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Church TraiI of Brighton & Hove

Welcome to 8rlgbton & Hove ano we bope tbat you tlno tbls trall ot tbe cburcbes ot 8rlgbton &
Hove (ano surrounolng area!) lnterestlng.

Tbls trall alms to belp you e×plore tbe clty ln a new way wbllst orawlng your attentlon to tbese
lmpresslve bullolngs. Wltb lntormatlon ano storles about tbe cburcbes, lt blgbllgbts tbelr prlmary
purpose as places ot worsblp ano polnts out tbelr great art ano arcbltecture.

|t's very easy not to notlce tbe magnltlcent cburcbes ot 8rlgbton & Hove, blooen away ln tbe
resloentlal areas ot tbe clty. Wbat you mlss ls probably tbe tlnest collectlon ot vlctorlan cburcbes
ln any clty outsloe Lonoon as well as an lntrlgulng set ot cburcbes trom otber eras. Here, we
reveal our Top Ten...

How to get the best fron this traiI
Wbllst all ot tbe cburcbes llsteo ln tbls oocument are open to tbe publlc ano we bave provloeo
oetalls ot current openlng tlmes (as ot November 2010), pIease do check first lt you really want
to get lnsloe, as openlng tlmes vary wltb tbe seasons ano rellglous celebratlons.

For eacb ot tbe cburcbes llsteo we bave also provloeo brlet locatlon & access oetalls. Also
provloeo ls a map 'grlo reterence', tbls grlo reterence relates to tbe ottlclal Brighton & Hove
City Map tbat ls avallable tree ot cbarge ln many locatlons across tbe clty lncluolng publlc llbrarles
ano tbe 8rlgbton vlsltor |ntormatlon Centre, sltuateo ne×t to tbe Royal Pavlllon.

1. AII 5aints Church - The Drive, Hove {City Map Ref ~ K5}

Tbls parlsb cburcb on tbe corner ot Tbe Drlve ano
Laton Roao oates back to 1889, wben lts tounoatlon
stone was lalo. Tbe bullolng was oeslgneo by [ L
Pearson, wbo later bullt tbe catbeoral ln Truro. Wltb
soarlng arcbes ano great plllars, muteo staln glass
wlnoows ano a brlgbtly coloureo rereoos (ornamental
screen coverlng tbe wall above tbe back ot tbe altar) lt
ls completeo by tlve carveo tlgures: tbe vlrgln Mary
surrounoeo by 8acon, Wllllam 8yro, Fra Angellco ano
Dante. Cburcb attenoees lncluoeo Klng Lowaro v|| ano
ln 1982 lt was tbe venue tor a talk about poverty ln tbe tblro worlo ano western alo by tbe tormer
Prlme Mlnlster, Lowaro Heatb.

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Opening Hours: Tbe cburcb ls open trom 10am untll noon Tuesoay to Frloay.
Luncbtlme concerts take place every Tbursoay trom May to September ano
tbere are occaslonal concerts / organ recltals on Saturoay evenlngs.

Access: Many buses run trom tbe centre ot 8rlgbton along Western Roao /
Cburcb Roao to Hove. Tbe closest bus stop ls on Laton Roao bowever tbe
cburcb ls less tban a 5 mln walk trom Hove Town Hall ano ls very close to
Susse× County Crlcket Club.


2. 5t Andrew's Church - WaterIoo 5treet, Hove {City Map Ref ~ M7}

Set back trom tbe seatront, just aojacent to Hove
Lawns, tbls Regency cburcb was bullt to serve tbe
e×panolng resorts ot Hove ano 8rlgbton. Deslgneo
ln 1827 by tbe tamous arcbltect ot tbe Houses ot
Parllament, Slr Cbarles 8arry, lts |tallan Renalssance
style pertectly matcbes tbe symmetry ano granoeur
ot tbe nelgbbourlng squares ano terraces.

L×tenoeo ln tbe 1880s, tbe cburcb was turtber
beautltleo ln 1925 wben Ranooll 8lacklng aooeo
superb baloaccblnos (an arcbltectural canopy marklng tbe locatlon ot tbe altar as a place ot speclal
bonour tlrst appearlng ln 9
century Rome) tor altar ano tont to tultll tbe parlsb prlest's oeslre tbat
St Anorew's sboulo become ¨o ||tt|e 5|t of lto|, |n Woter|oo Street¨. A tlne serles ot 19tb century
monuments torms an e×cellent lntroouctlon to tbe gooo ano great wbo worsblppeo bere ln tbe
cburcb's beyoay. On one oay ln 1828 tbe pews contalneo tbree Dukes ano tbree Ducbesses. St
Anorew's was tbe only cburcb ln Hove to bave unoergrouno burlal vaults (neeoeo because ot a
lano sbortage ln 8runswlck Town) ano ourlng tbe Secono Worlo War tbey were useo as alr ralo

Tbe tlrst person lalo to rest ln lts burlal vaults was Loro Cbarles Somerset wbose personal
pbyslclan, Dr [ames 8arry, manageo to conceal trom everyone tbrougbout a long career tbat be
was ln tact a woman.

Opening Hours: St Anorew's ls no longer useo tor regular worsblp, but opens lts ooors as a
venue tor a wloe range ot cultural events trom tbeatre to concerts. |t ls also open to tbe publlc on
Sunoay atternoons between 2-4pm.

Access: St Anorew's ls sltuateo just 50 yaros trom tbe seatront, nortb ot Hove Lawns. Many
buses run trom tbe centre ot 8rlgbton along Western Roao / Cburcb Roao towaros Hove.
8runswlck Square ls tbe closest stop trom wblcb Waterloo Street ls just a two mlnute walk.


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3. 5t BarthoIonew's Church, Ann 5treet, Brighton {City Map Ref ~ P5}

St 8artbolomew's ls a Graoe 1 llsteo vlctorlan
cburcb tamous tor lts Art Nouveau turnlsblngs.
|t ls tbe tallest parlsb cburcb ln 8rltaln, lt not
Lurope, ano ls even blgber tban Westmlnster
Abbey at 140 teet ano 180 teet long. Otten
calleo tbe Ark, tbls tltle was baseo on tbe
untounoeo assumptlon tbat lts vast olmenslons
corresponoeo to tbose ot Noab's Ark.

8ullt by A.D. Wagner ln 1874 ano oeslgneo by
llttle known local arcbltect Lomuno Scott, lt ls
ot |tallan Gotblc style ano bas tlne brlckwork. Tbe Hlgb Altar ls reacbeo by
marble steps ano ls covereo by a 45tt 8yzantlne style baloacblno (an
arcbltectural canopy marklng tbe locatlon ot tbe altar as a place ot speclal
bonour tlrst appearlng ln 9
century Rome). Tbls ls taceo wltb marble ano
alabaster, wblle tbe celllng ls covereo by golo mosalc ano motber ot pearl. Tbls,
togetber wltb tbe marble pulplt, ano tont are part ot Henry Wllson's Art
Nouveau oeslgn tor tbe cburcb as ls tbe sllver altar. Tbe mosalcs beblno tbe
altar are by F Hamllton [ackson. Tbe Statlons ot tbe Cross came trom 8ruges ln
1881. St 8artbolomew's was establlsbeo malnly to serve rallway workers wbo
llveo nearby. All tbe 1,500 seats were tree ln markeo contrast to tbose ln many
otber cburcbes.

St 8artbolomew's ls noteo tor lts tlne cboral muslc ano also tor tbe e×tenslve
programme ot concerts belo tbere tbrougbout mucb ot tbe year.

Opening Hours: Tbe cburcb ls open trom 10am ÷ 1pm ano 2pm ÷ 4.30pm trom Monoay to
Saturoay. Servlces are on: Sunoays at 9.30 & 11am, Monoay to Frloay at 12.15pm ano Saturoay at

Access: Several buses run trom central 8rlgbton to Lonoon Roao ano stop at tbe bottom ot Anne
Street. Tbe cburcb ls also wltbln easy access ot 8rlgbton rallway statlon, trom tbe statlon walk
oown Tratalgar Street you wlll see tbe cburcb on your lett.


4. 5t MichaeI and AII AngeIs, Victoria Road, Brighton {City Map Ref ~ M6}

A blooen treasure amongst terraceo bouslng ln tbe
Clltton Hlll area ot tbe clty, tbls ls a Graoe | Llsteo
bullolng ano one ot tbe tlnest vlctorlan cburcbes ln tbe
country bavlng been oeslgneo by G F 8ooley ano
Wllllam 8urges. |t ls ln tact two cburcbes, tbe tlrst
oeslgneo ln 1862 ano tbe secono, parallel to lt ln 1895.
Tbe cburcb was sponsoreo by two oevout slsters, Mary
ano Sarab Wlnole ano was tbe tlrst brlck-bullt cburcb ln
8rlgbton. Tbe olo cburcb ln St Mlcbael's Place boasts
beautltul stalneo glass by Wllllam Morrls, Gabrlel Dante
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Rosettl, Lowaro 8urne-[ones, Foro Maoo× 8rown ano Peter Paul Marsball.

Tbe new cburcb ls oeslgneo ln tbe 13
century Nortbern Frencb Gotblc
style slmllar to tbe catbeoral ln Amlens wltb tlne stalneo glass ano sculpture.
Tbe cburcb bell was brougbt back trom Sebastopol tollowlng tbe Crlmean
War ln tbe 1850s ano tbere ls a remarkable set ot mlserlcoros (tlp up seats
wbere monks woulo bave croucbeo) wltb carvlngs.

St Mlcbael's ls known tor lts cookeo communlty breaktasts, avallable ln tbe
nearby ball on Saturoays. |t ls open to tbe publlc betore, ourlng ano
lmmeolately atter oally servlces ano tbere are occaslonal guloeo tours as well
as concerts.

Opening Hours: Tbe cburcb ls open on Saturoays trom 10am ÷ 4pm. Servlces are on: Sunoays at
10.30am, Monoays ano Tuesoays at 8.30am ano 5.30pm to 6.30pm, Weonesoays at 8.30am ano
5.30pm, Tbursoays at 8.30am ano 10.30am, Frloays at 11am ano Saturoays at 9am, 12noon ano

Access: Tbe cburcb, at tbe junctlon ot vlctorla Roao ano St Mlcbael's Place, ls slgnposteo trom
Western Roao wblcb ls a maln bus route trom 8rlgbton to Hove. Tbe closet bus stop ls by tbe
Waltrose supermarket ano trom bere tbe cburcb ls appro×lmately 5 mlnutes walk away.


5. 5t Margaret's, The Green, Rottingdean {City Map Ref ~ W1}

St Margaret's ls bullt ot tllnt ano stone ano ls a ml×ture
ot Sa×on, Norman, early Lngllsb, vlctorlan ano mooern,
oeslgn ano constructlon.

Rottlngoean's vlllage cburcb ls tar oloer tban almost any
otber bullolng ln 8rlgbton wltb a nave tbat oates back
to tbe 12
century ano stanos on tbe slte ot an earller
Sa×on cburcb. Wltb lts 13
century tower, tbe soutb
alsle was aooeo ln 1850.

|n 1377 Frencb raloers set tlre to tbe cburcb, kllllng several vlllagers wbo were trappeo ln tbe
tower. Tbe beat trom tbe tlre turneo some plllars reo ano tbe glow can stlll be seen on tbem.
Durlng tbe 19
century, Dr Tbomas Hooker, lts vlcar, was also a lookout tor tbe local smuggler
communlty ano bls bust, wblcb stanos ln tbe cburcb, ls glanclng sloeways looklng tor customs
ottlcers. Rottlngoean's most tamous resloent, Ruoyaro Klpllng wrote a poem about tbe smugglers
ln wblcb be reters to Hooker: ¨8ranoy tor tbe parson, baccy tor tbe clerk¨.

Tbe blsbop's cbalr ln tbe cburcb was oonateo by Stanley 8alowln, tbe Tory Prlme Mlnlster ln tbe
1920s ano 1930s. He was Klpllng's cousln ano trequently vlslteo Rottlngoean.

Seven ot tbe stalneo glass wlnoows were oeslgneo by Slr Lowaro 8urne-[ones, anotber
Rottlngoean resloent, to mark bls oaugbter's weoolng. He was later burleo ln tbe cburcbyaro.

Opening Hours: Tbe cburcb ls open Monoay to Saturoay trom 10.00am to 4.00pm ano on
Sunoay trom 7.30am to 12.00noon.
For aII things Brighton & Hove: www.visitbrighton.con

Access: Tbere are several buses wblcb run along tbe seatront trom 8rlgbton to Rottlngoean ano
tben tbe cburcb ls appro×lmately 5 mlnutes walk up tbe Hlgb Street or tbe number 2/2A bus stops
closer to tbe cburcb.


6. 5t Martin's Church, Lewes Road, Brighton {City Map Ref ~ R3}

Consecrateo ln 1875 wltb tbe purpose ot actlng as
Parlsb Cburcb tor tbe olstrlct nortb ot tbe Level ano as
a 8arrack Cburcb tor Preston 8arracks. Tbe Rev
Artbur Wagner bullt St Martln's Cburcb as a memorlal
to bls tatber's 46 years as vlcar ot 8rlgbton.

Tbls enormous cburcb ls a masterplece ot arcbltecture
ano ls oeslgneo ln early Gotblc style. Tbe plaln e×terlor
contrasts sbarply wltb tbe sumptuous lnterlor wblcb
lncluoes buge rereoos (ornamental screen coverlng tbe
wall above tbe back ot tbe altar) ano an enormous pulplt. |ts celllng ls
covereo wltb tbe coats ot arms ot all tbe Angllcan cburcbes e×lstlng at tbe
tlme lt was bullt.

Opening Hours: Tbe cburcb ls always open tor at least balt an bour betore
servlces ano tbe porcb ls open all oay. Servlces are on Sunoays at 9.30am
ano 6pm, Monoay to Tbursoay at 8.30am, 12 noon & 6pm ano Saturoays at

Access: Tbe cburcb, ln tbe maln sbopplng area ot Lewes Roao, ls on several bus routes trom tbe
clty centre ano tbe closet bus stop ls St Paul's Street.


7. 5t Mary the Virgin, Upper Rock Gardens, Brighton {City Map Ref ~ F3}

Tbe orlglnal cburcb on tbls slte ln Upper Rock
Garoens, Kemp Town was bullt ln 1826 to a oeslgn by
Amon Henry Wllos but ourlng essentlal malntenance
work lt suooenly ano une×pecteoly collapseo. |ts
classlc style was a repllca ot tbe Temple ot Nemesls at
Atbens. Funos were ralseo ano tbe e×lstlng cburcb
was bullt on tbe slte ano consecrateo ln 1878. Tbe
lnterlor style cbosen was Frencb Gotblc.

|ts unusually long nave, spanneo by lmmense arcbes,
bolos 1,000 people. Wltb sumptuous stalneo glass wlnoows, tbere are notable carvlngs ln tbe
cburcb stalls. Tbe renowneo ano untoucbeo orlglnal organ, bullt by Henry 8evlngton, remalns ln lts
orlglnal state ano ls one ot tbe tlnest ln 8rlgbton ano useo tor recltals ourlng tbe summer montbs.

For aII things Brighton & Hove: www.visitbrighton.con

Henry venn Llllott was tbe tlrst vlcar ot tbe parlsb. He was an actlve member ot tbe Clapbam Sect,
an evangellcal breakaway group trom tbe Cburcb ot Lnglano. Llllott also workeo wltb Wllllam
Wllbertorce on tbe abolltlon ot slavery. Hls slster, Cbarlotte, wrote tbe well known bymn: ¨[ust as
| am, wltbout one plea¨ useo by Dr 8llly Grabam tor many years at tbe ¨alter call¨ ln bls crusaoes.

Opening Hours: Tbe cburcb ls open tor vlewlng some weekoay mornlngs ano on Sunoay ano
Weonesoay atternoons. Servlces are on: Sunoays at 10am, Monoays at 9.30am, Weonesoays at
9.30am, 12.30pm & 2.30pm ano Frloays at 5.30pm.

Access: Tbere are several buses wblcb go trom tbe clty centre lnto Kemp Town ano tbe nearest
stop ls Rock Garoens.


8. 5t NichoIas, Dyke Road, Brighton {City Map Ref ~ B2}

St Nlcbolas ls tbe motber cburcb ot 8rlgbton ano was
also tbe parlsb cburcb untll 1873. Deolcateo to St
Nlcbolas, tbe patron salnt ot sallors ano tlsbermen, tbe
orlglnal cburcb stooo on tbe slte ln Sa×on tlmes but
notblng ot lt remalns. Part ot tbe tower oates back to
Norman tlmes. |t ls belleveo tbls cburcb was mentloneo
ln tbe Domesoay 8ook trom 1085 ano tbe wall on tbe
soutb alsle llsts vlcars oatlng back to 1091. Tbe beautltul
tont ls carveo trom Caen stone oatlng back to 1170.

St Nlcbolas was restoreo ano e×panoeo ln 1853 as a memorlal to tbe Duke ot Welllngton wbo bao
once worsblppeo tbere. Dr Samuel [obnson also worsblppeo tbere wben staylng ln 8rlgbton ano
ls commemorateo wltb a plaque, as ls actress Dame Flora Robson, wbo llveo nearby.

A number ot lnterestlng locals are burleo or remembereo ln lts
cburcbyaro. Captaln Nlcbolas Tettersell, wbo belpeo Cbarles || escape to
France ln tbe brlg 'Surprlse' atter bls oeteat at tbe 8attle ot Worcester ls
remembereo wltb a memorlal. Pbeobe Hassell, wbo pretenoeo to be a
man so tbat sbe coulo joln tbe army to be wltb ber busbano ls burleo ln tbe
cburcbyaro. Sbe llveo to be 108. Martba Gunn, tbe tamous 'Dlpper', wbo
was well known ln tbe Regency perloo tor belplng tbe noblllty enter tbe
sea, bas a memorlal. So bas Sake Dene Mabomeo, sbampoolng surgeon to
George |v ano tbe tlrst man to open an |nolan restaurant ln Lonoon.

Opening Hours: Tbe cburcb ls open every weekoay trom 8.30am untll noon ano on Weonesoays
untll 3pm. Openlng tlmes on Saturoays are 1pm - 3pm.

Access: Tbe cburcb ls appro×lmately 5 mlnutes walk oown trom 8rlgbton traln statlon along
Queens Roao, ano turn lett up tbe approprlately nameo Cburcb Street (note tbls ls a sbort steep

Website: bttp://

For aII things Brighton & Hove: www.visitbrighton.con

9. 5t PauI's, West 5treet, Brighton {City Map Ref ~ C3}

St Paul's, completeo ln 1848, ls an lmportant e×ample ot tbe
Gotblc Revlval ln art ano arcbltecture ano ot tbe 19
Catbollc Revlval ln Tbe Cburcb ot Lnglano. One ot tbe glorles
ot tbe Cburcb ls a complete serles ot stalneo glass wlnoows
oeslgneo by A W N Pugln. Tbere are also sllgbtly later
wlnoows by C L Kempe.

Ltbloplan Lmperor Halle Salassle, wbo spent some tlme ln
Susse× ourlng bls e×lle trom 1936 to 1941, belpeo pay tor tbe
restoratlon ln 1947. |n 1996 tbe woooen octagon surmountlng
tbe Tower was completely renovateo ano restoreo. Worsblp
tooay ls stlll ln tbe Catbollc traoltlon wltbln tbe Cburcb ot

Opening Hours: Mass ls salo oally. St Paul's ls open oally
between 10:30am ano 12 noon. On Weonesoays ano
Saturoays tbe cburcb ls open untll 3:00pm.

Access: Tbe cburcb ls close to Cburcblll Square wbere many
buses ln 8rlgbton stop. Tbe cburcb ls also close to tbe
seatront, not tar trom tbe 8rlgbton Centre.


10. 5t Peter's Preston OId Church, Preston Drove, Brighton {City Map Ref ~ N2}

Tbe anclent parlsb cburcb ot Preston stlll retalns mucb
ot lts orlglnal rural cbarm. Tbls 13
century tllnt
bullolng ls only 50 teet long ano bolos 250 people ln
markeo contrast to tbe great vlctorlan cburcbes
mentloneo betore. Tbe tower bas a Susse× cap (a
sballow pyramlo-sbapeo slate root common ln Susse×)
contalnlng tbree bells, one tbougbt to oate trom tbe
century. St Peter's ls close to tbe 18
Preston Manor ano contalns memorlals to tbe Stantoro
tamlly wbo llveo ln tbe manor bouse.

Tbe cburcb ls known malnly tor lts 14
century wall palntlngs wblcb tortunately survlveo a
olsastrous tlre ln 1906. Tbe maln palntlng oeplcts tbe muroer ot St Tbomas 8ecket. A notable
teature ls tbe stone altar ano a reuseo meoleval tomb cbest.

Opening Hours: St Peter's ls no longer ln regular use tor servlces but ls open oally between
11am ano 3pm. |t ls also useo tor concerts ano e×blbltlons.

Access: St Peter's ls close to tbe A23 wblcb ls serveo by several bus routes ano tbe closest stop
ls on Preston Drove. Alternatlvely tbe cburcb ls about a 10 mlnute walk trom Preston Park
Rallway statlon.

Website: bttp://

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