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Question Set 1: Collecting Basic Client Background Information

The first question set collects some basic background information from the client.
Obviousl! it"s nearl im#ossible to #roceed $ithout these details.
Do you have a website currently?
%es! htt#:&&$$$
What are your products and services about?
'ichidari societati! reorgani(ari )$$$*
What do you like about your current website?,
What you don’t like about it?
+aintenance 1,--&month! design
Who are your potential customers?
.ersoane /uridice! fi(ice
Who are your main competitors? * study main competitors!!"#.pd$
%uestion &et ': &etting the (ar
Once ou"ve become acquainted $ith our client"s basic details! it"s time to touch on the
level of technical functionalit that $ill be needed to run their site. This question set has
been designed to get a read on our client"s technical understanding! and ensure ou can
meet their e0#ectations beond the basic look of their site! and $ithin their e0#ected
budget and timeline.
 Do you need any special $unctions and $eatures in the website? )or e*ample, a mobile
version o$ the site or multiple language support?
+ersione mobile ,interesant-, languages: romanian, russian, english
 What do you e*pect $rom your website $ive years $rom now?
 What is most important $or your website to accomplish?
(a.e de date, inter$ata interactiva, model:, mailuri mai multe
 What is least important $or you in the website?
 Do you have any pre$erences on styles colors?
&imple colours, ???
 What is your budget $or the site?
 What is the deadline $or the website?
 %uestion &et 2: )ocusing on the Details
The third and final question set deals $ith our client"s content and e0tended needs.
These questions bring ou beond the general understanding of $hat our client $ants!
and gives ou the s#ecifics on ho$ to get going.
 Do you have all the photos and images the site needs?
3o.e abstracte in domeniul van.arilor
 Do you want the logo redesigned?
4ste !n lucru
 Do you need a copywriter?
 Do you want to update the content o$ your website on your own?
Da , 5 data ' sapt.
 !s this an ecommerce website?
 Will you need any &47 help?
Will set later
 Do you have a domain and host setup $or the new website?
Will set later
 Would you like to insert any other special $eatures like , $acebook, twitter, $orums, login,
calendars, blog, or the like?
!nteresant de va.ut la s$arsit
 )inal %uestion: #ny %uestions?
1fter ou"ve finished grilling our clients! ou should ask them if the have an
questions. The questions our clients ask are invaluable to meeting their needs! and
often ver revealing of their understanding of our services. So! al$as leave some e0tra
room at the end of our conversation to get more details and comments from our client.
2a(duire fisiere in cloud.