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How To Help When you visit our website:
Pray — lives are not changed by
hard work or clever plans. It is only Please click on “Weekly Blog” to view:
by the blessings of God.
 Video and pictures of recent
Participate— every month there
programs and activities.
are practical ways you and your
family can make a difference—
 Prayer Requests and Praise
such as donating Christmas Toys,
school supplies, snacks, etc.—see Reports
website for details. Also consider
 Current volunteer
participating or volunteering with
the various Christ Cares Ministry
opportunities and ways to
Christ Cares
Events. participate.
“When he saw the
Partner — the main fundraising  Devotionals multitudes, he was
goal of Christ Cares is to provide moved with
compassion on
staff workers for the “plenteous Christ Cares: Proclaiming & them, because they
harvest field”. “...And how shall fainted, & were
Demonstrating the Love of God
they hear without a preacher?”, scattered abroad, as
Rom. 10:14. Funds are also needed sheep having no shepherd. Then said
to empower the various programs
he to his disciples,
of Christ Cares. The harvest is
Scott Reese, Director
223 W. Memorial Drive plenteous, but the
Chicago Heights, IL 60411 laborers are few. So
Matthew 9:36 - 38
pray to the Lord of
Phone: 708-539-8939 the harvest, that he
E-mail: will send forth
laborers into his
witness to their community on the Saturday

Christ Cares
before Easter and the DAY OF KINDNESS
encourages Christians to demonstrate
God’s love in practical ways to their


 To proclaim the gospel and demonstrate  Although at this time, Scott invests less
the love of God in practical ways. “The than 1 day a week, it is making an impact
world will know that Christ cares when it for the kingdom. To see this, just GOOGLE
sees that the Body of Christ cares. terms like “Christian Internet Ministry”,
“Web Evangelist”, “Internet Minister”, “How
 To promote reconciliation, communication, to avoid Internet temptation” . Volunteer
and collaboration within the Body of OUR MINISTRY PROJECTS opportunities to use your computer to share
Christ. To link and empower believers for your faith will be listed in January, 2010.
 “Many doing a little can make a huge
impact for the kingdom.” Christ Cares
encourages Christians to donate low price OUR TEAM
items such as Christmas Toys, school
supplies, snacks, etc. to empower Christ  We are grateful for the team of volunteers
Cares and other Urban Ministries to not that make our ministry possible. Many have
only to proclaim God’s love but also been discipled through our ministry and
demonstrate it in a practical way. See they are now giving back to the next
website for this month’s items. generation. We are grateful to our active
and involved Board of Directors of
dedicated Christians for providing
OUR NEEDS leadership and oversight. Our Director,
Rev. Scott Reese, (B.S. in Pastoral
 Christ Cares has a van with an inflatable Theology, and a Master of Ministry from
bouncer and some carnival type games Moody) has been blessed with an unusual
that are used to empower urban ministries background—over 30 years of cross
to have evangelistic outreaches to their cultural ministry including 18 years as a
communities. We would like to upgrade pastor of an African American Congrega-
OUR PROGRAMS this to a Uhaul type of truck with more tion and preaching on a regular basis to a
items. Christ Cares funding comes from Chinese congregation for over 20 years. It
 Christ Cares runs a variety of programs donations of Christians and churches. is our prayer and desire to use this unique
and services targeting Urban Chicagoland. Please prayerfully consider partnering background to help churches with racial
These include Bible studies, urban youth with us. reconciliation issues.
activities, Bible and Basketball, homeless
shelter fun night, discipling future urban
Christian leaders, preaching, encouraging OUR ANNUAL PROGRAMS OUR WEBSITE
and consulting urban ministers,
resourcing urban ministries, etc. See
 Christ cares sponsors several annual  YOUR GIVING HAS MADE A DIFFERENCE!
website for a current list and schedule of endeavors. The Taste of Reconciliation Visit our website for literally hours of video
programs. promotes racial reconciliation and was testimonies as well as clips from our
attended last year by about 550. GOOD activities & programs. To God be the glory!
NEWS DAY encourages churches to

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