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May 30, 2014 at 14:54 PM EDT
LONG BEACH: Parkin's Loss at the Supreme
Court Costs Taxpayers Thousands
long Beach, c. .... - ),Iay 30, 2014 - After yesterday's landmark California Supreme Court ruling
requirinj( lonj( Beach to release the names of police officers who sh<>ot citizens. Ste,e James. president
of the local Police Officers A.ssociation (lllPOA) , said he was "disappointed. ' City Attorney o,arles
Parkin, whose office, along with the lllPOA, lost the case no less than three (:3) times (at the trial court,
the appellate court, and finally in the state Supreme Court) has not yet reported the number of
taxpayer dollars his office spent fighting for the lllPOA, an organization that poured nearly $200,000
into his primary campaign earlier this year. Whate,er the final number ends up h<>ing, taxpayers may
h<> more than just a little "disappointed' when they learn Parkin's loss has cost them thousands of

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Parkin's office h<>gan supporting the lllPOA after a trial judge ruled the City had to release the names of
the police officers who killed Douglas Zerby, an unarmed man shot and killed by officers in 20 10. After
losing in the trial court, the case was appealed resulting in a second loss for Parkin and the officers
association. Despite those two losses, Parkin decided to spend e'en more taxpayer money and went to
the state Supreme Court with the lllPOA. Parkin lost again in that court when it ruled yesterday the
City must release the names of officers who sh<>ot citizens.
Earlier this year , in the hotly contested City Attorne)" primary Parkin's opponent.s,
:;1:h District Councilman James Johnson and ci,il right.s attorney ),Iatthew Pappas, questioned the huge
sums of money spent by the special interest lllPOA to try to get Parkin elected. An April article in the
o.c. Weekly about the issue noted, "the sheer amount of cash thatthe lllPOAhas spent so far is
stunning. Campaign statement.s re,-iewed by the Weekly show that the cops ha'e spent a whopping
$186,376.03 [on Parkin.] ' Duringtheprimary, Pappas said, "One major reason the lllPOA want.s
Parkin in office is because he does nothing \\-ithout their appro,a!. There are a few 1>ad apple officers
who repeatedly ,iolate ci,il right.s and the City Attorney continues to defend them. )'Iillions of
taxpayer dollars are h<>ing spent because Parkin has refused to hold accountable the officers who are
i1I"<Ij,,s; his election. ' Despite their attempt to win the City Attorney's office, Parkin and the lllPOA
were rebuffed by 'oters when Pappas recei,ed nearly 20% and Johnson recei,ed o'er 35% of the 'ote
in the primary election.
In addition to losing at the state Supreme Court defending his supporters at the lllPOA, Parkin's office
recently commented the City had admitted no \lTongdoing when it paid $50,000 to a man who was
steppedon by police during a misdemeanor arrest. Similar ..,ttJ"JI'""t"S':""",,,,,!,, in recent excessi'e
force cases in,ohing Taser weapons and beatings included clauses that the police were admitting no
\\Tongdoing. Pappas commented on the cases that, "If they did nothing\\Tongin these cases, why
would they e'er pay $50,000 or $211,000 or nearly $300,0007 Telling officers they did nothing
\\Tong and then paying out money is why people keep getting hurt. The small number of officers who
continue to engage in this type of conduct need to h<> held accountable and the state Supreme Court's
ruling should endup helping because we;ll h<> able to learn who those officers are. '
o.c. Weekly Articlequoted:
hnp:llblog . beach JOPS _flood JiIJ_ wit.php

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