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Mathematical Manuscripts of KARL MARX NEW PARK PUBLICATIONS. Publehed by New Park Pobiicntions Lid., 2b Old Town, Gapham, London $W4 OjT ‘Figst published in German and Rusitn as ‘Karl Marz, Mathematichertie Rubopat ‘Nauta Pres, Masco, 1988 ‘Translation Copyright © New Park Publcations Led 1988 Setup, Printed snd Bound by Trade Union Labour Distiboted inthe United States by! ‘Labor Publications Inc, ‘GPO 1876 NY [New York 10001 Prime in Great Britain by Asnooe Litho Lid (TU), 2-22 Asksright Raed, Asimcor, Ruacora, Cheshire ISBN 0 96757 O00 3 Contents Publisher's Nore Preface to the 1968 Russian edition Letter from Engels to Marx, August 10, 1881 Letter from Engels to Marx, November 21, 1882 ‘Letter from Marx to Engels, November 22, 1882 ‘Two Manuscripts on Differential Calculus "On the Concept of the Derived Function’ 1 1 (On the Differential 1 0 Drafts and Supplements on the work ‘On the Differential” First Draft Second Draft 1 0 ‘Third Draft Some Supplements ‘On the History of Differential Calculus ‘A Page included in Notebook *B (Continuation of A) I” 1 First Drafts I, The Historical Path of Development 1. Continuation of Extracts ‘Taylor's Theorem, MacLaurin’s Theorem and Lagrange’s Theory of Derived Functions 17 1. From the Manuscript ‘Taylor's Theorem, MacLsurin's Theorem, and Lagrange’s Theory of Derived Functions iw 1 8 TOT Lagrange’s Theory of Functions 13 2, From the Unfinished Manuscript “Taylor's Theorem’ us Appendix tothe Manuscript ‘On the History of Differential Calculus’. Analysis of d’Alembert’s Method On the Ambiguity of the terms ‘Limit’ and “Limit Value? 13 Comparison of d’Alembert’s Method to the Algebraic Method 127 ‘Analysis of &'Alembert's Method by means of yet another example 132 Appendices by the editors of the 1968 Russian edition ce 1. Concerning the Concept of ‘Limit’ in the Sources 3 consulted by Marx IL, On the Lemmas of Newton cited by Marx 186 TE On the Calculus of Zeroes by Leonard Euler 160 TV. John Lancen’s ‘Residual Analysis’ 165 V. The Principles of Differential Calculus according to Bouchaslat 173 VL. Taylor's and Mac aurin's Theorems and Lagrange's theory of ‘Analytic Fusctions in the source-books used by Marx 182 Notes 191 Notes to the 1968 Russian edition 193 Additional material as E. Kol'man, Karl Marx and Mathematics: ‘on the ‘Mathematical Manuscripts’ of Marx 27 ‘Hegel and Mathematics by Ernst Kol'man and Sonye Yanovskaya 235 Hegel, Marx and Calculus by C. Smith 256 Index am PUBLISHERS’ NOTE | ‘The major part of this volume has been translated from Karl Marx, Mathematicheshie Rakopsit, edited by Professor 8.4. Yanovskaya, Moscow 1968 refered to in this volun as Yanovskaya, 1968). This | ‘contained the first publication of Marx's mathematical writings in their original form, elongside Russian translation. (Russian trans- lation of pars of these manuscripts hed appeated in 1933.) We have included the first English translation of Pat Iof the Russian edition, comprising the more or less finished manuscripts left by Marx on the Aierentat calculus, and earlier drafts ofthese. We have not trans- lated Part ITof the 1968 volume, which consisted of extracts from and ‘comments on the mathematical books which Marx had studied. Pro- fessor Yanovskaya, who had worked on these manuscripts since 1930, died just before the book appeared. We inchude a translation of her preface, together with six Appendices, and Notes to Pat I. Tn addition, we include the following: 4) extracts from two letters from Engels to Marxand one from Marx to Engels, discussing these writings; b)a review of Yanovskaya, 1968, translated from the Russian, by the Soviet mathematician E. Kol'man, who died in Sweden in 1979, And who had also been associated with these manuscripts since their fitet transcription; ) an article by Yanovskaya and Kol'man on ‘Hegel and ‘Mathematics’, which appeared in 1931 in the journal Pod enamenem ‘marbsiona. This has been translate from the version which appeared In the German magazine Unter dem Banner des Marviomus; 4) an essay on ‘Hegel, Marx and the Calculus’ written for this volume by Cyril Smith ‘The material from Yanovekaya 1968 has been translated by C. Aronson and M. Meo, who are alo responsible for translating the review by E, Kol'man. ‘The eters between Marx and Engels, and the article by | Yanovekaya and Kol'man, are translated by R. A. Archer v H 7