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Nicky Fairless

LIS 716.40
Leadership and Strategic Communication
01 June 2013

Additional Information
A Portrait of a Leader
Presented by
Nicky Fairless
Susan Brownell Anthony was a
prominent civil right’s leader during the
Women’s Suffragette Movement of the
1800s, who ultimately changed the
course for women in the United states.

Born in Massachusetts in 1820, Susan
B. Anthony has worn many hats, in-
cluding abolitionist, educational re-
former, labor activist, temperance worker, suffragist, and wom-
an's rights campaigner.

Her vision for a better future has inspired others to take action.
The results of her collaborative efforts are illustrated by the Mar-
ried Women’s Property Rights bill of New York, the adaptation
of the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery, and the women’s right
to vote in four states by the time of her death in 1906 (the 19th
Amendment to follow in 1920).

We can learn from Susan B. Anthony’s leadership skills, as her
passion for the cause drives her actions. Her leadership practices
-Challenges the practices she does not agree with
-Describes to others the kind of future she envisions
-Collaborates with like-minded people
-Models the actions proposed and values preached
-uses innovations ways to make connections
-Shares information for sustainability
-Advertises personal beliefs
-Presents clearly and confidently at speaking engagements
-Encourages others to become involved
-Organize for action

Five Leadership Practices

1. Challenging the Process
--Advocate for Women’s Rights
--Abolitionist to end slavery
-- Promote gender equality

2. Inspiring a Shared Vision
--Leader in speaking engagements
--Actively participates in the Women’s Rights & Temper-
ance Movements
--Promotes education for a common cause

3. Enabling Others to Act
--Collaborates with other key leaders, such as Elizabeth
Stanton, Lucy Stone, and Fredrick Douglass
--Organizes like-minded women who are passionate
about the vote

4. Modeling the Way
--Refuses to marry, as she is unwilling to give up the cru-
sade for women’s rights
--Registers to vote
--Actively petitions to outlaw slavery

5. Encouraging the Heart
--The Anthony family host anti-slavery meetings at the
family farm in an effort to encourage those who are will-
ing to make a difference
--bequests her fortune to the cause upon her death