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These terms and conditions 7. Except in the case of temporary b. if the deceased person left 15. Your Indemnity:
apply to An Post’s Residential redirection, when the Service a will but there is a delay in
Redirection Service (hereinafter expires all post addressed obtaining probate, a copy of In consideration of Us
referred to as the "Service"). to Your old address may be the will and a letter from the providing the Service You
returned to sender. executors stating that probate will indemnify Us and keep
In these terms and conditions “You” has been applied for and that Us fully and effectively
and “Your” refer to the applicant(s) 8. If You wish to cancel the Service they know of no reason why indemnified on demand Moving House?
for the Service and “We”, “Us” and You must do so in writing. We it will not be granted must from and against any and
“Our” refer to An Post, having its will not refund the fee if You accompany this application all losses, claims, damages,
registered office at GPO, O’Connell cancel the Service after it has form which must be signed by costs, charges, expenses,
Street, Dublin 1. started. all the executors; liabilities, demands,
proceedings and actions
Make sure your mail
1. The Service is only available for 9. If post is addressed to more c. if the deceased person did which We may sustain or

4. Have you chosen a payment option?

the redirection of residential than one addressee and only not leave a will, letters incur, or which may be
post to which You are one of the addressees has of administration to the brought or established
moves with you.
entitled. You confirm that the requested the Service We will deceased person's estate must against Us by any person,

new address stated on this deliver the post as addressed accompany this application which in any case arise out
application is Your true and and We will not redirect it
form which must be signed by of or in relation to or by
correct address. unless both parties agree in
the administrators of the estate; reason of Your use of the
writing that one of them or a

Service in breach of any of
2. Limitation on Liability: Our third party will receive it.
d. if the deceased person did these terms and conditions.
liability for any direct loss not leave a will and letters Residential Redirection
10. Items sent using the An Post
or damage arising from this of administration are not 16. This agreement is governed
Parcels Service (including
contract is limited to the fee available, you must provide by the laws of Ireland and
Courier Post) will not be
paid for the Service. We will not a written undertaking from is subject to the exclusive
be liable, in any event, for any a solicitor to produce letters jurisdiction of the Irish courts.
consequential or indirect loss of administration within a
11. We will not redirect post:
or damage including, without reasonable period (e.g. twelve
limitation, loss of income, months);

3. Have you included your full contact details including old and new addresses?
a. for applicants who share a
profits, interest, utility or loss name with someone who If you have a query please call us
of market, however arising in remains at the address e. we reserve the right to request on 1850 57 58 59 or write to us at:
respect of the Service. from which the post is to be further documentary proof of

redirected (e.g. parent and child any applicant’s entitlement to An Post
3. The applicant(s) who sign(s) of the same name or people receive the post of deceased Redirection Unit
this form must be 18 years that share the same initials and persons. Customer Services

of age or older. A parent or surname); GPO
guardian must sign for a minor 13. We will not accept applications Freepost
requesting the Service and b. sent poste restante; from persons acting on Dublin 1

1. Have you listed a reason for booking An Post’s Residential Redirection Service in the application form?
insert the minor’s date of birth behalf of persons who are ill


where indicated. c. from a college, boarding house or incapacitated unless the
or similar accommodation with applicant has been appointed
4. We will require at least five one delivery point; or as an attorney under a Power

working days' notice to put the of Attorney and full supporting
Service in place. d. addressed to a PO Box. documentation is provided with
the application.

Please note that incorrectly completed forms will delay your application. Please tick box where appropriate.
5. There is a delay of at least 12. Deceased Persons: The
one working day in delivery of following conditions must be 14. We reserve the right to refuse
redirected post. satisfied before We will redirect or discontinue the Service
post on the instructions of the at Our absolute discretion,
6. A new address label is applied executors or the administrators including, but not limited
to each redirected item or of an estate: to, where the Service is
pouch. If the item cannot be unworkable. In this event, An
delivered it may be returned to a. if the deceased person left a

2. Have you completed fully the details of everyone who would like their mail redirected from your address (including Date of Birth for minors)?
Post will refund the fee paid
the sender complete with the will, probate of the will must for the Service but will have no
new address label. accompany this application further liability.
form which must be signed by

all the executors;


(please do not post cash)

• Bring it to your local Post Office

€75 per address

€75 per address
€55 per address

Up to 6 months
Up to 3 months
Up to 6 months
Up to 3 months

€150 per address

€115 per address
€110 per address

Up to 12 months
Up to 12 months

Residential Fees

Redirection to an address abroad


Customer Services, GPO, Freepost, Dublin 1.

• Post it directly to: An Post, Redirection Unit,
Use our Redirection

to your new address.

busy time. To have your mail redirected to your new
home, all you have to do is fill out this booking form.

Redirection to an address within Ireland incl. N.Ireland

service to forward mail

Then, together with the fee (see details below), please:

We want to make life as easy as possible for you at this

Please complete the form enclosed in BLOCK LETTERS.

Part 1 – Reasons for booking (Tick appropriate box) Please note that incorrectly completed forms will delay your application
Moving home Bereavement*
Temporary relocation Other† – please specify
*Please refer to T&C 12, additional documentation is needed. †Please refer to T&Cs – additional documentation may be required.
Part 2 – Customer Details
Notes: 1. Occupants over 18 who wish to have their mail redirected must print and sign their name below.
2. Occupants under 18 must have a parent or guardian sign for them and insert their date of birth in space provided*. (Use a separate page if necessary)
PERSON 1: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Snr. Jnr. Other PERSON 2: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Snr. Jnr. Other
Name Name
Surname Surname
Signature Signature
Date of Birth *(if applicable) Date of Birth *(if applicable)
PERSON 3: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Snr. Jnr. Other PERSON 4: Mr. Mrs. Ms. Snr. Jnr. Other
Name Name
Surname Surname
Signature Signature
Date of Birth *(if applicable) Date of Birth *(if applicable)
Part 3 – Address Details (Please note no changes can be made once service has started & you may be contacted to confirm address)
Old Telephone No.
NEW ADDRESS: Owner/Occupier Rented
New Telephone No. Mobile No.
Email Address
An Post may use the change of address details you have provided to update An Post may provide your change of address details to a third-party to be used
internal databases controlled and operated by An Post. If you do not wish your for direct marketing purposes. If you do not want your change of address details
change of address details to be used to update internal databases controlled to be used for direct marketing purposes by a third-party, please tick box:
and operated by An Post, please tick box:
Part 4 – Payment Details Note: 5 working days’ notice is required to put service in place.
I/We have read and agree to the attached terms & conditions of An Post’s Residential Redirection Service. Signed:
DATE TO COMMENCE REDIRECTION: If temporary redirection, please specify end date
LENGTH OF REDIRECTION: 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months
PAYMENT METHOD: Cheque Postal Money Order Post Office Credit Card (please fill in details below)
Name of Card Holder :
Card Type: VISA Mastercard Laser Signature of Card Holder
Card Number: Expiry Date:
Card Holder’s Address:
03/09 RD01