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Recruitment is a continuous process whereby the firm attempts to develop

A pool of qualified applicants for the future human resources needs even though
Specific vacancies do not exist.
Usually, the recruitment process starts when a manager initiates an employee requisition for a specific vacancy
or an anticipated vacancy.

Source of recruitment

Retired employees
Dependents and
Relatives of
Press advertisement
Placement agencies/
Labour contractor
Employee referrals
Recruitment at
factory gate
Hero motocorp ltd provide some of introductory training or orientation for most of their new employee.
It may take the foam of an older employee assigned to show the new employee the ropes or it may be
left to the HR department or the individuals new supervisor to show them where the coffee pot is and
how to apply for time off

Training and development
E-Learning Facilities Available On The Companys Intranet Which Was Facilities By Computer
Literacy Training
Computer Bases Training Packages And Multimedia Tanning Materials
Safety Training Received Special Attention Based On Dupont Guidelines Identification Of Skills
Gaps,There Is A Plan In Place To Introduce A Technical Compantycy Assessments System
Faculty Support
Up-Skilling Employee Thought Process Based, On The Job Tanning And Diploma Course Throw
Premium Engineering Institute
Directed Learning Strengthenings The Leadership Pipelines Coupled With Emerging Needs Of
Growth Projects Across Geographics

Employee Benefits & Services
Employers may offer unpaid vacation time as well. The amount of vacation time
Varies greatly and depends on the companys policy, but amounts typically range from
5 to 20 vacation days per year.
Most employee benefit packages include vacation time. These days off are usually paid Though some
Employee may receive paid or unpaid sick days as part of their employee benefits package.
The amount of sick days an employee receives varies depending on company policy and seniority.
An employer may offer pension or saving plans for employees to save for Retirement. An
employer may set specific amount of money to be contributed to an employees pension on an
incremental basis or the employer may offer a matching Benefits program.
Health spending accounts:-
A health spending account or flexible spending account may be offered by the employer to help
offset the cost of medical care not covered by health insurance. Qualifying expenses usually include co-
payments for doctors visit, prescription costs or over-the-counter medication.
These programs may be a reimbursement model, where employees submit qualifying receipts for
reimbursement, or the employee may receive a debit card that can only be used for medical expenses.

CSR by Hero Motocorp Ltd.

Profit before taxation - Rs 2865 Cr

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ( From Annual Report )


In an effort to expand the horizons of its environmental practices, Hero MotoCorp is launching a Green Vendor
Development Program (GVDP) in collaboration with its business partners.

The Company is keen that vendors undertake the following actions and demonstrate continual improvement in their
environmental performance:

* Establish an environmental footprint of their operations

* Develop green management policies to promote conservation of natural resources

* Institutionalise an effective Compliance Management Tool within the business strategy

* Monitor pollution load (emissions, effluents, wastes, hazardous, non-hazardous) released in the environment

* Set targets to reduce water, energy utilisation and waste generation from the processes

* Improve environmental performance by adopting pollution prevention strategies


Your Company has taken number of initiatives and achieved many milestones in the areas of Economic, Environmental and
Social Sustainability and the same are reported to concerned agencies from time to time.
Now the appropriate framework is being prepared for such reporting in the future.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ( From Website )

Hero MotoCorp takes considerable pride in its stakeholder relationships, especially ones developed at the
grassroots. The Company believes it has managed to bring an economically and socially backward region in Dharuhera,
Haryana, into the national economic mainstream.

An Integrated Rural Development Centre has been set up on 40 acres of land along the Delhi-Jaipur
Highway. The Centre-complete with wide approach roads, clean water and education facilities for both adults and children-
now nurtures a vibrant, educated and healthy community.

The Foundation has adopted various villages located within vicinity of the Hero MotoCorp factory at
Dharuhera for integrated rural development. This includes:
* Installation of deep bore hand pumps to provide clean drinking water.

* Constructing metalled roads and connecting these villages to the National Highway (NH -8).

* Renovating primary school buildings and providing hygienic water and toilet facilities.

* Ensuring a proper drainage system at each of these villages to prevent water-logging.

* Promoting non-conventional sources of energy by providing a 50 per cent subsidy on biogas plants.

Other key projects taken up by the Foundation include:

Raman Munjal Sports Complex
The Raman Munjal Sports Complex has basketball courts, volleyball courts, and hockey and football grounds are used by
the local villagers. In the near future, sports academies are planned for volley ball and basket ball, in collaboration with
National Sports Authority of India.

Vocational Training Centre
In order to help local rural people, especially women, Hero MotoCorp has set up a Vocational Training Centre. So far 26
batches comprising of nearly 625 women have been trained in tailoring, embroidery and knitting. The Company has helped
women trained at this centre to set up a production unit to stitch uniforms for Hero MotoCorp employees. Interestingly,
most of the women are now self-employed.

Adult Literacy Mission
This Scheme was launched on 21st September, 1999, covering the nearby villages of Malpura, Kapriwas and Sidhrawali.
The project started with a modest enrolment of 36 adults. Hero MotoCorp is now in the process of imparting Adult Literacy
Capsules to another 100 adults by getting village heads and other prominent villagers to motivate illiterate adults.

Marriages of underprivileged girls
Marriages are organized from time to time, particularly for girls from backward classes, by the Foundation by providing
financial help and other support to the families.

Rural Health Care
Besides setting up a modern hospital, the Foundation also regularly provides doorstep health care services to the local
community. Free health care and medical camps are now a regular feature in the Hero Group's community outreach

Supporting Physically challenged people by organizing camps
At Hero, we ensure that every person is taken care of. To identify this vision, Hero supports physically challenged
individuals through diverse initiatives and encourages them at every step of life.

Safe ride program
Educating individuals always takes a front seat at Hero MotoCorp. In order to promote road safety, we conduct timely