Progress Killer #2: You’ve Got to GOYA

The good news is, it’s easier than you might think
This is the one that can keep you stuck for months, years, or decades.
! you want to make "rogress, you’ve got to Get O!! Your Ass#
You know it already, and you probably beat yourself up over it.
You know what to do, but you don’t do it.
You want to get started, but it doesn’t happen.
You’ve got the dream, but you don’t put the hours in.
$irst things !irst % let’s "ut to rest the myth a&out why it’s so hard sometimes to GOYA#
You are not la'y
Laziness doesn’t keep you from GOYA.
In the first place, I think truly lazy people are rather rare. It’s much more common that something is blocking your
In the second place, people ho are actually lazy can often do rather ell. !ather than spend a lot of time and energy
spinning their heels, they figure out the "# of ork that ill gi$e them the most results, then they focus on that.
And they get more done than lots of their earnest %hard&orking' (rothers and sisters ho are trying a million things,
(ut not getting anyhere.
%Lazy' is )ust a ord e thro around to a$oid looking at hat clogs up our energy and keeps us from taking action.
Thro it aay, and start looking at more useful e*planations.
As long as you kee" telling yoursel!, (’m la'y,) you’ll kee" getting e*a+tly what you have today# +ailure to
GOYA doesn’t come from some kind of personality defect. It comes from specific (locks to your natural energetic
,nergy &lo+k #-: You don’t see what’s "ossi&le
This is pro(a(ly the most common reason people don’t start (usinesses , and hen they do, it’s the reason most
(usinesses fail.
It’s our nature to fear the unknon. It’s our nature to steer aay from acti$ities that e don’t see anyone else doing.
And if you don’t kno any successful (usiness oners, %running a profita(le (usiness' is pure uncharted territory.
If you don’t really (elie$e it’s e$er going to ork, hy ould you GOYA in the first place- It makes more sense to
atch T. or aste some time on Titter.
If you ne$er hang out ith smart marketers, you don’t kno ho they think, ho they frame /uestions, hat kinds
of actions they take e$ery day. You ha$e nothing to model your on (eha$ior on.
.olution: $ind role models !or the kind o! &usiness you want to +reate# ."end as mu+h time with those role
models as you +an#
If you ant more customers, more energy to create a cool (usiness, and more dri$e to succeed, hang out with
"eo"le who have those things now.
That’s hy country clu(s and netorking e$ents e*ist. And it’s one of the (ig reasons e structured the Third Tri(e
the ay e did , ith 0123 netorking opportunities to connect ith other successful (usinesspeople.
.u++ess is +ontagious# Get out and "ut yoursel! somewhere you +an +at+h it#
,nergy &lo+k #2: You don’t have stru+tures in "la+e
4$ery successful person you kno has little ha(its or rituals in place that make GOYA possi(le.
5ome follo formal systems, like the Franklin-Covey or Getting Things Done frameorks.
Others )ust ha$e little pri$ate rituals they link together.
.olution: /reate a sim"le "rodu+tivity stru+ture that makes it
easy to develo" good ha&its#
There are really )ust to elements to any successful producti$ity system.
One, !igure out what you need to do next on any given "ro0e+t# 6on’t put %Launch my e&(ook' on your to&do list7
put %8rite outline' or %!esearch my primary topic' or %Talk ith 9logger : a(out a guest post to promote.'
This is hy e identify specific ;e*t Actions for you in e$ery seminar and orkshop in Third Tri(e. !ather than
thro (ig, $ague ideas at you, e (reak them don into the ne*t action for you to take.
• 5tring those actions together and you come up ith finished pro)ects.
• 5tring together completed pro)ects and you come up ith a successful (usiness.
8hen you’re planning your ;e*t 5tep, it needs to (e no longer than the amount of time you can ork uninterrupted.
8hich leads us to the second key element<
Two, &lo+k out +hunks o! uninterru"ti&le time to focus on your most important pro)ect.
Once you’$e identified the ;e*t Action to take, you need to (lock out time on your calendar and make an
un(reaka(le commitment to doing it.
You may start small ith )ust fi$e minutes a day. =onsistency and focus are much more important than the ra
num(er of hours you spend. >se a timer, and turn off all distractions ?email, social media, your phone, etc.@.
Gradually ork up to longer periods, (ut for most of us, keep them to no longer than "A minutes, then take a /uick
(reak to refresh your (ody and mind.
1e all know there’s no su+h thing as (!ree time#)
You’$e got to fight for it. You might ake up a half hour early in the morning, stay up a half hour later at night, or
?this one is often the (est@ use the time the rest of your family spends atching T..
,nergy &lo+k #2: You haven’t set u" any a++ounta&ility
Only a tiny fraction of people can GOYA all (y themsel$es.
Bost of us need to le$erage the poer of other people’s e*pectations to make it happen.
You pro(a(ly don’t ant to try and use your friends and family for accounta(ility unless they’re also entrepreneurs.
They’re not going to understand your particular challenges ?or $ictories, for that matter@, and they’re too likely to
say, %Bay(e you )ust aren’t cut out for this.'
Instead, get out there and find some other entrepreneurs ho are at a(out the same le$el you are. Beet regularly and
make commitments to getting your ;e*t Actions completed.
You might ha$e a face&to&face group, a eekly 5kype call, a GoogleC hangout , hate$er orks for you.
.olution: $ind a grou" o! "eers who have similar goals to your own# 3eet regularly to +he+k your "rogress on
your "ro0e+ts, and to hold ea+h other a++ounta&le#
,$ery eek, commit to a specific ;e*t Action , then let your group kno a(out the commitment. It doesn’t matter
ho (ig or ho small the steps are. ?They should usually (e rather small, at least at first.@ 8hat matters is that hen
others are looking for the results, you’ll hold yourself more accounta(le.
6on’t try to do this yourself. .ery fe people manage it. Instead, construct an accounta(ility structure that makes it
easy to de$elop producti$e ha(its.
,nergy &lo+k #4: You sto" at the !irst &arrier
9ecause of our lack of role models, e ha$e a silly idea that progress toard our goals is supposed to mo$e forard
in a straight line.
;o one’s success looks like this. ;o one’s.
Anything as comple* as running a (usiness , e$en a small side (usiness , has side tracks, dead ends, and false
5o plan for that. 6on’t get married to a single plan of action. 5tay consistent a(out your e$entual goal, (ut fle*i(le
a(out e*actly ho you’re going to get there.
5olution< Da$e a game plan for hat happens hen %Elan A' doesn’t turn out the ay you thought. 8ho can you ask
for ad$ice on your ne*t steps- 6o you ha$e a support netork for the times hen you’re feeling discouraged-
One of the reasons e ha$e to FGA sessions e$ery month in Third Tri(e is that ne (usinesses need lots of course
correction. 8e don’t ant anyone to e$er feel stuck and una(le to figure out ho to get out of that corner.
Of course, the mem(er forums are also a fantastic resource for (rainstorming your Elan 9 ?and Elan =, 6, and 4 if
you need them@. Our most successful mem(ers combine the FGA sessions ith peer support in the forums to get
o$er those hurdles.
,nergy &lo+k #5: You’re s+ared
This is really the com(ination of all of the other (locks together.
+ailure is scary. 4$en success can (e scary. !eaching for a (ig goal has a lot of uncomforta(le moments.
8hen you’re scared, it’s $ery, $ery hard to GOYA.
5olution< Bake the ha(its I’$e descri(ed here part of your life.
The more structures you ha$e , the more positi$e ha(its you (uild , the less fear ill (e a(le to stop you.
All entrepreneurs feel fear. 9ut the fear of ha$ing your on (usiness isn’t nearly as crushing as the fear of letting
someone else ?like your (oss, or %the economy,' or any other e*ternal factor@ control your fate.
5tart small, de$eloping positi$e ha(its and a netork of action&takers ?not dreamers and drifters@.
You’ll (e amazed at the ay that small, consistent progress can start to sno(all into great things.
You don’t ha$e to do it alone
1e &uilt the Tri&e to hel":
• 1ith worksho"s and seminars that !o+us on 6e*t A+tions,
• 1ith 78A sessions to get you out o! (stu+k s"ots,)
• And with 249: mem&er !orums !or a++ounta&ility, &rainstorming, and role modeling#
The only thing we’re missing is you#
8e’$e had hundreds of smart (usinesspeople , some e*perienced, some (rand&ne , )oin the Tri(e in this open
enrollment period. If the resources I’$e descri(ed here ould help you GOYA and accomplish your goals, I’d lo$e to
see you there.
I’m e*cited a(out hat you’re going to (uild hen you GOYA and make it happen.