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Scene 1: At sea shore

Characters: Descriptions and Costumes
Sampati: Old bird with diseased wings
Jambvan: Old bear
Hanuman: Gada, tail
Angad: Tail
Vanars: Tail

(The vanar army sent by Sugriv searched sita in all direction.
They searched Cities,lakes , and mountains for months but
couldn’t find sita. Each party was coming back back to Sugriva
with no trace of Sita maiya.
Hanuman , who leads the party to the south reaches the end
India) .

Vanars: Where are we?
Six weeks has passed by still we couldn’t find Sita maiya. Let
us go back otherwise we will fast here till death
(Sampati attacks on troops vanaras considering them as food)
Jambavan: Are you not Jatayu's brother, Sampaati!?

Sampaati: Yes, I am Sampaati. Do you know my brother? How is my
Jatayu? Is he well?

Jambavan: Jatayu has found a home in the vaikuntha.

Sampaati : how sad! How sad! My brother to die and l live on.

Jambavan: Old though he was. He fought a difficult battle with
an evil demon Ravan
and was slain as he tried to save Mother Sita from the demon's

Sampaati: You said Ravan!? Ravan is the name!? lf l knew he had
killed my brother. I would never have let him fly over this
land, unharmed.

Angad: He flew over here?

Sampaati: Yes, look across the sea There is Lanka.There you
will find and his captive the lady.

Angad:lf we cross the sea with all the troops we will need
thousands of boats.

Jambavan: And l am too old now. Though in my youth I had circled
the earth 21 times. Now, there is only one among us who can
handle this task.
( Jamavan looks towards Hanuman )
When you were a boy believing the new born sun to be a golden
fruit. You once flew after itmeaning to swallow it up. You had
great powers but you did not know how to use them. The world was
afraid of you and so you were put under a spell that sealed your
powers. But the time has not come for me to unseal these hidden
( With loud voice)
Only you can cross the sea with your divine powers. Only you can
reach Lanka and find mother Sita.

(Hanumanji Jumps over the sea)

Vanars: He has done it he has done it! How wonderful!

Farewell prince!

Hanumanji jumps over sea

(music in the background)
Narration Hanuman rushes towards Lanka

Mainka mountain

After a furious battle Hanuman tears the monster to pieces and
proceeds towards the island of Lanka.

Scene 2: Fighting of Hanuman and

Lankini: Presiding deity of Lanka

How have you entered this city unchecked? What is a monkey like
you doing in the kingdom of the Raksasas?
I will only answer your question after you tell me who you are."
I am the presiding deity of Lanka. I carefully guard this city
on behalf of Ravana. Because you have entered here without
permission, you shall meet your death today by my hands
I have come here to take a tour of the city, for I desire to see
all the magnificent gardens and palaces."
This city is inhabited only by Raksasas. No stray monkeys are
allowed to roam the streets. If you want to view the opulences
of Lanka, you will have to kill me first!"
I will look at the city as much as I like and depart the same
way I entered!"
Lankni: (shouting)
"You will not!,"
(Fighting between Lankini and Hanuman)
Lankini: (crying)
"Please spare me, for a true hero will never strike a woman.
Please listen, for once, long ago, Lord Brahma informed me, `at
the time when you are overpowered by a monkey, the destruction
of your city and all the Raksasas is certain!' I therefore admit
defeat, for I can understand that Ravana's death is at hand. O
vanara, you have my permission to enter Lanka to accomplish
whatever it is you desire."

Scene 3: Hanuman searches for Sita

Description of Lanka, ravans palace , Puspaka Viman

Drunken ladies and men laughing and dancing

Scene 3: Ashoka Vatika

Ravan: Ah you are awake. Do you not see I am starving for your
O jewel among women, do not be afraid of me. I am here
only to render You service. Why do You lie here in a wretched
condition? Rise up and
enjoy with me. My day begins only when I see the radiance of
your face. And were you, (pause) you won't even look at me
Perhaps l should make a gift of Ram's head.

( Sita avoiding Ravan)
I will never be tempted by your offers of insignificant opulence
and royal comforts. I am as inseparable from Rama as sunlight is
from the sun. I will burn you to ashes by power of my chastity
but I don’t have my swamis order. The only way that you can save
yourself from Rama's wrath is to voluntarily deliver me back to


Shut up sita. Your words deserves put u to death, but my love
for u prevents me to kill you.

Rakshasi 1: you are comparing Ravan to Ram
Ram is dead sita Ram is dead. Don’t be a fool submit to Ravan
listen to our advice, or else face a horrible death.


Kill me but I will never become Ravans wife
Ravan: There is only a little time left. The promise, year,
will soon be over. Oh rakshis convince her to
Ahhhhhhh Ahhhh Ahhh laughs

( Ravan leaves ashoka Vatika )

Scene 4: Sita and Hanuman

O Ram! Ram, my husband come to save me quickly.
O Ram!

(Song: Janani main Ran Duta Hanuman)

Come with me, mother. I will take you back to Ram.

I can't go with you. I have vowed never to touch the body of any
man other than Räma.
I could not voluntarily touch another man.. I therefore prefer
to wait for My lord, confident that He will soon arrive ans also
There are many people in Lanka who have been abducted and
enslaved by force. lt's not only l who is to be rescued.

Hmm I understand. I am leaving now. But soon your beloved
husband Ram will defeat Ravan and release the people of Lanka.
Take heart, be courageous, till the day of liberty comes.

Tell Ram to come and save me quickly. l will be hopeful till

l will surely tell him.Before l leave, l must teach Ravan and
his friends a lesson.
Besides, l need the exercise.

( Hanuman starts destroying the Ashoka Vatika)

Hanuman thinks in mind narration The next one promises to be a
better match for me.
Perhaps, if l let myself to be captured l will be able to see
Ravan himself, face to face.

Megharaj captures Hanuman

Scene: 5 Assembly of Ravan
Ravans Minister

Ravans Minister:
You there!? What is your name and who has sent you to Lanka?

O Lord of Lanka, l am Hanuman. l come to you with respect as a
messenger of Lord Sugriv
the Vanara King and devoted friend of Ram, Prince of Ayodhya.
You know it was a cowardly act to carry off Princess Sita.
Totally contrary to Dharm. This will surely end in your
and the destruction of your race. Restore Sita to the prince and
seek his forgiveness.

Ravan :

Kill him.

According to the law of kings, you may mutilate, brand or whip a
messenger, but kill him?

Why? What's wrong in killing a creature such as this?

lf you slay him, what chance is there of our real enemies being
brought here?


All right, but set fire to his tail first. Then let him go home.

( Rakshasas take Hanuman to set fire to tail)

Oh it's hot. lt's burning me. Help!
lt's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot it's hot

Stop him! Stop him!

(Hanuman sets fire to whole city of Lanka after that he flies
back to Rameshvaram)

Scene 6: Assembly at Rameshvaram
Ram and Lakshman

(Everyone waiting for Hanuman to come back.
Vanaras making noise)

(Hanuman comes back)

Angad :
What happened hanuman ?
I have seen the godly Sétä. She is
, surrounded by fierce Räkñasés and constantly harassed by Rävaëa. We
should lose no
time in rescuing the princess.

How can we report such a state of sita to Ram.Let us destroy that
city, kill the evil Rävaëa and rescue Sétä.
Your suggestion is not wise, O mighty monkey. That prince has vowed to
rescue Her Himself.
Even if we should somehow succeed without Räma, we would falsify His
Let us go to Ram.
( Vanaras Proceeds towards Ram )
Tell Me everything about Sita , O gallant one. Is She well? Where is
She? Where indeed is that wicked wretch Rävaëa?

With Aìgada‟s permission, Hanumän related everything to Räma and
Sugréva, He then gave Sétä‟s
message to Räma, along with Her ornament.
You have accomplished a great deed, my dear Hanumän. None but
Garuòa or the wind-god himself could have achieved this task. Who
could leap across the expansive ocean?
You are a first –class servant, O my dear Hanuman. You have achieved
all that was asked of you and more.

(All He could offer him was His embrace.
Räma said as He took hold of Hanumän and tightly hugged him.)