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Quiz III

Q#1: Local furniture market is approximately what size of export market?

a) 5 times
b) 10 times
c) 50 times
d) None of the above

Q#2: Name any three target markets for office furniture.
Restaurants and Educational Institutes and offices with deskwork

Q#3: Which type of furniture is produced mostly in Pakistan?

a) Wooden
b) Plastic
c) Metal
d) None of the above

Q#4: Demand for compact furniture will increase if:

a) People per capita income rises
b) People per capita income falls
c) Property prices rise and average size of dwelling decreases
d) None of the above

Q#5: Name any three major furniture production clusters in Pakistan.
Chiniot, Gujrat and Lahore

Q#6: What is an important product that can be made from furniture wood waste?

a) Cutlery
b) Paper
c) Writing Boards
d) None of the above

Q#7: Which of the following will raise the price of furniture most immediately?

a) Deforestation
b) More tree plantation
c) Low availability of wood for furniture due to heavy rains
d) None of the above

Q#8: Name any three types of wood used in making furniture.

Sheesham, Teak and Rosewood

Q#9: Who are the major competitions of Pakistan in furniture industry globally?

a) China
b) India
c) Both a and b
d) Afghanistan

Q#10: What is the key shortcoming of Pakistan in furniture industry?

a) Low branding
b) Low value addition
c) Manual processing is costly
d) Both a and c

Q#11: In the long run, increased deforestation will lead to:

a) Rise in wood prices and price of furniture
b) Decline in wood prices and price of furniture
c) Lower cost of production
d) None of the above

Q#12: List any three major sources of revenue for TV channels.

Selling airtime for paid political content, Selling airtime to private firms and advertisements.

Q#13: Why there is more viewership of private TV channels than national channel? List any two major
• Objective and usually not following government’s command to run content.
• Dish antenna no longer required so easy to access. Cable TV charges very minimal.

Q#14: List name of three sectors that usually benefit with increased sales when bank rate is lowered?

Automobile sector, tourism and consumer goods industry

Q#15: List any three reasons why insurance penetration is low in Pakistan?

Lack of reinsurance cover, economy is not documented and premiums are high