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Page 1 of 4 QSP-450-BA-6064-26001 Rev.

1.0 Scope
This procedure describes the control methods of weld / surface defects before PWHT in
conjunction with the relevant weld procedures. Defects that are found by visual or Non
Destructive Examination (NDE) requirements outside the limits of the applicable Codes
and standards or job specifications, shall be cause of rejection.
2.0 Responsibilities
Production supervisor shall be responsible for carrying out repair work in consultation
with welding engineer.
3.0 Reference Documents
1. ASME Sec VIII Div. 1 Ed. 2007.
2. ASME Sec IX Ed. 2007.
3. Approved qualified WPS
4. Client’s Specification DEP
4.0 Procedure
4.1 Weld repairs shall be carried out strictly in accordance with this procedure and approved
qualified WPS.

i) Defects shall be removed by grinding or any other mechanical methods to the
depth of sound weld metal. At the ends and sides of the excavation, there shall be
a gradual taper as close as possible to the original joint configuration.
ii) Prior to starting the repair grooves shall be examined by visual examination
followed by Magnetic Particle method or Liquid Penetrant method in accordance
with approved procedure to ensure that all the defects are removed.
iii) All repair welding shall be performed using qualified welding procedure and by
qualified welder to ASME Sec. IX Code..
iv) Preheating, interpass temperature shall be maintained during all repairs as per the
approved WPS.
v) GTAW process shall be used to weld pipes having diameter equal to or less than
vi) After completion of entire welding, visual inspection and liquid penetrant test
shall be carried out for detecting surface discontinuities.

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vii) All completed welds shall be re-inspected as per the original NDE requirements.
viii) If PWHT and hydro test is applicable, shall be carried out as per approved

4.2 Repairing after PWHT are not allowed. If defects are found after PWHT, separate
procedure shall be submitted and client/ AI approval is required for the same.