How to create a HOST based concurrent program

By: Rahul Gupta L.G.Electronics, Greater Noida

Step 1 : Create the shell scripts .
In our case we have to transfer the output file of a concurrent job from our HOST server to a remote server. Create the script wit the name <script_name>.prog ( Ex: Rajeev_ftp2.prog ) . Script that we created is mentioned below..
[ilerpdb01:oraprod] /u11/app/ilprodappl/ese/11.5.0/bin> more rajeev_ftp2.prog ORACLE_TERM=vt220 TERM=vt220 ORACLE_HOME=/u11/app/ilproddb/9.2.0 ORACLE_SID=ILPROD PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/bin:$PATH export ORACLE_HOME ORACLE_SID PATH ORACLE_PATH > /home/users/oraprod/r1.txt > /home/users/oraprod/r.txt sqlplus -s apps/apps@ILPROD <<eof set heading off set feed off set echo off set time off spool /home/users/oraprod/r.txt select outfile_name from apps.fnd_concurrent_requests where concurrent_program_id in (157551,150942) and requested_by='9297'an d trunc(actual_start_date)=trunc(sysdate) and status_code='C' and phase_code='C'; spool off exit eof cd /home/users/oraprod cat /home/users/oraprod/r.txt | awk 'FNR>1' > /home/users/oraprod/r1.txt cd /u40/oradata/ftp_loc rm *.out for i in `cat /home/users/oraprod/r1.txt` do filename=`echo $i` cp $filename /u40/oradata/ftp_loc done ##xx_file_name=`cat /home/users/oraprod/r1.txt` ftp -n << END_SCRIPT user LG_INDIA nUgS92866 binary cd upload

lcd /u40/oradata/ftp_loc pwd prompt mput * bye

After creating the scripts, move it to the bin folder of the Application Top under which you want to register this program. As in our case we have to register this program under ESE Application (Customized application TOP on our site) .Thus, we created the script in $ESE_TOP/bin

Step 2 : Register the Executable
Go to sysadmin -> concurrent-> program -> executable

Step 3 : Register the Concurrent Program
Go to sysadmin -> concurrent-> program -> define

Step 4: Add the concurrent program in the request group of a responsibility.
We are adding it in the request group of the responsibility CORP_LOG_ADMIN_USER . Request group of the responsibility is “LGEIL ESE GROUP_SUPER “ . sysadmin ->security -> responsibility -> request

Step 5 : Linking with the fndcpesr
Fndcpesr will take care of your 4 mandatory parameter. Your script will be passed at least 4 parameters, between $1 and $4. These are: orauser/pwd, userid, username, and request_id Any other parameters you define will be passed in $5 and higher.Make sure your script returns an exit status also.
ln -s $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr /u11/app/ilprodappl/ese/11.5.0/bin/rajeev_ftp2.prog
OR Copy the fndcpesr to

the $ESE_TOP/bin with the name rajeev_ftp2

cp $FND_TOP/bin/fndcpesr u11/app/ilprodappl/ese/11.5.0/bin/rajeev_ftp2

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