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Regardless of where they take place- either in favourite places of extremist movements, where

thay become part of every day life, or in states whose recent history is alien to this type of
confrontation-, terrorist attacks manage to shock each time through the brutal attack on life.
The european states engaged in the international counterterrorist alliance were faced with
terrorist threats and attacks (most important: 2004 Madrid, 2005 London, 2011 Oslo, 2012
Toulouse and Burgas -Bulgaria), that evolved from structured forms to singular individuals
terrorism - ,,lone wolves, that have more or less to do with terrorist organisations or that are
inspired from the philosophy of some terrorist organisations, but dont have any connections
with them - ,,solo terrorists.
The publicity of terrorist cases produces tragical effects because after their consumption, morbid
fascination that is produced upon people that are imbalanced generate likewise situations.
Nowadays, the eradication of terrorist borders is a reality that is confirmed by the attack in july
2012 from Burgas Bulagaria, which marks geographically the expanding of the frequently
targeted area of Western Europe towards Eastern Europe as well, Romania included. Even
though it hasnt had up to now any terrorist attacks, Romania presents similar to the EU/
NATO member states employed in war operations (Afganistan, for example) suficient data that
make it attractive for terrorist organisations.
However, George Maior, the Director of SRI (Romanian Information Services), reassured us in
september 2012 that momentarily, there arent any kind of clues indicationg that similar attacks
to the ones in Bulgaria are being prepared in our country, but there is an increase in terrorist
threat: ,, I mentioned the constant increase in the terrorist threat in recent months about the
territory. We try to keep this threat away from the national territory, which has seriously affected
a neighboring state, I mean Burgas event. "

Maior insists on the fact that, even though at a global scale terrorism is expanding, Romania is
quite safe for now: ,, In Romania we dont have an inland terrorism, but our country is targeted
by terrorist organisations, but without being a primary target. Small incidents linked to terrorism
have been monitorized and countered promptly by our Service, in cooperation with the

institutions that compose the National System of Prevention and Combat of Terrorism and
external partners. The permanend precaution and cooperation have led in the last years to a quick
identification of terrorist threats and neutralising some anti-terorrist activities. Institutional
capabilities and cooperation priorities focus primarily on the prevention dimension, which is
based on the informative component in cooperation with partners from the national security
system- and secondly, on the action dimension, of countering (Antiterorist Brigade), which is
ensured inclusively through a very good cooperation with law enforcement authorities, especially

George Maior, Asigurari Antitero; Foreign Policy, septembrie-octombrie 2012, p.11