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Lord Kuthumi

1440 Ascended Masters Desert Gathering

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Channelled in ohannes!urg" #outh A$rica on 1% April &00'

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' am (uthumi and ' come forward upon the rays of love and wisdom to greet you at this
time and bring unto you the blessings of new beginnings, of new life, we bring you the
blessings of grace, and of harmony. )reetings, Beloved *nes.
#nd it is with great joy and pleasure in our hearts that we may gather with you upon this
day as we hold you firmly within the heart of Christ and securely upon the hands of )od.
+e welcome this gathering today and wish to acknowledge the presence of many people
and Beings of the ,ight who could not be here physically, but who are here in spirit. he
"asters of the ,ight who have gathered with you today are bringing you, present here, and
those who shall come to either hear or read these words at a later stage, the biggest
transformation of your time. his transformation is both on a personal level as well as a
planetary level.
he porthole that is being opened, making way for all old paradigm consciousness to move
through, is a +#-. of #scension/ a kind of mass e0odus of consciousness, and souls, if it is
their choice. his portal is to date the greatest one in si1e, so to speak, that we have
activated for a mass e0odus, therefore, be prepared for your life to change forever.
he ne0t &% weeks are vital to your spiritual future and the future of everything you shall
come to e0perience in your life. +ithin the ne0t &$ weeks the energy will have settled and
you will be clear in your heart, mind and soul as to the direction you are to move in, if you
are as yet not moving in it.
ransformation is the greatest gift bestowed upon humanity for it offers humanity the
opportunity to constantly grow within the realm of )od2s consciousness/ every aspect of life
in an aspect of )od being e0pressed and e0perienced. "other .arth is now at a crucial
turning point in her evolution. his means that your life will unfold at an accelerated rate, far
more than you have e0perienced in the past. 'magine winding up an elastic band, holding
onto it with one end and letting go with the other end/ the speed at which it unwinds is the
speed at which your D3# is unravelling itself and releasing into the ethers the call to new "ichelle "anders 4
#ll 5ights 5eserved
consciousness of the higher worlds, and all of this must be anchored on earth so that heaven
and earth can be one. You are the anchors.
his is truly a profound time of death and rebirth, the time where you are faced with what is
true and what is untrue. Being forced to look at what your desires, hopes and wishes are,
and what motivates them, as well as looking at the foundation upon which your life has been
built, and if the foundation it currently stands upon is in fact able to endure the initiations
and future tests of time. ' know for some of you it is a very painful time, but ' assure you
that once the pain has been relieved what you are left with is one of the most precious
treasures of your lifetime. 't is vital you do not fight the process / this is one of the times
where the only way to get through this immense transformation unscathed is to surrender to
it, to simply fall into the energy and let it take you where it must. his is a planetary lesson,
beloved ones, where all of humanity must now fall into the abyss and allow the magnificent
love of "other67ather )od to take you to your destiny.
Your destiny is something that you set in place on a soul level. 't is something that you left
yourself as a reward for lessons learned/ cycles completed. "any times the journey to the
destination is fraught with pain and suffering, only because you do not understand, or very
often recognise that the journey is not the end of everything/ the journey is a vital part of
reaching your destiny. (he destiny is your re+ard" the 0ourney is the initiation- *ne
cannot truly appreciate one2s destiny until one has fully integrated the gifts that lie along the
pathway of the journey. #ll of you are coming into your power in one way or another/ it is
not a power to be feared, rather a power to be embraced, for it is this power that
determines how the rest of your life cycle will unfold and how you will deal with the energies
and situations that lie before you.
he purpose for the gathering of the &88% "asters of ,ight within the deserts of your planet
is for the purpose of revealing to humanity the power of unconditional love and abundance.
7orget money for a moment, and acknowledge abundance in all its forms of light, in all its
forms of joy, pleasure, laughter, fun, and wisdom. 9aving seen this energy it becomes
apparent that one needs to e0perience these :ualities in life in order to thrive. ;urvival
attracts to itself very often pain and suffering, for the main focus is merely to survive, but
when you thrive you attract to yourself all the other positively abundant energies.
;o let us now link you energetically to the &88% "asters of the ,ight. 5ela0 and surrender
your mind and body. ake a deep breath in through your nose, e0haling through your
mouth, and allow your body and your mind to rela0 further. hese "asters of ,ight are all
divine aspects of "other67ather )od/ each of these precious Beings of immense wisdom,
truth and love hold a vibration of your fully mastered, complete and whole self.
he vibrations these "asters bring to you ensure that during the ne0t &$ weeks you will
have reclaimed the clarity you seek/ you will have reclaimed a level of your divine right to
live an abundant life in all the prisms of light, and within all the prisms of love. You have
lived the abundance of darkness and pain/ the time for its opposite is upon you. 'f you feel
comfortable with it, open your heart to receive the blessings of joy and jubilation from the
&88% "asters of the ,ight who anchor their energy as we speak.
'magine the energy of joy and jubilation moving through your chakras above and below your
heart, bringing balance, revitalisation and alignment. #llow this energy to open the cells of
your body so that you can remember how deeply you are loved, appreciated and
acknowledged. You are anchors holding the prisms of light and love that the &88% "asters of
,ight bring to your planet during this period. #ll of you represent an aspect of the current "ichelle "anders 4
#ll 5ights 5eserved
<death= process the people of your planet are undergoing, and your role as a human being is
to step fully into the healing power being bestowed upon you. Your major role is to not step
down, to not step back or prevent the completion of your power integrating and unfolding,
in accordance with the divine plan of all that embodies light and love.
You have already been shown the power of spirit, the power of truth and how as the
illusions fall so the truth emerges. he discovery of the truth of what >esus truly wanted of
>udas is proof in itself that the truth will come to the surface/ that no man can dis?empower
another or deprive him of universal truths permanently. .ventually the light shines through.
he e0posure that >udas did in fact not betray >esus, and that >esus asked him to betray him
instead, is part of the opening of this mass e0odus gateway. 't has been the prelude to the
energy being anchored upon this sacred day.
he full moon energy of "other "oon washes through your emotional body at this time, and
many of you perhaps have been feeling overly emotional as a result of "other "oon
cleansing your heart and soul. 7ather ;ky brings the warmth of the sun to dry up your tears,
and brings you warmth and reassurance that where you are heading now is the direction of
truth for you.
ake another deep breath in and as you e0hale, magnetically call upon all the energies of
the old paradigm that may still be influencing your life in any way, and imagine a gateway
opening within the centre of your heart and the old paradigm energy being sucked out of
your heart chakra by this gateway. -ery gently the &88% "asters of the ,ight draw this old
paradigm consciousness in through this portal, and at the same time they bring you the
inner strength and courage you need to see you through the greatest initiation of your
You are undergoing personal initiations in conjunction with planetary initiations. #ll of you
are linked to a specific area on the globe/ whatever geographical location you live in is in
alignment with the current initiation you are undergoing, therefore you are processing with
"other .arth, you are going through the )olden #scension initiation with her, and
everything she and you go through, will from this day forward, be a simultaneous process of
healing and awakening. .ach of you as individuals embody a treasure/ a life?giving treasure.
You will now go through a period of meeting people or a person, or connecting with a place
or time where the e:ual of this gift is embodied. "eeting up with the e:ual of this gift is
your signal that you are moving through your final phase of the ascension waves of
initiation. (his means" !eloved ones" that you are !eing accelerated 1 years in time"
completing 1 years o$ intensive spiritual +or, over the ne/t $e+ months- his
could only be made possible because you are ready for it, and you have set the ball in
motion, so to speak, for this to come into being.
here have been people who have travelled before you, who have activated certain places
geographically, to ensure that the physical portals of "other .arth2s body remain active for
the duration of this mass e0odus. ;ome of you will go to places geographically after the
mass e0odus is complete and seal some of the portals that are only temporarily active for
the purpose of taking the old paradigm energy/ some of them, however will remain active
permanently. ;o those of you who have travelled to 3amibia over the past &@ months, you
have set in place the energies needed for what will take place over the ne0t A weeks to be
held in alignment with the divine plan of ,ady 3ada, the crystal kingdom and of course, your
planet as a whole. "ichelle "anders 4
#ll 5ights 5eserved
hose of you travelling to 3amibia specifically, and at any time in the future, are the ones
processing this intensive energy/ you are the ones undergoing the intense deto0ification of
emotions, the mind, intellect, fears, physical body, and whatever else is in alignment with
your purpose.
he rest of you are ensuring that the prisms of light and love being activated remain clear
and anchored. +hen any group goes to a so?called sacred space or <hot?spot= as we like to
call it sometimes, the participants are very caught up in the energy. "any times they are
<removed= from their physical body, and it is up to those who are the anchors outside of the
space to hold the energy/ therefore you too will be transported at times to the place of
3amibia in your ,ight body. You will feel changes happening within yourself which are
related to the final phase of stepping into your authentic power in whatever area of life your
soul has come to present it in.
he resurrection taking place is the resurrection of the true template of prosperity and
abundance for your planet as a whole. +e are also reviving a very sacred energy linked to
the indigenous people of #frica known as the Bushmen. hey were one of the very first of
the sacred tribes to inhabit earth/ they, themselves, embody very important sacred
knowledge that shall contribute to the unfolding of the original wisdom and plan of earth.
he revival taking place is a facilitation process for these sacred cultures to emerge through
the authentic diamond of truth, so that their origin may be honoured and acknowledged.
#s each sacred tribe reunites with their sacred origin so all the links to the tribe, therefore,
the generations that come from the original tribe, become re?empowered with the authentic
seeds of their origin, which is how one begins to empower nations, and eventually an entire
world. .very culture is sacred, and every culture should be honoured and respected, for
within each culture is a treasure of wisdom and truth. >udging one another2s faith and
pathway to becoming one with )od is tainting the sacredness of the pathways home. +here
there are areas of a culture that embody the debilitating attitudes and dogmas of fear, it will
be dissolved, and will fade into nothingness, because those who are in touch with the truth
will naturally override the old paradigm energy, and with the portal currently active,
supporting the mass e0odus, the old paradigm consciousness preaching fear, limitation,
doom and gloom, will eventually come to an end.
Bntil the $Cth of #pril $%%D, the &88% "asters of the ,ight anchor what we call the Buddhic
Columns in all the deserts of your planet. here are however 8 ma0or Columns which shall
be responsible for the creation of the new foundation for the new world of your planet. he
first is in the 2ami! Desert, the second one in the #ahara Desert, the third one in the
Go!i Desert, the fourth one in the deserts o$ Australia E the largest desert of all that
e0ist within #ustralia.
hese 8 Buddhic Columns embody Prana, wisdom and the purest authentic energy you could
ever imagine. he Buddhic Columns are the keys opening all the )ateways to what was
once the "ystery ;chools of the #scended "asters. hat information will now be released to
those who are in alignment with the template the Buddhic Columns and will gain access to
the teachings of the ancient "ystery ;chools and be anointed as a messenger of these
teachings. You need not be in a prominent position in society to carry these teachings forth/
living them is teaching them. Do not limit your perception of how it is that this can be
brought across.
he :uantum world is an unlimited world and the more you remind yourself of this the
better for yourself, for now you have the power, unlike any time prior to this time, to bring "ichelle "anders 4
#ll 5ights 5eserved
into manifestation what you focus upon, as long as it is in alignment with the higher plan of
"other .arth and that of your soul. 'f you are going to force something in a direction
because you are afraid of losing it, disappointing it or failing, then you will see it will not
work in your favour. here will be struggles, blockages, and when you see the doors closing
don2t try and beat it down only to have it slammed in your face again/ move on. (his is
the time to move on. Your fear will only paralyse you, so choose love and move forward,
even if it is initially a painful movement. he moment you get accustomed to the movement
the pain subsides and it becomes a gentle, natural process of movement.
#re there any :uestions at this point that ' can assist any of you withF
,ord (uthumi, can you e0plain the link to the Bushman wisdom and historyF
he wisdom of the Bushmen and the history as such, is missing, and in many of the ancient
cultures their true origin is not present within history, which is what has made it such a
problem. he depiction in history is mainly about how they were deprived of their sacred
lands, how the white man came in and took their space, as the white man did with the
3ative #merican 'ndians, the #borigines and many other sacred cultures. hus the Bushmen
are the catalyst reviving the ancient truths by which they lived, similar to that of the 3ative
#merican 'ndian and #boriginal people. )t is the colla!oration +ith nature that is vital.
'n all these cultures they mastered the ability to live in harmony with "other .arth. +estern
civilisation completely annihilated that and labelled them barbaric or an unevolved system of
humans who did not have the capacity to evolve intellectually and pushed them by the way,
simply as waste. 3ow the so?called waste of the lands is bearing fruit/ people are discovering
that within the great waste lands many treasures have lain hidden, and it is their knowledge
of the stars, therefore astronomy, as well as astrology, their connection with the animals of
their environment and nature in its flora consciousness . his will prove to the western world
how far they have regressed, even though technologically there has been a tremendous
amount of synthetic progression.
<Coming back to .arth= is the key for humans, not only grounding yourselves back in your
body by seeing that life is something that you are meant to live/ an arena in which you have
the opportunity to e0perience immense joy, but it is also the process of getting in touch with
the .arth, and rebuilding that relationship/ working in collaboration with "other .arth rather
than separating the two worlds resulting in a divorce of consciousness, a separation between
9eaven and .arth, body and ;pirit. 't is even evident in the aspects of self where one does
not feel in touch with other aspects of the self, so Bushmen are helping in the re?union of
the original sacred origin within self/ that reconnection to the stars.
.ach of you are being called into the realms of resurrection where "aster >esus and "ary
"agdalene await you. hey are the overlighting divine presence for this time of immense
change, and the planetary initiation unfolding. he old consciousness relating to who "ary
"agdalene was, and the role of "aster >esus is what is coming to its end, and all the
teachings of every scripture in e0istence that has promoted an either e0aggerated version of
the truth, or an illusionary version of the truth is dissolving, which is why ' say the discovery
of the writings of what >udas2s true role was is the prelude to this. ;o brace yourselves for
many new teachings coming to the fore. "ichelle "anders 4
#ll 5ights 5eserved
"aster >esus and "ary "agdalene are e0periencing the final shift where she takes over the
Dth 5ay and "aster >esus becomes the official Chohan of the Dth Dimensional 5ay of 7luid
,ove. hese $ vibrations are what will carry humanity spiritually into the future, bringing a
whole new level of understanding to the religions of the world so that religion versus
spirituality is not a war waged on one another, but rather an interaction, a diverse
e0pression of the creative embodiment of )od which formulates a greater body of
e0periencing the e0pression of "other67ather )od.
Don2t ostracise those who need love the most. +ork on yourself so that you are strong, so
that you stand without judgement or bias in your heart, and so you will lead through this
time. his initiation is resurrecting the original ancient truths which are being seen as new
discoveries, which are simply the original plan for humanity. his is therefore the true
liberation of the soul.
Declaring war on one another because of the belief that your )od is better than any other
)od, or that your way of living is better than any other way of living, is <dancing with the
devil,= plain and simple. +ar can never be fought in the name of )od. 3ever. +hen you
declare war it is because you are at odds within yourself and you have recognised conflict in
another resembling that, and you make an agreement to fight one another on it. )od has
3*9'3) to do with itG
his is the time where humanity will realise this, and not because they are told so. 't
becomes an inner realisation, :uestions being asked from within regarding this, and
<stumbling upon the truth.= his truth will evoke the desire to answer more :uestions,
:uestions that will automatically lead to the truth of your origin and the origin of everything
that e0ists around you. he only way that energy can truly be accessed is if there are
sufficient of you in your power, confident in your connection with spirit, confident in your
relationship with your self, which will ensure the new structure/ the new world being able to
anchor itself within the 8 Buddhic Columns we have spoken of and create the new world as
it has been described.
.ach desert holds a gift. he 3amib Desert is the gift of prosperity/ it is the seed of )olden
Consciousness that lies within it. ravelling to this place is recapturing that )olden ;eed, the
innocence and purity of the inner child, the reclaiming of your )olden Child. ;imply
surrender to the e0perience of nature, and allow the magnificence of the desert to speak to
you. *bserve nature and how it communicates with you. Be aware of your surroundings and
how everything is being communicated to you through the surroundings.
,ord (uthumi, is there a relevance of today being the Passover, and could you e0plain this to
us if it isF
Certainly. here is most certainly a relevance to this, brother. You see this is, in fact, the
time of the passing over of those energies of the old paradigm, which is why the activation
of the mass e0odus gateway has taken place today. here are billions of levels of release
that shall take place related to every aspect of life in e0istence. 't is a passing through and
passing over of trapped souls, of energy, and of waste. here are so many levels brother/
we could not even begin in a month of ;undays to give you all the information. herefore, '
suggest you feel it within yourself/ you are very good at doing this, but the relevance of it
being on the Passover is because of the passing over of all that which is old and obsolete to "ichelle "anders 4
#ll 5ights 5eserved
make way for the passing in of that which is new, that which embodies )olden Huantum
Your collective presence is a body of energy. 'ts body embodies a golden thread. his golden
thread is what all of you are using to weave the tapestry of the )olden emplate. "uch work
has been done on this already, but all of you are contributing to this. 't is important that you
remember that what you contribute, what you weave into the tapestry becomes a part of the
reality. ' have said it many times before, but ' shall repeat it againI this is your time to
anchor heaven on earth. 't is a time where you have the opportunity and the power to
bring all of your dreams to life. his is the time where you can e0pect sudden endings,
sudden <deaths,< changes, relationships ending, battles that you have had suddenly ending,
resolution, completion/ it is the end of a very, very important time in your lives and
humanity2s ascension cycles, but it is also the beginning of something e0:uisite filled with
many treasures, ones that promise eternal peace and happiness.
;o, now, we bring this transmission to an end/ however the energies we have activated for
all of you are still very active.
(now that this period/ even though it is one of profound <death,= it is also one of miraculous
rebirth. Celebrate it with joy in your heart as you move through this time saying goodbye to
the old fearlessly embracing the new, because you deserve it.
"ay the light of "other67ather )od always shine brightly upon the pathway before you, may
every step you take be a confident one, moving in the direction of your truth, and may all
always be well in your world.
' am (uthumi, Chohan of the )olden 5ay of ,ove and +isdom, and ' greet and bless you in
love. #donai.
+rite down what your desires, hopes and wishes are, and what motivates them.
Do you truly know what motivates you and everything you have written downF
+hy is what you have written down a hope, desire or wishF
9ow different will you feel if these are a part of your lifeF
9ow different will your life beF
+hat stops you from believing that it canF
9ow has what stops you now stopped you on your pastF
#nd what was the result of thatF
's the foundation upon which your life has been built, and that which it currently
stands upon in fact able to endure the initiations and future tests of timeF
'f yes, what makes it so durable and resilientF
'f not, why and what do you need to do now to secure your life foundationF
9ow do you feel you fight the process of your lifeF
Do you find it easy to surrenderF
'f yes, what do you naturally doF
'f not, what are you afraid of losing control of by letting goF
Do you see your life as an arid desert, or one laden with hidden treasuresF
.laborate why based on which of the above two you chose.
.0amine your answers and see how you can e0pand upon your treasures, or how you
can turn your arid desert into a fertile oasis of treasure. "ichelle "anders 4
#ll 5ights 5eserved
You are one with "other .arth and all life. #llowing yourself to be open and honest with
yourself enables you to make different choices and decisions, therefore empowering you to
take different actions, resulting in different outcomes. Do this for yourselfG You deserve itG
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