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Reservations in INDIA and knowledge capitalism

in todays scenario of knowledge era India and Indians still tussle out for backward class and its benefits.
if government is wise this quota reservation should be removed gradually so that knowledge is taken up
by citizens of India so that jobs are secure

private companies still have reservations because they are forced to follow government rule of
minimum number of percentage to be kept in store for backward classes
because of this quota system backward classes don’t study properly and state to each other that anyway
my father and fore fathers were from backward class community , government offers quota system
reservation , my father can easily provide me with job so why study and become competitive

these statements have infused forward class community clash in Gujarat and flared up communal riots
which could have been easily been avoided if reservations are removed and people of citizen Indians
take knowledge seriously

now is the time ????
foreign companies which would come to India very soon in huge numbers in near future look for
knowledge and not reservations , if everyone fight for backward class just to avail benefits provi ded by
country automatically their would come a time where unemployment would increase and even if jobs
are available , citizens cant get jobs because it is tough to do the jobs because of lack of proper
the type of education which Indians should fight for is inside the brain cells knowledge not knowl edge in
books but brain cells. entrepreneurship in the country would also be lost because of no proper
knowledge taken up by Indians even though AICTE based knowledge is rampant and is good in the eyes
of many
reservations and its benefits have destroyed common sense knowledge because nobody takes
knowledge in the country seriously so leading to lack of teachers and becoming funny people in the eyes
of westerners where PhD is the order of the day and education a high priority (flexible education at any
age )
thought of the day
Reservation and knowledge don’t go hand in hand in INDIA in country like ours


Fast paced constructions developments in INDIA is good or bad for citizens

china now a days is being criticized by westerners that they built away construction department
workload constructing them within a 5 year period falling into a trap of credit

so the question raised by me is if India has the same desire in the form of honorable prime minis tership
Narendra modi sir attitude of constructing buildings at a fast pace within his regime time to prove his
superiority over congress
such attitude by me if there is germination of this type of thought process is considered to be foolish

why ??

a) it would make the blue collar workers unemployed faster than normal rate
b) fast paced buildings need to be filled up with public
c) real estate owners would lose motivation to construct in near future as planning can go haywire
d) futuristic vision of nation by wait and watch type coziness is under grave danger with stupid
reasoning's being the arsenal to groom up the country without set planning
e) even if planning is there and arsenal is right for the country investment money to spend through
spread within short span of time comes under huge criticism under credit management
f) knowledge about usage of utility in economic terms goes haywire with no observation of economis ts
comes under purview as span to observe such a huge volume was not sufficient, their lack of knowle dge
is dooms day for the country

thought of the day :
think on above lines

what to construct during honorable prime ministers regime in INDIA ?

any construction which people can spend during Sundays to remove tension for 4 hours time in
tourism development recreation for a span of 4 hours time
movies watching is the key to remove tension in the form of open theatres
anything where human aura has space and tension removal technique should be constructed

thought of the day
aura and tension

Managing affairs should be the next level of blue collar workers to gain knowledge in INDIA

every time country looking out for foreign countries to gain knowledge and work for blue collar workers
is a huge burden and tension

the best solution is build , operate and manage affairs should be the key to survive mass knowledge of
blue collar workers , giving them insight and awareness by government to make them stay in the

how to manage the work given to blue collar workers
a) give them access to manage flats for serviced apartments type as is prevalent in NEW DELHI
b) manage open theatres and flow of public in important places (historical places)
c) volunteers to do business activities in the field of research
d) manage public accounts in internet through middle agents
e) managing foreigners flow of capital by acting as guides, agents and funders
f) managing networking in the country
g) acting as fund raisers and managers for government agencies

thought of the day
think on above lines under build operate and manage (other issues)


when INDIA is in huge debt in trillions and want to come out of debt in few years time (procedure)

it was good feeling to see Honorable Narendra Modi sir to be given the stature of prime ministership
and see the swearing in ceremony of the nations prime minister today 26th of may 2014
I was watching later on china documentary and thought to myself if Honorable prime minister Narendra
Modis government comes to a stage of foreign indebtedness unknowingly what would the cabinet
decide to come out of the crisis of the nation when the government has nothing to privatize or to sell

suppose like china today India also goes and becomes indebted to debt crisis to outside world and it
goes on quadrapulating every year , what should the government do to remove this debt which came
accidentally and desperate to remove the debt within years not able to bear the tension to GDP growth
as it is slowing down the economy


Every country has a savings account of citizens and every citizen is paid a savings account interest ,
suppose keep the interest as it is say India is paying 4% interest annually, then give interest to citizens
3% and remove from their account 1% out of 4% given and pay it to external institutes debt payment
to compensate the 1% of savings account removal from the citizens account give them benefits looki ng
for pay today and enjoy benefits of that payment in near future
think about what would you do to current accounts and recurring deposits accounts
similar percentages removal as you did to savings account above

thought of the day :
think of the benefits you would give to citizens in near future

Banking loan interest and introduction of law in INDIA

why does Indian banks give a loan interest percentage so high is my question ???

the answer to that is they should give it as per money in circulation and not 14, 13 12 percentage as they
are giving now whichever they feel like

any loan given by banks to citizens is scrutinized thoroughly by the bank manager looking at prospectus ,
memorandum of association and even articles of association . when such scrutiny is done automatically
the citizen feels delighted to get loan for his entrepreneurship project
but the tragedy part is the citizen is not aware that he is paying huge interest unnecessary to the bank
even though it is intimated to him by the manager and he accepts it as a rule thinking that he is in flock
of sheep of entrepreneurs paying this interest to bank just like any other entrepreneur

the bank also is not aware why such type of interest percentage is charged through board of direct ors.
when I enquired with my father and friends they stated if percentage is not kept above 9% fixed deposit
entrepreneurs would keep the money in fixed deposit earn off extra income and pay the interest
without working on the project of entrepreneurship for which the loan was taken up
if the bank manager had the knowledge of law which states
offer + acceptance + enforceable by law
through they can charge 5,6,7 and even 8 percentage below fixed deposit they can get back the finance
into their banks instead of losing it to other banks and can make profits
contract between bank and citizens determine the usage of finance and through control of finance
interest rates are determined
banks can charge interest rates of loans below fixed deposits if they have proper contracts which is
complementary to their financial profits
money in circulation in the society calculation can determine the banking loan percentage as profi t on
money on loan given can even be 1 percentage or 2 percentage or even more as per need of the banki ng
law governed through RBI is one way of presenting the financial knowledge of mine

thought of the day
RBI control of finance and instruments usage with law knowledge (discuss )


what should INDIA do when writers have no experience to write on international issue

when country has potentiality to write on issues , public has no tension and goes on reading and feels
delighted to get knowledge on its country for making decisions
suppose INDIA once one generation of writers get deleted through natural death and next generation
comes along and suddenly they realize about themselves that they don’t possess the experience to write
books as the olden generation had

what should the country do ???

a) cooperation with syndicate writing
b) take help from secondary data knowledge observation
c) world bank reports and analyze it (looking out for foreign helping hand)
d) create journals and magazines, newspaper reports in the form of eBook's
e) release the nation knowledge bank for foreign intrusion to look for ideas (internet made global )

thought of the day :

internet dot in being made global for foreigners and Indian syndicate writing made order of the day

now question arises if foreign authors come and groom up INDIA how to groom up internally
syndicate writing

how to groom up international consultation in the nation

through books writing and book presentation on original ideas of self

thought of the day

syndicate and group psychology knowledge (cooperation through mind mapping)


Narendra modi sir and 3% GDP growth

when I watched honorable previous prime minister H D Deve gowda sirs third party performance
where congress I performed before 8% honorable prime minister delivered to the nation somewhere 3
to 4% GDP growth rate and media highlighted as the most hard working years of Centre whose prime
minister doesn’t get sleeping hours
would BJP government now deliver like H D Deve gowda type or copy state government working style
difference ???
thought of the day :

a) decentralize power ,
b) delegate work ,
c) ask others to give information and frame opinion on which discussions are unfolding
d) work on solutions instead of issues

quality life in Centre is working on solutions which in honorable Narendra Modis sirs terminology is
called development programs if I have judged him correctly

when to interfere by INDIA on others soil pertaining to international issues

USA has huge knowledge on other countries because of import export business. India lacks this as i ts
export import business to GDP growth rate doesn’t even touch 3 %
India doesn't have international authors under its belt to take consultation pertaining to international
decisions without which knowledge of decision making is dependent upon USA or European books
which may be controversial or genuine which is known only to them and not to INDIA

in this situation what should the prime minister do ?

thought of the day :

where to look out for current affairs to frame decisions

syndicate and ownership under corporate governance in INDIA

When one watches corporates like tata's and birla's and ambanis , these organizations are run by ceos
who possess knowledge coming from father to sons
if future generations are run on ownership and co-ownership principal to keep the family business intact
and for some unknown reason knowledge regarding huge administration is difficult to keep intact and
desire of family run owner is to keep the business within their wing

would syndicate type administration for ownership would come handy to keep the family business
within the family under corporate governance????
in todays scenario as per my awareness knowledge is widespread , and sustaining knowledge is difficult
ownership and co-ownership is run by two individuals with the help of ceo and board of directors. by
keeping the ownership as group of 7 and below what would happen to decision making
Hindu undivided family in mini version of independent family status to be incorporated where famil y of
4 which is normally considered to be a family in todays generation of independent family can make
decisions instead of head of family alone making the decisions under ownership
the other version of corporate governance in the hands of family instead of owner - co owner to run
family businesses
thought of the day
independent family and problems pertaining decision making as owners under corporate governance

cooperation and role of previous ministers in running the administration of INDIA

for idea generation
to understand economy better
for secondary data knowledge
for networking issues
under Indian delegates issue pertaining representing the government to outside world
to handle student issues
to handle corporate knowledge issues which they possess
to handle issues pertaining knowledge about implementation and understanding business
to delegate work and share burden of country
to empower each other when knowledge to handle is huge

thought of the day

why are central and state experienced campaigners of knowledge sitting idle without work


Internet PC market and universities enthusiasm for physical books in INDIA

with the coming up of internet eBooks have become order of the day with huge online storage available
internet speaks the language of youth
current affairs and websites through internet can give off beat and regular beats books at thought of the
customer and if it is in the form of eBook's
what to say to self !!!
one can read eBook's anywhere
so what would happen to physical books ?
read during times when internet would not be available
read during when electricity is not available
for presenting during occasions

thought of the day :

internet and current affairs

quality life talk with people (BIG stalwart V/S SMALL stalwart)

what every Indian should be as per my imagination !!!

every person life is a hell as per every mans judgment
every person is bothered or should be bothered about finance security
job satisfaction of quality discussions people should aspire for instead of personal biographies
keep the talk to something useful for people to ponder about so that next minute smile comes to them
healthy living lifestyle with knowledgeable discussions should be the motto of Indians
non fiction books which gives others a hint that candidature to whom we are talking is a asset to us
should be read
writing is taken up for reading purpose to gain reputation in societies eyes
all round stuff of research when discussed with people brings awesome response to them should be
quality standards of lifestyle is welcomed through good knowledge of internet when applied and
discussed with friends

thought of the day
think about how off beat you can be so that you are invited by friends and your life packed up with
goodness and happiness


why INDIA should have writers of international repute

a) to participate in international discussions
b) to share knowledge with laggards
c) to get finance and information about money management to discuss with other nations
d) to become an international consultant and earn finance
e) to boast about world renowned authors who earn money and li ve poshly in cities
f) to increase standard of living
g) to give confidence to citizens that nation is safe and growing
h) to have good policies and policy decision makers who know what is good for the country
etc etc

thought of the day :
confidence of citizens and role of authors in 21st century


Reactionary INDIA vs Respond INDIA in 21st century under negotiation tactics

if one has to gain ascendency in knowledge one has to learn respond based knowledge
if one has to gain ascendency in situation understanding one has to learn respond based knowledge
if one has to gain ascendency in business knowledge one has to have respond based knowledge
if one has to gain ascendency in bookish knowledge and write carefully one has to have response based
if one has to gain ascendency in not having enemies but only friends public must have response bas ed
if one has to have relatives who look after you one has to have respond based knowledge
etc etc etc

reactionary mindset is learnt only when one has to gain ascendency in job based knowledge like
tv artists
jobs where muscle power is used in excess

thought of the day
take jobs as per personality profiles of self


How to determine salary packages in country like INDIA

growth of employees is determined by employer is based upon cost of living of country INDIA


If an employee is earning 8000 per month salary for few years , he is given promotions and higher
salaries and never deported to places where cost of living of salary is lesser than 8000 rupees per month

it is the duty of central government to differentiate one state to one state and one geographical
development to another based upon cost of living
it is the duty of employer to see the growth of individuals
employer should not disrespect an employee on lesser cost of living standard of company leaving aside
deputation based upon necessity
that necessity based requirement of job for star performers has to be groomed up on cost of living of
country and not on the requirement of company ,

have more employees of star performers otherwise it becomes a fun element of criticism between

star performer is being paid lesser salary just because he is solving companies requirement
how funny it is !!!!

the story of our country in script

star performer was about to get 16000 rs

ravi states to shyam " star performer is getting 16000 rs "
almost double within one year said by shyam to ravi
yes said by ravi within one year
shyam said we don’t work like star performer
we should said by ravi
we should said by shyam

after 1 hour discussion between the two again

shyam states to ravi " why are you laughing "
ravi states "latest news is that star performer got deputed to ambala as per need of the company"
shyam states that’s a good news " company requires star performers in need based jobs"
ravi laughingly states " ambala to theek hai but his salary which was to increase to 16000 rs has been cut
short to 11000 rs "
shyam suddenly laughs " within 6 months my salary would be like star performer working in Hyderabad"
ravi states " never become star performer , they are butchered , apni zindagi to bemisaal aur star
performer ki zindgadi dardnaak"

thought of the day :

star performers and their growth in country like ours


How to revive regional languages in INDIA

in Andhra Pradesh government stupidly promotes telugu language under the second language option
thinking that they would be criticized for not promoting hindi language so they promote under an option
of either choosing hindi or telugu or english to children to promote languages
they can create on the other hand check box type instead of radio button as is used in information
technology and can promote all the three or two or one as per choice of the student

problem solved !!!!

thought of the day
'similar strategy follow in the other states and revive the regional languages which is getting lost