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Masters Theses

Date Author Title

Marine Microbial Biogeography: A Survey of Bacterioplankton Diversity
Through the Pacific Ocean, The Gulf of Mexico, and The Ross Sea,
2007 Baldwin, Amy J. Antarctica
Psychophysical Correlates of Cognitive Workload During a Satellite
2007 Doyle, Margery J. Management Decision-Training Task
Calcuium and pH Effects on the Growth and Shell Integrity of Florida Apple
2007 Glass, Nancy H. Snails
Forging an Atlantic World: A Historical Archaeological Investigation of
2007 Hamann, Nicole L. African European Trade in Metalwares
Morphodynamics of a Constructed Marsh: Project Greenshores,
2007 Hobbs, Chassidy Pensacola, Florida
Ecology of Inshore Lizardfish, Synodus foetens, In the Northern Gulf of
2007 Jeffers, Sarah A. Mexico
2007 Krawietz, Sabine A. Concentration: Construct Refinement and Scale Development
An Examination of Work-Family Conflict in Terms of the Work-Family
2007 Lambert, Claire H. Border Theory
Beach Nourishment at Pensacola Beach, Florida: Assessment of Public
2007 Montgomery, Marilyn C. Perception
The Artificial Reef Effect of World War II Era Shipwrecks in the Northern
2007 Morris, Nicole M. B. Gulf of Mexico
Measuring Reliability and Validity: Stage of Change for Reducing a
2007 Orlosky, Paula M. Woman's Vulnerability to Sexual Assault

2007 Sjordal, Paul G. The History and Archaeology of Ship Abandonment at Shields Point

2007 Smith, Benjamin A. Postmodernism and the Theory of Significance

2007 Steelman, Andrea E. Degree Sum Ensuring Hamiltonicity

Effect of Ankle Position on Hamstring Strength During Maximum and
2007 Willhoit, Kristin F. Submaximum Leg Curls
Effects of Experience Level and Cellular Phone Distractions on Situation
2006 Mork, Kerstan S. Awareness While Driving
Acute and Chronic Responses of Pinfish, Lagodon rhomboides , to Low
2006 Reber, Cheyenna M. Temperatures
Phospatidylinositol Synthase in Tetrahymena: Utilization of Inositol Isomer
2006 Riggs, Bridget M. in the Headgroup Exchange Reaction
2006 Sakurai, Kenji A Customer Service Model of Perceived Justice and Satisfaction
Role of Aerial and Aquatic Metabolic Rates on Distribution of Two
2006 Sandberg, Jennie S. Mudskipper Fishes
Dementia Caregiving, Life Satisfaction, and Religious Coping: A
2006 Scott, Cynthia A. Comparison of Spouse and Adult Child Caregivers
The Effects of Human and Climatic Impacts on Sediment Nitrogen
2006 Smith, Kristin A. Dynamics in Escambia Bay, Florida
Responses to Skittlefish, Gobiesox strumosus , to High Temperature and
2006 Tiffany, Bridget N. Low Oxygen Stress
John Gower's Confessio Amantis New College MS 266: Illuminations as
2006 Townsend, Karen K.H. Aides to Reading and Remembering
Participation in HIV/AIDS Support Groups: Psychosocial Factors,
2006 Vincent, Wilson Demographic Characteristics, and Perceived Barriers
Spatial Patterns of Phytoplankton and Periphyton Growth as Indicators of
2006 Wagner, Matthew E. Estuarine Condition in Escambia Bay, Florida
2006 Watkins, Deal P., III My Name is Legion: Obsessive Explorations into the Night
Lithic Production Trajectories and Pre-Columbian Settlement Patterns in
2006 White, Sarah E. the Northwest Florida Interior
Family Functioning, Time Since Diagnosis, and Quality of Life Among
2006 Wolowiec, Laura M. Cancer Survivors

Leaf-Epiphytic Communities of Domain Bacteria Elucidated by Quantitative

PCR and Terminal Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism Analysis:
2005 Barry, Rachel A. Sentinel Diagnostics for Plant Stress, Disease, and Crop Agroterrorism
Personality and Cognitive Predictors of Dual-Task Performance While
2005 Bresnan, Kristen E. Driving
2005 Calero, Patricia Cancer Screening Practices of Latinas in Northwest Florida
The Grid Mobile Agent System: Providing Dynamic Interoperability to
2005 Cowin, Thomas B. Mobile Agents
2005 Cox, Matthew S. Ecotourism in Walton County, Florida
2005 Dyer, Tina, M. 169 Bond Street
Metabolic Responses and Dynamic Temperature Tolerance of Selected
2005 Eme, John M. Fishes from the Waktobi Marine National Park, Indonesia

Unveiling El Greco's Saint Francis in Mediatation : Ekphasis and Catholic

2005 Faubel, Janet R. Colonialsm in Willa Cather's Death Comes for the Archbishop
2005 Giddie, Lord Disability and Employment: HIV and AIDS and Access Discrimination
A Comparative Analysis of Oxygen Delivery Systems in Two Batoid
2005 Grim, Jeffrey M. Elasmobranch Fishes
The Labourer Are All Slaves : Slavery and Hiring-Out in an Antebellum Gulf
2005 Handley, Wilma L. Coast Community
2005 Hane, Tasia Footnotes to an Obsession
2005 Hughes, Joan M. Seeking the Divine Spark: A Journey Through Ethnography
Bugging the System: Arundhati Roy's Argument for Interdependence in
2005 Jernigan, Olivia M. The God of Small Things
Russian Liberals in the Early 1990's: Grigory Yavlinsky and the Yabloko
2005 Mayo, Inna O. Party
2005 Meyers, Pamela Remembering the Political in the Feminist Composition Classroom
East Bound and Down: History and Archaeology of the S.S. Florida , a Mid-
2005 Moates, Jeffrey T. Nineteenth-Century Sidewheel Steamboat

2005 Moss, Joseph A. Stability and Change in Estuarine Biofilm Bacterial Community Diversity
2005 Pastorello, Linda E. Resampling Methods and Their Use in Animal Behaviors
Testing Theories of Social Dominance in Relationships: Effects of
Stereotypical Gender Beliefs on Income Preferences in Long-Term Mate
2005 Pate, Sarah M. Selection
2005 Provenzali, Jorge A. Señas: New Spain's Mayólica Maker's Marks
2005 Shugart, Marilyn E. Listen to Their Voices: Women in the Arts

2005 Standelhofer, Heather F. A Little Too Much HGTV: Lessons Learned From Other People's Designs
2005 Tetrault, Teresa L. Grading Democracy: An Examination of the Current State of Russia
Studies on Interleukin-15 and It's Receptors in AIDS-Associated Human B
2005 Tsukamoto, Kana Cell Lines
James Henley Thornwell and the Old School Calvinists: Slavery and the
2005 Traylor, Darryl S. Jr. Providence of God
Effects of Parturition and Feeding on Thermal Preference of the Atlantic
2005 Wallman, Heidi L. Stingray, Dasyatis Sabina
History and Archaeology at Plaza Ferdinand: An Analysis of Spanish and
2005 Whitaker, April L. British Colonial Lifeways
The Spiritual Connection: How the Spiritiual Franciscans Influenced John
2005 Zila, Douglas P. Wycliffe and the Lollard Movement
Anthropology "Through The Guinness Glass": The Multiple Reflections of
2004 Amnott, Joel K. Irish Ethnography
2004 Burns, Swala B. The Quality Control of Multiple Choice Test Scanners
FlexFeed: A Mobile Agent-Based Framework for Dynamic Sensor
2004 Carvalho, Marco Networks
Differences Among First Year Students Enrolled in Student Life Skills or
Learning Communities and Those Students That Did Not Participate in
2004 Causseaux, Jack A. Either
Nitrate Impacts on Florida Apple Snail (Pomacea paludosa ) Survival and
2004 Carrao, Norah M. Growth

2004 Croy, Anthony L. Transformation of a Musical Instrument's Timbre in the Frequency Domain
Comparison of Genetic Structure and Morphology of Fragmented
Populations of the Santa Rosa Beach Mouse (Peromyscus Pilionotus
2004 Deneke, Lori B. Leucocephalus )
Telling the Tale: An Analysis of the Cultural, Social, and Environmental
2004 Droubay, Sandra M. Implications of Storytelling
Little Rogue Riding Hood: Tension and Ambiguity in Charles Perrault's
2004 Ezell Jeffrey R. "Little Red Riding Hood"
A Study of Colonial Households Occupied in British and Second Spanish
2004 Flynt, Elizabeth A. Pensacola, 1763-1821

2004 Huang, Yi-Chang Autocrine Role of Interleukin-10 in Aids-Associated Human B-Cell Lines
Effects of Habitat Structure on Apple Snail (Pomacea paludosa Say)
2004 Karunaratne, Laksiri B. Densities in the Everglades
The Local Effects of Individual Porous Groins from a Groin Field on the
2004 Keller, Wesley J. Macroinvertebrate Community
2004 Kirby, Breeann M. Dreams of Inextricably Intertwined Determinance
The Evolution of Religion: Darwinian Group Selection Juxtaposed to
2004 Lohr, Angela M. Selected Human Culture and Group Behavioral Trends
Effects of Culture and Language on Autobiographical Memory: A
2004 Matsumoto, Akiko Comparison of Japanese Bilinguals and U.S. Monolinguals
The Role of Soil Seed Banks in Contributing to the Community Structure of
2004 Ostertag, Thomas E. a Wet Flatwoods Periodically Subjected to Fire
2004 Pate, Shauna W. Women's Barriers to Physical Activity
Fungal Epiphytic Community Dynamics on Leaves of Crops, as Revealed
2004 Phillips, Lori L. by Length Heterogeneity PCR and Quantitative PCR
Hook, Line, and Sinker: Historical and Archaeological Investigations of The
2004 Raupp, Jason T. Snapper Wreck (8SR1001)
Time and Tide Wait for No One: The History of Archaeology of the British
2004 Rawls, John K. Bark, Rhoda
2004 Roetzer, Lynne M. Reactions to Terrorism on U.S. Soil: A Phenomenological Analysis
Settlers and Slaves: A Spatial Analysis of a Colonial and Antebellum Mill
2004 Rosborough, Leigh A. Community in Escambia County, Florida
Surrogate Fathers and Pregnant Papas: Exploding the Construct of
2004 Richards, Helen A. Paternity in Angela Carter's Wise Children
Bruce Andrews's Lip Service: Parachuting the Past and Reinscribing
2004 Seals, Sheri R. Tradition
Communication Apprehension and Career Choice, Ethnicity, and Gender:
2004 Shafer, Daniel M. How They Relate in College Communications Courses
Lost in Transition: Liminality and Laughter in Sir Gawain and the Green
2004 Smith, Sara J. Knight
Icarus and Daedalus: Comparing Successful and Unsuccessful Long-Term
2004 Tedcastle, Scott Dictatorships
Comparison of Light Exposure Effects on Ilex Glabra for Wet Flatwoods
2004 Watson, Aresia L. Restored with Managed Burns
Participants' Perspectives on the Functions That Raves Serve in Identity
2004 West, Laura A. and Social Development
The Relationship Between Physical Attractiveness and a Political
2004 Wiggins, Ryan N. Candidate's Perceived Electability
The Uses and Gratifications and Media Source Credibility Theories Applied
2003 Al-Jaber, Khalid to Arab Broadcasting: The Case of Al-Jazeera
Living With Terrorism in Israel: An Ethnography of how Israelis Construct
2003 Bassett, Deborah R.S. Reality and Cope With Terror
Wifely Commerce: Sexual Trade in Chaucer's Merchant's and Shipman's
2003 Baughman, Jennell L. Tales
Sensory Rearrangement: Stress-Induced Analgesia, Sopite Syndrome, and
2003 Brill, John C. Other Physiological Effects
2003 Bui, Cuong C. Disorienting

2003 Castano, Kimberly Acupressure Message Therapy For The Treatment of HIV-Related Pain
2003 Damen-Makela, Joy Asian Acculturation and English as a Second Language
The Relationship Between Adolescents' Involvement in Athletic Programs
2003 Etheredge, Jennifer and Positive Self-Concept
2003 Faubel, Janet R. Trophy to Keepsake: Pre-Raphaelites Embrace the Severed Hand
A Guide For Teaching The Principles of Jazz Improvisation: Methods and
2003 Maksymkow, Robert J. Materials of Jazz Pedagogy
2003 Moore, Crista D. Sexually Transmitted Disease Prevention Programming
Glory and Consequence: An Examination of the Roles of George Custer
2003 Murray IV, John W. and John Mosby in For Whom the Bell Tolls
Comparison of Selected Health-Risk Behaviors Between Students in Public
2003 Penhollow, Tina M. and Private High Schools in Escambia County Florida
Communication Frequency, Content, and Membership Retention in Non-
2003 Pipes, Ashleigh C. Profit Organizations
Personality, Arousal, Multitasking, and Group Problem-Solving
2003 Pluta, Paul E. Effectiveness
Consequences of Workaholism: Its Impact on Job Satisfaction, Leisure
2003 Restino, Rebecca M. Activities, and Non-Work Relationships
Mosquito and Avian Surveillance of Select Arboviruses in Escambia
2003 Rivers, Samantha D. County, Florida
Stale Bread and Moldy Cheese: An Historical and Archaeological Study of
Sixteenth-Century Foodways at Sea Using Evidence Collected From the
2003 Rodgers, Ree R. Emanuel Point Shipwreck
Effects of Failure on Self-Efficacy: Implications for Academics,
2003 Smith Sara A. Organizations, and Athletics
Relations Between Circadian Cycles, Cognitive Failure, and Student
2003 Spitz, Catherine T. Confidence and Achievement
Physiological, Behavioral, and Morphological Changes in Bluegill and
2003 Thrasher, Rita Western Mosquitofish Exposed to Moderate and Marked Hypoxia
Truth, Reconciliation, and the Restoration of the State: J. M. Coetee's
2003 Urquhart, Troy A. Waiting for the Barbarians
Induced Emotions, Parenting Background, Sex, and Creative Problem
2003 Watson, Sean J. Solving
2003 Winslow, Rebecca Ann Graph and Matrix Theoretic Properties of Divisor Tournaments
Tis a Pity They're All Whores: Aphra Behn and the Sexual Politics of
2003 Woodland, Amy L. Restoration Theatre
2002 Anderson, Susan M. Cold Case in Ellyson
Changes in Social Skill Function: A Study of a Developmentally Based
Intervention for Aggressive Female Juvenile Delinquents and Their
2002 Barnes, Jessica V. Caregivers
2002 Bass, Eric the neuclus of the nebula: The Science of Stephen and Bloom
Who were the Traders of the Southeastern Deerskin Trade of the 18th
2002 Blum, Margaret E. Century
Predictors of Success for Practical Nursing Students in a South Central
2002 Brackin, Shirley A. Alabama Technical College
Efficacy, Motivation, Orientation, and Young Adult Interpersonal
2002 Cordaro, Millie Relationships
Tactile Cueing as a Master Caution System and Performance Decrement
2002 Diamond, David Counter-measure in a Visual Monitoring Task
Testing the Signature Whistle Hypothesis in Pantropical Spotted Dolphin,
2002 Frame, Marcia Stenella attenuate, Under Different Social Context
Reproductive Behavior and Maternal Egg Care in the Clown Goby,
2002 Gaisner, Ana M. Microgobius gulosus
Predicting Achieved Ego Identity with Attachment and Separation
Variables: Implications for the Career Development of Adolescents Raised
2002 Haggins, Sherry E. in Single-Parent Households
Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training in the Treatment of Mild
2002 Hall, Shelly Depression
2002 Henry, Wanda C. Will Passion Rule Politics Among Women Voters?
2002 Higgins, Jeremy P. Event Related-Potential Correlates of Text Comprehension

2002 Hill, Rebecca L. An Antebellum Frontier Settlement Pattern Study: Conecuh River Valey
2002 James, Russell D. Florida Volunteers in the Mexican War: 1846-1848
Depression and its Relationship to Behaviors that Increase the Risk of
2002 LeMaster, Sandra M. Contracting HIV/AIDS
Perceived Self-Efficacy in Social Domains: Effects of Both The Observer
2002 Lorensen, Vickie M. and the Observed on Initial Judgments
2002 Lorey, Shelly L. Interleukin-18 and AIDS-Associated B-Cells

2002 McGhee, Bronze G. Effects of Secure Base Priming on Attitudes Towards Affirmative Action
Effects of Parenting Style on the Distinction Between Respect- and Fear-
2002 Mohajeri-Nelson, Nazanin Based Authority
Hamilton's Wreck: An Archaeological and Historical Inquiry into the
2002 Moore, Robin E. Maritime Culture of Pensacola, FL 1900-1920
2002 Pretto, Daniel Some

2002 Schneller, Ian G. A Routing Solution for a Global, Space-based Computer Network Platform

2002 Seabrook, Tara Spiritual Greening: Building a Foundation for an Ecological Pneumatology
An Assessment of Fuzzy Clustering and Discrete Wavelet Analysis
Applications for the Early Detection of Abnormalities in Digital
2002 Sentelle, Sheri Mammograms
Understanding the Transgender Community: A General Well-being
2002 Sjoberg, Marie Measure for Transgender Adults
2002 Smith, Timothy A. Some Notes and Theorems on Modern Relativistic Quantum Theory
2002 Villareal, Linda Gender Archetypes: Mythic Truth or Social Fiction?

The Influence of Metabolism and Nutrition on Growth of Largemouth Bass,

2002 Whitlock, Bonnie P. Micropterus salmoides, in Freshwater and Low Salinity Environments
Temperature Acclimation Strategies of the Sheepshead Minnow,
2002 Wunderly, Martin A. Cyprinodon variegatus
2001 Buckellew, Michelle M. Dynamic Analysis Techniques for Managing Legacy Fortran Code
Expression of Macrophage Inflammatory Protein-1 Beta in AIDS-
2001 Clark, Neil A. Associated B-Cell Lymphoma Cell Lines
Feeding Response to and Digestion of Burkholderia cepacia G4 PR1-31
2001 Cody, Theresa Tomas Lipopolysaccharide by Tetrahymena pyriformis
Making the Abject Body Count(s): An Autobiographical Reading of
2001 Davis, Robert T. Flannery O'Connor's Wise Blood
Arousal and Delayed Free Recall: Investigating Optimal Performance in an
2001 Fatolitis, Philip G. Applied Setting

The Partitioning of the Non-Essential Trace Metals, Lead and Cadmium, in

2001 Flaherty, Kerry E. the Salt Marsh Mollusks, Littorina irrorata and Geukensia demissa
Historical Rationale and Museum Survey in Support of a Maritime Museum
2001 Fossum, Andrea H. for Pensacola, Florida
2001 Foster, Theresa Passatown Risk
Gambling with Passion: Abjection and Subjectivity in Jeanette Winterson's
2001 Godlasky, Rebecca The Passion

A Broken Lifeline of Commerce, Trade and Defense on the Colonial

Frontier: Historical Archaeology of the Santa Rosa Island Wreck, an Early
2001 Hunter, James W. Eighteenth-Century Spanish Shipwreck in Pensacola Bay, Florida
Pensacola Junior College and Santa Fe Community College: A
2001 Johndrow, Sheila K. Comparison of Programs
Volunteerism: A Functionalist Approach to Understanding Sustained
2001 Larkin, Joseph A. Helping
The Relationship Between Adolexcents of Mobile Military Families and the
2001 Loftis, Martha S. Intimacy Levels of Their Friendships
Event-Related Potential Correlates of Cognitive Processing Tasks in
Attention-Deficit Huperactivity Disorder Adult Males With and Without
2001 Miranne, Paul G. Stimulant Medication

2001 Moon, Robert A. Life in the Company Town: Bay Point Mill Company and Pinewood, Florida
Cultural Continuity and Change: A Spanish Creole Family in Antebellum
2001 Mullins, Deborah R. Pensacola, Florida
Foodways and Faunal Remains at Presidio Santa Maria de Galve, 1698-
2001 Parker, Catherine B. 1719: Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
2001 Pennuto, Tracy O. Mental Health Status and Recidivism of 8,240 Violent Offenders
2001 Pribble, Jeffrey Into That Other Place
A Study of Military Architecture for Fort San Carlos de Austria at Santa
2001 Renacker, George M. Maria de Galve

The Effects of an In-Season Strength Training Program on Preseason

2001 Sanderson, Heather Strength Gains for a Division II Collegiate Women's Basketball Program
Searching for Women at the Presidio Santa Maria de Galve: A New
2001 Sims, Cynthia L. Approach to Examining Women Through Material Culture and History
Cytotoxicity of Prototheca wickerhamii, a Colorless Alga, for Human T- and
2001 Urnowey, Sonya P. B-Cell Lines
2001 Wallace, Julian C. Performance and Personality Correlates of Sustained Attention
2001 Wyatt, Shawn C. Black Strivings
The Modern Catholic Novel: David Lodge and Mary Gordon Respond to
2000 Bach, Jacqueline the Vatican II
A Photographic Examination and Discussion of Modern Versus Ancient
2000 Baukal, Kristina B. Archetypes in Greek Creation Myths
2000 Brewton, Tamesa R. African Americans in Local Television News
Mary Wollstonecraft: A Biographical, Sociological and Philosophical Study
2000 Brown, Susan L. of the Woman and Her Times
The Life and Times of a Merchant Sailor: History and Archaeology of the
2000 Burns, Jason Mac Norwegian Ship Catharine
The Effects of Cryotherapy and Stretching, Thermotherapy and Stretching,
and Stretching Alone on Supine Hamstring Flexibility in Female Collegiate
2000 Carroll, Danielle Michelle Athletes
The Glass Ceiling in a University Setting: The Three-Level Model as an
2000 Collins, Danita Smith Explanation for Gender Discrimination in Academia
2000 Curtis, Kevin W. The Fear of Intimacy Scale: Differences in Avoidance Behavior
A Study of Aging: The Relationship Between Life Satisfaction and
2000 Davis, Neil Knowledge of Aging with Older Adults
The Importance of Family Support in Effecting Positive Outcomes for Early
2000 Freeney, Antoinette S. Childbearers
Characterization, and Sequence Analysis of the Tolune Ortho-
2000 Grunwald, Aileen Monooxygenase of Burkholderia Cepacia G4
Body Shape Dissatisfaction in Older Adult Populations: Gender
2000 Hutcherson, Amanda B. Differences Across Age Groups
2000 Kirkpatrick, Jamie M. Explaining Human Rights: A Cross-national and Longitudinal Study
Utilization of the Digital Database for Screening Mammograpny for
Performance Assessment of Segmentation Algorithms Using Image
2000 Marin, Adriana Sampling
Margaret Atwood's Warning to Surrogate Mothers: Beware Becoming the
2000 Mattes, Kimberly Handmaids of the Millennium
Comparing Experienced Meditators to Controls Across Two Attentional
2000 McArdle, Joseph J. Strategies: An ERP Study
Presence of Porphyromonas gingivalis and the Severity of Periodontal
2000 Merritt, Kristin P. Disease in Canines
2000 Newberry, Jeffrey L. The Presence of Absence

A Content Analysis of Image Restoration Through Language in Northern

Ireland: Sinn Fein and Ulster Unionists Party's Public Communications
2000 O'Leary, Annie C. Between the Signing and Suspensiaon of the Good Friday Agreement
Issues of Indexicality and Conjuncturalism in Journals and Ethnographies:
2000 Randall, Dimitri D. An Eastern Orthodoxy Pilgrimage Journal
Medication Effects on Self-Esteem in Boys with Attention Deficit
2000 Robinson, Tiffany G. Hyperactivity Disorder
The Development of the Organizational Revenge Scale: Assessing the
2000 Sommers, Jennifer A. Role of Perceived Organizational Injustice
Supplies at Presidio Santa Maria de Galve: A Study of the Historical and
2000 Swann, Brenda N. Archaeological Records
A Perception of Female Aggression and the Differences Between Rural
2000 Thorne, Gina D. and Urban Teens
Creating a Constitutional Environment: The Norman Influence on English
2000 Williamson, Mary Jo Town Charters 1066-1215
Archaeological Site Transformation Processes and the Spaniosh Presidio
2000 Wilson, Harry James Santa Maria de Galve (1698-1998)
Recollections of Early Relationships, Current Attachment Styles, Social
2000 Witzman, Jane Support, and Health in an Elderly Population
2000 Zhang, Li B Cell Interleukin-8

1999 Adema, Angela M The traumatology of collective grief: a rhetorial theory for critical analysis
An Analysis of the Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation on Marine Microbial
1999 Ahrens, Sarah L Community Structures
1999 Arnold, Charles La Ron Huey Long: propagandist, newspaper publisher, governor and senator
Music Appreciation: A New Curriculum for Humanities Undergraduate
1999 Barrett, Margaret D Music Classes
1999 Blanks, Viki L Caroline Lee Hentz: Antebellum Author, Antebellum Woman
Personal Choice: Identity, Conflict, and Resolution in Amy Tan's The Joy
1999 Bostwick, Michele L Luck Club
1999 Byrd, Brigitte France The gift
Professional development based on teacher theoretical orientation toward
1999 Curci-Reed, Lori Lynn reading instruction and the use of balanced literacy strategies
1999 Duffy, Sandi J Beaugez Carl Jung's theories on a phenomenological-based psychology
A Study of Political and Economic Transition: The Polish and Russian
1999 Hebert, Kari D Experience
1999 Hickey, William F A city's changing face: Irish immigration to Louisville, Kentucky

1999 Leston, Robert Our little bugger: the dividing son-myth in the major plays of Edward Albee
Florida Writes!: its effect on staff development activity at a northwest
1999 Loisel, Karen Daniels Florida elementary school
1999 Loose, Daniela What is a free and fair election?
Teacher parent communication and student academic achievement in a
1999 McBride, Rebecca Rigby northwest Florida public elementary school
A study of sequential cascaded networks and multi-layered sequential
1999 Mello, Jeanne M cascaded networks
Cultural factors in the development of education in Escambia County-
1999 Menge, Sandra Dennison Pensacola, 1885-1910
1999 Meyer, Joseph S Gulf Islands National Seashore: A Hidden Treasure CD ROM
To Make Best Better: Home Demonstration in Escambia, Holmes, and
1999 Minor, Kelly A Okaloosa Counties, Florida, 1920-1940
Graduate-level instruction in technology and elementary classroom
1999 Myers, Susan D curriculum change
Time-activity budgets of ground-nesting least terns and some effects of
1999 O'Neal, Ashley Susan human disturbance
Age bias in the workplace: the effects of ageism and attributional style on
1999 Rupp, Deborah Elizabeth recommendation severity toward older workers
1999 Sakalarios-Rogers, Regina It's not the nudity, Miss Davis
1999 Santucci, Aimee K Cultivating Mindfulness Through Body Awareness
Ahead of the rest: an autobiographical reading of Adventures of
1999 Sunday, Thomas Richard Huckleberry Finn
The University of West Florida thesis guide: a guide to the preparation and
1999 University of West Florida submission of graduate theses
Redirecting focus: an alternative approach to teaching Hemingway's "Big
1999 Whedon, Scott Two-Hearted River"
1998 Allee, Susan Reproductive strategies of Gulf toadfish (Opsanus beta)
1998 Bailey, Linda Diane Calculator use and basic arithmetic skills
1998 Ball, Kathleen A School leaders' perceptions of school-based management
One man alone" or "one another's all"?: rereading Ernest Hemingway's To
1998 Banis, Tracy Lynne have and have not
The social construction of gender identity: its relationship to sexism and
1998 Bowen, Jacquelyn S personal epistemology
Predictive model of the archaeological remains of the Presidio de Santa
Maria de Galve (1698-1722): results of the first year of field research
1998 Chapman, Ashley Augustus (1995)
1998 Clark, Elisabeth Ellen Casual sex: a novella
1998 Deckert, Richard Alan Interleukin-15 expression in tumor-derived B-cells
Family characteristics as predictors of reports of indicated or verified child
1998 Ebeoglu, Sheryl Elizabeth Smith abuse and neglect
Wealth and love in Edith Wharton's The house of mirth: deadly cycles of
1998 Edmonds, Penny Darlene conflict
An exploratory study of a framework for diversity trainer competence:
applicability of Paige's framework for intercultural trainer competence and
1998 Ehrhardt, Jennifer Petra Ehrhardt's diversity constructs
1998 Fischer, Vincent Bryce An experiment in software reconnaissance
1998 Gischler, Victor Emery Three on a light
1998 Grace, Melissa K The psycho-physiological effects of caffeine on thermal biofeedback
Teacher's perceptions of standardized testing for accountability purposes
1998 Hall, Connie S and the impact on daily life in classrooms
Upper Paleolithic cave paintings and their relation to the evolution of
1998 Haworth, Karen language
1998 Heise, Ryan Jeffrey Estuarine artificial reefs to enhance seagrass planting
The utilization of selected assessment data sources in Florida's Okaloosa
1998 Henley, Mary Ann district public school secondary mathematics instruction
An investigation into the accuracy of using RPE to monitor intensity during
1998 John, Deborah Haydel spinning

1998 Kinsella, Megan Eileen Dante's pride vs compensatory humility in the Purgatorio's Terrace of Pride
Lily Mae's legacy: the sexual transgressive in the novels of Carson
1998 McKinnie, Betty Eugenia McCullers
Teacher incentive programs and faculty attitudes at a Florida regional
1998 Messerschmidt, James Arthur university
1998 Mills, Anita Knowledge primed during sentence verification
1998 Munson, Pamela Immortality and Virginia Woolf: a Vedic analysis of Mrs Dalloway

1998 Nelson, Eric William Negros y pardos: an introduction to Pensacola's people of color, 1781-1821
Of time and teeth: toothaches, pain and building the conscience of a race
1998 Neuman, Todd in James Joyce's Ulysses
Effect of components of the jet fuel JP-8 on Tetrahymena pyriformis:
1998 Nicola, Paula Christine acclimation and survival via membrane lipid retailoring
1998 Owen, Karen Smith The view from inside: an ethnography of a school labeled critically low
Mammography knowledge, use, and the perception of cancer treatment
1998 Poth, Annette Uhl among low-income, low-literate women
An analysis of Spanish colonization fleets in the age of exploration based
on the historical and archaeological investigation of the Emanuel Point
1998 Scott-Ireton, Della Aleta shipwreck in Pensacola Bay, Florida
1998 Smith, Shannon Keese Just a silhouette?: domestic abuse in Joyce's life and texts
The management of indoor air quality in selected Okaloosa County Florida
1998 Smith, William Earl Schools
Constitutive expression of interleukin-16 in tumor-derived human B-cell
1998 Vail, Jimmie Donald lines
Computer simulation and conventional laboratory practices in college-level
1998 Winebarger, Conley Fred electronics instruction
1997 Balfe, Aimee Vendl Sparrows of Erin: a screenplay
An ecological approach to resilience and competence in middle school
1997 Barber, Linda Bamburg students
1997 Barrow, Frances May Okaloosa County: search for a golden egg
Age and growth of spotted seatrout, Cynoscion nebulosus, in three West
1997 Bedee, Chad Douglas Florida estuaries
Efficacy of aquasoothe therapy in reducing stress and promoting wellness
1997 Burke, Valerie J in chronic pain syndrome and healthy groups
Parental involvement and career preparation in a North Florida middle
1997 Campbell, William Albert school
1997 Canty, Heidi Katharina A relationship education program for high school students
1997 Clay, Jennifer Emily Academic time and block scheduling
An ecotoxicological comparison of biosurfactants and synethic surfactants
1997 Edwards, Katharine Ruopp to two marine species
1997 Faubel, Julie Walker A comparison of two expository teaching methods
1997 Henderson, Linda Kay Therapist openness to religious issues in counseling
1997 Kelley, Diane Davidson Distance learning and homebound instruction

1997 Langley, Lorie Gayle The effects of gender stereotyped children's literature on career aspirations
The People's Daily in China: coverage of the Tiananmen Square Uprising
1997 Li, Shi of 1989
Comparison of muscular activity between a boxer's jab and strength
1997 Lockwood, Christopher Michael training exercises
1997 Long, Thomas Raymond William Dunn Moseley: Florida's first state governor, 1845-1849
Predicting political leadership: evaluating the leadership models of Rejai
1997 Maltbie, Maria Ann and Phillips and Duff
Risk assessment and predator avoidance behaviors of a freshwater
1997 McCarthy, Thomas M pulmonate snail, Physella heterostropha
Single nontransferable vote methods in Taiwan, 1996: effects of an
1997 Moon, Eric Paul electoral system
1997 Mosley, Jason Royce Conscience: an interdisciplinary synthesis
1997 Norton, Diane Hudson Computers in personalized classrooms
The relationship between the P200 component of the event-related
1997 O'Donnell, Amanda potential and retrieval
1997 Pelton, Melanie Decker Role of perceptual sensitivity in the development of object permanence
1997 Player, Daphne Jolly Principal leadership and advisory council development
Determinants of college student retention and academic performance: the
1997 Rasheed, Barbara mediating effects of retention-intervention strategies
1997 Reinoehl, Holly Jean Current death research and unorthodox sources
Demonstration of cellular expression of genes encoding the pigment-
1997 Romalea microptera dispersing factor (PDF) precursor in the lubber grasshopper
Cognitive correlates of boredom proneness: the role of self-consciousness
1997 Seib, Hope Montgomery and absorption
Effects of classroom structure and student achievement on student
1997 Self, Shannon Renee motivation and goal setting for mathematics

Authority, discourse, literacy, and freedom: a sociolinguistic interpretive

1997 Sheffer, Christine E analysis of voice in a selection of adolescent writings on abortion
Identifiable similarities in the characteristics of teachers designated as
1997 Tabor, Joe Ann Wright teachers of the year
1997 Thompson, Marie Alena C S Lewis and a Christian view of myth
1997 Thompson, Paul Cruze Physical disability and the ability to adjust
Janie's journey to the horizon: identity, love, and distance in Zora Neale
1997 Waldorff, Amy L Hurston's Their eyes were watching God
A PC-based, interactive, three dimensional, animated, visualization of the
1997 Watts, David Brent electrical activity of the brain
Bridges: the analytical scoring guide for cooperative learning groups: an
1997 Weeks, Linda Ann authentic performance assessment instrument
1997 Willis, Pamela Ann The role of repetitions in preschool children's speech
An examination of the efficacy of electrodermal biofeedback for the
1997 Wincze, Jeffrey Peter treatment of non-clinical panic attacks in college students
The relationship between sex and gender role on high school math
1997 Yahya, Isra Moosa performance
An object-oriented approach to model predictive control technology using
1997 Zhang, Dafang the Booch-Method
1996 Ball, Kathleen A Assisted repeated reading in elementary school: a case study
Procedural justice, distributive justice, and mentoring relationships: the
1996 Barker, Kimberly D'Ann perceptions of fairness
Resurrection of the third Rome: a study of church-state relations in post-
1996 Basch, Raymond Michael Soviet Russia
Menstrual migraine and the effects of medroxyprogesterone acetate: Depo-
1996 Beasley, Donna Ellen Provera injectable contraceptive
1996 Bredesen, Sandra S Sociolinguistically divergent children learning to read standard English

1996 Breetzke, David Earl Spatial analysis of cultural components on the Barrancas site: 8ES1354
An evaluation of attitudes regarding integrated services provided by the full
1996 Conway, Pamela Salinas service school model
1996 Couey, Anissa Morello The figuration of mystical womanity
1996 Davis, Gail Shell Searching for TQM in a Northwest Florida school
Barriers to learning about educational computers and software: perplexing
1996 Dawson, Bobbie Ann experiences for teachers
1996 Farish, Connie Prekindergarten students and language development
Medicine for a new millennium: a humanistic approach to illness based on
1996 Feathers, Kathryn Ann a biology of meaning
1996 Feddon, Jeffrey Scott Attentional differences in meditation: an ERP study
1996 Geci, Duane Matthew Cell detection and classification using the fuzzy Hough transform
1996 Golding, Judith Lynne Violence: a phenomenological analysis
The construction of William Bartram's narrative natural history: a genetic
text of the draft manuscript for Travels through North & South Carolina,
1996 Hoffmann, Nancy E Georgia, east & west Florida
1996 Ireland, Martin Antonio A comparative analysis of peasant rebellion in Mexico
Developing and implementing problem-centered, cooperative learning
1996 Mattioda, Carma Faye science activities in the elementary classroom
1996 McBride, Rebecca R Principal communication and student achievement
1996 McCool, Jennifer Huggins George Eliot's religion of humanity: justifying separate spheres
1996 McMillian, Michael Arthur Temporary nest duty abandonment of least terns: causes and effects
Gender stereotypes across the lifespan as portrayed by television
1996 Morrison, Maria Michelle advertising
Images of George C Wallace: a critical analysis of the self-presentation
1996 Owen, Rodney James tactics of George C Wallace, 1946-1986
Cooperative learning: math computation, concepts and applications in
1996 Pearson, William F middle school alternative education
Validation of the Fitness Impairment Test (FIT): a physiologically based test
1996 Portman, Claire Lola Alva for fatigue
1996 Romeo, Melodie Elaine Agriculture of Northwest Florida, 1821-1860
Abilities related to proficient air-to-air intercept performance by Navy and
1996 Rowe, William Arnold Marine student radar intercept officers
Hands-on learning and gender equity in secondary mathematics and
1996 Seals, Cheryl Rinita science
1996 Stewart-Dreyer, Caroline Undoing the delicate heroine: iconoclasm in Emma and Jane Eyre
1996 Stringfield, Margo S Wells in colonial Pensacola, Florida
Planning for a school-to-work transition in a Florida district secondary
1996 Tibbetts, Alexis Clegorne school
1996 Troupe, Kenneth Influence of multiethnic diversity as an inhibitor of student achievement
Sublethal effects of pentachlorophenol on the estuarine amphipod,
1996 Turner, Philip Kyle leptocheirus plumulosus
1996 Verner, Kathryn M Nutritional effects on behavior

1996 Vickers, Elizabeth Dwyer Frances Elisabeth Crowell: an evaluation of a European nursing experience
1996 Watson, Mary Cecelia Chancery School improvement practices, changes and Blueprint 2000
Spain and the Caribbean Basin: a study of ceramic artifact patterning in
1996 Wells, Debra Jean contact and settlement sites
1996 Young, Judy Hale Making water: the urinary vision in James Joyce's Ulysses
An analysis of the effects of 1992 election day broadcast coverage on voter
1996 Young, Lance Brendan turnout and presidential candidate choice
1996 Zimmers, Elizabeth Shapard Acceptance of the female condom in a Northwest Florida community

Characterization of biosurfactant-producing environmental isolates and

1996 Zuleger, Candy Lynn biosurfactant-negative mutants of Pseudomonas aeruginosa ATCC9027
1995 Asfour, Ayman S An improved way to detect inconsistencies in a temporal network
Narrative writing vs inverted pyramid: a study of journalists' awareness,
1995 Beasley, Berrin Allison attitude and behavior
Student feedback at the Kuwait Air Force Enlisted Aviation Maintenance
1995 Bishop, Richard W Preparatory School
A review of the literature on current educational needs of students as
1995 Blaney, Elaine Phyllis described by selected current researchers
Development of an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for the
1995 Bonomelli, Sherman Leroy characterization of antisera to the pigment dispersing hormones
An analysis of the connections between JMW Turner and the abolition
1995 Bowlby, Shandra Lou movement
A comparison of teacher's attitudes toward and utilizations of middle school
1995 Boyce, Cheryl Kay restructuring actions
Cultural bias in the interpretation of a standardized exam used in the
selection and placement of ethnic minority students in an elementary
1995 Brown, Sheri Macaelia school
Physical characterization of the aromatic degradative plasmid TOM-b31-sc
1995 Campbell, Robert Peter from Pseudomonas cepacia G4
1995 Carson, M'Adele Steiner Critical thinking skills, teacher personality, and lesson planning
A descriptive study of the impact of changes in student support procedures
1995 Childers, William V on nontraditional students at the University of West Florida
Reproductive success of roof and ground nesting black skimmers
1995 Coburn, Lara Marie (Rynchops niger) in northwest Florida
1995 Collins, Nancy Nash Unexplored DonGiovannisms in Ulysses
1995 Couch, Margaret E Hildegard von Bingen: images of the divine and the practical
1995 DeFontaine, Cheryl Ann Kelly Treatment of lunacy in eighteenth and nineteenth century England
1995 Durr, Sandra Spangenberg A study of calculator usage in Florida
1995 Fabbro, Mary Ann Older women in America: an insider's view
Shewhart and cumulative sum process control schemes based on the
1995 Fang, Ping Chao sample range and the sample variance
An analysis of sovereigntist political movements within the European
1995 Frey, Brad Erik Community
1995 Halstead, Harold Dean An evaluation of an in-school suspension program at a middle school
1995 Hawthorne-Moody, Patrice Annette Innovative teaching approaches: traditional versus whole language
A comparison of crisis communication methods of not-for-profit and for-
1995 Herbold, Terri Rodgers profit hospitals in the state of Florida
Changes in larval development and elemental composition (C, H, N) of an
estuarine xanthid crab, Eurypanopeus Depressus (Decapoda:Brachyura) in
response to sub-lethal concentrations of the juvenile growth hormone
1995 Hill, Ronald Lee mimic, methoprene
A model curriculum for two programs of communication study for
1995 Howard, Heather Alyssa undergraduate business students
Enhancement of an intracellular mono-oxygenase activity with a cloned
1995 Hu-Primmer, Jean Lun-I bacterial hemoglobin
1995 Jemiola, Judith Ann Electroencephalographic activity during two forms of meditation
Flannery O'Connor: three stories of grace for the individual and hope for
1995 Kelly, Brenda Kane the family
1995 Kurz, Jeffrey David Using lattices to improve efficiency in a temporal reasoner
A comparative study of behavior modification techniques and Judeo-
1995 Lasure, Linda Carol Christian teachings
1995 Lindenfeld, Katherine Marie EEG patterns and chronic fatigue syndrome: is there a relationship?
Development of the epifaunal assemblage on an artificial reef in a
1995 Martin, Tony Ray northeast Gulf of Mexico estuary
A region of interest selection algorithm for an autonomous zooming
1995 Martinez, Otto R telescope
1995 Mathis, Pamela J The frequent offender in the rural middle school
Macbeth and the mob: honor and absolutism in Joe Macbeth and Men of
1995 Maurice, William Quentin respect by William Quentin Maurice
An analysis of economic models for improving the financial base of
1995 McMahon, Gerard Thomas Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Mobile, Alabama
The things which I have seen I now can see no more": the church and
1995 Morris, Christopher S Wordsworth's loss of mysticism
A symphony of government design: imitation in state constitutions on the
1995 Moussalli, Stephanie Dunham Southern frontier, 1812-1845
The effects of sediment storage age and temperature on acute toxicity to
the marine organisms leptocheirus plumulosus and mysids (mysidopsis
1995 Norton, Brian Lee bahia)
Risk factors that contribute to student expulsion in the Escambia County
1995 Papineau, Larry Regan School District
Multicultural middle school curriculum and students' perception of school
1995 Pittman, Leonia Elizabeth Tolbert culture
Retaining African-American college students at the University of West
1995 Rasheed, Barbara Yvonne Florida
Consistency in evaluations of academic progress for attention deficit
1995 Ring, Judith Webb students
1995 Roberts, Jean E Using human sexuality to enhance college composition classes
The effect of group composition on leader emergence as a function of
1995 Robertson, Kimberly Dawn gender and self-monitoring
Types of influence used by quality assurance nurse corps officers to
1995 Robitaille, Gloria Jean Headley influence department heads
Improving lecture comprehension in the high school English classroom:
1995 Schaedel, Genevieve Earp effectiveness of a metacognitive strategy
Military experience as preparation for teaching a technology rich high
1995 Shaw, Robert E school naval science curriculum
1995 Smith, Robert Eugene US Navy students' learning abilities and quality of life
1995 Stiles, Alice Elaine Behavioral safety intervention: diagnosis of a failure to thrive
1995 Suri, Niranjan An architecture for smart agents
Communication satisfaction and its role in church membership satisfaction
and involvement: a study of Southern Baptist churches in Pensacola,
1995 Taylor, Christi Barnes Florida
Improvements and testing of suicide functions for biological containment of
1995 Tsingelis Petros Georgios bacteria
Seniors' perceptions of the transition into congregate living: the role of
1995 Turner, Evelyn Ashley perceived involvement
Teacher personality, attitudinal, and demographic variables in the school
1995 Youngblood, Russel Anthony restructuring process
An analysis of the National Flood Insurance Program and its impact on the
1994 Bare, Charles Lambert State of Florida
The origins of historic preservation in Pensacola and the Historic
1994 Brosnaham, Richard Thomas Pensacola Preservation Board
Completion rate, attendance, and attitude of students seeking a high
school diploma from the alternate education program at Bay Area
1994 Campbell, William Albert Vocational Technical School
1994 Carff, Cynthia Jo Analysis of the binomial matrix
A comparative study of parent attitudes and beliefs leading to the choice or
1994 Cawthon, Charles Edwin rejection of corporal punishment as a discipline method
The avant-garde in the popular culture of the 1930's: an investigation into
1994 Chinery, Deborah Hannum Alfred Stieglitz and the 'seven Americans'
1994 Coleman, Frances Lucille Profiles of stalkers and their victims
Effects of staff development on teachers' attitudes about computer assisted
1994 Copeland, Betty instruction
Factors which influence morale among administrators and teachers in two
1994 Estilong, Aurelia Foronda Escambia district schools
Perceptions toward the inclusion of children with severe disabilities into
1994 Fretwell, Sandra Lynn elementary general education classes
An examination of gender differences in holistically scored writing
1994 Fuller, Anita assessment
ERP correlates of methylphenidate treatment in males with attention-deficit
1994 Garrett-Peters, Patricia Tran hyperactivity disorder
Negative and positive reading attitudes as predictors of fourth-graders'
1994 Giles, Nancy Deen voluntary out-of-school reading
Diary of a mad production: the evolution of a video project, Caryl Butterley
1994 Gilick, Martha S simply sings
1994 Gocek, Terri Kay The dissipated hero in F Scott Fitzgerald's The beautiful and damned
To assume the offensive: evolution in strategic role of the aircraft carrier in
1994 Goodspeed, Merriwether Hill the United States Navy, 1922-1929
Factors influencing the success of nine learning disabled college students
1994 Harris, Allyn E from three northwest Florida school districts
Selected Okaloosa County educators' attitudes toward school improvement
1994 Harris, Russell R and resources used to design their plans
1994 Karl, Raymond Scot Self-monitoring and negotiating latitude: utilizing social role cues
Cognitive achievement and affective changes as distance learning
1994 Kelley, Linda Diane variables in middle school language arts
Look-alikes" versus "act-alikes": children flexibly choose similar pairs of
1994 Lindquist, Jennifer Michelle objects
Who will go with Fergus--now: the challenge of Neil Jordan's The crying
1994 Malcolm, Joleen Montgomery game
Characteristics and practices of high performing instructors in Naval
1994 McGinnis, Kathryne Elaine Aviation Schools Command, Pensacola, Florida
An exploratory study of the effectiveness of cold room air inhalation in
1994 McLeod, Martha Sue aborting cluster headaches
Attitudes of junior faculty toward promotion, tenure, and strategic planning
1994 Messerschmidt, James Arthur at the University of West Florida
Gender differences in selected ERP components as a function of
1994 Milligan, Elizabeth Renee differential affective stimulation
Binational centers a case study: Colombian students' perception of the
1994 Murillo, Sandra M United States

1994 Nelson, Brian Donald Feeding habits of fishes on artificial reefs in the northern Gulf of Mexico
Student attitudes: do they affect problem solving in sixth grade
1994 Powell, Susan Walker mathematics?
The effects of pre-kindergarten early intervention on future academic
1994 Pratt, Betsy Mae Drummond success
1994 Rogalski, Anne Margaret Lyndon Baines Johnson and civil rights, 1908-1957
Some effects of procedural justice on the reactions to drug testing
1994 Sarff, Douglas A programs
College placement tests as predictors of success in introductory college
1994 Savage, Douglas R algebra at Okaloosa-Walton Community College
Historical precedent against restriction of the right to trial by jury in
1994 Shackelford, Jan contemporary England
A comparative study of the measurement of percent body fat utilizing
1994 Simmons, Rita Gaye circumference measures vs near-infrared interactance
Knowledge and attitudes of classroom teachers related to the least
1994 Skinner, Janet Flowers restrictive environment and the mainstreaming process
Construction methods and trends currently being used for the development
1994 Smith, William Earl of educational facilities in thirty Florida school districts
1994 Solomon, Martha Wooten Utility of portfolio assessment in Okaloosa District elementary schools
1994 Sullivan, Linda Hirschfeldt The significance of gender differences in moral development theory
Effective treatment for sexual offenders in a community-based, outpatient
1994 Turner, Brett W setting: is it possible?
1994 Vaughn, Brandon K Classification based on k-Rank Nearest Neighbor rule
Re-creating the African-American identity: the merging of myths and
1994 Voss, Kathryn Flowers folklore in Toni Morrison's song of Solomon
An examination of the abilities of older adults to acquire the skills
associated with thermal biofeedback: a comparison with younger
1994 Vrochopoulos, Stamatis individuals
1994 Wallace, Jeffrey Alan Low rank linear difference equations with applications
A comparison <sic> of fuzzy set versus state-variable methods applied to
1994 Whitmire James Douglas the control of the double-inverted pendulum
Mobility rate, achievement, and classroom adjustment in Bagdad
1994 Willis, Elaine Cook Elementary School
1994 Woolard, Craig Douglas Stress, mindfulness, and the emergency health care provider
1993 Albaugh, Stacey Lynn Facing back: an original play
African-Americans' performance and perception of factors related to
1993 Ashley, Gregory C retention in colleges and universities
An analysis of the requirement for undergraduate educational law training
1993 Barrett, John Jay for prospective public school teachers in the state of Florida
Tasks trained and tasks performed: a content validation of masters training
1993 Blanchard, Michael John in psychology
1993 Branch, Doris Watts The benefits of parental involvement in a rural Northwest Florida setting
1993 Brock, Arlesia Lynn Race, gender, and age effects on older worker stereotypes
Married women and the active life, 1200-1500: the influences of English
1993 Bunch, Sherri Lea Clements gentry wives
1993 Caruso, Leslie Designing and writing computer documentation
1993 Ciudad-Real, Theodora Catherina School business partnerships in Okaloosa District schools
Internal-external locus of control and frequency of feedback-seeking
behavior: a developmental comparison of new hires and tenured
1993 Cunat, Rhonda Lee employees
Distribution, abundance, growth, and mortality of striped anchovy, Anchoa
hepsetus (Pisces: Engraulidae): about the discharge plume of the
1993 Day, Gregory Richard Mississippi River
Electroencephalographic (EEG) correlates related to the buildup and
1993 Ellis, Diana Jean Piquette release of proactive interference in short-term memory
Education, experience, and certification among Florida high school
1993 Evanchyk, Linda P journalism advisers
1993 Farabaugh, Debra Jill The role of affect in event recall
A study of organizational patterns and human behavior related to the
1993 Fesmire, Marion evaluation of exceptional student education delivery systems
The effects of summer school on selected elementary students of
1993 Fox, Joan Merritt Escambia County, Florida
A study of the impact of competency based curriculum on early childhood
and special education teachers in the area of early childhood special
1993 Froemming, Gail Lynn education

1993 Glasgow, Patti Reflections on the open school movement in the Okaloosa District School
Reading, writing, and revision: moral purpose and the female voice in
1993 Gravley-Novello, Lori Anne Christine de Pizan's prose and poetry
The effects of cultural and attitudinal variables on the academic
1993 Harden, Theresa Carlin achievement of Vietnamese students: a case study
1993 Haston, Mary Susan Everyday memory
Proposal for a university and school collaboration supporting teacher
1993 Holmes, Lee Bourne development during restructuring
The effect of active involvement with a traumatic event on recall by law
1993 Johnson, Thomas Clyde enforcement officers

1993 Jones, Richard L A study of perceived needs for middle-school curriculum and instruction
1993 Lincke, Nuala Voice" and storytelling in Sam Shepard's family romances
Personal mythologies: a mono-mythic archetypal study of the Civil War
1993 Lippincott, Dianna Gehrdes diaries of Southern women
Improving writing skills and confidence through a systematic writing
1993 Loisel, Karen Daniels process program
Primary structure and relative potency of an analog of -gb-s-PDH (pigment-
1993 McCallum, Mary Lou dispersing hormone) from the crayfish Procambarus Clarkii
1993 McKay, Michael Terrance EEG alpha as an index of cognitive processing style
1993 McManis, Mark Howard Effects of stress on cognitive monitoring and monitoring instruction
The effects of teaching the synectics model of written discourse to increase
1993 Mixson, Barbara Burney creativity with selected third grade students
1993 Nicholson, India Schmidlen Effects of mirror training on self-recognition in a gorilla
1993 Perry, Peggy Sue The father's influence on the infant-feeding decision
Religious social reform in the antebellum North: abolition and temperance
1993 Pinson, James Matthew reform among the northern Freewill Baptists, 1800-1860
Heavy metal and hard rock lyrics: a comparison of language intensity and
1993 Rowell-Lynn, Elisa lyrical themes
1993 Scherer-Hart, Jane E The index of empowerment
1993 Scholar, Harry Joseph The two-factor theory of romantic attraction: does it apply to women?

1993 Scott, Jimmy Alan School safety and discipline: barriers to effective education: a case study
Augmenting program understanding strategies with test case based
1993 Scully, Michael Christopher methods
The profile of mood states in pre-collegiate swimmers during a swim
1993 Simmons, Cheryl Arlene season
1993 Smith, Barbara McClure Apophatic expression in Gogol

1993 Sparks, Mary Alma H Locus of control and academic achievement of learning disabled students
Peak performances of business and professional leaders and a
1993 Thornton, Frances Bradley comparison group
Effect of service learning on at-risk students' self-esteem and academic
1993 Tucker, Susan Howell performance
Heart-felt limitations in balancing the power of students' and a teacher's
1993 Weeks, Linda Ann affective, cognitive, and conative domains
Winning or losing in a crisis: an analysis of Florida United Ways' public
1993 Whitman, Jennifer Lynn relations response to the 1992 scandal
Relationship between adolescent females' reports of communication with
their mothers about sex and their reports of sexual activity and birth control
1993 Williams, Vickie Annette use: an African-American perspective
Reusability in computer-aided joint munitions effectiveness manual
1993 Wiselogel, Pamela Sue development
The disappearing door: a study of the development and failure of the open
1992 Arico, Andrew John door policy in China
Changing realities: addressing the need for communication skills training
1992 Arnold, Dana Lynette for graduate teaching assistants in communication programs
1992 Arrant, Connie Lynn Laurence Olivier's Hamlet: an Oedipal interpretation
1992 Blaker, Gordon A A history of the 66th Armored Regiment, 1918-1945
Salinity and temperature effects of 4-nitrophenol and 2,4-dinitrophenol
toxicity to grass shrimp (Palaemonetes spp) and sheepshead minnows
1992 Brecken-Folse, Jeri (Cyprinodon variegatus)
1992 Bunnell, Henry Kendall The still, small voice: short stories

1992 Chapman, Allen D DView: a graphical user interface for a program understanding environment
NUCES, Nuclear Cardiology Expert System: the development of a
1992 Coffey, John W, prototype
The effects of client-centered group play therapy on self concept by Sandra
1992 Cowden, Sandra Terry Terry Cowden
1992 Cox, Karen Sue A comparison of self-report measures of postpartum depression
Toward year-round education: an analysis of attitudes and perceptions of
1992 Donahue, Sueann Line elementary teachers in four Escambia District schools
Psychological functioning in individuals with post-traumatic headaches and
1992 Ham, Lesley Pauline other pain types
Little Women": an exploration of female monasticism from late antiquity
1992 Hamilton, Jennifer Ellen Linn through the early Middle Ages
An evaluation of a drug prevention teacher training unit on parent
1992 Hardekopf, Celia Ann Mullane involvement
1992 Hawkins, Karen Marie Wuthering Heights on film: Bronte's Catherine lost in the translation
A descriptive study of students enrolled in the educational leadership
1992 Henley, Mary Ann master's degree program at the University of West Florida
The thematic unity of "The Middle Ground" section of William Faulkner's
1992 Jackson, Diane Compos Collected Stories
1992 Kerr, David Alan Edge detection with neural networks
Isolation and characterization of a pigment dispersing hormone from the
1992 Knowles, Alan Chilton terrestrial isopod, armadillidium vulgare
1992 Lanier, Lorraine Susan Schnupp Peak experiences of realtors, artists, and a comparison group
A cross-cultural comparison of characteristics leading to the position of
elementary school teacher in the United States and Taiwan, the Republic of
1992 Lee, Wu-zen China
Developmental changes in the social impulsivity and social decision
1992 Lewis, M Lisa Schwartz making of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and normal children

Salinity and temperature effects on the chronic toxicity of 2,4-dinitrophenol

1992 Linton, Tyler Keith and 4-nitrophenol to sheepshead minnows (cyprinodonvariegatus)
1992 MacQueen, Kim J Gemmill A measurement of two forms of meditation using topographic mapping
Patterns of genetic diversity in the rare mint Conradina glabra and its
1992 Martin, Elaine Luna nearest relative Conradina canescens
1992 Myers, Theresa Ann Purgatory: the presence of the absent mother
Barriers to participation in high school advanced mathematics and science
1992 Norton, Diane Hudson courses
1992 Simoneaux, Lyle Thomas The Skylords of Eden: an original motion picture screenplay
1992 Smith, Christine Biship Cracks in the fishbowl: b an exploration of organizational image crisis
1992 Southard, Anne Hay Marriage: Austen's most dangerous game
The effects of EMG biofeedback and parent training on elementary
1992 Stanton, Leslie Hudnall students with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder
The University of West Florida thesis guide: a guide to the preparation and
1992 University of West Florida submission of graduate theses
1991 Alban, Stephen Eugene Design of a time and error optimal controller for a robot manipulator
1991 Altiero-Gould, Cheryl R Job satisfaction as a function of boredom and central life interest

A comparison of self-esteem, locus of control, and social support system

1991 Barber, Linda Bamburg on academic achievement of sixth grade students in Santa Rosa County
The Parish of Saint Michael the Archangel: the first hundred years, 1781-
1991 Dawkins, Mary Merritt 1881
1991 Falanga, Glenda Kaye Organizational commitment and work values

1991 Frame, Steven Allen The electronic darkroom at the Baltimore Sun and USA Today, 1989-1991
An analysis of the relationship between self-concept and academic
achievement among selected high school athletes in Santa Rosa district
1991 Freeman, Robert Earl schools
The effects of elementary school students' perceptions of teachers' pets on
1991 Frondarina, Cynthia A their perceptions of school climate
Predictors of substance abuse for male and female elementary and middle
1991 Fullam, Sue school students
The effects of self-monitoring of blood pressure in hypertensive blacks and
1991 Gagnon, Doreen Joyce Ann whites in an industrial setting
Female involvement in mentoring relationships: predictions of protege
1991 Kurowski, Renee Marie choice in a workplace context
1991 Liseth, Ole-Johnny Transitivity in repertory grid data
The relationship between pure tone thresholds and higher level auditory
1991 McCardie, Andrew Hunter processes under two testing conditions
1991 McFarland, Larry Colby Relationship of locus of control and moral development in children
1991 McLennan, James Patrick The effects of biomechanical feedback on the tennis serve
1991 McLeod, Carol Rae Richbourg The relationship between self-actualization and boredom proneness
1991 Perez-Milian, Rolando Males' sexual and life transitions, awareness, and climacteric
The effect of home intervention on parental attitudes toward lifetime
1991 Seaton, Carolle Carter learning and school success in Santa Rosa County, Florida
Students at-risk: focus on an alternative education program at Lewis Middle
1991 Smith, Gloria Bonnie School
Convergence of leader-member exchange and mentoring: an investigation
1991 Thibodeaux, Henry Francis of social influence patterns
The effects of boredom proneness and impulsivity on self-reported drug
1991 Watt, John David use
An empirical analysis of the synchronization of international equity market
1991 Whitney, Mark Daniel indices
Feeding preferences, growth responses, and food-conversion ratios of
juvenile conchs (Strombus gigas Linne) reared under experimental
1990 Davison, Debra Ann conditions
Escape behavior and the ecology of contact chemoreception in the marsh
1990 Dix, Thomas Linn periwinkle: Littorina irrorata (Littorinidae: Gastropoda)
Relationship of early childhood sexual abuse and the development of
1990 Harwick, Caroldeen Lee psychopathology
Organizational "readiness": definition, conceptualization, and application: a
Scott Paper Company case study of a transformation to an all-salaried
1990 Holler, Joseph Carl workforce
1990 Huang, Rey-Ju A play-oriented writing program in kindergarten
Acculturation, role dynamics, and psychopathology in a group of
1990 Jesalva, Orlando S Taiwanese foreign students
1990 Littlefield, Mark Laurence Optimization of contrasting operators for moving images
1990 McLeod, Alexander Meier Mentoring potential dropouts: a developmental intervention
Isolation and characterization of a pigment dispersing hormone from the
1990 Phillips, Jessica Marie brown shrimp, Penaeus Aztecus
The effect of fitness programming on the self-esteem of severe and
1990 Pitale, Kimberly Rae profound mentally retarded adults
A nonparametric exponentially weighted moving average process control
1990 Searcy, Alice Johnson procedure based on ranks

A marketing communication approach to the recruitment of Master's

students: research on the environment and a profile of current students at
1990 Silliman, Adele Aya the University of West Florida and the Florida State University
Selection of performance tests for use in the evaluation of human
1990 Tabler, Robert Ellsworth performance in environmental research
1990 University of West Florida The University of West Florida thesis guide
Forensics pedogogy: the organization and management of intercollegiate
1989 Adams, Lori Frances Bell tournaments

1989 Baxley, Robert Van Namee A simulation study of statistical control algorithms for drifting processes
1989 Clark, Mark David Pat Dodson: promoter of Pensacola, 1929-1975
An evaluation of the reproductive mode of the pinfish: Lagodon rhomboides
1989 Cody, Richard Patrick Linnaeus (Pisces: Sparidae)
1989 Cowden, Craig Allen A parallel Prolog interpreter in Ada
1989 DeMaria, Elizabeth Preston An assessment of women's awareness of their menstrual cycles
1989 Evans, Michael Alan Memory tasks as measures of inferred text information
Monogenetic trematode parasites of sharks and skates: with an account of
calicotyle sp A and calicotylides sp A: two undescribed calicotylids from the
1989 Hansknecht, Thomas Joseph Gulf of Mexico
An investigation of the processes underlying metaphor and concept
1989 Infield, Susan Ellen acquisition
The relationship between Type A behavior pattern, boredom proneness,
1989 Kass, Steven Jay and sensation seeking
The effects of counseling education, religious affiliation, and open-
1989 Langston, Michael Griffith mindedness on mental health values of ministers
1989 Lueken, Linda Powell Cognitive restructuring with bulimics in a group therapy setting
Seasonal variation and the effects of light intensity and quality of Thalassia
1989 Macauley, John Michael testudinum
Stress reduction for caregivers of Alzheimer's disease patients: typical
1989 Mader, Sandra Eileen Lance support group compared with modeling techniques
1989 Marshall, Philomena Katharina Autonomy deficits in college women with eating disorders
1989 Riebman, Tara Lynn Geriatric headaches: a retrospective review of clinic files
A review of opisthobranch rhinophores with a study of aplysia rhinophore
1989 Ronan, Michael Peter structure
On-the-job training of reporters: a case study of two Gulf Coast
1989 Rowlands, Alice Jane newspapers
1989 Smith, Roger Lee An autopilot design methodology for bank-to-turn missiles
Controlling competitive stress by using electromyographic biofeedback: a
1989 Wagoner, Lori Curry pilot investigation
Effects of familiarity and communication mode on the detection of
1989 Williams, Darlene deception
1989 Williams, Renee Elizabeth The effects of information on cancer pain
The ecology of vision in the bay scallop: Argopecten irradians (Pectinidae:
1989 Wooters, Jeffery Scott Bivalvia)
Single case experimentation: a reversal design to test a consumer list for
1988 Alvarez, Patricia Elizabeth catalog sales potential
1988 Baker, Chris Chandler Attitudes of children and adults towards play
1988 Barbo, Anita Gail Development of PSI films as a sub-genre in selected American films
Motivational factors of volunteerism in relationship to Maslow's hierarchy of
1988 Bruflat, Cindy Lou needs
1988 Cruikshank, Craig Lord Text summarization recognition and recall performance of poor readers
1988 Cunniff, Cynthia Lee Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of tridiagonal Toeplitz matrices
1988 Griffith, Wendell Lamar The Royal Spanish Presidio of San Miguel de Panzacola, 1753-1763
An analysis of the 1986 race for the 5th district seat of the Florida House of
1988 Liedle, James Michael Representatives
How American news magazines have used "cold war" labels to describe
1988 Massey, Brian Lance Sandinista Nicaragus, 1979-1987
A correlational analysis of the WISC-R and PIAT on an in-patient
1988 Massey, Joann Amitrano population
An application of modern composite design techniques to the development
1988 Moore, Lynne Claire of real-time data monitoring software
Design and implementation of a mix environment for VAX VMS computer
1988 Moore, Martin Jeffrey sustems
Behavioral aftereffects of aircraft noise exposure as a function of rise time,
1988 Morrisette, James W peak duration, and decibel level
William Alexander Blount: defender of the Old South and advocate of a
1988 Muir, Thomas New South
1988 O'Brien, Laura Morris Children's television choices: determining prosocial preference

A comparison of nitrogen fixation (acetylene reduction) rates in seagrass

1988 Price, William Allen communities dominated by Thalassia Testudinum and Halodule Wrightii
1988 Raley, Ruby Sistrunk A practical approach to software engineering education
1988 Walthall, David Edwin Datalink subsystem firmware for the MQM107 subscale drone
1988 Williams, Jeffery L A mathematical framework for evaluating models of warfare
The influence of stocking density and diet on growth, production, and
1987 Boldyreff, Roman Ephraim survival of Procambarus Bivittatus (Hobbs) in the laboratory
Estimating real-time software timing and sizing for comparison against
1987 Burkett, Samuel B candidate embedded computers
An ecological study of coastal strand vegetation on the western end of
1987 Burkhalter, James Russel Santa Rosa Island near Pensacola, Florida
Pulse width modulation controller for velocity and position control of the
1987 Curran, Philip Joseph Rhino XR-series experimental robotic arm
Surface and near surface zooplankton collected during 1973 in Escambia
1987 Dye, Linda Carol and East Bays, Northwest Florida
The concept of forgiveness as reflected in the writings of Albert Ellis and
1987 Goins, Stephanie Lee Jay Adams
An algorithmic approach to stability for a class of linear systems using the
1987 Goldstein, Abraham Jeffrey second method of Liapunov
The prediction of graduate school success in an industrial organizational
1987 Habler, Betty Louise psychology Master's degree program
Cognitive and somatic concomitants of two contrasting muscle relaxation
1987 Heath, Bradley James procedures
Ideal profile for persons working in foreign countries or interacting with
1987 Hoffmann, Maria-Elena foreign organizations
1987 Johnson, Isabel Cristina Levy Development of the valviferan isopod Erichsonella Attenuata
1987 Kelly, Eugene Michael A demographic study of the fern Dryopteris ludoviciana (Kunze) small
A microscopical study of the hemocyte types of Mercenaria campechiensis
1987 Kime, Sheri Ulrich and their phagocytic interaction with Vibrio vulnificus
Characterization of bacterial populations in an industrial air washing system
1987 Liebert, Cynthia Ann implicated in a work-related lung disease
Effects of retaining vestiges of military affiliation and recent information on
1987 Masterman, Everett Lane the retirement adjustment of military personnel
Effects of drilling fluids on an experimental seagrass (Thalassia
Testudinum) community and potential for bioaccumulation of barium and
1987 Morton, Robert Dana chromium
Normative discourse: the development and application of evaluative
1987 Painter, David L paradigms for intercollegiate value debate
Effect of Myers-Briggs interpretation on self-knowledge and self-perception
1987 Porter, Donna Rigby of undergraduate students
EEG correlates of cognitive style and recall of text in middle school age
1987 Raney, Gary Ernest children
Human-computer interaction: an investigation of attributions made toward
1987 Raney, Jill Johnson computers
The relationship between goal setting and intrapersonal communication: an
1987 Reeder, Laurie Davis educational perspective
Assessment of aircraft stability and control: an augmented approach using
1987 Rodriguez, Jose Rafael flight test data
Providing concurrent access to data files on a microcomputer local area
1987 Roggero, Vincent Michael network
Standardization of in vivo and vitro assays for a pigment-dispersing
1987 Sattelberg, Russell Mark hormone on chromatophores of the fiddler crab, UCA Pugilator (Bosc)
Self-control: the relationship between awareness of cues and knowledge of
1987 Snyder, Beth Ann strategies in middle school children
Synthesis and bioassays of N-terminal deletion peptides and certain "core"
1987 Zahnow, Cynthia Ann analogues of a crustacean pigment-dispersing hormone
1986 Barry, Linda Anne, Old Southwestern humor as a genre and five of its writers
1986 Brinkman, George H Performance of internal sort algorithms on a personal computer
The effects of food ration on reproduction in the cyprinodontid fish, Rivulus
1986 Butowski, Nancy Helen marmoratus
The power of televised political advertising: implications for its role in a non-
1986 Cannon, Denise Shumock presidential race
Evaluation of the difference in the biological activities of two crustacean
1986 Hintz, Mary Frances pigment-dispersing hormones
1986 Kurtz, Robin Sue Subliminal messages for weight loss: effectiveness and satisfaction
Amnesia: defective cognitive processing in relation to vertical associative
1986 Oesch, Gary Robert learning
The relationship of juvenile status to knowledge of personal characteristics
1986 Price, Ann Webb and antecedent and consequent events

1986 Reed, Angela Ellen Alternative education: a systematic approach to delinquency prevention
The cephalic tentacles of Littorina irrorata: structure and role in trail
1986 Robbins, Robert George following
Psychological sophistication and variability of scores on the California
1986 Rowland, Blair Evan Psychological Inventory
1986 Rushing, Stephen Henry Deep focus: a screenplay
Synthesis and characterization of norleucine-containing analogs of a
1986 Semmes, Oliver John pigment-dispersing crustacean neurohormone
Logic disruption in text and the effect on comprehension and memory
1986 Shewmake, Thomas Michael measures
Combined Shewhart-cumulative score quality control procedures for scale
1986 Tuamokumo, Francois Olayo parameter
1986 University of West Florida The University of West Florida thesis guide
A descriptive analysis of student attrition in the Florida State University and
the University of West Florida cooperative doctoral external degree
1986 White, Leon Lamar, program
1986 Yeagle, Ellen Harriet Highest happiness: an analysis of artists' peak experiences
Ultrastructure of an exocrine dermal gland in the gills of the grass shrimp
Palaemonetes Pugio: cyclical activity, secretory granule formation and
1985 Doughtie, Daniel Grattan function
1985 Evers, Johnny Harold A top-down software documentation procedure using ADA
Synthesis and characterization of analogues of Pandalus pigment-
1985 Jorenby, William Howard dispersing hormone substituted at the third position
1985 Pedroni, Gena Maria Transfer of procedural information to a descriptive context in prose
Influence of lindane on survival and osmoregulatory metabolic responses
of the larvae and adults of the xanthid crab Eurypanopeus depressus
1985 Shirley, Michael Anthony (Smith)
A career counseling expert system using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator:
1985 Smith, Thomas Edward a functional model
Maternal discipline and performance of fourth grade boys in a group or an
1984 Bagwell, Diane Phyllis individual setting
1984 Bartscher, Jo Allan The effect of salience on the attribution of sex role
1984 Curry, Kathy Jo Welborn A study of the value of concept mapping for third-grade students
1984 Diedrick, Patricia Ann Male and female differences in the determination of global self-esteen
1984 Drysdale, Dale Thomas Intersexuality in the mosquitofish: Gambusia affinis
An integrated approach to the specification, implementation, and testing of
1984 Ford, Kenneth Michael abstract data types
1984 Hayes, Howard John Biology of Clausidium dissimile: an epizoic copepod
1984 Koblinsky, Chester John Tides on the West Florida shelf

1984 Lamb, Thomas G Microcosms: a technique for studying the acidification of aquatic systems
Effects of temperature and diet on growth, longevity, and egg production of
1984 Logue, Charles L Streptocephalus Seali Ryder (Crustacea: Anostraca)
Studies on the effect of temperature and food density on growth and
1984 McMullen, Dennis Michael survival of larval Menidia peninsulae (Pisces: Atherinidae)
Formulation of an integration theory: a hypothesis which is empirically
1984 Michael, Kathleen verifiable
1984 Owens, Rita Reeser The effects of comparable worth information on wage fixing
Purification and partial characterization of several activators of porcine
brain 3',5'-cyclic adenosine phosphodiesterase from lugworm, Arenicola
1984 Parker, George Raymond Cristata
1984 Rogers, Patricia Carol Values as predictors of motivation for parenting
1984 SaTsu, Keisuke Cultivating self-efficacy in algebra and its effects on related test anxiety
Basic electronics and programming instrumentation: development and
1984 Sheppard, Harlo John validation of a programmed-instruction text
Mathematical modeling of the near-shore and implications for coastal
1984 Stone, Gregory William management, Northwest Florida

1984 VanCleave, Rebecca Lynne The effects of thiamine deficiency on normal EEG development in the rat
1983 Bailey, Gerry E Maternal discipline and adult performance
Biotic and abiotic factors affecting the sorption of toxic compounds to
1983 Cleveland, Mary Elizabeth natural sediments
Psychomotor performance variance as a correlate of need for achievement
1983 Clipper, Robert Warren in male air officer candidates

1983 Craighead, Donna Jaber Personality characteristics of basketball players: starters and non-starters
1983 Dozier, Richard Moore Meditation to reduce pain during running
The impact of the Clean Air Act's non-attainment provisions and the EPA'S
1983 Dyke, David Wayne bubble policy on industrial development
Status of microcomputer utilization in Escambia County schools: a
1983 Fischer, Valerie Kovach descriptive study
An examination of the composing behaviors and written products of ninth
1983 Groves, Peggy Ann Lamon grade students writing in English as a second language
A cognitive approach to the interpretation of assertiveness and sexual
1983 Hatcher, Marian E stereotyping research
Comparative effects of phenylpropanolamine and caffeine on activity level
1983 Hyder, Debra Anne and general components of behavior in the rat
Comparative life history of two sympatric fern species: Onoclea Sensibilis
1983 Lacey, Deborah Grimm and Lorinseria Areolata
A PASCAL package for computational assistance in the study of linear
1983 Landua, M Kathryn control systems
1983 Lewis, Tanya Katrina Effective components of vicarious desensitization for test anxiety
The use of electrode placements for determining cognitive processing
1983 Linnville, Steven Emory differences
The moon and mental illness: an investigation of the relationship between
1983 Nazaruk, Denise lunar cycles and emergency room psychiatric contacts
1983 Quackenbos, Stephen B Psychotherapy: secular or sacred?
EEG alpha production correlates of cognitive style differences and recall
1983 Reddix, Michael Douglas from poetry
The effect of breast self-examination training procedures on bilateral
1983 Santurri, Denise Ann transfer
1983 Siegel, David M Aspects of the feeding ecology of snapper fishes (Lutjanidae)
1983 Williams, Lawrence Henry An interactional approach to the assessment of alcohol abuse
Effects of nutrient depletion on morphology and surface affinity of Vibrio
1982 Baker, Ronald M cholerae in microcosms
The relationship between role satisfaction and mid-life crisis: as a source of
1982 Dzieszkowski, Patricia A change for professional men
Effects of diuron, caparol, and terbacil on three physiological processes of
1982 Grigsby, Marie E Ruppia maritima L
A description of child care facilities available for infants from birth to twelve
1982 Kozak, Lucy JoAnna months of age in Escambia County, Florida
Isolation, characterization, and distribution of ultramicrobacteria from a Gulf
1982 MacDonell, Michael T Coast estuary
1982 MacPherson, John An application of optimal control
1982 Maier, Patricia Lane Bibliotherapy for reduction of children's fear of the dark
Effect of distance on the physiological reactions of subjects in an
1982 Malone, Dianne Marie emergency helping situation
1982 Marse, Constance Helen Greetings: a screenplay
Survival of Vibrio spp of public health significance in naturally contaminated
1982 Ness, Gregory E Gulf Coast oysters
Development of an aquatic vertebrate model for the assay of chemically-
1982 Pegg, Randall Kevin induced cytogenetic damage
1982 Powers, Elaine Ann An in vitro culture of guppy chromatophores

1982 Ray, Marjorie Jean Digestive proteases of the American horseshoe crab Limulus polyphemus

1982 Roszak-MacDonell, Darlene Isolation and distribution of bioluminescent bacteria in Gulf Coast estuaries
1982 Royster, Brenda Joyce Factors influencing hemispheric specialization
Craftsman-entrepreneur vs opportunistic-entrepreneur: differences in
1982 Stanton, Karen Farabaugh achievement motivation and risk preferences
The effects of diflubenzuron on molting and related events in two estuarine
crustaceans: the mysid shrimp Mysidopsis bahia and the grass shrimp
1982 Touart, Leslie Wharton Palaemonetes pugio
The relationship of cognitive processing styles to semantic inferential
1982 Turaniczo, Michael reasoning and memory performance
Assimilation efficiency by Procambarus clarkii fed elodea: and its products
1982 Wiernicki, Christopher of decomposition
1982 Williamson, Robert Paige Batch evaporator control
1982 Winter, Mark Andrew The swimming response of the bay scallop Argopecten irradians
Systematic study of eight bopyrids (Isopoda, Epicaridea) from North
1981 Adkison, Daniel Lee America
1981 Benson, Jack Predicting success in the treatment of military personnel
Low-level radioactive waste management: technical realities and political
1981 Bourke, Denis Anthony challenges
Experiments in feeding preference with Pteronarcys Pictetii (Plecoptera:
1981 Bueler, Charles Matthew Insecta) in a small, acidic, woodland stream
1981 Costello, Debra Behavioral bibliotherapy and the treatment of childhood fear of the dark
Development of a checklist for teachers to identify creative potential in
1981 Dicks, Lorna-Lynne kindergarten children by Lorna-Lynne Dicks
1981 Dickson, Sandra Jean The Electric church in America
1981 Greene, Paul Gregory A behavioral model of pain perception
1981 Gribben, William James The aspect of argument in the Ford-Carter debates of 1976
Impact of stress in the air combat environment: models for predicting
1981 Ideen, Dana R performance
Evaluation of bacteria as a food resource for juvenile Arenicola Cristata
1981 Lasfargues, John Emmanuel Stimpson (Polychaeta: Arenicolidae)
1981 O'Neill, Ellen Jeanne Early embryogeny of the fern Lorinseria Areolata

1981 Penn, John Sidney Effects of continuous light on the retina of a fish, Notemigonus Crysoleucas
Relationship between arousal and athletic performance of female college
1981 Rawlins, Robert Lee basketball players
1981 Ross, Thomas Anthony Attitudes toward divorce in a county in Northwest Florida
Effects of kraft pulp mill effluent on the growth of the green alga,
1981 Staton, R Keeth Stigeoclonium Helveticum
1981 Trent, James Russell Comparison of three levels of religiousness with MMPI scale scores
1981 Williams, G Don Locus of control versus delta and gamma alcoholism
Life history aspects of the brown darter, Etheostoma edwini (Pices:
1981 Williams, John Sutherland Percidae), in Northwest Florida
1981 Zorn, Nicholas Donald A microprocessor application in structural security
The creation of the Office of Management and Budget and a Domestic
Council within the executive branch of the government (1970-1979): its
1980 Acheson, Charles Norman historical antecedents, goals and prospects
A study to determine relationships which exist between learning styles
exhibited by academically talented elementary students and the expressed
1980 Armstrong, Mary Alice preferences for instructional strategies of elementary teachers
The response of pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides) to cryptic and non-cryptic
1980 Ashton, Charles E flounder (Paralichthys albigutta)
1980 Bieger, George Robert Developmental differences in children's recall of prose
Some social and orientative correlates of career change and continuity as
revealed among United Methodist pastors of the Alabama-West Florida
1980 Blanchard, Dallas A Conference, 1960-1970

Use of behavior modification, assertive training, and behavior modification

1980 Carrington, Sue Alice combined with assertive training in weight control in an Air Force population
A comparison of the Koppitz and Hutt techniques of Bender-Gestalt
1980 Collins, Jackie L administration correlated with WISC-R performance scores
An historical examination of media manipulation by the US government and
1980 Cowley, Gayle J special interest groups
1980 Dantzman, Charles L A morphological and genetic study of certain West Florida soils
A woman's odyssey: Kate Chopin's Edna Pontellier as paradigmatic
1980 Gardner, Melita Barabas modern heroine
1980 Garwood, Thomas Paine Behavior modification in the industrial-organizational setting
The teaching effectiveness of faculty as measured by student evaluations
1980 Gilmer, Marshall Ellisor, at the University of West Florida
A comparison of the effects of assertive training and decision-making skills
1980 Hamel, Ann Totaro on women's self-concept and locus of control
Survey of techniques in teaching language to autistic children in the United
1980 Kritselis, Stella Krom States, China, and other countries
Competitiveness along with parental pressure for success in the etiology of
1980 Lewis, Frank David paranoia: a theoretical analysis
1980 Masters, Johanna Kathren Effects of instructions on the transfer of cognitive categories

The effects of bibliotherapy, rational-emotive therapy, and a combination

1980 McBroom, Linda Kay treatment on the self-concepts of third- and fourth-grade students
1980 McGaughran, Virginia Lee Feminist attitudes, self-concept, and self-actualization of rural women
The modeling and optimization of IBM's binary synchronous
1980 Morrison, Michael K communications protocol, using system-related parameters
General linear regression representation of solutions to the matrix Ricatti
1980 Murray, Donald Michael equation
Effect of participation in a tutorial program on the self-concept of
1980 Pierce, Dale Thomas delinquents
The relationship of job strain to job stress, locus of control, and social
1980 Popejoy, Sharon Lynn support among nurses
1980 Pyle, Thomas Edward Structure of the west Florida platform, Gulf of Mexico
Studies on the mechanism of action of a pigment-dispersing
1980 Quackenbush, L Scott chromatophorotropin in the fiddler crab, Uca pugilator (Bosc)
Investigation of achievement in spelling of second-grade pupils instructed
1980 Rowell, James V by a multi-sensory approach
Adaptive significance of trail-following in Littorina irrorata Mollusca:
1980 Russell, Bryon James Gastropoda)
Effects upon test anxiety of imitated versus non-imitated vicarious
1980 Sofferin, David A systematic desensitization
Succession of microorganisms on a natural chitinous substrate in an acidic
1979 Aumen, Nicholas Gerard woodland stream
The metazoan parasite-mix of the alimentary canal of American feral sus
1979 Barber, Charles Edward scrofa
1979 Bennett, Chipley A study of the chitinase of Bacillus megaterium
Cellular responses in Crassostrea virginica (Gmelin) to natural infection of
1979 Berrigan, Mark Eugene nematode larvae: histopathology
An evaluation of the Florida State University University of West Florida
1979 Caswell, Alice Nelson cooperative doctoral program
Correlation of high school completion and receiving vocational training with
1979 Cook, Daryl Gene income and job complexity attainment
The swimming stamina of Mysidopdsis bahia: as affected by age, genetic
1979 Cripe, Geraldine Mae history, and pesticide exposure

1979 Dayton, Michael Peck Assertion, non-assertion, and instrumental autonomic arousal reduction
1979 Enfinger, F Adrian The mass press in America
A comparative study of the fate of carbaryl, methyl parathion, and
1979 Fredrickson, Herbert L pentachlorophenol in aquatic microcosms
Associations between personality characteristics of drinkers and the
1979 Giga, Susan Elizabeth Deigan behavioral impairment aspects incurred while drinking abusively
Use of a two-stage oral proofreading procedure to improve syntax in sixth
1979 Handrop, Moneva Arrant graders written composition: an action research study)
A study of the academic success of selected transfer students at the
1979 Harden, Harold Deleane University of West Florida
Value of a selected battery of psychological tests for predicting EEG
1979 Hunt, Donald K activity
Differences among the amplitude-frequency distribution of vocal energy of
1979 Jones, Joseph Martin enlisted military personnel, engineers, and PhD level managers
Isolation and characterization of nitrifiers and the effect of selected
1979 Jones, Ronald Dean parameters on the rate of nitrification
1979 Metzger, Helen M Differential hemispheric temperature as an index of cognitive style

1979 Mitchell, Donald Victor Diel patterns of vertical microstratification of neuston in Santa Rosa Sound
Analyzing the cost-efficiency of an academic department and its
1979 Norris, Robert Gerald, instructional personnel at the University of West Florida
Implementation of Fernald's approach to spelling instruction in a middle
1979 Ryan, Susan S school learning disabilities program
A study of two approaches to the evaluation of children's written
1979 Woolf, Janice Wiggins composition
Artificial hybridization of five brackish-water species of Fundulus (Pisces:
1978 Bradley, William Kenneth Cyprinodontidae)
Barium, strontium, and calcium in the exoskeletal and soft tissue of the
1978 Brannon, Anita C grass shrimp, Palaemonetes pugio, in relation to the molt cycle
1978 Cox, James William Efficacy of a new aversion-relief technique on snake phobics
The relationship between cellular carbon and cell volume in several aquatic
1978 Crumpton, William Grady bacteria y William Grady Crumpton
Inter-ethnic family relationships: an examination of children's literature
1978 Evans, Kathryn M utilized in an Escambia County public school
Internal external locus of control changes in high school freshmen as a
1978 Fritch, Patricia Beninate result of a structured decision-making and career planning-program
A rocket engine exhaust plume temperature profile by line reversal
1978 Griffin, Jeffrey W technique
The biology of the belted sandfish, Serranus subligarius (Pisces:
1978 Hastings, Philip Alan Serranidae)
1978 Holmlund, Janice Rae Roberts A living historical farm: projections for Pensacola
1978 Howard, Walter Thomas The Claude Neal lynching and Marianna riot, October, 1934

Effect of peer tutoring stimulated by group competition in high school

1978 Lunsford, Elaine Lewe algebra classes on mathematics achievement and attitudes toward school
The effects of group discussion on th death-related attitudes of high school
1978 Mansfield, Denise C, students
1978 Mansouri, Hassan Political development in Morocco
1978 Moudden, Abdelhay Mohamed American political studies of the contemporary Arab world
A contingency-managed approach to the treatment of juvenile law-violators'
1978 Nicholson, Grace M problem behaviors
1978 Peel, Frederick Dwyne Vegetation for noise abatement
Effects of employers' experiences with ex-mental patient employees on
1978 Pickard, Bessie employers' willingness to hire ex-mental patients
Differential effect of fetal head position during delivery on newborn
1978 Pruitt-Glass, Johanna behavior
A comparative study of recreational programs at an American university
1978 Tempelhoff, Lawrence Johann and a South African counterpart
1978 White, Conrad Brian Predation on cultured lugworms (Arenicola Cristata Stimpson)
Relationship of birth order to anxiety as indicated in two tests of motion
1977 Ancarrow, Janice Muriel Sheppard sickness susceptibility in naval student aviators
1977 Bird, John Levels of conviction as predictors of behavior in times of crisis
Orientation of Carassius auratus (Cyprinidae) and Ictalurus melas
1977 Carr, Barbara Ann (Ictaluridae) in a natural and augmented magnetic field
Plasma proteins and systematics of the genus Centropristis Pisces:
1977 Chapman, Robert Wayne serranidae)
Performance and satisfaction of subordinates as affected by male vs
1977 Etchen, Laura Lynne female leaders
1977 Freeman, Thomas Jasper Task assignments in selected academic libraries in the Southeast

1977 Gamble, Darwin Predictive models of per capita police expenditures in the central cities
1977 Garrity, Mary Ann Disruptive behavior in fith-grade students
1977 Gilmartin, Richard John Awareness of sex stereotypes in young children
Study of variative reinforcement procedures through a basic introduction to
1977 Grolemund, Lucie Bea the metric system
The red snapper industry in Pensacola, 1845-1865: an historical
1977 McNeil, Charles Robert perspective
The effects of modes of conscious processing on verbal recall and
1977 Monroe, Diane Hymes perceptual test scores
1977 Odom, H Wesley Cayetano Perez and the fall of Mobile
1977 Piotrowski, Chris Locus of control orientation and perception of hurricane in fifth graders
Self-Control-1 (SC-1), a self-control version of cognitive intervention
1977 Roush, Marvin D therapy for the treatment of stress-related diseases

The distribution of marine meiofauna on two low energy beaches in

1977 Shaw, John Kevin northwest Florida during 1974 with particular reference to the gastrotricha

1977 Titus, Erin R Effectiveness of transactional analysis in group therapy on self-perception

1977 Whitman, Donald L Alienation and the American voter: 1964-1972
1977 Wilson, Donald Ira Sex-role stereotyping in elementary and special education majors
Ultrastructure of the testis of the pinfish Lagodon rhomboides (Sparidas)
with emphasis on the possible homology between cyste epithelial (CE)
1977 Winstead, James Thomas cells and mammalian sertoli cells
1976 Bledsoe, John Lindsay, Multiplexing in computer generated holograms
The role of environmental and demographic factors in the occurrence of
1976 Campbell, Elizabeth S hyperactivity in elementary school children
Police patrol deployment systems Patrol administration by management-by-
1976 Chilcutt, Dan M objectives)
The relation between the continuation of therapy and satisfaction with
1976 Davidson, Kincaid service among clients of a community mental health center
A method of determining the expected frequency-of-occurrence of fish in
1976 Davies, Jay Howard lotic environments
Prediction of residential treatment outcome for adolescent poly-drug
1976 Donovan, Timothy J abusers
1976 Fischer, Roswitha Burkhardt Treatment of the indigent schizophrenic out-patients in Escambia County
Personality differences between successfully and unsuccessfully treated
1976 Fritch, Charles O drug abusers as indicated by the MMPI
Rorschach space responses and WISC-R digit span as indices of
1976 Fyfe, Linda Williams negativism in children
The interaction model of anxiety using alcoholics and non-alcoholic
1976 Graeper, Friedrich August psychiatric outpatients
1976 Hawks, Carol Ann Some new applications of the method of incremental analysis
The effects of extra sensory perception, sex, and locus of control on free
1976 Howell, William L recall and clustering
Efficacy of meditation and deep muscle relaxation training with group and
individual instruction on heart rate and approach responses to fearful
1976 Kirkland, Karl stimuli
Effects of teacher attitude toward mathematics on student achievement in
1976 Latham, Carolyn Ennis mathematics
The sensitivity of a semantic grammar in measuring developmental
1976 Mathews, Samuel R changes in prose recall
1976 Rowe, William Patrick A probe into the nature of human cognition and consciousness
Thermal and haline optima and lethal temperature limits affecting the
1976 Rubinstein, Norman I culture of Arenicola cristata Stimpson Polychaeta: Arenicolidae)
1976 Sanza, James N Effects of microwave radiation on different response rates in rats
1976 Smith, Beverly H Biochemistry of the venom of a marine annelid Glycera Dibranchiata
1976 Speicher, Helen Ross Creativity as a variable in successful managerial performance
Professional career opportunities in federal prisons: necessary personal
1976 Turner, Clara Campbell qualities and estimated personal safety
Effects of two polychlorinated biphenyls, Aroclor <superscript R> 1016 and
1976 Tyler-Schroeder, Dana Beth 1242, on the grass shrimp Palaemonetes Pugio
1976 Zahendra, Peter, Spanish West Florida, 1781-1821 <microfilm>

Toxicity and accumulation of cadmium from water and live food, and some
1975 Bahner, Lowell Harvey physiological consequences of cadmium poisoning to Palaemonetes
1975 Baker, Robert Owen Studies of Myxosporida (protozoa) in the mullet Mugil cephalus

The effect of three different reward conditions on subsequent time spent on

1975 Bloodworth, Ronald Eugene an intrinsically interesting task as a function of locus of control
Ventromedial hypothalamic lesions and nutritive preference behavior in the
1975 Bohnert, Gary Richard rat
1975 Bradley, Robert Wayne Drug abuse in the military: correlations of successful rehabilitation
A study of behavior learning principles applied to the training of
1975 Bruno, Amaryllis Lee Supervisors
1975 Chatfield, Stephen Riddle Non-verbal assertive cues

1975 Coffman, George Michael Psychophysical variables in neoplastic disease: a conditioning approach
The use of desensitization, modeling, and emotive imagery in children's
1975 Coffman, Mary Frances books for the reduction of fears
A comparison of retirement adjustment between military officers and
enlisted personnel on measures of years retired and pre-retirement
1975 Fuller, Robert Leighton planning
The effects of time constraints on operator performance in a manual data-
1975 Harris, Steven Dell keying task
The influence of inner-directed versus other-directed personality traits on
1975 Huybregts, Brigitte the functioning of a group
1975 Kiefer, Lynda Arlene Observations of bioluminescent bacteria in continuous culture
Frequency of counselor self-disclosures and client's perception of
1975 Mailly, George Frederick counseling relationship
A study of the pass-fail grading system, 1971-72 and 1972-73, at the
1975 Maynard, Cyril Duncan University of West Florida
1975 Olsen, Peter Carlton Computer simulation of a Coast Guard search and rescue air station
Diagnostic questionnaire for identification of problem drinkers among
1975 Pearce, Bettye Jefferies persons convicted of driving while intoxicated
1975 Pharr, Rebecca Casey Comparison of two reporting systems
Interrelations between measures of motion history, personality, and
1975 Prewitt, Dennis D immediate reactions to unusual motion stimuli
A study of certain in vitro interactions between two bacteria and the green
1975 Przybyszewski, Vincent A alga Chlorococcum infusionum Schrank
The effects of toxaphene on the survival of Fundulus similis (Pices:
1975 Schimmel, Steven Cyprinodontidae)
Transactional analysis: intensive versus time spaced counseling to improve
1975 Schneider, Debra Ann self-concept among college students
A comparison of black and white counselors' familiarity with the black
1975 Smith, Ruby Pearl experience
Genoa and Pisa: the triumph of West Italian sea power in the
1975 Stanton, Charles D Mediterranean
1975 Werthman, Virginia Gauriloff Self-actualization and the feminist movement
The tolerance of juvenile striped mullet, Mugil Cephalus, to osmotic stress
1974 Auld, Andrew Harrison with reference to the effects of calcium
Operant behavior of squirrel monkeys in the presence of stimuli paired with
1974 Bice, Anne Sherwood positive reinforcers
Contributions to the biology of the monogentic trematode family
1974 Butt, Arthur Jordan Mazocraeidae with the description of Neogrubea sp
The storm petrel of the American Navy: the naval career of Rear Admiral
1974 Cinco, Raymond Charles Wilkes
1974 Connerley, Phyllis Yvette King Attitudes of RNs in northwest Florida toward continuing education
1974 Cotharin, Robert Louis Systematic desensitization of racial responses
The design and construction of a mesic hardwood hammock nature trail
1974 Creighton, Sharon J E and its translation into education guides
1974 Dinning, William David A behavioral scale to assess study difficulty
1974 Doyal, James Thomas An econometric model of a southern electric utility
1974 Fabel, Robin F A, Governor George Johnstone, 1730-1787 <microfilm>
1974 Gualtiere, Marie Anita Effect of contemplative meditation on creativity
Studies on the physiology of color changes in the marine isopod Ligia
1974 Hackett, Robert Bruce olfersii
1974 Hart, James Kenneth Transference effects within varied part to whole list learning
1974 Jacobs, Eugene F Volunteer selection and screening for hotline counseling

1974 Jamison, Philip Charles The future of the Atlantic community: nationalism, partnership, or union
1974 Krasowski, John Solvent abusers: a review (1962-1972), theory, and treatment plan
The house symbol in selected British novels from Fielding to Joyce by
1974 Krueger, Nancy Jean Nancy Jean Krueger
1974 Landry, Gregory Clegg Analysis of certain aspects of sea water foam
1974 Mattlin, Robert Henry Chaetognaths of the Caribbean Sea
The application of physical criteria for excretory ultrafiltration to
Aequipecten irradians concentricus (lamarck) (bivalvia) and Melongena
1974 McDonald, Harold Jack corona (gmelin) (gastropoda, prosobranchia)
The effects of verbal and material reinforcement on the performance of
1974 McDonough, LaVerne children with different reinforcement histories
Studies on alarm reactions and substances in five freshwater fishes of
1974 Meyer, Edward Henry northwest Florida
The dependence of vestibular information transmitted on stimulus
1974 Moore, Homer Jackson magnitude
A comparison between secondary school counselors' and their principals'
1974 Rispoli, Chester Matthew perceptions of the counselor's non-counseling, adminstrative role
Range and load capabilities of proposed coast guard high speed search
1974 Robertshaw, Thomas Stevens and rescue craft
1974 Schomer, N Scott Systems models and simulations of the recovery of Escambia Bay
Sex differences in the Mandler effect using compatible word lists as
1974 Schwartzberg, Jill M stimulus material
Natural language input and the critical path problem: an application in
1974 Seibert, Philip John artificial intelligence
The emergence of massed time as a determinant of therapeutic gain in
1974 Smukler, William individual psychotherapy
Electric shrimp trawl catch efficiency estimated in situ and predicted with a
mathematical model derived from electrical stimulation responses of
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Attitudes of military personnel toward women with specific reference to
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The foreign policy of the British labor party during the crisis decade, 1929-
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Studies of the color phases of the cocoa damselfish, Pomacentrus
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Changes in self concept in repressors and sensitizers over a sensitivity
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A behavioral interpretation of the treatment of sexual dysfunctions by
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Osmotic and ionic regulation in the estuarine hermit crab, Clibanarius
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The history and cooperative relationships of a community college and an
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Limnological aspects of an incipient oxbow lake with notes on the
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An autumn in English culture: caution, melancholy and escape in the
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1960 Massey, Richard Walter <microfilm>