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V, 22. Charm aa!"#$ $a%ma" (&'('r) a") r'*a$') )!#'a#'#.
1. May Agni drive the takman away from here, may Soma, the press-stone,
and Varuna, of tried skill; may the altar, the straw (upon the altar, and the
!rightly-flaming fagots (drive him away" Away to naught shall go the
hateful powers"
#. $hou that makest all men sallow, inflarning them like a searing fire, even
now, % takman, thou shalt !e&ome void of strength' do thou now go away
down, aye, into the depths"
$he takman that is spotted, &overed (vith spots, like reddish sediment, him
thou, (% plant of unremitting poten&y, drive away down !elow"
). *aving made o!eisan&e to the takman, + &ast him down !elow' let him,
the &hampion of Sakam!hara, return again to the Mah,vrishas"
-. *is home is with the M.gavants, his home with the Mah,vrishas. /rom the
moment of thy !irth thou art indigenous with the 0alhikas.
1. % takman, vy2la, v3 gada, vy4nga, hold off (thy missile far" Seek the
gada!out slave-girl, strike her with thy !olt"
5. % takman, go to the M.gavants, or to the 0alhikas farther away" Seek the
le&herous S.dra female' her, % takman, give a good shaking-up"
6. 7o away to the Mah,vrishas and the M.gavants, thy kinsfolk, and
&onsume them" $hose (regions do we !espeak for the takman, or these
regions here other (than ours.
8. (+f in other regions thou dost not a!ide, mayest thou that art powerful
take pity on us" $akman, now, has !e&ome eager' he will go to the 0alhikas.
19. :hen thou, !eing &old, and then again deliriously hot, a&&ompanied !y
&ough, didst &ause the (sufferer to shake, then, % takman, thy missiles
were terri!le' from these surely e;empt us"
11. 0y no means ally thyself with !al,sa, &ough and spasm" /rom there do
thou not return hither again' that, % takman, do + ask of thee"
1#. % takman, along with thy !rother !al,sa, along with thy sister &ough,
along with thy &ousin p,man, go to yonder foreign folk"
1<. =estroy the takman that returns on (ea&h third day, the one that
intermits (ea&h third day, the one that &ontinues without intermission, and
the autumnal one; destroy the &old takman, the hot, him that &omes in
summer, and him that arrives in the rainy season"
1). $o the 7andh,ris, the M,gavants, the Angas, and the Magadhas, we
deliver over the takman, like a servant, like a treasure"
VI, 2+. Charm aa!"#$ $a%ma" (&'('r).
1. As if from this Agni (fire, that !urns and flashes, (the takman &omes.
>et him then, too, as a !a!!ling drunkard, pass away" >et him, the impious
one, sear&h out some other person, not ourselves" ?everen&e !e to the
takman with the !urning weapon"
#. ?everen&e !e to ?udra, reveren&e to the takman, reveren&e to the
luminous king Varuna" ?everen&e to heaven, reveren&e to earth, reveren&e
to the plants"
<. $o thee here, that !urnest through, and turnest all !odies yellow, to the
red, to the !rown, to the takman produ&ed !y the forest, do + render
I, 2,. Charm aa!"#$ $a%ma" (&'('r).
1. :hen Agni, having entered the waters, !urned, where the (gods who
uphold the order (of the universe rendered homage (to Agni, there, they
say, is thy origin on high' do thou feel for us, and spare us, % takman"
#. :hether thou art flame, whether thou art heat, or whether from li&king
&hips (of wood thou !ast arisen, *r.du !y name art thou, % god of the
yellow' do thou feel for us, and spare us, % takman"
<. :hether thou art !urning, whether thou art s&or&hing, or whether thou
art the son of king Varuna, *r.du !y name art thou, % god of the yellow' do
thou feel for us, and spare us, % takman"
). $o the &old takman, and to the deliriously hot, the glowing, do + render
homage. $o hirn that returns on the morrow, to him that returns for two
(su&&essive days, to the takman that returns on the third day, homage shall
VII, --.. Charm aa!"#$ $a%ma" (&'('r).
1. *omage (!e to the deliriously hot, the shaking, e;&iting, impetuous
(takman" *omage to the &old (takman, to him that in the past fulfilled
#. May (the takman that returns on the morrow, he that returns on two
(su&&essive days, the impious one, pass into this frog"
V, /. Pra0'r $1 $h' %2#h$ha-3*a"$ $1 )'#$r10
$a%ma" (&'('r).
1. $hou that art !orn upon the mountains, as the most potent of plants,
&ome hither, % kushtha, destroyer of the takman, to drive out from here the
#. $o thee (that growest upon the mountain, the !rooding-pla&e of the
eagle, (and art sprung from *imavant, they &ome with treasures, having
heard (thy fame. /or they know (thee to !e the destroyer of the takman.
<. $he asvattha-tree is the seat of the gods in the third heaven from here.
$here the gods pro&ured the kushtha, the visi!le manifestation of amrita
). A golden ship with golden ta&kle moved upon the heavens. $here the gods
pro&ured the kushtha, the flower of amrita (am!rosia.
-. $he paths were golden, and golden were the oars; golden were the ships,
upon whi&h they &arried forth the kushtha hither (to the mountain.
1. $his person here, % kushtha, restore for me, and &ure him" ?ender him
free from si&kness for me"
5. $hou art !orn of the gods, thou art Soma@s good friend. 0e thou propitious
to my in-!reathing and my out-!reathing, and to this eye of mine"
6. Sprung in the north from the *imavant (mountains, thou art !rought to
the people in the east. $here the most stiperior varieties of the kushtha
were apportioned.
8. @Superior,@ % kushtha, is thy name; @superior@ is the name of thy father. =o
thou drive out all disease, and render the takman devoid of strength"
19. Aain in the head, affli&tion in the eye, and ailment of the !ody, all that
shall the kushtha heal-a divinely powerful (remedy, forsooth"
4I4, 56. Pra0'r $1 $h' %2#h$ha-3*a"$ $1 )'#$r10
$a%ma" (&'('r), a") 1$h'r a!*m'"$#.
1. May the prote&ting god kushtha &ome hither from the *imavant' destroy
thou every takman, and all female spooks"
#. $hree names hast thou, % kushtha, (namely' kushtha, na-gh,-m,ra
(@forsooth-no-death@, and na-gh,-risha (@forsooth-no-harm@. Verily no harm
shall suffer (na gh, . . . rishat this person here, for whom + !espeak thee
morn and eve, aye the (entire day"
<. $hy mother@s name is gBval, (@Cui&kening@, thy father@s name is gBvanta
(@living@. Verily no harm shall suffer this person here, for whom + !espeak
thee morn and eve, aye the entire day"
). $hou art the most superior of the plants, as a steer among &attle, as the
tiger among !easts of prey. Verily no harm shall stiffer this person here, for
whom + !espeak thee morn and eve, aye the entire day"
-. $hri&e !egotten !y the S,m!u Angiras, thri&e !y the Ddityas, and thri&e
!y all the gods, this kushtha, a universal remedy, stands together with
soma. =estroy thou every takman, and all female spooks"
1. $he asvattha-tree is the seat of the gods in the third heaven from here.
$here &ame to sight the amrita (am!rosia, there the kushtha-plant was
5. A golden ship with golden ta&kle moved upon the heavens. $here &ame to
sight the amrita, there the kushtha-plant was !orn.
6. %n the spot where the ship glided down, on the peak of the *imavant,
there &ame to sight the am!rosia, there the kushtha-plant was !orn. $his
kushtha, a universal remedy, stands together with soma. =estroy thou every
takman, and all female spooks"
8. (:e know thee whom +kshv,ku knew of yore, whom the women, fond of
kushtha, knew, whom V,yasa and M,tsya knew' therefore art thou a
universal remedy.
19. $he takman that returns on ea&h third day, the one that &ominues
without intermission, and the yearly one, ao thou, (% plant of unremitting
strength, drive away down !elow"
I, -2. Pra0'r $1 *!h$"!", 71"7'!(') a# $h' 7a2#'
1& &'('r, h'a)a7h', a") 712h.
1. $he first red !ull, !orn of the (&loud-wom!, !orn of wind and &louds,
&omes on thundering with rain. May he, that &leaving moves straight on,
spare our !odies; he who, a single for&e, has passed through threefold"
#. 0owing down to thee that fastenest thyself with heat upon every lim!,
we would reveren&e thee with o!lations; we would reveren&e with o!lations
the &rooks and hooks of thee that hast, as a seiEer, seiEed the lim!s of this
<. /ree him from heada&he and also from &ough, (produ&ed !y the lightning
that has entered his every Foint" May the flashing (lightning, that is !orn of
the &loud, and !orn of the wind, strike the trees and the mountains"
). Gomfort !e to my upper lim!, &omfort !e to my nether; &omfort !e to my
four mem!ers, &omfort to my entire !ody"
I, 22. Charm aa!"#$ 8a2")!7' a") r'*a$')
1. Hp to the sun shall go thy heart-a&he and thy Faundi&e' in the &olour of
the red !ull do we eovelop thee"
#. :e envelop thee in red tints, unto long life. May this person go
uns&athed, and !e free of vellow &olour"
<. $he &ows whose divinity is ?ohini, they who, moreover, a;e (themselves
red (rIhinin-(in their every form and every strength we do envelop thee.
). +nto the parrots, into the ropan,k,s (thrush do we put thy Faundi&e, and,
furthermore, into the h,ridravas (yellow wagtail do we put thy Faundi&e.
VI, -/. Charm aa!"#$ $h' )!#'a#' 9a*:#a.
1. $he internal disease that has set in, that &rum!les the !ones, and
&rum!les the Foints, every !al,sa do thou drive out, that whi&h is in the
lim!s, and in the Foints"
#. $he !al,sa of him that is affli&ted with !al,sa do + remove, as one gelds a
lusty animal. +ts &onne&tion do + &ut off as the root of a pumpkin.
<. /ly forth from here, % !al,sa, as a swift foal (after the mare. And even,
as the reed in every year, pass away without slaying men"
VI, -+,. Charm aa!"#$ 712h.
1. As the-soul with the soul@s desires swiftly to a distan&e flies, thus do thou,
% &ough, fly forth along the soul@s &ourse of flight"
#. As a well-sharpened arrow swiftly to a distan&e flies, thus do thou, %
&ough, fly forth along the e;panse of the earth"
<. As the rays of the sun swiftly to a distan&e fly, thus do thou, % &ough, fly
forth along the flood of the sea"
I, 2. Charm aa!"#$ ';7'##!(' )!#7har'# &r1m
$h' 91)0.
1. :e know the father of the arrow, Aarg-anya, who furnishes !ountiful
fluid, and well do we know his mother, Arithivi (earth, the multiform"
#. % !owstring, turn aside from us, turn my !ody into stone" =o thou firmly
hold very far away the hostile powers and the haters"
<. :hen the !owstring, em!ra&ing the wood (of the !ow, greets with a
whiE the eaoer arrow, do thou, % +ndra, ward off from us the pier&ing
). As the point (of the arrow stands in the way of heaven and earth, thus
may the muJga-grass unfailingly stand in the way of si&kness and (e;&essive
II, 5. Charm aa!"#$ ';7'##!(' )!#7har'# &r1m
$h' 91)0, 2")'r$a%'" <!$h #3r!"-<a$'r.
1. $he spring-water yonder whi&h runs down upon the mountain, that do +
render healing for thee, in order that thou mayest &ontain a potent remedy.
#. $hen surely, yea Cuite surely, of the hundred remedies &ontained in thee,
thou art the most superior in &he&king dis&harges and removing pain.
<. =eep down do the Asuras !ury this great healer of wounds' that is the
&ure for dis&harges, and thal hath removed disease.
). $he ants !ring the remedy from the sea' that is the &ure for dis&harges,
and that hath Cuieted disease.
-. $his great healer of wounds has !een gotten out of the earth' that is the
&ure for dis&harges, and
that hath removed disease.
1. May the waters afford us welfare, may the her!s !e propitious to us +
+ndra@s !olt shall !eat off the ?akshas, far (from us shall fly the arrows &ast
!y the ?akshas"
VI, //. Charm aa!"#$ ';7'##!(' )!#7har'# &r1m
$h' 91)0.
1. $he heavens have stood still, the earth has stood still, all &reatures have
stood still. $he trees that sleep ere&t have stood still' may this disease of
thine stand still"
#. %f the hundred remedies whi&h thou hast, of the thousand that have
!een &olle&ted, this is the most e;&ellent &ure for dis&harges, the !est
remover of disease.
<. $hou art the urine of ?udra, the navel of amrita (am!rosia. $hy name,
forsooth, is vish,nak,, (thou art arisen from the foundation of the /athers,
a remover of diseases produ&ed !y the winds (of the !ody.
I, 5. Charm aa!"#$ 71"#$!3a$!1" a") r'$'"$!1" 1&
1. :e know the father of the arrow, Aarganya, of hundredfold power. :ith
this (&harm may + render &omforta!le thy !ody' make thy %utpouring upon
the earth; out of thee may it &ome with the sound !,l"
#. :e know the father of the arrow, Mitra, K&.
<. :e know the father of the arrow, Varuna, K&.
). :e know the father of the arrow, Landra, K&.
-. :e know the father of the arrow, S.rya, K&.
1. $hat whi&h has a&&umulated in thy entralls. thy &anals, in thy !ladder-
thus let thy urine !e released, out &ompletely, with the sound !,l"
5, + split open thy penis like the dike of a lake--thus let thy urine !e
released, out &ompletely, with the sound !,l"
6. ?ela;ed is the opening of thy !ladder like the o&ean, the reservoir of
water--thus let thy urine !e released, out &ompletely, with the sound !,l"
8. As an arrow flies to a distan&e when hurled from the !ow-thus let thy
urine !e released, out &ompletely, with the sound !,l"
VI, 6+. Charm aa!"#$ !"$'r"a* 3a!" (71*!7), )2'
$1 $h' m!##!*'# 1& R2)ra.
1. $he arrow that ?udra did &ast upon thee, into (thy lim!s, and into thy
heart, this here do we now draw out away from thee.
#. /rom the hundred arteries whi&h are distri!uted along thy lim!s, from all
of these do we e;or&ise forth the poisons.
<. Adoration !e to thee, % ?udra, as thou &asteth (thy arrow; adoration to
the (arrow when it has !een pla&ed upon (the !ow; adoration to it as it is
!eing hurled; adoration to it when it has fallen down"
I, -+. Charm aa!"#$ )r13#0.
1. $his Asura rules over the gods; the &ommands of Varuna, the ruler, surely
&ome true. /rom this (trou!le, from the wrath of the mighty (Varuna, do +,
e;&elling in my in&antation, lead out this man.
#. ?everen&e, % king Varuna, !e to thy wrath, for all falsehood, % mighty
one, &lost thou dis&over. A thousand others together do + make over to thee'
this thy (man shall live a hundred autumns"
<. /rom the untruth whi&h thou hast spoken, the a!undant wrong, with thy
tongue--from king, Varuna + release thee, whose laws do not fail.
). + release thee from Vaisv,nara (Agni, from the great flood. %ur rivals, %
mighty one, do thou &ensure here, and give heed to our prayer"
VII, =5. Charm aa!"#$ )r13#0.
1. $hy golden &ham!er, king Varuna, is !uilt in the waters" $hen&e the king
that maintains the laws shall loosen all sha&kles"
#. /rom every ha!itation (of thine, % king Varuna, from here do thou free
us" +n that we have said, @ye waters, ye &ows;@ in that we have said, @%
Varuna,@ from this (sin, % Varuna, free us"
<. >ift from us, % Varuna, the uppermost fetter, take down the nethermost,
loosen the middlemost" $hen shall we, % Dditya, in thy law, e;empt from
guilt, live in freedom"
). >oosen from us, % Varuna, all fetters, the uppermost, the nethermost,
and those imposed !y Varuna" Mvil dreams, and misfortune drive away from
us' then may we go to the world of the pious"
VI, 2/. Dr13#0, h'ar$-)!#'a#', a") %!")r')
ma*a)!'# 72r') 90 &*1<!" <a$'r.
1. /rom the *imavant (mountains they flow forth, in the Sindhu (+ndus,
forsooth, is their assem!ling-pla&e' may the waters, indeed, grant me that
&ure for heart-a&he"
#. $he pain that hurts me in the eyes, and that whi&h hurts in the heels and
the fore-feet, the waters, the most skilled of physi&ians, shall put all that to
<. Ne rivers all, whose mistress is Sindhu, whose Cueen is Sindhu, grant us
the remedy for that' through this (remedy may we derive !enefit from you"
VI, =+. A" 19*a$!1" $1 $h' #2", 71"7'!(') a# 1"'
1& $h' $<1 h'a('"*0 )1#, a# a 72r' &1r
1. $hrough the air he flies, looking down upon all !eings' with the maFesty
of the heavenly dog, with that o!lation would we pay homage to thee"
#. $he three k,lak,Jga that are fi;ed upon the sky like gods, all these + have
&alled for help, to render this person e;empt from inFury.
<. +n the waters is thy origin, upon the heavens thy home, in the middle of
the sea, and upon the earth thy greatness. :ith the maFesty of the heavenly
dog, with that o!lation would we pay homage to thee"
II, =. Charm aa!"#$ %#h'$r!0a, h'r')!$ar0
1. Hp have risen the maFesti& twin stars, the vikritau (@the two looseners@;
may they loosen the nethermost and the uppermost fetter of the kshetriya
(inherited disease"
#. May this night shine (the kshetriya away, may she shine away the
wit&hes; may the plant, destru&tive of kshetriya, shine the kshetriya away"
<. :ith the straw of thy !rown !arley, endowed with white stalks, with the
!lossom of the sesame--may the plant, destru&tive of kshetriya, shine the'
kshetriya away"
). ?everen&e !e to thy ploughs, reveren&e to thy wagon-poles and yokes"
May the plant, destru&tive of kshetriya, shine the kshetriya away"
-. ?everen&e !e to those with sunken eyes reveren&e to the indi&enous
(evilsO, reveren&e to the lord of the field" May the plant, destru&tive of
kshetriya, shine the kshetriya away"
II, -+. Charm aa!"#$ %#h'$r!0a, h'r')!$ar0
1. /rom kshetriya (inherited disease, from (irriti (the goddess of
destru&tion, from the &urse of the kinswoman, from =ruh (the demon of
guile, from the fetter of Varuna do + release thee. 7uiltless do + render
thee through my &harm; may heaven and earth !oth !e propitious to thee"
#. May Agni together with the waters !e auspi&ious to thee, may Soma
together with the plants !e auspi&ious. $hus from kshetriya, from (irriti,
from the &urse of the kinswoman, from the =ruh, from the fetter of Varuna
do + release thee. 7uiltless do + render thee through my &harm; may heaven
and earth !oth !e propitious to thee"
May the wind in the atmosphere auspi&iously !estow upon thee strength,
may the four Cuarters of the heaven !e auspi&ious to thee. $hus from
kshetriya, from (irriti K&.
). $hese four goddesses, the dire&tions of spa&e, the &onsorts of the wind,
the sun surveys. $hus from kshetriya, from (irriti K&.
-. :ithin these (dire&tions + assign thee to old age; forth to a distan&e shall
go (irriti and disease" $hus from kshetriya, from (irriti K&.
1. $hou hast !een released from disease, from mishap, and from !lame; out
from the fetter of =ruh, and from 7r,hi (the demon of fits thou hast !een
released. $hus from kshetriya, from (irriti K&.
5. $hou didst leave !ehind Ar,ti (the demon of grudge, didst o!tain
prosperity, didst enter the happy world of the pious. $hus from kshetriya,
from (irriti K&.
6. $he gods, releasing the sun and the ritam (the divine order of the
universe from darkness and from 7r,hi, did take them out of sin. $hus from
kshetriya, from (irriti K&.
III, >. Charm aa!"#$ %#h'$r!0a, h'r')!$ar0
1. Hpon the head of the nim!le antelope a remedy grows" *e has driven the
kshetriya (inherited disease in all dire&tions !y means of the horn.
#. $he antelope has gone after thee with his four feet. % horn, loosen the
kshetriya that is knitted into his heart"
<. ($he horn that glistens yonder like a roof with four wings (sides, with
that do we drive out every kshetriya from thy lim!s.
). $he lovely twin stars, the vikritau (@the two looseners@ that are yonder
upon the sky, shall loosen the nethermost and the uppermost fetter of the
-. $he waters, verily, are healers, the waters are s&atterers of disease, the
waters &ure all disease' may they. relieve thee from the kshetriya"
1. $he kshetriya that has entered into thee from the prepared (magi&
&on&o&tion, for that + know the remedy; + drive the kshetriya out of thee.
5. :hen the &onstellations fade away, and when the dawn does fade away,
(then shall he shine away from us every evil and the kshetriya"
I, 25. ?'3r1#0 72r') 90 a )ar% 3*a"$.
1. 0orn !y night art thou, % plant, dark, !la&k, sa!le. =o thou, that art ri&h
in &olour, stain this leprosy, and the gray spots"
#. $he leprosy and the gray spots drive away from here--may thy native
&olour settle upon thee--the white spots &ause to fly away"
<. Sa!le is thy hiding-pla&e, sa!le thy dwelling-pla&e, sa!le art thou, %
plant' drive away from here the spe&kled spots"
). $he leprosy whi&h has originated in the !ones, and that whi&h has
originated in the !ody and upon the skin, the white mark !egotten of
&orruption, + have destroyed with my &harm.
I, 2/. ?'3r1#0 72r') 90 a )ar% 3*a"$.
1. $he eagle (suparna that was !orn at first, his gall thou wast, % plant.
$he DsurB having &onCuered this (gall gave it to the trees for their &olour.
#. $he DsurB was the first to &onstru&t this remedy for leprosy, this
destroyer of leprosy. She has destroyed the leprosy, has made the skin of
even &olour.
<. @Mven-&olour@ is the name of thy mother; @Mven-&olour@ is the name of thy
father; thou, % plant, produ&est even &olour' render this (spot of even
). $he !la&k (plant that produ&es even &olour has !een fet&hed out of the
earth. =o thou now, pray, perfe&t this, &onstru&t anew the &olours"
VI, =5. Charm &1r 72r!" #7r1&2*12# #1r'# 7a**')
1. /ly forth, ye apakit (sores, as an eagle from the nest" S.rya (the sun
shall prepare a remedy, Landram,s (the moon shall shine you away"
#. %ne is variegated, one is white, one is !la&k, and two are red' + have
gotten the names of all of them. 7o ye away without slaying men"
<. $he apakit, the daughter of the !la&k one, without !earing offspring will
fly away; the !oil will fly away from here, the galunta (swelling will perish.
). Gonsume thy own (proper o!lation with gratifi&ation in thy mind, when +
here offer sv,h, in my mind"
VII, >.. A. Charm &1r 72r!" #7r1&2*12# #1r'#
7a**') a3a%!$.
1. Ne (sores fall easily from that whi&h falls easily, ye e;ist less than those
that do not e;ist (at all; ye are drier than the (part of the !ody &alled
sehu, more moist than salt.
#. $he apakit (sores that are upon the ne&k, and those that are upon the
shoulders; the apakit that are upon the vig,man (some part of the !ody fall
off of themselves.
B. Charm &1r 72r!" $2m12r# 7a**') :0:"0a.
<. $he g,y,nya that &rushes the ri!s, that whi&h passes down to the sole of
the foot, and whi&hever is fi;ed upon the &rown of the head, + have driven
out every one.
). $he g,y,nya, winged, flies; he settles down upon man. *ere is the
remedy !oth for sores not &aused !y &utting as well as for wounds sharply
-. :e know, % g,y,nya, thy origin, when&e thou didst spring. *ow &anst
thou slay there, in whose house we offer o!lationsO
C. S$a"@a #2" a$ $h' m!)-)a0 3r'##2r' 1& $h' #1ma.
1. =rink stoutly, % +ndra, slayer of Vritra, hero, of the soma in the &up, at
the !attle for ri&hes" =rink thy fill at the mid-day pressure" >iving in wealth,
do thou !estow wealth upon us"
VII, >/. A. Charm &1r 72r!" #7r1&2*12# #1r'#
7a**') a3a%!$.
1. :e have heard it said that the mother of the !la&k Apakit (pustules is
red' with the root (found !y the divine sage do + strike all these.
#. + strike the foremost one of them, and + strike also the middlemost of
them; this hindmost one + &ut off as a flake (of wool.
B. Charm $1 a33'a#' 8'a*12#0.
<. :ith $vashtar@s &harm + have so!ered down thy Fealousy; also thy anger,
% lord, we have Cuieted.
C. Pra0'r $1 A"!, $h' *1r) 1& (1<#.
). =o thou, % lord of vows, adorned with vows, ever !enevolently here
shine" May we all, adoring thee, when thou hast !een kindled, % 7,tavedas,
!e ri&h in offspring"
VI, 2,. Charm aa!"#$ #7r1&2*12# #1r'# 231" "'7%
a") #h12*)'r#.
1. $he five and fifty (sores that gather together upon the nape of the ne&k,
from here they all shall pass away, as the pustules of the (disease &alled
#. $he seven and seventy (sores that gather together upon the ne&k, from
here they all shall pass away, as the pustules of the (disease &alled apakit"
<. $he nine and ninety (sores that gather together upon the shoulders, from
here they all shall pass away, as the pustules of the (disease &alled apakit"
VI, ,>. Ur!"' (:*:#ha) a# a 72r' &1r #7r1&2*12#
1. $his, verily, is a remedy, this is the remedy of ?udra, with whi&h one may
&harm away the arrow that has one shaft and a hundred points"
#. :ith g,l,sha (urine do ye wash (the tumour, with g,l,sha do ye sprinkle
it" $he g,l,sha is a potent remedy' do thou (?udra with it show mer&y to
us, that we may live"
<. 0oth well-!eing and &omfort shall !e ours, and nothing whatever shall
inFure us" $o the ground the disease (shall fall' may every remedy !e ours,
may all remedies !e ours"
IV, -2. Charm <!$h $h' 3*a"$ ar2")ha$A (*:%#h:)
&1r $h' 72r' 1& &ra7$2r'#.
1. ?ohan" art thou, &ausing to heal (rohanB, the !roken !one thou &ausest
to heal (rohanB' &ause this here to heal (rohaya, % arundhatB"
#. $hat !one of thine whi&h, inFured and !urst, e;ists in thy person, =h,tar
shall kindly knit together again, Foint with Foint"
<. $hy marrow shall unite with marrow, and thy Foint (unite with Foint; the
part of thy flesh that has fallen off, and thy !one shall grow together again"
). $hy marrow shall !e Foined together with marrow, thy skin grow together
with skin" $hy !lood, thy !one shall grow, thy flesh grow together with
-. /it together hair with hair, and fit together skin with skin" $hy !lood, thy
!one shall grow' what is &ut Foin thou together, % plant"
1. =o thou here rise up, go forth, run forth, (as a &hariot with sound
wheels, firm feloe, and strong nave; stand upright firmly"
5. +f he has !een inFured !y falling into a pit, or if a stone was &ast and hurt
him, may he (=h,tar, the fashioner fit him together, Foint to Foint, as the
wagoner (?i!hu the parts of a &hariot"
V, ,. Charm <!$h $h' 3*a"$ #!*:%! (*:%#h:,
ar2")ha$A) &1r $h' 72r' 1& <12")#.
1. $he night is thy mother, the &loud thy father, Aryaman thy grandfather.
Sil,kB, forsooth, is thy name, thou art the sister of the gods.
#. *e that drinks thee lives; (that person thou dost preserve. /or thou art
the supporter of all su&&essive (generations, the refuge of men.
<. Mvery tree thou dost &lim!, like a wen&h lusting after a man. @Vi&torious,@
@firmly founded,@ @saving,@ verily, is thy name.
). $he wound that has !een infli&ted !y the &lu!, !y the arrow, or !y fire,
of that thou art the &ure' do thou &ure this person here"
-. Hpon the no!le plaksha-tree (fi&us infe&toria thou growest up, upon the
asvattha (fi&us religiosa, the khadira (a&a&ia &ate&hu, and the dhava
(grislea tomentosa; (thou growest up upon the no!le nyagrodha (fi&us
indi&a, !anyan-tree, and the parna (!utea frondosa. Gome thou to us, %
1. % gold-&oloured, lovely, sun-&oloured, most handsome (plant, mayest
thou &ome to the fra&ture, % &ure" @Gure,@ verily, is thy name"
5. % gold-&oloured, lovely, fiery (plant, with hairy stem, thou art the sister
of the waters, % l,ksh,, the wind !e&ame thy very !reath.
6. Sil,kB is thy name, % thou that art !rown as a goat, thy father is the son
of a maiden. :ith the !lood of the !rown horse of Nama thou hast verily
!een sprinkled.
8. *aving dropped from the !lood of the horse she ran upon the trees,
turning into a winged !rook. =o thou &ome to us, % arundhatB"
VI, -+6. Th' 3'33'r-71r" a# a 72r' &1r <12")#.
1. $he pepper-&orn &ures the wounds that have !een stru&k !y missiles, it
also &ures the wounds from sta!s. Anent it the gods de&reed' @Aowerful to
se&ure life this (plant shall !e"@
#. $he pepper-&orns spake to one another, as they &ame out, after having
!een &reated' @*e whom we shall find (as yet alive, that man shall not
suffer harm"@
<. $he Asuras did dig thee into the ground, the gods &ast thee up again, as a
&ure for disease produ&ed !y wind (in the !ody, moreover as a &ure for
wounds stru&k !y missiles.
I, ->. Charm $1 #$13 $h' &*1< 1& 9*11).
1. $he maidens that go yonder, the veins, &lothed in red garments, like
sisters without a !rother, !ereft of strength, they shall stand still"
#. Stand still, thou lower one, stand still, thou higher one; do thou in the
middle also stand still" $he most tiny (vein stands still' may then the great
artery also stand still"
%f the hundred arteries, and the thousand veins, those in the middle here
have indeed stood still. At the same time the ends have &eased (to flow.
). Around you has passed a great sandy dike' stand ye still, pray take your
II, 5-. Charm aa!"#$ <1rm#.
1. :ith +ndra@s great mill-stone, that &rushes all vermin, do + grind to pie&es
the worms, as lentils with a mill-stone.
#. + have &rushed the visi!le and the invisi!le worm, and the, too, +
have &rushed. All the algandu and the saluna, the worms, we grind to pie&es
with our &harm.
<. $he algandu do + smite with a mighty weapon' those that have !een
!urned, and those that have not !een !urned, have !e&ome devoid of
strength. $hose that are left and those that are not left do + destroy with
my song, so that not one of the worms !e left.
). $he worm whi&h is in the entrails, and he that is in the head, likewise the
one that is in the ri!s' avaskava and vyadhvara, the worms, do we &rush
with (this &harm.
-. $he worms that are within the mountains, forests, plants, &attle, and the
waters, those that have settled in our !odies, all that !rood of the worms
do + smite.
II. 52. Charm aa!"#$ <1rm# !" 7a$$*'.
1. $he rising sun shall slay the worms, the setting sun with his rays shall slay
the worms that are within the &attle"
#. $he variegated worm, the four-eyed, the spe&kled, and the white--+ &rush
his ri!s, and + tear off his head.
<. >ike Atri, like Lanva, and like 7amadagni do + slay you, ye worms" :ith
the in&antation of Agastya do + &rush the worms to pie&es.
). Slain is the king of the worms, and their vi&eroy also is slain. Slain is the
worm, with him his mother slain, his !rother slain, his sister slain.
-. Slain are they who are inmates with him, slain are his neigh!ours;
moreover all the Cuite tiny worms are slain.
1. + !reak off thy two horns with whi&h thou deliverest thy thrusts; + &ut that
!ag of thine whi&h is the re&epta&le for thy poison.
V, 25. Charm aa!"#$ <1rm# !" 7h!*)r'".
1. + have &alled upon heaven and earth, + have &alled upon the goddess
SarasvatB, + have &alled upon +ndra and Agni' @they shall &rush the worm,@ (+
#. Slay the worms in this !oy, % +ndra, lord of treasures" Slain are all the
evil powers !y my fier&e impre&ation"
<. *im that moves a!out in the eyes, that moves a!out in the nose, that
gets to the middle of the teeth, that worm do we &rush.
). $he two of like &olour, the two of different &olour; the two !la&k ones,
and the two red ones; the !rown one, and the !rown-eared one; the (one
like a vulture, and the (one like a &u&koo, are slain.
-. $he worms with white shoulders, the !la&k ones with white arms, and all
those that are variegated, these worms do we &rush.
1. +n the east rises the sun, seen !y all, slaying that whi&h is not seen;
slaying the seen and the unseen (worms, and grinding to pie&es all the
5. $he yev,sha and the kashkasha, the egatka, and the sipavitnuka--the
seen worm shall !e slain, moreover the unseen shall !e slain"
6. Slain of the worms is the yev,sha, slain further is the nadaniman; all have
+ &rushed down like lentils with a mill-stone.
8. $he worm with three heads and the one with three skulls, the spe&kled,
and the white--+ &rush his ri!s and + tear off his head.
19. >ike Atri, like Lanva, and like 7amadagni do + slay you, ye worms" :ith
the in&antation of Agastya do + &rush the worms to pie&es.
11. Slain is the king of the worms, and their vi&eroy also is slain. Slain is the
worm, with him his mother slain, his !rother slain, his sister slain.
1#. Slain are they who are inmates with him, slain are his neigh!ours;
moreover all the Cuite tiny worms are slain.
1<. %f all the male worms, and of all the female worms do + split the heads
with the stone, + !urn their fa&es with fire.
IV, .. Charm aa!"#$ 31!#1".
1. $he 0r,hmana was the first to !e !orn, with ten heads and ten mouths.
*e was the first to drink the soma; that did render poison powerless.
#. As great as heaven and earth are in e;tent, as far as the seven streams
did spread, so far from here have + pro&laimed forth this &harm that
destroys poison.
<. $he eagle 7arutmant did, % poison, first devour thee. $hou didst not
!ewilder him, didst not inFure him, yea, thou didst turn into food for him.
). $he five-fingered hand that did hurl upon thee (the arrow even from the
&urved !ow--from the point of the tearing (arrow have + &harmed away the
-. /rom the point (of the arrow have + &harmed away the poison, from the
su!stan&e that has !een smeared upon it, and from its plume. /rom its
!ar!ed horn, and its ne&k, + have &harmed away the poison.
1. Aowerless, % arrow, is thy point, and powerless is thy poison. Moreover of
powerless wood is thy powerless !ow, % powerless (arrow"
5. $hey that ground (the poison, they that dau!ed it on, they that hurled
it, and they that let it go, all these have !een rendered impotent. $he
mountain that grows poisonous plants has !een rendered impotent.
6. +mpotent are they that dig thee, impotent art thou, % plant" +mpotent is
that mountain height when&e this poison has sprung.
IV, >. Charm aa!"#$ 31!#1".
1. $his water (v,r in the (river Varan,vatB shall ward off (v,ray,tai"
Amrita (am!rosia has !een poured into it' with that do + ward off (v,raye
poison from thee.
#. Aowerless is the poison from the east, powerless that from the north.
Moreover the poison from the south transforms itself into a porridge.
<. *aving made thee (the poison that &omes from a horiEontal dire&tion
into a porridge, ri&h in fat, and &heering, from sheer hunger he has eaten
thee, that hast an evil !ody' do thou not &ause inFury"
). $hy !ewildering Cuality (madam, % (plantO that art !ewildering
(madivati, we &ause to fall like a reed. As a !oiling pot of porridge do we
remove thee !y (our &harm.
-. ($hee, % poison that art, as it were, heaped a!out the village, do we
&ause to stand still !y (our &harm. Stand still as a tree upon its pla&e; do
not, thou that hast !een dug with the spade, &ause inFury"
1. :ith !room-straw (O, garments, and also with skins they pur&hased thee'
a thing for !arter art thou, % plant" =o not, thou that hast !een dug with
the spade, &ause inFury"
5. $hose of you who were of yore uneCualled in the deeds whi&h they
performed-may the, not inFure here our men' for this very purpose do +
engage you"
VI, -++. A"$# a# a" a"$!)1$' aa!"#$ 31!#1".
1. $he gods have given, the sun has given, the earth has given, the three
SarasvatBs, of one mind, have given this poison-destroying (remedy"
#. $hat water, % ants, whi&h the gods poured for you into the dry land, with
this (water, sent forth !y the gods, do ye destroy this poison"
<. $hou art the daughter of the Asuras, thou art the sister of the gods.
Sprung from heaven and earth, thou didst render the poison devoid of
VI, -5 Charm aa!"#$ #"a%'-31!#1".
1. Varuna, the sage of heaven, verily lends (power to rne. :ith mighty
&harms do + dissolve thy poison. $he (poison whi&h has !een dug, that
whi&h has not !een duo-, and that whi&h is inherent, 1 have held fast. As a
!rook in the desert thy poison has dried up.
#. $hat poison of thine whi&h is not fluid + have &onfined within these
(serpentsO. + hold fast the sap that is in thy middle, thy top, and in thy
!ottom, too. May (the sap now vanish out of thee from fright"
<. My lusty shout (is as the thunder with the &loud' then do + smite thy
(sap with my strong &harm. :ith manly strength + have held fast that sap of
his. May the sun rise as light from the darkness"
). :ith my eye do + slay thy eye, with poison do + slay thy poison. % serpent,
die, do not live; !a&k upon thee shall thy poison turn"
-. % kair,ta, spe&kled one, upatrinya (grass-dwellerO, !rown one, listen to
me; ye !la&k repulsive reptiles, (listen to me" =o not stand upon the
ground of my friend; &ease with your poison and make it known (to
1. + release (thee from the fury of the !la&k serpent, the taim,ta, the
!rown serpent, the poison that is not fluid, the all-&onCuering, as the
!owstring (is loosened from the !ow, as &hariots (from horses.
5. 0oth DligB and ViligB, !oth father and mother, we know your kin
everywhere. =eprived of your strength what will ye doO
6. $he daughter of urug.l,, the evil one !orn with the !la&k--of all those
who have run to their hiding-pla&e the poison is devoid of for&e.
8. $he pri&kly por&upine, tripping down from the mountain, did de&lare this'
@:hatsoever serpents, living in dit&hes, are here, their poison is most
defi&ient in for&e.@
19. $,!uvam (or not t,!uvam, thou (% serpent art not t,!uvam. $hrough
t,!uvam thy poison is !ereft of for&e.
11. $astuvam (or not tastuvam, thou (% serpent art not tastuvam. $hrough
tastuvarn thy poison is !ereft of for&e.
VI, -2. Charm aa!"#$ #"a%'-31!#1".
1. As the sun (goes around the heavens + have surrounded the ra&e of the
serpents. As night (puts to rest all animals e;&ept the hamsa !ird, (thus do
+ with this (&harm ward off thy poison.
#. :ith (the &harm that was found of yore !y the 0rahmans, found !y the
?ishis, and found !y the gods, with (the &harm that was, will !e, and is
now present, with this do + ward off thy poison.
<. :ith honey do + mi; the rivers; the mountains and peaks are honey.
*oney are the rivers AarushnB and SBpal,. Arosperity !e to thy mouth,
prosperity to thy heart"
VII, ,.. Charm aa!"#$ $h' 31!#1" 1& #'r3'"$#,
#71r3!1"#, a") !"#'7$#.
1. $he poison infused !y the serpent that is striped a&ross, !y the !la&k
serpent, and !y the adder; that poison of the kankaparvan (@with lim!s like a
&om!,@ s&orpion this plant has driven out.
#. $his her!, !orn of honey, dripping honey, sweet as honey, honied, is the
remedy for inFuries; moreover it &rushes inse&ts.
<. :herever thou hast !een !itten, wherever thou hast !een su&ked, from
there do we e;or&ise for thee the poison of the small, greedily !iting inse&t,
(so that it !e devoid of strength.
). $hou (serpent here, &rooked, without Foints, and without lim!s, that
twisteth thy &rooked Fawsmayest thou, % 0rihaspati, straighten them out, as
a (!ent reed"
-. $he poison of the sarkota (s&orpion that &reeps low upon the ground,
(after he has !een deprived of his strength, + have taken away; moreover +
have &aused him to !e &rushed.
1. $here is no strength in thy arms, in thy head, nor in the middle (of thy
!ody. $hen why dost thou so wi&kedly &arry a small (sting in thy tailO
5. $he ants devour thee, pea-hens ha&k thee to pie&es. Nea, every one of
you shall de&lare the poison of the sarkota powerless"
6. $hou (s&orpion that strikest with !oth, with mouth as well as tail, in thy
mouth there is no poison' then what &an there !e in the re&epta&le in thy
VI, -.. Charm aa!"#$ 13h$ha*m!a.
1. % ,!ayu, (and even if thou art not ,!ayu, strong is thy Fui&e, % ,!ayu"
:e eat a gruel, &ompounded of thee.
#. Vihalha is thy father@s name, Mad,vatB thy mother@s name. $hou art verily
not su&h, as to have &onsumed thy own self.
<. % $auvilik,, do !e Cuiet" $his howling one has !e&ome Cuiet. % !rown
one, and !rown-eared one, go away" 7o out, % ,la"
). Alas,l, thou art first, sil,Jgal,l, thou art the ne;t, nBl,galas,l, (thou art
VI, 2-. Charm $1 3r1m1$' $h' r1<$h 1& ha!r.
1. %f these three earths (our earth verily is the highest. /rom the surfa&e
of these + have now plu&ked a remedy.
#. $hou art the most e;&ellent of remedies, the !est of plants, as Soma (the
moon is the lord in the wat&hes of the night, as Varuna (is king among the
<. % ye wealthy, irresisti!le (plants, ye do generously !estow !enefits. And
ye strengthen the hair, and, moreover, promote its in&rease.
VI, -5.. Charm <!$h $h' 3*a"$ "!$a$"! $1 3r1m1$'
$h' r1<$h 1& ha!r.
1. As a goddess upon the goddess earth thou wast !orn, % plant" :e dig
thee up, % nitatni, that thou mayest strengthen (the growth of the hair.
#. Strengthen the old (hair, !eget the new" $hat whi&h has &ome forth
render more lu;urious"
<. $hat hair of thine whi&h does drop off, and that whi&h is !roken root and
all, upon it do + sprinkle here the all-healing her!.
VI, -5>. Charm $1 3r1m1$' $h' r1<$h 1& ha!r.
1. $he (plant that 7amadagni dug up to promote the growth of his
daughter@s hair, V,tahavya has !rought here from the dwelling of Asita.
#. :ith reins they had to !e measured, with outstret&hed arms they had to
!e measured out. May thy hairs grow as reeds, may they (&luster, !la&k,
a!out thy head"
<. Make firm their roots, draw out their ends, e;pand their middle., % her!"
May thy hairs grow as reeds, may they (&luster, !la&k, a!out thy head"
IV, /. Charm $1 3r1m1$' (!r!*!$0.
1. $hee, the plant, whi&h the 7andharva dug up for Varuna, when his virility
had de&ayed, thee, that &ausest strengthP1Q, we dig up.
#. Hshas (Aurora, S.rya, (the sun, and this &harm of mine; the !ull
Arag,pati (the lord of &reatures shall with his lusty fire arouse him"
<. $his her! shall make thee so very full of lusty strength, that thou shalt,
when thou art e;&ited, e;hale heat as a thing on fire"
). $he fire of the plants, and the essen&e of the !ulls shall arouse him" =o
thou, % +ndra, &ontroller of !odies, pla&e the lusty for&e of men into this
-. $hou (% her! art the first-!orn sap of the waters and also of the plants.
Moreover thou art the !rother of Soma, and the lusty for&e of the antelope
1. (ow, % Agni, now, % Savitar, now, % goddess SarasvatB, now, %
0rahmanaspati, do thou stiffen the pasas as a !ow"
5. + stiffen thy pasas as a !owstring upon the !ow. Mm!ra&e thou (women
as the antelope !u&k the gaEelle with ever unfailing (strength"
6. $he strength of the horse, the mule, the goat and the ram, moreover the
strength of the !ull !estow upon him, % &ontroller of !odies (+ndra"
P1. $he original, more drasti&ally, sepaharshanBm. 0y a few &hanges and omissions in
stanEas <, 1, and 5 the dire&t simpli&ity of the original has !een similarly veiled.Q
VI, ---. Charm aa!"#$ ma"!a.
1. ?elease for me, % Agni, this person here, who, !ound and well-se&ured,
loudly Fa!!ers" $hen shall he have due regard for thy share (of the offering,
when he shall !e free from madness"
#. Agni shall Cuiet down thy mind, if it has !een distur!ed" Gunningly do +
prepare a remedy, that thou shalt !e freed from madness.
<. (:hose mind has !een maddened !y the sin of the gods, or !een ro!!ed
of sense !y the ?akshas, (for him do + &unningly prepare a remedy, that he
shall !e free from madness.
). May the Apsaras restore thee, may +ndra, may 0haga restore thee; may
all the gods restore thee, that thou mayest !e freed from madness"
IV, 5>. Charm <!$h $h' 3*a"$ aa#r!"! $1 )r!('
12$ Ra%#ha#, A3#ara# a") Ga")har(a#.
1. :ith thee, % her!, the Atharvans first slew the ?akshas, with thee
Lasyapa slew (them, with thee Lanva and Agastya (slew them.
#. :ith thee do we s&atter the Apsaras and 7andharvas. % agasringi (odina
pinnata, goad (aga the ?akshas, drive them all away with thy smell"
<. $he Apsaras, 7uggulil, +@lli, (aladi, Aukshagandhi, and Aramandani (!y
name, shall go to the river, to the ford of the waters, as if !lown away"
$hither do ye, % Apsaras, pass away, (sin&e ye have !een re&ognised"
). :here grow the asvattha (fi&us religiosa and the !anyan-trees, the great
trees with &rowns, thither do ye, % Apsaras, pass away, (sin&e ye have !een
-. :here your gold and silver swings are, where &ym!als and lutes &hime
together, thither do ye, % Apsaras, pass away, (sin&e ye have !een re&ogR
1. *ither has &ome the mightiest of the plants and her!s. May the agasringi
ar,taki pier&e with her sharp horn (tBkshmasringB"
5. %f the &rested 7andharva, the hus!and of the Apsaras, who &omes
dan&ing hither, + &rush the two mushkas and &ut off the sepas.
6. $erri!le are the missiles of +ndra, with a hundred points, !raEen; with
these he shall pier&e the 7andharvas, who devour o!lations, and devour the
8. $erri!le are the missiles of +ndra, with a hundred points, golden; with
these he shall pier&e the 7andharvas, who devour o!lations, and devour the
19. All the Ais,kas that devour the avak,-reeds, that !urn, and spread their
little light in the waters, do thou, % her!, &rush and over&ome"
11. %ne is like a dog, one like an ape. As a youth, with lu;uriant lo&ks,
pleasant to look upon, the 7andharva hangs a!out the woman. *im do we
drive out from here with our powerful &harm.
1#. $he Apsaras, you know, are your wives; ye, the 7andharvas, are their
hus!ands. Speed away, ye immortals, do not go after mortals"
II, 6. P1##'##!1" 90 )'m1"# 1& )!#'a#', 72r') 90
a" am2*'$ 1& $'" %!")# 1& <11).
1. % (amulet of ten kinds of wood, release this man from the demon
(rakshas and the fit (gr,hi whi&h has seiEed upon.(gagr,ha his Foints" =o
thou, moreover, % plant, lead him forth to the world of the living"
#. *e has &ome, he has gone forth, he has Foined the &ommunity of the
living. And he has !e&ome the father of sons, and the most happy of men"
<. $his person has &ome to his senses, he has &ome to the &ities of the
living. /or he (now has a hundred physi&ians, and also a thousand her!s.
). $he gods have found thy arrangement, (% amulet; the 0rahmans,
moreover, the plants. All the gods have found thy arrangement upon the
-. ($he god that has &aused (disease shall perform the &ure; he is himself
the !est physi&ian.
>et him indeed, the holy one, prepare remedies for thee, together with the
(earthly physi&ian"
IV, .. Charm aa!"#$ )'m1"# (3!#:%a) 71"7'!(')
a# $h' 7a2#' 1& )!#'a#'.
1. May Agni Vaisv,nara, the !ull of unfailing strength, !urn up him that is
evil-disposed, and desires to harm us, and him that plans hostile deeds
against us"
#. 0etween the two rows of teeth of Agni Vaisv,nara do + pla&e him that
plans to inFure us, when we are not planning to inFure him; and him that
plans to inFure us, when we do plan to inFure him.
$hose who hound us in our &ham!ers, while shouting goes on in the night of
the new moon, and the other flesh-devourers who plan to inFure us, all of
them do + over&ome with might.
). :ith might + over&ome the Ais,kas, ro! them of their property; all evil-
disposed (demons do + slay' may my devi&e su&&eed"
-. :ith the gods who vie with, and measure their swiftness with this sun,
with those that are in the rivers, and in the mountains, do +, along with my
&attle, &onsort.
1. + plague the Ais,kas as the tiger the &attle-owners. As dogs who have
seen a lion, these do not find a refuge.
5. My strength does not lie with Ais,kas, nor with thieves, nor with prowlers
in the forest. /rom the village whi&h + enter the Ais,kas vanish away.
6. /rom the village whi&h my fier&e power has entered the Ais,kas vanish
away; they do not devise evil.
8. $hey who irritate me with their Fa!!er, as (!uEEing mosCuitoes the
elephant, them + regard as wret&hed (&reatures, as small vermin upon
19. May (irriti (the goddess of destru&tion take hold of this one, as a horse
with the halter" $he fool who is wroth with me is not freed from (her
II, 2,. Charm <!$h $h' 3*a"$ 3r!#"!3ar"A aa!"#$
$h' )'m1" 1& )!#'a#', 7a**') %a"(a.
1. $he goddess ArisniparnB has prepared prosperity for us, mishap for (irriti
(the goddess of destru&tion. /or she is a fier&e devourer of the Lanvas' her,
the mighty, have + employed.
#. $he ArisniparnB was first !egotten powerful; with her do + lop off the
heads of the evil !rood, as (the head of a !ird.
<. $he !lood-su&king demon, and him that tries to ro! (our health, Lanva,
the devourer of our offspring, destroy, % ArisniparnB, and over&ome"
). $hese Lanvas, the effa&ers of life, drive into the mountain; go thou
!urning after them like fire, % goddess ArisniparnB"
-. =rive far away these Lanvas, the effa&ers of life" :here the dark regions
are, there have + made these flesh-eaters go.
VI, 52. Charm &1r )r!(!" a<a0 )'m1"# (Ra%#ha#
a") P!#:%a#).
1. =o ye well offer within the fire this o!lation with ghee, that destroys the
spook" =o thou, % Agni, !urn from afar against the ?akshas, (!ut our houses
thou shalt not &onsume"
#. ?udra has !roken your ne&ks, ye Ais,kas' may he also !reak your ri!s, ye
spooks" $he plant whose power is everywhere has united you with Nama
<. M;empt from danger, % Mitra and Varuna, may we here !e; drive !a&k
with your flames the devouring demons (Atrin" (either aider, nor support
do they find; smiting one another they go to death.
II, /. Charm <!$h a" am2*'$ )'r!(') &r1m $h'
a"!)a $r'', aa!"#$ )!#'a#'# a") )'m1"#.
1. Hnto long life and great delights, for ever unharmed and vigorous, do we
wear the gangida, as an amulet destru&tive of the vishkandha.
#. /rom &onvulsions, from tearing pain, from vishkandha, and from torturing
pain, the gangida shall prote&t us on all sides--an amulet of a thousand
<. $his gangida &onCuers the vishkandha, and smites the Atrin (devouring
demons; may this all-healing gangida prote&t us from adversity"
). 0y means of the invigorating gangida, !estowed !y the gods as an amulet,
do we &onCuer in !attle the vishkandha and all the ?akshas.
-. May the hemp and may gangida prote&t me against vishkandha" $he one
(gangida is !rought hither from the forest, the other (hemp from the sap
of the furrow.
1. =estru&tion of wit&h&raft is this amulet, also destru&tion of hostile
powers' may the powerful gangida therefore e;tend far our lives"
4I4, 5/, Charm <!$h a" am2*'$ )'r!(') &r1m $h'
a&!3!)a-$r'', a1a!"#$ )!#'a#'# a") )'m1"#.
1. $hou art an Angiras, % gangida, a prote&tor art thou, % gangida. All two-
footed and four-footed &reatures that !elong to us the gangida shall
#. $he sor&eries fifty-three in num!er, and the hundred performers of
sor&ery, all these having lost their for&e, the gangida shall render !ereft of
<. 0ereft of strength is the gotten-up &lamour, !ereft of strength are the
seven de!ilitating (&harms. =o thou, % gangida, hurl away from here
poverty, as an ar&her an arrow"
). $his gangida is a destroyer of wit&h&raft, and also a destroyer of hostile
powers. May then the powerful gangida e;tend far our lives"
-. May the greatness of the gangida prote&t us a!out on all sides, (the
greatness with whi&h he has over&ome the vishkandha (and the
samskandha, (over&oming the powerful (disease with power"
1. $hri&e the gods !egot thee that hast grown up upon the earth. $he
0rahmanas of yore knew thee here !y the name of Angiras.
5. (either the plants of olden times, nor they of re&ent times, surpass thee;
a fier&e slayer is the gahaida, and a happy refuge.
6 And when, % gangida of !oundless virtue, thou didst spring up in the days
of yore, % fier&e (plant, +ndra at first pla&ed strength in thee.
8. /ier&e +ndra, verily, put might into thee, % lord of the forest" =ispersing
all diseases, slay thou the ?akshas, % plant"
+ o. $he !reaking disease and the tearing disease, the !al,sa, and the pain
in the lim!s, the takman that &omes every autumn, may the gangida render
devoid of for&e"
4I4, 5,. Charm <!$h a" am2*'$ )'r!(') &r1m $h'
a"!)a-$r'', aa!"#$ )!#'a#'# a") )'m1"#.
1. :hile uttering +ndra@s name the seers !estowed (upon men the gangida,
whi&h the gods in the !eginning had made into a remedy, destru&tive of the
# . May that gangida prote&t us as a treasurer his treasures, he whom the
gods and the 0r,hmanas made into a refuge that puts to naught the hostile
<. $he evil eye of the hostile-minded, (and the evil-doer + have
approa&hed. =o thou, % thousandeyed one, wat&hfully destroy these" A
refuge art thou, % gangida.
). May the gangida prote&t me from heaven, prote&t me from earth, prote&t
(me from the atmosphere, prote&t me from the plants, prote&t me from
the past, as well as the future; may he prote&t us from every dire&tion of
-. $he sor&eries performed !y the gods, and also those performed !y men,
may the all-healing gangida render them all devoid of strength"
VI, =,. E;1r7!#m 1& )!#'a#' 90 m'a"# 1& a"
am2*'$ &r1m $h' (ara"a-$r''.
1. $his divine tree, the varana, shall shut out (v,ray,tai. $he gods, too,
have shut out (avBvaran the disease that hath entered into this man"
#. 0y +ndra@s &ommand, !y Mitra@s and !y Varuna@s, !y the &ommand of all
the gods do we shut out thy disease.
<. As Vritra did !old fast these ever-flowing waters, thus do + shut out
(v,raye disease from thee with (the help of Agni Vaisv,nara.
VI, -2>. Th' %A32)r2-$r'' a# a 3a"a7'a.
1. %f the a!s&ess, of the !al,sa, of flow of !lood, % plant; of neuralgia, %
her!, thou shalt not leave even a spe&k"
#. $hose two !oils (testi&les of thine, % !alasa, that are fi;ed upon the
arm-pits-+ know the remedy for that' the kBpudru-tree takes &are of it.
<. $he neuralgia that is in the lim!s, that is in the ears and in the eyes-we
tear them out, the neuralgia, the a!s&ess, and the pain in the heart. $hat
unknown disease do we drive away downward.
4I4, 5=. Th' h'a*!" 3r13'r$!'# 1& 9)'**!2m.
1. P(either diseases, nor yet a &urse, enters this person, % arundhatB"Q /rom
him that is penetrated !y the sweet fragran&e of the healing !dellium,
diseases flee in every dire&tion, as antelopes and as horses run.
#. :hether, % !dellium, thou &omest from the Sindhu (+ndus, or whether
thou art derived from the sea, + have seiEed the Cualities of !oth, that this
person shall !e e;empt from harm.
VI, 6-. Bar*'0 a") <a$'r a# 2"!('r#a* r'm')!'#.
1. $his !arley they did plough vigorously, with yokes of eight and yokes of
si;. :ith it + drive off to a far distan&e the ailment from thy !ody.
#. =ownward !lows the wind, downward !urns the sun, downward the &ow
is milked' downward shall thy ailment pass"
<. $he waters verily are healing, the waters &hase away disease, the waters
&ure all (disease' may they prepare a remedy for thee"
VIII, >. H0m" $1 a** ma!7 a") m')!7!"a* 3*a"$#,
2#') a# a 2"!('r#a* r'm')0.
1. $he plants that are !rown, and those that are white; the red ones and
the spe&kled ones; the sa!le and the !la&k plants, all (these do we invoke.
#. May they prote&t this man from the disease sent !y the gods, the her!s
whose father is the sky, whose mother is the earth, whose root is the o&ean.
<. $he waters and the heavenly plants are foremost; they have driven out
from every lim! thy disease, &onseCuent upon sin.
). $he plants that spread forth, those that are !us!y, those that have a
single sheath, those that &reep along, do + address; + &all in thy !ehalf the
plants that have shoots, those that have stalks, those that divide their
!ran&hes, those that are derived from all the gods, the strong (plants that
life to man.
-. :ith the might that is yours, ye mighty ones, with the power and
strength that is yours, with that do ye, % plants, res&ue this man from this
+ now prepare a remedy.
1. $he plants gival, (@Cui&kening@, na-gh,-rish, (@forsooth-no-harm@, gBvanti
(@living@, and the arundhatB, whi&h removes (disease, is full of !lossoms,
and ri&h in honey, do + &all to e;empt him from inFury.
5. *ither shall &ome the intelligent (plants that understand my spee&h,
that we may !ring this man into safety out of misery"
6. $hey that are the food of Agni (the fire, the offspring of the waters, that
grow ever renewing themselves, the firm (plants that !ear a thousand
names, the healing (plants, shall !e !rought hither"
8. $he plants, whose wom! is the avaki (!ly;a o&tandra, whose essen&e are
the waters, shall with their sharp horns thrust aside evil"
19. $he plants whi&h release, e;empt from Varuna (dropsy, are strong, and
destroy poison; those, too, that remove (the disease !aldsa, and ward off
wit&h&raft shall &ome hither"@
11. $he plants that have !een !ought, that are right potent, and are
praised, shall prote&t in this village &ow, horse, man, and &attle"
1#. *onied are the roots of these her!s, honied their tops, honied their
middles, honied their leaves, honied their !lossoms; they share in honey,
are the food of immortality. May they yield ghee, and food, and &attle &hief
of all"
1<. As many in num!er and in kind the plants here are upon the earth, may
they, furnished with a thousand leaves, release me from death and misery"
1). $iger-like is the amulet (made of her!s, a saviour, a prote&tor against
hostile s&hemes' may it drive off far away from us all diseases and the
1-. As if at the roar of the lion they start with fright, as if (at the roar of
fire they trem!le !efore the (plants that have !een !rought hither. $he
diseases of &attle and men have !een driven out !y the her!s' let them pass
into naviga!le streams"
11. $he plants release us from Agni Vaisv,nara. Spreading over the earth, go
ye, whose king is the tree"
15. $he plants, des&ended from Angiras, that grow upon the mountains and
in the plains, shall !e for us ri&h in milk, auspi&ious, &omforting to the
16. $he her!s whi&h + know, and those whi&h + see with my sight; the
unknown, those whi&h we know, and those whi&h we per&eive to !e &harged
with (power,--
18. All plants &olle&tively shall note my words, that we may !ring this man
into safety out of misfortune,--
#9. $he asvattha (fi&us religiosa, and the dar!ha among the plants; king
Soma, amrita (am!rosia and the o!lation; ri&e and !arley, the two healing,
immortal &hildren of heaven"
#1. Ne arise' it is thundering and &rashing, ye plants, sin&e Aarganya (the
god of rain is favouring you, % &hildren of Arisni (the spotted &loud, with
(his seed (water.
##. $he strength of this amrita (am!rosia do we &rive this man to drink.
Moreover, + prepare a remedy, that he may live a hundred years"
#<. $he !oar knows, the i&hneumon knows the healing plant. $hose that the
serpents and 7andharvas know, + &all hither for help.
#). $he plants, derived from the Angiras, whi&h the eagles and the heavenly
raghats (fal&ons know, whi&h the !irds and the flamingos know, whi&h all
winged (&reatures know, whi&h all wild animals know, + &all hither for help.
#-. As many plants as the o;en and kine, as many as the goats and the sheep
feed upon, so many plants, when applied, shall furnish prote&tion to thee"
#1. As many (plants, as the human physi&ians know to &ontain a remedy, so
many, endowed with every healing Cuality, do + apply to thee"
#5. $hose that have flowers, those that have !lossoms, those that !ear
fruit, and those that are without fruit, as if from the same mother they shall
su&k sap, to e;empt this man from inFury"
#6. 1 have saved thee from a depth of five fathoms, and, too, from a depth
of ten fathoms; moreover, from the foot-fetter of Nama, and from every sin
against the gods.
VI, 6.. P*a"$# a# a 3a"a7'a.
1. $he many plants of hundredfold aspe&t, whose king is Soma, whi&h have
!een !egotten !y 0rihaspati, shall free us from &alamity"
#. May they free us from (the &alamity &onseCuent upon &urses, and also
from the (toils of Varuna; moreover, from the foot-fetter of Nama, and
every sin against the gods"
<. :hat laws we have infringed upon, with the eye, the mind, and spee&h,
either while awake, or asleep-may Soma !y his (divine nature &lear these
(sins away from us"
II, 52. Charm $1 #'72r' 3'r&'7$ h'a*$h.
1. /rom thy eyes, thy nostrils, ears, and &hin--the disease whi&h is seated in
thy head--from thy !rain and tongue + do tear it out.
#. /rom thy ne&k, nape of the ne&k, ri!s, and spine--the disease whi&h is
seated in thy fore-arm--from thy shoulders and arms + do tear it out.
<. /rom thy heart, thy lungs, vis&era, and sides; from thy kidneys, spleen,
and liver we do tear out the disease.
). /rom thy entrails, &anals, re&tum, and a!domen; from thy !elly, guts,
and navel + do tear out the disease.
-. /rom thy thighs, knees, heels, and the tips of thy feet--from thy hips + do
tear out the disease seated in thy !utto&ks, from thy !ottom the disease
seated in thy !utto&ks.
1. /rom thy !ones, marrow, sinews and arteries; from thy hands, fingers,
and nails + do tear out the disease.
5. $he disease that is in thy every lim!, thy every hair, thy every Foint; that
whi&h is seated in thy skin, with Lasyapa@s &harm, that tears out, to either
side we do tear it out.
I4, =. Charm $1 3r172r' !mm2"!$0 &r1m a**
1. *eada&he and suffering in the head, pain in the ears and flow of !lood,
every disease of the head, do we &harm forth from thee.
#. /rom thy ears, from thy kank.shas the earpain, and the neuralgia--every
disease of the head do we &harm forth from thee.
<. (:ith the &harm through whose agen&y disease hastens forth from the
ears and the mouth-every disease of the head do we &harm forth from thee.
). ($he disease that renders a man deaf and !lind--every disease of the
head do we &harm forth from thee.
-. Aain in the lim!s, fever in the lim!s, the neuralgia that affe&ts every
lim!-every disease of the head do we &harm forth from thee.
1. ($he disease whose frightful aspe&t makes man trem!le, the takman
(fever that &omes every autumn, do we &harm forth from thee.
5. $he disease that &reeps along the thighs, and then enters the &anals, out
of thy inner parts do we &harm forth.
6. +f from the heart, from love, or from disgust, it arises, from thy heart and
from thy lim!s the !al,sa do we &harm forth.
8. Saundi&e from thy lim!s, diarrhoea from within thy !owels, the &ore of
disease from thy inner soul do we &harm forth.
19. $o ashes (,sa the !al,sa shall turn; what is diseased shall turn to urine"
$he poison of all diseases + have &harmed forth from thee.
11. %utside the opening (of the !ladder it shall run off; the rum!ling shall
pass from thy !elly" $he poison of all diseases + have &harmed forth from
1#. /rom thy !elly, lungs, navel, and heart-the poison of all diseases + have
&harmed forth from thee.
1<. ($he pains that split the &rown (of the head, pier&e the head, without
doing inFury, without &ausing disease, they shall run off outside the opening
(of the !ladder"
1). $hey that pier&e the heart, &reep along the ri!s, without doing inFury,
without &ausing disease, they shall run off outside the opening (of the
1-. $hey that pier&e the sides, !ore along the ri!s, without doing inFury,
without &ausing disease, they shall run off outside the opening (of the
11. $hey that pier&e &rosswise, !urrow in thy a!domen, without doing
inFury, without &ausing disease, they shall run off outside the opening (of
the !ladder"
15. $hey that &reep along the re&tum, twist the !owels, without doing
inFury, without &ausing disease, they shall run off outside the opening (of
the !ladder"
16. $hey that su&k the marrow, and split the Foints, without doing inFury,
without &ausing disease, they shall run off outside the opening (of the
18. $he diseases and the inFuries that paralyse thy lim!s, the poison of all
diseases + have &harmed forth from thee.
#9. %f neuralgia, of a!s&esses, of inflation, or of inflammation of the eyes,
the poison of all diseases + have driven forth from thee.
#1. /rom thy feet, knees, thighs, and !ottom; from thy spine, and thy ne&k
the pier&ing pains, from thy head the a&he + have removed.
##. /irm are the !ones of thy skull, and the !eat of thy heart. At thy rising,
% sun, thou didst remove the pains of the head, Cuiet the pangs in the
II, 26. Charm &1r 19$a!"!" *1" *!&' a")
3r1#3'r!$0 90 $ra"#m!##!1" 1& )!#'a#'.
1. +n the essen&e of earthly !liss, % ye gods, in strength of !ody (may he
live" May Agni, S.rya, 0rihaspati !estow upon him life@s vigour"
#. 7ive life to him, % 7,tavedas, !estow in addition progeny upon him, %
$vashtar; pro&ure, % Savitar, in&rease of wealth for him; may this one, who
!elongs to thee, live a hundred autumns"
<. May our prayer !estow upon us vigour, and possession of sound. progeny;
a!ility and property do ye two, (% heaven and earth, !estow upon us", May
he, &onCuering lands with might, (live, % +ndra, su!Fe&ting the others, his
). 7iven !y +ndra, instru&ted !y Varuna, sent !y the Maruts, strong, he has
&ome to us; may he, in the lap of ye two, heaven and earth, not suffer from
hunger and not from thirst"
-. Strength may ye two, that are ri&h in strength, !estow upon him; milk
may ye two, that are ri&h in milk, !estow upon him" Strength heaven and
earth did !estow upon him; strength all the gods, the Maruts, and the
1. :ith the gra&ious (waters do + delight thy heart, mayest thou, free from
disease, full of for&e, reFoi&e" Glothed in the same garment do ye two drink
this stirred drink, taking on as a magi& form the shape of the two Asvins"
5. +ndra, having !een wounded, first &reated this vigour, and this ever fresh
divine food' that same !elongs to thee. 0y means of that do thou, full of
for&e, live (a hundred autumns; may it not flow out of thee' physi&ians
have prepared it for thee"
III, --. Pra0'r &1r h'a*$h a") *1" *!&'.
1. + release thee unto life !y means of (my o!lation, from unknown de&line,
and from &onsumption. +f 7r,hi (seiEure has &aught hold (gagr,ha of this
person here, may +ndra and Agni free him from that"
#. +f his life has faded, even if he has passed away, if he has !een !rought
to the very vi&inity of death, + snat&h him from the lap of (irriti (the
goddess of destru&tion' + have freed him unto a life of a hundred autumns.
<. + have snat&hed him (from death !y means of an o!lation whi&h has a
thousand eyes, hundredfold strength, and -ensures a hundredfold life, in
order that +ndra may &ondu&t him through the years a&ross to the other side
of every misfortune.
). >ive thou, thriving a hundred autumns, a hundred winters, and a hundred
springs" May +ndra, Agni, Savitar, 0rihaspati (grant thee a hundred years" +
have snat&hed him (from death with an o!lation that se&ures a life,of a
hundred years.
-. Mnter ye, % in-!reathirig and out-!reathing, as two !ulls a sta!le" Away
shall go the other deaths, of whi&h, it is said, there are a hundred more"
1. ?emain ye here, % in-!reathing and out-!reathing, do not go away from
here; do ye &ar anew to old age his !ody and his lim!s"
5. $o old age + make thee over, into old age + urge thee; may a happy old
age guide thee" Away shall go the other deaths, of whi&h, it is said, there
are a hundred more"
6. Hpon thee (life unto old age has !een deposited, as a rope is tied upon a
!ull. $hat death whi&h has fettered thee at thy !irth with a firm rope,
0rihaspati with the hands of the truth did strip off from thee.
II, 2=. Pra0'r &1r *1" *!&' 3r1"12"7') 1('r a
1. /or thee alone, % (death from old age, this (!oy shall grow up' the
other hundred kinds of death shall not harm him" >ike a provident mother in
her lap Mitra shall !efriend him, shall save him from misfortune"
#. May Mitra or Varuna, the illustrious, &ooperating, grant him death from
old age" $hen Agni, the priest, who knows the ways, promulgates all the
ra&es of the gods.
<. $hou, (% Agni, rulest over all the animals of the earth, those whi&h have
!een !orn, and those whi&h are to !e !orn' may not in-!reathing leave this
one, nor yet out-!reathing, may neither friends nor foes slay him"
). May father =yaus (sky and mother Arithivi (earth, &o-operating, grant
thee death from old age, that thou mayest live in the lap of Aditi a hundred
winters, guarded !y in-!reathing and out!reathing"
-. >ead this dear &hild to life and vigour, % Agni, Varuna, and king Mitra" As
a mother afford him prote&tion, % Aditi, and all ye gods, that he may attain
to old age"
III, 5-. Pra0'r &1r h'a*$h a") *1" *!&'.
1. $he gods are free from de&repitude; thou, % Agni, art removed from the
demon of hostility. + free thee from all evil and disease, (and unite thee
with life.
#. (V,yu, the purifying (wind, shall free thee from misfortune, Sakra
(+ndra from evil sor&ery" + free thee from all evil and disease, (and unite
thee with life.
<. $he tame (village animals are separate from the wild (forest animals;
the water has flowed apart from thirst. + free thee from all evil and disease,
(and unite thee with life.
). *eaven and earth here go apart; the paths go in every dire&tion. + free
thee from all evil and disease, (and unite thee with life.
-. @$vashtar is preparing a wedding for his daughter,@ thus (saying does this
whole world pass through. + free thee from all evil and disease, (and unite
thee with life.
1. Agni unites (life@s !reaths, the moon is united with (life@s !reath. + free
thee from all evil and disease, (and unite thee with life.
5. 0y means of (life@s !reath the gods aroused the everywhere mighty sun. +
free thee from all evil and disease, (and unite thee with life.
6. >ive thou !y the (life@s !reath of them that have life, and that &reate
life; do not die" + free thee from all evil and disease, (and unite thee with
8. 0reathe thou with the (life@s !reath of those that !reathe; do not die" +
free thee from all evil and disease, (and unite thee with life.
19. =o thou (rise up with life, unite thyself with life, (rise up with the sap
of the plants" + free thee from all evil and disease, (and unite thee with
11. /rom the rain of Aarganya we have risen up, immortal. + free thee from
all evil and disease, (and unite thee with life.
VII, ,5. Pra0'r &1r *1" *!&'.
1. :hen, % 0rihaspati, thou didst li!erate (us from e;isten&e in yonder
world of Nama, (and from hostile s&hemes, then did the Asvins, the
physi&ians of the gods, with might sweep death from us, % Agni"
#. % in-!reathing and out-!reathing, go along with the !ody, do not leave it'
may they !e thy allies here" >ive and thrive a hundred autumns; Agni shall
!e thy most e;&ellent shepherd and overseer"
<. $hy vital for&e that has !een dissipated afar, thy in-!reathing and thy
out-!reathing, shall &ome !a&k again" Agni has snat&hed them from the lap
of (irriti (the goddess of destru&tion, and + again introdu&e them into thy
). >et not his in-!reathing desert him, nor his out-!reathing Cuit him and
depart" + &ommit him to the Seven ?ishis' may they &onvey him in health to
old age"
-. Mnter, % in-!reathing and out-!reathing, like two !ulls into a sta!le' this
person shall here flourish, an unmolested repository for old age"
1. >ife@s !reath we do drive into thee, disease we do drive away from thee.
May this e;&ellent Agni endow us with life from every sour&e"
5. As&ending from the darkness of death to the highest firmament, to S.rya
(the sun, the god among gods, we have rea&hed the highest light.
VIII, -. Pra0'r &1r ';'m3$!1" &r1m $h' )a"'r# 1&
1. $o the @Mnder,@ to =eath !e reveren&e" May thy in-!reathing and thy out-
!reathing remain here" Hnited here with (life@s spirit this man shall !e,
sharing in the sun, in the world of immortality (amrita"
#. 0haga has raised him up, Soma with his rays (has raised him up, the
Maruts, the gods, (have raised him up, +ndra and Agni (have raised him up
unto well-!eing.
<. *ere (shall !e thy (life@s spirit, here thy in!reathing, here thy life, here
thy mind" :e res&ue thee from the toils of (irriti (destru&tion !y means of
our divine utteran&e.
). ?ise up hen&e, % man" Gasting off the footsha&kles of death, do not sink
down" 0e not &ut off from this world, from the sight of Agni and the sun"
-. $he wind, M,tarisvan, shall !low for thee, the waters shall shower amrita
(am!rosia upon thee, the sun shall shine kindly for thy !ody" =eath shall
pity thee' do not waste away"
1. $hou shalt as&end and not des&end, % man" >ife and alertness do +
prepare for thee. Mount, forsooth, this imperisha!le, pleasant &ar; then in
old age thou shalt hold &onverse with thy family"
5. $hy mind shall not go thither, shall not disappear" =o not !e&ome
heedless of the living, do not follow the /athers" All the gods shall preserve
thee here"
6. =o not long after the departed, who &ondu&t (men afar" As&end from the
darkness, &ome to the light" :e lay hold of thy hands.
8. $he two dogs of Nama, the !la&k and the !rindled one, that guard the
road (to heaven, that have !een despat&hed, shall not (go after thee"
Gome hither, do not long to !e away; do not tarry here with thy mind
turned to a distan&e"
19. =o not follow this path' it is terri!le" + speak of that !y whi&h thou hast
not hitherto gone. =arkness is this, % man, do not enter it" =anger is
!eyond, se&urity here for thee.
11. May the fires that are within the waters g>iard thee, may (the fire
whi&h men kindle guard thee, may 7,tavedas Vaisv,nara (the fire &ommon
to all men guard thee" >et not the heavenly (fire together with the
lightning !urn, thee"
1#. >et not the flesh-devouring (fire mena&e thee' move afar from the
funeral pyre" *eaven shall guard thee, the earth shall guard thee, the sun
and moon shall guard thee, the atmosphere shall guard thee against the
divine missile"
1<. May the alert and the wat&hful divinities guard thee, may he that sleeps
not and nods not guard thee, may he that prote&ts and is vigilant guard
1). $hey shall guard thee, they shall prote&t thee. ?everen&e !e to them.
*ail !e to them"
1-. +nto &onverse with the living V,yu, +ndra, =h,tar, and saving Savitar
shall put thee; !reath and strength shall not leave thee" $hy (life@s spirit do
we &all !a&k to thee.
11. Gonvulsions that draw the Faws together, darkness, shall not &ome upon
thee, nor (the demon that tears out the tongue (O" *ow shalt thou then
waste awayO $he Ddityas and Vasus, +ndra and Agni shall raise thee up unto
15. $he heavens, the earth, Arag,pati, have res&ued thee. $he plants with
Soma their king have delivered thee from death.
16. >et this man remain right here, ye gods, let him not depart hen&e to
yonder world" :e res&ue him from death with (a &harm of thousandfold
18. + have delivered thee from death. $he (powers that furnish strength
shall !reathe upon thee. $he (mourning women with dishevelled hair, they
that wail lugu!riously, shall not wail over thee"
#9. 1 have snat&hed thee (from death, + have o!tained thee; thou hast
returned with renewed youth. % thou, that art (now sound of lim!, for thee
sound sight, and sound life have + o!tained.
#1. +t has shone upon thee, light has arisen, darkness has departed from
thee. :e remove from thee death, destru&tion, and disease.
VIII, 2. Pra0'r &1r ';'m3$!1" &r1m $h' )a"'r# 1&
1. $ake hold of this (&harm that su!Fe&ts to immortality (life, may thy life
unto old age not !e &ut off" + !ring to thee anew !reath and life' not to mist
and darkness, do not waste away"
#. Gome hither to the light of the living; + res&ue thee unto a life of a
hundred autumns" >oosing the !ands of death and impre&ation, + !estow
upon thee long life e;tended very far.
<. /rom the wind thy !reath + have o!tained, from the sun thine eye; thy
soul + hold fast in thee' !e together with thy lim!s, speak arti&ulating with
thy tongue"
). :ith the !reath of two-footed and four-footed &reatures + !low upon
thee, as on Agni when he is !orn (as on fire when kindled. + have paid
reveren&e, % death, to thine eye, reveren&e to thy !reath.
-. $his (man shall live and shall not die' we rouse this man (to life" + make
for him a remedy' % death, do not slay the man"
1. $he plant gBval, (Cui&kening@, na-gh,-rish, (@forsooth-no-harm@, and
gBvantB (@living, a vi&torious, mighty saviour-plant do + invoke, that he may
!e e;empt from inFury.
5. 0efriend him, do not seiEe him, let him go, (% death; though he !e thy
very own, let him a!ide here with unimpaired strength" % 0hava and Sarva,
take pity, grant Arote&tion; misfortune drive away, and life !estow"
6. 0efriend him, death, and pity him' may he from here arise" Hnharmed,
with sound lim!s, hearing perfe&tly, through old age &arrying a hundred
years, let him get enFoyment !y himself (unaided"
8. $he missile of the gods shall pass thee !y" + pass thee a&ross the mist (of
death; from death + have res&ued thee. ?emoving far the flesh-devouring
Agni, a !arrier do + set around thee, that thou mayest live.
19. /rom thy misty road that &annot !e withstood, % death, from this path
(of thine we guard this (man, and make our &harm a prote&tion for him.
11. +n-!reathing and out-!reathing. do + prepare for thee, death in old age,
long life, and prosperity. All the messengers of Nama, that roam a!out,
dispat&hed !y Vivasvant@s son, do + drive away.
1#. Ar,ti (grudge, (irriti (destru&tion, 7r,hi (seiEure, and the flesh-
devouring Ais,kas (do we drive away to a distan&e, and hurl all wi&ked
?akshas away into darkness as it were.
1<. + &rave thy life@s !reath from the immortal, life-possessing Agni
7,tavedas. $hat thou shalt not take harm, shalt !e immortal in (Agni@s
&ompany, that do + pro&ure for thee, and that shall !e fulfilled for thee"
1). May heaven and earth, the !estowers of happiness, !e auspi&ious and
harmless to thee; may the sun-shine, and the wind !low &omfort to thy
heart; may the heavenly waters, ri&h in milk, flow upon thee kindly"
1-. May the plants !e auspi&ious to thee" + have raised thee from the lower
to the upper earth' there may !oth the Ddityas, the sun and the moon, .
prote&t thee.
11. :hatever garment for &lothing, or whatever girdle thou makest for
thyself, agreea!le to thy !ody do we render it; not rough to thy tou&h shall
it !e"
15. :hen thou, the !ar!er, shearest with thy sharp well-whetted raEor our
hair and !eard, do not, while &leansing our fa&e, ro! us of our life"
16. ?i&e and !arley shall !e auspi&ious to thee, &ausing no !al,sa, infli&ting
no inFury" $hey two drive away disease, they two release from &alamity.
18. :hatever thou eatest or drinkest, the grain of the plough-land or milk,
whatever is or is not to !e eaten, all that food do + render for thee free
from poison.
#9. $o day and to night !oth do we &ommit thee' from the demons that seek
to devour, do ye preserve this (man for me"
#1. A hundred years, ten thousand years, two, three, four ages (yuga do we
allot to thee; +ndra and Agni, and all the gods without anger shall favour
##. $o autumn thee, to winter, spring and summer, do we &ommit; the rains
in whi&h grow the plants shall !e pleasant to thee"
#<. =eath rules over !ipeds, death rules over Cuadrupeds. /rom that death,
the lord of &attle, do + res&ue thee' do not fear"
#). /ree from harm thou shalt not die; thou shalt not die' do not fear"
Verily, they do not die there, they do not go to the nethermost darkness;--
#-. Verily, every &reature lives there, the &ow, the horse, and man, where
this &harm is performed, as the (prote&ting !arrier for life.
#1. May it preserve thee from sor&ery, from thy eCuals and thy kin" Hndying
!e, immortal, e;&eedingly vital; thy spirits shall not a!andon thy !ody"
#5. /rom the one and a hundred deaths, from the dangers that are
surmounta!le, from that Agai Vaisv,nara (the funeral pyreO may the gods
deliver thee"
#6. $hou, the remedy &alled p1tudru, art the !ody of Agni, the deliverer,
slayer of ?akshas, slayer of rivals, moreover thou &hasest away disease.
V. 5+. Pra0'r &1r ';'m3$!1" &r1m )!#'a#' a")
1. /rom near thy vi&inity, from near thy distan&e (do + &all' remain here, do
not follow; do not follow the /athers of yore" /irmly do + fasten thy life@s
#. :hatever sor&ery any kinsman or stranger has pra&tised against thee,
!oth release and deliveran&e with my voi&e do + de&lare for thee.
<. +f thou hast de&eived or &ursed a woman or a man in thy folly, !oth
release and deliveran&e with my voi&e do + de&lare for thee.
). +f thou liest (ill in &onseCuen&e of a sin &ommitted !y thy mother or thy
father, !oth release and deliveran&e with my voi&e do + de&lare for thee.
-. /ight shy of the medi&ine whi&h thy mother and thy father, thy sister and
thy !rother let out against thee' + shall &ause thee to live unto old age"
1. ?emain here, % man, with thy entire soul; do not follow the two
messengers of Nama' &ome to the a!odes of the living"
5. ?eturn when &alled, knowing the outlet of the path (death, the as&ent,
the advan&e, the road of every living man"
6. /ear not, thou shalt not die' + shall &ause thee to live unto old age" + have
&harmed away from thy lim!s the disease that wastes the lim!s.
8. $he disease that ra&ks and wastes thy lim!s, and the si&kness in thy
heart, has flown as an eagle to a far distan&e, over&ome !y my &harm.
19. $he two sages Alert and :at&hful, the sleepless and the vigilant, these
two guardians of thy life@s !reath, are awake !oth day and night.
11. Agni here is to !e revered; the sun shall rise here for thee' rise thou
from deep death, yea from !la&k darkness"
1#. ?everen&e !e to Nama, reveren&e to death; reveren&e to the /athers
and to those that lead (to them Pdeath@s messengersOQ" $hat Agni who
knows the way to save do + engage for this man, that he !e e;empt from
1<. *is !reath shall &ome, his soul shall &ome, his sight shall &ome, and,
too, his strength" *is !ody shall &olle&t itself' then shall he stand firm upon
his feet"
1). Hnite him, Agni, with !reath and sight, provide him with a !ody and
with strength" $hou hast a knowledge of immortality' let him not now
depart, let him not now !e&ome a dweller in a house of &lay"
1-. $hy in-!reathing shall not &ease, thy out!reathing shall not vanish;
S.rya (the sun, the supreme lord, shall raise thee from death with his rays"
11. $his tongue (of mine, !ound (in the mouth, yet mo!ile, speaks within'
with it + have &harmed away disease, and the hundred torments of the
takman (fever.
15. $his world is most dear to the gods, un&onCuered. /or whatever death
thou wast destined when thou wast !orn, % man, that (death and we &all
after thee' do not die !efore old age"
IV, 6. Sa*(' (:Ca"a) a# a 3r1$'7$1r 1& *!&' a")
1. Gome hither" $hou art the living, prote&ting eye-ointment of the
mountain, given !y all the gods as a safeguard, unto life.
#. $hou art a prote&tion for men, a prote&tion for &attle, thou didst stand
for the prote&tion of horses and steeds.
<. $hou art, % salve, !oth a prote&tion that &rushes the sor&erers, and thou
hast knowledge of immortality (amrita. Moreover, thou art food for the
living, and thou art, too, a remedy aorainst Faundi&e.
). /rom him over whose every lim! and every Foint thou passest, % salve,
thou dost, as a mighty inter&epter, drive away disease.
-. *im that !ears thee, % salve, neither &urse, nor sor&ery, nor !urning pain
does rea&h; nor does the,vishkandha &ome upon him.
1. /rom evil s&heme, from trou!led dream, from evil deed, and also from
foulness.; from the evil eye of the enemy, from this prote&t us, % salve"
5. Lnowing this, % salve, + shall speak the truth, avoid falsehood. May +
o!tain horses and &attle, and thy person, % serving-man"
6. $hree are servants of the salve' the takman (fever, the !al,sa, and the
serpent. $he highest of the mountains, $rikakud (@$hree-peaks@ !y name, is
thy father.
8. Sin&e the salve of $rikakud is !orn upon the *imavant, it shall demolish
all the wiEards and all the wit&hes.
19. :hether thou art derived from the (mountain $rikakud, or art said to
&ome from the (river Namun,, !oth these names of thine are auspi&ious'
with these, % salve, prote&t us"
IV, -+. Th' 3'ar* a") !$# #h'** a# a" am2*'$
9'#$1<!" *1" *!&' a") 3r1#3'r!$0.
1. 0orn of the wind, the atmosphere, the lightning, and the light, may this
pearl shell, !orn of gold, prote&t us from straits"
#. :ith the shell whi&h was !orn in the sea, at the head of !right
su!stan&es, we slay the ?akshas and &onCuer the Atrins (devouring demons.
<. :ith the shell (we &onCuer disease and poverty; with the shell, too, the
Sa,nv,s. $he shell is our universal remedy; the pearl shall prote&t us from
). 0orn in the heavens, !orn in the sea, !rought on from the river (Sindhu,
this shell, !orn of gold, is our life-prolonging amulet.
-. $he amulet, !orn from the sea, a sun, !orn from Vritra (the &loud, shall
on all sides prote&t us from the missiles of the gods and the Asuras"
1. $hou art one of the golden su!stan&es, thou art !orn from Soma (the
moon. $hou art sightly on the &hariot, thou art !rilliant on the Cuiver. PMay
it prolong our lives"Q
5. $he !one of the gods turned into pearl; that, animated, dwells in the
waters. $hat do + fasten upon thee unto life, lustre, strength, longevity,
unto a life lasting a hundred autumns, May the (amulet of pearl prote&t
4I4, 2.. G1*) a# a" am2*'$ &1r *1" *!&'.
1. $he gold whi&h is !orn from fire, the immortal, they !estowed upon the
mortals. *e who knows this deserves it; of old age dies he who wears it.
#. $he gold, (endowed !y the sun with !eautiful &olour, whi&h the men of
yore, ri&h in des&endants, did desire, may it gleaming envelop thee in
lustre" >ong-lived !e&omes he who wears it"
<. (May it envelop thee unto (long life, unto lustre, unto for&e, and unto
strength, that thou shalt !y the !rillian&y of the gold shine forth among
). ($he gold whi&h king Varuna knows, whi&h god 0rihaspati knows, whi&h
+ndra, the slayer of Vritra, knows, may that !e&ome for thee a sour&e of
life, may that !e&ome for thee a sour&e of lustre"
I, >. Aa!"#$ #1r7'r'r# a") )'m1"#.
1. $he sor&erer (y,tudh,na that vaunts himsel and the LimBdin do thou, %
Agni, &onvey hither" /or thou, % god, when lauded, !e&omest the destroyer
of the demon.
#. Aartake of the ghee, of the sesame-oil, % Agni 7,tavedas, that standest
on high, &onCuerest !y thyself" Make the sor&erers howl"
<. $he sor&erers and the devouring (atrin LimBdin shall howl" =o ye,
moreover, % Agni and +ndra, re&eive gra&iously this our o!lation"
). Agni shall !e the first to seiEe them, +ndra with his (strong arms shall
drive them away" Mvery wiEard, as soon as he &omes, shall pro&laim himself,
saying, @+ am he@"
-. :e would see thy might, % 7,tavedas; dis&lose to us the wiEards, % thou
that !eholdest men" May they all, driven forth !y thy fire, dis&losing
themselves, &ome to this spot"
1. SeiEe hold, % 7,tavedas' for our good thou wast !orn" 0e&ome our
messenger, % Agni, and make the sor&erers howl"
5. =o thou, % Agni, drag hither the sor&erers, !ound in sha&kles; then +ndra
with his thunder!olt shall &ut off their heads"
I, =. Aa!"#$ #1r7'r'r# a") )'m1"#.
1. May this o!lation &arry hither the sor&erers, as a river (&arries foam" $he
man or the woman who has performed this (sor&ery, that person shall here
pro&laim himself"
#. $his vaunting (sor&erer has &ome hither' re&eive him with ala&rity" %
0rihaspati, put him into su!Fe&tion; % Agni and Soma, pier&e him through"
<. Slay the offspring of the sor&erer, % soma-drinking (+ndra, and su!Fe&t
(him" Make drop out the farther and the nearer eye of the !raggart
). :herever, % Agni 7,tavedas, thou per&eivest the !rood of these hidden
devourers (atrin, do thou, mightily strengthened !y our &harm, slay them'
slay their (!rood, % Agni, pier&ing them a hundredfold"
I, -.. Charm <!$h *'a), aa!"#$ )'m1"# a")
1. Against the devouring demons who, in the night of the full-moon, have
arisen in throngs, may Agni, the strong, the slayer of the sor&erers, give us
#. $o the lead Varuna gives !lessing, to the lead Agni gives help. +ndra gave
me the lead' unfailingly it dispels sor&ery.
<. $his (lead over&omes the vishkandha, this smites the devouring demons
(atrin; with this + have overwhelmed all the !rood of the Ais,kas.
). +f thou slayest our &ow, if our horse or our domesti&, we pier&e thee with
the lead, so that thou shalt not slay our heroes.
VI, 2. Th' #1ma-19*a$!1" )!r'7$') aa!"#$
D'm1"# (ra%#ha#).
1. Aress the soma, ye priests, and rinse it (for renewed pressing, in !ehalf
of +ndra who shall listen to the song of the worshipper, and to my &all"
#. =o thou, % doughty (+ndra, whom the drops of soma enter as !irds a
tree, !eat off the hostile !rood of the ?akshas"
<. Aress ye the soma for +ndra, the soma-drinker, who wields the
thunder!olt" A youthful vi&tor and ruler is he, praised !y many men.
II, -/. Charm aa!"#$ a (ar!'$0 1& &'ma*'
)'m1"#, 71"7'!(') a# h1#$!*' $1 m'", 7a$$*',
a") h1m'.
1. (iss,l,, the !old, the greedy demon (Odhishana, and (the female demon
with long-drawn howl, the !loodthirsty; all the daughters of Landa, the
Sad,nv,s do we destroy.
#. :e drive you out of the sta!le, out of the a;le (of the wagon, and the
!ody of the wagon; we &hase you, % ye daughters of MagundB, from the
<. +n yonder house !elow, there the grudging demons (ar,yB shall e;ist;
there ruin shall prevail, and all the wit&hes"
). May (?udra, the lord of !eings, and +ndra. drive forth from here the
Sad,nv,s; those that am seated on the foundation of the house +ndra shall
over&ome with his thunder!olt"
-. :hether ye !elong to (the demons of inherited disease, whether ye have
!een dispat&hed !y men, or whether ye have originated from the =asyus
(demon-like a!origines, vanish from here, % ye Sad,nv,s"
1. A!out their dwelling-pla&es + did swiftly &ourse, as if on a ra&e-&ourse. +
have won all &ontests with you' vanish from here, % ye Sad,nv,s"
III, 6. Aa!"#$ (!#h%a")ha a") %:9a(a (h1#$!*'
1. %f karsapha and visapha heaven is the father and earth the mother. As,
ye gods, ye have !rought on (the trou!le, thus do ye again remove it"
#. :ithout fastening the, (the prote&ting plantsO held fast, thus it has
!een arranged !y Manu. $he vishkandha do + render impotent, like one who
gelds &attle.
<. A talisman tied to a reddish thread the a&tive (seers then do fasten on'
may the fastenings render impotent the eager, fiery k,!ava"
). And sin&e, % ye eager (demons, ye walk like gods !y the wile of the
Asuras, the fastening (of the amulet is destru&tive to the k,!ava, as the
ape to the dog.
-. + revile thee, the k,!ava, unto misfortune, (and shall work harm for
thee. A&&ompanied with &urses ye shall go out like swift &hariots"
1. A hundred and one vishkandha are spread out along the earth; for these
at the !eginning they !rought out thee, the amulet, that destroys
IV, 2+. Charm <!$h a 7'r$a!" 3*a"$
(#a)am32#h3:) <h!7h ';31#'# )'m1"# a")
1. *e sees here, he sees yonder, he sees in the distan&e, he sees--the sky,
the atmosphere as well as the earth, all that, % goddess, he sees.
#. $he three heavens, the three earths, and these si; dire&tions severally;
all &reatures may + see through thee, % divine plant"
<. $hou art verily the eye!all of the divine eagle; thou didst as&end the
earth as a weary woman a palanCuin.
). $he thousand-eyed god shall put this plant into my right hand' with that
do + see every one, the S.dra as well as the Drya.
-. ?eveal (all forms, do not hide thy own self; moreover, do thou, %
thousand-eyed (plant, look the LimBdins in the fa&e"
1. ?eveal to me the wiEards, and reveal the wit&hes, reveal all the Ais,kas'
for this purpose do + take hold of thee, % plant"
5. $hou art the eye of Lasyapa, and the eye of the four-eyed !it&h. >ike the
sun, moving in the !right day, make thou the Ais,ka evident to me"
6. 1 have dragged out from his retreat the sor&erer and the LimBdin.
$hrough this (&harm do + see every one, the S.dra as well as the Drya.
8. *im that flies in the air, him that moves a&ross the sky, him that regards
the earth as his resort, that Ais,ka do thou reveal (to me"
IV, ->. Charm <!$h $h' a3:m:ra-3*a"$, aa!"#$
#1r7'r0, )'m1"#, a") '"'m!'#.
1. :e take hold, % vi&torious one, of thee, the mistress of remedies. + have
made thee a thing of thousandfold strength for ever, one, % plant"
#. *er, the unfailingly vi&torious one, that wards off &urses, that is powerful
and defensive; (her and all the plants have + assem!led, intending that she
shall save us from this (trou!le"
<. $he woman who has &ursed us with a &urse, who has arranged dire
misfortune (for us, who has taken hold of our &hildren, to ro! them of their
strengthmay she eat (her own offspring"
). $he magi& spell whi&h they have put into the un!urned vessel, that whi&h
they have put into the !lue and red thread, that whi&h they have put into
raw flesh, with these slay thou those that have prepared the spell"
-. Mvil dreams, trou!led life, ?akshas, gruesomeness, and grudging demons
(ar,yB, all the evil-named, evil-speakinor (powers, these do we drive out
from us.
1. =eath from hunger, and death from thirst, poverty in &attle, and failure
of offspring, all that, % ap,m,rga, do we wipe out (apa mrigmahe with
5. =eath from thirst, and death from hunger, moreover, ill-lu&k at di&e, all
that, % ap,m,rga, do we wipe out with thee.
6. $he ap,m,rga is sole ruler over all plants, with it do we wipe mishap
from thee' do thou then live e;empt from disease"
IV, -=. Charm <!$h $h' a3:m:ra-3*a"$, aa!"#$
#1r7'r'r# a") )'m1"#.
1. (ight is like unto the sun, the (starry night is similar to day. $he truth do
+ engage for help' the en&hantments shall !e devoid of for&e"
#. *e, % ye gods, who prepares a spell, and &arries it to the house of one
that knows not (of it, upon him the spell, returning, shall fasten itself like
a su&kling &alf upon its mother"
<. $he person that prepares evil at home, and desires with it to harm
another, she is &onsumed !y fire, and many stones fall upon her with a loud
). 0estow &urses, % thou (ap,m,rga, that hast a thousand homes, upon the
(demons visikha (@&restless@, and vigrBva (@&rooked-ne&k@" $urn !a&k the
spell upon him that has performed it, as a !eloved maid (is !rought to her
-. :ith this plant + have put to naught all spells, those that they have put
into thy field, thy &attle, and into thy domesti&s.
1. *e that has undertaken them has not !een a!le to a&&omplish them' he
!roke his foot, his toe. *e performed a lu&ky a&t for us, !ut for himself an
5. $he ap,m,rga-plant shall wipe out (apa m,rshtu @inherited ills, and
&urses; yea, it shall wipe out all wit&hes, and all grudging demons (ar,yB"
6. *aving wiped out all sor&erers, and all grudging demons, with thee, %
ap,m,rga, we wipe all that (evil out.
IV, -6. M0#$!7 31<'r 1& $h' a3:m:ra-3*a"$,
aa!"#$ )'m1"# a") #1r7'r'r#.
1. %n the one hand thou deprivest of kin, on the other thou now pro&urest
kinfolk. =o thou, moreover, &ut the offspring of him that pra&tises spells, as
a reed that springs up in the rain"
#. 0y a 0r,hmana thou hast !een !lest, !y Lanva, the des&endant of
(rishad. $hou goest like a stronor army; where thou hast arrived, % plant,
there there is no fear.
<. $hou goest at the head of the plants, spreading lustre, as if with a light.
$hou art on the one hand the prote&tor of the weak, on the other the slayer
of the ?akshas.
). :hen of yore, in the !eginning, the gods drove out the Asuras with thee,
then, % plant, thou wast !egotten as ap,m,rga (@wiping out@.
-. $hou &uttest to pie&es (vi!hindatB, and hast a hundred !ran&hes;
vi!hindant (@&utting to pie&es@ is thy father@s name. =o thou (turn against,
and &ut to pie&es (vi !hindhi him that is hostile towards us"
1. (on-!eing arose from the earth, that goes to heaven, (as a great
e;pansion. $hen&e, verily, that, spreading vapours, shall turn against the
performer (of spells"
5. $hou didst grow !a&kward, thou hast fruit whi&h is turned !a&kward.
:ard off from me all &urses, ward off very far destru&tive weapons"
6. Arote&t me with a hundredfold, guard me with a thousandfold (strength"
+ndra, the strong, shall put strength into thee, % prin&e of plants"
VII, .,. Charm <!$h $h' a3:m:ra-3*a"$, aa!"#$
72r#'#, a") $h' 71"#'D2'"7'# 1& #!"&2*
1. :ith fruit turned !a&kward thou verily didst grow, % ap,m,rga' do thou
drive all &urses Cuite far away from here"
#. $he evil deeds and foul, or the sinful a&ts whi&h we have &ommitted,
with thee, % ap,m,rga, whose fa&e is turned to every side, do we wipe
them out (apa mrigmahe.
<. +f we have sat together with one who has !la&k teeth, or diseased nails,
or one who is deformed, with thee, % ap,m,rga, we wipe all that out (apa
4, -. Charm $1 r'3'* #1r7'r!'# 1r #3'**#.
1. $he (spell whi&h they skilfully prepare, as a !ride for the wedding, the
multiform (spell, fashioned !y hand, shall go to a distan&e' we drive it
#. $he (spell that has !een !rought forward !y the fashioner of the spell,
that is endowed with head, endowed with nose, endowed with ears, and
multiform, shall go to a distan&e' we drive it away"
<. ($he spell that has !een prepared !y a Sadra, prepared !y a ?,ga,
prepared !y a woman, prepared !y 0rahmans, as a wife reFe&ted !y her
hus!and, shall re&oil upon her fa!ri&ator, (and his kin"
). :ith this her! have + destroyed all spells, that whi&h they have put into
thy field, into thy &attle, and into thy men.
-. Mvil !e to him that prepares evil, the &urse shall re&oil upon him that
utters &urses' !a&k do we hurl it against him, that it may slay him that
fashions the spell.
1. AratikBna (@ 0a&k-hurler@, the des&endant of Angiras, is our overseer and
offi&iator (purohita' do thou drive !a&k again (pratBkBh the spells, and slay
yonder fashioners of the spells"
5. *e that has said to thee (the spell' @go on@" upon that enemy, that
antagonist do thou turn, % spell' do not seek out us, that are harmless"
6. *e that has fitted together thy Foints with skill, as the wagoner (?i!hu
the Foints of a &hariot, to him go, there is thy &ourse' this person here shall
remain unknown to thee"
8. $hey that have prepared thee and taken hold of thee, the &unning
wiEards-this is what &ures it, destroys the spell, drives it !a&k the opposite
way - with it do we !athe thee.
19. Sin&e we have &ome upon tile wret&hed (spell, as upon (a &ow with a
dead &alf, flooded away (!y a river, may all evil go away from me, and mav
possessions &ome to me"
11. +f (thy enemies have made (offerings to thy /athers, or have &alled thy
name at the sa&rifi&e, may these her!s free thee from every indigenous evil"
1#. /rom the sin of the gods, and that of the fathers, from mentions of (thy
name, from (evil s&hemes &on&o&ted at home, may the her!s free thee
with might, through (this &harm, (and these stanEas, (that are the milk of
the ?ishis"
1<. As the wind stirs up the dust from the earth, and the &loud from the
atmosphere, thus may all misfortune, driven !y my &harm, go away from
1). Stride away (% spell, like a loudly !raying she-ass, that has !een
loosened (from the tether; rea&h those that have fa!ri&ated thee, driven
from here !y (my for&eful &harm"
1-. @$his is the way, % spell,@ with these words do we lead thee. $hee that
hast !een sent %ut against us do we send !a&k again. 7o this way like a
&rushing army, with heavy &arts, thou that art multiform, and &rowned !y a
11. +n the distan&e there is light for thee, hitherward there is no road for
thee; away from us take thy &ourse" 0y another road &ross thou ninety
naviga!le streams, hard to &ross" =o not inFure, go away"
15. As the wind the trees, &rush down and fell (the enemy, leave them
neither &ow, nor horse, nor serving-man" $urn from here upon those that
have fa!ri&ated thee, % spell, awaken them to &hildlessness"
16. $he spell or the magi& whi&h they have !uried against thee in the
sa&rifi&ial straw (!arhis, in the field, (or in the !urial-ground, or if with
superior skill they have pra&tised sor&ery against thee, that art simple and
inno&ent, in thy household fire,--
18. $he hostile, insidious instrument whi&h they have !rought hither has
!een dis&overed; that whi&h has !een dug in we have dete&ted. +t shall go
when&e it has !een !rought hither; there, like a horse, it shall disport itself,
and slay the offspring of him that has fashion@ed the spell"
#9. Swords of good !rass are in our house' we know how many Foints thou
hast, % spell" 0e sure to rise, go away from hen&e" % stranger, what seekest
thou hereO
#1. + shall hew off, % spell, thy ne&k, and thy feet' run away" May +ndra and
Agni, to whom !elong the &hildren (of men, prote&t us"
##. Ling Soma, who guards and pities us, and the lords of the !eings shall
take pity on us"
#<. May 0hava and Sarva &ast the lightning, the divine missile, upon him
that performs evil, fashions a spell, and does wrong"
#). +f thou art &ome two-footed, (or four-footed, prepared !y the fashioner
of the spell, multiform, do thou, having !e&ome eight-footed, again go away
from here, % misfortune"
#-. Anointed, ornamented, and well eCuipped, go away, &arrying every
misfortune" Lnow, % spell, thy maker, as a daughter her own father"
#1. 7o away, % spell, do not stand still, tra&k (the enemy as a wounded
(animal" *e is the game, thou the hunter' he is not a!le to put thee down.
#5. *im that first hurls (the arrow, the other, laying on in defen&e, slays
with the arrow, and while the first deals the !low, the other returns the
#6. *ear, verily, this spee&h of mine, and then return when&e thou &amest,
against the one that fashioned thee"
#8. Slaughter of an inno&ent is heinous, % spell' do not slay our &ow, horse,
or serving-man" :herever thou hast !een put down, then&e thee do we
remove. 0e lighter than a leaf"
<9. +f ye are enveloped in darkness, &overed as if !y a net--we tear all spells
out from here, send them !a&k again to him that fashioned them.
<1. $he offspring of them that fashion the spell, pra&tise magi&, or plot
against us, &rush thou, % spell, leave none of them" Slay those that fashion
the spell"
<#. As the sun is released from darkness, a!andons the night, and the
streaks of the dawn, thus every misery, (every devi&e prepared !y the
fashioner of the spell, (every misfortune, do + leave !ehind, as an elephant
the dust.
V, 5-. Charm $1 r'3'* #1r7'r!'# 1r #3'**#.
1. $he spell whi&h they have put for thee into an un!urned vessel, that
whi&h they have put into mi;ed grain, that whi&h they have put into raw
meat, that do + hurl !a&k again.
#. $he spell whi&h they have put for thee into a &o&k, or that whi&h (they
have put into a goat, into a &rested animal, that whi&h they have put into a
sheep, that do + hurl !a&k again.
<. $he spell whi&h they have put for thee into solipeds, into animals with
teeth on !oth sides, that whi&h they have put into an ass, that do + hurl
!a&k again.
). $he magi& whi&h they have put for thee into movea!le property, or into
personal possession, the spell whi&h they have put into the field, that do +
hurl !a&k again.
-. $he spell whi&h evil-s&heming persons have put for thee into the
g,rhapatya-fire, or into the housefire, that whi&h they have put -into the
house, that do + hurl !a&k again.
1. $he spell whi&h they have put for thee into the assem!ly-hall, that whi&h
(they have put into the gaming-pla&e, that whi&h they have put into the
di&e, that do + hurl !a&k again.
5. $he spell whi&h they have put for thee into the army, that whi&h they
have put into the arrow and the weapon, that whi&h they have put into the
drum, that do + hurl !a&k again.
6. $he spell whi&h they have pla&ed down for thee in the well, or have
!uried in the !urial-ground, that whi&h they have put into (thy home, that
do + hurl !a&k again.
8. $hat whi&h they have put for thee into human !ones, that whi&h (they
have put into the funeral fire, to the &onsuming, !urning, flesh-eating fire
do + hurl that !a&k again.
19. 0y an un!eaten path he has !rought it (the spell hither, !y a (!eaten
path we drive it out from here. $he fool in his folly has prepared (the spell
aorainst those that are surely wise.
11. *e that has undertaken it has not !een a!le to a&&omplish it' he !roke
his foot, his toe. *e, lu&kless, performed an auspi&ious a&t for us, that are
1#. *im that fashions spells, pra&tises magi&, digs after roots, sends out
&urses, +ndra, shall slay with his mighty weapon, Agni shall pier&e with his
hurled (arrow"
V, -/. Charm $1 r'3'* #1r7'r!'# 1r #3'**#.
1. An eagle found thee out, a !oar dug thee out with his snout. Seek thou, %
plant, to inFure him that seeks to inFure (us, strike down him that prepares
spells (against us@"
#. Strike down the wiEards, strike down him that prepares spells (against
us; slay thou, moreover, % plant, him that seeks to inFure us"
<. Gutting out from the skin (of the enemy as if (from the skin of an
antelope, do ye, % gods, fasten the spell upon him that prepares it, as (one
fastens an ornament"
). $ake hold !y the hand and lead away the spell !a&k to him that prepares
it" Ala&e it in his very presen&e, so that it shall slay him that prepares the
-. $he spells shall take effe&t upon him that prepares the spells, the &urse
upon him that pronoun&es the &urse" As a &hariot with easy-going wheels,
the spell shall turn !a&k upon him that prepares the spell"
1. :hether a woman, or whether a man has prepared the spell for evil, we
lead that spell to him as a horse with the halter.
5. :hether thou hast !een prepared !y the gods, or hast !een prepared !y
men, we lead thee !a&k with the help of +ndra as an ally.
6. % Agni gainer of !attles, do thou gain the !attles" :ith a &ounter-&harm
do we hurl !a&k the spell upon him that prepares the spell.
8. *old ready, (% plant, thy weapon, and strike him, slay the very one that
has prepared (the spell" :e do not whet thee for the destru&tion of him
that has not pra&tised (spells.
19. 7o as a son to his father, !ite like an adder that has !een stepped upon.
?eturn thou, % spell, to him that prepares the spell, as one who over&omes
his fetters"
11. As the shy deer, the antelope, goes out to the mating (!u&k, thus the
spell shall rea&h him that prepares it"
1#. Straighter than an arrow may it (the spell fly against him, % ye heaven
and earth; may that spell take hold again of him that prepares it, as (a
of his game"
1<. >ike fire (the spell shall progress in the teeth of o!sta&les, like water
along its &ourse" As a &hariot with easy-going wheels the spell shall turn
!a&k upon him that prepares the spell"
VIII, ,. Pra0'r &1r 3r1$'7$!1" a))r'##') $1 a
$a*!#ma" ma)' &r1m <11) 1& $h' #ra%$0a-
1. $his atta&king talisman, (itself a man, is fastened upon the man' it is full
of for&e, slays enemies, makes heroes of men, furnishes shelter, provides
good lu&k.
#. $his talisman slays enemies, makes strong men, is powerful, lusty,
vi&torious, strong; as a man it advan&es against sor&eries and destroys them.
<. :ith this talisman +ndra slew Vritra, with it he, full of devi&e, destroyed
the Asuras, with it he &onCuered !oth the heaven and earth, with it he
&onCuered the four regions of spa&e.
). $his talisman of sraktya assails and atta&ks. :ith might &ontrolling the
enemies, it shall prote&t us on all sides"
-. Agni has said this, and Soma has said this; 0rihaspati, Savitar, +ndra (have
said this. $hese divine purohitas, (&haplains shall turn !a&k for me (upon
the sor&erer the sor&eries with aggressive amulets"
1. + have interposed heaven and earth, also the day, and also the sun. $hese
divine purohitas (&haplains shall turn !a&k for me (upon the sor&erer the
sor&eries with aggressive amulets"
5. (/or the folk that make an armour of the talisman of sraktya--like the
sun as&ending the sky, it su!Fe&ts and !eats off the sor&eries.
6. :ith the amulet of sraktya, as if with a seer of powerful spirit, + have
gained all !attles, + slay the enemies, the ?akshas.
8. $he sor&eries that &ome from the Angiras, the sor&eries that &ome from
the Asuras, the sor&eries that prepare themselves, and those that are
prepared !y others, !oth these shall go away to a distan&e a&ross ninety
naviga!le streams"
19. As an armour upon him the gods shall tie the amulet, +ndra, Vishnu,
Savitar, ?udra, Agni, Arag,pati, Aarameshthin, Vir,g,Vaisv,nara, and the
seers all.
11. $hou art the most super! of plants, as if a steer among the &attle, as if
a tiger among !easts of prey. ($he amulet that we did seek, that have we
found, a guardian at our side.
1#. *e that wears this talisman, verily is a tiger, a lion as well, and, too, a
!ull; moreover a &urtailer of enemies.
1<. *im slay not the Apsaras, nor the 7andharvas, nor mortal men; all
reoions does he rule, that wears this talisman.
1). Lasyapa has &reated thee, Lasyapa has produ&ed thee. +ndra wore thee
in human (!attle; wearing thee in the &lose &om!at he &onCuered. $he
gods did make the talisman an armour of thousandfold strength.
1-. *e that plans to harm thee with sor&eries, with (unholy &onse&rations
and sa&rifi&es--him !eat thou !a&k, % +ndra, with thy thunder!olt that hath
a hundred Foints"
11. $his talisman verily does assail, full of might, vi&torious. %ffspring and
wealth it shall prote&t, provide defen&e, a!ound in lu&k"
15. ?emove our enemies in the south, remove our enemies in the north;
remove, % +ndra, our enemies in the west' light, % hero, pla&e in front
(east of us"
16. An armour for me !e heaven and earth, an armour day, an armour the
sun" An armour for me !e +ndra and Agni; =h,tar shall !estow (dadhAtu an
armour upon me"
18. $he armour of +ndra and Agni, that is thi&k and strong, all the gods
united do not pier&e. $his great (armour shall prote&t my !ody on all sides,
that + may o!tain long life, and rea&h old age"
#9. $he divine talisman has as&ended upon me,unto &omplet& e;emption
from inFury. Assem!le a!out this post that prote&ts the !ody, furnishes
threefold defen&e, in order to (se&ure strength"
#1. +nto it +ndra shall deposit manliness' do ye, % gods, assem!le a!out it
for long life, for life lasting a hundred autumns, that he may rea&h old age.
##. May +ndra who !estows welfare, the lord of the people, the slayer of
Vritra, the &ontroller of enemies, he that &onCuereth and is un&onCuered,
the soma-drinking !ull that frees from danger, fasten the amulet upon thee'
may it prote&t thee on ea&h and every side, !y day and !y night"
4, 5. Pra!#' 1& $h' (!r$2'# 1& a" am2*'$ )'r!(')
&r1m $h' (ara"a-$r''.
1. *ere is my varana-amulet, a !ull that destroys the rivals' with it do thou
&lose in upon thy enemies, &rush them that desire to inFure thee"
#. 0reak them, &rush them, &lose in upon them' the amulet shall !e thy
vanguard in front" :ith the varana the =evas (gods did ward off
(av,rayanta the onslaught of the Asuras (demons day after day.
<, $his thousand-eyed, yellow, golden varanaamulet is a universal &ure; it
shall lay low thy enemies' !e thou the first to inFure those that hate thee"
). $his varana will ward off (v,rayishyate the spell that has !een spread
against thee; this will prote&t thee from human danger, this will prote&t
thee from all evil"
-. $his divine tree, the varana, shall shut out (v,ray,t,i" $he gods, too,
have shutout (avivaran the disease that has entered into this (man.
1. +f when asleep thou shalt !ehold an evil dream; as often as a wild !east
shall run an inauspi&ious &ourse; from (ominous sneeEing, and from the evil
shriek of a !ird, this varana-amulet will prote&t thee (v,rayishyate.
5. /rom Ar,ti (grudge, (irriti (misfortune, from sor&ery, and from danger;
from death and overstrong weapons the varana will prote&t thee.
6. $he sin that my mother, that my father, that my !rothers and my sister
have &ommitted; the sin that we (ourselves have &ommitted, from that this
divine tree will prote&t us.
8. $hrough the varana are &onfused my enemies and my (rival kin. $o
untraversed gloom they have gone' they shall go to the nethermost
19. (May + (!e unharmed, with &ows unharmed, long-lived, with
undiminished men" $his varana-amulet shall guard me in every region (of
11. $his varana upon my !reast, the kingly, divine tree, shall smite asunder
my enemies, as +ndra the =asyus, the Asuras (demons"
1#. >ong-lived, a hundred autumns old, do + wear this varana' kingdom and
rule, &attle and strength, this shall !estow upon me"
1<. As the wind !reaks with might the trees, the lords of the forest, thus do
thou !reak my rivals, those formerly !orn, and the latter !orn" $he varana
shall wat&h over thee"
1). As the wind and the fire &onsume the trees, the lords of the forest,
thus, do thou &onsume my rivals, those formerly !orn, and the latter !orn"
$he varana shall wat&h over thee"
1-. As, ruined !y the wind, the trees lie prostrate, thus do thou ruin and
prostrate my rivals, those formerly !orn, and the latter !orn" $he varana
shall wat&h over thee"
11. =o thou &ut off, % varana, !efore their appointed time and !efore old
age, those that aim to inFure him in his &attle, and threaten his sovereignty"
15. As the sun is resplendent, as in him !rillian&e has !een deposited, thus
shall the amulet of varana hold fast for me reputation and prosperity, shall
sprinkle me with !rillian&e, and anoint me with splendour"
1 6. As splendour is in the moon, and in the sun, the !eholder of men, thus
shall the amulet of varana hold fast, K&.
18. As splendour is in the earth, as in this 7,tavedas (the fire, thus shall
the amulet of varana hold fast, K&.
#9. As splendour is in the maiden, as in this appointed &hariot, thus shall the
amulet of varana hold fast, K&.
# 1. As splendour is in the soma-draught, as splendour is in the honey-
mi;ture (for guests, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, K&.
##. As splendour is in the agnihotra-o!lation, as splendour is in the &all
vashat, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, K&.
#<. As splendour is in the sa&rifi&er, as (splendour has !een deposited in
the sa&rifi&e, thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, K&.
#). As splendour is in Arag,pati, as in this Aarameshthin (the lord on high,
thus shall the amulet of varana hold fast, K&.
#-. As immortality is in the gods, as truth has !een deposited in them, thus
shall the amulet of varana hod fast, K&.
4, .. Pra!#' 1& $h' (!r$2'# 1& am2*'$ 1& %ha)!ra-
<11) !" $h' #ha3' 1& a 3*12h#har'.
1. $he head of the hostile rival, of the enemy that !ates me, do + &ut off
with might.
#. $his amulet, produ&ed !y the ploughshare, will prepare an armour for
me' full of stirred drink it has &ome to me, together with sap and lustre.
<. +f the skilful workman has inFured thee with his hand or with his knife,
the living !right waters shall purify thee from that, (so that thou shalt !e
). $his amulet has a golden wreath, !estows faith and sa&rifi&e and might;
in our house as a guest it shall dwell"
-. 0efore it (the amulet as a guest ghee, sur, (liCuor, honey, and every
kind of food we pla&e. $he amulet having gone to the gods shall, as a father
for his sons, plan for us growing good, more and more day after day"
1. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied, the ploughshare dripping with ghee,
the strong khadira, unto strength, that Agni did fasten on; that yields him
ghee more and more day after day' with it those that hate me do thou slay"
5. $his amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied that +ndra did fasten on, for strength
and heroism; that yields him might more and more, K&.
6. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied . . . that Soma did fasten on unto
perfe&t hearing and seeing; that verily yields him lustre more and more, K&.
8. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspat, tied . . . that S.rya did fasten on, with that
he &onCuered these dire&tions of spa&e; that yields him prosperity moreand
more, K&.
19. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied wearing that amulet Landramas (the
moon &onCuered the golden &ities of the Asuras and the =,navas; that
yields him fortune more and more, K&.
11. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspat@ tied for swift V,ta (wind, that yields him
strength more and more, K&.
1#, $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied for swift V,ta, with that amulet, %
Asvins, do ye guard this plough-land; that yields the two physi&ians (the
Asvins might more and more, K&.
1<. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied for swift V,ta, wearing that, Savitar
through it &onCuered this light; that yields him a!undan&e more and more,
1). $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied for swift V,ta, wearing that, the
waters ever run undiminished; that verily yields them am!rosia more and
more, K&.
1-. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied for swift V,ta, that &omforting amulet
king Varuna did fasten on; that verily yields him truth more and more, K&.
11. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied for swift V,ta, wearing that the gods
did &onCuer all the worlds in !attle; that verily yields them &onCuest more
and more, K&.
15. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied for swift V,ta, that &omforting amulet
the divinities did fasten on; that verily yields them- all more and more, K&.
16. $he seasons did fasten it on; the divisions (of the year did fasten it on.
Sin&e the year did fasten it on, it guards every !eing.
18. $he intermediate dire&tions did fasten it on; the dire&tions did fasten it
on. $he amulet &reated !y Arag,pati has su!Fe&ted those that hate me.
#9. $he Atharvans did tie it on, the des&endants of the Atharvans did tie it
on; with these allied, the Angiras &left the &astles of the =asyus. :ith it
those that hate me do thou slay"
#1. $hat =h,tar did fasten on' (then he shaped the !eing. :ith it those
that hate me do thou slay"
##. $he amulet whi&h 0rihaspati tied for the gods, destru&tive of the Asuras,
that has &ome to me together with sap and lustre.
#<. $he amulet . . . has &ome to me together with &ows, goats, and sheep,
together with food and offspring.
#). $he amulet . . . has &ome to me together with ri&e and !arley, together
with might and prosperity.
#-. $he amulet has &ome to me with a stream of honey and ghee together
with sweet drink.
#1. $he amulet has &ome to me together with nourishment and milk,
together with goods and fortune.
#5. $he amulet . . . has. &ome to me together with !rillian&e and strength,
together with glory and reputation.
#6. $he amulet . . . has &ome to me together with all @kinds of prosperity.
#8, $his amulet the gods shall give me unto prosperity, the mighty amulet
that strengthens sovereignty and inFures the rivals"
<9. An (amulet auspi&ious for me thou shalt fasten upon (me, together
with !rahma (spiritual e;altation and !rillian&e" /ree from rivals, slaying
rivals, it has su!Fe&ted my rivals.
<1. $his god-!orn amulet, the sap milked from whi&h these three worlds
revere, shall render me superior to him that hates me; it shall as&end upon
my head unto e;&ellen&e"
<#. $he amulet upon whi&h the gods, the /athers, and men ever live, shall
as&end upon my head unto e;&ellen&e"
<<. As the seed grows in the field, in the furrow drawn !y the ploughshare,
thus in me offspring, &attle, and every kind of food shall grow up"
<). Hpon whom, % thou amulet that prosperest the sa&rifi&e, + have
fastened thee (that art propitious, him, % amulet, that yieldest a
hundredfold sa&rifi&ial reward, thou shalt inspire unto e;&ellen&e"
<-. $his fire-wood that has !een laid on together with the o!lations do
thou, Agni, gladly a&&ept' may we in this kindled 7,tavedas (fire, through
(this &harm, find favour, well-!eing, offspring, sight, and &attle"
IV, -.. Pra0'r $1 Var2"a &1r 3r1$'7$!1" aa!"#$
$r'a7h'r12# )'#!"#.
1. $he great guardian among these (gods sees as if from anear. *e that
thinketh he is moving stealthily--all this the gods know.
#. +f a man stands, walks, or sneaks a!out, if he goes slinking away, if he
goes into his hiding-pla&e; if two persons sit together and s&heme, king
Varuna is there as a third, and knows it.
<. 0oth this earth here !elongs to king Varuna, and also yonder !road sky
whose !oundaries are far away. Moreover these two o&eans are the loins of
Varuna; yea, he is hidden in this small (drop of water.
). *e that should flee !eyond the heaven far away would not !e free from
king Varuna. *is spies &ome hither (to the earth from heaven, with a
thousand eyes do they wat&h over the earth.
-. Ling Varuna sees through all that is !etween heaven and earth, and all
that is !eyond. *e has &ounted the winkings of men@s eyes. As a (winning
gamester puts down his di&e, thus does he esta!lish these (laws.
1. May all thy fateful toils whi&h, seven !y seven, threefold, lie spread out,
ensnare him that speaks falsehood' him that speaks the truth they shall let
5. :ith a hundred snares, % Varuna, surround him, let the liar not go free
from thee, % thou that o!servest men" $he rogue shall sit, his !elly hanging
loose, like a &ask without hoops, !ursting all a!out"
6. :ith (the snare of Varuna whi&h is fastened lengthwise, and that whi&h
(is fastened !roadwise, with the indigenous and the foreign, with the divine
and the human,--
8. :ith all these snares do + fetter thee, % (. (., des&ended from (. (., the
son of the woman (. (.' all these do + design for thee.
II, -2. Im3r'7a$!1" aa!"#$ '"'m!'# $h<ar$!"
h1*0 <1r%.
1. *eaven and earth, the !road atmosphere, the goddess of the field, and
the wonderful, far-striding (Vishnu; moreover, the !road atmosphere
guarded !y V,ta (the wind' may these here !e inflamed, when + am
#. *ear this, % ye revered gods" >et 0haradv,ga re&ite for me songs of
praise" @May he who inFures this our plan !e !ound in the fetter (of disease
and Foined to misfortune"
<. *ear, % soma-drinking +ndra, what with !urning heart + shout to thee" +
&leave, as one &leaves a tree with an a;e, him that inFures this our plan.
). :ith (the aid of thri&e eighty siman-singers, with (the aid of the
Ddityas, Vasus, and Angiras--may our father@s sa&rifi&es and gifts to the
priests, aid us-do + seiEe this one with fateful fervour.
-. May heaven and earth look after me, may all the gods support me" % ye
Angiras, % ye fathers devoted to Soma, may he who does harm enter into
1 . *e who per&han&e despises us, % ye Maruts, he who a!uses the holy
pra&ti&e whi&h is !eiog performed !y us, may his evil deeds !e fire!rands to
him, may the heavens surround with fire the hater of holy pra&ti&es"
5. $hy seven in-!reathings and thy eight marrows, these do + &ut for thee !y
means of my &harm. $hou shalt go to the seat of Nama, fitly prepared, with
Agni as thy guide"
6. 1 set thy footstep upon the kindled fire. May Agni surround thy !ody, may
thy voi&e enter into !reath"
VII, >+. Fr2#$ra$!1" 1& $h' #a7r!&!7' 1& a" '"'m0.
1. :henever yonder person in his thought, and with his spee&h, offers
sa&rifi&e a&&ompanied !y o!lations and !enedi&tions, may (irriti (the
goddess of destru&tion, allying herself with death, smite his offering !efore
it takes effe&t"
#. May sor&erers, (irriti, as well as ?akshas, mar his true work with error"
May the gods, despat&hed !y +ndra, s&atter (&hurn his sa&rifi&ial !utter;
may that whi&h yonder person offers not su&&eed"
<. $he two agile supreme rulers, like two eagle-s pouii&ing down, shall
strike the sa&rifi&ial !utter pf the enemy, whosoever plans evil against us"
). 0a&k do + tie !oth thy two arms, thy mouth + shut. :ith the fury of god
Agni, have + destroyed thy o!lation.
-. + tie thy two arms, + shut thy mouth. :ith the fury of terri!le Agni have +
destroyed thy o!lation.
II, >. Charm aa!"#$ 72r#'# a") h1#$!*' 3*1$#,
2")'r$a%'" <!$h a 7'r$a!" 3*a"$.
1. $he god-!egotten plant, hated !y the wi&ked, whi&h wipes away the
&urses (of the enemies, like water a foul spot it has washed away all &urses
from me.
#. $he &urse of the rival and the &urse of the kinswoman, the &urse whi&h
the 0rahman shall utter in wrath, all that (do thou put under our feet"
<. /rom heaven her root is suspended, from the earth it rises up; with her
that has a thousand shoots do thou prote&t us on all sides"
). Arote&t me, prote&t my offspring, prote&t our goods; let not ill-will
over&ome us, let not hostile s&hemes over&ome us"
-. $he &urse shall go to the &urser; Foint possession shall we have with the
friend. %f the enemy who !ewit&hes with (his eye we hew off the ri!s.
III, .. Th' a#(a$$ha-$r'' a# a )'#$r10'r 1&
1. A male has sprung from a male, the asvattha (fi&us religiosa from the
khadira (a&a&ia &ate&hu. May this slay my enemies, those whom + hate and
those who hate me"
#. Grush the enemies, as they rush on, % asvattha, @displa&er,@ allied with
+ndra, the slayer of Vritra, (allied with Mitra and Varu;a"
<. As thou didst !reak forth, % asvattha, into the great flood (of the air,
thus do thou !reak up all those whom + hate and those who hate me"
). $hou that goest &onCuering as a &onCuering !ull, with thee here, %
asvattha, may we &onCuer our rivals"
-. May (irriti (the goddess of destru&tion, % asvattha, !ind in the toils of
death that &annot !e loosened those enemies of mine whom + hate and who
hate me"
1. As thou &lim!est up the trees, % asvattha, and renderest them
su!ordinate, thus do thou split in two the head of iny enemy, and over&ome
5. $hey (the enemies shall float down like a ship &ut loose from its
moorings" $here is no returning again for those that have !een driven out !y
the @displa&er.@
6. + drive them out with my mind, drive them out with my thought, and also
with my in&antation. :e drive them out with a !ran&h of the asvattha-tree.
VI, >,. O9*a$!1" &1r $h' #233r'##!1" 1& '"'m!'#
("a!r9:)h0am ha(!h).
1. /orth from his home do + drive that person yonder, who as a rival
&ontends with us' through the o!lation devoted to suppression +ndra, has
!roken him to pie&es.
#. +ndra, the slayer of Vritra, shall drive him to the remotest distan&e, from
whi&h in all su&&essive years he shall not again return"
<. *e shall go to the three distan&es, he shall go !eyond the five peoples; he
shall go !eyond the three ethers, when&e he shall not again in all su&&essive
years return, while the sun is upon the heavens"
VII 5>. C2r#' aa!"#$ 1"' $ha$ 3ra7$!#'# h1#$!*'
1. $he thousand-eyed &urse having yoked his &hariot has &ome hither,
seeking out him that &urses me, as a wolf the house of him that owns sheep.
#. Avoid us, % &urse, as a !urning fire (avoids a lake" Strike here him that
&urses us, as the lightning of heaven the tree"
<. *e that shall &urse us when we do not &urse, and he that shall &urse us
when we do &urse, him do + hurl to death as a !one to a dog upon the
VII, -5. Charm $1 )'3r!(' '"'m!'# 1& $h'!r
1. As the rising sun takes away the lustre of the stars, thus do + take away
the strength of !oth the women and the men that hate me.
#. As many enemies as ye are, lookina out auainst me, as + &ome on--of
those that hate me do + take away the strenorth, as the sun takes away the
strength of persons asleep (while it rises.
II, 5.. Charm $1 19$a!" a h2#9a").
1. May, % Agni, a suitor after our own heart &ome to us, may he &ome to
this maiden with our fortune" May she, agreea!le to suitors, &harming at
festivals, promptly o!tain happiness through a hus!and"
#. Agreea!le to Soma, agreea!le to 0rahma, arranged !y Aryaman, with the
unfailing &ertainty of god =h,tar, do + !estow upon thee good fortune, the
a&Cuisition of a hus!and.
<. $his woman shall o!tain a hns!and, sin&e king Soma makes her lovely"
May she, !egetting sons, !e&ome a Cueen; may she, going to her hus!and,
shine in loveliness"
). As this &omforta!le &ave, % Maghavan (+ndra, furnishing a safe a!ode,
hath !e&ome pleasing to animals, thus may this woman !e a favourite of
fortune (0haga, !eloved, not at odds with her hus!and"
-. =o thou as&end the full, ine;hausti!le ship of 0haga (fortune; upon this
!ring, hither the suitor who shall !e agreea!le (to thee"
1. 0ring hither !y thy shouts, % lord of wealth, the suitor, !end his mind
towards her; turn thou the right side of every agreea!le suitor towards
5. $his gold and !dellium, this !alsam, and 0haga (fortune, too; these have
prepared thee for hus!ands, that thou mayest o!tain the one that is
6. *ither to thee Savitar shall lead the hus!and that is agreea!le" =o thou,
% her!, !estow (him upon her"
VI, .+. Charm &1r 19$a!"!" a h2#9a").
1. $his Aryaman (wooer with loosened &rest of hair &omes hither in front
(of the pro&ession, seeking a hus!and for this spinster, and a wife for this
wifeless man.
#. $his maid, % Aryaman, has wearied of going to the wedding-feasts of
other women. (ow shall, without fail, % Aryaman, other women go to her
<. =h,tar (the &reator supports (didhhra this earth, =h,tar supports the
heavens, and the sun. May =hatar furnish this spinster with a hus!and after
her own heart.
VI, =2. Charm &1r 19$a!"!" a <!&'.
1. + &all the name of him that &omes here, that hath &ome here, and is
arriving; + &rave (the name of +ndra, Vritra@s slayer, the Visava, of
hundredfold strength.
#. $he road !y whi&h the Asvins &arried away as a !ride S.ry,, Savitar@s
daughter,@!y that road,@ 0haga (fortune told me, @thou shalt !ring here a
:ith thy wealth-pro&uring, great, golden hook, % +ndra, hus!and of SakB,
pro&ure a wife for me that desireth a wife"
VI, >=. B*'##!" &1r a marr!') 7123*'.
1. $hrough this o!lation, that &auses prosperity, may this man flourish
anew; may he e;&el the wife that they have !rought to him with his sap"
#. May he e;&el in strength, e;&el in royalty" May this &ouple !e
ine;hausti!le in wealth that !estows thousandfold lustre"
<. $vashtar !egot (for thee a wife, $vashtar for her !egot thee as a
hus!and. May $vashtar !estow upon you two a thousand lives, may he
!estow upon you long life"
VII, 5.. ?1('-7harm #31%'" 90 a 9r!)a* 7123*'.
1. $he eyes of us two shine like honey, our foreheads gleam like ointment.
Ala&e me within thy heart; may one mind !e in &ommon to us !oth"
VII, 5>. Charm 3r1"12"7') 90 $h' 9r!)' 1('r $h'
1. + envelope thee in my garment that was produ&ed !y Manu (the first
man, that thou shalt !e mine alone, shalt not even dis&ourse of other
VI, =-. A 9ra7'*'$ a# a" am2*'$ $1 '"#2r'
1. A holder art thou, holdest !oth hands, drivest off the ?akshas. An
a&Cuirer of offspring and wealth this !ra&elet hath !e&ome"
#. % !ra&elet, open up the wom!, that the em!ryo !e put (into it" =o thou,
% limit (-setting !ra&elet, furnish a son, !ring him here (A gamaya, thou
that &omest here (Agame"
<. $he !ra&elet that Aditi wore, when she desired a son.$vashtar shall
fasten upon this woman, intending that she shall !eget a son.
III, 25. Charm &1r 19$a!"!" a #1" (32m#a(a"am).
1. $hat whi&h has &aused thee to mis&arry do we drive away from thee, that
very thing do we deposit outside of thee, away in a far pla&e.
#. +nto thy wom! shall enter a male germ, as an arrow into a Cuiver" May a
man !e !orn there, a son ten months old"
<. A male son do thou produ&e, and after him a male shall !e !orn" $hou
shalt !e the mother of sons, of those who are !orn, and those whom thou
shalt !ear"
). 0y the effe&tive seed whi&h !ulls put forth do thou o!tain a son; !e a
fruitful mil&h-&ow"
-. Arag,pati@s (the lord of &reatures work do + perform for thee' may the
germ enter into thy wom!" %!tain thou, woman, a son who shall !ring
prosperity to thee, and !ring thou pi-osperity to him"
1. $he plants whose father was the sky, whose mother the earth, :hose
root the (heavenly o&ean--may those divine her!s aid thee in o!taining a
VI, --. Charm &1r 19$a!"!" a #1" (32m#a(a"am).
1. $he asvattha (fi&us religiosa has mounted the samB (mimosa suma' then
a male &hild was produ&ed. $hat, forsooth, is the way to o!tain a son; that
do we !ring to (our wives.
#. +n the male, forsooth, seed doth grow, that is poured into the female.
$hat, forsooth, is the way to o!tain a son; that has !een told !y Arag,pati.
<. Arag,pati, Anumati, and SinBv,lB have fashioned him. May he (Arag,pati
elsewhere afford the !irth of a female, !ut here he shall !estow a man"
VII, 5,. A" !"7a"$a$!1" $1 ma%' a <1ma" #$'r!*'.
1. $he other enemies &onCuer with might; !eat !a&k, % 7,tavedas, those
that are not yet !orn" Mnri&h this kingdom unto happiness, may all the gods
a&&laim this man"
#. %f these hundred entrails of thine, as well as of the thousand &anals, of
all these have + &losed the openings with a stone.
<. $he upper part of the wom! do + pla&e !elow, there shall &ome to thee
neither offspring nor !irth" + render thee sterile and devoid of offspring; a
stone do + make into a &over for thee.
VI, ->. Charm $1 3r'('"$ m!#7arr!a'.
1. As this great-earth &on&eives the germs of the !eings, thus shalt thy
em!ryo !e-!eld fast, to produ&e a &hild after pregnan&y"
#. As this great earth holds these trees, thus shall thy em!ryo !e held fast,
to produ&e a &hild after pregnan&y"
<. As this great earth holds the mountains and the peaks, thus shall thy
em!ryo !e held fast, to produ&e a &hild after pregnan&y"
). As this great earth holds the animals s&attered far, thus shall thy em!ryo
!e held fast, to produ&e a &hild after pregnan&y"
I, --. Charm &1r 'a#0 3ar$2r!$!1".
1. Aryaman as a&tive hotar-priest shall utter for thee the vashat-&all at this
(soma- pressing, % A.shan" May (this woman, (herself !egotten in
the proper way, !e delivered, may her Foints rela;, that she shall !ring
#. /our dire&tions has the heaven, and also four the earth' (from these the
gods &reated the em!ryo. May they open her, that she shall !ring forth"
<. May S.shan open' her wom! do we &ause to gape. =o thou, % S.shan,
loosen the wom!, do thou, % 0ishkal,, let go (the ern!ryo"
). Atta&hed not at all to the flesh, nor to the fat, not at all to the marrow,
may the splot&hed, moist, pla&enta &ome down to !e eaten !y a dog" May
the pla&enta fall down"
-. + split open thy vagina, thy wom!, thy &anals; + separate the mother and
the son, the &hild along with the pla&enta. May the pla&enta fall down"
1. As flies the wind, as flies the mind, as fly the winged !irds, so do thou, %
em!ryo,. ten months old, fall along with the pla&enta" May the pla&enta fall
I, 5/. Charm <!$h *!71r!7', $1 #'72r' $h' *1(' 1&
a <1ma".
1. $his plant is !orn of honey, with honey do we dig for thee. %f honey thou
art !egotten, do thou make us full of honey"
#. At the tip of my tongue may + have honey, at my tongue@s root the
sweetness of honey" +n my power alone shalt thou then !e, thou shalt &ome
up to my wish"
<. Sweet as honey is my entran&e, sweet as honey my departure. :ith my
voi&e do + speak sweet as honey, may + !e&ome like honey"
). + am sweeter than honey, fuller of sweetness than li&ori&e. Mayest thou,
without fail, long for me alone, (as a !ee for a !ran&h full of honey"
-. + have surrounded thee with a &linging sugar&ane, to remove aversion, so
that thou shalt not !e averse to me"
II, 5+. Charm $1 #'72r' $h' *1(' 1& a <1ma".
1. As the wind tears this grass from the surfa&e of the earth, thus do + tear
thy soul, so that thou, woman, shalt love, shalt not !e averse to me"
#. +f ye, % two Asvins, shall unite and !ring together the loving pair-united
are the fortunes of,!oth of you (lovers, united the thoughts, united the
<. :hen !irds desire to &hirp, lustily desire to &hirp, may my &all go there,
as an arrow-point upon the shaft"
). :hat is within shall !e without, what is without shall !e within" $ake
&aptive, % her!, the, soul of the maidens endowed with every &hai-m"
-. >onging for a hus!and this woman hath &ome, + have &ome longing for a
wife, As a loudly neighing hor/e + have attained to my good fortune"
VI, =. Charm $1 #'72r' $h' *1(' 1& a <1ma".
1. As the &reeper em!ra&es the tree on all sides, thus do thou em!ra&e me,
so that thou, woman, shalt love me, so that thou shalt not !e averse to me"
#. As the eagle when he flies forth presses his wings against the earth, thus
do + fasten down thy mind, so that thou, woman, shalt love me, so that thou
shalt not !e averse to me.
<. As the sun day !y day goes a!out this heaven and earth, thus do + go
a!out thy mind, so that thou, woman, shalt love me, so that thou shalt not
!e' averse to me.
VI, 6. Charm $1 #'72r' $h' *1(' 1& a <1ma".
1. *anker thou after my !ody, my feet, hanker after my eyes, my thighs"
$he eyes of thee, as thou lustest after me, and thy hair shall !e par&hed
with loveO
#. + make thee &ling to my arm, &ling to my heart, so that thou shalt !e in
my power, shalt &ome up to my wish"
<. $he &ows, the mothers of the ghee, who li&k their young, in whose heart
love is planted, shall make yonder woman !estow love upon'me"
VI, -+2. Charm $1 #'72r' $h' *1(' 1& a <1ma".
1. As this draught animal, % ye Asvins, &omes on, and pro&eeds, thus may
thy soul &ome on, and pro&eed to me"
#. 1 draw to myself thy mind, as the leading stallion the female side-horse.
As the stalk of grass torn !y the wind, thus shall thy mind fasten itself upon
<. A &oa;ing mi;t>ire of salve, of sweet wood, of kushtha, and of spikenard,
do + deftly pi&k out with the hands of 0haga (good fortune.

III, 2,. Charm $1 ar12#' $h' 3a##!1"a$' *1(' 1& a
1. May (love, the disCuieter, disCuiet thee; do not hold out upon thy !ed"
:ith the terri!le arrow of L,ma (love do + pier&e thee in the heart.
#. $he arrow, winged with longing, !ar!ed with love, whose shaft is
undeviating desire, with that, well-aimed, L,ma shall pier&e thee in the
<. :ith that well-aimed arrow of L,ma whi&h par&hes the spleen, whose
plume flies forward, whi&h !urns up, do + pier&e thee in the heart.
). Gonsumed !y !urning ardour, with par&hed mouth, do thou (woman
&ome to me, pliant, (thy pride laid aside, mine alone, speaking sweetly and
to me devoted"
-. + drive thee with a goad from thy mother and thy father, so that thou
shalt !e in my power, shalt &ome up to my wish.
1. All her thoughts do ye, % Mitra and Varuna, drive out of her" $hen, having
deprived her of her will,.put her into my power alone"
VII, -56. Charm $1 ar12#' $h' 3a##!1"a$' *1(' 1&
a <1ma".
1. Glinging to the ground thou didst grow, (% plant, that produ&est !liss for
me; a hundred !ran&hes e;tend from thee, three and thirty grow down from
thee' with this plant of a thousand leaves thy heart do + par&h.
#. $hy heart shall par&h (with love for me, and thy mouth shall par&h (with
love for me" >anguish, moreover, with love for me, with par&hed mouth
pass thy days"
<. $hou that &ausest affe&tion, kindlest (love, !rown, lovely (plant, draw
(us together; draw together yonder woman and myself, our hearts make
the same"
). As the mouth of him that hath not drunk dries tip, thus languish thou with
love for me, with par&hed mouth pass thy days"
-. As the +&hneumon tears the serpent, and Foins him together again, thus,
% potent (plant, Foin together what hath !een torn !y love"
VII, 5=. Charm $1 #'72r' $h' *1(' 1& a ma".
1. $his potent her! do + dig out' it draws toward me the eve, &auses (love@s
tears. +t !rings !a&k him who has gone to a distan&e, reFoi&es him that
approa&hes me.
#. 0y (the plant with whi&h the DsurB allured +ndra away from the gods, !y
that do + su!Fe&t thee, that + may !e well-!eloved of thee"
<. $hy fa&e is turned towards Soma (the nioon, thy fa&e is turned towards
S.rya (the sun, thy fa&e is turned towards all the gods' @t is tliee here that
we do invoke.
). My spee&h, not thine, (in this matter hath weight' in the assem!ly,
forsooth, do thou speak" $o me alone shalt thou !elong, shalt not even
dis&ourse of other women"
-. :hether thou art !eyond the haunts of men, or whether a&ross the river,
this very her!, as if a &aptive !ound, shall !ring, thee !a&k to me"
VI, -5+. Charm $1 ar12#' $h' 3a##!1"a$' *1(' 1&
a ma".
1. $his yearning love &omes from the Apsaras, the vi&torious, im!ued with
vi&tory. Ne gods, send forth the yearning love' may yonder man !urn after
#. My wish is, he shall long for me, devoted he shall long for me" Ne gods,
send forth the yearning love' may yonder man !urn after me"
<. $hat yonder man shall long for me, (!ut + for him nevermore, ye gods,
send forth the yearning love' may yonder man !urn after me"
). =o ye, % Maruts, into;i&ate him (:ith love; do thou, % mid-air,
into;i&ate him; do thou, % Agni, into;i&ate him" May yonder man !urn after
VI, -5-. Charm $1 ar12#' $h' 3a##!1"a$' *1(' 1&
a ma".
1. /rom thy head unto thy feet do + implant (love@s longing into thee. Ne
gods, send forth the yearning love' may yonder man !urn after me"
#. /avour this (plan, Anumati; fit it tooether, Dk.ti" Ne gods, send forth the
yearning love may yonder man !urn after me"
<. +f thou dost run three leagues away, (or even five leagues, the distan&e
&oursed !y a horseman, from there thou shalt again return, shalt !e the
father of our sons"
VI, -52. Charm $1 ar12#' $h' 3a##!1"a$' *1(' 1&
a ma".
1. >ove@s &onsuming longing, together with yearning, whi&h the gods have
poured into the waters, that do + kindle for thee !y the law of Varuna"
#. >ove@s &onsuming longing, together with yearning, whi&h the all-gods
(visve dev,h have poured into the waters, that do + kindle for thee !y the
law of Varuna"
<. >ove@s &onsuming longing, together with yearning, whi&h +ndr,ni has
poured into the waters, that do + kindle for thee !y the law of Varuna"
). >ove@s &onsuming longing, together with yearning, whi&h +ndra and Agni
have poured into the waters, that do + kindle for thee !y the law of Varuna"
-. >ove@s &onsuming longing, together with yearning, whi&h Mitra and Varuna
have poured into the waters, that do + kindle for thee !y the law of Varuna"
IV, ,. Charm a$ a" a##!"a$!1".
1. $he !ull with a thousand horns who rose out of the sea, with the aid of
him, the mighty one, do we put the folks to sleep.
#. $he wind !lows not over the earth. (o one looks on. =o thou then,
!efriended of +ndra, put all women and dogs to sleep"
<. $he women that lie upon &ou&hes and upon !eds, and they that rest in
litters, the women all that e;hale sweet fragran&e, do we put to sleep.
). Mvery moving thing + have held fast. Mye and !reath + have held fast. +
have held fast all lim!s in the deep gloom of the night.
-. %f him that sits, and him that walks, of him that stands and looks a!out,
of these the eyes we do shut, Fust as these premises (are shut.
1. $he mother shall sleep, the father shall sleep, the dog shall sleep, the
lord of the house shall sleep" All her relations shall sleep, and these people
round a!out shall sleep"
5. % sleep, put thou to sleep all people with the magi& that indu&es sleep"
Aut the others to sleep until the sun rises; may + !e awake until the dawn
appears, like +ndra, unharmed, uninFured"
VI, >>. Charm $1 7a2#' $h' r'$2r" 1& a $r2a"$
1. $he heavens have stood, the earth has stood, all &reatures have stood.
$he mountains have stood upon their foundation, the horses in the sta!le +
have &aused to stand.
#. *im that has &ontrol of departure, that has &ontrol of &oming home,
return, and turning in, that shepherd do + also &all.
<. % 7,tavedas (Agni, &ause thou to turn ill; a hundred way@s hither shall !e
thine, a thousand modes of return shall !e thine' with these do thou restore
us again"
VI, -=. Charm $1 a**a0 8'a*12#0.
1. $he first impulse of Fealousy, moreover the one that &omes after the
first, the fire, the heart-!urning, that do w& waft away from thee.
#. As the earth is dead in spirit, in spirit more dead than the dead, and as
the spirit of him that has died, thus shall the spirit of the Fealous (man !e
<. Non fluttering little spirit that has !een fi;ed into thy heart, from it the
Fealousy do + remove, as air from a water-skin.
VII, /,. Charm $1 a**a0 8'a*12#0.
1. /rom folk !elonging to all. kinds of people, from the Sindhu (+ndus thou
hast !een !rought hither' from a distan&e, + ween, has !een fet&hed the
very remedy for Fealousy.
#. As if a fire is !urning him, as if the forest-fire !urns in various dire&tions,
this Fealousy of his do thou Cuen&h, as a fire (is Cuen&hed with water"
I, -/. A <1ma"F# !"7a"$a$!1" aa!"#$ h'r r!(a*.
1. + have taken unto myself her fortune and her glory, as a wreath off a
tree. >ike a mountain with !road foundation may she sit a long time with
her parents"
#. $his woman shall !e su!Fe&ted to thee as thy wife, % king Nama; (till
then let her !e fi;ed to the house of her mother, or her !rother, or her
<. $his woman shall !e the keeper of thy house, % king (Nama, and her do
we make over to thee" May she long sit with her relatives, until (her hair
drops from her head"
). :ith the in&antation of Asita, of Lasyapa, and of 7aya do + &over up thy
fortune, as women &over (something within a &hest.
III, -=. Charm 1& a <1ma" aa!"#$ a r!(a* 1r 71-
1. + dig up this plant, of her!s the most potent, !y whose power rival women
are over&ome, and hus!ands are o!tained.
#. % thou (plant with ere&t leaves, lovely, do thou, urged on !y the gods,
full of might, drive away my rival, make my h us!and mine alone"
<. *e did not, forsooth, &all thy name, and thou shalt not delight in this@
hus!and" $o the very farthest distan&e do we drive our rival.
). Superior am +, % superior (plant, superior, truly, to superior (women.
(ow shall my rival !e inferior to those that are inferior"
-. + am overpowering, and thou, (% plant, art &ompletely overpowering.
*aving !oth grown full of power, let us overpower my rival"
1. A!out thee (my hus!and + have pla&ed the overpowering (plant, upon
thee pla&ed the very overpowering one. May thy mind run after me as a &alf
after the &ow, as water along its &ourse"
VI, -5=. Charm &1r )'3r!(!" a ma" 1& h!#
1. As the !est of the plants thou art reputed, % her!' turn this man for me
to-day into a eunu&h that wears his hair dressed"
#. $urn him into a eunu&h that wears his hair dressed, and into one that
wears a hood" $hen +ndra with a pair of stones shall !reak his testi&les !oth"
<. % eunu&h, into a eunu&h thee + have turned;% &astrate, into a &astrate
thee + have turned; % weakling, into a weakling thee + have turned" A hood
upon his head, and a hair-net do we pla&e.
). $he two &anals, fashioned !y the gods, in whi&h man@s power rests, in thy
testi&les . . . . . . . . . . . . + !reak them with a &lu!.
-. As women !reak reeds for a mattress with a stone, thus do + !reak thy
I, -=. Charm $1 r'm1(' '(!* 91)!*0
7hara7$'r!#$!7# &r1m a <1ma".
1. $he (foul mark, the lal,mB (with spot on the forehead, the Ar,ti
(grudging demon, do we drive out. $hen the (signs that are auspi&ious
(shall remain with us; (yet to !eget offspring do we !ring the Ar,ti"
#. May Savitar drive out un&outhness from her feet, may Varuna, Mitra, and
Aryaman (drive it out from her hands; may Anumati kindly drive it out for
us" /or happiness the gods have &reated this woman.
<. $he fier&eness that is in thyself, in thy !ody, or in thy look, all that do we
strike away with our &harm. May god Savitar prosper thee"
). $he goat-footed, the !ull-toothed, her who s&ares the &attle, the
snorting one, the vilBdhB (the driveling one, the lal,mB (with spot on the
forehead, these do we drive from us.
VI, --+. E;3!a$1r0 7harm &1r a 7h!*) 91r" 2")'r
a" 2"*27%0 #$ar.
1. %f yore, (% Agni, thou wast worthy of suppli&ation at the sa&rifi&e; thou
wast the priest in olden times, and now anew shalt sit (at our sa&rifi&e"
=elight, % Agni, thy own !ody, and, sa&rifi&ing, !ring good fortune here to
#. *im that hath !een !orn under the (&onstellation gyeshihaghnB (@she that
slays the oldest@, or under the vikrit,u (@they that uproot@, save thou from
!eing torn up !y the root !y Nama (death" May !e (Agni guide him a&ross
all misfortunes to long life, to a life of a hundred autumns"
<. %n a tiger (-like day the hero was !orn; !orn under a (good
&onstellation he !e&ometh a mighty hero. >et him not slay, when he grows
up, his father, let him not inFure the mother that hath !egotten him"
VI, -/+. E;3!a$!1" &1r $h' !rr'2*ar a33'ara"7'
1& $h' &!r#$ 3a!r 1& $''$h.
1. $hose two teeth, the tigers, that have !roken forth, eager to devour
father and mother, do thou, % 0rahmanaspati 7,tavedas, render auspi&ious"
#. =o ye eat ri&e, eat !arley, and eat, too, !eans, as well as sesamum"
$hat, % teeth.. is the share deposited for your enri&hment. =o not inFure
father and mother"
<. Sin&e ye have !een invoked, % teeth, !e ye in unison kind and propitious"
Mlsewhere, % teeth, shall pass away the fier&e (Cualities of your !ody" =o
not inFure father and mother"
IV, =. Pra0'r a$ $h' 71"#'7ra$!1" 1& a %!".
1. *imself prosperous (!, he does put strength into the !eings
(!h.teshu; he !e&ame the &hief lord of the !eings (!h.t,n,m. $o his
&onse&ration death does &ome' may he, the king, favour this kingdom"
#. Gome forth hither-do not glan&e away-as a mighty guardian, slayer of
enemies" Step hither, thou who prosperest thy friends' the gods shall !less
<. As he did step hither all (men did attend him. Glothed in gra&e, he
moves, shining !y his own lustre. $his is the great name of the manly Asura;
endowed with every form (Cuality he entered upon immortal (deeds.
). $hyself a tiger, do thou upon this tiger-skin stride (vi&torious through the
great regionst All the &lans shall wish for thee, and the heavenly waters,
ri&h in sap"
-. $he heavenly waters, ri&h in sap, flow Foyously, (and too those in the sky
and upon the earth' with the lustre of all of these do + sprinkle thee.
1. $hey have sprinkled thee with their lustre., the heavenly waters ri&h in
sap. May Savitar thus fashion thee, that thou shalt prosper thy friends"
5. ($he waters thus em!ra&ing him, the tiger, promote him, the lion, to
great good fortune. *im, the leopard in the midst of the waters, as though
standing in the o&ean, the !enefi&ent (floods, or the vigorous priests
&leanse thoroughly"
III, 5. Charm &1r $h' r'#$1ra$!1" 1& a" ';!*')
1. (Agni has shouted loud' may he here well perform his work" Spread
thyself out, % Agni, over the far-rea&hing hemispheres of the world" $he all-
possessing Maruts shall engage thee' !ring hither that (king who devoutly
spends the offering"
#. *owever far he !e, the red (steeds shall urge hither +ndra, the seer, to
friendship, sin&e the gods, (&hanting for him the g,yatri, the !rihatB, and
the arka (songs, infused &ourage into him with the sautr,manB-sa&rifi&e"
<. /rom the waters king Varuna shall &all thee, Soma shall &all thee from
the mountains, +ndra shall &ite thee to these &lans" $urn into an eagle and
fly to these &lans"
). An eagle shall !ring hither from a distan&e him that is fit to !e &alled,
(yet wanders e;iled in a strange land" $he Asvins shall prepare for thee a
path, easy to travel" =o ye, his kinfolk, gather &lose a!out him"
-. $hy opponents shall &all thee; thy friends have &hosen. thee" +ndra, Agni,
and all the gods have kept prosperity with this people.
1. $he kinsman or the stranger that opposes thy &all, him, % +ndra, drive
away; then render this (king a&&epted here"
III, /. Pra0'r a$ $h' '*'7$!1" 1& a %!".
1. ($hy kingdom hath &ome to thee' arise, endowed with lustre" 7o forth as
the lord of the people, rule (shine thou, a universal ruler" All the regions of
the &ompass shall &all thee, % king; attended and revered !e thou here"
#. $hee the &lans, thee these regions, goddesses five, shall &hoose for
empire" ?oot thyself upon the height, the pinna&le of royalty' then do thou,
mighty, distri!ute goods among us"
<. $hy kinsmen with &alls shall &ome to thee; agile Agni shall go with them
as messenger" $hy wives, thy sons shall !e devoted to thee; !eing a mighty
(ruler thou shalt !ehold ri&h tri!ute"
). $he Asvins first, Mitra and Varuna !oth, all the gods, and the Maruts,
shall &all thee" $hen fi; thy mind upon the !estowal of wealth, then do
thou, mighty, distri!ute wealth among us"
-. *ither hasten forth from the farthest distan&e heaven and earth, !oth,
shall !e propitious to thee" $hus did this king Varuna (as if, @the &hooser@
de&ree that; he himself did &all thee' @&ome thou hither@"
1. % +ndra, +ndra, &ome thou to the tri!es of men, for thou hast agreed,
&on&ordant with the Varunas (as if,@the ele&tors@, *e did &all thee to thy
own domain (thinking' @let him revere the gods, and manage, too, the
5. $he ri&h divinities of the roads, of manifold diverse forms, all &oming
together have given thee a !road domain. $hey shall all &on&ordantly &all
thee; rule here, a mighty, !enevolent (king, to up the tenth de&ade (of thy
III, ,. Pra!#' 1& a" am2*'$ )'r!(') &r1m $h'
3ar"a-$r'', )'#!"') $1 #$r'"$h'" r10a*
1. *ither hath &ome this amulet of parna-wood, with its might mightily
&rushing the enemy. (+t is the strength of the gods, the sap of the waters'
may it assiduously enliven me with energy"
#. $he power to rule thou shalt hold fast in me, % amulet of parna-wood;
wealth (thou shalt hold fast in me" May +, rooted in the domain of royalty,
!e&ome the &hief"
<. $heir very own amulet whi&h the gods deposited se&retly in the tree, that
the gods shall give us to wear, together with life"
). $he parna has &ome hither as the mighty strength of the soma, given !y
+ndra, instru&ted !y Varuna. May +, shining !rilliantly, wear it, unto long
life, during a hundred autumns"
-. $he amulet of parna-wood has as&ended upon me unto &omplete
e;emption from inFury, that + may rise superior (even to friends and
1. $he skilful !uilders of &hariots, and the ingenious workers of metal, the
folk a!out me all, do thou, % parna, make my aids"
5. $he kings who (themselves make kings, the &harioteers, and leaders of
hosts, the folk a!out me all, do thou, % parna, make my aids"
6. $hou art the !ody-prote&ting parna, a @liero, !rother of me, the hero.
Along with the !rillian&y of the year do + fasten thee on, % amulet"
IV, 22. Charm $1 #'72r' $h' #23'r!1r!$0 1& a
1. $his warrior, % +ndra, do thou strengthen for me, do thou install this one
as sole ruler (!ull of the Vis (the people; emas&ulate all his enemies,
su!Fe&t them to him in (their &ontests"
#. $o him apportion his share of villages, horses, and &attle; deprive of his
share the one that is his enemy" May this king !e the pinna&le of royalty;
su!Fe&t to him, % +ndra, every enemy"
<. May this one !e the treasure-lord of ri&hes, may this king !e the tri!al
lord of the Vis (the people" Hpon this one, % +ndra, !estow great lustre,
devoid of lustre render his enemy"
). /or him shall ye, % heaven and earth, milk ample good, as two mil&h-
&ows yielding warm milk" May this king !e favoured of +ndra, favoured of
&ows, of plants, and &attle"
-. + unite with thee +ndra who has suprema&y, through whom one &onCuers
and is not (himself &onCuered, who shall install thee as sole ruler of the
people, and as &hief of the human kings.
1. Superior art thou, inferior are thy rivals, and whatsoever adversaries are
thine, % king" Sole ruler, !efriended of +ndra, vi&torious, !ring thou hither
the supplies of those who a&t as thy enemies"
5. Aresenting the front of a lion do thou devour all (their people,
presenting the front of a tiger do thou strike down the enemies" Sole ruler,
!efriended of +ndra, vi&torious, seiEe upon the supplies of those who a&t as
thy enemies"
I, 6. Pra0'r &1r 'ar$h*0 a") h'a('"*0 #277'##.
1. Hpon this (person the Vasus, +ndra, A.shan, Varuna, Mitra, and Agni,
shall !estow goods (vasu" $he Ddityas, and, further, all the gods shall hold
him in the higher light"
#. >ight, ye gods, shall !e at his !idding' S.rya (the sun, Agni (fire, or even
gold" +nferior to us shall !e our rivals" Gause him to as&end to the highest
<. :ith that most potent &harm with whi&h, % 7,tavedas (Agni, thou didst
!ring to +ndra the (soma- drink, with that, % Agni, do thou here strengthen
this one; grant him suprema&y over his kinsmen"
). $heir sa&rifi&e and their glory, their in&rease of wealth and their
thoughtful plans, + have usurped, % Agni. +nferior to us shall !e our rivals"
Gause him to as&end to the highest heaven"
VI, 5=. Pra0'r &1r *2#$r' a") 31<'r.
1. $he !rillian&y that is in the lion, the tiger, and the serpent; in Agni, the
0r,hmana, and Surya (shall !e ours" May the lovely goddess that !ore +ndra
&ome to us, endowed with lustre"
#. ($he !rillian&y that is in the elephant, panther, and in gold; in the
waters, &attle, and men (shall !e ours" May the lovely goddess that !ore
+ndra &ome to us, endowed with lustre"
<. ($he !rillian&y that is in the &hariot, the di&e, in the strenath of the
!ull; in the wind, Aarganya, and in the fire of Varuna (shall !e ours" May
the lovely goddess that !ore +ndra &ome to us, endowed with lustre"
). ($he !rillian&y that is in the man of royal &aste, in the stret&hed drum,
in the strength of the horge, in the shout of men (shall !e ours" May the
lovely goddess that !ore +ndra &ome to us, endowed with lustre"
VI, 56. Pra0'r &1r *1r0 (0a#a#).
1. $he o!lation that yields glory, sped on !y +ndra, of thousandfold strength,
well offered, prepared with might, shall prosper" Gause me, that offers the
o!lation, to &ontinue long !eholding (light, and to rise to suprema&y"
#. ($hat he may &ome to us, let us honour with o!eisan&e glory-owning
+ndra, the glorious one with glory-yielding (o!lations" =o thou (the
o!lation grant us sovereignty sped on !y +ndra; may we in thy favour !e
<. 7lorious was +ndra !orn, glorious Agni, glorious Soma. 7lorious, of all
!eings the most glorious, am +.
VIII, =. Ba$$*'-7harm.
1. May +ndra &hurn (the enemy, he, the &hurner, Sakra (mighty, the hero,
that pier&es the forts, so that we shall slay the armies of the enemies a
#. May the rotten rope, wafting itself against yonder army, turn it into a
sten&h. :hen the enemies see from afar our smoke and fire, fear shall they
lay into their hearts"
<. $ear asunder those (enemies, % asvattha (fi&us religiosa, devour
(kh,da them, %" khadira (a&a&ia &ate&hu in lively style" >ike the
t,gad!hanga (ri&inus &ommunis they shall !e !roken (!hagyant,m, may
the vadhaka (a &ertain kind of tree slay them with his weapons (vadhaih"
). May the knotty ,hva-plant put knots upon yonder (enemies, may the
vadhaka slay them with his weapons" 0ound up in (our great trap-net, they
shall Cui&kly !e !roken as an arrow-reed"
-. $he atmosphere was the net, the great regions (of spa&e the
(supporting poles of the net' with these Sakra (mighty +ndra did surround
and s&atter the army of the =asyus.
1. 7reat, forsooth, is the net of great Sakra, who is ri&h in steeds' with it
infold thou all the enemies, so that not one of them shall !e released"
5. 7reat is the net of thee, great +ndra, hero, that art eCual to a thousand,
and hast hundredfold might. :ith that (net Sakra slew a hundred,
thousand, ten thousand, a hundred million foes, having surrounded them
with (his army.
6. $his great world was the net of great Sakra' with this net of +ndra + infold
all those (enemies yonder in darkness,
8. :ith great deFe&tion, failure, and irrefraga!le misfortune; with fatigue,
lassitude, and &onfusion, do + surround all those (enemies yonder.
19. $o death do + hand them over, with the fetters of death they have !een
!ound. $o the evil messengers of death do + lead them &aptive.
11. 7uide ye those (foes, ye messengers of death; ye messengers of Nama,
infold them" >et more than thousands !e slain; may the &lu! of 0hava &rush
1#. $he S,dhyas (!lessed go holding up with might one support of the net,
the ?udras another, the Vasus another, (Still another is upheld !y the
1<. All the gods shall go pressing from a!ove with might; the Angiras shall go
on the middle (of the net, slaying the mighty army"
1). $he trees, and (growths that are like trees, the plants and the her!s as
well; two-footed and four-footed &reatures do + impel, that they shall slay
yonder army"
1-. $he 7andharvas and Apsaras, the serpents and the gods, holy men and
(de&eased /athers, the visi!le and invisi!le (!eings, do + impel, that they
shall slay yonder army"
11. S&attered here are the fetters of death; when thou steppest upon them
thou shalt not es&ape" May this hammer slay (the men of yonder army !y
the thousand"
15. $he gharma (sa&rifi&ial hot drink that has !een heated !y the fire, this
sa&rifi&e (shall slay thousands" =o ye, 0hava and Sarva, whose arms are
mottled, slay yonder army"
16. +nto the (snare of death they shall fall, into hunger, e;haustion,
slaughter, and fear" % +ndra and Sarva, do ye with trap and net slay yonder
18. GonCuered, % foes, do ye flee away; repelled !y (our &harm, do ye run"
%f yonder host, repulsed !y 0rihaspati, not one shall !e saved"
#9. May their weapons fall from their (hands, may they !e una!le to lay the
arrow on (the !ow" And then (our arrows shall smite them, !adly
frightened, in their vital mem!ers"
#1. *eaven and earth shall shriek at them, and the atmosphere, along with
the divine powers" (either aider, nor support did they find; smiting one
another they shall go to death"
##. $he four regions are the she-mules of the god@s &hariot, the purod,sas
(sa&rifi&ial ri&e-&akes the hoofs, the atmosphere the seat (of the wagon.
*eaven and earth are its two sides, the seasons the reins, the intermediate
regions the attendants, V,k (spee&h the road.
#<. $he year is the &hariot, the full year is the !ody of the &hariot, Vir,g,
the pole, Agni the front part of the &hariot. +ndra is the (&om!atant
standing on the left of the &hariot, Landramas (the moon the &harioteer.
#). =o thou win here, do thou &onCuer here, over&ome, win, hail" $hese
here shall &onCuer, those yonder !e &onCuered" *ail to these here,
perdition to those yonder" $hose yonder do + envelop in !lue and red"
I, -6. Ba$$*'-7harm aa!"#$ arr1<-<12")#.
1. $he pier&ing (arrows shall not hit us, nor shall the striking arrows hit us"
/ar away fron, us % +ndra, to either side, &ause the arrow-shower to fall"
#. $o either side of us the arrows shall fall, those that have !een shot and
shall !e shot" Ne divine and ye human arrows, pier&e ye mine enemies"
<. 0e he our own, or !e he strange, the kinsman, or the foreianer, who !ear
enmity towards us, those enemies of mine ?udra shall pier&e with a shower
of arrows"
). *im that rivals us, or does not rival us, him that &urses us with hate, may
all the gods inFure my &harm prote&ts me from within"
III, -. Ba$$*'-7harm &1r 71"&2#!" $h' '"'m0.
1. Agni shall skilfully mar&h against our opponents, !urning against their
s&hemes and hostile plans; 7,tavedas shall &onfuse the army of our
opponents and deprive them (of the use of their hands"
#. Ne Maruts are mighty in su&h matters' advan&e ye, &rush ye, &onCuer ye
(the enerny" $hese Vasus when implored did &rush (them. Agni, vily, as
their vanauard shall skilfully atta&k"
<. % Maghavan, the hostile army whi&h &ontends against us--do ye, % +ndra,
Vritra@s slayer, and Agni, !urn against them"
). $hy thunder!olt, % +ndra, who hast !een driven forward swiftly !y thy
two !ay steeds, shall advan&e, &rushing the enemies. Slay them that resist,
pursue, or flee, deprive their s&hemes of fulfilment"
-. % +ndra, &onfuse the army of the enemy; with the impa&t of the fire and
the wind s&atter them to either side"
1. +ndra shall &onfuse the army, the Miaruts shall slay it with might" Agni
shall ro! it of its sight; vanCuished it shall turn a!out"
III, 2. Ba$$*'-7harm &1r 71"&2#!" $h' '"'m0.
1. Agni, our skilful vanguard, shall atta&k, !urning, against their s&hemes
and hostile plans" 7,tavedas shall !ewilder the plans of the enemy, and
deprive them (of the use of their hands"
#. $his fire has &onfused the s&hemes that are in your mind; it shall !low
you from your home, !low you away from everywhere"
<. % +ndra, !ewildering their s&hemes, &ome hither with thy (own plan'
with the impa&t of the fire and the wind s&atter them to either side"
). % ye plans of theirs, fly ye away; % ye s&hemes, !e ye &onfused"
Moreover, what now is in their mind, do thou drive that out of them"
-. =o thou, % (goddess Apvi, &onfusing their plans, go forth (to them, and
seiEe their lim!s" Atta&k them, !urn with flames into their hearts; strike the
enemy with fits, (strike our opponents with darkness"
1. $hat army yonder o( the enemy, that &omes against us fighting with
might, do ye, % Maruts, strike with planless darkness, that one of them shall
not know the other"
VI, 6>. Ba$$*'-7harm 1& a %!" 231" $h' '(' 1&
1. Superior is the sa&rifi&e, superior Agni, superior Soma, superior +ndra. $o
the end that + shall !e superior to all hostile armies do we thus, offering the
agnihotra, reverently present this o!lation"
#. *ail !e, ye wise Mitra and Varuna' with honey swell ye our kingdom here,
(so that it shall a!ound in offspring" =rive far to a distan&e misfortune,
strip off from us sin, even after it has !een &ommitted"
<. :ith inspiration follow ye this strong hero; &ling &lose, ye friends, to
+ndra (the king, who &onCuers villages, &onCuers &attle, has the
thunder!olt in his arm, over&omes the host arrayed (against him, &rushing
it with might"
VI, 66. Ba$$*'-7harm 1& a %!" 1" $h' '(' 1&
1. + &all -upon thee, % +ndra, from afar, upon thee for prote&tion against
tri!ulation. + &all the strong avenger that has many names, and is of
uneCualled !irth.
#. :here the hostile weapon now rises against us,threatening to slay, there
do we pla&e the two arms of +ndra round a!out.
<. $he two arms of +ndra, the prote&tor, do we pla&e round a!out us' let
him prote&t us" % god Savitar, and king Soma, render me of &onfident mind,
that + may prosper"
4I, 6. Pra0'r $1 Ar92)! a") N0ar92)! &1r h'*3 !"
1. $he arms, the arrows, and the might of the !ows; the swords, the a;es,
the weapons, and the artful s&heme that is in our mind; all that, % Ar!udi,
do thou make the enemies see, and spe&tres also make them see"
#. Arise, and arm yourselves; friends are ye, % divine folk" May our friends
!e per&eived and prote&ted !y you, % Ar!udi (and (yar!udi"
<. Arise (ye two, and take hold + :ith fetters and sha&kles surround ye the
armies of the enemy, % Ar!udi (and (yar!udi"
). $he god whose name is Ar!udi, and the lord (yar!udi, !y whom the
atmosphere and this great earth has !een infolded, with these two
&ompanions of +ndra do + pursue the &onCuered (king with my army.
-. Arise, thou divine person, % Ar!udi, together with thy army" Grushing the
army of tlie enemy, en&ompass them with thy em!ra&es"
1. $hou, Ar!udi, makest appear the sevenfold spe&tral !rood. =o thou,
when the o!lation has !een poured, rise up with all. these, together with
the army"
5. ($he female mourner, !eating herself, with tear-stained fa&e, with short
(mutilatedO ears, with dishevelled hair, shall lament, when a man has !een
slain, pier&ed !y thee, % Ar!udi"
6. She &urves her spine while longing in her heart for her son, her hus!and,
and her kin, when (a man has !een pier&ed !y thee, % Ar!udi"
8. $he aliklavas and the g,shkamadas, the vultures, the strong-winged
hawks, the &rows, and the !irds (of prey shall o!tain their fill" >et them
make evident to the enemy, when (a man has !een pier&ed !y thee, %
19. $hen, too, every wild !east, inse&t, and worm shall o!tain his fill on the
human &ar&ass, when (a man has !een pier&ed !y thee, % Ar!udi"
11. SeiEe ye, and tear out in-!reathing and out!reathing, % (yar!udi (and
Ar!udi' deep-sounding groans shall arise" >et them make it evident to the
enemy, when (a man has !een pier&ed !y thee, % Ar!udi"
1#. S&are them forth, let them trem!le; !ewilder the enemies with fright"
:ith thy !road em!ra&e, with the &lasp of thy arms &rush the enemies, %
1<. May their arms, and the artful s&heme that is in their mind !e &onfused"
(ot a thing shall remain of them, pier&ed !y thee, % Ar!udi"
1). May (the mourning women !eating them selves, run together, smiting
their !reasts and their thighs, not anointed, with dishevelled hair, howling,
when a man has !een slain, has !een pier&ed !y thee, % Ar!udi"
1-. $he dog-like Apsaras, and also the ?.pak,s (phantoms, the plu&king
sprite, that ea&erly li&ks within the vessel, and her that seeks out what has
!een &arelessly hidden, all those do thou, % Ar!udi, make the enemies see,
and spe&tres also make them see"
11. (And also make them see her that strides upon the mist, the mutilated
one, who dwells with the mutilated; the vapoury spooks that are hidden,
and the 7andharvas and Apsaras, the serpents, and other !rood, and the
15. (And also the spooks with fourfold teeth, !la&k teeth, testi&les like a
pot, !loody fa&es, who are inherently frightful, and terrifying"
16. /righten thou, % Ar!udi, yonder lines of the enemy; the &onCuering and
the vi&torious (Ar!udi and (yar!udi, the two &omrades of +ndra, shall
&onCuer the enemies"
18. =issolved, &rushed, slain the enemy shall lie, % (yar!udi" May vi&torious
sprites, with fiery tongues and smoky &rests, go with (our army"
#9. %f the enemies repulsed !y this (army, % Ar!udi, +ndra, the spouse of
Saki, shall slay ea&h pi&ked man' not a single one of those yonder shall
#1. May their hearts !urst, may their life@s !reath es&ape upward" May
dryness of the mouth overtake (our enemies, !ut not (our allies"
##. $hose who are !old and those who are &owardly, those who turn (in
flight and those who are deaf (to dangerO, those who are (like dark goats,
and those, too, who !leat like goats, all those, do thou, % Ar!udi, make the
enemies see, and spe&tres also make them see"
#<. Ar!udi and $rishamdhi shall pier&e our enemies, so that, % +ndra, slayer
of Vritra, spouse of SakB, we may slay the enemy !y thousands"
#). $he trees, and (growths that are like trees, the plants and the her!s as
well, the 7andharvas and the Apsaras, the serpents, gods, pious men, and
(departed /athers, all those, % Ar!udi, do thou make the enemies see, and
spe&tres also make them see"
#-. $he Maruts, god Dditya, 0rahmanaspati did rule over you; +ndra, and
Agni, =h,tar, Mitra, and Arag,pati did rule over you; the seers did rule over
you. >et them make evident to the enemies when (a man has !een pier&ed
!y thee, % Ar!udi"
#1. ?uling over all these, rise ye and arm yourselves" Ne divine folk are (our
friends' win ye the !attle, and disperse to your various a!odes"
4I, -+. Pra0'r $1 Tr!#ham)h! &1r h'*3 !" 9a$$*'.
1. Arise and arm yourselves, ye ne!ulous spe&tres together with fiery
portents; ye serpents, other !rood, and ?akshas, run ye after the enemy"
#. *e knows !ow to rule your kingdom together with the red portents (of
the heavens. $he evil !rood that is in the air and the heaven, and the
human (powers upon the earth, shall !e o!edient to the plans of
<. $he !raEen-!eaked (!irds of prey, those with !eaks pointed as a needle,
and those, too, with thorny !eaks, flesh-devouring, swift as the wind, shall
fasten themselves upon the enemies, together with the $rishamdhi-!olt (the
!olt with three Foints"
). Make away with, % 7,tavedas Dditya, many &ar&asses" $his army of
$rishamdhi shall !e devoted to my !idding"
-. Arise thou divine person, % Ar!udi, together with thy army" $his tri!ute
has !een offered to you (Ar!udi and $rishamdhi, an offerinor pleasing to
1. $his white-footed, four-footed arrow shall fetter (O. =o thou, % magi&
spell, operate, together with the army of $rishamdhi, against the enemies"
5. May (the mourning woman with suffused eyes hurry on, may she that
hath short (mutilatedO ears shout when (a man has !een over&ome !y the
army of $rishamdhi" ?ed portents shall !e (visi!le"
6. May the winged !irds that move in the air and in the sky des&end; !easts
of prey and inse&ts shall seiEe upon them; the vultures that feed upon raw
flesh shall ha&k into (their &ar&asses"
8. 0y virtue of the &ompa&t whi&h thou, % 0rihaspati, didst &lose with +ndra
and 0rahman, !y virtue of that agreement with +ndra, do + &all hither all the
gods' on this side &onCuer, not over yonder"
19. 0rihaspati, the des&endant of Angiras, and the seers, inspired !y (our
song, did fi; the three-Fointed ($rishamdhi weapon upon the sky for the
destru&tion of the Asuras.
11. $rishamdhi, !y whom !oth yonder Dditya (the sun and +ndra, are
prote&ted, the gods did destine for (our might and stren&th.
1#. All the worlds the gods did &onCuer through this o!lation, (and !y the
!olt whi&h 0rihaspati, the des&endant of Angiras, did mould into a weapon
for the destru&tion of the Asuras.
1<. :ith the !olt whi&h 0rihaspati, the des&endant of Angiras, did, mould
into a weapon for the destru&tion of the Asuras do +, % 0rihaspati, annihilate
yonder army' + smite the enemies with for&e.
1). All the gods that eat the o!lation offered with the &all vashat are
&oming over. ?e&eive this o!lation gra&iously; &onCuer on this side, not over
1-. May all the gods &ome over' the o!lation is pleasing to $rishamdhi.
Adhere to the great &ompa&t under whi&h of yore the Asuras were
11. V,yu (the wind shall !end the points of the enemies@ !ows, +ndra shall
!reak their arms, so that they shall !e una!le to lay on their arrows, Dditya
(the sun shall send their missiles astray, and Landramas (the moon shall
!ar the way of (the enemy that has not (as yet started"
15. +f they have &ome on as &itadels of the gods, if they have &onstituted an
inspired &harm as their armour, if they have gathered &ourage through the
prote&tions for the !ody and the !ulwarks whi&h they have made, render all
that devoid of for&e"
16. Ala&ing (our purohita (&haplain, together with the flesh-devourer
(Agni and death, in thy train, do thoti, % $rishamdhi, go forth with thy
army, &onCuer the enemies, advan&e"
18. % $rishamdhi, envelop thou the enemies in darkness; may not a single
one of those, driven forth !y the spe&kled ghee, !e saved"
#9. May the white-footed (arrowO fly to yonder lines of the enemy, may
yonder armies of the enemies !e to-day put to &onfusion, % (yar!udi"
#1. $he enemies have !een &onfused, % (yar!udi' slay ea&h pi&ked man
among them, slay them with this army"
##. $he enemy with &oat-of-mail, he that has no &oat-of-mail, and he that
stands in the !attle-throng, throttled !y the strings of their !ows, !y the
fastenings of their &oats-of-mail, !y the !attle-throng, they shall lie"
#<. $hose w ith armour and those without armour, the enemies that are
shielded !y armour, all those, % Ar!udi, after they have !een slain, dogs
shall devour upon the ground"
#). $hose that ride on &hariots, and those that have no &hariots, those that
are mounted, and those that are not mounted, all those, after they have
!een slain, vultures and strong-winged hawks shall devour"
#-. Gounting its dead !y thousands, the hostile army, pier&ed and shattered
in the &lash of arms, shall lie"
#1. Aier&ed in a vital spot, shrieking in &on&ert with the !irds of prey,
wret&hed, &rushed, prostrate, (the !irds of prey shall devour the enemy
who attempts to hinder this o!lation of ours dire&ted against (him"
#5. :ith (the o!lation to whi&h the gods flo&k, whi&h is free from failure,-
with it +ndra, the slayer of Vritra, shall slay, and with the $rishamdhi-!olt
(the !olt with three Foints"
V, 2+. H0m" $1 $h' 9a$$*'-)r2m.
1. *igh sounds the voi&e of the drum, that a&ts the warrior, the wooden
(drum, eCuipped with the skin of the &ow. :hetting thy voi&e, su!duing the
enemy, like a lion sure of vi&tory, do thou loudly thunder against them"
#. $he wooden (instrument with fastened (&overing has thundered as a
lion, as a !ull roars to the &ow that longs to mate. $hou art a !ull, thy
enemies are eunu&hs; thou ownest +ndra@s foesu!duing fire"
<. >ike a !ull in the herd, full of might, lusty, do thou, % snat&her of !ooty,
roar against them" Aier&e with fire the heart of the enemy; with -!roken
ranks the foe shall run and s&atter"
). +n vi&torious !attles raise thy roar" :hat may !e &aptured, &apture;
sound in many pla&es" /avour, % drum, (our deeds with thy divine voi&e;
!ring to (us with strength the property of the enemy"
-. :hen the wife of the enemy hears the voi&e of the drum, that speaks to a
far distan&e, may she, aroused !y the sound, distressed, snat&h her son to
her arms, and run, frightened at the &lash of arms"
1. =o thou, % drum, sound the first sound, ring !rilliantly over the !a&k of
the earth" %pen wide thy maw at the enemies host; resound !rightly,
Foyously, % drum"
5. 0etween this heaven and earth thy noise shall spread, thy sounds shall
Cui&kly part to every side" Shout thou and thunder with swelling sound;
make musi& at thy friend@s vi&tory, having, (&hosen the good side"
6. Manipulated with &are, its voi&e shall resound" Make !ristle forth the
weapons of the warriors" Allied to +ndra do thou &all hither the warriors;
with thy friends !eat vigorously down the enemies"
8. A shouting herald, followed !y a !old army, spreading news in many
pla&es, sounding through the village, eager for su&&ess, knowing the way, do
thou distri!ute glory to many in the !attle"
19. =esiring advantage, gaining !ooty, full mighty, thou hast !een made
keen !y (my song, and winnest !attles. As the press-stone on the gathering
skin dan&es upon the soma-s!oots, thus do thou, % drum, lustily dan&e upon
the !ooty"
11. A &onCueror of enemies, overwhelming, foe-su!duing, eager for the
fray, vi&toriously &rushing, as a speaker his spee&h do thou &arry forth thy
sound; sound forth here strength for vi&tory in !attle"
1#. Shaking those that are unshaken, hurrying to the strife, a &onCueror of
enemies, an un&onCuera!le leader, prote&ted !y +ndra, attending to the
hosts, do thou that &rusheth the hearts of the enemies, Cui&kly go"
V, 2- H0m" $1 $h' 9a$$*'-)r2m, $h' $'rr1r 1& $h'
1. Garry with thy voi&e, % drum, la&k of heart, and failure of &ourage among
the enemies" =isagreement, dismay, and fright, do we pla&e into the
enemies' !eat them down, % drum"
#. Agitated in their minds, their sight, their hearts, the enemies shall run,
frightened with terror, when our o!lation has !een offered"
<. Made of wood, eCuipped with the skin of the &ow, at home with every
&lan, put thou with thy voi&e terror into the enemies, when thou hast !een
anointed with ghee"
). As the wild animals of the forest start in fear from man, thus do thou, %
drum, shout against the enemies, frighten them away, and !ewilder their
-. As goats and sheep run from the wolf, !adly frightened, thus do thou, %
drum, shout against the enemies, frighten them away, and !ewilder their
1. As !irds start in fear from the eagle, as !y day and !y night (they start
at the roar of the lion, thus do thou, % drum, shout against the enemies,
frighten them away, and !ewilder their minds"
5. :ith the drum and the skin of the antelope all the gods, that sway the
!attle, have s&ared away the enemies.
6. At the noise of the !eat of the feet when +ndra disports himself, and at
his shadow, our enemies yonder, that &ome in su&&essive ranks, shall
8. $he whirring of the !owstring and the drums shall shout at the dire&tions
where the &onCuered armies of the enemies go in su&&essive ranks"
19. % sun, take away their sight; % rays, run after them; &linging to their
feet, fasten yourselves upon them, when the strength of their arms is gone"
11. Ne strong Maruts, Arisni@s &hildren, with +ndra as an ally, &rush ye the
enemies; Soma the king (shall &rush them, Varuna the king, Mah,deva, and
also Mrityu (death, and +ndra"
1#. $hese wise armies of the gods, having the sun as their ensign, shall
&onCuer our enemies" *ail"
III, 5+. Charm $1 #'72r' harm1"0.
1. Hnity of heart, and unity of mind, freedom from hatred, do + pro&ure for
you. =o ye take delight in one another, as a &ow in her (new- !orn &alf"
#. $he son shall !e devoted to his father, !e of the same mind with his
mother; the wife shall speak honied, sweet, words to her hus!and"
<. $he !rother shall not hate the !rother, and the sister not the sister"
*armonious, devoted to the same purpose, speak ye words in kindly spirit"
). $hat &harm whi&h &auses the gods not to disagree, and not to hate one
another, that do we prepare in your house, as a means of agreement for
your folk.
-. /ollowing your leader, of (the same mind, do ye not hold yourselves
apart" =o ye &ome here, &o-operating, going along the same wagon-pole,
speaking agreea!ly to one another" + render you of the same aim, of the
same mind.
1. +denti&al shall !e your drink, in &ommon shall !e your share of food" +
yoke you together in the same tra&es' do ye worship Agni, Foining together,
as spokes around a!out the hu!"
5. + render you of the same aim, of the same mind, all paying deferen&e to
one (person through my harmonising &harm. >ike the gods that are guarding
the am!rosia, may he (the leader !e welldisposed towards you, night and
VI, >5. Charm $1 a**a0 )!#71r).
1. *ither shall &ome Varuna, Soma, Agni; 0rihaspati with the Vasus shall
&ome hither" Gome together, % ye kinsmen all, of one mind, to the glory of
this mighty guardian"
#. $he fire that is within your souls, the s&heme that hath entered your
minds, do + frustrate with my o!lation, with my ghee' delight in me shall ye
take, % kinsmen"
<. ?emain right here, go not away from us; (the roads at a distan&e A.shan
shall make impassa!le for you" Vistoshpati shall urgently &all you !a&k'
delight in me shall ye take, % kinsmen"
VI, >/. Charm $1 a**a0 )!#71r).
1. May your !odies !e united, may your mindg and your purposes (!e
united" 0rahmanaspati here has !rought you together, 0haga has !rought
you together.
#. *armony of mind (+ pro&ure for you, and also harmony of heart.
Moreover with the aid of 0haga@s e;ertions do + &ause you to agree.
<. As the Ddityas are united with the Vasus, as the fier&e (?udras, free
from grudge, with the Maruts, thus, % three-named (Agni, without grudge,
do thou render these people here of the same mind"
VII, ,2. Charm aa!"#$ #$r!&' a") 9*11)#h').
1. May we !e in harmony with our kinfolk, in harmony with strangers; do ye,
% Asvins, esta!lish here agreement among us"
#. May we agree in mind and thought, may we not struggle with one
another, in a spirit displeasing to the gods" Ma not the din of freCuent
!attle-&arnage arise, may the arrow not fly when the day of +ndra has
VI, ./. Charm $1 a**a0 )!#71r).
1. =o ye agree, unite yourselves, may your minds !e in harmony, Fust as the
gods of old in harmony-. sat down to their share"
#. Same !e their &ounsel, same their assem!ly, same their aim, in &ommon
their thought" $he @same@ o!lation do + sa&rifi&e for you' do ye enter upon
the same plan"
Same !e your intention, same your hearts" Same !e your mind, so that it
may !e perfe&tly in &ommon to you"
VI, /2. Charm $1 a33'a#' a"'r.
1. As the !owstring from the !ow, thus do + take off thy anger from thy
heart, so that, having !e&ome of the same mind, we shall asso&iate like
#. >ike friends we shall asso&iate-+ take off thy anger. Hnder a stone that is
heavy do we &ast thy anger.
<. + step upon thy anger with my heel and my fore-foot, so that, !ereft of
will, thou shalt not speak, shalt &ome up to my wish"
VI, /5. Charm $1 a33'a#' a"'r.
1. $his dar!ha-grass removes the anger of !oth kinsman and of stranger.
And this remover of wrath, @appeaser of wrath@ it is &alled.
#. $his dar!ha-grass of many roots, that rea&hes down into the o&ean,
having risen from the earth, @appeaser of wrath@ it is &alled.
<. Away we take the offensiveness that is in thy Faw, away (the
offensiveness in thy mouth, so that, !ereft of will, thou shalt not speak,
shalt &ome up to my wish"
II, 2>. Charm aa!"#$ 1331"'"$# !" )'9a$',
2")'r$a%'" <!$h $h' 3:$:-3*a"$.
1. May the enemy not win the de!ate" $hou art mighty and overpowering.
%ver&ome the de!ate of those that de!ate against us, render them devoid
of for&e, % plant"
#. An eagle found thee out, a !oar dug thee out with his snout. %ver&ome
the de!ate of those that de!ate against us, render them devoid of for&e, %
<. +ndra pla&ed thee upon his arm in order to overthrow the Asuras.
%ver&ome the de!ate of those that de!ate against us, render them devoid
of for&e, % plant"
). +ndra did eat the p,t,-plant, in order to overthrow the Asuras. %ver&ome
the de!ate of those that de!ate against us, render them devoid of for&e, %
-. 0y means of thee + shall &onCuer the enemy, as +ndra (&onCuered the
S,l,vrikas. %ver&ome the de!ate of those that de!ate against us, render
them devoid of for&e, % plant"
1. % ?udra, whose remedy is the urine, with !la&k &rest of hair, performer
of (strong deeds,over&ome thou the de!ate of those that de!ate against us,
render them devoid of for&e, % plant"
5. %ver&ome thou the de!ate of him that is hostile to us, % +ndra" Mn&ourage
us with thy might" ?ender me superior in de!ate"
VII, -2. Charm $1 3r172r' !"&*2'"7' !" $h'
1. May assem!ly and meeting, the two daughters of Arag,pati, &on&urrently
aid me" May he with whom + shall meet &o-operate with me, may +, % ye
/athers, speak agreea!ly to those assem!led"
#. :e know thy name, % assem!ly' @mirth,@ verily, is thy name; may all those
that sit assem!led in thee utter spee&h in harmony with me"
<. %f them that are sitting together + take to myself the power and the
understanding' in this entire vathering render, % +ndra, me su&&essful"
). +f your mind has wandered to a distan&e, or has !een en&hained here or
there, then do we turn it hither' may your mind take delight in me"
VI, 6/. Charm $1 9r!" a912$ #29m!##!1" $1 1"'F#
1. Nour minds, your purposes, your plans, do we &ause to !end. Ne persons
yonder, that are devoted to other purposes, we &ause you to &omply"
#. :ith my mind do + seiEe your minds' do ye with your thoughts follow my
thought" + pla&e your hearts in my &ontrol' &ome ye, dire&ting your way
after my &ourse"
<. + have &alled upon heaven and earth, + have &alled upon the goddess
SarasvatB, + have &alled upon !oth +ndra and Agni' may we su&&eed in this. %
III, -2. Pra0'r a$ $h' 92!*)!" 1& a h12#'.
1. ?ight here do + ere&t a firm house' may it stand upon a (good foundation,
dripping with ghee" $hee may we inha!it, % house, with heroes all, with
strong heroes, with uninFured heroes"
#. ?ight here, do thou, % house, stand firmly, full of horses, full of &attle,
full of a!undan&e" /ull of sap, ful.Q of ghee, full of milk, elevate thyself
unto great happiness"
<. A supporter art thou, % house, with !road roof, &ontaining purified grain"
$o thee may the &alf &ome, to thee the &hild, to thee the mil&h-&ows, when
they return in the evening"
). May Savitar, V,yu, +ndra, 0rihaspati &unningly ere&t this house" Alay the
Alaruts sprinkle it with moisture and with ghee; may king 0haga let our
ploughing take root"
-. % mistress of dwelling, as a sheltering and kindly goddess thou wast
ere&ted !y the gods in the !ealrinina; &lothed in grass, !e thou kindly
disposed; give us, moreover, wealth along with heroes"
1. =o thou, % &ross-!eam, a&&ording to regulation as&end the post, do thou,
mightily ruling, hold off the enemies" May they that approa&h thee
reverently, % house, not suffer inFury, may we with all our heroes live a
hundred autumns"
5. *ither to this (house hath &ome the tender &hild, hither the &alf along
with (the other domesti& animals; hither the vessel (full of liCuor,
together with !owls of sour milk"
6. Garry forth, % woman, this full Far, a stream of ghee mi;ed with
am!rosia" =o thou these drinkers supply with am!rosia; the sa&rifi&e and
the gifts (to the 0rahmans shall it (the house prote&t"
8. $hese waters, free from disease, destru&tive of disease, do + &arry forth.
$he &ham!ers do + enter in upon together with the immortal Agni (fire.
VI, -/2. B*'##!" )2r!" $h' #1<!" 1& #'').
1. ?aise thyself up, grow thi&k !y thy own might, % grain" 0urst every
vessel" $he lightning in the heavens shall not destroy thee"
#. :hen we invoke thee, god grain, and thou dost listen, then do thou raise
thyself up like the sky, !e ine;hausti!le as the sea"
<. +ne;hausti!le shall !e those that attend to thee, ine;hausti!le thy heaps"
$heywhogivethee as a present shall !e ine;hausti!le, they who eat thee
shall !e ine;hausti!le"
VI, >6. Charm &1r 3r172r!" !"7r'a#' 1& ra!".
1. May this !ounteous (a!hasaspati (the lord of the &loud preserve for us
(possessions without measure in our house"
#. =o thou, % (a!hasaspati, keep strengthening food in our house, may
prosperity and goods &ome hither"
<. % !ounteous god, thou dost &ommand thousandfold prosperity' of that do
thou !estow upon iis, of that do thou give us, in that may we share with
VI, ,+. E;1r7!#m 1& ('rm!" !"&'#$!" ra!" !" $h'
1. Slay ye the tarda (@!orer@, the samanka (@hook@, and the mole, % Asvins;
&ut off their heads, and &rush their ri!s" Shut their mouths, that they shall
not eat the !arley; free ye, moreover, the grain from danger"
#. *o tarda (@!orer@, ho lo&ust, ho ga!hya (@snapper@, upakvasa" As a
0rahman (eats not an un&ompleted sa&rifi&e, do ye, not eating this !arley,
without working inFury, get out"
<. % hus!and of the tard, (-female, % hus!and %f the vagh, (-female, ye
of the sharp teeth, listen to me" $he vyadvaras (@ rodents@ of the forest, and
whatever other vyadvaras (there are, all these we do &rush.
VII, --. Charm $1 3r1$'7$ ra!" &r1m *!h$"!".
1. :ith thy !road thunder,with the !ea&on, elevated !y tile gods that
pervade this all, with the lightning do thou not destroy our grain, % god; nor
do thou destroy it with the rays of the sun"
II, 2.. Charm &1r $h' 3r1#3'r!$0 1& 7a$$*'.
1. *ither shall &ome the &attle whi&h have strayed to a distan&e, whose
&ompanionship V,yu (the wind enFoys" ($he &attle whose stru&ture of form
$vashtar knows, Savitar shall hold in pla&e in this sta!le"
#. $o this sta!le the &attle shall flow together, 0rihaspati skilfully shall
&ondu&t them hither" SBnBv,lB shall &ondu&t hither their van' do thou, %
Anumati, hold them in pla&e after they have arrived"
<. May the &attle, may the horses, and may the domesti&s flow together;
may the in&rease of the grain flow together" + sa&rifi&e with an o!lation that
&auseth to flow together"
). + pour together the milk of the &ows, + pour together strength and sap
with the ghee. Aoured together shall !e our heroes, &onstant shall !e the
&ows with me the owner of the &ows"
-. + !ring hither the milk of the &ows, + have !rought hither the sap of the
grain. 0rought hither are our heroes, !rought hither to this house are our
III, -/. Charm &1r $h' 3r1#3'r!$0 1& 7a$$*'.
1. :ith a firmly founded sta!le, with wealth, with well-!eing, with the
name of that whi&h is !orn on a lu&ky day do we unite you (% &attle"
#. May Aryaman unite you, may A.shan, 0rihaspati, and +ndra, the
&onCueror of !ooty, unite you" =o ye prosper my possessions"
/lo&king together without fear, making ordure in this sta!le, holding honey
fit for soma, free from disease, ye shall &ome hither"
). ?ight here &ome, ye &ows, and prosper here like the sak,-!ird" And right
here do ye !eget (your youn(y" May ye !e in a&&ord with me"
-. May your sta!le !e auspi&ious to you, prosper ye like the s,ri-!irds and
parrots" And right here do ye !eget (your young" :ith us do we unite you.
1. Atta&h yourselves, % &ows, to me as your possessor; may this sta!le here
&ause you to prosper" Hpon you, growing numerous, and living, may we,
in&reasing in wealth, alive, attend"
VI, ,6. Pra0'r $1 $h' 3*a"$ ar2")ha$A &1r
3r1$'7$!1" $1 7a$$*'.
1. $hy foremost prote&tion, % ArundhatB, do thou !estow upon steer and
mil&h-kine, upon (&attle of the age when weaned from their mother, upon
(all four-footed &reatures"
#. May ArundhatB, the her!, !estow prote&tion along with the gods, render
full of sap the sta!le, free from disease our men"
<. $he variegated, lovely, life-giving (plant do + invoke. May she &arry away
for us, far from the &attle, the missile hurled !y ?udra"
VI, >+. Charm $1 #'72r' $h' a$$a7hm'"$ 1& a 71<
$1 h'r 7a*&.
1. As meat, and liCuor, and di&e (a!ound at the gam!ling-pla&e, as the
heart of thf. lusty male hankers after the woman, thus shall thy heart, %
&ow, hanker after the &alf"
#. As the elephant dire&ts his steps after the steps of the female, as the
heart of the lusty male hankers after the woman, thus shall thy heart, %
&ow, hanker after the &alf"
<. As the felloe, and as the spokes, and as the nave (of the wheel is Foined
to the felloe, as the heart of the lusty male hankers after the woman, thus
shall thy heart, % &ow, hanker after the &alf"
III, 2=. F1rm2*a !" ';3!a$!1" 1& $h' 9!r$h 1& $<!"-
1. $hrough one &reation at a time this (&ow was !orn, when the fashioners
of the !eings did &reate the &ows of many &olours. ($herefore, when a &ow
doth !eget twins portentously, growling and &ross she inFureth the &attle.
#. $his (&ow doth inFure our &attle' a flesh-eater, devourer, she hath
!e&ome. *en&e to a 0rahman he shall give her; in this way she may !e
kindly and auspi&ious"
<. Auspi&ious !e to (our men, auspi&ious to (our &ows and horses,
auspi&ious to this entire field, auspi&ious !e to us right here"
). *ere !e prosperity, li&re !e sap" 0e thou here one that espe&ially gives a
thousandfold" Make the &attle prosper, thou mother of twins"
-. :here our pious friends live Foyously, having left !ehind the ailments of
their !odies, to that world the mother of twins did attain' may she not
inFure our men and our &attle"
1. :here is the world of our pious friends, where the world of thern that
sa&rifi&e with the agnihotra, to that world the mother of twins did attain'
may she not inFure our imen and our &attle"
VI, 62. Charm $1 '")1< a h1r#' <!$h #<!&$"'##.
1. Swift as the wind !e thou, % steed, when Foined (to the &hariot; at
+ndra@s urging go, fleet as the mind" $he Maruts, the all-possessing, shall
harness thee,$vashtar shall put fleetness into thy feet"
#. :ith the fleetness, % runner, that has !een deposited in thee in a se&ret
pla&e, (with the fleetness that has !een made over to the eagle, the wind,
and moves in them, with that, % steed, strong with strength, do thou win
the. ra&e, rea&hing the goal in the &ontest"
<. $hy !ody, % steed, leading (our !ody, shall run, a pleasure to ourselves,
delight to thyself" A god, not stum!ling, for the support of the great, he
shall, as if upon the heaven, found his own light"
III, -5. Charm &1r 71")27$!" a r!('r !"$1 a "'<
1. 0e&ause of yore, when the (&loud- serpent was slain (!y +ndra, ye did
rush forth and shout (anadat,, therefore is your name @shouters@ (nadyah
rivers@' that is your designation, ye streams"
#. 0e&ause, when sent forth !y Varuna, ye then Cui&kly did !u!!le up; then
+ndra met (,pnot you, as ye went, therefore anon are ye @meeters@ (,pah
<. :hen relu&tantly ye flowed, +ndra, forsooth, did with might &hoose
(avBvarata you as his own, ye goddesses" $herefore @&hoi&e@ (v,r @water@ has
!een given you as your name"
). %ne god stood upon you, as ye flowed a&&ording to will. Hp !reathed (ud
,nishuh they who are known as @the great@ (mahBh. $herefore @up!reather@
(udakam @water@ are they &alled"
-. $he waters are kindly, the waters in truth were ghee. $hese waters,
truly, do support Agni and Soma. May the readily flowing, strong sap of the
honey-dripping (waters &ome to me, together with life@s !reath and lustre"
1. $hen do + see them and also do + hear them; their sound, their voi&e doth
&ome to me. :hen, ye golden-&oloured, + have refreshed myself with you,
then + ween, am!rosia (amrita am + tasting"
5. *ere, ye waters, is your heart, here is your &alf, ye righteous ones" Gome
ye, mighty ones, !y this way here, !y whi&h + am &ondu&ting you here"
VI, -+.. Charm $1 <ar) 1&& )a"'r &r1m &!r'.
1. :here thou &omest, (% fire, and where thou goest away, the !looming
d.rv,-plant shall grow' a well-spring there shall rise up, or a lotus-laden
#. *ere (shall !e the gathering pla&e of the waters, here the dwelling-pla&e
of the sea" +n the midst of a pond our house shall !e' turn, (% fire, away
thy Faws"
:ith a &overing of &oolness do we envelop thee, % house; &ool as a pond !e
thou for us" Agni shall furnish the remedy"
IV, 5. Sh'3h'r)F# 7harm aa!"#$ <!*) 9'a#$# a")
1. $hree have gone away from here, the tiger, man, and wolf. %ut of sight,
forsooth, &m the rivers, out of siaht (grows the divine tree (the !anyan-
treeO' out of sight the enemies shall retreat"
#. $he wolf shall tlead a distant path, and the ro!!er one still more distant"
%n a distant path shall move the !iting rope (the serpent, on a distant path
the plotter of evil"
<. $hy eyes and thy Faw we &rush, % tiger, and also all thy twenty &laws.
). :e &rush the tiger, the foremost of animals, armed with teeth. (e;t,
too, the thief, and then the serpent, the wiEard, and also the wolf.
-. $he thief that approa&heth to-day, &rushed to pie&es he goeth away.
:here the paths are pre&ipitate he shall go, +ndra shall slay him with his
1. $he teeth of the wild !east are dulled, and !roken are his ri!s. %ut of thy
sight the dragon shall go, down shall tum!le the hare-hunting !east"
5. $he (Faw, % !east, that thou shuttest together, thou shalt not open up;
that whi&h thou openest up, thou shalt not shut together"--0orn of +ndra,
!orn of Soma, thou, (my &harm, art Atharvan@s &rusher of tigers.
III, -,. A m'r7ha"$F# 3ra0'r.
1. +ndra, the mer&hant, do + summon' may he &ome to us, may he !e our
van; driving away the demon of grudge, the waylayers, and wild !easts, may
he, the possessor, !estow wealth upon me"
#. May the many paths, the roads of the gods, whi&h &ome together
!etween heaven and earth, &,ladden me with milk and ghee, so that + may
gather in wealth from my pur&hases"
<. =esirous do +, % Agni, with firewood and ghee offer o!lations (to thee,
for su&&ess and strength; a&&ording to a!ility praising (thee with my prayer,
do + sing this divine song, that + may gain a hundredfold"
). (Aardon, % Agni, this sin of ours Pin&urred uponQ the far road whi&h we
have travelled" May our pur&hases and our sales !e su&&essful for us; may
what + get in !arter render me a gainer" May ye two (+ndra and Agni in
a&&ord take pleasure in this o!lation" May our transa&tions and the a&&ruing
gain !e auspi&ious to us"
-. $he wealth with whi&h + go to pur&hase, desiring, ye gods, to gain wealth
through wealth, may that grow more, not less" =rive away, % Agni, in return
for the o!lation, the gods who shut off gain"
1. $he wealth with whi&h + go to pur&hase, desiring, ye gods, to gain wealth
through wealth, may +ndra, Arag,pati, Savitar, Soma, Agni, pla&e lustre into
it for me"
5. :e praise with reveren&e thee, % priest (Agni Vaisvdnara. =o thou over
our &hildren, selves, &attle, and life@s !reath wat&h"
6. =aily, never failing, shall we !ring (o!lations to thee, % 7,tavedas, (as if
fodder to a horse standing (in the sta!le. +n growth of wealth and
nutriment reFoi&ing, may we, % Agni, thy neigh!ours, not take harm"
IV, 5=. A. Pra0'r &1r #277'## !" am9*!".
1. $he su&&essful, vi&torious, skilfully gaming Apsar,, that Apsar, who
makes the winnings in the game of di&e, do + &all hither.
#. $he skilfully gaming Apsar, who sweeps and heaps up (the stakes, that
Apsar, who takes the winnings in the game of di&e, do + &all hither.
May she, who dan&es a!out with the di&e, when she takes the stakes from
the game of di&e, when she desires to win for us, o!tain the advantage !y
(her magi&" May she &ome to us full of a!undan&e" >et them not win this
wealth of ours"
). $he (Apsar,s who reFoi&e in di&e, who &arry grief and wrath-t!at Foyful
and e;ulting Apsar,, do + &all hither.
B. Pra0'r $1 #'72r' $h' r'$2r" 1& 7a*('# $ha$ ha(' #$ra0') $1 a
-. $hey (the &attle who wander along the rays of the sun, or they who
wander along the flood of light they whose !ull (the. sun, full of strength,
from afar prote&ting, with the day wanders a!out all the worlds-may he (the
!ull, full of strength, delighting in this offering, &ome to us touether with
the atmosphere"
1. $ogether with the atmosphere, % thou who art full of strength, prote&t
the white (karkB &alf, % thou swift steed (the sun" *ere are many drops (of
ghee for thee; &ome hither" May this white &alf (karkB of thine, may thy
mind, !e here"
5. $ogether with the atmosphere, % thou who art full of strength, prote&t
the white (karkB &alf, % thou swift steed (the sun" *ere is the fodder, here
the stall, here do we tie down the &alf. :hatever (are your names, we own
you. *ail"
VII, ,+. Pra0'r &1r #277'## a$ )!7'.
1. As the lightning at all times smites irresisti!ly the tree, thus would + to-
day irresisti!ly !eat the gamesters with my di&e"
#. :hether they !e alert, or not alert, the fortune of (these folks,
unresisting, shall assem!le from all sides, the gain (&olle&t within my
<. + invoke with reveren&e Agni, who has his own ri&hes; here atta&hed he
shall !eap up gain for us" + pro&ure (wealth for myself, as if with &hariots
that win the ra&e. May + a&&omplish auspi&iously the song of praise to the
). May we !y thy aid &onCuer the (adversary s troop; help us (to o!tain our
share in every &ontest" Make for us, % +ndra, a good and ample road; &rush,
% Maghavan, the lusty power of our enemies"
-. + have &onCuered and &leaned thee out (O; + have also gained thy reserve.
As the wolf plu&ks to pie&es the sheep, thus do + plu&k thy winnings.
1. Mven the strong hand the !old player &onCuers, as the skilled gam!ler
heaps up his winnings at the proper time. Hpon him that loves the game
(the god, and does not spare his money, (the game, the god verily !estows
the delights of wealth.
5. $hrough (the possession of &attle we all would suppress (our wret&hed
poverty, or with grain our hunger, % thou oft implored (god" May we
foremost among rulers, unharmed, gain wealth !y our &unning devi&es"
6. 7ain is deposited in my right hand, vi&tory in my left. >et me !e&ome a
&onCueror of &attle, horses, wealth, and gold"
8. % di&e, yield play, profita!le as a &ow that is ri&h in milk" 0ind me to a
streak of gain, as the !ow (is !ound with the string"
VI, ,.. E;1r7!#m 1& #'r3'"$# &r1m $h' 3r'm!#'#.
1. May the serpent, ye gods, not slay us along with our &hildren and our
men" $he &losed (Faw shall not snap open, the open one not &lose"
?everen&e (!e to the divine folk"
#. ?everen&e !e to the !la&k serpent, reveren&e to the one that is striped
a&ross" $o the !rown svaga reveren&e; reveren&e to the divine folk"
<. + &lap thy teeth upon thy teeth, and also thy Faw upon thy Faw; + press thy
tongue against thy tongue, and &lose up, % serpent, thy mouth.
4, /. Charm aa!"#$ #'r3'"$#, !"(1%!" $h' h1r#'
1& P')2 $ha$ #*a0# #'r3'"$#.
1. $o +ndra !elongs the first &hariot, to the gods the se&ond &hariot, to
Varuna, forsooth, the third. $he serpents@ &hariot is the last' it shall hit a
post, and &ome to grief"
#. $he young dar!ha-grass !urns (the serpentsO, the tail of the horse, the
tail of the shaggy one, the seat of the wagon (!urns the serpentsO.
<. Strike down, % white (horse, with thy forefoot and thy hind-foot" As
tim!er floating in water, the poison of the serpents, the fier&e fluid, is
devoid of strength.
). (eighing loudly he dived down, and, again diving up, said' @As tim!er
floating in water, the poison of the serpents, the fier&e fluid, is devoid of
-. $he horse of Aedu slays the kasarnBla, the horse of Aedu slays the white
(serpent, and also the !la&k. $he horse of Aedu &leaves the head of the
ratharvB, the adder.
1. % horse of Aedu, go thou first' we &ome after thee" $hou shalt &ast out
the serpents from the road upon whi&h we &ome"
5. *ere the horse of Aedu was !orn; from here is his departure. *ere are
the tra&ks of the serpent-killing, powerful steed"
6. May the &losed (serpent@s Faw not snap open, may the open one not
&lose" $he two serpents in this field, man and wife, they are !oth !ereft of
8. :ithout strength here are the serpents, those that are near, and those
that are far. :ith a &lu! do + slay the vriskika (s&orpion, with a staff the
serpent that has approa&hed.
19. *ere is the remedy for !oth the agh,sva and the svaga" +ndra (and
Aedu@s horse have put to naught the evil-planning (agh,yantam serpent.
11. $he horse of Aedu do we remem!er, the strong, with strong footing'
!ehind he, staring forth, these adders.
1#. =eprived are they of life@s spirit, deprived of poison, slain !y +ndra with
his !olt. +ndra hath slain them' we have slain them.
1<. Slain are they that are striped a&ross, &rushed are the adders" Slay thou
the one that produ&es a hood, (slay the white and the !la&k in the dar!ha-
1). $he maiden of the Lir,ta-tri!e, the little one digs up the remedy, with
golden spades, on the mountain@s !a&k.
1-. *ither has &ome a youthful physi&ian' he slays the spe&kled (serpent, is
irresisti!le. *e, forsooth, &rushes the svaga and the vriskika !oth.
11. +ndra did set at naught for me the serpent, (and so did Mitra and
Varuna, V,ta and Aarganya !oth.
15. +ndra did set at naught for me the serpent, the adder, male and female,
the svaga, (the serpent that is striped a&ross, the kasarnBla, and the
16. +ndra slew thy first an&estor, % serpent, and sin&e they are &rushed,
what strength, forsooth, &an !e theirsO
18. + have gathered up their heads, as the fisherman the karvara (fish. +
have gone off into the river@s midst, and washed out the serpent@s poison.
#9. $he poison of all serpents the rivers shall &arry off" Slain are they that
are striped a&ross, &rushed are the adders"
#1. As skilfully + &ull the fi!re of the plants, as + guide the mares, (thus, %
serpent, shall thy poison go away"
##. $he poison that is in the fire, in the sun, in the earth, and in the plants,
the k,nd,-poison, the kanaknaka, thy poison shall go forth, and &ome"
#<. $he serpents that are sprung from the fire, that are sprung from the
plants, that are sprung from the water, and originate from the lightning;
they from whom great !rood has sprung in many ways, those serpents do we
revere with o!eisan&e.
#). $hou art, (% plant, a maiden, $audB !y name.; 7hrit,kB, forsooth, is thy
name. Hnderfoot is thy pla&e' + take in hand what destroys the poison.
#-. /rom every lim! make the poison start; shut it out from the heart" (ow
the for&e that is in thy poison shall go down !elow"
#1. $he poison has gone to a distan&e' he has shut it out; he has fused the
poison with poison. Agni has put away the poison of the serpent, Soma has
led it out. $he poison has gone !a&k to the !iter. $he serpent is dead"
4I, 2. Pra0'r $1 Bha(a a") Sar(a &1r 3r1$'7$!1"
&r1m )a"'r#.
1. % 0hava and Sarva, !e mer&iful, do not atta&k (us; ye lords of !eings,
lords of &attle, reveren&e !e to you twain" =is&harge not your arrow even
after it has !een laid on (the !ow, and has !een drawn" =estroy not our
!ipeds and our Cuadrupeds"
#. Arepare not our !odies for the dog, or the Fa&kal; for the aliklavas, the
vultures, and the !la&k !irds" $hy greedy inse&ts, % lord of &attle
(pasupate, and thy !irds shall not get us to devour"
<. ?everen&e we offer, % 0hava, to thy roaring, to thy !reath, and to thy
inFurious Cualities; reveren&e to thee, % ?udra, thousand-eyed, immortal"
). :e offer reveren&e to thee from the east, from the north, and from the
-south; from (every domain, and from heaven. ?everen&e !e to thy
-. $o thy fa&e, % lord of &attle, to thy eyes, % 0hava, to thy skin, to thy
form, thy appearan&e, (and to thy aspe&t from !ehind, reveren&e !e"
1. $o thy lim!s, to thy !elly, to thy tongue, to thy mouth, to thy teeth, to
thy smell (nose, reveren&e !e"
5. May we not &onfli&t with ?udra, the ar&her with the dark &rest, the
thousand-eyed, powerful one, the slayer of Ardhaka"
6. 0hava shall steer &lear from us on all sides, 0hava shall steer &lear from
us, as fire from water" May he not !ear mali&e towards us' reveren&e !e to
8. /our times, eight times, !e reveren&e to 0hava, ten times !e reveren&e
to thee, % lord of &attle" $o thy (&harge have !een assigned these five
(kinds of &attle' &ows, horses, men, goats and sheep.
19. $hine, % strong god (ugra, are the four regions, thine the sky, thine the
earth, and thine this !road atmosphere; thine is this all that has a spirit and
has !reath upon the earth.
11. $hine is this !road, treasure-holding re&epta&le within whi&h all worlds
are &ontained. =o thou spare us, % lord of &attle' reveren&e !e to thee" /ar
from us shall go the Fa&kals, evil omens, dogs; far shall go (the mourning
women who !ewail rnisfortune with dishevelled hair"
1#. $hou, % &rested (god, &arriest in (thy hand, that smites thousands, a
yellow, golden !ow that slays hundreds; ?udra@s arrow, the missile of the
gods, flies a!road' reveren&e !e to it, in whatever dire&tion from here (it
1<. $he adversary who lurks and seeks to over&ome thee, % ?udra, upon him
thou dost fasten thyself from !ehind, as (the hunter that follows the trail
of a wounded (animal.
1). 0hava and ?udra, united and &on&ordant, !oth strong (ugrau, ye
advan&e to deeds of heroism' reveren&e !e to !oth of them, in whatever
dire&tion (they are from here"
1-. ?everen&e !e to thee &oming, reveren&e to thee going; reveren&e, %
?udra, !e to thee standing, and reveren&e, also, to thee sitting"
11. ?everen&e in the evening, reveren&e in the morning, reveren&e !y
night,reveren&e !yday" + have offered reveren&e to 0hava and to Sarva,
15. >et us not with our tongue offend ?udra, who rushes on, thousand-eyed,
overseeing all, who hurls (his shafts forward, who is manifoldly wise"
16. :e approa&h first the (god that has dark horses, is !la&k, sa!le,
destru&tive, terri!le, who &asts down the &ar of Lesin' reveren&e !e to him"
18. =o not hurl at us thy &lu!, thy divine !olt; !e not in&ensed at us, % lord
of &attle" Shake over some other than us the &elestial !ran&h"
#9. +nFure us not, interpose for us, spare us, !e not angry with us" >et us not
&ontend with thee"
#1. =o not &ovet our &attle, our men, our goats and sheep" 0end thy &ourse
elsewhere, % strong god (ugra, slay the offspring of the !lasphemers"
##. *e whose missile, fever and &ough, assails the single (vi&tim, as the
snorting of a stallion, who snat&hes away (his vi&tims one !y one, to him !e
#<. *e who dwells fi;ed in the atmosphere, smiting the !lasphemers of the
god that do not sa&rifi&e, to him !e reveren&e with ten sakvarB-stanEas"
#). /or thee the wild !easts of the forest have !een pla&ed in the forest'
flamingoes, eagles, !irds of prey, and fowls. $hy spirit, % lord of &attle, is
within the waters, to strengthen thee the heavenly waters flow.
#-. $he dolphins, great serpents (!oas, purBkayas (water-animals, sea-
monsters, fishes, ragasas at whi&h thou shootest-there e;ists for thee, %
0hava, no distan&e, and no !arrier. At a glan&e thou lookest around the
entire earth; from the eastern thou slayest in the northern o&ean.
#1. =o not, % ?udra, &ontaminate us with fever, or with poison, or with
heavenly fire' &ause this lightning to des&end elsewhere than upon us"
#5. 0hava rules the sky, 0hava rules the earth; 0hava has filled the !road'
atmosphere. ?everen&e !e to him in whatever dire&tion from here (he
#6. % king 0hava, !e mer&iful to thy worshipper, for thou art the lord of
living !easts" *e who !elieves the gods e;ist, to his Cuadruped and !iped !e
#8. Slay neither our great nor our small; neither those of us that are riding,
nor those that shall ride; neither our father, nor our mother. Gause no
inFury, % ?udra, to our own persons"
<9. $o ?udra@s howling dogs, who swallow their food without !lessing, who
have wide Faws, + have made this o!eisan&e.
<1. ?everen&e, % god, !e to thy shouting hosts, reveren&e to thy long-
haired, reveren&e to thy reveren&ed, reveren&e to thy devouring hosts" May
well-!eing and se&urity !e to us"
IV, 2=. Pra0'r $1 Bha(a a") Sar(a &1r 3r1$'7$!1"
&r1m 7a*am!$!'#.
1. % 0hava and Sarva, + am devoted to you. $ake note of that, ye under
whose &ontrol, is all this whi&h shines (the visi!le universe" Ne who rule all
these two-footed and four-footed &reatures, deliver us from &alamity"
#. Ne to whom !elongs all that is near !y, yea, all that is far; ye who are
known as the most skilful ar&hers among !owmen; ye who rule all these
two-footed and four-footed &reatures, deliver us from &alamity"
<. $he thousand-eyed slayers of Vritra !oth do + invoke. + go praising the two
strong gods (ugrau whose pastures e;tend far. Ne who rule all these two-
footed and four-footed &reatures, deliver us from &alamity"
). Ne who, united, did undertake many (deeds of old, and, moreover, did
visit portents upon the. people; ye who rule all these two-footed and
fourfooted &reatures, deliver us from &alamity"
-. Ne from whose !lows no one either among gods or men es&apes; ye who
rule all these twofooted and four-footed &reatures, deliver us from
1. $he sor&erer who prepares a spell, or manipulates the roots (of plants
against us, against him, ye strong gods, laun&h your thunder!olt" Ne who
rule all these two-footed and four-footed &reatures, deliver us from
5. Ne strong gods, favour us in !attles, !ring into &onta&t with your
thunder!olt the LimBdin" + praise you, % 0hava and Sarva, &all fervently
upon you in distress' deliver us from &alamity"
VII, 6. Charm &1r &!")!" *1#$ 3r13'r$0.
1. %n the distant path of the paths A.shan was !orn, on the distant path of
heaven, on the distant path of the earth. Hpon the two most lovely pla&es
!oth he walks hither and away, knowing (the way.
#. A.shan knows these regions all; he shall lead us !y the most dangerless
(way. 0estowing well-!eing, of radiant glow, keeping our heroes
undiminished, he shall, alert and skilful, go !efore us"
<. % A.shan, under thy law may we never suffer harm' as praisers of thee
are we here"
). A.shan shall from the east pla&e his right hand a!out us, shall !ring again
to us what has !een lost' we shall &ome upon what has !een lost"
VI, -2=. Pr13!$!a$!1" 1& $h' <'a$h'r-3r13h'$.
1. :hen the stars made their king they !estowed good weather
upon him' @$his shall !e his dominion,@ they said.
#. >et us have good weather at noon, good weather at eve, good weather in
the early morning, good weather in the niyht
<. /or day and night, for the stars, for sun and moon, and for us prepare
good weather, % king"
). $o thee, %, ruler of the stars, that gavest us good weather in
the evening in the night, and !y day, let there ever !e o!eisan&e"
4I, .. Pra0'r &1r )'*!('ra"7' &r1m 7a*am!$0,
a))r'##') $1 $h' '"$!r' 3a"$h'1".
1. $o Agni we speak and to the trees, to the plants and to the her!s; to
+ndra, 0rihaspati, and S.ya' they shall deliver us from &alamity"
#. :e speak to king Varuna, to Mitra, Vishnu and 0haga. $o Amsa and
Vivasvant do we speak' they shall deliver us from &alamity"
<. :e speak to Savitar, the god, to =h,tar, and to A.shan; to first-!orn
$vashtar do we speak' they shall deliver us from &alamity"
). :e speak to the 7andharvas and the Apsaras, to the Asvins and to
0rahmanaspati, to the god whose name is Aryaman' they shall deliver us
from &alamity"
-. (ow do we speak to day and night, to S.rya (sun and to Landramas
(moon, the twain; to all the Ddityas we speak' they shall deliver us from
1. :e speak to V,ta (wind and Aarganya, to the atmosphere and the
dire&tions of spa&e. And to all the regions do we speak' they shall deliver us
from &alamity"
5. =ay and night, and Hshas (dawn, too, shall deliver thee from &urses"
Soma the god, whom they &all Landramas (moon, shall deliver me"
6. $o the animals of the earth and those of heaven, to the wild !easts of the
forest, to the winged !irds, do we speak' they shall deliver us from
8. (ow do we speak to 0hava and Sarva, to ?udra and Aasupati; their arrows
do we know well' these (arrows shall !e ever propitious to us"
19. :e speak to the heavens, and the stars, to earth, the Nakshas, and the
mountains; to the seas.. the rivers, and the lakes' they shall deliver us from
11. $o the seven ?ishis now do we speak, to the divine waters and
Arag,pati. $o the /athers with Nama at their head' they shall deliver us
from &alamity"
1#. $he gods that dwell in heaven, and those that dwell in the atmosphere;
the mighty (gods that are fi;ed upon the earth, they shall deliver us from
1<. $he Ddityas, ?udras, Vasus, the divine Atharvans in heaven, and the
wise Angiras' they shall deliver us from &alamity"
1). :e speak to the sa&rifi&e and the sa&rifi&er, to the riks, the s,mans, and
the healing (Atharvan &harms; we speak to the yagus-formulas and the
invo&ations (to the gods' they shall deliver us from &alamity"
1-. :e speak to the five kingdoms of the plants with soma the most
e;&ellent among them. $he dar!ha-grass, hemp, and mighty !arley' they
shall deliver us from &alamity"
11. :e speak to the Ar,yas (demons of grudge, ?akshas, serpents, pious
men, and /athers; to the one and a hundred deaths' they shall deliver us
from &alamity"
15. $o the seasons we speak, to the lords of the seasons, and to the se&tions
of the year; to the halfyears, years, and months' they shall deliver us from
16. Gome, ye gods, from the south and the west; ye gods in the east &ome
forth" /rom the east, from the north the mighty gods, all the gods
assem!led' they shall deliver us from &alamity"
18, #9. :e speak here to all the gods that hold to their agreements,
promote the order (of the universe, together with all their wives' they shall
deliver us from &alamity"
#1. :e speak to !eing, to the lord of !eing, and also to him that &ontrols
the !eings; to the !eings all assem!led' they shall deliver us from &alamity"
##. $he five divine regions, the twelve divine seasons, the teeth of the year,
they shall ever !e propitious, to us"
#<. $he amrita (am!rosia, !ought for the pri&e of a &hariot, whi&h M,talB
knows as a remedy, that +ndra stored away in the waters' that, % ye waters,
furnish ye as a remedy"
VI, /,. Pra0'r aa!"#$ m'"$a* )'*!"D2'"70.
1. Aass far away, % sin of the mind" :hy dost thou utter things not to !e
utteredO Aass away, + love thee not" $o the trees, the forests go on" :ith
the house, the &attle, is my mind.
#. :hat wrongs we have &ommitted through impre&ation, &alumny, and
false spee&h, either awake, or asleep--Agni shall put far away from us all
offensive evil deeds"
<. :hat, % +ndra 0rahmanaspati, we do falselymay Araketas (@&are-taker@
Dngirasa prote&t us from misfortune, and from evil"
VI, 2.. Charm $1 a('r$ '(!*.
1. >et me go, % evil; !eing powerful, take thou pity on us" Set me, % evil,
unharmed, into the world of happiness"
#. +f, % evil, thou dost not a!andon us, then do we a!andon thee at the fork
of the road. May evil follow after another (man"
<. Away from us may thousand-eyed, immortal (evil dwell" *im whom we
hate may it strike, and him whom we hate do thou surely smite"
VI, --/. E;3!a$1r0 &1rm2*a &1r !m3'r&'7$!1"# !"
$h' #a7r!&!7'.
1. $he god-angering (deed, % ye gods, that we, the (0rahman gods, have
&ommitted, from that do ye, % Ddityas, release us, !y virtue of the order of
the universe"
#. 0y virtue of the order of the universe do ye, % reverend Ddityas, release
us here, if, % ye &arriers of the sa&rifi&e, though desirous of a&&omplishing
(the sa&rifi&e, we did not a&&omplish (it"--
<. (+f, when sa&rifi&ing with the fat (animal, when offering o!lations of
ghee with the spoon, when desiring to !enefit you, % all ye gods, we have
&ontrary to desire, not su&&eeded"
VI, --,. E;3!a$1r0 &1rm2*a# &1r #!"#.
1. /rom the sins whi&h knowingly or unknowingly we have &ommitted, do ye,
all gods, of one a&&ord, release us"
#. +f awake, or if asleep, to sin in&lined, + have &ommitted a sin, may what
has !een, and what shall !e, as if from a wooden post, release me"
<. As one released from a wooden post, as one in a sweat !y !athing (is
&leansed of filth, as ghee is &larified !y the sieve, may all (the gods &lear
me from sin"
VI, --2. E;3!a$!1" &1r $h' 3r'7')'"7' 1& a
012"'r 9r1$h'r 1('r a" 1*)'r.
1. May this (younger !rother not slay the oldest one of them, % Agni;
prote&t him that he !e not torn out !y the root" =o thou here &unningly
loosen the fetter of 7r,hi (atta&k of disease; may all the gods give thee
#. /ree these three, % Agni, from the three fetters with whi&h they have
!een sha&kled" =o thou &unningly loosen the fetters of 7r,hi; release them
all, father, sons, and mother"
<. $he fetters with whi&h the older !rother, whose younger !rother has
married !efore him, has !een !ound, with whi&h he has !een en&um!ered
and sha&kled lim! !y lim!, may they !e loosened; sin&e fit for loosening
they are" :ipe off, % A.shan, the misdeeds upon him that pra&tiseth
VI, --5. E;3!a$!1" &1r 7'r$a!" h'!"12# 7r!m'#.
1. %n $rita the gods wiped off this sin, $rita wiped it off on human !eings;
hen&e if 7r,hi (atta&k of disease has seiEed thee, may these gods remove
her !y means of their &harm"
#. Mnter into the rays, into smoke, % sin; go into the vapours, and into the
fog" >ose thyself on the foam of the river" @:ipet off, % A.shan, the
misdeeds upon him that pra&tiseth a!ortion"
<. =eposited in twelve pla&es is that whi&h has !een wiped off $rita, the
sins !elonging to humanity. *en&e if 7r,hi has seiEed thee, may these gods
remove her !y means of their &harm"
VI, -2+. Pra0'r &1r h'a('" a&$'r r'm!##!1" 1&
1. +f air, or earth and heaven, if mother or father, we have inFured, may this
Agni 7,rhapatya (household fire without fail lead us out from this (&rime
to the world of well-doing"
#. $he earth is our mother, Aditi (the universe our kin, the air our
prote&tor from hostile s&hemes. May father sky !ring prosperity to us from
the world of the /athers; may + &ome to my (departed kin, and not lose
<. +n that !right world where our pious friends live in Foy, having &ast aside
the ailments of their own !odies, free from lameness, not deformed in lim!,
there may we !ehold our parents and our &hildren"
VI, 2>. Charm aa!"#$ 3!'1"# r'ar)') a#
1m!"12# 9!r)#.
1. % ye gods, if the pigeon, despat&hed as the messenger of (irriti (the
goddess of destru&tion, hath &ome here seeking (us out, we shall sing his
praises, and prepare (our ransom. May our two-footed and four-footed
&reatures !e prosperous"
#. Auspi&ious to us shall !e the pigeon that has !een despat&hed; harmless,
ye gods, the !ird shall !e to our house" $he sage Agni shall verily take
pleasure in our o!lation; the winged missile shall avoid us"
<. $he winged missile shall not do us inFury' upon our hearth, our firepla&e
he (the pigeon takes his steps" Aropitious he shall !e to our &attle and
our domesti&s; may not, ye gods, the pigeon here do harm to us"
VI, 26. Charm aa!"#$ 1m!"12# 3!'1"# a") 1<*#.
1. Hpon those persons yonder the winged missile shall fall" +f the owl
shrieks, futile shall this !e, or if the pigeon takes his steps upon the fire"
#. $o thy two messengers, % (irriti, who &ome here, despat&hed or not
despat&hed, to our house, to the pigeon and to the owl, this shall !e no
pla&e to step upon"
<. *e shall not fly hither to slaughter (our men; to keep (our men sound he
shall settle here" Gharm .him very far away unto a distant region, that
(people shall !ehold you (i.e. him in Nama@s house devoid of strength, that
they shall !ehold you !ereft of power"
VII, ./. E;3!a$!1" <h'" 1"' !# )'&!*') 90 a 9*a7%
9!r) 1& 1m'".
1. :hat this !la&k !ird flying forth towards (me has dropped here--may the
waters prote&t me from all that misfortune and evil"
#. :hat this !la&k !ird has !rushed here with thy mouth, % (irtiti (goddess
of misfortune-may Agni 7,rhapatya (the god of the household fire free me
from this sin"
VI, /.. E;1r7!#m 1& '(!* )r'am#.
1. $hou who art neither alive nor dead, the immortal &hild of the gods art
thou, % Sleep" Varun,nB is thy mother, Nama (death thy father, Araru is thy
#. :e know, % Sleep, thy !irth, thou art the son of the divine women-folk,
the instrument of Nama (death" $hou art the ender, thou art death" $hus
do we know thee, % Sleep' do thou, % Sleep, prote&t us from evil dreams"
<. As one pays off a si;teenth, an eighth, or an (entire de!t, thus do we
transfer every evil dream upon our enemy.
VII, --,. Charm &1r $h' r'm1(a* 1& '(!*
7hara7$'r!#$!7#, a") $h' a7D2!#!$!1" 1&
a2#3!7!12# 1"'#.
1. /ly forth from here, % evil mark, vanish from here, fly forth to yonder
pla&e" Hpon him that hates us do we fasten thee with a !raEen hook.
#. $he unsavoury mark whi&h flying has alighted upon me, as a &reeper upon
a tree, that mayest thou put away from us, away from here, % golden-
(golden-rayed Savitar (the sun, !estowing goods upon us"
<. $ogether with the !ody of the mortal, from his !irth, one and a hundred
marks are !orn. $hose that are most foul do we drive away from here; the
auspi&ious ones, % 7,tavedas (Agni, do thou hold fast for us"
). $hese (marks here + have separated, as &ows s&attered upon the
heather. $he pure marks shall remain, the foul ones + have made to
V, -=. Im3r'7a$!1" aa!"#$ $h' 133r'##1r# 1&
1. $he gods, % king, did not give to thee this (Gow to eat. =o not, % prin&e,
seek to devour the &ow of the 0r,hmana, whi&h is unfit to !e eaten"
#. $he prin&e, !eguiled !y di&e, the wret&hed one who has lost as a stake
his own person, he may, per&han&e, eat the &ow of the 0r,hmana,
(thinking, @let me live to-day (if not to-morrow@"
<. Mnveloped (is she in her skin, as an adder with evil poison; do not, %
prin&e, (eat the &ow of the 0r,hmana' sapless, unfit to !e eaten, is that
). Away does (the 0r,hmana take regal power, destroys vigour; like fire
whi&h has &aught does he !urn away everything. *e that regards the
0r,hmana as fit food drinks of the poison of the taim,ta-serpent.
-. *e who thinks him (the 0rahman mild, and slays him, he who reviles the
gods, lusts after wealth, without thought, in his heart +ndra kindles a fire;
him !oth heaven and earth hate while he lives.
1. $he 0r,hmana must not !e en&roa&hed upon, any more than fire, !y him
that regards his own !ody" /or Soma is his (the 0r,hmana@s heir, +ndra
prote&ts him from hostile plots.
5. *e swallows her (the &ow, !ristling with a hundred hooks, (!ut is una!le
to digest her, he, the fool who, devouring the food of the 0rahmans, thinks,
@+ am eating a lus&ious (morsel.@
6. ($he 0rahman@s tongue turns into a !ow. string, his voi&e into the ne&k of
an arrow; his windpipe, his teeth are !edau!ed with holy fire' with these
the 0rahman strikes those who revile the gods, !y means of !ows that have
the strength to rea&h the heart, dis&harged !y the gods.
8. $he 0r,hmanas have sharp arrows, are armed with missiles, the arrow
whi &h they hurl goes not in vain; pursuing him with their holy fire and their
wrath, even from afar, do they pier&e him.
19. $hey who ruled over a thousand, and were themselves ten hundred, the
Vaitahavya, when they devoured the &ow of the 0r,hmana, perished.
11. $he &ow herself, when slaughtered, &ame down upon the Vaitahavyas.
who had roasted for themselves the last she-goat of Lesarapr,!andh,.
1#. $he one hundred and one persons whom the earth did &ast off, !e&ause
they had inFured the offspring of a 0r,hmana, were ruined irretrieva!ly.
1<. As a reviler of the gods does he live among mortals, having swallowed
poison, he !e&omes more !one (than flesh. *e that inFureth a 0r,hmana,
whose kin are the gods, does not rea&h heaven !y the road of the /athers.
1). Agni is &alled our guide, Soma our heir, +ndra slays those who &urse (us'
that the strong (sages know.
1-. >ike a poisoned arrow, % king, like -an adder, % lord of &attle, is the
terri!le arrow of the 0r,hmana' with that he smites those who revile (the
V, -6. Im3r'7a$!1" aa!"#$ $h' 133r'##1r# 1&
1. 0eyond measure they wa;ed strong, Fust fell short of tou&hing the
heavens. :hen they infringed upon 0hrigu they perished, the SriJgaya
#. $he persons who pier&ed 0rihats,man, the des&endant of Angiras, the
0r,hmana--a ram with two rows of teeth, a sheep devoured their offspring.
<. $hey who spat upon the 0r,hmana, who desired tri!ute from him, they
sit in the middle of a pool of !lood, &hewing hair.
). $he &ow of the 0rahman, when roasted, as far as she rea&hes does she
destroy the lustre of the kingdom; no lusty hero is !orn (there.
-. A &ruel (sa&rilegious deed is her slaughter, her meat, when eaten, is
sapless; when her milk is drunk, that surely is a&&ounted a &rime against the
1. :hen the king, weening himself mighty, desires to destroy the 0r,hmana,
then royal power is dissipated, where the 0r,hmana is oppressed.
5. 0e&oming eight-footed, four-eyed, four-eared, four-Fawed, two-mouthed,
two-tongued, she dispels the rule of the oppressor of the 0rahman.
6. $hat (kingdom surely she swamps, as water a leaking ship; misfortune
strikes that kingdom, in whi&h they inFure a 0r,hmana.
8. $he trees &hase away with the words' @do not &ome within our shade,@ him
who &ovets the wealth that !elongs to a 0r,hmana, % (,rada"
19. Ling Varuna pronoun&ed this (to !e poison, prepared !y the gods' no
one who has devoured the &ow of a 0r,hmana retains the &harge of a
11. $hose full nine and ninety whom the earth did &ast off, !e&ause they
had inFured the offspring of a 0r,hmana, were ruined irretrieva!ly.
1#. $he k.dB-plant (Ghrist@s thorn that wipes away the tra&k (of death,
whi&h they fasten to the dead, that very one, % oppressor of 0rahmans, the
gods did de&lare (to !e thy &ou&h.
1<. $he tears whi&h have rolled from (the eyes of the oppressed (0rahman,
as he laments, these very ones, % oppressor of 0rahmans, the gods did
assign to thee as thy share of water.
1). $he water with whi&h they !athe the dead, with whi&h they moisten his
!eard, that very one, % oppressor of 0rahmans, the gods did assign to thee
as thy share of water.
1-. $he rain of Mitra and Varuna does not moisten the oppressor of
0rahmans; the assem!ly is not &ompla&ent for him, he does not guide his
friend a&&ording to his will.
V, >. Pra0'r $1 a33'a#' Ar:$!, $h' )'m1" 1&
r2)' a") a(ar!7'.
1. 0ring (wealth to us, do not stand in our way, % Ar,ti; do not keep from
us the sa&rifi&ial reward as it is !eing taken (to us" Adoration !e to the
power of grudge, the power of failure, adoration to Ar,ti"
#. $o thy advising minister, whom thou, Ar,ti, didst make thy agent, do we
make o!eisan&e. =o not !ring failure to my wish"
<. May our wish, instilled !y the gods, !e fulfilled !y day and night" :e go
in Cuest of Ar,ti. Adoration !e to Ar,ti"
). SarasvatB (spee&h, Anumati (favour, and 0haga (fortune we go to
invoke. Aleasant, honied, words + have spoken on the o&&asions when the
gods were invoked.
-. *im whom + implore with V,k SarasvatB (the goddess-of spee&h, the
yoke-fellow of thought, faith shall find to-day, !estowed !y the !rown
1. (either our wish nor our spee&h do thou frustrate" May +ndra and Agni
!oth !ring us wealth" =o ye all who to-day desire to make gifts to us gain
favour with Ar,ti"
5. 7o far away, failure" $hy missile do we avert. + know thee (to !e
oppressive and pier&ing, % Ar,ti"
6. $hou dost even transform thyself into a naked woman, and atta&h thyself
to people in their sleep, frustrating, % Ar,ti, the thought, and intention of
8. $o her who, great, and of great dimension, did penetrate all the regions,
to this golden-lo&ked (irriti (goddess of misfortune, + have rendered
19. $o the gold-&omple;ioned, lovely one, who rests upon golden &ushions,
to the great one, to that Ar,ti who wears golden ro!es, + have rendered
4II, /. Th' "'7'##!$0 1& !(!" a<a0 #$'r!*' 71<#
$1 $h' Brahma"#.
1. @+ give,@ he shall surely say,@the sterile &ow to the !egging 0rahmans@--and
they have noted her--that !rings progeny and offspring"
#. :ith his offspring does he trade, of his &attle is he deprived, that refuses
to give the &ow of the gods to the !egging des&endants of the ?ishis.
<. $hrough (the gift of a &ow with !roken horns his (&attle !reaks down,
through a lame one he tum!les into a pit, through a mutilated one his house
is !urned, through a one-eyed one his property is given away.
). /low of !lood atta&ks the &attle-owner from the spot where her dung is
deposited' this understanding there is a!out the vas, (the sterile &ow; for
thou (sterile &ow art said to !e very diffi&ult to de&eive"
-. /rom the resting-pla&e of her feet the (disease &alled viklindu overtakes
(the owner, or the &attle. :ithout si&kness !reaks down (the &attle whi&h
she sniffs upon with her nose.
1. *e that pier&es her ears is estranged from the gods. *e thinks' @+ am
making a mark (upon her,@ (!ut he diminishes his own property.
5. +f any one for whatsoever purpose &uts her tail then do his &olts die, and
the wolf tears his &alves.
6. +f a &row has inFured her hair, as long as she is with her owner then do his
&hildren die' de&line overtakes them without (noti&ea!le si&kness.
8. +f the serving-maid sweeps together her dung, that !ites as lye, there
arises from this sin disfigurement that passeth not away.
19. $he sterile &ow in her very !irth is !orn for the gods and 0r,hmanas.
*en&e to the 0rahmans she is to !e given' that, they say, guarantees the
se&urity of one@s own property.
11. /or those that &ome reCuesting her the &ow has !een &reated !y the
gods. %ppression of 0rahmans it is &alled, if he keeps her for himself.
1#. *e that refuses to give the &ow of the gods to the des&endants of the
?ishis who ask for it, infringes upon the gods, and the wrath of the
1<. $hough he derives !enefit from this sterile &ow, another (&ow then
shall he seek" :hen kept she inFures (his folk, if he refuses to give her after
she has !een asked for"
1). $he sterile &ow is as a treasure deposited for die 0r,hmanas' they &ome
here for her, with whomsoever she is !orn.
1-. $he 0r,hmanas &ome here for their own, when they &ome for the sterile
&ow. $he refusal of her is, as though he were oppressing them in other
+K +f she herds up to her third year, and no disease is dis&overed in her, and
he finds her to !e a sterile &ow, % (,rada, then must he look for the
15. +f he denies that she is sterile, a treasure deposited for the gods, then
0hava and Sarva, !oth, &ome upon him, and hurl their arrow upon him.
16. $hough he does not per&eive upon her either udder, or tits, yet !oth
yield him milk, if he has prevailed upon himself to give away the sterile
18. *ard to &heat, she oppresses him, if, when asked for, he refuses to give
her. *is desires are not fulfilled, if he aims to a&&omplish them without
giving her away.
#9. $he gods did ask for the sterile &ow, making the 0r,hmana their
mouthpie&e. $he man that does not give (her enters into the wrath of all of
#1. +nto the wrath of the &attle enters he that gives not the sterile &ow to
the 0r,hmanas; if he, the mortal, appropriates the share deposited for the
##. Mven if a hundred other 0r,hmanas !eg the owner for the sterile &ow,
yet the gods did say anent her' @$he &ow !elongs to him that knoweth thus.@
#<. *e that refuses the sterile &ow to him that knoweth thus, and gives her
to others, diffi&ult to dwell upon is for him the earth with her divinities.
#). $he gods did !eg the sterile &ow of him wilh whom she was !orn at first.
$hat very one (,rada re&ognised and drove forth in &ompany with the gods.
#-. $he sterile &ow renders &hildless, and poor in &attle, him that yet
appropriates her, when she has !een !egged for !y the 0r,hmanas.
#1. /or Agni and Soma, for L,ma, for Mitra, and for Varuna, for these do the
0r,hmanas !eg her' upon these he infringes, if he gl ves her not.
#5. As long as the owner does not himself hear the stanEas referring to (the
giving away of her, she may herd among his &attle; (only if he has not
heard (them may she pass the night in his house.
#6. *e that has listened to the stanEas, yet has permitted her to herd
among the &attle, his life and prosperity the angry gods destroy.
#8. $he sterile &ow, even when she ram!les freely, is a treasure deposited
for the gods. Make evident thy true nature when thou desirest to go to thy
(proper sta!le"
<9. She makes evident her nature when she desires to go to her (proper
sta!le. $hen indeed the sterile &ow puts it into the minds of the 0rahmans
to !eg (for her.
<1. She evolves it in her mind, that (thought rea&hes the gods. $hen do the
0rahmans &ome to !eg for the sterile &ow.
<#. $he &all svadh, !efriends him with the /athers, the sa&rifi&e with the
gods. $hrough the gift of the sterile &ow the man of royal &aste in&urs not
the anger of (her, his mother.
<<. $he sterile &ow is the mother of the man of royal &aste' thus was it from
the !eginning. +t is said to !e no (real deprivation if she is given to the
<). As if he were to ro! the ghee ladled up for Agni (the fire from the
(very spoon, thus, if he gives not the sterile &ow to the 0rahmans, does he
infringe upon Agni.
<-. $he sterile &ow has the purodasa (sa&rifi&ial &ake for her &alf, she
yields plentiful milk, helps in this world, and fulfils all wishes for him that
gives her (to the 0rahmans.
<1. $he sterile &ow fulfils all wishes in the kingdom of Nama for him that
gives her. 0ut they say that hell falls to the lot of him that withholds her,
when she has !een !egged for.
<5. $he sterile &ow, even if she should !e&ome fruitful, lives in anger at her
owner' @sin&e he did regard me as sterile (without giving me to the
0rahmans, he shall !e !ound in the fetters of death"@
<6, *e who thinks that the &ow is sterile, and (yet roasts her at home, even
his &hildren Cnd grand&hildren 0rihaspati &auses to !e importuned (for her.
<8. /ier&ely does the (supposed sterile &ow !urn when she herds with the
&attle, though she !e a (fruitful &ow. She verily, too, milks poison for the
owner that does not present her.
)9. +t pleases the &attle when she is given to the 0rahmans; moreover, the
sterile &ow is pleased, when she is made an offering to the gods (0rahmans.
)1. /rom the sterile &ows whi&h the gods, returning from the sa&rifi&e,
&reated, (,rada pi&ked out as (most terri!le the viliptB.
)#. +n referen&e to her the gods refle&ted' @+s she a sterile &ow, or notO@ And
(,rada in referen&e to her said' @%f sterile &ows she is the most sterile"@
)<. @*ow many sterile &ows (are there, % (,rada, whi&h thou knowest to !e
!orn among menO@ A!out these do + ask thee, that knowest' @%f whi&h may
the non-0r,hmana not eatO@
)). %f the viliptB, of her that has !orn a sterile &ow, and of the sterile &ow
(herself, the non-0r,hmana, that hopes for prosperity, shall not eat"
)-. ?everen&e !e to thee, % (,rada, that knowest thoroughly whi&h sterile
&ow is the most terri!le, !y withholding whi&h (from the 0rahmans
)1. $he viliptB, % 0rihaspati, her that has, !egotten a sterile &ow, and the
sterile &ow (herself, the non-0r,hmana, that hopes for prosperity, shall not
)5. $hree kinds, forsooth, of sterile &ows are there' the viliptB, she that has
!egotten a sterile &ow, and the sterile &ow (herself. $hese he shall give to
the 0rahmans; (then does he not estrange himself from Arag,pati.
)6. @$his is your o!lation, % 0r,hmanas,@ thus shall he refle&t, if he is
suppli&ated, if they ask him for the sterile &ow, terri!le in the house of him
that refuses to give her.
)8. $he gods animadverted in referen&e to 0heda and the sterile &ow, angry
!e&ause he had not given her, in these verses-and therefore he (0heda
-9. 0heda did not present the sterile &ow, though reCuested !y +ndra' for
this sin the gods &rushed him in !attle.
-1. $he &ounsellors that advise the withholding (of the sterile &ow, they,
the rogues, in their folly, &onfli&t with the wrath of +ndra.
-#. $hey who lead the owner of &attle aside, then say to him' @do not give,@
in their folly they run into the missile hurled !y ?udra.
-<. And if he roasts the sterile &ow at home, whether he makes a sa&rifi&e
of her, or not, he sins against the gods and 0r,hmanas, and as a &heat falls
from heaven.
4I, -. Th' 3r'3ara$!1" 1& $h' 9rahma2)a"a, $h'
31rr!)' !('" a# a &'' $1 $h' Brahma"#.
1. % Agni, &ome into !eing" Aditi here in her throes, longing for sons, is
&ooking the porridge for the 0rahmans, $he seven ?ishis, that did &reate the
!eings, shall here &hurn thee, along with progeny"
#. Arodu&e the smoke, ye lusty friends; unharmed !y wiles go ye into the
&ontest" *ere is the Agni (fire who gains !attles, and &ommands powerful
warriors, with whom the gods did &onCuer the demons.
<. % Agni, to a great heroi& deed thou wast aroused, to &ook the 0rahman@s
porridge, % 7,tavedas" $he seven ?ishis, that did &reate the !eings, have
produ&ed thee. 7rant her (the wife wealth together with undiminished
). 0urn, % Agni, after having !een kindled !y the firewood, !ring skilfully
hither the gods that are to !e revered" Gausing the o!lation to &ook for
these (0rahmans, do thou raise this (sa&rifi&er to the highest firmament"
-. $he, threefold share whi&h was of yore assigned to you (!elongs to the
gods, the (departed /athers, and to the mortals (the priests. Lnow your
shares" + divide them for you' the (share of the gods shall prote&t this
1. % Agni, possessed of might, superior, thou dost without fail prevail" 0end
down to the ground our hateful rivals"--$his measure, that is !eing
measured, and has !een measured, may &onstitute thy kin into (people
that render thee tri!ute"
5. Mayest thou together with thy kin !e endowed with sap" Mlevate her (the
wife to great heroism" As&end on high to the !ase of the firmament, whi&h
they &all @the world of !rightness@"
6. $his great goddess earth, kindly disposed, shall re&eive the (sa&rifi&ial
skin" $hen may we go to the world of well-doing (heaven"
8. >ay these two press-stones, well &oupled, upon the skin; &rush skilfully
the (soma- shoots for the sa&rifi&er" Grush down, (% earth, and !eat down,
those who are hostile to her (the wife; lift up high, and elevate her
19. $ake into thy hands, % man, the press-stones that work together' the
gods that are to !e revered have &ome to thy sa&rifi&e" :hatever three
wishes thou dost &hoose, + shall here pro&ure for thee unto fulfilment.
11. $his, (% winnowing-!asket, is thy purpose, and this thy nature' may
Aditi, mother of heroes, take hold of thee" :innow out those who are
hostile to this (woman; afford her wealth and undiminished heroes"
1#. =o ye, (% grains, remain in the (winnowing- !asket, while (the wind
!lows over you; !e separated, ye who are fit for the sa&rifi&e, from the
&haff" May we in happiness !e superior to all our eCuals" + !end down under
our feet those that hate us.
1<. ?etire, % woman, and return promptly" $he sta!le of the waters (water-
vessel has settled upon thee, that thou mayest &arry it' of these (the
waters thou shalt take su&h as are fit for sa&rifi&e; having intelligently
divided them off, thou shalt leave the rest !ehind"
1). $hese !right women, (the waters, have &ome hither. Arise, thou
woman, and gather strength" $o thee, that art rendered !y thy hus!and a
true wife, (and !y thy &hildren ri&h in offspring, the sa&rifi&e has &ome'
re&eive the (water- vessel"
1-. $he share of food that !elongs to you of yore has !een set aside for you.
+nstru&ted !y the ?ishis !ring thou (woman hither this water" May this
sa&rifi&e win advan&ement for you, win prAe&tion, win offspring for you;
may it !e mighty, win &attle, and heroes for you"
11. % Agni, the sa&rifi&ial pot has settled upon thee' do thou shining,
!rightly glowing, heat it with thy glow" May the divine des&endants of the
?ishis, assem!led a!out their share (of the porridge, full of fervour, heat
this (pot at the proper time"
15. Aure and &lear may these sa&rifi&ial women, the waters !right, flow into
the pot" $he, have given us a!undant offspring and &attle. May he that
&ooks the porridge go to the world of the pious (heaven"
16. Aurified !y (our prayer, and &larified !y the ghee are the soma-shoots,
(and these sa&rifi&ial grains. Mnter the water; may the pot re&eive you"
:hen ye have &ooke&t this (porridge go ye to the world of the pious
18. Spread out far unto great e;tent, with a thousand surfa&es, in the world
of the pious" 7randfathers, fathers, &hildren, grand&hildren--+ am the
fifteenth one that did &ook thee.
#9. $he porridge has a thousand surfa&es, a hundred streams, and is
indestru&ti!le; it is the road of the gods, leads to heaven. Nonder (enemies
do + pla&e upon thee' inFure them and their offspring; (!ut to me that
!rings gifts thou shalt !e mer&iful"
#1. Step upon the altar (vedi; make this woman thrive in her progeny; repel
the demons.; advan&e her" May we in happiness !e superior to all our
eCuals" + !end down under our feet all those that hate us.
##. $urn towards her with &attle, (thou pot, fa&e towards her, together
with the divine powers" (either &urses nor hostile magi& shall rea&h thee;
rule in thy dwelling free from disease"
#<. Aroperly !uilt, pla&ed with &are, this altar (vedi has !een arranged of
yore for the 0rahmans porridge. Aut it, % woman, upon the purified
amsadhrl; pla&e there the porridge for the divine (0r,hmanas"
#). May this sa&rifi&ial ladle (sruk, the se&ond hand of Aditi, whi&h the
seven ?ishis, the &reators of the !eings, did fashion, may this spoon,
knowing the lim!s of the porridge, heap it upon the altar"
#-. $he divine (0r,hmanas shall sit down to thee, the &ooked saerfi&e' do
thou again des&ending from the fire, approa&h them" Glarified !y soma
settle in the !elly of the 0r,hmanas; the des&endants of the ?ishis who eat
thee shall not take harm"
#1. % king Soma, infuse harmony into the good 0r,hmanas who shall sit
a!out thee" Magerly do + invite to the porridge the ?ishis, des&ended from
?ishis, that are !orn of religious fervour, and gladly o!ey the &all.
#5. $hese pure and &lear sa&rifi&ial women (the waters + put into the hands
of the 0r,hmanas severally. :ith whatever wish + pour this upon you, may
+ndra. a&&ompanied !y the Maruts grant this to me"
#6. $his gold is my immortal light, this ripe fruit of the field is my wish-
granting &ow. $his treasure + present to the 0r,hmanas' + prepare for myself
a road that leads. to the /athers in the heavens.
#8. S&atter the spelt into Agni 7,tavedas (the fire, sweep away to a far
distan&e the &haff" $his (&haff we have heard, is the share of the ruler of
the house (Agni, and we know, too, what !elonos to (irriti (destru&tion as
her share.
<9. (ote, (% porridge, him that takes pains, and &ooks and presses the
soma; lift him up to the heavenly road, upon whi&h, after he has rea&hed
the fullest age, he shall as&end to the highest firmament, the supreme
<1. Anoint (with ghee, % adhvaryu (priest, the surfa&e of this sustaining
(porridge, make skilfully a pla&e for the melted !utter; with ghee do thou
anoint all its lim!s" + prepare for myself a road that leads to the /athers in
the heavens.
<#. % sustaining (porridge, &ast destru&tion and strife among su&h as are
sitting a!out thee, and are not 0r,hmanas" (0ut the des&endants of the
-?ishis, that eat thee, !eing full of su!stan&e, spreading forth, shall not
take harm"
<<. $o the des&endants of the ?ishis + make thee over, % porridge; those
who are not des&ended from ?ishis have no share in it" May Agni as my
guardian, may all the Maruts, and all the gods wat&h over the &ooked food"
<). $hee (the porridge that milkest the sa&rifi&e, art evermore a!undant,
the male mil&h-&ow, the seat of wealth, we !esee&h for immortality of off-
spring and long life with a!undan&e of wealth.
<-. $hou art a lusty male, penetratest heaven' go thou to the ?ishis,
des&ended from ?ishis" =well in the world of the pious' there is a well-
prepared (pla&e for us two"
<1. Aa&k thyself up, go forth" % Agni, prepare the roads, that lead to the
gods" 0y these' well-prepared (roads may we rea&h the sa&rifi&e, standing
upon the firmament (that shines with seven rays"
<5. :ith the light with whi&h the gods, having &ooked the porridge for the
0r,manas, as&ended to heaven, to the world of the pious, with that would
we go to the world of the pious, as&ending to the light, to the highest
4II, 5. Th' 3r'3ara$!1" 1& $h' 9rahma2)a"a, $h'
31rr!)' !('" a# a &'' $1 $h' Brahma"#.
1. ($hyself a male, step thou upon the hide of the male (steer' go, &all
thither all that is dear to thee" At whatever age ye two formerly did first
unite (in marriage, may that age !e your &ommon lot in Nama@s kingdom"
#. Nour sight shall !e as &lear (as formerly, your strength as a!undant, your
lustre as great, your vitality as manifold" :hen Agni, the (funeral- pyre,
fastens himself upon the &orpse, then as a pair ye.shall rise from the
(&ooked porridge"
<. Gome ye together in this world, upon the road to the gods, and in Nama@s
realms" 0y purifi&ations purified &all ye together the offspring that has
sprung from you"
). Around the water united, sit ye down, % &hildren; around this living
(father and the waters that refresh the living" Aartake of these (waters,
and of that porridge whi&h the mother of you two &ooks, and whi&h is &alled
amrita (am!rosia"
-. $he porridge whi&h the father of you two, and whi&h the mother &ooks,
unto freedom from defilement and foulness of spee&h, that porridge with a
hundred streams (of ghee, leading to heaven, has penetrated with might
!oth the hemispheres of the world.
1. +n that one of the two hemispheres and the two heavenly worlds,
&onCuered !y the pious, whi&h espe&ially a!ounds in light, and is ri&h in
honey, in that do ye in the fulness of time &ome together with your
5. Leep ever on in an easterly dire&tion' this is the region that the faithful
&ling to" :hen your &ooked porridge has !een prepared on the fire, hold
together, % man and wife, that ye may guard it"
6. :hen ye shall have rea&hed the southerly dire&tion, turn ye to this
vessel" +n that Nama, asso&iated with the fathers, shall give a!undant
prote&tion to your &ooked porridge"
8. $his westerly dire&tion is espe&ially favoured' in it Soma is ruler and
&onsoler. $o this hold, atta&h yourselves to the pious' then as a pair ye shall
rise from the &ooked porridge"
19. $he northerly dire&tion shall make our realm the very uppermost, in
offspring, uppermost" $he purusha is the metre pahkti' with all (our kin,
endowed with all their lim!s, may we !e united"
11. $his @firm@ dire&tion (nadir is Vir,g (!rillian&y' reveren&e !e to her; may
she !e kind to my &hildren and to me" Mayest thou, % goddess Aditi, who
!oldest all treasures, as an alert guardian guard the &ooked porridge"
1#. As a father his &hildren do thou, (% earth, em!ra&e us; may gentle
winds !low upon us here on earth" $hen the porridge whi&h the two
divinities (the sa&rifi&er and his wife are here preparing for us shall take
note of our religious ferRour and our truth"
1<. :hatever the !la&k !ird, that has &ome hither stealthily, has tou&hed of
that ahi&h has stu&k to the rim, or whatever the wet-!anded slavegirl does
pollute-may ye, % waters, purify (that mortar and pestle"
1). May this sturdy press-stone, with !road !ottom, purified !y the
purifiers, !eat away the ?akshas" Settle upon the skin, afford firm
prote&tion; may man and wife not &ome to grief in their &hildren"
1-. $he (pestle of wood has &ome to us together with the gods' it drives
away the ?akshas and Ais,kas. Hp it shall rise, shall let its voi&e resound
through it let us &onCuer all the worlds"
11. $he &attle &lothed itself in sevenfold strength, those among them that
are sleek and those that are poor. $he thirty-three gods attend them mayest
thou, (% &attle, guide us to the heavenly world"
15. $o the !right world of heaven thou shalt lead us; (there let us !e united
with wife and &hildren" + take her hand, may she follow me there; neither
(irriti (destru&tion, nor Ar,ti (grudge, shall gain mastery over us"
16. May we get past the evil 7r,hi (seiEure" Gasting aside darkness do thou,
(% pestle, let thy lovely voi&e resound; do not, % wooden tool, when
raised, do inFury; do not mutilate the grain devoted to the gods"
18. All-em!ra&ing, a!out to !e &overed with ghee, enter, (% pot, as a &o-
dweller this spa&e"--$ake hold of the winnowing-!asket, that has !een
grown !y the rain' the spelt and the &haff it shall sift out"
#9. $hree regions are &onstru&ted after the pattern of the 0r,hmana'
yonder heaven, the earth, and the atmosphere.--$ake the (soma- shoots,
and hold one another, (% man and wife" $hey (the shoots shall swell (with
moisture, and again go !a&k into the winnowing-!asket"
#1. %f manifold variegated &olours are the animals, one &olour hast thou, (%
porridge, when su&&essfully prepared.--Aush these (soma- Shoots upon this
red skin; the press-stone shall purify them as the washer-man his &lothes"
##. $hee, the (pot of earth, + pla&e upon the earth' your su!stan&e is the
same, though thine, (% pot, is modified. Mven though a !low has &ra&ked or
s&rat&hed thee, do not therefore !urst' with this verse do + &over that up"
#<. 7ently as a mother em!ra&e the son' + unite thee, (pot of earth, with
the earth" Mayest thou, the hollow pot, not totter upon the altar, when
thou art pressed !y the tools of sa&rifi&e and the ghee"
#). May Agni who &ooks thee prote&t thee on the east, +ndra with the Maruts
prote&t thee on the south" May Varuna on the west support thee upon thy
foundation, may Soma on the north hold thee together"
#-. Aurified !y the purifiers, the (waters flow pure from the &louds, they
rea&h to the spa&es of heaven, and of the earth. $hey are alive, refresh the
livino, and are firmly rooted' may Agni heat them, after they have !een
poured into the vessel"
#1. /rom heaven they &ome, into the earth they penetrate; from the earth
they penetrate into the atmosphere. May they, now pure, yet purify
themselves further; may they &ondu&t us to the heavenly world"
#5. :hether ye are over-a!undant or Fust suffi&ient, ye are surely &lear,
pure, and immortal' &ook, ye waters, instru&ted !y the hus!and and wife,
o!liging and helpful, the porridge"
#6. Gounted drops penetrate into the earth, &ommensurate with the !reaths
of life and the plants. $he un&ounted golden (drops, that are poured into
(the porridge, have, (themselves pure, esta!lished &omplete purity.
#8. $he !oiling waters rise and sputter, &ast up foam and many !u!!les.
Hnite, ye waters, with this grain, as a woman who !eholds her hus!and in
the proper season"
<9. Stir up (the grains as they settle at the !ottom' let them mingle their
inmost parts with the waters" $he water here + have measured with &ups;
measured was the grain, so as to !e a&&ording to these regulations.
<1. *and over the si&kle, with haste !ring promptly (the grass for the
!arhis; without giving pain let them &ut the plants at the Foints" $hey
whose kingdom Soma rules, the plants, shall not har!our anger against us"
<#. Strew a new !arhis for the porridge' pleasing to its heart, and lovely to
its sight it shall !e" Hpon it the gods together with the goddesses shall
enter; settle down to this (porridge in proper order, and &at it"
<<. % (instrument of wood, settle down upon the strewn !arhis, in keeping
with the divinities and the agnishloma rites" :ell shaped, as if !y a
&arpenter ($vashtar with his a;e, is thy form. >onging for this (porridge
the (gods shall !e seen a!out the vessel"
<). +n si;ty autumns the treasurer (of the porridge shall fet&h it, !y the
&ooked grain he shall o!tain heaven; the parents and the &hildren shall live
upon it. 0ring thou this (man to heaven, into the presen&e of Agni"
<-. ($hyself a holder, (% pot, hold on to the foundation of the earth' thee,
that art immovea!le the gods (alone shall move" Man and wife, alive, with
living &hildren, shall remove thee from the hearth of the fire"
<1. $hou hast &onCuered and rea&hed all worlds; as many as are our wishes,
thou hast satisfied them. =ip ye in, stirring sti&k and spoon" Ala&e it (the por
idge upon a single dish"
<5. >ay (ghee upon it, let it spread forth, anoint this dish with ghee" As the
lowing &ow her young that &raves the !reast, ye gods shall greet with sounds
of satisfa&tion this (porridge"
<6. :ith ghee thou hast &overed it, hast made this pla&e (for the porridge'
may it, peerless, spread afar to heaven" Hpon it shall rest the mighty eagle;
gods shall offer it to the divinities"
<8. :hatever the wife &ooks aside from thee, (% hus!and, or the hus!and
(&ooks un!eknown of thee, % wife, mi; that together' to !oth of you it
shall !elong; !ring it together into a single pla&e"
)9. As many of her &hildren as dwell upon the earth, and the sons that have
!een !egotten !y him, all those ye shall &all up to the dish' on shall &ome
the young knowing their nest"
)1. $he goodly streams, swelling with honey, mi;ed with ghee, the seats of
am!rosia, all these does he o!tain, as&ends to heaven. +n si;ty autumns the
treasurer (of the porridge shall fet&h it"
)#. $he treasurer shall fet&h this treasure' all outsiders round a!out shall
not &ontrol it" $he heaven-dire&ted porridge, that has !een presented and
deposited !y us, in three divisions has rea&hed the thrte heavens.
)<. May Agni !urn the ungodly ?akshas; the flesh-devouring Ais,ka shall
have nothing here to partake of" :e drive him away, hold him afar from us'
the Ddityas and Angiras shall stay near it"
)). $o the Ddityas and the Angiras do + offer this (food of honey, mi;ed
with ghee. =o ye two, (man and wife, with &lean hands, without having
inFured a 0r,hmana, performing pious deeds, go to that heavenly world"
)-. + would o!tain this highest part of it (the porridge, the pla&e from
whi&h the highest lord permeates (the all. Aour !utter upon it, anoint it
wit! plentiful ghee' this here is our share, fit for the Angiras"
)1. /or the sake of truth and holy strength do we make over this porridge as
a hoarded treasure to the gods' it shall not !e lost to us in gaming or in the
assem!ly; do not let it go to any other person !efore me"
)5. + &ook, and + give (to the 0rahmans, and so, too, my wife, at my
religious rite and pra&ti&e.--:ith the !irth of a son the world of &hildren has
arisen (for you' do ye two hold on to a life that e;tends !eyond (your
)6. +n that pla&e e;ists no guilt, and no dupli&ity, not even if he goes
&onspiring with his friends. $his full dish of ours has here !een deposited'
the &ooked (porridge shall &ome !a&k again to him that &ooks it"
)8. kind deeds we shall perform for our friends' all that hate us shall go to
darkness (hell"--As (fruitful &ow, and (strong steer, they (man and wife
shall during, every su&&essive period of their lives drive away man-!esetting
-9. $he fires (all know one another, that whi&h lives in plants, and lives in
the waters, and all the (light- gods that glow upon the heaven. $he gold
(here !e&omes the light of him that &ooks (the porridge.
-1. $his (naked skin among the hides is !orn upon man (alone, all other
animals are riot naked. Glothe yourselves, (ye 0rahmans, in sheltering
garments' (even the fa&e of the porridge is a homespun garment"
-#. :hat falsehood thou shalt speak at play and in the assem!ly, or the
falsehood that thou shalt speak through lust for gain--put on together, (%
man and wife, this same garment, deposit upon it every !lemish"
-<. Arodu&e rain, go to the gods, let smoke arise from (thy surfa&e; all-
em!ra&ing, a!out to !e &overed with ghee, enter as a &o-dweller this pla&e"
-). +n many ways heaven assumes within itself a different form, a&&ording
to &ir&umstan&es. +t (the heaven has laid aside its !la&k form, purifying
itself to a !right (form; the red form do + sa&rifi&e fot thee into the fire.
--. $hee here we hand over to the eastern dire&tion, to Agni as sovereign
lord, to the !la&k serpent as guardian, to Dditya as !owman' do ye guard it
for us, until we arrive" $o the goal here he shall lead us, to old age; old age
shall hand us over to death' then shall we !e united with the &ooked
-1. $hee here we hand over to the southern dire&tion, to +ndra as sovereign
lord, to the serpent that is striped a&ross as guardian, to Nama as !owman'
do ye guard it for us, until we arrive" $o the goal here, K&.
-5. $hee here we hand over to the western dire&tion, to Varuna as
sovereign lord, to the prid,ku-serpent as guardian, to food as !owman' do
ye guard it for us, until we arrive. $o the goal here, K&.
-6. $hee here we hand over to the northern dire&tion, to Soma as sovereign
lord, to the svaga-serpent as guardian, to the lightning as !owman' do ye
guard it for us, until we arrive. $o the goal here, K&.
-8. $hee here we hand over to the dire&tion of the nadir, to Vishnu as
sovereign lord, to the serpent with !la&k-spotted ne&k as guardian, to the
plants as !owmen' do ye guard it for us, until we arrive. $o the goal here,
19. $hee here we hand over to the dire&tion of the Eenith, to 0rihaspati as
sovereign lord, to the light-&oloured serpent as guardian, to the rain as
!owman' do ye guard it for us, until we arrive. $o the goal here, K&.
I4, 5. R'm1(a* 1& a h12#' $ha$ ha# 9''"
3r'#'"$') $1 a 3r!'#$ a# #a7r!&!7!a* r'<ar).
1. $he fastenings of the !uttresses, the supports, and also of the
&onne&tin&, !eams of the house, that a!ounds in treasures, do we loosen.
#. % (house ri&h in all treasures" the fetter whi&h has !een !ound a!out
thee, and the knot whi&h has !een fastened upon thee, that with my &harm
do + undo, as 0rihaspati (undid Vala.
<. ($he !uilder has drawn thee to,,ether, pressed thee together, pla&ed
firm knots upon thee. Skilfully, as the priest who !ut&hers (the sa&rifi&ial
animal, do we with +ndra@s aid disFoint thy lim!s.
). /rom thy !eams, thy !olts, thy frame, and thy that&h; from thy sides, (%
house a!ounding in treasures, do we loosen the fastenings.
-. $he fastenings of the dove-tailed (Foints, of the reed (-&overing, of the
frame-work, do we loosen here from the @mistress of dwelling.@
1. $he ropes whi&h they have tied within thee for &omfort, these do we
loosen from thee; !e thou propitious to our persons, % mistress of dwelling,
after thou hast (again !een ere&ted"
5. A re&epta&le for Soma, a house for Agni, a seat for the mistresses (of the
house, a seat (for the priests, a seat for the gods art thou, % goddess
6. $hy &overing of wi&ker-work, with thousand eyes, stret&hed out upon thy
&rown, fastened down and laid on, do we loosen with (this &harm.
8. *e who re&eives thee as a gift, % house, and he !y whom thou hast !een
!uilt, !oth these, % mistress of dwelling, shall live attaining old age"
19. ?eturn to him in the other world, firmly !ound, ornamented, (thou
house, whi&h we loosen lim! !y lim!, and Foint !y Foint"
11. *e who !uilt thee, % house, !rought together (thy tim!ers, he, a
Arag,pati on high, did &onstru&t thee, % house, for his progeny (prag,yai.
1#. :e render o!eisan&e to him (the !uilder; o!eisan&e to the giver, the
lord of the house; o!eisan&e to Agni who serves (the sa&rifi&e; and
o!eisan&e to thy (attendant man"
1<. ?everen&e to the &attle and the horses, and to that whi&h is !orn in the
house" $hou that hast produ&ed, art ri&h in offspring, thy fetters do we
1). $hou dost shelter Agni within, (and the domesti&s together with the
&attle. $hou that hast produ&ed, art ri&h in offspring, thy fetters do we
1-. $he e;panse whi&h is !etween heaven and earth, with that do + re&eive
as a gift this house of thine; the middle region whi&h is stret&hed out from
the sky, that do + make into a re&epta&le for treasures; with that do +
re&eive the house for this one.
11. /ull of nurture, full of milk, fi;ed upon the earth, ere&ted, holding food
for all, % house, do thou not inFure them that re&eive thee as a gift"
15. Mnveloped in grass, &lothed in reeds, like night does the house lodge the
&attle; ere&ted thou dost stand upon the earth, like a she-elephant, firm of
16. $he part of thee that was &overed with mats unfolding do + loosen. $hee
that hast !een enfolded !y Varuna may Mitra un&over in the morning"
18. $he house !uilt with pious word, !uilt !y seers, ere&ted--may +ndra and
Agni, the two immortals, prote&t the house, the seat of Soma"
#9. Ghest is &rowded upon &hest, !asket upon !asket; there mortal man is
!egotten from whom all things spring.
#1. +n the house whi&h is !uilt with two fa&ades, four fa&ades, si; fa&ades;
in the house with eight fa&ades, with ten fa&ades, in the @mistress of
dwelling.@ Agni rests as if in the wom!.
$uirning towards thee that art turned towards me, % house, + &ome to thee
that inFurest me not. /or Agni and the waters, the first door to divine order,
are within.
#<. $hese waters, free from disease, destru&tive of disease, do + !ring here.
$he &ham!ers do + enter in upon in &ompany with the immortal Agni (fire.
#). =o thou not fasten a fetter upon us; though a heavy load, !e&ome thou
light" As a !ride do we &arry thee, % house, wherever we please.
#-. /rom the easterly dire&tion of the house reveren&e (!e to greatness,
hail to the gods who are to !e addressed with hail"
#1. /rom the southerly dire&tion of the house, K&."
#5. /rom the westerly dire&tion of the house, K&."
#6. /rom the northerly dire&tion of the house, K&."
#8. /rom the firm dire&tion (nadir of the house, K&."
<9. /rom the upright dire&tion (Eenith of the house, K&."
< 1. /rom every dire&tion of the house reveren&e (!e to greatness, hail to
the gods who are to !e addressed with hail"
VI, >-. Brahma"!7a* 3ra0'r a$ $h' r'7'!3$ 1&
1. $he varied food whi&h + &onsume in many pla&es, my gold, my horses,
and, too, my &ows, goats, and sheep' everything whatsoever that + have
re&eived as a gift--may Agni, the priest, render that an auspi&ious offering"
#. $he gift that has &ome to me !y sa&rifi&e, or without sa&rifi&e, !estowed
!y the /athers, granted !y men, through whi&h my heart, as it were, lights
up with Foy--may Agni, the priest, render that an auspi&ious offering"
<. $he food that +, % gods, improperly &onsume, (the food + promise,
intending to give of it (to the 0rahmans, or not to give of it, !y the might
of mighty Vaisv,nara (Agni may (that food !e for me auspi&ious and full of
44, -2>. A %2"$:3a-h0m".
1. >isten, ye folks, to this' (a song in praise of a hero shall !e sung" Si;
thousand and ninety (&ows did we get (when we were with Laurama
among the ?usamas,--
#. :hose twi&e ten !uffaloes move right along, touether with their &ows;
the height of his &hariot Fust misses the heaven whi&h re&edes from its
<. $his one (Laurama presented the seer with a hundred Fewels, ten
&haplets, three hundred steeds, and ten thousand &attle.
). =isport thyself, % &hanter, disport thyself as a !ird upon a flowering tree;
thy tongue glides Cui&kly over the lips as a raEor over the strop.
-. $he &hanters with their pious song hurry on !lithely as &ows; at home are
their &hildren, and at home the &ows do they attend.
1. 0ring hither, % &hanter, thy poem, that whi&h earns &attle and earns
good things" Among the gods (kings pla&e thy voi&e as a manly ar&her his
5. >isten ye to the high praise of the king who rules over all peoples, the
god who is a!ove mortals, of Vaisv,nara Aarikshit"
6. @Aarikshit has pro&ured for us a se&ure dwelling when he, the most
e;&ellent one, weat to his seat.@ ($hus the hus!and in Luru-land, when he
founds his household, &onverses with his wife.
8. @:hat may + !ring to thee, &urds, stirred drink, or liCuorO@ ($hus + the wife
asks her hus!and in the kingdom of king Aarikshit.
19. >ike light the ripe !arley runs over !eyond the mouth (of the vessels.
$he people thrive merrily in the kingdom of king Aarikshit.
11. +ndra has awakened the poet, saying' @Arise, move a!out, and sing; of
me, the strong, verily, sing the praises; full every pious one shall offer thee
(sa&rifi&ial reward"@
1#. *ere, % &attle, ye shall !e !orn, here, ye horses, here, ye domesti&s"
And A.shan also, who !estows a thousand (&ows as sa&rifi&ial reward,
settles down here.
1<. May these &attle, % +ndra, not suffer harm, and may their owner not
suffer harm; may the hostile folk, % +ndra, may the thief not gain possession
of them"
1). :e shout to the hero with hymn and song we (shout with a pleasing
song. $ake delight in our songs; may we not ever suffer harm"
4II, -. H0m" $1 1))'## Ear$h.
1. $ruth, greatness, universal order (rita, strength. &onse&ration, &reative
fervour (tapas, spiritual e;altation (!rahma, the sa&rifi&e, support the
earth. May this earth, the mistress of that whi&h was and shall !e, prepare
for us a !road domain"
#. $he earth that has heights, and slopes, and great plains, that supports
the plants of manifold virtue, free from the pressure that &omes from the
midst of men, she shall spread out for us, and fit. herself for us"
<. $he earth upon whi&h the sea, and the rivers and the waters, upon whi&h
food and the tri!es of men have arisen, upon whi&h this !reathing, moving
life e;ists, shall afford us pre&eden&e in drinking"
). $he earth whose are the four regions of spa&e, upon whi&h food and the
tri!es of men have arisen, whi&h supports the manifold !reathing, moving
thinas, shall afford us &attle and other possessions also"
-. $he earth upon whi&h of old the first men unfolded themselves, upon
whi&h the gods over&ame the Asuras, shall pro&ure for us (all kinds of
&attle, horses, and fowls, good fortune, and glory"
1. $he earth that supports all, furnishes wealth, the foundation, the golden-
!reasted resting-pla&e of all living &reatures, she that supports Agni
Vaisv,nara (the fire, and mates with +ndra, the !ull, shall furnish us with
5. $he !road -earth, whi&h the sleepless gods ever attentively guard, shall
milk for us pre&ious honey, and, moreover, !esprinkle us with glory"
6. $hat earth whi&h formerly was water upon the o&ean (of spa&e, whi&h
the wise (seers found out !y their skilful devi&es; whose heart is in the
highest heaven, immortal, surrounded !y truth, shall !estow upon us
!rillian&y and strength, (and pla&e us in supreme sovereignty"
8. $hat earth upon whi&h the attendant waters Fointly flow !y day and night
un&easingly, shall pour out milk for us in ri&h streams, and, moreover,
!esprinkle us with glory"
19. $he earth whi&h the Asvins have measured, upon whi&h Vishnu has
stepped out, whi&h +ndra, the lord of might, has made friendly to himself;
she, the mother, shall pour forth milk for me, the son"
11. $hy snowy mountain heights, and thy forests, % earth, shall !e kind to
us" $he !rown, the !la&k, the red, the multi-&oloured, the firm earth, that
is prote&ted !y +ndra, + have settled upon, not suppressed, not slain, not
1#. +nto thy rniddle set us, % earth, and into thy navel, into the nourishing
strength that has grown tip from thy !ody; purify thyself for us" $he earth is
the mother, and + the son of the earth; Aaro-anya is the father; he, too,
shall save us"
1<. $he earth upon whi&h they (the priests in&lose the altar (vedi, upon
whi&h they, devoted to all (holy works, unfold the sa&rifi&e, upon whi&h are
set up, in front of the sa&rifi&e, the sa&rifi&ial posts, ere&t and !rilliant,
that earth shall prosper us, herself prospering"
1). *im that hates us, % earth, him that !attles against us, him that is
hostile towards us with his mind and his weapons, do thou su!Fe&t to us,
anti&ipating (our wish !y deed"
1-. $he mortals !orn of thee live on thee, thou supportest !oth !ipeds and
Cuadrupeds. $hine, % earth, are these five ra&es of men, the mortals, upon
whom the rising sun sheds undying light with his rays.
11. $hese &reatures all together shall yield milk for us; do thou, % earth,
give us the honey of spee&h"
15. Hpon the firm, !road earth, the all-!egetting mother of the plants, that
is supported !y (divine law, upon her, propitious and kind, may we ever
pass-our lives"
16. A great gathering-pla&e thou, great (earth, hast !e&ome; great haste,
&ommotion, and agitation are upon thee. 7reat +ndra prote&ts thee
un&easingly. =o thou, % earth, &ause us to !righten as if at the sight of gold'
not any one shall hate us"
18. Agni (fire is in the earth, in the plants, the waters hold Agni, Agni is in
the stones; Agni is within men, Agnis (fires are within &attle, within horses.
#9. Agni glows from the sky, to Agni, the god, !elongs the !road air. $he
mortals kindle Agni, the !earer of o!lations, that loveth ghee.
#1. $he earth, &lothed in Agni, with dark knees, shall make me !rilliant and
##. Hpon the earth men give to the gods the sa&rifi&e, the prepared
o!lation; upon the earth mortal men live pleasantly !y food. May this earth
give us !reath and life, may she &ause me to rea&h old age"
#<. $he fragran&e, % earth, that has arisen upon thee, whi&h the plants and
the waters hold, whi&h the 7andharvas and the Apsaras have partaken of,
with that make me fragrant' not any one shall hate us"
#). $hat fragran&e of thine whi&h has entered into the lotus, that fragran&e,
% earth, whi&h the immortals of yore gathered up at the marriage of S.ry,,
with that make me fragrant' not any one shall hate us"
#-. $hat fragran&e of thine whi&h is in men, the loveliness and &harm that is
in male and female, that whi&h is in steeds and heroes, that whi&h is in the
wild animals with trunks (elephants, the lustre that is in the maiden, %
earth, with that do thou !lend us' not any one shall hate us"
#1. ?o&k, stone, dust is this earth; this earth is supported, held together. $o
this golden-!reasted earth + have rendered o!eisan&e.
#5. $he earth, upon whom the forest-sprung trees ever stand firm, the all-
nourishing, &ompa&t earth, do we invoke.
#6. ?ising or sitting, standing or walking, may we not stum!le with our right
or left foot upon the earth"
#8. $o the pure earth + speak, to the ground, the soil that has grown through
the !rahma (spiritual e;altation. Hpon thee, that holdest nourishment,
prosperity, food, and ghee, we would settle down, % earth"
<9. Aurified the waters shall flow for our !odies; what flows off from us that
do we deposit upon him we dislike' with a purifier, % earth, do + purify
<1. $hy easterly regions, and thy northern, thy southerly (regions, % earth,
and thy western, shall !e kind to me as + walk (upon thee" May + that have
!een pla&ed into the world not fall down"
<#. =o not drive us from the west, nor from the east; not from the north,
and not from the south" Se&urity !e thou for us, % earth' waylayers shall not
find us, hold far away (their murderous weapon"
<<. As long as + look out upon thee, % earth, with S.rya (the sun as my
&ompanion, so long shall my sight not fall, as year followeth upon year"
<). :hen, as + lie, + turn upon my right or left side, % earth; when stret&hed
out we lie with our ri!s upon thee pressing against (us, do not, % earth,
that liest &lose to everything, there inFure us"
<-. :hat, % earth, + dig out of thee, Cui&kly shall that grow again' may +
not, % pure one, pier&e thy vital spot, (and not thy heart"
<1. $hy summer, % earth, thy rainy season, thy autumn, winter, early
spring, and spring; thy de&reed yearly seasons, thy days and nights shall
yield us milk
<5. $he pure earth that starts in fright away from the serpent, upon whom
were the fires that are within the waters, she that delivers (to destru&tion
the !lasphemous =asyus, she that takes the side of +ndra, not of Vritra,
(that earth adheres to Sakra (mighty +ndra, the lusty !ull.
<6. Hpon whom rests the sa&rifi&ial hut (sadas and the (two vehi&les that
hold the soma (havirdh,ne, in whom the sa&rifi&ial post is fi;ed, upon
whom the 0r,hmanas praise (the gods with riks and s,mans, knowing (also
the yagur-formulas; upon whom the serving-priests (ritvig are employed so
that +ndra shall drink the soma;--
<8. Hpon whom the seers of yore, that &reated the !eings, !rought forth
with their songs the &ows, they the seven a&tive (priests, !y means of the
satra-offerings, the sa&rifi&es, and (their &reative fervour (tapas;--
)9. May this earth point out to us the wealth that we-&rave; may 0haga
(fortune add his help, may +ndra &ome here as (our &hampion"
)1. $he earth upon whom the noisy mortals sing and dan&e, upon whom
they fight, upon whom resounds the roaring drum, shall drive forth our
enemies, shall make us free from rivals"
)#. $o the earth upon whom are food, and ri&e and !arley, upon whom live
these five ra&es of men, to the earth, the wife of Aarganya, that is fattened
!y rain, !e reveren&e"
)<. $he earth upon whose ground the &itadels &onstru&ted !y the gods
unfold themselves, every region of her that is the wom! of all, Arag,pati
shall make pleasant for us"
)). $he earth that holds treasures manifold in se&ret pla&es, wealth, Fewels,
and gold shall she give to me; she that !estows wealth li!erally, the kindly
goddess, wealth shall she !estow upon us"
)-. $he earth that holds people of manifold varied spee&h, of different
&ustoms, a&&ording to their ha!itations, as a relia!le mil&h-&ow that does
not ki&k, shall she milk for me a thousand streams of wealth"
)1. $he serpent, the s&orpion with thirsty fangs, that hi!ernating torpidly
lies upon thee; the worm, and whatever living thing, % earth, moves in the
rainy season, shall, when it &reeps, not &reep upon us' with what is
auspi&ious (on thee !e gra&ious to us"
)5. $hy many paths upon whi&h people go, thy tra&ks for &hariots and
wagons to advan&e, upon whi&h !oth good and evil men pro&eed, this road,
free from enemies, and free from thieves, may we gain' with what is
auspi&ious (on thee !e gra&ious to us"
)6. $he earth holds the fool and holds the wise, endures that good and !ad
dwell (upon her; she keeps &ompany with the !oar, gives herself up to the
wild hog.
)8. $hy forest animals, the wild animals homed in the woods, the man-
eating lions, and tigers that roam; the ula, the wolf, mishap, inFury
(rikshik,, and demons (rakshas, % earth, drive away from us"
-9. $he 7andharvas, the Apsaras, the Ar,yas and LimBdins; the Ais,kas and
all demons (rakshas, these, % earth, hold from us"
-1. $he earth upon whom the !iped !irds fly together, the flamingoes,
eagles, !irds of prey, and fowls; upon whom M,tarisvan, the wind, hastens,
raising the dust, and tossing the trees-as the wind !lows forth and !a&k the
flame !ursts after;--
-#. $he earth upon whom day and night Fointly, !la&k and !right, have !een
de&reed, the !road earth &overed and enveloped with rain, shall kindly
pla&e us into every pleasant a!ode"
-<. *eaven, and earth, and air have here given me e;panse; Agni, S.rya,
the waters, and all the gods together have given me wisdom.
-). Mighty am +, @Superior@ (uttara !y name, upon the earth, &onCuering am
+, all-&onCuering, &ompletely &onCuering every region.
--. At that time, % goddess, when, spreading., (pratham,n, forth, named
(prithivB @!road@ !y the gods, thou didst e;tend to greatness, then prosperity
did enter thee, (and thou didst fashion the four regions.
-1. +n the villages and in the wilderness, in the assem!ly-halls that are upon
the earth; in the gatherings, and in the meetings, may we hold forth
agreea!ly to thee"
-5. As dust a steed did she, as soon as she was !orn, s&atter these people,
that dwelt upon the earth, she the lovely one, the leader, the guardian of
the world, that holds the trees and plants.
-6. $he words + speak, honied do + speak them' the things + see they furnish
me with. 0rilliant + am and alert' the others that rush (against me do + !eat
-8. 7entle, fragrant, kindly, with the sweet drink (kBl,la in her udder, ri&h
in milk, the !road earth together with (her milk shall give us &ourage"
19. She whom Visvakarman (the &reator of all did sear&h out !y means of
o!lations, when she had entered the surging (flood of the atmosphere, she,
the vessel destined to nourish, deposited in a se&ret pla&e, !e&ame visi!le
(to the gods and the (heavenly mothers.
11. $hou art the s&atterer of men, the !roadly e;panding Aditi that yields
milk a&&ording to wish. :hat is wanting in thee Arag,pati, first-!orn of the
divine order (rita, shall supply for thee
1#. $hy laps, % earth, free from ailment" /ree from disease, shall !e
produ&ed for us" May we attentively, throuoh our long lives, !e !earers of
!ali-offerings to thee"
1<. % mother earth, kindly set me down upon a well-founded pla&e" :ith
(father heaven &ooperating, % thou wise one, do thou pla&e me into
happiness and prosperity"
4III, -. Pra0'r &1r #1('r'!" 31<'r a))r'##') $1
$h' 1) R1h!$a a") h!# &'ma*' R1h!"A.
1. ?ise up, % steed, that art within the waters, enter this kingdom, ri&h in
li!eral gifts" ?ohita (the red sun who has !egotten this all, shall keep thee
well-supported for sovereignty"
#. $he steed that is within the waters has risen up' as&end upon the &lans
that are sprung from thee" /urnishing soma, the waters, plants, and &ows,
&ause thou four-footed and two-footed &reatures to enter here"
<. =o ye, strong Maruts, &hildren of Arisni (the &loud, allied with +ndra,
&rush the enemies" ?ohita shall hear you, that give a!undant gifts, the
thri&e seven Maruts, who take delight in sweet (nourishment"
). ?ohita has &lim!ed the heights, he has as&ended them, he, the em!ryo of
women, (has as&ended the wom! of !irths. Glosely united with these
women they found out the si; !road (dire&tions; spying out a road he has
!rought hither sovereignty.
-. *ither to thee ?ohita has !rought sovereignty; he has dispersed the
enemies' freedom from danger has resulted for thee. $o thee heaven and
earth together with the revatB and sakvarB-stanEas shall yield gifts at will"
1. ?ohita produ&ed heaven and earth; there Aarameshthin (the lord on high
e;tended the thread (of the sa&rifi&e. $here Aga Mkap,da (the one-footed
goat, the sun did fi; himself; he made firm the heavens and earth with his
5. ?ohita made firm heaven and earth, !y him the (heavenly light was
esta!lished, !y him the firmament. 0y him the atmosphere and the spa&es
were measured out, through him the gods o!tained immortality.
6. ?ohita did ponder the multiform (universe while preparing (his
&lim!ings and advan&es. *aving as&ended the heaven with great might, he
shall anoint thy royalty with milk and ghee"
8. All thy &lim!ings, advan&es, and all thy as&ents with whi&h thou, (?ohita,
the sun, fillest the heavens and the atmosphere, having strengthened
thyself with their !rahma and payas (spiritual and physi&al essen&e do thou
keep awake (do thou wat&h over among the people in the kingdom of the
(earthly ?ohita (the king"
19. $he peoples that have originated from thy tapas (heat, or &reative
fervour, have followed here the &alf, the g,yatri. $hey shall enter thee
with kindly spirit; the &alf ?ohita with its mother shall &ome on"
11. *igh on the firmament ?ohita has stood, a youth, a sage, !egettinu all
forms. As Agni he shines with pier&ing light, in the third spa&e he did assume
lovely (forms.
1#. A !ull with a thousand horns, 7,tavedas (fire, endowed with sa&rifi&es
of ghee, &arrying soma upon his !a&k, ri&h in heroes, he shall, when
implored, not a!andon me, nor may + a!andon thee' a!undan&e in &attle
and a!undan&e in heroes pro&ure for me"
1). ?ohita is the generator of the sa&rifi&e, and its mouth; to ?ohita + offer
o!lations with voi&e, ear, and mind. $o ?ohita the gods resort with glad
mind' he shall &ause me to rise through elevation derived from the
1). ?ohita arranged a sa&rifi&e for Visvakarman; from it these !rilliant,
Cualities have &ome to me. >et me announ&e thy origin over the e;tent of
the world"
1-, Hpon thee have as&ended the !rihatB and the pankti (metres, upon thee
the kaku!h with splendour, % 7,tavedas. Hpon thee the vashat-&all, whose
sylla!les make an ushnih,, has as&ended, upon thee ?ohita with his seed has
11. $his one &lothes himself in the wom! of the earth, this one &lothes
himself in heaven, and in the atmosphere. $his one at the station of the
!rown (sun did attain unto the worlds of light.
15. % V,kaspati (lord of spee&h, the earth shall !e pleasant to us, pleasant
our dwelling, agre&a!le our &ou&hes" ?ight here life@s !reath shall !e to our
friend; thee, % Aarameshthin, Agni shall envelop in life and lustre"
16. % V,kaspati, the five seasons that we have, whi&h have &ome a!out as
the &reation of Visvakarman, rialit here (they and life@s !reath shall !e to
our friend; thee, % Aarameshthin, ?ohita shall envelop in life and lustre"
18. % V,kaspati, good &heer and spirit, &attle in our sta!le, &hildren in our
wom!s !eget thou" ?ight here life@s !reath shall !e to our friend; thee, %
Aarameshthin, + envelop in life and lustre.
#9. 7od Savitar and Agni shall envelop thee, Mitra and Varuna surround thee
with lustre" $reading down all powers of grudge &ome thou hither' thou hast
made this kingdom ri&h in li!eral gifts.
#1. $hou, % ?ohita, whom the !rindled &ow, harnessed at the side, &arries,
goest with !rillian&e, &ausing the waters to flow.
##. =evoted to ?ohita is ?ohinB his mistress, with !eautiful &olour
(&omple;ion, great, and lustrous' through her may we &onCuer !ooty of
every des&ription, through her win every !attle"
#<. $his seat, ?ohinB, !elongs to ?ohita; yonder is the path on whi&h the
!rindled (female goes" *er the 7andharvas and the Lasyapas lead forth,
her the sages guard with diligen&e.
#). $he radiant !ay steeds of the sun, the immortal, ever draw the
delightful &hariot. ?ohita, the drinker of ghee, the shining god, did enter
the variegated heavens.
#-. ?ohita, the sharp-horned !ull, who surpasses Agni and surpasses S.rya,
who props up the earth and the sky, out of him the gods frame the
#1. ?ohita as&ended the heaven from the great flood; ?ohita has &lim!ed all
#5. Greate (the &ow that is ri&h in milk, drips with ghee' she is the mil&h-
&owof the gods that does not refuse" +ndra shall drink the Soma, there shall
!e se&ure possession; Agni shall sing praises' the enemies do thou drive out"
#6. Agni kindled, spreads his flames, fortified !y ghee, sprinkled with ghee.
Vi&torious, all-&onCuering Agni shall slay them that are my rivals"
#8. *e shall slay them, shall !urn the enemy that !attles against us" :ith
the flesh-devouring Agni do we !urn our rivals.
<9. Smite them down, % +ndra, with the thunder!olt, with thy (strong arm"
$hen have + overpowered my rivals with Agni@s !rilliant strengths.
<1. % Agni, su!Fe&t our rivals to us; &onfuse, % 0rihaspati, the kinsman that
is puffed up" % +ndra and Agni, % Mitra and Varuna, su!Fe&ted they shall !e,
una!le to vent their wrath against us"
<#. =o thou, god S.rya (the sun, when thou risest, !eat down my rivals,
!eat them down with a stone' they shall go to the nethermost darkness"
<<. $he &alf of Vir,g, the !ull of prayers, &arrying the !right (soma upon his
!a&k, has as&ended the atmosphere. A song a&&ompanied !y ghee they sing
to the &alf; himself !rahma (spiritual e;altation they swell him with their
!rahma (prayer.
<). As&end the heavens, as&end the earth sovereignty as&end thou, and
possessions as&end thou" %ffspring as&end thou, and immortality as&end
thou, unite thy !ody with ?ohita"
<-. $he gods that hold sovereignty, who go a!out the sun, with these allied,
?ohita, kindly disposed, shall !estow sovereignty upon thee"
<1. $he sa&rifi&es purified !y prayer lead thee forth; the !ay steeds that
travel upon the road &arry thee' thou shinest a&ross the swelling o&ean.
<5. +n ?ohita who &onCuers wealth, &onCuers &attle, and &onCuers !ooty,
heaven and earth are fi;ed. %f thee that hast a thousand and seven !irths,
let me announ&e the origin over the e;tent of the world"
<6. 7lorious thou goest to the intermediate dire&tions and the dire&tions (of
spa&e, glorious (in the sight of animals and the tri!es of men, glorious in
the lap of the earth, of Aditi' may + like Savitar !e lovely"
<8. 0eing yonder thou knowest (what takes pla&e here; !eing here thou
!eholdest these things. *ere (men !ehold the inspired sun that shines upon
the sky.
)9. A god thou praisest the gods, thou movest within the flood. $hey kindle
(him, a universal fire; him the highest sages know.
)1. 0elow the superior (region, a!ove the inferior (region here, the &ow
has arisen supporting (her &alf !y the foot. :hither is she turned; to whi&h
half (of the universe, forsooth, has she aone away; where, forsooth, does
she !egetO Verily not in this herd"
)#. %ne-footed, two-footed, four-footed is she; eight-footed, nine-footed
!e&ame she, the thousand-sylla!led (&onsisting of thousand elements
pankti (Cuinary stanEa of the universe' the o&eans from her flow forth upon
(the world.
)<. As&ending the heaven, immortal, re&eive kindly my song" $he sa&rifi&es
purified !y prayer lead thee forth; the !ay steeds that travel upon the road
&arry thee.
)). $hat do + know of thee, % immortal, where thy mar&h is upon the sky,
where thy ha!itation is in the highest heaven.
)-. S.rya (the sun surveys the sky, S.rya the earth, S.rya the waters. S.rya
is the single eye of !eing' he has as&ended the great heavens.
)1. $he !road (dire&tions where the fagots that fen&e in (the fire, the
earth turned itself into a fire-altar. $here ?ohita laid on for himself these
two fires, &old and heat.
)5. >aying on &old and heat, using the mountains as sa&rifi&ial posts, the
two fires of ?ohita who knows the (heavenly light, into whi&h (the fires
rain (flowed as ghee, &arried out the sa&rifi&e.
)6. $he fire of ?ohita who knows the (heavenly light is kindled !y prayer.
/rom it heat, from it &old, from it the sa&rifi&e was produ&ed.
)8. $he two fires swelling through prayer, in&reased through prayer,
sa&rifi&ed into with prayer; the two fires of ?ohita who knows the
(heavenly light, kindled through prayer, &arried out the sa&rifi&e.
-9. %ne is deposited in truth, the other is kindled in the waters. $he two
fires of ?ohita who knows the (heavenly light, kindled through prayer,
&arried out the sa&rifi&e.
-1. $he fire whi&h the wind !rightens up, and that whi&h +ndra and
0rahmanaspati (!righten up, the two fires of ?ohita who knows the
(heavenly light, kindled through prayer, &arried out the sa&rifi&e.
-#. *aving fashioned the earth into an altar, having made the heavens (his
sa&rifi&ial reward, then having made heat into fire, ?ohita &reated all that
has !reath through rain (serving as ghee.
-<. ?ain fashioned itself into ghee, heat into fire, the earth into an altar.
$hen Agni !y (his songs fashioned the high mountains.
-). *aving fashioned !y means of songs the high (mountains, ?ohita spake
to the earth' +n thee all shall !e !orn, what is and what shall !e.
--. $he sa&rifi&e first, (and then what is and what shall !e was !orn. /rom
that this all was !orn, and whatever here appears, !rought hither !y the
sage ?ohita.
-1. *e who ki&ks a &ow with his foot, and he who mi&turates towards the
sun--of thee do + tear out the root; thou shalt hen&eforth not &ast a shadow"
-5. $hou that passest a&ross me, &asting thy shadow against me, !etween
me and the fire--of thee do + tear out the root; thou shalt hen&eforth not
&ast a shadow"
-6. *e, % god S.rya, that to-day passes !etween thee and me, upon him our
evil dream, our foulness, and our misfortunes do we wipe off.
-8. May we not miss our way, may we not, % +ndra, miss the sa&rifi&e of him
that presses the soma; may.not the powers of grudge inter&ept us"
19. $he (guiding thread stret&hed out among the gods, that a&&omplishes
the sa&rifi&e, that, !y pouring o!lations, may we attain"
4I, ,. G*1r!&!7a$!1" 1& $h' #2", 1r $h' 3r!m'(a*
3r!"7!3*', a# a Brahma" )!#7!3*'.
1. $he 0rahmak,rin (0rahmani&al dis&iple moves in&iting !oth hemispheres
of the world; in him the gods are harmonised. *e holds the heavens and the
earth, he fills the tea&her with &reative fervour (tapas.
#. $he fathers, the divine folk, and all the gods severally follow the
0rahmak,rin; the 7andharvas did go after him, si; thousand three hundred
and thirty-three. *e fills all the gods with &reative fervour.
<. :hen the tea&her re&eives the 0rahmak,rin as a dis&iple, he pla&es him
as a foetus inside (of his !ody. *e &arries him for three nights in his !elly'
when he is !orn the gods gather a!out to see him.
). $his earth is (his first pie&e of firewood, the heaven the se&ond, and the
atmosphere also he fills with (the third pie&e of firewood. $he
0rahmak,rin. fills the worlds with his firewood, his girdle, his as&eti&ism,
and his &reative fervour.
-. Arior to the !rahma (spiritual e;altation the 0rahmak,rin was !orn;
&lothed in heat, !y &reative fervour he arose. /rom him sprung the
!r,hmanam (0rahmani& life and the highest !rahma, and all the gods
together with immortality (amrita.
1. $he 0rahmak,rin advan&es, kindled !y the firewood, &lothed in the skin
of the !la&k antelope, &onse&rated, with long !eard. :ithin the day he
passes from the eastern to the northern sea; gathering together the worlds
he repeatedly shapes them.
5. $he 0rahmak,rin, !egetting the !rahma, the waters, the world, Arag,pati
Aarameshthin (he that stands in the hiahest pla&e, and Vir,g, having
!e&ome an em!ryo in the wom! of immortality, having forsooth, !e&ome
+ndra, pier&ed the Asuras.
6. $he tea&her fashioned these two hern spheres of the world, the !road
and the deep, earth and heaven. $hese the 0rahmak,rin guards with his
&reative fervour (tapas' in him the gods are harmonised.
8. $his !road earth and the heaven the 0rahmak,rin first !rought hither as
alms. *aving made these into two sti&ks of firewood he reveres them upon
them all !eings have !een founded.
19. %ne is on the hither side, the other on the farther side of the !a&k of
the heavens; se&retly are deposited the two re&epta&les of the !r,hmanam
(0rahmani& life. $hese the 0rahmak,rin prote&ts !y his tapas (&reative
fervour; understandingly he performs that !rahma (spiritual e;altation
11. %ne on the hither side, the other away from the earth, do the two Agnis
&ome together !etween these two hemispheres (of the world. $o them
adhere the rays firmly; the 0rahmak,rin !y his tapas (&reative fervour
enters into the (rays.
1#. Shouting forth, thundering, red, white he &arries a great penis along the
earth. $he 0rahmak,rin sprinkles seed upon the !a&k of the earth; through
it the four dire&tions live.
1<. +nto fire, the sun, the moon, M,tarisvan (wind, and the waters, the
0rahmak,rin pla&es the firewood; the lights from these severally go into the
&louds, from them &ome sa&rifi&ial !utter, the purusha (primeval man,
rain, and water.
1). =eath is the tea&her, (and Varuna, Soma, the plants, milk; the &louds
were the warriors' !y these this light has !een !rought hither.
1-. Varuna, having !e&ome the tea&her, at home prepares the ghee solely.
:hatever he desired from Arag,pati, that the 0rahmak,rin furnished, as
Mitra (a friend from his own Atman (spirit, or person.
11. $he 0rahmak,rin is the tea&her, the 0rahmak,rin Arag,pati. Arag,pati
rules (shines forth, vi r,gati; Vir,g (heavenly power, or light !e&ame +ndra,
the ruler.
15. $hrough holy dis&iplehood. (!rahmak,ryam, through tapas (&reative
fervour, the king prote&ts his kingdom. $he tea&her !y (his own
!rahmak,ryam (holy life seeks (finds the 0rahmak,rin.
16. $hrough holy dis&iplehood the maiden o!tains a young hus!and, through
holy dis&iplehood the steer, the horse seeks to o!tain fodder.
18. $hrough holy dis&iplehood, through &reative fervour, the gods drove
away death. +ndraForsooth, !y his holy dis&iplehood !rought the light to the
#9. $he plants, that whi&h was and shall !e, day and night, the tree, the
year along with the seasons, have sprung from the 0rahmak,rin.
#1. $he earthly and the heavenly animals, the wild and the domesti&, the
wingless and the winged (animals, have sprung from the 0rahmak,rin.
##. All the &reatures of Arag,pati (the &reator severally &arry !reath in
their souls. All these the !rahma, whi&h has !een !rought hither in the
0rahmak,rin, prote&ts.
#<. $his, that was set into motion !y the gods, that is insurmounta!le, that
moves shining, from it has sprung the !r,hmanam (0rahmani&al life, the
highest !rahma, and all the gods, together with immortality (amrita.
#), #-. $he 0rahmak,rin &arries the shining !rahma' into this all the gods
are woven. Arodu&ing in-!reathing and out-!reathing, as well as through-
!reathing; spee&h, mind, heart, !rahma, and wisdom, do thou furnish us
with sight, hearing, glory, food, semen, !lood, and !elly"
#1. $hese things the 0rahmak,rin fashioned upon the !a&k of the (heavenly
water. *e stood in the sea kindled with tapas (&reative fervour. *e, when
he has !athed, shines vigorously upon the earth, !rown and ruddy.
4I, /. Pr:"a, *!&' 1r 9r'a$h, 3'r#1"!&!') a# $h'
#23r'm' #3!r!$.
1. ?everen&e to Ar,na, to whom all this (universe is su!Fe&t, who has
!e&ome the lord of the all, on whom the all is supported"
#. ?everen&e, % Ar,na, to thy roaring (wind, reveren&e, % Ar,na, to thy
thunder, reveren&e, % Ar,na, to thy lightning, reveren&e, % Ar,na, to thy
:hen Ar,na &alls aloud to the plants with his thunder, they are fe&undated,
they &on&eive, and then are produ&ed a!undant (plants.
). :hen the season has arrived, and Ar,na &alls aloud to the plants, then
everything reFoi&es, whatsoever is upon the earth.
-. :hen Ar,na has watered the great earth with rain, then the !easts
reFoi&e; (they think' @strength, forsooth, we shall now o!tain.@
1. :hen they had !een watered !y Ar,na, the plants spake in &on&ert' @thou
hast, forsooth, prolonged our life, thou hast made us all fragrant.@
5. ?everen&e !e, % Ar,na, to thee &oming, reveren&e to thee going;
@reveren&e to thee standing, and reveren&e, too, to thee sitting"
6. ?everen&e !e to thee, % Ar,na, when thou !reat!est in (primate,
reveren&e when thou !reathest out" ?everen&e !e to thee when thou art
turned away, reveren&e to thee when thou art turned hither' to thee,
entire, reveren&e !e here"
8. %f thy dear form, % Ar,na, of thy very dear form, of the healing power
that is thine, give unto us, that we may live"
19. Ar,na &lothes the &reatures, as a father his dear son. Ar,na, truly, is the
lord of all, of all that !reathes, and does not !reathe.
11. Ar,na is death, Ar,na is fever. $he gods worship Arana. Ar,na shall pla&e
the truth-speaker in the highest world
1#. Ar,na is Vir,g (power, lustre, Ar,na is =eshtrB (the divinity that guides'
all worship Ar,na. Ar,na verily is sun and moon. $hey &all Ar,na Arag,pati.
1<. ?i&e and !arley are in-!reathing and out!reathing. Ar,na is &alled a
steer. +n-!reathing forsooth, is founded upon !arley; ri&e is &alled out-
1). Man !reathes out and !reathes in when within the wom!. :hen thou, %
Ar,na, Cui&kenest him, then is he !orn again.
1-. $hey &all Ar,na M,tarisvan (the wind; Ar,na, forsooth, is &alled V,ta
(the wind. $he past and the future, the all, verily is supported upon Ar,na.
11. $he holy (,tharvana plants, the magi& (,ngirasa plants, the divine
plants, and those produ&ed !y men, spring forth, when thou, % Ar,na,
Cui&kenest them.
15, :hen Ar,na has watered the great earth with rain, then the plants
spring forth, and also every sort of her!.
16. :hoever, % Ar,na, knows this regarding thee, and (knows on what thou
art supported, to him all shall offer tri!ute in yonder highest world.
18. As all these &reatures, % Ar,na, offer thee tri!ute, so they shall offer
tri!ute (in yonder world to him who hears thee, % far-famed one"
#9. *e moves as an em!ryo within the gods; having arrived, and !eing in
e;isten&e, he is !orn again. *aving arisen he enters with his mights the
present and the future, as a father (goes to his son.
#1. :hen as a swan he rises from the water he does not withdraw his one
foot. +f in truth he were to withdraw it, there would !e neither to-day, nor
to-morrow, no night and no day, never would the dawn appear.
##. :ith eight wheels, and one felloe he moves, &ontaining a thousand
sounds (elements, upward in the east, downward in the west. :ith (his
half he produ&ed the whole world' what is the visi!le sign of his (other
#<. *e who rules over this (all derived from every sour&e, and over
everything that movesreveren&e !e to thee, % Ar,na, that wieldest a swift
!ow against others (the enemies"
#). May Ar,na, who rules over this (all derived from every sour&e, and over
everything that moves, (may he unwearied, strong through the !rahma,
adhere to me"
#-. Mre&t he wat&hes in those that sleep, nor does lie lie down a&ross. (o
one has heard of his sleeping in those that sleep.
#1. % Ar,na, !e not turned away from me, thou shalt not !e other than
myself" As the em!ryo of the waters (fire, thee, % Ar,na, do !ind to me,
that + may live.
I4, 2. Pra0'r $1 K:ma (*1('), 3'r#1"!&!') a# a
3r!m1r)!a* 31<'r.
1. $o the !ull that slays the enemy, to L,ma, do + render tri!ute with ghee,
o!lation, and (sa&rifi&ial melted !utter. =o thou, sin&e thou hast !een
e;tolled, hurl down my enemies !y thy great might"
#. $he evil dream whi&h is offensive to my mind and eye, whi&h harasses
and does not please me, that (dream do + let loose upon my enemy. *aving
praised L,ma may + prevail"
<,. Mvil dreams, % L,ma, and misfortune, % L,ma, &hildlessness, ill-health,
and trou!le, do thou, a strong lord, let loose upon him that designs evil
against us"
). =rive them away, % L,ma, thrust them away, % L,ma; may they that are
my enemies fall into trou!le" :hen they have !een driven into the
nethermost darkness, do thou, % Agni, !urn up their d welling- pla&es"
-. $hat mil&h-&ow, % L,ma, whom the sages &all V,k Vir,g (ruling, or
resplendent spee&h, is said to !e thy daughter; !y her drive away my
enemies; !reath, &attle, and life shall give them a wide !irth"
1. :ith the strength of L,ma, +ndra, king Varuna, and Vishnu, with the
impelling for&e (savena of Savitar, with the priestly power of Agni, do +
drive forth the enemies, as a skilled steersman a !oat.
5. My sturdy guardian, strong L,ma, shall pro&ure for me full freedom from
enmity" May the gods &olle&tively !e my refuge, may all the gods respond to
this, my invo&ation"
6. $aking pleasure in this (sa&rifi&ial melted !utter, and ghee do ye, (%
gods, of whom L,ma is the highest, !e Foyful in this pla&e, pro&uring for
me full freedom from enmity"
8. % +ndra and Agni, and L,ma, having formed an allian&e, do ye hurl down
my enemies; when they have fallen into the nethermost darkness, do thou,
% Agni, !urn up after them their dwelling pla&es"
19. Slay thou, % L,ma, those that are my enemies, hurl them down into
!lind darkness. =evoid of vigour, :ithout sap let them all !e; they shall not
live a single day"
11. L,ma has slain those that are my enemies, a !road spa&e has he
furnished me to thrive in. May the four dire&tions of spa&e !ow down to me,
and the si; !road (regions &arry ghee to me"
1#. $hey (the enemies shall float down like a !oat &ut loose from its
moorings" $here is no returning again for those who have !een stru&k !y our
1<. Agni is a defen&e, +ndra a defen&e, Soma a defen&e. May the gods, who
!y their defen&e ward off (the enemy, ward him off"
1). :ith his men redu&ed, driven out, the hated (enemy shall go, shunned
!y his own friends" And down upon the earth do the lightnings alight; may
the strong god &rush your enemies"
1-. $his mighty lightning supports !oth movea!le and immovea!le things, as
well as all thunders. May the rising sun !y his resour&es and his maFesty hurl
down my enemies, lie the mighty one"
11. :ith that triple-armoured powerful &overing of thine, % L,ma, with the
&harm that has !een made into an +nvulnerate armour spread (over thee,
with that do thou drive away those who are my enemies; may !reath,
&attle, and life give them a wide !erth"
15. :ith the weapon with whi&h the god drove forth the Asuras, with whi&h
+ndra led the =asyus to the nethermost darkness, with that do thou, %
L,ma, drive forth far away from this world those who are my enemies"
16. As the gods drove forth the Asuras, as +ndra. for&ed the demons into the
nethermost darkness, thus do thou, % L,ma, drive forth far away from this
world those who are my enemies"
18. L,ma was !orn at first; him neither the gods, nor the /athers, nor men
have eCualled. $o these art thou superior, and ever great; to thee, % L,ma,
do + verily offer reveren&e.
#9. As great as are the heavens and earth in e;tent, as far as the waters
have swept, as far as fire; to these art thou superior, K&.
#1. 7reat as are the dire&tions (of spa&e and the intermediate dire&tion on
either side, great as are the regions and the vistas of the sky; to these art
thou superior, K&.
##. As many !ees, !ats,, as many vaghas and tree-serpents as
there are; to these art thou superior, K&.
#<. Superior art thou to all that winks (lives, superior to all that stands still
(is not alive, superior to the o&ean art thou, % L,ma, Manyu" $o these art
thou superior, K&.
#). (ot, surely, does the wind eCual L,ma, not the fire, not the sun, and
not the moon. $o these art thou superior, K&.
#-. :ith those auspi&ious and gra&ious forms of thine, % L,ma, through
whi&h what thou wilst !e&ometh rea> with these do thou enter into us, and
elsewhere send the evil thoughts"
4I4, ,5. Pra0'r $1 K:*a ($!m'), 3'r#1"!&!') a# a
3r!m1r)!a* 31<'r.
1. $ime, the steed, runs with seven reins (rays, thousand-eyed, ageless,
ri&h in seed. $he seers, thinking holy thoughts, mount him, all the !eings
(worlds are his wheels.
#. :ith seven wheels does this $ime ride, seven naves has he, immortality is
his a;le. *e &arries hither all these !eings (worlds. $ime, the first god, now
hastens onward.
<. A full Far has !een pla&ed upon $ime; him, verily, we see e;isting in many
forms. *e &arries away all these !eings (worlds; they &all him $ime in the
highest heaven.
). *e surely did !ring hither all the !eings (worlds, he surely did en&ompass
all the !eings (worlds. 0eing their father, he !e&ame their son; there is,
verily, no other for&e, higher than he.
-. $ime !egot yonder heaven, $ime also (!egot these earths. $hat whi&h
was, and that whi&h shall !e, urged forth !y $ime, spreads out.
1. $ime &reated the earth, in $ime the sun !urns. +n $ime are all !eings, in
$ime the eye looks a!road.
5. +n $ime mind is fi;ed, in $ime !reath (is fi;ed, in $ime names (are
fi;ed; when $ime has arrived all these &reatures reFoi&e.
6. +n $ime tapas (&reative fervour is fi;ed; in $ime the highest (!eing is
fi;ed; in $ime !rahma (spiritual e;altation is fi;ed; $ime is the lord of
everything, he was the father of Arag,pati.
8. 0y him this (universe was urged forth, !y him it was !egotten, and upon
him this (universe was founded. $ime, truly, having !e&ome the !rahma
(spiritual e;altation, supports Aarameshthin (the highest lord.
19. $ime &reated the &reatures (prag,h, and $ime in the !eginning
(&reated the lord of &reatures (Ar,gapati; the self-e;isting Lasyapa and
the tapas (&reative fervour from $ime were !orn.
4I4, ,/. Pra0'r $1 K:*a ($!m'), 3'r#1"!&!') a# a
3r!m1r)!a* 31<'r.
1. /rom $ime the waters did arise, from $ime the !rahma (spiritual
e;altation, the tapas (&reative fervour, the regions (of spa&e did arise.
$hrough $ime the sun rises, in $ime he goes down again.
#. $hrough $ime the wind !lows, through $ime (e;ists the great earth; the
great sky is fi;ed in $ime. +n $ime the son (Arag,pati !egot of yore that
whi&h was, and that whi&h shall !e.
<. /rom $ime the ?iks arose, the Nagus was !orn from $ime; $ime put forth
the sa&rifi&e, the imperisha!le share of the gods.
). Hpon $ime the 7andharvas and Apsarases are founded, upon $ime the
worlds (are founded, in $ime this Angiras and Atharvan rule over the
-. *aving &onCuered this world and the highest world, and the holy (pure
worlds (and their holy divisions; having !y means of the !rahma (spiritual
e;altation &onCuered all the worlds, $ime, the highest 7od, forsooth,
hastens onward.
4I, >. A31$h'1#!# 1& $h' 2%%h!#h$a, $h' *'a(!"#
1& $h' #a7r!&!7'.
1. +n the ukkhishta are deposited name (Cuality and form, in the ukkhishta
the world is deposited. :ithin the ukkhishta +ndra and Agni, and the all are
#. +n the ukkhishta heaven and earth, and all !eings, are deposited; in the
ukkhishta are deposited the waters, the o&ean, the moon, and the wind.
<. +n the ukkhishta are !oth !eing and non-!eing, death, strength (food,
and Arag,pati. $he (&reatures of the world are founded upon the ukkhishta;
(also that whi&h is &onfined and that whi&h is free, and the gra&e in me.
). *e who fastens what is firm, the strong, the leader, the !rahma, the ten
&reators of the all, the divinities, are fi;ed on all sides to the ukkhishta as
the (spokes of the wheel to the nave.
-. ?ik, S,man, and Nagus, the singing of the s,mans, their introdu&tions,
and the stotras are in the ukkhishta. $he sound @him@ is in the ukkhishta, and
the modulations and the musi& of the s,man. $hat is in me.
1. $he prayer to +ndra and Agni (aindr,gnam, the &all to the soma, as it is
!eing purified (p,vam,mam, the mah,n,mnB-verses, the singing of the
mah,vrata, (these divisions of the servi&e are in the ukkhishta, as the
em!ryo in the mother.
5. $he &eremony of the &onse&ration of the king (r,gas.ya, the v,gapeya,
the agnishtoma, and the &attle-sa&rifi&e !elonging to it, the arka and the
horse-sa&rifi&e, and the most delightful (sa&rifi&e for whi&h fresh !arhis is
strewn, are in the ukkhishta.
6. $he preparation of the sa&red fire (agny,dheyam, the &onse&ration for
the soma-sa&rifi&e (diksh,, the sa&rifi&e !y whi&h (spe&ial wishes are
fulfilled, together with the metres, the sa&rifi&es that have passed out, and
the e;tended sa&rifi&es (satra, are lounded upon the ukkhishta.
8. $he agnihotra, faith, the &all vashat, vows and as&eti&ism, sa&rifi&ial
rewards, what is sa&rifi&ed (to the gods and given (to the priests are
&ontained in the ukkhishta.
19. $he (soma-sa&rifi&e that lasts one night (ekar,tra, and that whi&h lasts
two nights (dvir,tra, the (&ondensed soma-sa&rifi&e &alled sadyahkrB, and
(that whi&h is &alled prakrB, the (Songs &alled ukthya, are woven and
deposited in the ukkhishta; (also the parts of the sa&rifi&e su!tle through
(higher knowledge.
11. $he soma-sa&rifi&e that lasts four nights (kat.r,tra, five nights
(paJkar,tra, si; nights (shadr,tra, and along (with them those that last
dou!le the time; the si;teenfold stotra (shodasin, and the soma-sa&rifi&e
that lasts seven nights (saptar,tra, all the sa&rifi&es whi&h were founded
upon immortality (amrita, were !egotten of the ukkhishta.
1#. $he pratih,ra-passages (in the s,man-songs, and their final sylla!les,
the (soma-sa&rifi&es &alled visvagit and a!hgit, the soma-sa&rifi&e that ends
with the day (s,hna, and that whi&h lasts into the ne;t day (atir,tra, are
in the ukkhishta--the soma-sa&rifi&e also that lasts twelve days. $hat is in
1<. >i!erality, a&&omplishment, possession, the &all svadh,, nurture,
immortality (amrita, and might, all inner desires are satisfied a&&ording to
wish in the ukkhishta.
1). $he nine earths, o&eans, heavens, are founded upon the ukkhishta. $he
sun shines in the ukkhishta, and day and night also. $hat is in me.
1-. $he (soma-sa&rifi&e &alled upahavya, the offering on the middle day of
a sa&rifi&e lasting a year (vish.vant, and the sa&rifi&es that are se&retly
presented, Hkkhishta, the sustainer of the universe, the father of the
generator (Arag,pati, supports.
11. Hkkhishta, the father of the generator, the grandson of the spirit (asu,
the primal an&estor (grandfather, the ruler of the universe, the lusty !ull
dwells upon the earth.
15. %rder (rita, truth (satya, &reative fervour (tapas, sovereignty,
as&eti&ism, law and works; past, future, strength, and prosperity, are in the
ukkhishta-for&e in for&e.
16. Su&&ess, might, plans, dominion, sovereignty, the si; !road (regions,
the year, li!ation (id,, the orders to the priests (praisha, the draughts of
soma (graha, o!lations (are founded upon the ukkhishta.
18. $he (liturgies &alled katurhot,rah, the ,pri-hymns, the triennial
sa&rifi&es, the (formulas &alled nBvid, the sa&rifi&es, the priestly fun&tions,
the &attle-sa&rifi&e and the soma-o!lations &onne&ted with it, are in the
#9. $he half-months and months, the divisions of the year together with the
seasons, the resounding waters, thunder, the great Vedi& &anon (sruti are
in the ukkhishta.
#1. Ae!!les, sand, stones, her!s, plants, grass, &louds, lightning, rain, are
atta&hed to, and are founded upon the ukkhishta.
##. Su&&ess, attainment, a&&omplishment, &ontrol, greatness, prosperity,
supreme attainment, and well!eing rest upon, rest in, have !een deposited
in the ukkhishta.
#<. :hatever !reathes with !reath, and sees with sight, all gods in the
heavens, founded upon heaven, were !orn of the ukkhishta.
#). $he riks and the s,mans, the metres, the an&ient legends (pur,nam
together with the yagus, all gods in the heavens, founded upon heaven,
were !orn of the ukkhishta.
#-. +n-!reathing and out-!reathing, sight, hearing, imperisha!leness and
perisha!leness, all gods in the heavens, founded upon heaven, were !orn of
the ukkhishta.
#1. Soys, pleasures, delights, Fu!ilation and merriment, all gods in the
heavens, founded upon heaven, were !orn of the ukkhishta.
#5. $he gods, the (de&eased /athers, men, 7andharvas and Apsaras, all
gods in the heavens, founded upon heaven, were !orn of the ukkhishta.
I4, -. H0m" $1 $h' h1"'0-*a#h 1& $h' A#(!"#.
1. /rom heaven, from earth, from the atmosphere, from the sea, from the
fire, and from the wind, the honey-lash hath verily sprung. $his, &lothed in
amrita (am!rosia, all the &reatures revering, a&&laim in their hearts.
#. 7reat sap of all forms (&olours it hath-they &all thee moreover the seed
of the o&ean. :here the honey-lash &omes !estowing gifts, there life@s
!reath, and there immortality has settled down.
<. Men severally, &ontemplating it profoundly, !ehold its a&tion upon the
earth' from the fire and from the wind the honey-lash hath verily sprung,
the strong &hild of the Maruts.
). Mother of the Ddityas, daughter of the Vasus, !reath of life of &reated
!eings, nave of immortality, the honey-lash, golden-&oloured, dripping
ghee, as a great em!ryo, moves among mortals.
-. $he god@s !egot the lash of honey, from it &ame an em!ryo having all
forms (&olours. $his, as soon as !orn, (while yet young its mother
nourishes; this, as soon as !orn, surveys all the worlds.
1. :ho knows it and who per&eives it, the ine;hausti!le, soma-holding &up
that has &ome from the heart of it (the honey-lashO @$is the wise priest' he
shall derive inspiration from it"
5. *e knows them, and he per&eives them, the ine;hausti!le !reasts of it
(the honey-lash, that yield a thousand streams. (ourishment they pour out
-without re&al&itration.
6. $he great (&ow that loudly gives forth the sound @him,@ that !estows
strength, and goes with loud shouts to the holy a&t, !ellowing with lust for
the three (male gharmas (fires, she lows, and drips with (streams of milk.
8. :hen the waters, the mighty !ulls, self-sovereign, wait upon (the &ow,
swollen with milk, (then they, the waters, pour nourishment (upon her,
and &ause her to pour nourishment at will for him that knoweth this.
19. $he thunder is thy voi&e, % Arag,pati; as a !ull thou hurlest thy fire
upon the earth. /rom the fire, and from the wind the honey-lash hath verily
sprung, the strong &hild of the Maruts.
11. As the soma at the morn ing-pressure is dear to the Asvins, thus in my
own person, % Asvins, lustre shall !e sustained"
1#. As the soma at the se&ond (mid-day pressure is dear to +ndra and Agni,
thus in my own person, % +ndra, and Agni, lustre shall !e sustained"
1<. As the soma at the third pressure (evening is dear to the ?i!hus, thus in
my own person, % ?i!hus, lustre shall !e sustained"
1). May + !eget honey for myself; may + o!tain honey for myself" 0ringing
milk, % Agni, + have &ome'. endow me with lustre"
1-. Mndow me, % Agni, with lustre, endow me with offspring and with life"
May the gods take note of this (prayer of mine; may +ndra together with the
?ishis (take note of it"
11. As !ees &arry together honey upon honey, thus in my own person, %
Asvins, lustre shall !e sustained"
15. As the !ees pile this honey upon honey, thus in my own person, %
Asvins, lustre, !rillian&e, strength, and for&e shall !e sustained"
16. $he honey that is in the mountains, in the heights; in the &ows, and in
the horses; the honey whi&h is in the sur, (!randy as it is !eing poured out,
that shall !e in me"
18. % Asvins, lords of !rightness, anoint me with the honey of the !ee, that
+ may speak for&eful spee&h among men"
#9. $he thunder is thy spee&h, % Arag,pati; as a !ull thou hurlest thy fire
upon earth and heaven. All animals live upon it (the earth, and she with it
(Arag,pati@s fire fills nourishment and food.
#1. $he earth is the staff, the atmosphere the em!ryo, the heaven the whip
(itselfO, the lightning the whip-&ord; of gold is the tip (of the whipO.
##. *e that knoweth the seven honies of the whip !e&omes ri&h in honey;
(to wit, the 0r,hmana, the king, the &ow, the o;, ri&e, !arley, and honey
as the seventh.
#<. ?i&h in honey !e&omes he, ri&h in honey !e&ome his appurtenan&es,
worlds ri&h in honey does he win, he that knoweth thus.
#). :hen in a !right sky it thunders, then Arag,pati manifests himself to
(his &reatures (prag,h. $herefore do + stand with the sa&red &ord
suspended from the right shoulder (pr,kinopavita, saying, @% Arag,pati,
wat&h over me"@ $he &reatures (prag,h wat&h over him, Arag,pati wat&hes
over him, that knoweth thus.

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