S/SMC) and t'e financing
(Ref#NA+AR$ HO Circular No# 4"G 1IC$8 "< 1"A4Adated 4" .ul* "A4A)
S'eep rearing

c. Dair* Entreprene!rs-ip De)elopment Sc-eme
O'(ecti)es of t-e sc-eme
J 2o promote setting up of modern dair* farms for production of clean mil
J 2o encourage 'eifer calf rearing t'ere0* conser%e good 0reeding stoc
J 2o 0ring structural c'anges in t'e unorganiOed sector so t'at initial processing
of mil can 0e taen up at t'e %illage le%el itself#
J 2o 0ring a0out upgradation of Cualit* and traditional tec'nolog* to 'andle
mil on a commercial scale#
J 2o generate self emplo*ment and pro%ide infrastruc ture mainl* for
unorganiOed sector#
Implementin Perio$ an$ area of operation
2'e sc'eme 7ill 0e implemented during t'e remaining @I plan period t'roug' out
t'e countr* 7it' out restrictions applica0le to Operation Flood areas for financing
of milc' animals# 2'e sc'eme 7ill come into effect from 4 Septem0er "A4A i#e
proposals sanctioned and dis0ursed 0* t'e 0ans on or after 4 Septem0er "A4A
s'all 0e co%ered under t'e re%ised sc'eme i#e $E$S and sanctions under t'e old
sc'eme ($:CF) 7ill not 0e entertained t'ereafter#
Elii'le Persons
Farmers; indi%idual entrepreneurs; N!Os; companies; groups of unorgainsed and
organiOed sector etc# !roups of organiOed sector include self 'elp groups; dair*
cooperati%e societies; mil unions; mil federations etc#
An indi%idual 7ill 0e eligi0le to a%ail assistance for all t'e components under t'e
sc'eme 0ut onl* once for eac' component#
More t'an one mem0er of a famil* can 0e assisted under t'e sc'eme pro%ided t'e*
set up separate units 7it' separate infrastructure at different locations# 2'e distance
0et7een t'e 0oundaries of t7o suc' farms s'ould 0e at least )AAm#

Pattern of S.
7nit Cost
Assistance No.
")L of t'e outla* (&& #&& L
i Esta0lis'ment of small dair* )#AA
for SC 1 S2 farmers;) as
units 7it' cross 0red co7s1 in8
/a' for 4A animal
0ac ended capital su0sid*
digenous descript milc' co7s unit; minimum unit
` su09ect to a ceiling of
4#" lie Sa'i7al; Red Sind'i; !ir;
siOe is " animals
7it' upper limit of
Rat'i; etc# 1 graded 0uffaloes la' for a unit of 4A animals
4A animals
upto 4A animals ` ( 4#,- la' for SC1S2
farmers) Ma?imum
admissi0le capital su0sid* is
` ` ")AAA (
&&;&AA for SC1
S2 farmers )for a " animal
unit# Su0sid* s'all 0e
restricted on a prorata 0asis
depending on t'e unit siOe
` ii Rearing of 'eifer cal%es =
(#<A la' for "A ")L of t'e outla* (&&#&& L
cross 0red; indigenous
calf unit= minimum for SC1S2 farmers) as0ac
descript milc' 0reeds of cattle
ended capital su0sid*
unit siOe of )
and of graded 0uffaloes 8
cal%es 7it' an
` su09ect to a ceiling of
upto "A upper limit of "A
la' for a unit of "A cal%es
` (
4#,A la' for SC1S2
farmers)# Ma?imum
permissi0le capital su0sid*
` ` is &A;AAA (
(A;AAA for
SC1S2 farmers) for a ) calf
unit# Su0sid* s'all 0e
restricted on a prorata 0asis
depending on t'e unit siOe
iii :ermicompost (7it' milc' ")L of t'e outla* (&&#&& L
` "A;AAA1
for SC 1 S2 farmers) as 0ac
animal unit# 2o 0e considered
ended capital su0sid*
7it' milc' animals and not
separatel* )
su09ect to a ceiling of
` ` );AAA18 ( ,-AA18 for SC1
S2 farmers)#
` 4< la'
")L of t'e outla* (&&#&& L
i% Purc'ase of miling mac'ines1
for SC1 S2 farmers) as 0ac milotesters1 0ul mil cooling
ended capital su0sid*
units (upto "AAA lit capacit*)
su09ect to a ceiling of ` (#)A
la' (` ,#AA la' for SC1S2

S. Component 7nit Cost Pattern of
% Purc'ase of dair* processing ")L of t'e outla* (&&#&& L
` 4" la'
eCuipment for manufacture of
for SC 1 S2 farmers) as 0ac
indigenous mil products
ended capital su0sid* su09ect
` ` to a ceiling of (
(#AA la' for SC1S2 farmers)#
%i Esta0lis'ment of dair* product
")L of t'e outla* (&&#&& L
"( la'
transportation facilities and
for SC 1 S2 farmers) as 0ac
cold c'ain
ended capital su0sid* su09ect
` to a ceiling of
,#AA la'
` (
<#AA la' for SC1S2
:ii Cold storage facilities for mil
` &A la'
")L of t'e outla* (&&#&&L for
and mil products
SC1 S2 farmers) as 0ac8
ended capital su0sid* su09ect
` of a ceiling of -#)A la'
` (
4A#AA la' for SC1 S2
")L of t'e outla* (&&#&&L for
` %iii Esta0lis'ment of pri%ate "#(A la' for
SC1 S2 farmers) as 0ac
%eterinar* clinics
` mo0ile clinic and
ended capital su0sid* su09ect
4#<A la' for
` to a ceiling of ,A;AAA and
stationar* clinic
` ` ` ();AAA (
<A;AAA and
,A;AAA for SC1 S2 farmers)
respecti%el* for mo0ile and
stationar* clinics#
")L of t'e outla* (&&#&&L for
%iii $air* Mareting outlet1 $air*
` ),;AAA
SC1 S2 farmers) as 0ac8 parlour
ended capital su0sid* su09ect
` to a ceiling of
` ( 4<;,AA for SC1 S2 farmers)
F!n$in pattern
Entrepreneur contri0ution (margin) 8 4AL of t'e outla* (minimum) +ac ended
capital su0sid* 8 as indicated a0o%e#
Effecti%e +an loan 8 +alance portion; Minimum of (AL of t'e outla*

3in%ae 9it- cre$it
Assistance under t'e sc'eme 7ould 0e purel* credit lined and su09ect to sanction
of t'e pro9ect 0* eligi0le financial institutions
Cold storage
Elii'le financial instit!tions
Commercial +ans; Regional Rural +ans; State Cooperati%e +ans; State
Cooperati%e Agriculture and Rural $e%elopment +ansH and suc' ot'er institutions;
7'ic' are eligi0le for refinance from NABARD.
Sanction '* 'an%s
2'e entrepreneurs s'all appl* to t'eir 0ans for sanction of t'e pro9ect# 2'e 0an
s'all appraise t'e pro9ect as per t'eir norms and if found eligi0le; sanction t'e total
outla* e?cluding t'e margin; as t'e 0an loan# 2'e loan amount is t'en dis0ursed
in suita0le instalments depending on t'e progress of t'e unit# After t'e dis0ursement
of first instalment of t'e loan; t'e 0an s'all appl* to t'e concerned Regional Office
of NA+AR$ for sanction and release of su0sid* in t'e format
4ime limit for Completion of t-e pro(ect
2ime limit for completion of t'e pro9ect (e?cept for calf rearing units 7'ere
dis0ursements are e?pected to continue till t 7o *ears) 7ould 0e as en%isaged under
t'e pro9ect; su09ect to ma?imum of G mont's period from t'e date of dis0ursement
of t'e first instalment of loan 7'ic' ma* 0e e?tended 0* a furt'er period of &
mont's; if reasons for dela* are considered 9ustified 0* t'e financial institution
concerned# If t'e pro9ect is not completed 7it'in t'e stipulated period; 0enefit of
su0sid* s'all not 0e a%aila0le and ad%ance su0sid* placed 7it' t'e participating
0an; if an*; 7ill 'a%e to 0e refunded fort'7it' to NA+AR$#
3oc% in perio$ for loan
2'e capital su0sid* 7ill 0e 0ac ended 7it' minimum loc8in period of & *ears
2'e capital su0sid* s'ould 0e refunded one *ear after t'e account 0ecoming
NPA and remaining NPA as on date#
(Ref#NA+AR$ HO Circular No# 4&A 1IC$8 "G 1"A4A dated 4( .ul* "A4A)

$. Esta'lis-ment of Ari Clinics an$ Ari B!siness Centres "ACABCs#
State !o%ernments; E:Es; +ans and Panc'a*ati Ra9 Institutions 7ill 0e acti%el*
in%ol%ed in implementation of t'e sc'eme
O'(ecti)e 8 2o supplement efforts of pu0lic e?tension mac'iner* 0* pro%iding
e?tension and ot'er ser%ices to farmers on pa*ment 0asis or free of cost as per
0usiness model of agricultural entrepreneur; local needs and afforda0ilit* of target
group of farmers#
Elii'ilit* 8 !raduates in agriculture and allied su09ects; diploma ()AL mars)1
postgraduate diploma from SA3 s1 State $epartments; $egree1 diploma 'olders
recognised 0* 3!C 'a%ing more t'an ,AL course content in agriculture1 allied
Selection of candidates for training 0* a Committee consisting of representati%es
from Nodal 2raining Institute; MANA!E; NA+AR$; 0ans and State Agri
Su0sid* pattern re%ised from Pcapital and interest su0sid*5 to Pcomposite su0sid*5
7'ic' 7ill 0e 0ac8ended in nature# Composite su0sid* 7ill 0e ((L of eligi0le
outla* for SC1S2; Nort'8east and 'ill states and &,L for all ot'ers#
Su0sid* cases sanctioned so far 0ut not closed (entire capital and interest su0sid*
not dis0ursed); s'all 0e con%erted to composite su0sid* regime; and t'e differential
amount 0et7een t'e composite su0sid* and su0sid* alread* released s'all 0e paid
to t'e entrepreneur#
+ans not to c'arge interest on su0sid* portion of loan; as 0ac8ended su0sid* is
released up8front#
2'e 0enefit of su0sid* 7ill 0e e?tended ma?imum t7ice to an entrepreneur#
Ceiling of pro9ect cost for su0sid* 'as 0een en'anced to `"A la' for indi%idual
pro9ects and to `4AA la' for group pro9ects (minimum of ) indi%iduals)
2'e outla* s'all include fi?ed capital cost and 7oring capital for one operating
c*cle# At least 4AL of t'e 2FO of pro9ect s'ould 0e in capital form#
Pa*ment of su0sid* is lined to pro%ision of e?tension ser%ices 0* t'e unit# An* t7o
out of a group of ran not 0elo7 t'e follo7ing officials 7ould mae an inspection
and su0mit report regarding e?tension ser%ices pro%ided 0* t'e unit; 0ased on

record of ser%ices pro%ided 0* t'e unit (a) +loc tec'nolog* Manager1 specialist
under A2MA (0) C'airman of A2MA (c) Panc'a*at mem0er (d) NA+AR$1 0an
official (e) +loc officer# 2'is report 'as to 0e finalised 7it'in t'e loc8in period of &
Candidates trained under t'e sc'eme after A4 April "AA( are eligi0le to a%ail su0sid*
2'e re%ised sc'eme is effecti%e from <. A!!st +<1<.
(NA+AR$ Circular No# "4G 1IC$8 (, 1"AAG dated "( $ecem0er "AAG read 7it' circular No#
4(4 1 IC$ &A 1"A4A dated "G .ul* "A4A)

e. Sc-eme on Pi De)elopment
O'(ecti)es of t-e sc-eme
2o encourage commercial pig rearing 0* farmers1 la0ourers to impro%e production
performance of nati%e 0reed t'roug' cross 0reeding 0* using selected animals of
'ig' performing 0reeds and 0* pro%iding incenti%es in terms of capital su0sid* for
ensuring t'e %ia0ilit* of t'e pig 0reeding; rearing and related acti%ities#
Pigger* sc'eme
Elii'le Persons
Producer companies; partners'ip firms; corporations; N!Os; SH!s; ./!s;
cooperati%es and indi%idual entrepreneurs#
Implementation perio$ an$ area of Operation
2'e sc'eme 7ill 0e implemented during t'e remaining @I plan period ("A4A844 >
"A4484") t'roug'out t'e countr*#
2'e ceiling on capital su0sid* for different acti%ities are gi%en 0elo7#

S. Pattern of Component
7nit siLe ; in$icati)e
7nit Cost
"A FV (M (3nit Cost 8 ")L of t'e outla* (&& 41& L in NE 4 Pig 0reeding
States including Siim and 'ill*
Farms ` ,#AA la')
areasU) as 0ac ended su0sid*
` su09ect to a ceiling of 4#)A la'
` ( "#AA la' in NE States including
Siim and 'ill* areasU)
" Pig rearing &FV4M (3nit Cost 8
")L of t'e outla* (&& 41& L in NE
> fattening units
States including Siim and 'ill* `
A#-, la')
areasU) as 0ac ended su0sid*
` su09ect to a ceiling of
` ( ");&AA18 for NE States including
Siim and 'ill* areasU)
")L of t'e outla* (&& 41& L in NE
& Retail
(3nit Cost =
States including Siim and 'ill* outlets
` 4A#AA la')
areasU) as 0ac ended
su09ect to a ceiling of
"#)A la'
` (
&#&& la' in NE States including
Siim and 'ill* areasU)
( Facilities for
)AL of t'e outla* as 0ac ended K " per district
` su0sid* su09ect to a ceiling of "#)
F H Female (So7s); M H Male (+oars); 2FOH 2otal Financial Outla*
U 7'ere t'e pro9ect site is located at a 'eig't of more t'an 4AAA meters a0o%e
mean sea le%el
W t'ese are indicati%e costs# 2'e su0sid* 7ill 0e calculated 0ased on t'e indicati%e
or actual cost; 7'ic'e%er is less# +ans are; 'o7e%er; free to sanction 'ig'er1
lo7er 2FO also 0ased on t'e local conditions#
F!n$in pattern
J +eneficiar* contri0ution ( margin) 8 4A L of t'e outla* (minimum)# 2'e cost of
land not e?ceeding 4AL of t'e pro9ect cost can form part of t'e entrepreneur5s
J +ac ended capital su0sid* 8 as indicated a0o%e
J Effecti%e +an /oan 8 +alance portion

Elii'le financial instit!tions
Commercial +ans; Regional Rural +ans; State Cooperati%e +ans; State
Cooperati%e Agriculture and Rural $e%elopment +ans and suc' ot'er institutions;
7'ic' are eligi0le for refinance from NA+AR$ .
4ime limit for completion of t-e pro(ect.
2ime limit for completion of t'e pro9ect 7ould 0e as en%isaged under t'e pro9ect;
su09ect to ma?imum of 4" mont's period from t'e date of dis0ursement of t'e
first instalment of loan 7'ic' ma* 0e e?tended 0* a furt'er period of & mont's; if
reasons for dela* are considered 9ustified 0* t'e financial institution concerned# If
t'e pro9ect is not completed 7it'in t'e stipulated period; 0enefit of su0sid* s'all
not 0e a%aila0le and ad%ance su0sid* placed 7it' t'e participating 0an; if an*; 7ill
'a%e to 0e refunded fort'7it' to NA+AR$
3oc%:in perio$ for loan 5 2'e capital su0sid* 7ill 0e 0ac ended 7it' minimum
loc%:in perio$ of , *ears.
2'e capital su0sid* s'ould 0e refunded one *ear
after t'e account 0ecoming NPA and remaining NPA as on date#
(RefHNA+AR$ HO Circular No# 4,- 1IC$8 &< 1"A4A dated ") August "A4A)
f. Central Sector Sc-eme on Sal)ain an$ Rearin of Male B!ffalo Cal)es
O'(ecti)es of t-e sc-eme
2'e sc'eme aims at sal%aging male 0uffalo cal%es and rearing t'em economicall*
for meat production and reco%er* of 'ides to enlarge ra7 material 0ase for leat'er
industr* and impro%e a%aila0ilit* of 0*8products; t'us leading to creation of
emplo*ment opportunities in rural areas#
Implementin perio$ an$ area of operation
2'e sc'eme 7ill 0e implemented during t'e remaining @I plan period ("A4A844 >
"A4484") t'roug'out t'e countr*# As t'ere are slaug'ter restrictions in some of t'e
states; t'e local la7s pertaining to t'is s'ould 0e ept in mind 7'ile processing loan
Companies; partners'ip firms; corporations; N!Os; SH!s; ./!s; cooperati%es;
farmers and indi%idual entrepreneurs# Preference to 0e gi%en for SC 1S2s; 7omen
0eneficiaries and for indi%idual units# 2'e* s'ould constitute at least (AL of t'e
total 0eneficiaries#

Pro(ect cost an$ Pattern of Assistance
S. Pattern of
7nit Component
Cost $etails
No Assistance siLe
Indicati%e 3nit costH 4AAL interest su0sid* on s'ort Indi%idual units 48G
term loan# Ma?imum permissi0le ` (Model=I) = cal%es ,(AA18 per calf
s'ort term loan is ` ,(AA18 per calf# farmers 7'o
(Cost of concentrate
No capital s!'si$* is a)aila'le o7n t'e cal%es
feed; medicines;
!n$er t-is component
%accination and
Indicati%e 3nit cost H Commercial 3nits 4A8)A
")L of t'e outla* (&& 41& L in NE
`<-AAA18 per rearing
(Model = II) = for cal%es States including Siim and 'ill*
of 4A male cal%es
t'ose purc'asing
areasU) as 0ac ended capital
(Purc'ase of cal%es;
cal%es su0sid* su09ect to a ceiling of `
construction of s'ed;
"4;-)A for a unit of 4A cal%es ( `
concentrate feed; "G;AAA18 for NE States including
fodder culti%ation; Siim and 'ill* areasU)# Ma?imum
medicines; %accines; permissi0le capital su0sid* is `
insurance etc#)
4#AG la' (` 4#() la' for NE
statesincluding Siim and 'ill*
areasU) for a )A calf unit# No
interest s!'si$* is a)aila'le
!n$er t-is component.
Indicati%e 3nit cost H
, Industrial units 4AAA ")L of t'e outla* (&& 41& L in NE
`<&#() la' for
(Model 8 III) cal%es States including Siim > 'ill*
rearing of 4AAA male
areasU) as 0ac ended capital
cal%es (Purc'ase of
su0sid* su09ect to a ceiling of `
cal%es; construction "A#<, la' ( `"-#<4 la' for NE
of s'ed; concentrate States including Siim and 'ill*
feed; fodder areasU)# No interest s!'si$* is
culti%ation; a)aila'le !n$er t-is component.
medicines; %accines;
insurance etc#)
W 2'ese are indicati%e costs# 2'e su0sid* 7ill 0e calculated 0ased on t'e indicati%e or
actual cost; 7'ic'e%er is less# +ans are; 'o7e%er; free to sanction 'ig'er1lo7er 2otal
Financial Outla* (2FO) also 0ased on t'e local conditions #
U 7'ere t'e pro9ect site is located at an altitude of more t'an 4AAA meters a0o%e t'e
mean sea le%el#
F!n$in Pattern
J +eneficiar* contri0ution ( margin) 8 4A L of t'e outla* for commercial units and
")L for industrial units ( minimum)# 2'e cost of land not e?ceeding 4AL of t'e
pro9ect cost can form part of t'e promoter5s contri0ution#
J +ac ended capital su0sid* 8 as indicated a0o%e
J Effecti%e +an /oan 8 +alance portion

Elii'le financial instit!tions
Commercial +ans; Regional Rural +ans; State Cooperati%e +ans; State
Cooperati%e Agriculture and Rural $e%elopment +ansH and suc' ot'er institutions;
7'ic' are eligi0le for refinance from NA+AR$ .
4ime limit for Completion of t-e pro(ect " Commercial ; In$!strial 7nits#
2ime limit for completion of t'e pro9ect 7ould 0e as en%isaged under t'e
pro9ect;su09ect to ma?imum of 4" mont's period from t'e date of dis0ursement
of t'e first installment of loan# It ma* 0e e?tended 0* a furt'er period of & mont's;
if reasons for dela* are considered 9ustified 0* t'e financial institution concerned#
If t'e pro9ect is not completed 7it'in t'e stipulated period; 0enefit of su0sid* s'all
not 0e a%aila0le and ad%ance su0sid* placed 7it' t'e participating 0an; if an*; 7ill
'a%e to 0e refunded fort'7it' to NA+AR$
3oc% in perio$ for loan5 2'e capital su0sid* 7ill 0e 0ac ended 7it' minimum
loc%:in perio$ of , *ears. 2'e capital su0sid* s'ould 0e refunded one *ear after
t'e account 0ecoming NPA and remaining NPA as on date#
(RefHNA+AR$ HO Circular No# 4<, 12S$ 8 A& 1 "A4A dated "4 Septem0er "A4A)

. Centrall* Sponsore$ Sc-eme for Esta'lis-in Mot-er 7nit s of R!ral
Bac%*ar$ Po!ltr*
Poultr* Farming
Mot'er units 7'ere da* old c'ics of lo7 input 0irds are reared upto ( 7ees and
supplied to t'e 0eneficiaries under Rural +ac*ard Poultr* programme 7ill 0e
assisted under t'e sc'eme# 2'ese mot'er units 7ill get t'e da* old c'ics from
State Poultr* Farms or pri%ate 'atc'eries producing lo7 input 0irds# 3nless 9ustified;
t'ere s'ould not 0e more t'an 4A mot'er units in eac' district 1 cluster#
2'e State !o%ernments s'all su0mit proposals to !oI for rural 0ac*ard poultr* in
t'e proforma prescri0ed 0* $AH$>F; !oI and communicated to t'em %ide
administrati%e appro%al no# (&8"&1"AAG1/$28P dated - August "AAG# 2'e details
on mot'er units lie num0er of mot'er units; State Poultr* Farms or pri%ate
'atc'eries to 7'ic' t'ese ot'er units are proposed to 0e lined for suppl* of da*
old c'ics s'all 0e gi%en 0* t'e State !o%ernment# After appro%al 0* $AH$>F;
State Animal Hus0andr* $epartment s'all identif* t'e 0eneficiaries for esta0lis'ment
of mot'er units in consultation 7it' $R$A and local 0ans#
2'e 0eneficiaries could 0e indi%iduals; SH!s; N!Os; 7'o are trained in
management of da* old c'ics and rearing t'em upto ( 7ees# If necessar*;
Animal Hus0andr* $epartment 7ill arrange for training of t'e identified 0eneficiaries#
2'e funding pattern for a mot'er unit 7it' & p'eri7alas is as follo7sH
7nit cost " !nit siLe 18<< c-ic%s per 'atc-# 5 ` 4#&, la'
(of 7'ic' ` 4#AA la' 7ould 0e fi?ed cost and `A#&, la' for ic starting t'e
operations of t'e unit)#

S!'si$*5 ` A#"A la' (to 0e treated as 0orro7ers margin 7'en 0an loan is a%ailed)
Interest Free 3oan 5 ` A#&, la'
Ban% 3oan5 ` A#<A la'
2'e $istrict Animal Hus0andr* $epartment 7ill sponsor t'e applications for mot'er
units and release t'e su0sid* amount to t'e financing 0ans# 2'e financing 0ans
on receipt of t'e su0sid* 7ill sanction t'e amount of unit cost e?cluding t'e su0sid*
as 0an loan and appl* to t'e concerned Regional Office of NA+AR$ t'roug' t'eir
controlling office in t'e proforma# In case t'e unit cost is more t'an t'at indicated;
0ans s'all finance t'e additional cost as t'eir loan or t'e 0eneficiaries ma* 0ring
t'at amount as margin#
Sanction of Pro(ect an$ Release of IF3
NA+AR$ RO 7ill scrutinise t'e claim proposals and ensure t'at t'ose 7'ic' sat isf*
t'e terms and conditions laid do7n in t'e guidelines onl* are put up to S/SMC for
sanction# 2'e S/SMC 7ill sanction t'e Interest Free /oan portion ()AL of t'e
outla* su09ect to t'e ceiling) for eligi0le proposals in respect of poultr* estates and
` &,;AAA per unit in case of mot'er units#
ruar* "AA) read 7it' Ho IOM
No N+#2S$# NPOF1 4<)&1 NPOF8,(!EN) 1 "A4A844 dated "( Septem0er "A4A)

-. Centrall* Sponsore$ Sc-eme on 7tilisation of Fallen Animals
O'(ecti)es of t-e Sc-eme
It is en%isaged to facilitate pre%ention of en%ironmental pollution and c'ec spread
of li%estoc diseases; pro%ide emplo*ment opportunit* to rural poor engaged in
carcass collection; fla*ingand 0*8product processing 0* producing 0etter
Cualit* 'ides and sins and t'us impro%e t'e income le%els# Proper disposal of
carcasses of animals is mandator* under t'e Infectious > Contagious $iseases in
Animal; Act "AAG and implementation of t'e sc'eme 7ill to a great e?tent to ensure
its compliance#
Indi%iduals; Fla*ers Cooperati%es; N!Os or an* ot'er agenc* in%ol%ed in suc'
Implementation Perio$ an$ Area of Operation
2'e sc'eme 7ill 0e implemented during t'e remaining period of @I plan period
("A4A844 > "A4484") t'roug'out t'e countr*#
Pro(ect Cost an$ Pattern of Assistance
2'e component 7ise cost and pattern of assistance is as underH
No. Component 7nit cost "`3a%-# Pattern of Assistance
4 Esta0lis'ment of Carcass
GAL Capital su0sid* and
3tiliOation centre (U) 4AL Margin Mone*#
No 0an loan component#
(i) Model8I ()8,carcasses per da*) 4()
(ii) Model8II ("A8") carcasses per da*) "<A
)AL Capital su0sid* (AL +an
" Esta0lis'ment of +one Crus'ing 4)
/oan and 4AL Margin Mone* 3nit
& Reno%ation1 ModerniOation of 4,A GAL Capital su0sid* and
E?isting Carcass 3tiliOation
4AL Margin Mone*#
Centres (`) No 0an loan component#
(U) 2'e items of in%estment in carcass utiliOation centre are land; ci%il structures;
po7er and miscellaneous items#
(W) 2'e reco%er* of 7'ole carcass ma* 0e a pro0lem in some locations# In suc'
circumstances; units 7'ic' collect ra7 0ones to con%ert to 0one meal 7ill 0e
pro%ided su0sid* assistance#
(`) 2'e Carcass 3tiliOation Centres esta0lis'ed at location identified 0* air 'ead
Cuarters to com0at 0ird 'it 'aOards to air crafts 7ill 0e considered for su0sid*
assistance under t'is categor*#

Elii'le financial instit!tions
Commercial +ans; Regional Rural +ans; State Cooperati%e +ans; State
Cooperati%e Agriculture and Rural $e%elopment +ansH and suc' ot'er institutions;
7'ic' are eligi0le for refinance from NABARD
Release of S!'si$*
In respect of esta0lis'ment of 0one crus'ing units (Serial NoH" a0o%e) 7'ere 0an
loan component is in%ol%ed; t'e Regional Office of NA+AR$ s'all release t'e
su0sid* in t7o instalments ( )AL ad%ance and )AL final) one after release of first
instalment of loan 0* t'e 0an and t'e final instalment after completion of t'e unit
and conduct of 9oint monitoring %isit 0* t'e 0an; State Animal Hus0andr* $epartment
and NA+AR$ in respect of ot'er acti%ities 7'ere no 0an loan component is
in%ol%ed (su0sid* K GAL of 2FO of t'e pro9ect); t'e su0sid* s'all 0e released 0*
t'e State Animal Hus0andr* $epartment in ( instalments#
First instalment (")L) of t'e su0sid* s'all 0e released after sanction 0* t'e S/SMC#
After spending GAL of t'e released amount; t'e 0orro7er s'all inform t'e State
Animal Hus0andr* $epartment# 2'e $irector; Animal Hus0andr* in t'e state along
7it' su09ect matter specialists in t'is field 7ill t ae up 4st .oint Monitoring Committee
inspection of t'e unit as per t'e prescri0ed format # 2'e .MC 7ill recommend
for release of t'e "nd instalment of t'e su0sid*# On receipt of a satisfactor*
.MC report t'e S/SMC s'all appro%e release of "nd instalment ( ") L) of t'e
su0sid*# Same procedure 7ill 0e follo7ed for release of &rd and (t' instalments of
t'e su0sid* after assessing t'e progress of t'e unit 0* t'e .MC# After completion
of t'e unit; t'e 0eneficiar* 'as to su0mit a pro9ect completion report to t'e State
Animal Hus0andr* $epartment for conducting final .MC inspection of t'e unit#
4ime limit for Completion of t-e pro(ect.
2ime limit for completion of t'e pro9ect 7ould 0e as en%isaged under t'e pro9ect;
su09ect to ma?imum of 4" mont's period from t'e date of dis0ursement of t'e
first instalment of loan 7'ic' ma* 0e e?tended 0* a furt'er period of & mont's; if
reasons for dela* are considered 9ustified 0* t'e financial institution concerned# If
t'e pro9ect is not completed 7it'in t'e stipulated period; 0enefit of su0sid* s'all
not 0e a%aila0le and ad%ance su0sid* placed 7it' t'e participating 0an 7ill 'a%e to
0e refunded fort'7it' to NA+AR$
3oc%:in perio$ for loan5 2'e capital su0sid* 7ill 0e 0ac ended 7it' minimum
loc%:in perio$ of , *ears.
2'e capital su0sid* s'ould 0e refunded one *ear after
t'e account 0ecoming NPA and remaining NPA as on date#
elines of !oI on ACA+C ( F No# 4A (4()1 "AAG8 EM dated &A Sep "A4A) read
em0er "A4A and NA+AR$ Ho circular No
N+#C$14<",1ACA+C8(1 "AA,8A- dated "A $ecem0er "AA,)

i. &ramin B-an$aran Fo(ana / R!ral &o$o9n Sc-eme
2'e main o09ecti%e of t'e sc'eme is creation of scientific storage capacit* 7it'
allied facilities in rural areas to meet t'e reCuirements of farmers for storing farm
produce; processed farm produce and agricultural inputsI promotion of grading;
standardiOation and Cualit* control of agricultural produce to impro%e t'eir
mareta0ilit*I pre%ention of distress sale immediatel* after 'ar%est 0* pro%iding
t'e facilit* of pledge financing and mareting creditI strengt'en agricultural
mareting infrastructure in t'e countr* 0* pa%ing t'e 7a* for t'e introduction of a
national s*stem of 7are'ouse receipts in respect of agricultural commodities stored
in suc' godo7ns and to re%erse t'e declining trend of in%estment in agriculture
sector 0* encouraging pri%ate and cooperati%e sectors to in%est in t'e creation of
storage infrastructure in t'e countr*#
Elii'le Oranisations 5
Indi%iduals; farmers; group of farmers1gro7ers; partners'ip1 proprietar* firms; Non8
!o%ernmental OrganiOations (N!Os); Self Help !roups (SH!s); companies;
corporations; Co8operati%es; local 0odies ot'er t'an municipal Corporations ?
Federations; Agricultural Produce Mareting Committees (APMCs); Mareting
+oards and Agro Processing Corporations#
3ocation 5
At an* place; as per commercial 9udgment of t'e entrepreneur e?cept for t'e
restriction t'at it 7ould 0e outside t'e limits of Municipal Corporation area#
SiLe 5
Minimum Capacit* = 4AA M2 and Ma?imum Capacit* = 4AAAA M2# !odo7ns
upto )A M2 (") M2 in 'ill* areas) eligi0le in special cases#
Elii'le Financin Instit!tions 5
Commercial +ans; Regional Rural +ans; State Cooperati%e +ans (SC+s); State
Cooperati%e Agricultural and Rural $e%elopment +ans (SCAR$+s); Agricultural
$e%elopment Finance Companies (A$FCs); Nort' Eastern $e%elopment Finance
Corporation (NE$FI); 3r0an Cooperati%e +ans etc#
Implementation Perio$ 5 3pto &4 Marc' "A4"
!rain !odo7n

Pattern of Assistance5
Pro(ects locate$ in
So!rce of finance Pro(ects locate$ in States/
areas ot-er t-an NE States/
NE States/-ill*
-ill* areas? an$ pro(ects not areasKK/ ; pro(ects
'elonin to 9omen farmers/
'elonin to
SC/ S4 entreprene!rs ; t-eir Women
self:-elp ro!ps/ cooperati)es FarmersKKK/ SC/S4
entreprene!rs ; FarmersC?
t-eir self -elp Aric!lt!re
ro!ps/Co: &ra$!ates?
Ware-o!sin ns etc.
O7ner5s minimum contri0utionU ")L ")L "AL
Su0sid* from t'e !o%t# ")L 4)L &&#&&L
2erm loan from
Financing institutions (Minimum) )AL )AL (,#,-L
Notes H K Farmer is a person 7'ose main source of income is from Agriculture#
U Cost of land not e?ceeding 4AL of t'e pro9ect cost can form part of t'e
o7ner5s contri0ution#
UU 6'ere t'e pro9ect site is located at a 'eig't of more t'an 4AAA meters
a0o%e mean sea le%el#
UUU In case of partners'ip1 co8o7ners'ip; t'e o7ners'ip of 7omen partners1
mem0ers s'all 0e to t'e e?tent of )AL or more in t'e pro9ect to consider
an application under t'e categor* of 7omen farmer#
UUUU SC1S2 Cooperati%e to 0e certified 0* t'e concerned officer of t'e
State !o%ernment#
Mo$e of release
a A$)ance s!'si$* H )AL of t'e su0sid* amount 7ill 0e released to NA+AR$
0* $eptt of Agriculture and Cooperation in ad%ance# Accordingl* NA+AR$ 7ould
release su0sid* to participating 0ans in ad%ance for eeping t'e same in t'e
Su0sid* Reser%e Fund Account of t'e concerned 0orro7er# 2'is amount of
)AL ad%ance su0sid* 7ould 0e released 0* NA+AR$ to t'e participating
0ans on su0mission of a pro9ect profile8 cum8claim form (Anne?ure8I)#
0 Final s!'si$*
H 2'e remaining )AL of t'e su0sid* amount 7ould 0e dis0ursed
to t'e participating 0an(s) 0* NA+AR$ after conduct of an inspection 0* a
.oint Inspection Committee comprising of officers from NA+AR$; participating
0an and $irectorate of Mareting > Inspection ($MI) in t'e concerned State#
Perio$ of Completion
A time limit of 4) mont's is prescri0ed for completion of t'e pro9ect from t'e date of
dis0ursal of first instalment of loan# Ho7e%er; if reasons for dela* are 9ustified; a
furt'er grace period upto , mont's ma* 0e allo7ed 0* t'e participating 0an# If t'e
pro9ect is not completed 7it'in stipulated period; t'e 0enefit of su0sid* s'all not 0e
a%aila0le and ad%ance su0sid* 'as to 0e refunded fort'7it'#
(ReferenceH Operational !uidelines of t'e Rural !odo7n Sc'eme as a%aila0le in t'e 7e0site
of $irectorate of Mareting Inspection; Ministr* of Agriculture; !oI (777#agmarnet#nic#in)

(. Sc-eme for Strent-enin of Aric!lt!ral Mar%etin Infrastr!ct!re? &ra$in
an$ Stan$ar$iLation
2'is sc'eme 'as 0een formulated to de%elop mareting infrastruct ure in t'e countr*
to cater to t'e post8'ar%est reCuirement of production and mareta0le surplus of
%arious farm products# 2'e main o09ecti%es of t'e sc'eme areH
2o pro%ide additional agricultural mareting infrastructure to cope up 7it' t'e
large e?pected mareta0le surpluses of agricultural and allied commodities
including dair*; poultr*; fis'eries; li%estoc and minor forest produce#
2o promote competiti%e alternati%e agricultural mareting infrastructure 0*
inducement of pri%ate and cooperati%e sector in%estments t'at sustain
incenti%es for Cualit* and en'anced producti%it* t'ere0* impro%ing farmers5
2o strengt'en e?isting agricultural mareting infrastructure to en'ance efficienc*#
2o promote direct mareting so as to increase maret efficienc* t'roug' reduction
in intermediaries and 'andling c'annels t'us en'ancing farmers5 income#
2o pro%ide infrastructure facilities for grading; standardiOation and Cualit*
certification of agricultural produce so as to ensure price to t'e farmers
commensurate 7it' t'e Cualit* of t'e produce#
2o promote grading; standardiOation and Cualit* certification s*stem for gi%ing a
ma9or t'rust for promotion of pledge financing and mareting credit; introduction
of negotia0le 7are'ousing receipt s*stem and promotion of for7ard and future
marets so as to sta0iliOe maret s*stem and increase farmers5 income#
2o promote direct integration of processing units 7it' producers#
2o create general a7areness and pro%ide education and training to farmers;
entrepreneurs and maret functionaries on agricultural mareting including
grading; standardiOation and Cualit* certification#
Sc-eme lin%e$ to reforms
2'e sc'eme 7ill 0e implemented in t'ose States 7'ic' amend t'e APMC Act;
7'ere%er reCuired; to allo7 direct mareting and contract farming and to permit
setting up of marets in pri%ate and cooperati%e sectors#
Credit lined 0ac8ended su0sid* s'all 0e pro%ided on t'e capital cost of general
or commodit* specific infrastructure for mareting of agricultural commodities and
for strengt'ening and moderniOation of e?isting agricultural marets; 7'olesale;
rural or in tri0al areas#
Mar%etin infrastr!ct!re
PMareting Infrastructure5 for t'e purpose of t'e sc'eme ma* consist of an* of t'e
Functional infrastructure for collection1 assem0ling; dr*ing; cleaning; grading;
standardiOation; SPS (Sanitar* > P'*tosanitar*) measures and Cualit*
certification; la0eling; pacaging; ripening c'am0ers; retailing and 7'olesaling;
%alue addition facilities (7it'out c'anging t'e product form) etc#
2ransportation facilit* 7ill not 0e co%ered under t'e sc'emeI
Maret user common facilities in t'e pro9ect area lie s'ops1offices; platforms
for loading1 unloading1 assem0ling and auctioning of t'e produce; paring s'eds;
internal roads; gar0age disposal arrangements; 0oundar* 7alls; drining 7ater;
sanitation arrangements; 7eig'ing > mec'anical 'andling eCuipments; etc#I
Infrastructure for $irect mareting of agricultural commodities from producers
to consumers1processing units1 0ul 0u*ers; etc#I
Infrastructure for suppl* of production inputs and need80ased ser%ices to
t'e farmersI
Infrastructure (eCuipment; 'ard7are; gadgets; etc) for E8trading; maret
intelligence; e?tension and maret oriented production planningI and
Mo0ile infrastructure for post8'ar%est operations (e?cluding transport eCuipment)
7ill 0e eligi0le for assistance under t'e sc'eme#
Elii'le persons
2'e assistance 7ill 0e a%aila0le to indi%iduals; groups of farmers1gro7ers1
consumers; partners'ip1 proprietar* firms; Non8 !o%ernmental OrganiOations
(N!Os); Self Help !roups (SH!s); companies; corporations; cooperati%es;
Cooperati%e Mareting Federations; local 0odies; Agricultural Produce Maret
Committees (APMCs) > Mareting +oards in t'e entire countr*#
+an assisted pro9ects of State agencies; including pro9ects refinanced1 co8
financed 0* National +an for Agriculture and Rural $e%elopment (NA+AR$) for
strengt'ening1 moderniOation of e?isting mareting infrastructure 7ould also 0e
eligi0le for assistance under t'e sc'eme#
3an$ an$ location
3nder t'e sc'eme; t'e entrepreneur 7ill 0e free to locate t'e mareting
infrastructure pro9ect at an* place of 'is c'oice determined on t'e 0asis of
economic %ia0ilit* and commercial considerations# Ho7e%er; t'e pro9ect s'ould
pro%ide Pdirect5 ser%ice deli%er* to producers1 farming communit* in post8'ar%est
management1 mareting of t'eir produce# Cost of land in infrastructure pro9ects
7ill 0e restricted to a ma?imum of ten percent of t'e pro9ect cost in rural areas
and to t7ent* percent in municipal areas and it 7ould form part of t'e o7ner 5s
contri0ution# 2'e entrepreneur 7ill not alienate t'e land during t'e period of t'e
loan for an* purpose ot'er t'an t'e purpose for 7'ic' t'e loan is sanctioned#
Cre$it lin%e$ assistance
Assistance under t'e sc'eme 7ould 0e credit lined and su09ect to sanction of t'e
infrastructure pro9ect 0* Commercial1Cooperati%e1Regional Rural +ans 0ased on
economic %ia0ilit* and commercial considerations# Assistance under t'e sc'eme
s'all 0e a%aila0le on capital cost of t'e pro9ect onl*# +ans1 National Cooperati%e
$e%elopment Corporation (NC$C) 7ill; 'o7e%er; 0e free to finance ot'er acti%ities1
7oring capital reCuirement to meet %arious reCuirements of t'e farmers1
Pattern of f!n$in
So!rce of finance Ot-er t-an NE States? NE States? -ill* an$ tri'al
-ill* an$ tri'al areas areasK/SC ; S4
entreprene!rs an$ t-eir
Su0sid* from Central !o%ernment +8D ,,.,,D
Institutional loan from commercial1
cooperati%e 0ans etc#; Minimum )AL Minimum (,#,-L
O7ner5s contri0utionUU Rest of t'e pro9ect cost Rest of t'e pro9ect cost
Hill* area is a place at an altitude of more t'an 4;AAA metres a0o%e mean sea le%el#
2ri0al areas are areas notified1declared as tri0al area 0* t'e Central1 concerned State
UUCost of land not e?ceeding 4AL in rural areas and "AL in municipal areas of t'e
pro9ect cost can form part of t'e o7ner5s contri0ution#
Ma?imum amount of su0sid* s'all 0e restricted to ` )A la' for eac' pro9ect# In t'e
case of Nort' Eastern States; 'ill* and tri0al areas and to entrepreneurs 0elonging to
SC1S2 and t'eir cooperati%es; ma?imum amount of su0sid* s'all 0e ` ,A la' for eac'
In respect of infrastructure pro9ects of State Agencies; t'ere 7ill 0e no upper ceiling on
su0sid* to 0e pro%ided under t'e sc'eme#
Mo$e of Release
(a) )AL of t'e su0sid* amount 7ill 0e released to NA+AR$ 0* $epartment
of Agriculture and Cooperat ion in ad%ance# Accordingl*; NA+AR$ 7ould release
su0sid* t o t'e participating 0ans in ad%ance for eeping t'e same in a Su0sid*
Reser%e Fund Account of t'e concerned 0orro7ers; to 0e ad9usted finall*
against loan amount of t'e 0an on completion of t'e pro9ect# 2'is amount of
)AL su0sid* 7ould 0e released 0* NA+AR$ to t'e participating 0an on
su0mission of a pro9ect profile8 cum8claim form
(0) 2'e remaining )AL of t'e su0sid* amount 7ould 0e dis0ursed to t'e
participating 0an(s) 0* NA+AR$ after a .oint Inspecting Committee comprising
of officers from NA+AR$; participating 0an and $irectorate of Mareting >
Inspection ($MI) in t'e concerned State; conducts an inspection
4ime limit for completion
A time limit of 4< mont's is prescri0ed for completion of t'e pro9ect from t'e date
of dis0ursement of t'e first instalment of loan 0* t'e financial institution# Ho7e%er;
if reasons for dela* are 9ustified; a furt'er grace period of , mont's ma* 0e
allo7ed 0* t'e financial institution#
Ho7e%er; in case of large integrated agricultural mareting infrastructure pro9ects
in%ol%ing total outla* of `" crore or more and reCuiring p'asing; a time limit of
ma?imum of &, mont's ma* 0e prescri0ed for completion of t'e pro9ect from t'e
date of dis0ursement of t'e first instalment of loan 0* t'e financial institution# If t'e
pro9ect is not completed 7it'in t'e stipulated period; 0enefit of su0sid* s'all not
0e a%aila0le and ad%ance su0sid* 7ill 'a%e to 0e refunded fort'7it'#
(ReferenceH Operational !uidelines of t'e Sc'eme for Strengt'ening of Agricultural
Maret ing Infrastructure; !rading and StandardiOation as a%aila0le in t'e 7e0site of
$irectorate of Mareting Inspection; Ministr* of Agriculture; !oI (777#agmarnet#nic#in
3ist of NABARD DDMs in Barnata%a
S.No Name of t-e $istrict Name of t-e DDM P-one n!m'er
4 +agalot N Ra%i Eumar G((<"<&AA&
" +elgaum S N Eamalapure G((<"<&AA(
& +ellar* S E +'arad7a9 G((<"<&AA)
( +idar Satis' + Rao G((<"<&AA,
) +i9apur M E Mu9umdar G((<"<&AA-
, C'amara9anagar R Murali G((<"<&AA<
- C'imagalur Anurad'a Nara'ari G((<"<&AAG
< C'itradurga Praas' +'andar* G((<"<&A4A
G $as'in Eannada Prasad Rao G((<"<&A4<
4A 3dupi Prasad Rao G((<"<&A4<
44 $a%angere $ Eal*anaraman G((<"<&A"&
4" $'ar7ad B N Ma'ade%aia' G((<"<&A44
4& !adag E S'ra%an Eumar G((<(G-AA,
4( !ul0arga NiOamuddin S'ai' $a7ood G((<"<&A4"
4) Badgir NiOamuddin S'ai' $a7ood G((<"<&A4"
4, Hassan Mangala S'roff G((<"<&A4&
4- Ha%eri :id*a !anes' G((<(G-AA)
4< Eodagu A R S'i%aramaris'nan G((<"<&A4,
4G Eolar . / Samudre G((<"<&A4)
"A Mand*a + + 6ada%i G((<"<&A4-
"4 M*sore N Ara%amud'an G((<"<&A4G
"" Raic'ur N Nara*anara9u G((<"<&A"A
"& S'imoga M S Rag'a%endra G((<"<&A"4
"( 2umur . S :eera0'adran G((<"<&A""
") 3ttara Eannada S : Rangarao G((<"<&A4(
", +angalore Rural N NaOia A<A"""")"(4
"- +angalore 3r0an C Saras7at'i A<A"""")"(4
"< Eoppal S / Boges' A<A"""")"(4
"G Ramanagara S# Eal*anasundaram A<A"""")"(4
&A C'i0allapura R# !anapat'i A<A"""")"(4