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You are a 23-year old French Canadian woman.

You were forced by your family into a loveless marriage with Captain Louis Coulon de Villiers. One year ago, you met George Washington while he was on a diplomatic mission, and the two of you fell in love. Now your husband commands the French army as it squares off against Washington once more. Your secretly have learned the ways of native magic, and are a powerful sorceress. Neither your husband nor your beloved Washington know of this.



Key of the Love (George Washington) You have a deep love for Colonel Washington. Hit your key when you are near him, or when you make a decision that is influenced by him. Buyoff: Sever the relationship with him. Key of Vice You are a closet alcoholic. Hit your key whenever alcohol makes it way into a scene, when you make a decision based on alcohol or when your addiction causes harm. Buyoff: Sober up, come clean and renounce alcohol for good.





You are deeply in love with a dashing British officer - what will you sacrifice to be with him? Delaware Magic Witchy Woman, Sorceress, The Great Spirit works through me, I foresaw this, Storm, [Fly], [Destroy] Charm Charisma, Presence, Command, Delight, Nobles, Servants, [Natives], [Soldiers] Lady Etiquette, Dance, Educated, History, Science, Wealth, Connections, Self-Preservation, Courtesy, Sense Motive, Throwing things very hard, [Languages] Adventuress Scandal, Excitement, Danger, Disaster, Escape, Lack of Decorum, Wilderness, Wild Indians, Fire, Justice Served, True Love, [Curiosity], [Mojo]


Key of Conscience You don’t like to see anyone suffer, even enemies. hit your key when you help someone who is in trouble or when you improve someone’s life. Buyoff: Ignore a request for help. Secret of Sorcery Marie-Amable has been an excellent student of secret Delaware magics and dark arts. Secret of Being Female on the Frontier Once per session, you can reroll a failure on any social action.

Injured Lost

English, French,

Tired Trapped

Angry Dead

Col. George Washington is a handsome, kind and heroic officer leading the British troops in the Ohio territory. You fell in love with him when he was a diplomatic envoy attempting to entreaty your husband, Captain Louis Coulon de Villiers. Captain Louis Coulon de Villiers is your husband via arranged marriage. He is also leader of the French army, the largest force in the region. You don’t love him, but you do recognize that he is a skilled military commander. Ensign Joseph Coulon de Jumonville is your husband’s brother, and is seen by the family as a bit of an incompetent. Half-King Tanacharison leads the Iroquois, and helped Washington last year. He hates the French for supposedly killing his father, though no sane person believes his wild tales of cannibalism. “French Margaret” Montour is Washington’s half Seneca half-French sorceress. She is your magical and romantic rival; keep her away from your beloved Washington. Shingas the Terrible is the crude and savage war leader for the Delaware tribe. Heaven help us all if the French Empire should need the help of a monster like Shingas. Guyasuta, Washington’s Seneca guide with strong secret French loyalties and inclinations. Killbuck Gelellemend and White Eyes, young Delaware braves. Captain Claude-Pierre Contrecoeur, garrison commander of Fort Duquesne.

Dramatis Personae


MarieAmable Villiers