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Basic Setting

1 Highest level in SAP ERP system Hierarchy Client
2 An independent balancing/legal acctg entity Company code
3 Copy Company Code Function, copies the ff data Definition
Global Parameters
Customizing tables
General Ledger Accounts
Account determination
4 Global Parameters includes COA
Fiscal Year
Co. Code Defaults
5 Objectives EDIT Company code data: Address Data (correspondence)
Define Currency
Language Key
Country Key
6 Use to copy the country specific tables from the country template to CC XX Country installation program
7 You should only run the country installation program in an intial installation
and not in upgrade installation
8 Represent separate areas of operation w/in org Business Area
9 Segment Companies are obliged to provide info fin. Results of bus. Seg.
10 Basis for consol function for Fin. Acctg, Company
11 Operating cost sorted according to function. Functional areas
12 Fin. Stmt. By bus area, profit center or segments need to activate document breakdown
13 Identifies a self-contained org. Structure for w/c cost and revenues can be managed/allocated Controlling areas
Enables cross-company code cost accounting
14 Assigning more than 1 Co.code to Controlling AREA possible only? Same COA
Same fiscal year variant
15 Enables use parallel valuation approaches NEW GL
16 If you use multiple ledgers, you have the option of defining a diff. fiscal Ledger approach
year in non leading ledgers
17 SAP Variant principle 3 step method? Accounts approach
18 Can be assigned one or more scenarios or even all 6 at once Leading ledger
19 Defines w/c fields are updated in the ledgers during a posting Scenario
20 SAP Variant principle 3 step method? Define variant
Determine values
assign variant to object
21 Variant principle is used for? FPF Field status
Posting period
Fiscal year
22 Start -end periods same ever year Year independent
23 Can vary from year to year Year specific
24 You can defined 16 periods
25 If posting date falls last normal period, u can post to any special period
26 year independent fiscal year can be? Calendar year
Non-calendar year
27 Each currency key can have a validity date.
28 Every combination of 2 currrencies you can maintain diff exchange rates Exchange rate type
29 Relationship betweenc currencies must be maintained per exchange rate type Translation ratios
30 Because of inflation.. Translation ratios can be maintained by? time period basis
31 Exchange rate several tools? IBE Inversion (oldest)
Base currency
Exchange rate spreads
32 Report w/c enables to transfer external market data in file form RFTBFF00
33 Report, data is transferred in realtime using datafeed interface ? RFTBDF07
34 Efficient combination of exchange rate tool is? Using base currency for the average M
Using exchange rate spreads
35 A translation between two foreign currencies is calculated via base currency, that is combining
two exchange rate
36 A base currency can be assigned to an ? Exchange rate type
37 One unit foreign currency is quoted for the local currency Direct quatation
38 One unit local currency is quoted for the foreign currency indirect quotation
39 Maintain exchange rate using TCURMNT advantage relevant exchange rate can be maintained
relevant quotation can be maintained
worklist is smaller
parallel processing
40 Prefix for standard indirect quotation exchange rates "/"
Question Answer
1 is a variant contains structure and basic info about GL COA
2 Language in w/c account description are maintained Maintenance Language
3 Definition of COA contains? COA Key
4 COA General Info? Maintanance Language
Length of GL number
5 COA Controlling Integration? Manual creation of CE
Auto creation of CE
6 COA Consolidation? Group COA
7 Req, save newly created GL, Cost Type automatically created Default value cost element category is defined
8 Acct # used for cross-company code reporting if ComCo. Used diff. COA
9 Directory of GL accounts in COA via report RFSKPL00
10 View GL directory w/ coa and co.code specific data RFSKVZ00
11 Info. For an account is summarized in? COA segment
12 COA segment contains Acct #
Name of acct
Control fields
Consol fields
13 Define and change layout of tab pages, u can define? Number of tab pages
title of tab pages
Field groups
layouts for Central processing
Co. code specific area
14 The info entered in COA segment for GL acct applies to all Company code
15 Texts entered for COA segment are managed by? ID
16 To use accts from the assigned COA in your co.code you must create Company code segment
17 By assigning a _______ to an acct group, you can ensure that accts Number range
of all the same type are within same range
18 You must enter___in COA segment, it controls the appearance Account group
of the c.code segment of GL acct.
19 Enables to control the display and maintenance of acct. MD Field status
20 These fields are always required entry fields, this status cant be changed Account currency
Field status group
21 Fields w/c are ___may contain values and these values still take effect Supressesed
22 The fields displayed in GL acct MD are not only controlled by accnt group
but also transaction u use edit the MD.
23 Field status prioritities Hide
Required Entry
Optional Entry
24 If u don’t want to use transaction-specific control set the field status Optional
for all fields to_______
25 GL accts assigned to business partner, to record all transactions Reconciliation Account
in Subledger
26 All postings to subledger acct are automatically posted to the Reconciliation account
27 Typical recon. Acct AR (D)
AP (K)
28 Amounts cannot be posted directly to? Reconciliation acct.
29 Are totals of line item postings on the debit or credit side Transaction figures
30 The field___is a control field in the c.code segment of an acct Line item display
31 For accts with line item display , most important data from postd Special Index table
line item is stored in______
32 You should not activate line item display for: Recon. Account
Revenue acct
Material stock acct.
Tax acct
33 Accounts w/___must have line item display activated Open item management
34 is prereq,if u need to check wheather there is offsetting posting Open Item Management
35 Use open management for the ff. accts Bank clearing acct
Clearing acct for GR/IR
Salary clearing acct
36 You can only activate/deactive open item mngt if acct has zero balance
37 You can select one of the ff. currencies as Account currency Local currency
Foreign Currency
38 Local currency is proposed as acct currency when u create? GL account
39 if the acct currency is local currency the can acct can be posted to
any currency
40 If____is selected in MD, transaction figures are only managed for local currency amts "only Balances in Local Currency"
41 Only Balances in Local currency indicator -should For clearing accounts
Cash discount
GR/IR accts
Not set in Recon account..
Usually set in B/S accts
42 Accts w/____as acct currency can only be posted to this currency Foreign Currency
43 Special COA procedure for internal reporting Use group COA
Group COA mus be assigned to each operational COA
Enter group Acct number in COA segment
Use Fin. Stmt version for group COA
44 GL consist of 2 segments COA Segment
Country Segment
45 Objects that can be used as alternatives Business Area
Profit Center
46 Is posted automatically when profit center is posted. Segment
47 There is no dummy segment posting
48 Segment is derived from the characteristics ___because already exists in various SAP Object Profit Center
49 Using Segments is only officially approved by SAP if Profit Center are being used simultaneosly
50 Document splitting provides the ff options: Manual entry
BAdI implementation
Defining Substituition rules
Standard account assignment
51 Are segments assigned to a hierarchy? Like business area are not assigned to any structure
and can be used across company codes
52 The use of segments usually corresponds to the legal requirements
53 Customer and Vendor 2 segments Client level - General Data
Company code level - company code specific data
54 Any sales area that wants to do business with a customer has to create ___ Sales area segment
55 Any purchasing org, wants to do business with a vender has to create___ Purchasing Org. Segment
56 Complete customer/vendor acct consist of: General data at the client level
Company code segment
Sales area segment / Purch. Org segment
57 V/C account master record can be maintained Centrally
Separately (For FI).
58 To find incomplete accounts VCMD, 2 reports? RFDKAG00 - Customer
RFKKAG00 - Vendor
59 You can prevent creation of duplicate accounts: Use Matchcode
Activate automatic duplication check
60 CVMD can be group together under: User-defined group key
61 when create CVMD enter the account group on the intial screen
63 in FI once CVMD is created u can no longer change the account group, if u use ____ in SD Partner roles
u can change the account group from ordering address/ship to address
64 For each number range define internal or external Internal Number - assigned by sytem
External Number - user who create
65 You enter CV specific data for 1-time CV in the document during ? Posting
66 Is used to control fields displayed in CV MD Account group
67 Layout of CV MD can be affected by : Account group-Specific Control
Transaction-Dependent control
Company code dependent control
68 Don’t use controls set the FS for all fields to --- Optional (lowest priority)
69 If define fields CVMD as ___the CV is blocked for payment if the entry is changed Sensitive
70 If clearing is to be used select___in CV account Clearing Vendor/customer
71 If you set___indicator in invoice creation, can enter info. Payer/payee for C/V not been created "Individual Entries"
72 All items posted to branch acct are automatically transferred to head office acct.
73 If ___field is selected in HO MD , dunning and payment programs use the branch acct instead Decentralized processing
AC200 | Document Control
No Question
1 A doc. Is saved every posting, remains as complete unit until archived
2 Doc. Is uniquely identified by?
3 Two important keys:
4 Report to create compact doc. Journal in the system
5 Report to find document in the system
6 Control doc. Header & differentiate bus. Transac.
7 Defined at client level and valid for all c.code
8 Document type defines the ff.
9 Orig. doc. Has external number?
10 Doc. Type allows postings to all account types
11 To transfer Billing doc. From billing system. Need these doc types:
12 Payment program uses mostly doc type__for automatic posting
13 Defines the number range for doc # that are to be assigned
14 If __is mapped in the new GL diff. ledgers can use diff fiscal year variant
15 Special setting in customizing for these ledgers
16 This is done to ensure there are no gaps in doc. Assignment in leading view
17 Posting keys are defined at client level
18 Report to find gaps in document number assignment
19 GL account posting keys
20 For customer invoices
21 The field status HIDE cannot be combined w/ fields status REQ. Entry
22 The FSG are summarized in one?
23 If a doc is posted to a subledger acct the FSG of ____is used
Since Subledger accts do not have FSG, different posting is mainly by means of different
posting keys
25 If doc splitting is used there is also central mandatory field control
26 The same document types are valid for every co.code
Document principle
Doc #
Company code
Fiscal year
Doc type
Posting Key
Document type
Document type
Number range (for doc #)
acct type (permitted for postings)
Field Status -- Doc. Header text and reference number
Invoice posted w/ net procedure
Enter external # of orig. doc. In Reference number field
RV-- Defualt doc type for SO (Customer invoices)
RE--Default doc type for MM (vendor invoices)
Document number range
Ledger solutions
Doc. # ranges are stored in General ledger view
number range are assigned to doc types for general ledger view
doc type for pure posting in non leading ledger must be assigned to separate number range.
DR (40) CR (50)
Dr (01) CR (50)
Field status variant
Reconciliation account
AC200 |Posting Period
No. Question Answer
1 Posting periods are defined in the ? Fiscal year variant
2 During period closing, you open___for closing postings Special period
3 Posting periods can be assigned for every Account types
4 During closing, two period intervals must be open at the same time
5 Authorization object __for authorization for posting period F_BKPF_BUP
6 With NEW GL acctng a 3rd period interval is displayed
7 With the new GL there is option to control more precisely w/c values for w/c acct assginment objects can be posted .
8 Posting periods are opened and closed automatically FALSE
9 No more that two periods can be open at the same time FALSE
10 The authorization group in the posting period variant applies only to authorization for posting in special periods FALSE
11 Posting variant is assigned to ? Company code
12 A posting period variant must contain at least one line with the entry?? Valid for all accounts
13 the account range in the posting period variant consist of?? GL accounts
14 The maximum amts are defined per company code in -----? Tolerance groups
15 In tolerance group you can enter upper limits for the ff. Amount per document
Amt per C/V item
cash discount a user can grant
16 if users not assigned to tolerance group / default tolerance group " ____"
17 2 views in New GL acctng? Entry view
GL view
18 View how doc appears to the doc creator and how it shown in the subledger Entry view
19 Default component of new GL acctng. Segment
Profit center
Business Area fields
20 Document splitting is only for customers who have to or want to enter a further characteristics on__ B/S
21 Entities defined as____are inherited in non-account assigned posting line Splitting characteristics
22 Also often called online splitting, ensures that the companies can create complete balance sheets for desired objects Document splitting
23 If Doc. Splitting is not activated, no difference in Entry View and GL view
24 Document splitting is____activated in customizing ___ initially, across all clients
25 DS can be activated in client level and deactivated for each Ccode.
26 All company codes of a client can only use ___ document splitting procedure (1)
27 If account assignment object is unique in document it's inherited online in all missing positions Inheritance concept
28 If the position is not provided with the necessary object for any reason then a default value can be set automatically Default account assignment concept
29 using Default value can reduce the data quality
30 If you want to use default acct assignment carry out test w/o default values in order to find possible errors.
31 Document splitting process in 3 steps: Passive DS
During clearing, the account assigments of the items to be cleared are
transferred to the clearing items
Active DS System processes specific doc. Split due to specific rules
Zero balance system create new clearing lines to achieve an accurate DS
32 Always set ___if you want to create a financial statement for characteristics, balance of defined entities is then always Zero balance Indicator
zero for every posting ensuring entity balancing.
33 Mandatory field indicator 2 meaning: Extension of the field status
Check - business process equivalent business
transaction variant was selected
34 Mandatory field indicator works in addition to Field status control in ___ and ____ account and postin key
35 Total of all splitting rules of all business transactions Splitting procedure
36 General breakdown of the actual business process Business transaction
37 Predefined BT and modeling of real business process for DS Business transaction variant
38 Is a technical map of posted line items, items that appear within a document /Semantic description for DS Item Category
39 Defines w/c item categories should be spit (item categories to be processed) and the same time defines w/c foundation can be used Splitting rules
1 Allow users to set defaults for fields Parameter ID
2 Using editing options you can: Doc entry Hide unrelevant fields
Document display Using List viewer-different display option
Open items Line layout displays and posting options
4 All document must balance before they can be posted Document principle
5 In C.Code with___it is helpful if the FY is proposed Year specific Document number assignment
6 Fields in Doc header and line items can be changed Document header Reference # and doc header text
Line items --system does not allow the ff Amount
Posting key
fields that would affect Recon. Posting
7 Prerequisites for field changes: Posting period open
Line item not cleared
Posting debit to customer and credit to Vendor
No invoice related credit memo
No credit memo from Downpayment
No. Question | AC200 | Posting Control Answer
1 GL & CV documents can be reversed by Normal reversal
Negative posting
2 System provides function to reverses both? Individual and mass reversal
3 When you reverse, need to enter_____that explain the reversal Reversal reason
4 Control the reversal date is allowed to be different from orig. postingdate Reversal reason
5 Doc. Cleared cant be reversed it must be _____ first Reset
6 Causes system to correct Dr/CR, causes addtl transactional figures Normal reversal
7 Posted amt not added but subtracted from transaction figures of other side Negative posting
8 Requirement for Negative posting Company code permits Negative posting
Reversal reason must be defined
11 Condition agreed between business partners for payment of invoices Terms of payment
12 The condition defined 2 offered for invoice payment Due Date
Cash discount
13 Enables the system to calculate cash discount Terms of payment
14 To calculate terms of payment system need the ff data Baseline date
Cash discount term
Cash discount rate
15 You can enter terms of payment in? Company code segment
Sales area segment
Purchasing Org segment of CVMD
16 Terms of payment defaulted in invoice: If invoice created in Financial Company code segment
created in SO management Sales area segment
Created purchasing Purchasing management Purchasing Org segment
17 Credit Memo Can be linked to original invoice by entering invoice # in _____ Invoice reference
18 Terms of payment in other credit memos are invalid, to activate payment term
on non-invoice related credit memos enter _____ in invoice reference field V
19 Terms of payment basic data: Day Limit Calendar day w/c terms of payment are valid
Decription Explantion generated automatically
Account type Defines the subledger can be used.
20 Payment control by: Block keys Can be entered in line items and payment terms
Payment method Can be entered in line items and payment terms
21 Starting date the system uses to calculate invoice due date Baseline date
22 Rules for calculation of baseline date Defults values from w/c baseline date can be determined No Dafault, document date, posting or entry date
Specification for calculating baseline date Fixed day used to overwrite calendar day
23 You can enter up to ____ cash discount period 3
24 To do invoice installment payments? Do not assign cash discount periods
Do not assign cash discount percentage
Define installment number
each percentage rate
terms of payment for each installment
25 Depends on global parameters of co.code, Net or gross value Cash discount base amount
for each co.code tax juridiction codes pecify w/c value the system to use___
26 Cash discount amount is entered either ___ by the system using rates in terms of payment Manually or automatically
27 You can still change cash discount after you post______ Invoice
28 Vendor invoice w/ doc type for ____, amount posted in B/S acct is reduced by Cash discount amount Net Procedure
29 Cash discount amount is automatically posted when invoice is posted Net Procedure
30 When the invoice is paid system do clearing posting to____ Cash Discount clearing account
31 If paid after cash discount deadline , the _____ is posted in separate account Cash discount loss
32 Cash discount clearing acct must be managed on an_____ Open item basis
34 Used to store several versions of terms of payment under the same terms of payment key Day limit
35 Which cash discount accounts is used in the net procedure Cash discount clearing account
Cash discount loss account
36 Which cash discount accounts is used in the Gross Procedure Cash discount revenue account
cash disccount expense account
37 2 taxation types National level (uniformly defined rates)
38 The systems calculates sales tax based on ____ and ___ and post it in ___ and ___ Material
Sales order management
Purchasing management
39 For Carrying out tax calculations is assigned to every country Tax calculation procedure
40 Tax calculation procedure contains Order of steps
Tax types (condition type)
Account/transaction key
41 Used for automatic accnt determination for the taxes Transaction key
42 For USA 2 tax calculation procedure are relevant TAXUSJ - including jurisdiction codes
TAXUSX - using external tax package
43 are tax calculations that are valid for the country Condition types
44 Combination the codes of tax authorities Jurisdiction code
45 4 possible levels below national levels State
46 Using tax jurisdiction code involves 2 steps Define the length of individual elements
Must be defined in every level
47 You enter __when you post document and this is the main connection to the tax calculation Tax code
48 Tax code is linked in either of the ff: Country key
Combination of country key and tax jurisdiction
49 Are assigned to tax types used in tax calculation procedure Tax rates
50 Some postings to GL Accounts must have tax rate of zero tax exempt but need to report the tax authorities
Tax exempt transaction --goods issue , goods movement etc.
51 The tax type definitions determines if the base amount is: Percentage included
Percentage separate
52 The __should not be set for input tax codes Check indicator
53 To enable the automatic tax account determination you have to assign the ff Posting keys
Tax accounts
54 Determine w/c fields acct determination is based on Tax Rules
55 Define tax accounts in field of tax category by entering: < For input tax
•> For output tax
56 Must be selected if u don’t want to post tax manually Post automatically only
57 GL accts have the ff entries in tax category fields: (blank) non tax relevant
"-" Posting require input tax
"+" posting require output tax
"*" require any tax codes
"xx" predefined tax codes
58 If __selected you can post to GL acct w/o specifying tax code Posting wihtout tax allowed
59 Cash discount accts need entry in __ field if the system is supposed to post tax adjustment Tax category
60 Deliveries to Non EU countries are exempt from ___customers have to pay ___ w/c equals to _____ 1. Output tax
2. Import tax
3. Import tax
61 Special tax codes Acquisition tax code (post output and input tax w/ same amount)
output tax code (tax exempt deliveries in EU, assign tax acct to
tax code even no tax is posted
Cross company code
62 Involves 2 or more company codes in one business transaction One company code purchases for other CC
One company code pays invoices for other cc
One company code sells goods to other company codes
63 To balance Dr/Cr systems generates line items w/c are posted to Clearing account
64 Docs w/c belongs to one cross cc transaction are linked by common? Cross-company code transaction number
65 Report to display cross company code transations RFBVOR00
Is not distributed between cc according, functions may only be used if not tax relevant or cc form tax
taxable entity Tax
67 Tax calculated is always posted to CC of ___ First item
68 Tax must be distributed from the 1st cc to other cc according to expense account, u can do this by? RFBUST10
69 Must be defined in every CC before a cross company code transaction is carried out Clearing accounts
70 Clearing accounts may be: GL, Customer or vendor
71 To reduce number of clearing accounts you can use just once company code as____ Clearing company code
72 Must be assigned to the clearing accounts to identify their account types Posting keys
73 Doc # is a combination of the doc # of the__ First company code
Fiscal year
Real time integration
1 The ___ of controlling/accounting makes ad hoc valid reporting Real integration
2 Real time integration mostly affects the ff cases. As a result of posting between controlling objects
A change result for an accounting object
Costs are posted across company codes in cross company code cost
The__for real-time integration of CO--FI are defined in customizing, these are assigned to company
codes Variants
1 Tool for managing cash that, it supports posting cash receipts and payments Cash Journal
2 Cash Journal you can: Create CJ for each currency
Post to CV Ledger accounts
Run several CJ per Ccode
Choose Random # for CJ (4-alphanumeric)
3 To Set up new CJ for a C.Code fields: Company code
4-Digit CJ Identification and name
GL Accounts
Document types for: GL
Outgoing Payments to Vendor
Incoming payments from Vendors
Outgoing/Incoming payments to customers
4 To create business transactions make the ff,. Setting Company code
Type of business transaction (transaction types D & K cant make entry
Specify tax code
BT Categories: E,R,C,B - you can set indicator to enable GL
BT Categories: E and R -You can set indicator to enable tax code
Once saved--BT assigned # automatically
you can set indicator that blocks BT further postings
6 You can save CJ entries locally in the ____ Cash Journal Ledger
7 You can enter Cash Journal Doc with a ___ Document split
8 CJ can contain several items with diff. (1)__and/or (2) acct assignment relevant to (3)__ (1) Tax code (2) Acct Assignment (3) cost acctng
9 If you use one-time acct in the cash journal , the dialog box for entering 1-time data is called Automatically
Need to be cleared for a transaction to be completed
A clearing transaction always creates a___
When you use (1)__function enter the (2)____ and select open item to be cleared
If total amount of selected open items does not equal the amount of clearing document
You can carry out posting with clearing transaction manually or auto using___
Using __ function choose those open items from an account that balance a zero
User can clear open items for GL or sub ledger acct with____
The program group items from acct together where they have same entries in the ff:
Automatic clearing program does not clear
The system automatically fills (1) __for a line item when you post items according to (2) __ entry in Master Record
The Line item sorting in line item display and clearing functions is based on ___
2 basic transaction that you can use to clear open items
Clearing credit memo with Open invoice is example of
Posting a payment for an open invoice with resulting zero balance
Incoming and Outgoing Payment
A Manual Payment --Clear open items by----Manually Assigning a _____
A____typically used in AR---Clear open Dr. Amount ?
A____typically used in AP---Clear open Cr. Amount ?
Manual Payment is processed in 3 steps
F-28 - Post incoming payments
F-53 - Post Outcoming payments)
The Document Header consists of 3 sections:
Enter the ff. in Payment header sectio of document header:
Ender the ff. Bank data next section of document header
Enter the ff. open item selection data next section of document header
In processing open items is to (1)__the required line item before you can___(2)
Option for activating or deactivating line items and their cash discount
In order to perform Manual Cross-company code payments you have to assign a___ to combination of paying
Company code and target C
Clearing document
(1) Posting with clearing (2) clearin document amount
System allow you to post differences
Automatic payment program
Account clearing
Automatic clearing program
Reconciliation account number
Special GL indicator
Five freely defince criteria
Noted items
Statiscal posting, special GL related to B0Ex
Down payment if dp clearing item of the same amount alredy postd
Items with W/T entries
(1) Assignment fields (2) Sort fields
Assignment fields
Account clearing
Post clearing
Account clearing
Post with clearing
Clearing document
Incoming Payment
Outgoing Payment
Data entered in Document header
Open item selection
Payment Header
Bank Data
Open item selection
Document date
Document type
Company code
Posting Date & Posting period
Currency code
Exchange rate
Date for currency translation
Account (GL acct used for incoming/outgoing payments)
Total payment amount
Bank charges
Value date (date used to evaluate position in Cash management)
Assignment number (created by system or manually)
Account (Acct # of business partner)
Account type
Normal Open items and/or Special GL transaction
Payment advice note number
Other Account (select other acct and process their open items at the same time)
Addt'l selection (u can use distribute by age or automatic search, to speed up selection process
(1) Activate (2) assign a payment
Editing Options --selected items Initially Inactive
Double click amount
Selection of action menus and function keys
Clearing transaction
1 Standard document splitting character
2 Payment method can be entered
3 Using document splitting we can split and display B/S items by various controlling objects
4 In Gross Procedure cash discount is accounted at the time of clearing the account
5 Standard splitting method provided by SAP is
6 Conditions for document change
7 every installment of an installment plan must have its own terms of payment
8 Steps in document splitting
9 Document splitting is activated for each client and de-activated for each company code
10 In document splitting, balance sheet line items are split according to P/L line items
11 If all posting lines must be assigned to segment or business are or profit center we have to use --Document Splitting
12 Document change rules as per
13 Basic data required for terms of payment
14 Posting key are assigned to clearing account to identify their account types
15 A cross company code transaction involves at least 2 document
16 Cross company code transaction may have different currency
17 Document no. combination in cross company code are…. Of first C.Code
18 Conditions for Negative Posting
19 Terms of payment is copied to FI when invoice is posted in SD or PM
20 No terms of payment is valid for other credit memos base line date is the due date.
Profit Center
Business area
In terms of payment
In line items
In an account
Posting period should be open
Line item should be open
Line item a credit balance in a vendor account
Line item a debit balance in customer account
Active Splitting
Passive Splitting
Creating clearing lines
If all posting lines must be assigned to segment or business are or profit center we have to use --Document Splitting
Document Type
Transaction Class
Company Code
Day limit
Account Type
Document number
Company Code
Fiscal year
Company Code should permit
Document type allow negative posting
Reversal reason should be defined