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James Kennedy

cell: 617-459-6163 email:
Senior level professional with diverse background ranging from that of a business analyst, to project manager, application
developer and consultant to enterprise sales executive. In-depth knowledge of enterprise application deployment; from
reuirements gathering, application configuration and customi!ation to end-user training.
Solid background in business analysis; interpreting business reuirements and determining the appropriate
business solution, developing corresponding functional and"or technical documentation and acting as liaison
between stakeholders, end-users, and developers.
Skilled in leading teams of diverse backgrounds to make sound business decisions based on analyses of short-
and long-term business needs.
#ble to take a large conceptual problem or project, break it into components, establish plans and a critical path,
achieve incremental goals and deliver project on time and at or within budget.
SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS), and SQL Server Analysis
Services (SSAS), $ransact-S%& (-!"#$% S%& Server Integration Services '!!&!$, (orms, )eports and *atabase
+ustomi!ation, #pplications Integration, Software installation and upgrade, &egacy Systems ,igration, *atabase
*esign and -uild, .ser *ocumentation, $echnical #rchitecture, $echnical /riting, 0ntity )elation ,odeling,
'inancial ())lications% *o+nos

S%& Server )eporting Services
$-S%& *eveloper training
1eneral &edger ,anagement (undamentals
2racle 3&"S%& 3rogramming and $uning
2racle (orms and )eports
+rystal )eport *evelopment
Senior Finania! S"#$e%# Ana!"#$ &'() * +re#en$
*evelop and maintain suite of 45 6 plus -usiness Intelligence SS)S -I reports are used by finance and practice area
managers to manage their business. ,aintain (inancials; #derant '$ime 7 -illing, 1&, #3, #)8. #dditionally, address the
evolving business reuirements for the various internal entities of this large multinational law firm and for developing the
appropriate business solutions. Solutions are currently developed or configured in *,! ((de-ant$% ,ic-oso.t !"#
!e-/e- 0e)o-tin+ !e-/ices (!!0!$% !"# !e/e- 1225% 34 and *o+nos 0edwood% 5ano-ama and others.
Kenne," Con#-!$in. Ser/ie#0 Gi. Har1or0 WA 2 Bo#$on0 MA 3'(& 6 4728
6 Independent9
Offerings included Business Analysis, Reports Development, Project Management, Training
*lient #ist incl9des:
:aton 3ance 6 $rainer for +oncur $70 Implementation 6 2ne on 2ne, 1roup, weekly live /eb0x 'live and
recorded8, documentation, system configuration and trouble-shooting
;en9ity - !!0! reports development9 reuirements gathering, design and develop suite of reports for employee
performance productivity.
GENUITY SOLUTIONS0 Sea$$!e0 WA 4'(5 * 4'(&
Ao-n$ E6e-$i/e
+alled on commercial accounts for -usiness-to--usiness '-:-8 sales to provide Internet infrastructure services.
0stablished relationships with senior level business executives to determine Internet, infrastructure connectivity needs9
;3<, *edicated =osting, ,anaged Services, ,anaged Security, and -andwidth. >ey player in establishing 1enuity?s
presence in the 3acific <orthwest through persistent relationship building with local +-level executives. 0xceed sales
expectations by establishing accounts with such customers as <ordstrom?s, +ostco and 3accar. .sed Siebel +),
CONCUR TECHNOLOGIES0 Sea$$!e0 WA 5'78 * 4'(5
Prini+!e Ao-n$ 9:'77 * 3'((;
,anaged large domestic and international projects to implement +oncur Expense Management olution !"M# in a
client-server environment. #s a -usiness #nalyst, performed -usiness 3rocess )e-0ngineering, developed and executed
a project strategy for web-based '/-$8, -:-, and 0-commerce applications. ,anaged integration of expense data into
2racle (inancials '#ccounts 3ayable8. Specify project goals, strategy, and scheduling utili!ing established methodologies.
/orked closely with sales staff and developers to implement project plan.
0stablished integrated system test and performance criteria. /orked closely with client?s senior level management to
maintain project goals and reuirements. *evelop and execute training for customers newly developed enterprise
+lient list includes9 *iti<ank% =ni/e-sal !t9dios% >a-ne- 4-os.
Ao-n$ 95'78 * :'77;
,anaged @ accounts from initial sale through #nalysis, *esign, Implementation, -uild, *ocumentation, and $esting.
0xpense ,anagement Solutions 'A,S8 included integration with -usiness 3erformance ,anagement '-3,8, applications
such as =yperion, B* 0dwards and 2racle (inancials and -usiness Intelligence '-I8 tools including +ognos 2&#3 reports
and cubes.
ARIS0 Sea$$!e0 WA <5'74 * 5'78
*eveloped 2racle (orms and )eports of &ockheed. ,anaged the design and development of 2racle 0)3 and Siebel
+), for 1ates )ubber +ompany in *enver, +2. )esponsible for full-time staff and development consultants. .tili!ed
#I, and ,S 3roject to manage and design and build the project.
BROCK CONTROL SYSTEMS0 A$!an$a0 GA <'75 * 5'74
Pro=e##iona! Ser/ie# Re+re#en$a$i/e
*etermined clients? software needs and implementation solutions utili!ing the -rock +ontrol Systems +), application.
Integrated third party packages as needed. *eveloped applications for ,S /indows, .<IA, and +lient-Server
environment. *evelop and execute training for customers newly developed enterprise application.
INTERGRAPH CORPORATION0 H-n$#/i!!e0 AL <(')7> <'75
S$a== S-+er/i#or
)esponsible for the manufacture of printed circuit boards. Supervised :C employees in the fabrication of prototype and
production line.
UNITED STATES ARMY0 Ho?en=e!#0 Ger%an"
$actical +ontrol 2fficer for #rmy #ir *efense. &ead platoon through training to excellence in implementation of classified
<#$2 war plans. )esponsible for staff of 4D soldiers.
Nor@i? Uni/er#i$"0 Nor$?=ie!,0 AT
BS * B-#ine## A,%ini#$ra$ion'Co%+-$er Siene Minor <7)4
(ull Scholarship 6 )2$+
Re=erene#: E6e!!en$B A/ai!a1!e -+on reC-e#$B