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English Language (Bethseba)
1. Tenses
Fill in the appropriate form of the verb in brackets by following the instructions:
the present, past or future tense.
i. Marium ____________ (go) to the supermarket every Thursday. (present)
ii. Jack always ____________ (drink) tea at dinner. (present)
iii. Fatims’s cake ____________ (rise) very quickly in her new oven. (past)
iv. Junaid ____________ (pay) the money soon. (future)
v. Parveen ____________ (write) a letter. (past)
vi. He ____________ (studied) daily in the morning. (study)
vii. Mom ____________ (will cook) the dinner by 8:00 p.m. (past)
viii. The passengers ____________ (will buy) tickets. (past)
ix. I ____________ (waited) for my friend. (future)
x. Sara ____________ (finish) the work. (past)
xi. Father ____________ (read) the newspaper.
xii. We ____________ (lead) a happy life. (future)
xiii. Nirma ____________ (tease) the dog. (past)
xiv. She ____________ (parked) the car at the same place. (present)
xv. Will he ____________ (went) to Lahore? (future)
xvi. He ____________ (spoke) the truth. (present)
Fill in the blanks with past tense.
i. I _________ for results. (wait)
ii. They _________ to a party. (go)
iii. Mark _________ in the queue. (stand)
iv. Some guests _________ to our house. (come)

[Prepared by: Sir Stephan Raza]

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i. Ate Wait Flour Waist Him Pray Hole Tail Peace Meet Mail New Cell See Need Hour Die Hair Son Two There Buy Right Read Steel Pair Fair Bare Stare Nose [Prepared by: Sir Stephan Raza] Page 2 . Sadiq _______________ at the concert. My sister ______________ the food. Homophones. (catch) ii. The police ______________ the thief. (dance) iii.Fill in the blanks with future tense. (cook) 2.

Tom wanted to learn guitar. Ann was on her (way / weigh) back home and she decided to try a new (route / root) as she thought it would be faster. Sheela writes slowly (and . They must throw the litter _____________________________________. Betty mustn’t drink the water ____________________________________. and) fell off the bicycle. sell) iii. iv. red) Circle the correct homophones. He is busy. iv. but) he is truthful. You cannot _____________ something that is not yours. My sister brushed her hair _________ put on her new dress. hour) ii. Fill in the blanks by using suitable conjunctions. ii. Conjunctions. ii. two) iv. Is this my pen (or . iii. i. _________ his mother wanted to learn Piano. He can’t go ______________________________________.Choose the correct word. He was angry _________ I was late. We have _____________ many pages from that book. We could go to the playground _________ the movies. (cell. (our. Choose the correct conjunction from the brackets. Complete the sentences. iii. iv. but) neatly. Anil lost his balance (or . She can play with her sister ____________________________________. We believe him (because . [Prepared by: Sir Stephan Raza] Page 3 . (read. i. because) yours? 4. It was (reining / raining) heavily late in the (mourning / morning). i. ii. i. iii. There are _____________ birds on that branch. (to. 3. The school is near _____________ home.

_________ did they ask to you? v. ____________________________________________________________ Ans: The bell will ring in five minutes. which. I wonder _________ dad knows the phone numbers. _________ is your car? Make questions from these answers. [Prepared by: Sir Stephan Raza] Page 4 . (circle the adverb) 5. _________ are you sitting in the dark room? vi. when i. so) I returned. It was cold _________ fresh wind yesterday. ____________________________________________________________ Ans: I am laughing because you look so funny. why. The plane landed safely in the storm. Q3. Q1. pear) fruit that grows on a tree. Framing questions. Fill in the blanks with the question words given below. (insert a preposition) vii. My shoes are all (wet) _________. where. (underline the correct conjunction) vi. (synonym) v. (pair . (conjunction) ii. _________ is the longest ruler among the tree? iv. (pronoun) iii. _________ is your English exam? iii. where. What. Q2. _________ is your sister working? ii. There is a lot of food ______________ the table but nobody is eating it.Do as directed. ____________________________________________________________ Ans: My friend is Jerry. i. (homophone) iv. They left (but .

Write a sorry note to your mother for telling lies to her. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ [Prepared by: Sir Stephan Raza] Page 5 . Note writing.6. i. _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________ ii. Write a thank you note to your aunt thanking her for sending you a lovely gift for your birthday.

Prepositions. She is going to make dinner _____ Charlie. xiii. The tree which was planted _____ school building has grown. iii. xi. ii. The cat is hiding _____ the door. The monkey climbing up the tree can pluck the coconut. The naughty boy is peeping through the key-hole. vii. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions. iii. The dog jumped _____ a fence and walked to the field. iv. I should cross the road carefully _____ the zebra crossing. [Prepared by: Sir Stephan Raza] Page 6 .7. i. i. vi. The garage is situated _____ the house. iv. Underline the prepositions in the following sentences. ix. v. I can play games _____ my friends at home. viii. Do not touch it. x. v. The water _____ the jug is hot. The birds _____ the tree are building a nest. The tourists left their luggage _____ the airport. The boy _____ the bicycle stole the money. Sheela was the most graceful dancer at the party. Grace is the best swimmer in the school. The train went through the tunnel. ii. Joseph is sitting _____ Sally and Jill. xii. She will have a cake and a glass of milk.