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Global Supply Chain Management Solutions or 877-401-6400
We offer flexibility, scalability and visibility
throughout the supply chain.
OHL was founded in 1951 as a warehousing company serving
the Middle Tennessee area and now provides comprehensive supply
chain management solutions for companies around the world. We offer
flexibility, scalability and visibility throughout the supply chain.
OHL is comprised of three business units – Contract Logistics,
Global Freight Management and Logistics, and North America
Transportation. Our value-added distribution centers include
multi-customer campuses and dedicated facilities. We offer
comprehensive transportation and transportation management
services, customs compliance, import and export consulting, and
international freight management. Our service offerings will continue to
expand based on our customer’s needs.
We utilize the best technology available and offer real-time
information via the web to our customers, providing complete visibility
throughout the supply chain.
OHL has strong and lasting relationships with customers and
employees. The average customer relationship is over ten years,
and some relationships date back to the inception of the company in
1951. We have many key employees who have been with us for 20
years or more. We continue to attract and retain great customers and
employees because respect is at the heart of our corporate culture.
We provide internet fulfillment direct
to consumers; deliver products to retail
stores and other businesses; deliver parts
to plants; provide distributor networks,
cross docks, and provide customs
brokerage and trade consulting services.
Our Mission Contract Logistics
OHL’s mission is to be the preferred logistics solutions provider, OHL offers distribution centers throughout North America and
supporting and meeting the changing needs of our customers in a in select other countries in dedicated or shared environments. Our
global environment. Fulfilling our mission requires a unique approach to facilities are strategically located in major distribution hubs.
global supply chain management. What sets us apart from other service Our Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) provide:
providers is: • Increased inventory accuracy
Our flexibility and scalability. We offer flexibility and scalability • Reduced overhead costs
in space, people, systems and locations, providing the greatest • Order tracking
efficiencies possible for our customers throughout their supply chains. • Exception-based reporting
This flexibility and scalability ensures that our customers don’t commit • Visibility of inventory
to space and services they don’t need and that they are available to Our flexible multi-customer campuses offer:
them when required. • Cost savings through shared overhead costs
Our visibility. Our commitment to ongoing communication paired • Flexible workforce
with our technology provides our customers complete visibility • Scalable space
throughout their supply chains. • Increased equipment utilization
Our commitment to continuous improvement and quality. We are ISO • Ability to distribute from multiple locations
certified, and we have an excellent quality program. Developing and We also provide:
executing solutions is our commitment to each of our customers, and • Distribution, fulfillment and e-commerce fulfillment
the key to accomplishing this is identifying and resolving issues before • Food service and retail consolidation
they become problems. Our continuous improvement and quality • RFID
processes save our customers millions of dollars each year. • Many value-added services
Our people. Our employees bring real value to our customers by
caring about their businesses. We employ some of the best people in
the industry, and we are proud of their commitment to excellence.
We serve customers in the apparel, food, beverage, grocery,
retail, industrial, electronic and high tech, consumer packaged goods,
service parts and many other industries. We provide internet fulfillment
direct to consumers; deliver products to retail stores and other
businesses; deliver parts to plants; provide distributor networks, cross
docks, customs brokerage, and trade consulting services.
We provide a wide array of value-added services including quality
control and testing, building display-ready pallets, specialized packaging,
and many others. Combining our services into customized solutions
allows us to strategically partner with our customers instead of simply
being a vendor to them.
We help you gain control of key
transportation processes, regardless
of the complexities of your industry
or operations requirements.
North America Transportation Global Freight Management and Logistics
OHL will get your products where they need to be, when they OHL provides comprehensive freight forwarding, customs
need to be there, helping you to significantly improve your operating compliance, and import and export consulting services.
efficiency, reduce your total cost of operation, and exceed your Our freight forwarding and cargo management services include:
customers’ expectations. • Automated ocean and air freight consignments
With a comprehensive range of transportation management • Sophisticated shipment tracking and reporting
capabilities and services, we help you gain control of key transportation • Compliance with national and international regulations
processes, regardless of the complexities of your industry or • Purchase order management
operations requirements. • Direct interface with customer ERP systems
Our transportation management solutions include: • Vendor compliance and on-site training
• Carrier management • Customer on-site assistance and training
• Network design and optimization Our customs brokerage services feature:
• Shipment planning and execution • Compliance rate consistently above average
• Web-hosted technology • Proper classification and documentation
• On-site or centralized shipment management • Automated Broker Interface (ABI) system
Transportation services include: • Automated Manifest System (AMS)
• Truckload • Bond and insurance services
• Less-than-truckload • Trade consultants and commodity specialists
• Temperature-controlled
• Transportation brokerage service
• Small parcel
• Dedicated services
• Expedited services
• Final mile delivery
• Rail
• Air & ocean shipments
We know that our people help set
us apart from our competition. Many
of our employees have been with the
company for 20 years or more.
Technology People
Technology is a critical component in supply chain management. The successful execution of our mission depends heavily on the
Our systems are sophisticated, but not complicated, providing efforts of our employees.
information that is: Our employees are:
• Accessible – Web-enabled • Trained
• Meaningful – Customer-defined • Committed to quality
• Real Time – Exception-based • Accessible
Our technology offering includes: • Customer-focused
• Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) We know that our people help set us apart from our competition.
– Accuplus® Many of our employees have been with the company for 20 years
– Synapse™ or more.
– Manhattan Associates Distribution Our employees have the skills, knowledge and desire to provide
Management Solutions® supply chain management solutions for all of OHL’s customers.
• Transportation Management Systems (TMS) They each take pride in the company, their contributions to it, and
– Oracle® Transportation Management all of the awards and recognition OHL receives each year
– Other web-based systems based on from its customers.
customer needs Most of our employees participate in gainshare programs
• e-Focus global supply chain visibility tool that are based on customer metrics. Our success is tied to our
• CargoWise™ ediEnterprise customers’ success.
• Communication to any customer system
OHL continually invests in technology so our customers
don’t have to. Technology-driven visibility throughout the supply
chain improves customer service and allows accurate inventory to
be maintained. Extensive reporting capabilities are available online
for our customers. Exception-based reporting means issues are
escalated and resolved before they become problems.
Protecting our customers’ data is extremely important to
OHL because we know that downtime and lost information can result
in significant costs. Our redundant data centers provide security for all
our customers.
Global Freight management and Logistics

North America Transportation


contract logistics
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